Tiger vs Sherman – Battlefield 5 vs Call of Duty: WW2 – Tank Battles | Comparison of Tanks

We fought everywhere in every condition known using weapons we had never dreamed of but death is death no matter where you are and suffering is the same in every language bring fire Fire l are all right all right boys we’re rerouting to the stat theater the first platoon needs us enemy dispositions unknown switching to radio and intercom radio Master on rson we’re taking a right to cut back to the theater right ahead Roger thatz Abrams pull hold position

Here with second platoon and cover this blank until we get back copy that you got a price everyone stay sharp watch the windows for infantry reloading all right rson let’s move hey I got movement right side our boys at the theater are dealing with the same

[ __ ] we are the second we sweep out the Germans or rush back in we’re on their Turf now whole different Bain they want a blood B that’s what we’ll give them they don’t have a chance in hell that’s not how they see it answer strike Crow infantry a blocked down small arms

Fire they’re assaulting our guys fireing will hting Us in the front uper stor T white 27 Def what’s your location inbound pushing through resistance on our West flank over hurry up forz over out rap first platoon’s taking heavy fire all right get the lad out Ron slow down I can’t see you got

Eyes on the cathedral we’re almost there paner right side right side rtion fire in the hall hatch it yes [ __ ] [ __ ] get out get out this no can’t penetrate that paner front armor got a blanket copy that move it around rounding the Bri great shot tank destroy R come in

Rson can you hear me Christ rson I’m sorry come on up the hill come on our boys are waiting let’s get up this hill hey hey [ __ ] tiger lure it back we need to hit it Flags we got another BS are here too Tiger shot Us in the Back I don’t see the enemy armor P your left perfect hit good hit nailed it ready to fire got the basket we still got a tiger to take out we’re not leaving until we kill that last tank round went wide stay out of his kill range get out of his

Crosshairs he’s got us targeted we’re getting beat up sniper’s hitting us from the left side perfect hit enemy tank is down move up the hill where the tiger came in theater should be over the rise take 27 we can’t hold out much longer villain to Dagwood

White27 rapson is down it’s just us now run our way come on our boys are w let’s get up this hill prepare what I can down here’s just around the corner take out those packs hitting the dear rounding the brid there’s the theater looks like Turner Squad is into [ __ ] got German

Over here take up that b tank now we getting beat up ready to fire enemy tank destroyed incoming enemy vehicles take them out rounding the breach infantry Ander tra Apartments get ahead they’re pulling back keep on them almost there Mo up the straggler ready to fire anyone’s got eyes on more targets

Not seeing anything I think we’re clear that’s all of them

Call of Duty: WW2 vs Battlefield 5 – Comparison of Tanks: Tiger vs Sherman

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0:00 Tiger
1:55 – Sherman