Subway Surfers Teaser Video All Soundtrack Game Original 2022 [OFFICIAL]

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©️Copyright: Video By Tap Kenmee
©️Copyright: Game Subway Surfers By SYBO & Kiloo Games
Associated Performer: Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
Mixer: Asger Lindqvist
Producer: Mikkel Fabricius Smitt
Producer: SYBO ApS
Producer: Jan Lynggaard
Composer: Mikkel Fabricius Smitt
Composer: Morten Mygind
Composer: Bodie Jahn-Mulliner

Thank you for the original song from SYBOTV

Image Credit Background Subway Surfers from Surfers Gaming

Hello everyone, today I made All Soundtracks 2022 teaser video a premade video before I released All Soundtracks 2022 video as full video For this video, it will be released on December 25th 2022 I believe that many people will not be able to resist this special thank you for watching

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