Top 15 Subway Surfers Characters Of All Time

Hello there Gaza’s KD BPM on the mic and it’s been a long time since I did my favorite characters on subway surfers of all time list it’s been so long that things have changed and my list of favorite characters has changed and now I’m going to share with you my new

Favorite characters list top 15 addition in the style of youtuber chills number 15 burger king foot lettuce because I like his voice and I think I could do a pretty good job of parodying it so does do it Kady BBM’s top 15 favorite subway surfers characters of all time 2020

Edition number 15 ninja no I’m not talking about the guy with the blue hair that once played fortnight with Drake I’m talking about my ninja on subway surfers you wouldn’t want to get into a tussle with this guy because he’s quick and agile and you’ll likely get kicked

In the face by his flippy floppies number 14 Nina the Berlin surfer this rocker from Germany makes beautiful music just have a listen for yourself wake me up and said wow that’s music to my ears number 13 died surfing with the dinosaur is a really unique experience is what

Someone would say if they didn’t see that Dino had a zipper which means he or she is not a real dinosaur likely meaning Dino is just someone wearing a dinosaur costume part of the allure of Dino is that nobody knows who’s actually wearing the suit number 12 free–ah the copenhagen surfer she came

Out during subway surfers fifth birthday she’s very cool because she sings like this Wow she’s so cool number 11 Jake he’s the character we all start surfing with when we first start playing subway surfers people tell me that I look like an older version of Jake with my big brown eyes

And large bushy eyebrows I wish I had his hat in real life fun fact Jake II need a whole sandwich in one bite yeah that’s good number 10 King a core crew player every time you look at his shirt you know that in his heart that he thinks you’re

Number one I would definitely eat some chick fillet with this guy spicy deluxe for me with no pickles give me a dr. pepper number nine Ramona the Havana surfer she can probably fix anything around your household you can tell this by simply looking at her tool

Belt she walks with a lot of swag like the paparazzi are taking pictures of her number a gia the Singapore surfer she has very nice shuffle dance moves it reminds me of going to electronic dance music festival and seeing the shufflers dance next to the stage

I wonder if she often gets tired of shuffling probably not Number seven bouzouki the iceland surfer bashar he is so cool because he has a pet sheep and for unknown reasons he gives his sheep no ggys only 90s kids know what a noogie even is I wish I had a pet sheep like this except if it was a dog

Number six Tasha she might be the fittest character in the game clearly she goes to the gym something that the hater should really learn to do once it opens back up again Number five festive fresh holiday special for those of you that don’t know festive fresh is really just fresh but more festive Wow he comes into frame with a giant present and a Christmas ornament for an earring he reminds us all about that special time of year but

One thing people don’t know about fresh is that he’s number four Philip the Monaco surfer I really want to play tennis with this guy as long as he doesn’t hit it to my backhand I think I could hang with him fun fact Phil it makes this sound Wow

Number three Jen a the San Francisco special she looks like a very cool and down-to-earth person she reminds me of the people that I used to see at electronic dance music festivals and raves now I’m too old for that she also has some groovy dance moves that no one

Can hate on number two Brodie fun fact you can’t spell Brodie without bro which makes Brodie my bro from another mo bro we aren’t related by blood though I wish we were there would be a lot of epic high-fives are you a generous person then you should really follow me on Twitter and

Instagram and shells always says something like that but maybe not exactly like that all right number one Prince K he’s a prince and nobody knows his real first name it starts with a K so I can only assume that it’s Kevin which is also my first name which makes

Him Prince Kevin jr. because I unofficially adopted him as my adopted son tell me your favourite characters in the comment section

Sharing my top 15 favorite Subway Surfers favorite Subway Surfers characters of all time as of 2020. Tell me your favorite Subway Surfers characters in the comment section.

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