Subway Surfers Tokyo Olympic 2021 Special Update Commentary and Analysis

Hello guys and welcome to another epic banana beast episode about to play some more subway surfers and we gotta update and open it up where we’ve been here like seven times so you know you can expect cool artwork welcome to tokyo collect this season’s items season tokens event coins i already do

That bro all right we got here oh a quite expensive tokyo crew to get here okay i have some tokens left over from last update so hopefully i still have them let’s see on the last day of subway surfers paris i had over 31 000 tokens good offers what i have zero

What did they do they took away my event tokens i had like 27 000 left over why would you do that let’s see how much they caught 2008 i can’t even deal with this right now this this is not cool so boy surfer gods listen to me i don’t

Want to spend my keys i’m saving them up for huge runs i just hit 200 mil and i might need like 2 000 keys one day to do even more than that well i guess i might have to grind it out what i’m gonna do instead is i’m gonna go on harumi

Select and i’m going to choose a board with the metal board why not and we’re going to just enjoy the course check it out with her roomie she’s from here she’s from older update and we like her so put her on the course let’s go we’re going to discover together

What it’s all about looks like a video game city and speaking of video games i watched space jam 2. so without giving too much away there was like a video game portion and this kind of reminds me of that video game within space jam 2. so i like video games obviously i’m playing

One right now because i’ve been playing games since the freaking 90s bro of playing backyard baseball backyard football yeah and then i got a nintendo wii played a little xbox in my day yeah dude and the soundtrack the soundtrack to this game is sick and we got purple ice cream trees so

Many things go right so many things make sense the beat is about to drop and i like it And speaking of music i have a song for you an epic rap song by my rep alter ego jeff john wow tokyo ah you’re looking very suspicious looking character take me to your leader I am the leader now That’s why he’s always wearing a mask only takes it off when he’s drinking a flask yes it’s filled up with a juice for beast dabbing on the haters then saying cheese what’s next for me probably sakura and no good word actually rhymes with that so what i’m going to

Do instead is rap about i should smash the light smash the light go fly a kite go ride a bike go grab a bite nope drink a pike tell a friend about spike do a prank and then say hello guys we’re back and we’re finally able to finally unlock

One of the new tokyo specials right now and the one we’re gonna do of course is akira for 25 000 event tokens it’s been such a grind playing every day Purple background he looking really sussy right now why does he look so sus i don’t know but i like him and i like his motorbike all right i now have seven thousand 850 tokens left and i don’t know how i’m going to get the rest to finally unlock

Bonnie’s outfit and the special board not sure how the math is going to play up there but we’ll have to keep grinding so what i’ll do is do what i’ve been doing every day do the daily high score 720 000 and complete the weekly hunt that’s what i’ve got to

Do so let’s go see what board i’ve got i gotta get on akira watch out yes look at him slide it in the dms he looks like a dude who would do that and he’s got a nice mask on always staying safe and we’re gonna go on the metal board like a bus

For the extra score multiplier let’s go akira let’s go casual kev time it’s in full effect full effect baby sprite yes and now we grind away like we’ve been doing every day looking for tokens for the weekly hunt doing the daily high score like a bus

Do you guys play every day like i do am i just why am i even flexing if it’s not what i’m doing is not really impressive i don’t know maybe what i’m doing is not oppressive you know what you know what you know what that’s why that’s wrong with me

I try everyday i play every day i try every day and this is what i do and what i’ve been up to lately all right i’ll tell you what i’ve been up to first of all i gotta turn on the volume it’s kind of bad

There we go all right so what do i have been doing well i’ve been moving film moving to a new spot so that’s been very time consuming in my in my new room right now what is that and thinking about moving makes me crash because it’s very it’s a very

Daunting process i don’t think anyone likes moving unless they’re moving into like a mansion i’m not at mansion level yet but maybe one day i’ll get there i’m trying trying and grinding okay yup yup so that’s why lack of uploads lately being an adult it’s very time consuming

Time just flies by don’t need that jet pack that’s why i swerved to the left it’s all right we got our metal board we’re gucci gucci what else i’ve been up to still working while i’m moving still working while i’m moving always working always brent

You got it you live if you live in california in a big city you gotta grind all the time got it there’s no choice otherwise the only bad choice is if you don’t grind so that’s what i do continue grinding every day playing celebrity services every day

And now you need 500 000 more points do the daily high score and you’re seeing that smash like guy in the background guess what that was hand drawn by me maybe i should auction it off and maybe i’ll mail it to someone let me know if you want if you would actually

Bid for that yeah just a suggestion not a not a requirement of course subliminal messaging marketing people do it all the time so who says youtuber can’t do it if they don’t but they don’t allow that then that’s a against my free speech it’s against my promotion of my my business

My business is my best subway surfers business as usual grinding as usual my favorite game low tide so yeah that’s what i’ve been up to i still have tons of boxes to to unload in my house it’s really annoying but i will do it otherwise my bait will

Get mad at me if we don’t do it soon so far she’s okay with tons of boxes around the house because because she’s working and i’m working So she hasn’t freaked out that there’s boxes everywhere yet but maybe i’m making this i’m thinking during the weekend when we’re not both not working i’m going to get all that why are all these boxes And then i’ll be like oh you’re right then i’ll have to stop editing a video to go put up uh put away some boxes unpack that’s that’s you know that’s give and take give and take okay okay two more tokens Using the key it’s so embarrassing man casual kept i’m ruined by that stupid glitch i’m okay i’m okay we’re still grinding still going might be a little rusty as my camera is set up right now to where i can’t really see the bottom of the screen and it’s also kind of challenging

Talking and playing subway service at the same time multitasking left brain right brain working together that’s what my brain does is that for your brain dude also i want to let you guys know that my favorite subway service theme song is the one playing in the background i got that question

In the comments a couple times so i’m addressing here my favorite subway service theme song is the space station version because it has a nice melody that i enjoy so when it plays have a listen to it and and if you don’t like it i don’t question your taste music

I think it’s coming just wait for it to drop okay we did the weekly hunt oh here we go The melody that i wanted i was so embarrassing casual cow time slightly ruined but not destroyed but the only objectives i’m trying to accomplish here is to be casual to get the daily high score and as i’ve already did the weekly hunting yes we did the daily

Score baby let’s go let’s go baby okay i’m getting too excited that’s okay that’s what happens when i play subway surfers all right don’t you love the new the new update all right it’s got these sick blue backgrounds and i like them let’s go take that

And we’re going to collect this are you up give me that immediate and double it up like a boss i feel like i have to double those up because if i don’t i feel like i’m not going to have enough event tokens to get the last two

Tokyo specials so that’s why i did that and 400 i love that sound george jeez go here collect these wonderful tokens all right anyways screen recording has failed so um i’ll just get these for you without the screen recording on the side and i do this and noise we have successfully grinded

All right that’s the end of the video what a great video it was just gonna sit here and talk the last 20 seconds or so time is running out really shortly so but i’m still here i’m gonna stick around until you watch the whole thing great job today

Hope you guys have a nice day and stuff alright bye

Subway Surfers World Tokyo 2021 pro iPhone gameplay and colorful commentary. Updating Subway Surfers Paris 2021 to Subway Surfers Tokyo 2021. Completing the daily high score challenge and Season Hunt challenge to finally unlock Akira for 25,000 event tokens. Subway Surfers Tokyo bass boosted rap song by legendary rap alter ego Jeff Blanders.

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