WHAT can you achieve in UNDER 24 HOURS in eFootball 2024 WITHOUT COINS? 🥼🧐🧪

I’ve asked myself what is the MAXIMUM in eFootball 2024 to achieve under 24 HOURS without spending $0.01 into this game what I’ve experienced in this experiment just BLOW MY MIND guys It was absolutely crazy from Insane Packluck Incredible performances on the pitch to a smart step by step approach

I’ve managed to achieve something really big But let’s have a look at it together NOW! First of all, let’s check our bank account. And you can see that every currency is at 000 coins, zero football points and also zero nominating contracts. And we will change that. Guys.

We have some sterling campaigns which are helping us in. starting into the game. So let’s receive them all. what are the most important points here? First of all, we have the debut missions. One, and we have to unlock two while completing one. these are the most effective and most rewarding objectives.

So we are collecting this one. This one and the next one. It’s twice guy. It’s full star guarantee, Defender twice. head to the standup player tickets. Select your menu. This is what we will do now. standard player tickets. Switch into that mode debut. Mission completed. Easy, really easy.

Use the all to pick players function and game plan. for that. We are going to the team menu and go all to pick players, buy stuff, for example, all to be completed. And now all we have the collective strength in game plan completed three objectives. Four objectives apply all to pick players.

Here you go. This is what I will talking about. it’s completed Learn the controls. Just start the training can find it in the extras menu and then here training. Just start the free training, You don’t have to do nothing else. Let’s obtain our three star goalkeeper. Here you go. one mission game.

Go into the Football League dream team mode events. and here you can see it. Enter it with your standard team. It’s no problem. You just need to play that one match and you will get also 100 coins. So that means we are getting for this match 100 coins,

50,000 GP and one five star forward guaranteed player tickets. Huge win. Let’s start Mendoza. YouTube is going crazy. and my little tip for you guys. The 90 minutes is just to be finished just press nothing and you will get the rewards. what we are doing now is literally just waiting

At the exact moment, just run out. at the second half, we are doing just the same and all the game is over. debut, Mission one is completed. We’ve unlocked the debut. Mission number two and here you go with the 100 football coins event reward, which we will definitely use.

We have some other events here with the English club, Spanish clubs and so on. We will do them, but with structure. so they are air events were just to air and use the matches and we will begin with the air matches because they are easier than against

The users we’re users could come against you with players like right guys Romario and the all the aspects. You know, we don’t want to face them with our low rated default team which we will of course change as fast as possible there if you want,

As I mentioned before, is now completely finished, upgraded. Let’s obtain everything. Here you go. And now we have the W missions number of T log in for two days, which we can’t achieve now because this is in 24 hours. So we have to do it tomorrow.

Contact level training on your players, Increase player stats, play to win matches, scored three goals, develop a player to level 50 and so on. Here are some really nice things which we will achieve today. We also have objectives which can vary. This time. We have the name us new journey is.

You can see that it ends in eight days. So every new face you have like new journeys, new campaigns, new objectives. These career objectives are always the same. So you will get specific kinds of GP’s and XP trainers and EA football points for specific kind of stuff,

Like to event matches, keep clean sheets and so on Well, the name was New Journey. We have here the event where you can obtain 80,000 GP and 20,000 XP. what do we need to do for that? Just winning a match. Well, featuring this Neymar junior, which we already

Have as a gift in our message box in our inbox. But first we are building now our team Let’s see who will we get these tickets? begin with the Defenders. Let’s go both stars. Who will it be? They are good four star players in the E! Football database.

Man, there there is a goal. So. Tyler Extra front and center back. next one all star defender English league Okay. Attacking fullback as a right back can play. Also as a left back this versatile players at the beginning are really worth goldsworth interception and fighting spirit.

He’s got the best player skills for a defender, two, four star midfield tickets. Let’s see, league are Krepon or couple. would be something right midfield left midfield. But the template also as a center forward is the whole player double touch flip flop We take it. The next midfielder full star it also

The box to box. Yes, great play. So this is what we need at the beginning. Intercept you fighting spirit, man. Konami likes me. I take that it is welcome in. Here we go. Oh, well, is this Luis Suarez? No way. No way. I’m getting Luis Suarez wants are his skill legs.

His abilities Legs. Oh, my God, Yes. 54 in speeds, 57 in acceleration. Oh, my gosh. What is this, Konami, You’ve killed this guy. Fighting spirit. First time show that acrobatic finishing. We take it, man. Let’s go, Oh, is it. Is it Williams? Yeah, man, it’s. But it’s not Inaki. It’s.

It’s. It’s his brother, isn’t it? Nico Williams, Eagle, right wing. Forward, Left wing. Forward. When I do choose of my best five star players, which I want, All means so on. He got them. But of course, I would also take Lionel Messi

We have thousands of five star players so you have to be really lucky to get one of them. Is this Vinicius Junior? Oh my God. Oh, my God. Yes. Even though this guy is only a winger, I take him in with double touch on level three. This guy will be crazy.

He is the roaming blank, which is, okay, look, he’s so fast and his dribbling is high at the first level already double touch flip flop so control. So he will make the double touch on my level system. Level three He’s got the through passing acrobatic finishing man.

Let’s go for the next one and for the last one. Who will it be? Man? I need a good center. Forwards. Use the tickets. Let’s go. English league or I’m in soft. Come on, I’m in. So it could be awesome. But it’s Grealish. Yes, it’s Grealish.

I could identify him from the socks, man. He can play as an MF, which is good Creative playmaker. Could have been worse. Definitely want touch pass weighted pass fighting spirit long range goal a double touch Come with me so we have no more summer player tickets left. We go for the next step.

The next step is now to build up our team with the standard player tickets, which we received a few moments ago. altar, pick players and then buy starts Now, the important part is that we will change our tactics to the matter formation.

You can also watch this video which I’ve already posted and uploaded what the meta formation is 4213. Center forward right wing, Forward, left wing, forward. We will change that probably. here you go. AMF and we will make a CMF out of him. Thanks to CMF. left back. Right back. Oh, okay.

We play with Jack Grealish as an MF and Neymar will be our second striker. Let’s put them a little together like that. So you can see we’ve I have already some players which are usable, especially Neymar and Winnie are really good we will play with long ball counter.

Conduct level training on your players. 50,000 GP That’s a lot my team section, player section pick the player you want to level in our case just as Neymar, because this is our best player Then you go complete actions and level training. Give him just XP trainers just to get the 50,000

GP’s Now let’s give him some more dexterity and then more and shooting One point is left, let’s give him some pace. Use the points in your go. We will level them more. But this is just to obtain and to claim the rewards. So let’s go for the next step.

And this is play to event matches and scored three goals. on top. You are getting rewards in the events, 60,001 skill trainer. The skilled trainers are really good, but right now at the beginning they are not the most important points, most important points

On which we need to take care of our piece and piece. for the Spanish club. It’s the same 60,000 GP and one skill trainer, 120,000 GP for both of the events. It’s nice for the Turkish events. We have some different rewards, so we are getting a Super League ticket

One time can be a one star player, can be a five star player. Then we are getting 60,000 chips another chance deal where you can get a free player of the national October 19 selection, And this tournament is also the one for which I am deciding myself to start

With because of the better reward compared to the other club events What we are doing now is going for the beginner level and the player controls use their control. You can also make the AI controlled that the AI will play for you, which is a great feature and reminds of the simulation function

Of pollution soccer. Let’s have a look at the game plan for the forms. They are all huge in shape. if you go on them. Go on, go on. Don’t stop, Play with long ball. Come to this team. Please stop. Objective completed objective from date It’s many objectives completed. Yes. 30,000 GP are in.

Now let’s go for the next 30,000 GP. And for that we need 880 more points, which means three games. Let’s go. Istanbul Sport. Or is conceding. So we need to take off the control. Let’s go. thinks they’re controlled seizure controls and you go, Yes, that was dangerous Yes, maybe Game over.

Yes digits total wins ten completed. Two games are missing guys and we will do it. One more left. What a game, man. I went crazy. And we’ve got the first five star nominating contract, guys. After 15 matches. That’s absolutely great, Matt. And what’s also great is that we’ve got now

The 30,000 GP’s extra event reward in our inbox. So for another extra GP, which I can really recommend to you, is to play with these different play styles. Possession game on ball counter, lone ball, quick counter and out wide. The most important thing here is that you can also read it here.

Note that only the team play style in place at the end of the match will be counted But we’ve managed to get our rewards with the 30,000 Jeeps, twice, and now we are moving on to the next one. So I’ve cleared the English clubs and I’ve cleared

The Turkish clubs, at least the GP part. And now I want to try myself into a user match as he went into a challenge event. My team is not good enough, so I’ve got the loan players for free, which is a really nice function of Konami that everybody also beginners

Like me can do these events. let’s try to grab all 50 coins. Guess Five pass. Domo Beth has got a team strength of 2900. So 300 more than me. Also I’m playing. Okay. Okay And prepare Maxed out great players won’t be easy for me, but I will give my best now

Really looking forward for my first online duel here with this account. Now let’s go. First chance. First goal 11 Goldstein. What a save. Why that was the Goldman LeBron Volsky Make your second goal. Make your second goal. Oh, Patrick. Patrick, Joel, Phenix Bro, shut up and take my money.

And here is the first rate Squid’s First game. First rate Squid. We like that. Easy. 50 coins. Shut up and take the coins, bro. Not the money. Yes, we don’t need the skilled trainers guys, right now on this account with the new players.

We need the players first before we need the skill skill trainer. So we are going for the next user event. And this is the Turkish club’s event where we want to get the next 50 coins. Of course we are choosing my original problem with problems for here you go. Aim for one win.

Of course we will draw a set up. I am ready. So let’s go for the 50 coins bars. Let’s take it. Don’t know the name. About 2800 Team strength bro in Turkish league. What? What did you done, bro? Let me. Let me quickly check it, man. This is my team.

Okay, Let’s have a look at his. Oh, boy, Oh, boy. Eric Tanaka speed boost. Oh, Mertens icardi Yilmaz. And don’t be lazy. Oh, my God. What are these players, bro? Sanchez Angelino. Oh, okay. Habib, It’s Milan. Oh, this game is different. This guy is better than the previous one. Unfortunately,

We’re out my easy 50 points, man. No offsides, no offside. What’s what is a celebration? Onuachu isn’t this. They’re like two meters tall. Come on, man. Almost. This guy will go crazy with his full Maxwel Galatasaray ten

Hag used to team against my long on level team from Trabzonspor if I will win bro. Yes it is lucky. Well, we take it he was even activating the goalkeeping manual. Then, as I said, this guy is not so bad. But we will see. We will see. It’s over by 50 coins, bro.

The next one. even cleared items added in box 50 football coins. We won’t. Our notifications are increasing. Man Missions 51 You can see it’s year six and W missions too and 45 objectives also 20 items in the inbox with coins with GP’s XP trainers, everything what you want man, is really delicious.

And at the end we will grab them all and see how much we’ve grinded. So this is the one which is missing all the Spanish clubs who ruined and the victory run. I will start the Spanish clubs because we want to grab our 60,000 jeeps.

We will go again for Top player, which is a good level with my team here. I’m playing with this right now. You can see many default players. Check. For me it’s the next morning now. It’s Wednesday. I started yesterday on Tuesday afternoons so I have like a 910 hours

Left for finishing the 24 hours. you can also see it here at the right bottom side that I’ve played 9 hours on this account. So let’s move in you can see it in the inbox, too. Yesterday, it was 24th of October, Tuesday.

And I didn’t collect my rewards and this is what we will do today. Our team is still the same from the beginning. I didn’t change it, so we will do it today. We will see how far we can come, which players we can get. And so it will be amazing.

It will be huge. here you go with the login bonus for the second day within the 24 hours. Of course. Welcome log in. Bonus of 100,000 tips. Oh boy. To be honest, I didn’t expect that this is a really nice surprise. Thank you, Konami. We have many objectives as you can see.

So 55 notifications in general, objectives, 29 notifications. So I’m really curious for the result that members will be so, so in say what did I complete yesterday? It’s first of all the first event English clubs I made the Spanish clubs I’ve solved that yesterday English and Spanish clubs.

I went for the first win, so the first win rewards are 50 coins next one is the Turkish club’s parent, which I’ve already clicked And we have used images I’ve made to use the events yesterday to which you could already see two rates quits to easy coins and I really enjoyed that.

This is the most challenging one because it will take too much time. It’s the victory round challenge events versus I you need four wins out of six matches against amateur regular professional top player superstar and legends. So this is a really, really long challenge and I don’t know how much I can achieve

In 24 hours, but I aim to win at least against superstar if you will ask me why, It’s because of the rewards you can see. Challenge one 50,000, then 30,000 XP again 50,000 GP trainers GP at all. We can obtain 150,000 GP’s I will go for the first game. No, Number one

Event is clear, guys, so we will go for the next one after this. 50,000 GP’s in our inbox. So here you go. We go for the next one and it’s nice that we can select our challenge. So we don’t need to go for the experiences right now

Because GP’s have got the highest priority. So we can buy the best possible players. The next event is clear. Yes, the next 50,000 GP are in the books and now we are coming maybe to the toughest part here when the superstar level.

I don’t know if we will be able to reach and achieve the wins and the rewards, but I will give my best. I will see if the next game will go good or not. And then I will decide. u linjes sprog i det sprog som går til min superstar

Og hvad hvorpå den hvis teen bar dens flydende rillede. Tough Hvorfor top grimme er der vej til. Jeg er en Giant. Den ekstreme wins er dog bare et matches. Man ser for alvor verber, så det var et Nyeste hemmelige I will go for the next two games next to win spots.

It will be harder and harder each game. Really proud that I’m able to beat the I own superstar with this new team. It’s crazy. We did it, guys. We did it. Beat the superstar with this team win. Four wins in six games. events cleared guys with 50,000 GP rewards in walks.

Here you go. Number five, Number three and number one finished. So the last event for today in this 24 hours is the Turkish club’s where we all really achieved the 2000 points. But we want to get the chance still you can see it here in the picture, 821 points. Still the main reward.

Yes, maybe we did it 38 matches at all. And here you go with the player of the week, which is really, really, really important for us at the start. We need every dude maxed out players, guys. So we are through with the whole events where we can obtain jeeps.

We’ve managed to get all of the jeeps. additionally, we got the coins from the user matches events. Look at these guys 74 notifications in the missions and 49 notifications in the inbox. then we have here EA Football League. We can do our first game.

Any football league in the division to get some GPUs. I think that will be nice. Also here with the wins with the league goals in total, So there are some GPUs left which we can obtain and we are going to the division Diego Football League. Here you go. Division ten, guys.

We will go for one game. The first match in Division ten is against the AI. It’s not against the user. So we will get our rewards from one match. We did its objective, completed many objectives, role clean sheets, also total women’s goals. I take it I take them all.

Your promotion has been decided. It’s 5000 GP first time promotion rewards exclude trainers. We take them wrong here you go. To grab the last GP’s which are possible in the 24 hours I will go for some division games. I am not able to play so much because the 24 hours is closing soon.

Let’s try to make as many games as possible in the quickest time and get as much as possible. AP I changed my team. I will play with this D for the full team so they are all on level. You can see it. Even Disney, Neymar Suarez finishes and so on.

And I have some default players here. Moldovan and signal goalkeeper is also really really bad, but I hope that it’s enough for Division nine. We will see. This will be a nice experiment. I will experience it with you together. Yes. Here you go. Imagine Division one opponent now we have our

First division opponent on this account. I have no clue, bro. Let’s see. Division Eights think This is my poem. Okay. We are lucky with the points. I can’t complain. I was the opponent playing end up in Marseilles and we’ll see all our Bellingham. Otamendi. Oh, my gosh. Okay, Dangerous situation. Come on. It’s

Who we need. She’s junior with the double ice row. What a dribbling. What a finish Jack Grealish with the second one. No way. It’s a deja vu, bro. It’s déja vu. will get these dribbling bro that will touch girl shots. I’m young. Yeah. Great. One touch pass three one to pass.

Great first line show. Great finishing. Here you go. What number four? winning with a double touch. Now with the goal with the goal we met was a nice one. takes first game, first win three points and way more piece forwards. the division nine like me Paul, focus. Here you go on

In the second try. Here you go. Ball. next one, I want to score a no look. All this like that. Raul, with the announcement. judge’s duties. Now let’s go for the division. Seven grand 5000 GP and two times 1000 XP trainers each. Now we are in Division eight going for Division seven.

And again, we need two wins. Okay, guys, and that’s it. Go Jack Grealish share You got And I think you made it rich with. Yes, yes, Clean sheets. Number two, Division seven. Here you go. Let’s go. Let’s try the Vision six. But now we need three winds. And it’s becoming harder and harder.

Division seven, Opponent 2740 Team strength. Let’s go. It was an early slide from him and deadly slides because Luis Suarez is too clinical. My friends raised. It’s with him holding him. Finish, finish. you go next. Great script. We take it, Division seven was this.

Division seven, but almost 1000 points difference in the collective team strength. Bomb Young. Here you go. The promotion is there, bro. But time is ticking, guys, so I have, like, two more hours left. I will go for Last Grind into the division,

So I will try to achieve the Division five with the lost rewards. First game in Division six once again. Here we go. Both bars. Division six. Where is this? Division six. you. Go and see into the wrong corner from my side, from my point of view. It will be hard. We know that

Wow. Fantastic goal. Here you go. That’s the equalizer. Oh, come on. How can I miss that slide, man? Good times. Goal of mercy. We will do it. No problem. I told you. I told you we need to stay. Thelma. Thelma. Oh, my M.A. And now there’s the lead, bro.

The first lead in the game for us. person. Shut up and take my money. Luis Suarez first game first three points check. Division six versus Division six Greek ninja with defending from him. I was lucky. Wasn’t lucky. Goal. I’m sorry. And now it’s the time

For the probable last game, our 15th match, within 24 hours. And I’m so curious for the result of everything. Here we go, you go. Division six. Or is this Division six? Man best new one, not zero. Always rely on Vinicius Junior bro Well tall gold Stevie Then we will make this pass.

And the fourth air in game. Is it the goal this time? It’s a goal this time. Seems like a rage Quit Seems like a rage quit. And guys we did it. We did it. Undefeated. Division five. Unbelievable. in one try. I’m defeated in one day Let’s see if they build Booboo

24 hours of E football only. I was so diligent and I had a good approach. I was successful on the pitch, my performance was good, I think I did almost the best which I could do. And now let’s see how much GP we’ve got, how much E football points and so on.

We started that zero. And what is the current situation After not even 24 hours. Before we collect now our rewards and build our squad, let’s have a look at my game time. I’m really curious for that. As you can see, it’s 17 hours, guys, so we are way under 24 hours.

But that was a sleeping time in between, like, what, 8 hours? Seven or something like that. So let’s collect all of them. But I think it’s only possible one by one. No problem. Like the coins make the GP. It’s a lot, man. Yeah. This is the rewards for my hard work, man.

Yeah. 94. So. So it means we were at like 200 rewards pro in 24 hours. So we will receive all of them. Neymar’s new journey completed and now we’ve got the career objectives where I was really diligent. I will go through that.

You see what I already did, I will just make it a little faster for you. But yeah, it’s a lot. It’s a lot, guys. We’ve managed to achieve so much, there is not much left, to be honest. There is no match left. Yeah, Yeah, it’s nice. We did almost all of them.

We are ready to rumble, guys. and I will receive them all now. Yeah. Ready? Here you go. Claim rewards. Look at this, bro. From one day, And now we have the inbox, guys. I didn’t touch it. Okay, Look at this. Look at this. Unbelievable. The receive them all guys. Yeah. are you ready?

Let’s check our current bank account, guys. Here you go. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. Look at this. Almost 1 million GP Man Almost 1 million GP in one day. 400 coins, almost 4000 E football points, one five star contract, two four star, one three star.

We have a good base now to start. Man, this is so, so crazy. Seven more objectives, guys, from the Korea objectives. We will take them. you go 25,000 piece. How much is it now? 955,000 and GP. Yes. 955,000. And this hour is featuring this of the one day guys

15 times 10,030 times 4096 times 1000. Absolutely insane men after one day, Not even 24 hours, guys. before we go for the players, we need a good manager. But who is not so expensive And B Rodgers is the one to go for me

Because he is not so expensive and his skills are a long ball counter. This is what we need. So here we go. So one more. Three star is left. Let’s take it. Let’s go for the silver Go center back. Extra font man. Here you go.

We will use it the first time we will use for Rodrigo Dorado. This guy is a destroyer, Dammit, with nice defense skills. Yes We have both the one star first time show acrobatic finishing loneliness. Cholo looks not that bad. Let’s get him. this guy can improve our team.

Maybe to And the one to go here for me is Jude Bellingham, which we will use in the center midfield position. to go for Jude Bellingham in We will make a fantastic team, guys. 100 coins left, guys. and we will use it for the English SEP agent.

Here we have got the old Sancho Bissouma and Rice, which I really would like to get. It’s one cheeky spin, so it could be also a weak player like them, Oh, I’ve star, please. Five star. No way, man. Come on. Again. One of the worst players, man.

Oh, So I am a full player at Leeds. We’ve got an old player, a MF now through passing low lofted pass long range curler. Och Crazy player. I’d. we have a chance deal guys for this player of the week my main mind. Which player here is then?

Poppy The next one would be Ronaldo and then I would go for good. Laporte and Otamendi. Let’s see if we have enough luck. Bismillah. Okay. Come on, brains. Libra. It’s. It’s national. It’s national. Five stars. Come on. Who’s it? Otamendi Okay, it’s a solid, solid defender. Solid defender, solid center. Back.

Your defensive opponents, both 90 aggression, 94. This guy is good to go, Okay now we have three more spins this Player of the Week selection is the best for us because these players are already maxed out and we don’t need to level them and spend our hard earned XP rewards. three spins.

Please give me an update or stars. I knew it, man. Who is it solely? Yes. I don’t know. This guy, but this is bad luck, guys. is okay. Four for the start. From the beginning he is okay, but it could be way better. Let’s see. on, bro. Don’t disappoint me. Konami stars.

No, No way. Skull brawl. It can’t be Boris Pro my hard earned coins for this brawl. Come on. Left midfield. I don’t even play with the wingers, man. This is. This is a big el One last spin. Yes, And my spins were Otamendi, Skull and Solo. So it’s really, really bets.

I got the two worst players in this package. This is a big lose, guys. at least give me something. Now, this may look okay, here’s maybe all worth it, bro. All worth it, man. This is so important to us. Even though this is the worst MVP version of him.

I take it, man, I need him. This is like ₹450,000, man. But you get. As I mentioned, this is the worst version, but still really, really super effective. Even though his attacking awareness is so low. We have him guys, we have a Which players do I have selected

And how high will be my collective team strength after not even 24 hours? Guys, this is what I’ve achieved. We are starting with the manager. Let’s go for Roger. You already seen him. Here you go. Next step will be the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper in my formation is the octopus.

Young, all black. Going over to the fullbacks. The left back. Is Reinaldo a beast with great player skills. On the right side there is my right back here. Lorenzo, guys, also a really, really strong player. One of my center backs. You already seen him in the Player of the Week selection.

It’s Otamendi guys. He is covered on the left side by the beast. Go out of the old left footed center back. Who can play also as a left back? Yes. Let’s come to the midfield and start with the DMF. One of the most important positions on the pitch and who else?

Then Fabio will do the job. The anchor man. You’ve already seen the CMF position also in my nominating contracts. It’s the jewel. It’s the diamond box to box player. Dude, bring have my choice for the attacking midfield is nkounkou one of the most nimble players in game. I know you’re waiting guys.

I know, but you know the player already here on the right second striker position. It is our gifted Neymar Szeto on the left side, a little different from my mental formation because I will use him as a left wing. Forward is the guy who did a fantastic job in my 24 hour journey

And this is the one and only we nicias junior guys And yes, one position is left or center forward the best pick from the player of the week selection Kylian Mbappé. Guys, here you go. Neymar is maxed out. We miss his junior is close to being maxed out also nkunku.

But the others as I said 21 like that. I didn’t level them specifically. I just went for the all to all to have the highest strength, to have the highest overall rating. And that’s not all guys. Just have a look at my bench. It’s crazy.

Okay, I have Salah Ben Yedder Skol Grealish Chong waiter, Rodrigo Dorado Kante, Anderson Silva, Timba and in Bamba. I also focused on a good bench. I could make like a white bench and go for this best starting 11 collective strength. 2844, which is absolutely insane.

Guys, with this team I could keep up like Division one easily and I’ve achieved this just in under 24 hours. And also with the bench together. This is really a fantastic team. I think not many people will believe that this team is achieved in under 24 hours without any sense.

I didn’t spend $0.01 in this game. It’s only gifted coins and jeeps, nothing more. This is pure road to glory. But when I see this offense with this three monsters, the midfield for this defense and then one of the best goalkeepers

Guys, I think no one can complain that this game is not made. Also for Road to Glory players If you enjoyed this experiment, let me know in the comments. Give a like. Subscribe to my channel guys, I will go for another huge experiment

Which I am planning and this will go for a longer time. Check out my latest videos, guys. I will leave you with a nice and smooth BAAAAAAAM JUNGE!!!!

The Experiment! NEW Account! What can you achieve in eFootball 2024 under 24 hours?

Improve with my best tips and tricks in eFootball 2024 Mobile, eFootball 2024 PC & Consoles! How to dribble, how to defend, how to improve your skills & gameplay in eFootball 2024 – Who are the best manager in eFootball 2024, what are the best Settings in eFootball 2024 – how to intercept in eFootball 2023 / 2024, what are the upcoming players in eFootball 2024, who are the best legends in eFootball 2024, what types of shots in eFootball 2024, what is the best possession formation in eFootball 2024 – How to beat Legend in eFootball 2024, best tactics in eFootball 2024, how to use Player Skill in eFootball 2024? This Channel gives you the answer to ALL questions with Skill/Gameplay/Formation & Tactic Tutorials! Soon with eFootball 2024 Master League / Career Mode / Trailer & many more Content – eFootball 2024 beginners guide and beginners tips in eFootball 2024 but also for eFootball 2024 Pros! 🧪🥼

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