the world’s HARDEST game…

Guys I think I might have just found the hardest game ever and it looks kind of cute but don’t be fooled okay okay so you see this the little Cloud up there holding a fruit I think that’s a cherry so I got to I got to drop the fruit

Right I just got to throw it down there but then they gave me the stupid orange if you look down here at the circle of evolution it’s kind of hard to explain but uh you basically have to try and mesh the fruits and merge them so I can

Get two strawberries and I drop it and it turns into a grape and then the two grapes turn into that thing okay there’s a cherry a strawberry a grape and Deco Pon how is that a real fruit I just Googled that it’s a real thing what’s a

Deco Pon you can’t just name fruits after Pokémon okay I got another one if I merge these two it’ll turn into an orange ah see and then I can make another two strawberries but they’re not together so they’re not going to like combine into a new

Fruit I made that that’s an apple let’s see so this is actually it looks kind of easy but this is actually really really hard you got to try and get 3,000 if any of the fruit touches the top of the container that I’m dropping it in the

Game ends okay so I got to think very strategically here because if I drop it here that it’ll combine with the the other thing see and you see how they like roll around you have to literally position it so that it falls in the right thing what did I just make what is

That is that a melon so after a melon you make a peach a pie apple another melon and then a watermelon okay okay okay let’s think let’s think I’ll put I’ll put it there okay and then another one of these H I’ll put that there no I wanted it here not there okay

That’s okay we can recover we can recover with uh we maybe I don’t know possibly okay I’m going to put it no I didn’t want it there no whoever made this game stop that what you how is that a whatever man come on yes yes I guess I’ll do that and then

Another one unless you can buy what what how are you’re not combining do it just go down you stupid oh wait I can do this yes I got two apples this one I’ll put there that might have been a bad decision though okay I’m going to I uh put it

There yes I made two of them why’ you put that up there though no I need this there I need the pears to touch this is like H really luck based so you can actually spend like 100 hours trying to beat this and never win or you could win

On the first try okay I’ll put it there I don’t know why oh that was so lucky that was so lucky y I got three apples okay uh let’s put this one here oh no this sucks okay I’m going to drop it there and hopefully hopefully it’ll go through somehow this way I’ll

Put that there too save it for life no I needed to put that stupid Cherry there okay whatever who cares I can find the way okay I will find the way I got so many apples how do I combine them they’re all separated yo I’m doing pretty badly I think everything’s too far

Apart okay never mind what did I just do look at that look at that that stupid looking Peach I did it I made a peach wait my scare is only 342 I’m not really that close so H I’m not as close as I thought what just happen what was that

Maybe I should just not do anything because I just did more my not doing anything than when I’m actually playing what just happened there how’ I get a pineapple look at him he’s so fat get out of the way come on okay you know

What go go I believe in you push it push it push it yes look the pineapple and the melon are like taking a poop right now and it’s stuck in the middle I can help you see I help okay now you just took a now you’re taking an even bigger

Poop this is your own fault okay I didn’t tell you to do this it didn’t do anything what okay I need another yes perfect perfect okay we’re safe we’re safe okay I can’t I can’t have anything touch the top or I lose so I think I’m going to

Lose here I think this is it no more fruits for me are you kidding get out of the way I got to make these two melons touch somehow how do I do that oh that was so lucky but these two’s got to touch the peaches come on

Cuz if the peaches touch and they combine and then it touches the pineapple it’ll make another it’ll make a green melon oh no this is not working okay I know how that just works worked but it worked it worked no come on okay okay combine yes are you kidding me I

Needed to touch that come on what are you doing okay touch that all right down right now I am literally stop it I was so close I was so close ah yeah I lost that’s it I tried my bet look they all died I got 1,16 though that’s pretty

Good stop giving me cherries and strawberries I don’t need them okay I got I got that I guess that’s cool another grape another strawberry another Deco Pond which I’m literally going to try after this video what is a deco Pon how have I never heard of that before

Okay put that on this what do you mean this is not good at all okay no that’ll combine yes got another one of those but oh I know what’s happening but it’s happening I think I’m going to hate every Fruit by the end of this

Video to think I got to merge two melons to get one watermelon Who’s Got Time For That pineapple I got a pineapple okay two apples come on go go go come on no that’s the wrong way wrong way go combine what are you do it thank you

Okay now of course I need to put that exactly where that grape is of course I do okay it’s okay it’ll it’ll make a uh an apple and combine with that and then come on comine with the thing below yes oh the peaches are so close look at that

The peaches are literally about to make out and that stupid Cherry is just vibing why why do you do this to me yes I got two pineapples but they’re not going to touch are you kidding me I almost beat my high skirt too okay how

Do I how do I get them to touch what do I do how do I what do you go that way for yo come on guys I’ve had enough of this longdistance relationship you guys need to just hurry up and move in together yes come on what you come on

You’re so close why you do that man it’s like they don’t want to merge this sucks look he’s rotating wait what if what if his his like Leaf part what if that touches are you kidding me how is that not going to touch look at that you stupid pineapple I’m going to lose

Because of that I am literally going to lose because of them this is all their fault is it okay to call fruits bald like is is that offensive because I’m going to keep doing it anyways you could never stop me from calling a fruit bald

Okay I don’t think this is going to work though because I literally cannot merge that stupid pineapple does not want to get together come on what do I got to do I don’t think there’s a way to do it actually I think I lost I can’t combine them ah ah

It’s moving come on come on come on yo yo yo if this rotates the pineapple just got to rotate yes wait no you’re going the wrong with what are you doing why is it going that way okay wait it’s still rotating what if I just wait like an hour man well I lost

1,437 that’s pretty good okay attempt number one this is not my third attempt I don’t you talking about I’m cooking right now let me cook easy okay what are you doing excuse me can you not just sit up there how are you even balancing on that come on why are they always not

Touch come on go go go go go go grape yes it’s still not touching are you kidding me this is not good this is not okay yes I got a stupid pineapple okay and then this one here another one here and of course you guys are in the middle

Thank you I appreciate it I wonder if the stupid strawberry can like push It I love strawberries now yes I don’t know what that is what is it is that a rock melon yo can I just say I would like to marry a strawberry that’s what I want now I want a strawberry as my wife combine the grapes can mine these yes

Yes I got another Peach I got another Peach I did it okay I got an apple I got two apples is there any way to move it cuz if I if I can combine it that’s another melon but it’s like stuck there come on okay whatever let’s just focus down Here okay these two should combine yes we got another melon we did it that’s another Apple yeah you kicked that down there who does he think he is okay this apple got to somehow go down here I don’t think it’s going to do it though okay I’m going to try to make another

Apple and then that’ll combine hopefully and then it’ll come on you stupid grap you’re doing it again I need these two apples to touch and then that’ll combine and make another Peach and then it’ll go touch the other Peach come on wait I can push it down this this this orange looks

Fat enough no it’s not this is not okay this is not okay I’m going to die this is going to make me die this is going to make me die come on go go go go yes I don’t know how that worked but it worked

No come on you guys got to touch come on go go go go go they’re so close what are you doing yes okay okay just got to go no come on come on Apple now is not the time Apple let it through okay thanks strawberry and you were my favorite I

Give up I can’t do it I tried I got pretty high though I need a watermelon though I am not giving up until I get a watermelon okay I got h two pineapples again but they’re kind of far apart how do I make them kiss how do you make two pineapples kiss

Is that even possible come on come on guys don’t be shy Peach kind of useless though I need to get another Peach so that it makes a pineapple but there’s no way I’m going to get that in time okay I can combine that combine these combine that but I

Needed the melon on this side to make another Peach it’s always the opposite okay so this makes an Apple so if I do this I got another melon finally okay and I can get rid of that too wow I really thought I would die there I’m surprised but now that I’ve

Said that I’m probably going to die okay combine these two go squeeze yes I got another Peach okay we’re doing good we’re doing good this one I’ll put oh oh oh oh okay look at that grape in the middle that’s this is the best day ever for that Grape why okay I played a bit more and uh I’ve been focusing on getting rid of the small fruits and I think I did okay I got a pineapple an apple a peach and I only got a few strawberries and cherries I guess I’ll put this H here no whatever

Whatever it’s okay it’s okay I can do it so the trick is to just always put it where it could appear later like if I get rid of this the apples might touch what I say and then I can get that strawberry and okay come on that was so close it’s

Okay I can do that yes okay I got two pineapples I want the the pineapples to touch so I’mma keep putting them here combine combine touch thank you I got a melon so I can do that perfect okay now go go go go stop stop what’s happening don’t stop and

Stop you know what I mean okay I can push it in I think yes another Peach okay yeah cherri’s there combine and then that should touch the other grip unless I’m really unlucky come on thank you okay combine these that’ll combine make an apple yes and that’ll make another Apple

Yes I am literally a genius and then I can combine these two I am so smart Okay the Cherry uh I could hide that uh there why not whatever who cares can I put another one I don’t think I can do another one okay uh I’ll put that there

You’re literally so close come on just go touch thank you okay now I need to get rid of these ones so the peaches touch Okay H this one will turn into an Orange okay whatever I did that now go in there okay these two grapes got to touch somehow okay I’m going to put that in the corner another one of the yes come on go go go go go push it more how am I going to make them touch I don’t

Think I’m going to be able to I think I just lost I literally I just lost because of a grape the stupid grape look how many peaches I got they should be touching all of them this Sucks No I’m so close look I had I had a a soup Mallet and a pineapple and they’re right next to each other I just needed one more pineapple and I had a peach you’ve got to be kidding Me what yes finally I did it that took like 5 hours whatever I don’t care I got the watermelon my life is complete well guys that’s H that’s the watermelon game let me know if there’s any other games you want me to play leave a comment down Below

today i play SUICA GAME aka watermelon game which is on the switch!
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