This is the ultimate spin the wheel challenge we’re going to be using the wheel of mystery to unlock hiding spots in Brook Haven RP to pick our only used one colors to decide our teams at toilet Tower Defense and so much more watch until the end of this video to see every

Spin the wheel challenge in Roblox let’s get goed and all the spin the wheels start here in Brook Haven hide and seek are you ready Sunny to spin yeah bro let’s do this I’m going to spin the wheel first round of hiding all right Sunny if you say so it’s spinning and my

Hiding spot will feature only using houses only using houses bro that’s not even a color at what point did you think this was colors melon this is every possible spin the wheel at ROBLOX okay get your head around it I’m such an idiot I didn’t even think about that

Well Sunny you got 2 minutes to hide good luck I will just be looking at this Merry Christmas sign yeah you have a happy holidays melon I don’t need luck where I’m going I need to find the ultimate house and hide within it and guys do you think a private jet counts

As a house like what if I just live in the sky does that work maybe maybe not okay fine I guess that’d be cheating let’s choose a house plot ooh I could mix it up into an apartment the penthouse sweet are there any new ones I can’t really remember this looks pretty

Cool though yo check it out it even came with a Christmas tree for the holidays and wait if I shrink myself down really small yo I can I can just hide inside of this tree that’s a pretty good spot yo if it all comes down to it that’s where

I’ll go but for now I want to explore and see what’s up here the rooftop balcony no way there’s an infinity pool up here look at this thing it’s so cool it’s entirely made of glass so that you could see the whole world while you’re swimming oh yes this is what the most

Wealthiest people have in their Penthouse apartment yes quiet so magnificent it’s actually too much for me wait what if I just hit here would melon even check here I actually don’t think he would this is pretty good yo I think that’s what I’m going to do so I

Need to jump here and while he goes in my house I’ll stand here once he goes inside I’m going to hide on the other side of this block let’s go and I can even spy on him melon I’m ready are you sure ready yeah yeah I’m super duper

Ready like really ready M well I’m not ready are you eating no it sounds like you’re chewing food bro that’s gross no give me a second give me a second guys where is he I don’t even see him out there hold on let me take another look

He said Merry Christmas sign is where he’s staring there’s a tree there Santa sleigh over here I don’t see melon anywhere though and I’m ready Sunny oh guys he was hiding in the Christmas tree that was close he almost spotted me all right melon good stuff bro you got 5

Minutes to try and find me and remember you can ask three questions to track me down three questions well I don’t think I need to ask any questions Sunny because you’ve got a penthouse right in front of Spawn how do you know I’m in there I could be hiding in a different

House well let me just make sure and confirm this is your apartment before I do anything yes okay sunny for my first question are you hiding in your Penthouse apartment number seven Penthouse apartment number seven hold on let me just do the math on this okay I

Have about 18 pen houses oh my goodness you’re definitely in here okay fine I’m hiding in there guys I hope I’m hidden here I need to lie down and are you in this Christmas tree perhaps oh you can get in this Christmas tree ah guys I just

Slipped that was too close hey Sunny I’ve got a present for you really it’s a gift of death yo chill bro chill stay out of my bedrooms cuz I’m going to evict you from this house I made it back to the rooftop that was close bro I

Brought the gift of eviction cuz when I find you I’m kicking you out of this house no don’t do it melon that’s not okay I just got to find you first like where are you bro oo this is a crazy secret spot for later maybe I’ll even

Use it anyway Sunny um for my second question are you wait you didn’t even answer my first question are you hiding in here what do you mean hiding in where hiding in your apartment you can’t just keep answering my questions with questions okay fine I’m hiding in the

Penthouse you got me all right now for my second question Sunny what color are you closest to guys look at him in there he’s holding a present I’m closest to the color black I I hope that helps all right that did not help whatsoever maybe you’re behind this desk I don’t know bro

There’s all kinds of objects throughout the house that are black good luck finding me yeah I know that sunny I got to think of a really good third question what could I ask oh oh by the way Sunny you’re not allowed to hide in places

That I can’t open I’m not in any weird spot that you can’t access I promise okay your third question a good one would be asking me if I’m the goat uh that is a silly question Sunny because I already know the answer to it yes of course

110% no bro you’re not the goat because I’m the goat guys check this out he just tried to go through these doors look at him back there oh no he’s climbing the ladder I did not realize there was a ladder with rooftop access hey Sunny

Where are you I don’t know where are you bro I found you no you didn’t you have no evidence of that I’m literally looking at you right now oh yeah bro you are lagging like crazy but you found me dang it I thought the spot was perfect

Get Wrecked I win that’s only the first round melon it’s time for you to spin the wheel and find find out where you’re hiding sunny it’s my turn to spin the wheel so do it now you have four options and the wheel starts spinning now let’s

See what you unlock okay give me some good give me some real good you can only use the city only use the city wo we’ve never gotten that one before good luck melon I’m going to sit inside the Christmas tree and start counting to 100 let me think uh one watermelon with a

Lump of coal for Christmas two watermelons ooh let’s put the Watermelons on the barbecue with the coal that’s nice three watermelons with a sledgehammer yep yep yep guys Sunny is probably one of the cringest people I’ve ever met he hasn’t Dro that bit in ages it’s not even funny 11 watermelons in a

Blender you’re wasting your time bro I’m already past counting to 10 yeah but it’s fine sunny cuz I let the diving board choose my hiding spot let’s go one big bounce hit it with the two big bounces oh my goodness all right guys it’s been decided I’m hiding in the

Police station and I could hide in the secret spot in the vents but that’s too obvious Sunny already knows about that why hide there when I could hide right behind these filing cabinets and he’d never even know and just to get extra hidden let me shrink down and then

Finally blend in with the walls I have become a white wander you’ll never find me all right Sunny I’m ready 99 100 perfect now let’s see melon for my first question are you hiding in inside or outside I’m hiding inside okay that doesn’t help me very much there’s a

Lot of buildings in the city all right question number two let’s see here ooh that’s a good one are you hiding in the central part of the city which is like the dayare the swimming pool and the police station or are you on the other

Areas let me think about it let me think about it h what am I closer to hey I’m closer to the center Park yes there’s not that many areas here daycare and police station let’s check get out I’ll start with the daycare facility cuz I am

Kind of tiny right now I look like a baby let’s see melon are you in here I’m totally totally in there Sunny look through all the cribs look everywhere yeah you’re not in the daycare which means you’re probably in this police station somewhere no no come on I can

Smell that fertilizer from a mile away but where did he go he’s not on the sheriff’s desk what if I check these cams what if I found him on these cams that would be awesome guys I ch just saw Sunny walk past my cabinets I saw him

For a split second okay guys melon thinks I didn’t see him so I’m going to grab these handcuffs and it’s time to lock him away in jail oh wait let me grab a gun too so I can threaten him oh melon I found you put these cuffs on or I’ll blast you how

Did you find me what the heck you better put the cuffs on if not the next one of those is going to your face all right I’ll put the cops on give them to me now get get out of here time for you to go

To jail dang it bro I don’t want to go to jail right this way time to put you in your prison cell and throw away the key dang it bro I’m locked up forever and if you goats want to be locked into our awesome videos forever just press

That subscribe button to get goated do it now this is hideand-seek in Roblox Brook Haven but we spin a wheel of mystery that’ll select our hiding spot locations and this time we can only ask one question to help track down The Hider can we get 4,069 likes on this video You’re goed

Let’s go oh and also subscribe if you’re new oh buddy you’re hiding first good luck melon oh my God wait it’s going to give me the red it’s going to bless me with the red yes yo you got one of the malls bro that’s actually goated that is

Goated red never fails okay melon you get to hide in the Brook Haven shelter mall and you have 2 minutes to choose a location starting now good luck oh oh my god um okay okay okay okay guys I actually have a good idea for this one I

Might win on a technicality so if I go and grab this card here I run up to the top of the bank I can actually get access to this room so normally to get in the vault you have to explode it but I’m going to use a sleeping bag so the

Door doesn’t get blown up well that should be good oh let’s go okay sweet sweet sweet all right son you can try and find me now if you want about time melon that took forever okay so you you have to be in this outlet mall somewhere choices choices choices bank rock star

Oh bro you’re a cappuccino I know where you’re hiding right now bro I would never cap yeah you cap so hard you’re in Starbucks Coffee where is this cappuccino hiding where is this cappuccino hiding I kind of want a coffee myself now that’s good I’m not sure if there’s a secret spot in

Starbuck Coffee you guys let me know in the comments if I’m dumb and there’s an obvious one I’ve only got one question to ask this hide-and-seek game so I have have to be really careful how I use it so first I’m going to check out more of

These areas like the post office make sure he’s not doing something dumb in here let’s check out the shelter upstairs melon melon you in here that’s not my question by the way um no I’m not no I’m not that use your question n nice try nice try nice try that could

Actually be a sweet hiding spot but you’re not in there thought for a second you were hiding behind the shower that would have been cringe bro I’m so the opposite of cringe I wear a shirt that says pemos you know what that stands for I’m pretty Prett sure pemos is just the

Order of operations parentheses exponents multiplication division addition and subtraction no please excuse my dope swag dude did you know above the coffee shop is just a big empty room we should rent this out and start a business dude it should be called bar Brooks yeah what do we do we

Sell coffee let’s try this shirt on yeah I look good yeah you know you’re weird dude by the way you better not be in the secret spot back here I don’t know if that counts as being in the mall you cannot be in the robbers hide out good

You ain’t down here now I’m going to check the bank and make sure you’re not doing a heist no bro looks clear looks clear unless you’re in the downstairs is there secret spot in the downstairs of the bank uh let’s see here buddy boy boom not seeing you bro I literally checked

Everywhere are you sure about that yeah I literally have been everywhere in this entire Mall unless you’re doing something really dumb please tell me you didn’t swim in the pool and hide back here why would I do that dude it’s cheating dude I don’t get it where are

You I don’t know man I mean you have one question you can ask dude I only have 30 seconds left okay question question question which building are you in Bank Rockstar Dentist coffee Library which one tell me tell me I’m in the bank bro in the bank dude I’m counting my stacks

Yo what do you mean you oh he’s counting his Stacks wait how could you possibly be counting your Stacks are you glitching the ATM no wait what sweet sweet money sweet money what the heck there’s only one other place with money but there’s no way in there you didn’t

Blow it up money yes so sweet blow it up what no how’ you find me how’ you know you told me you were in the bank and you were flexing your cash stacks but how did you get in here without breaking the door I snooze in oh what

You actually could just sleeping bag and glitch through here yeah bro it’s easy dude I better get a good location please please give him something trash yes yes oh I’m goated do you want the motel it gives me three three locations Motel Diner and Airport you’re done Yo close

Your eyes you better not peek all right I’ll twist my melon cap around H what do I do guys should I do the Brook Haven Motel glitch probably too obvious is the issue he’ll know for sure what about the diner maybe the diner’s goed let’s see

Yo do I finally flush myself down a toilet this was supposed to be the melon secret spot but maybe I should do it yo this is kind of goed low key just got to squeeze myself back here little more yes perfect No Cap this is pretty good okay melon I’m set brother

You ain’t finding me okay buddy boy um so he’s at the motel hotel Holiday in yeah dude yeah for sure first I’ll check out Brook’s Diner yeah dude give it a good look give it a thorough investigation I don’t think you’re in the diner there’s like really nowhere to

Hide I know dude it’s pretty bad unless you flush yourself down the toilet N I don’t think you did that that’s a melon move dude you need the the toilet 24/7 that’s why you would hide there it just becomes your new home bro I don’t go to

The bathroom that much dude all you do is fart bro I bet you’re doing that stupid glitch you kick back then you get rid of your home yeah I’m kicking back I’m big vibing no you’re not in here dude where the heck are you at bro are

You at the airport dude is that your question you want to waste your one question wait wait wait this isn’t a question for that but was airport was the airport part of the buildings that you could hide in yeah dude I could do airport motel and Diner that’s it oh bro

You better not be in here okay well I don’t see you in the airplane yeah I’m on the PJ bro I’m in the PJ no you’re not in the PJ dude you can’t afford that what are you talking about bro I got Roo for days also I’m not on the PJ I’m on

The PT physical therapy one could call it that dude what yeah boy is there a secret in this bathroom it’s the private Throne yeah no sunny I cannot believe I did not see see you there before dude were you there the whole time the private toilet you weren’t supposed to

See me did you just slurp some poo poo the heck I slurp some Coca-Cola oh okay spin me that wheel please give me something good oh no that’s actually okay I guess I don’t know if that’s good or bad all right I’m going to take the express diving board there see you buddy

Good luck you got two minutes dog Lake Madison’s area is so big though melon has so many places he can hide this sucks and SAR suckers okay I missed the target a little bit all right guys I got the perfect spot so I’m going to just run

Into this tree right here and then click on these buttons so Sunny thinks I’m doing something weird with this slide I’m going to also spawn a vehicle in so he doesn’t suspect that I’m in the tree and that I’m doing some weird thing with this vehicle ready guys let’s do it all

Right Sunny Ready or Not took you long enough I know Lake Madison’s thick and you got a lot of choices to make but come on bro you went over your time limit bro it’s going to be easy let me spawn in my whip oh yeah that’s a nice

Old school right there oh now that looks clean bro I’m coming for you okay buddy I’m going to drive this through the water cuz it’s built like a boat anyways let’s go yeah where’s this melon hiding all right he’s not on the yacht what about this waterfall give it a quick

Scout you back here bro I’m not telling you wow you’re not so it’s fine you don’t know if there’s a secret back there do you yeah I do and you’re not in it cuz there isn’t one so good try bro I found this secret I’m the only one on

Brook Haven to figure it out okay melon the day you discover a secret before me that’s literally the day pigs can fly have you noticed anything weird happening no why that’s good to know okay wao whoo whoo wa what happened to the slide what what do you mean what

Slide you’re on the slide I see your car up there all right time to drive the whip I’m coming up full speed bro yeah you’re uh your full speed is really fast yeah I’m glitching a lot right now oh my God all right forget the car that

Thing’s trash yo nice car dude this is a Lamborghini cop mobile what the heck yeah dude yeah that thing is nice bro state trooper yo what’s going on with this slide what do you mean it keeps changing I I can’t see the slid so I would you’re in this car bro you’re in

This car no I’m not dude you don’t see me you don’t do you see me I see a red thing oh that’s the tail light the heck bro how are you changing the slide from there okay you’re not in the car you’re not in the car yeah at least it’s on the

Sunny slide let me give this a go yeah what yeah dude sucks to suck Bud okay guys this melon thinks he’s clever and that I don’t realize where he’s hiding as if I was born yesterday I know exactly where he is so the question is

How should I find him FBI open up bro how’d you know you think I’m dumb or what bro there’s nowhere else you could have touched these buttons other than sitting in your car or in this tree bro but you are dumb what I’ve got at least three

Melons seeds you only have two please give me the goest spot it’s lit fire station let’s go there’s like no secrets in the fire station I’m like I’m going to find you right away and it’s so small bro the fire station is lit dog you’re

Not finding me I have a sick secret spot you’re not getting me dude if anything isn’t lit it’s the fire station I do have a crazy spot so check it out all I need is to grab myself a ladder and then I place it down on the bunk bed and then

Melon literally can’t find me check this out I go like this boom climb up the ladder boom sco and I’m done I just got to stand perfectly so my hands and stuff don’t glitch through these things cuz look I can phase straight through them melon I’m ready all righty bro I’m

Coming for you bro good luck this fire station’s on lock down you’re not finding me dude there’s nowhere you can hide here I’m just going to find you right away yeah that’s what you think all right Lex Luther thinks the same thing wait that’s not the guy in the

Wheelchair um where are you hiding dude there’s like nowhere to go in here like what hey what the heck was that wait I might be a genius what do you mean okay dudes I don’t know if you saw that but I saw Sunny for a split second when I

Jumped on the jump bed so I got to do this fast to surprise him where could Sunny be guys I think he’s on to me I know you’re here wait what just happened Sunny what are you doing no no dude Sunny bro you’re a coward what do you

Mean bro I actually had no idea that was a spot I got so lucky I just jumped on the jump bed why do I keep saying jump on the jump jumped on the bunk bed just saw this little yellow man in the corner GG well played if you guys enjoyed the

Video make sure you like And subscribe for more Brook Haven hide-and seek and Brook Haven secret spots we have a crazy new challenge in toilet Tower Defense sunny and I have to take on nightmare mode only using one color pretty much we spin a wheel of colors and whichever

Color the wheel lands on is the unit type we have to use so if we land on Gray we can only use basic units who will last longer on nightmare mode comment down below sunny it’s time for the most awesome challenge yeah what challenge is it it’s the only

One color challenge it’s time to spin that wheel okay melon whatever color that wheel lands on is the only type of unit I get to use okay I’m spinning the wheels Sunny your only one color is wait wait wait what is it going to be what is

It going to be rare bro blue units really at least I didn’t get Basics ah all right let me assemble the squad large speaker man speaker helicopter and TV man bro I only have three rares what the heck are there any others in the game do you have the helicopter dude

Yeah the speaker copter that’s all I have there’s only three units um well I might as well fill up your hot bar with more of the exact same units all right Sunny head over to toilet HQ you’re going to have to take this on on nightmare mode dude I’m going

To get destroyed guys comment down below how far you think I’ll get okay vote for nightmare legendary plus recommended oh wow this is going to be real easy huh well Sunny have fun you’ve only got rares yeah don’t worry though TV man it’sit different melt up oh no he’s

Trash skip wave skip wave turn on auto skip turn it on okay sunny you sure you don’t want some help I could help you with one little speaker helicopter over here yeah yeah yeah do that do that please I’m broke I’m a broke key I got

You dogoo I guess I should have summoned that in instead of TV man yeah this guy is pretty good and this is really hard on nightmare I have 100 Health in toilet City and I only have $200 and look at the units they’re already breaking

Through you are going to die so fast no no I’m fine I got these little toilets under control as long as Autos skips enabled and I can make some money I should survive besides melon you might unlock basic units dude no way with basic units I won’t be able to do

Anything yeah that’s the point by the way melon please please please please buy more units please help me fine bro I got you thank you brother or I would be very dead I might still be very dead that means you got to help me during my

Round yeah only if you get Basics I’ll think about it BR bro these toilets are insane there’s already glasses toilets with 3,000 Sunny disable Autos skip right now yeah good idea good idea good idea hey but if I leave it on I could say that I got farther in the game right

No bro it’s going to lag it so hard well if I’m going down I’m at least going to have one of these boys with me doing great work here melon I have survived a whole 2 minutes does 2 minutes really count bro everyone’s moving in slow motion bro it definitely counts don’t

Judge me even the timer goes slower I think I hope maybe I don’t know Sunny you’re about to get some big old damage on toilet City yeah it’s not looking too good is it I got you though with the speaker helicopter thank you you spawned in a backup unit yeah of course brother

I appreciate that one very much right there please do enough damage no no the police officers are coming to arrest me sunny I’ll stop the cops but I definitely won’t be able to stop the spider toilets and the muttin toilet that’s on its way I can’t believe this

Dude rare units are not strong enough for nightmare mode the only used one color wheel is cursed me well sunny I know what I have to beat the spider toilets no no I I could do this I just have to skip some waves I’ll be fine honey don’t skip any more waves it’s

Over for you no no Auto skip I got this I can get to wave eight I can do this please get me to wave baby this spider toilet is about to do some BR oh we actually got him hold the lines boys hold the lines yo oh no it’s it’s over

For you no it’s not I can hold the lines hold hold oh no I’m dead I’m very dead don’t worry I got you with the speaker really appreciate it and I am alive I’m I’m confused how how am I alive what bro wait what how are you still alive oh now

I’ve lost there we go well melon I made it to wave nine for 4 minutes that is such cap bro you made made it to the mutant toilet I’ll give you that all right fine I died at the mutant toilet the question is can you Prevail against

A mutant toilet we’re going to find out because now it’s my turn to spin that wheel please give him basic units give me something awesome no way no way no way what did you get I got light purple AKA exclusive bro that’s unfair what I think that’s even better than mythics oh it

100% is sunny little speaker helicopter and now it’s time camera spider speaker spider scientist large scientist wait actually wait I need to be a little more careful I don’t really know what healing does I’m going to unequip him and instead get the jetpack cameraman and the TV woman my squad is complete Sunny

That is so unfair bro whatever come to toilet HQ it’s time for you to face off against the nightmare let’s do this bro legendary plus you have something two levels above legendary not fair yep I just got to skip some waves hopefully I can unlock my camera spider and mess

These toilets up I’m actually going to start with the TV spider speaker yeah and I’m just going to take up some space what I said made no sense I meant speaker spider yeah dude you don’t have the spider TV yet bro if you had that spider TV that’d be broken are you

Kidding me sunny you’re putting scientists here you’re sabotaging me someone has to do it let me just make sure I rotate them to take up the maximum space you are cringe what bro what bro I actually need scientists dude I need to make some goop I’m just trying

To help you dude that’s why I’m making four scientists dude you ain’t trying to help me bro you trying to sabotage me also how unfair is this your one unit is strong enough to defeat these waves and I had like six rares yeah that’s because I’ve got the exclusives baby yeah I’m

Turning on Autos skip you you’ve got to lose no Sunny actually I need to put some Autos skip on because I need this spider speaker effective immediately yes of course you do melon and as your friend I’ll do this one time yo let’s go that’s because you did help me but I’m

Not doing anything else that’s where I draw the line it’s okay my camera spider has been equipped let’s go okay goats comment down below What wave you think melon can make it to only using exclusives in nightmare mode I’m collecting more money with my scientist cameraman yes but melon according to my

Calculations you will not be able to overcome wave 9 the 4 minute and 14 second marker the mutant toilet will destroy you we shall see about that Sunny we need to stop Autos skipping please stop Autos skipping what you don’t like it you don’t like it no it’s

A bit sketchy right now I’m not going to lie sunny all right I stopped Autos skipping I’m upgrading my B your Bo being upgraded bro these toilets might actually get passed what the heck the mutant toilet’s already here what the heck I don’t really understand how this

Works melon this happened to us last time uh Sunny this is no bueno maybe it’s because I’ve placed so many units this is not good man how am I supposed to stop this guy dude I’m actually going to win turns out rare units are better than exclusives who would have guessed

This is absolute bogus I need to Target the strongest it’s actually over why I don’t get it bro why is he already here and I feel like these are way more spiders too bro this is not fair melon it’s cuz you had Autos skip on you were

Going too crazy with it sunny I need your help I’m calling in for backup I backed you up with everything I had and I can do this I can’t really guarantee it’s going to help but there you go is that all you got bro I’m poor what do

You mean how am I supposed to do more than that dude you should have more money melon you need to survive at least 30 seconds to beat me I need this guy right here hey congratulations you’re on Wave nine melon you’re on Wave nine you’re doing it

No can you guys comment down below why this mutant toilet is here so early wait no melon it’s the same mutant it was just I was lagging look 4 minutes 14 you got wrecked no wait did I survive did I survive that are you it’s wave 10 and

Things are still going maybe I survived I can’t tell I am so confused yeah wave 11 yo let’s go you know what melon I’ll concede that I lost now I’m just curious to see how far we can get so I’ll put an engineer down for you and upgrade them

Dude that’s such an OP unit I know I got your back here bro I got your back how come you didn’t spawn your engineer yet cuz I don’t have one wait really yes I don’t Sunny oh I forgot you were a broky oh this this Buzz yeah that thing has

47,000 health I’m dead for sure yep and I don’t even know if my camera toilets can hit him cuz he’s flying don’t tell me we’re about to find out in slow motion camera toilet approaching the target actually we only have to do 2,800 damage oh wait we actually could take

Him out if my toilets can hit him you’re safe I’m going to spawn another toilet any second now I’m going spawn in a TV woman to Flame her to slow the buz saww thing down yeah where’s my other toilet hello engineer there it is yes the clutch yeah you’re good bro you’re good

Let’s go bro what if we actually clear nightmare mode with just exclusives there is no chance our units are trash we need some mythics as well we need to put one right a boot here I think I’m not sure a boot this one you got a lot

Of Boss toilets right about here bro we chilling dude they only have oh they have 47,000 Health oh no okay skip wave buy this upgrade no I’m $90 short it’s okay sunny we’re we’re doing DPS here yo the next unit I spawn will be a tank but

Will it be alive in time to save the day I don’t know sunny I got no idea it’s going to be a close call here Mr melon a real close one well that is indeed indeed deeded deed the close one or your jetpack boys going to actually kill him

Come on can you hit him one more hit please please one more hit oh no Sunny this is really close this is really close need to sell this person don’t sell it doesn’t matter you’re riant entirely on my tank spawning in it’s going to happen or it’s not going to

Happen please please it’s been so much game time spawn save us and we died no he’s here what no way no what we were so close the tank spawned in like 1 millisecond late bro melon you would have lost without me anyways had I placed a TV woman I would

Have slowed him down enough for the tank yeah that actually was true yeah you’re bad at this game aren’t you dang it guys comment down below what only used one color you wish you could land on I’m not sure what better mythics legendaries or exclusives bro it’s got to be exclusives

But I don’t know comment Down Below in this video we set up a random wheel spinner with 10 cursed SpongeBob items and every time we die in this cursed Bikini Bottom Obi we’ll have to spin by and wear a new cursed item let’s go melon the stakes are high for this 1 V

One op race I hope you’re ready for this dude look how nasty Plankton is hey you I need help getting the secret formula from crabs Plankton what happened dude bro I think Plankton took too much of that secret formula all right well I’m going to start the race let’s oh no oh you

Just died wait you have to spin the wheel I can’t believe I did that on literally the first jump bro the first wheel spin please stop stop stop I’ll take it I get a pet snail I get Gary melon you’re not going to believe this bro Gary the pet snail is so tiny

But so cute look at this little guy right there I’m an OB Pro bro it’s Obby Gary’s literally just fitting in between your like shoulder blade bro melan he’s stuck in my shoulder crack bro don’t say that you’re gross man all right whatever dude let’s just do this next

One dude no do I really have to spin the wheel dang straight you got to spin the wheel and I hope you get the ugliest shirt ever bro just give me something not supero cursed wait that’s kind of sick that matches my my melon my red

Tone bro I look so cursed dude you’re hideous your eyes are gone what is this bro I look actually I I kind of messed with it maybe this is my new look come here Sunny bro you’re disgusting stay away from me come here you’re mine your

Soul is mine run away darn it at that end quick use these bubbles to get it the other side yep get me away from this disgusting Melon No No oh that was so close oh you’re done oh you’re so done oh my God I just made it I clutched up

Bro I just want to see you wear some nasty SpongeBob shirt I’m too goated for that dude those eyeballs can you even see with those those are disgusting I can see your eyeballs sticking out all right next one all right here we go good luck with these knives dude these knives

Are dud you got sliced and diced I am now a melon slice no melon you ready for your next one I bet you’re going to get this right here handsome Squidward oh I don’t know which one you’re getting I don’t even know what that is bro at

Least it’s not super cursed I’m not too cursed yet all right you didn’t get Plankton hot brother yet um Sunny am I even a melon anymore what’s happening to me I don’t know but you got a nice tuxedo on dude you’re becoming a creature I do look pretty sick dude

Don’t die again it’s going to get worse let’s go let’s go let’s go no more death we got this oh that was way closer than I wanted it to be oh me too ooh what’s this one I don’t know I’m getting this checkpoint I know what to do quick jump

On these patties to get to that door over there oh I got super jump dude these moldy nasty disgusting Burgers dude you here yet dude yeah I’m right behind you brother find the key to open the safe bud um where is this key give

Me the key I need the key to O give me that key what what I shed pick there we go give me that key there open up oh it just sucked me out dude I hate when that happens when when when Plankton sucks you out it’s it’s a bad day where is

That formula bring me the formula can we even die in this room I feel like this room is the safe Zone I don’t know I don’t think you can dude you’re literally Mr Krabs no wa we’re fast bro we’re oh my God what killed you bro you’re just exploded oh my God that

Was terrifying it’s time for the wheel dude my character is going to be so messed up come on give him something disgusting bro it’s just going to override your current one I’ll take handsome Squidward bro you’re going to go from Rich SpongeBob to hand some Squidward kind of an upgrade let’s be

Honest damn I look cute dude dang dude you look good with that Squidward on your chest I look handsome do you see my chest hairs those are not on your chest Sunny are those chest hairs or are they I’m out of here 360 with it sunny don’t

Look behind you don’t look behind you oh God I looked back I regret that so much oh get me out of here hold on I got to look again oh my God he kicked a car at us oh God he got me oh God Sunny no oh

God please just give me Patrick Star’s shoulder pet oh yes no you just got Plankton’s hot best friend uh melon I thought I was going to be wearing a full t-shirt but it’s like I got Inked up bro I’ve got this hot Plankton brother

Tattoo on me now bro I want to see it I want to see it I’m moving quick with it but you know I want to look back so badly I’m looking he’s crazy I wonder if I had gotten the cursed SpongeBob shirt if he would still Chase me I’m almost there 360

What Sunny no how did he catch me what you better spin that wheel again bro here we go I don’t want to be cursed SpongeBob anything but that guy he’s hideous oh my God you’ve got to be kidding please which one is it I don’t even know that’s like righted on the

Dose my God yes don’t make me do it melon you have to oh God this this is the worst tattoo ever bro I just traded Plankton’s hot brother for this C disgusting disturbing shocking depraved SpongeBob face and it’s tattooed on me again why isn’t it a full shirt I don’t

Get it dude just make the parkour already I want to see this shirt fine all right I’m one with the cursed Bob so he won’t hurt me you want to test that uh yeah 360 maybe I should stop 316 though kind of did get me killed when

Don’t you look back let me check him out I am one with you cursed Bob no I’m not I’m out of here I am so out of here congrats on making it now we must enter the pineapple hey what do you think about my ink um hold on let me check

It’s kind of hard to see with these eyes uh oh my God that’s disgusting quite unfortunate there’s a button to open the door go find it all right here we go one two easy parkour oh this Buzz Saw’s killing you for sure you just ran through it on my screen are you hacking

I’m goated that’s why all right let’s head to this door sh don’t wake up Gary I think the formula in Gary shell go check it out all right so we have to go in Gary now I guess dude did you just go in Gary’s busy I don’t think so oh dude

Look at his teeth what happened to Gary why is he so evil everything is so cursed in this map we’re inside of Gary Now find that formula let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go bada boom bada bing bada boom Oh yeah I can say bada bing

Bada boom as well buddy there we go easy checkpoint take this L melon put it oh Sunny you screwed up dude I didn’t you better spin that wheel you better spin that wheel I don’t want to spin the wheel I don’t want to spin the wheel now you’re smoker SpongeBob bro hey don’t

Talk to me like that young man I am just having the worst day possible I’m coming it actually kind of works on you dude like the yellow kind of matches nice I hate to say it but the yellow actually kind of on fleek right

Here I look good with it I know I know you look so so goofy on my screen there all right smoker Bob we got to do this I’m right behind you that was easy parkour if you messes up your CLA bro I’m clearly clapped look at my shirt are

You ready for this let’s go oh God I’m yo can you just not die here this is epic we did it did we do it wait yes we did it the formula is mine wait did we win we did it let’s go W what’s happening how did you do that where did

You go I’m back hat remover do you think it’ll clear my skin oh my God I’m naked where’d your eyeballs go and your melon my melon and eyeballs vanished oh God my sunglasses I’ve been revealed Sunny you’re so pretty pretty ugly dude oh my God bro wow this dude is four years old

He thinks he’s funny SpongBob SS SpongBob s in this video sunny and I play hideand-seek and Brook cave but a wheel decides our hiding spot this video was crazy so make sure you subscribe in 3 2 1 you better have subscribed or else melon we’re back at Brook Haven brother

Are you ready to spin that wheel yo let’s do it sunny I can’t wait to destroy you this game that’s what you think bro but literally brother it’s going to be like this we put you in a shopping cart and I’m going to drop you

Off at the milk shop get over here here e chill chill chill sunny sunny bro I’m not your dad I’m not shopping for milk yeah I am and then I leave my son here forever I’m never going to see you again bro no don’t leave me spin that wheel

Let’s go whatever this lands on bro I’m going to hide using it what is it what the heck bro I got death death how does that work I got to hide somewhere dead I guess all right Sunny you got 2 minutes and I have a feeling I know where you’re

Going to hide wait could I hide with the milk cuz that was the last time you saw me and I was like dead to you that’s uh I think that’s a bit too farfetched sunny I don’t I don’t think that counts all right whatever bro give me my 2

Minutes I gave you your 2 minutes you only have a minute and a half left okay I’m out of here yo guys I’ve got to choose something really smart so because I landed on death melon’s going to assume I’m out here in the Brook Haven Cemetery or up here hiding inside of the

Church casket but really he doesn’t know my brain capacity I can hide anywhere with the power of where is it it’s here somewhere a skull yes I’m dead now bro so I could go anywhere on the map pretty much let me just do this is there a

Skeleton suit too that would be awesome yo I could be a full ghost I’m dead bro let’s go and then and I can also even do this with the props right skeleton he’s going to see this up by the church and be like what the heck bro

Why is this here I’m going to put another one at the cemetery spooky scary ghost sunny and I’m dead bro and then I need a speedy whip Ghost Rider zooming out here check this out I’m going to go to the milk and drop another skeleton

There I got to do it for the culture and boom skeleton and now I’ve got to choose my actual hi spot where do I want this spooky ghost to hide I’m thinking this little house here could be really good it’s basically a Haunted Cabin in the Woods anyways so this is perfect and

Then oh I was going to go inside of the fridge and disappear I guess not okay whatever I’ll just stand right here melon I’m ready finally bro all that waiting had me dead yeah well I’m transformed I mean beautiful I don’t even need question for

This round sunny all I need is my Whip and go 35 and now just got to check out the grave site and find you really fast yeah you sure yeah I’m positive you’re probably Yo you even left a skeleton here bro yeah what you’re not in here

Are you kidding me no bro why would I hide there that’s too obvious I don’t know you’re stupid so I just figured you’d hide in the most obvious place you are garbage dude let that sink in uh Sunny why do I have the feeling you’re

Doing a stupid pun with the sink in cuz I am bro I’m literally a sink right now I mean uh a sinking ship like the Titanic cuz a lot of people died on that sink what we could have a yo check out scams check out scams you’re not in a house what the

Heck n bro I didn’t even spawn a house in remember you have three questions I’m so confused where did you hide according to my calculations I’m hiding at longitude 493 and latitude -112 okay well that doesn’t help me at all yeah I don’t even know what I just said to be

Honest there’s no longitudes in Roblox bro Haven there’s detit tudes cuz I’m pretty dead man oh bro I know exactly what you did you probably laid a skeleton near you to say oh my Tiding spot’s dead and then you hid somewhere random or there are places that are

Literally dead on the map yo what the okay fine first question are you closer to the city or the outside of the maps I’m closer to the outsid why you might want to check the church I already checked the church ombre did you check the milk BR the milk doesn’t even make

Sense that’s where I spawned and how is that dead that ain’t dead because I’m dead to you yo guys check out this lore that I just found Madison I apologize for leaving but it was necessary to prevent the agency from harnessing the full power of the crystal they will have to

Experiment now so Red River has been enacted avoid the agency at all cost yo what the yo Sunny second question are you closer to Lake Madison or the other side of the map where there’s like nothing uh let me just look outside really quick and uh let’s see here okay okay you’re

Being annoying bro you’re being annoying I’m zooming out I’m checking okay I’m further from Lake Madison then you’re further from Lake Madison yeah yo what the heck where are you hiding bro you only have 2 minutes remaining Sunny are you closer to that weird house in the

Middle of nowhere or the barn on the other side Define weird house in the middle of nowhere you know what I’m talking about it’s the only house on that side of the map yeah I’m opposite of the barn oh going to find you Sunny you don’t

Want to do that bro yo what the heck it just turned turn night what’s going on it’s getting spooky you have 1 minute left it’s so scary yo I bet you you’re in this house doing something sassy where are you Sunny get in the crack oh wait I just

Saw some movement and there’s a bike here yo where are you is there a sink there’s not even a sink in here bro what were you doing with that pun uh yo what the heck why’ that just move where do you go yeah there’s no sink in

Here there’s no sink yo I found you what are you talking about I’m just a sink yo I literally found a spooky ghost dang it bro I thought I was going to win this round I’m dead wait you’re dead yeah sure was Buddy old pal hey look melon

I’m dead again but this time I’m not a ghost yo you’re just a skeleton bro you’re just straight up dead you capped you decomposing and you’re naked ah yeah run away for me all right Sunny spin that wheel give me my color your random wheel spin is going to be you

Must hide in the darkness melon I must hide in the darkness that’s very easy anywhere can kind of count as Darkness honey if you think about it BR only if you could set it to nighttime but you can’t do that I am in charge dang it all

Right whatever I already have a few ideas of where I want to hide give me my 2 minutes Sunny your two minutes begins now good luck okay guys there’s a little place I think I’m going to hide for this round Sunny was never going to expect

This just got to drive up this mountain right here very slow in my Cool Whip come on let me all the way up please in the oh well here’s my spot here’s the cool thing about it bro check it out this is is technically the darkness and

If he asks me a cave question I can tell him I’m hiding in a cave bro but this is the last cave he’d ever expect all right Sunny I’m ready let’s do this okay melon first question are you inside or outside uh psych I know that you’re inside okay

Uh I guess you don’t want me to answer that why are you acting sus about it oh I don’t even know how I would answer that to be honest wait what so you’re outside and inside at the same time uh when could I argue well one could argue

I need a serious whip yeah time for air support you’re spawning in a school bus yeah bro I sure did the fastest whip in the lands look at this goat it’s beautiful I don’t want to okay is he in the waterfall cave just taking a peek nope no melon down there so you’re

Hiding in the darkness you’re inside and outside and I still have three questions left that’s pretty epic okay melon melon question one are you hiding in inside of a subway station nope dang it I thought for sure you were glitched into a Subway tunnel and how was that question one you

Already asked me a question you never answered it though bro I literally said I’m hiding inside I took it away from you remember you’re so C dude okay second question are you hiding in a cave uh technically yeah I’m hiding in a cave yeah bro that’s the worst possible spot

There’s so many caves how am I going to find you I don’t know bro but you better do it quick cuz you don’t have all that time to SP where I know I have 4 minutes which is a lot but there’s a lot of caves and crevices to check now this is

So annoying melon okay uh last question how big is your cave it’s pretty I mean for the current size I am right now you could say it’s pretty big no no no no no no how big is the cave not about your size you know how to answer this don’t

Cheat okay it’s pretty small dang it I just wiped out pretty small huh let’s see you can’t be in the agency cave cuz that is not small that would be big capat dude are you actually in a cave or you just in like a crack uh no comment

That is so annoying you’re in a little crack somewhere uh well you’re had a question so I know I got to check these I feel like you’re doing one of the estate hideouts where you just like stand under this little bridge and call it a cave nope not that one now why

Would I do that sunny cuz you’re cringe brother I would never do something something like that but you said it’s a small cave so that’s like the only small cave I can think of mhm make sure you check it real thoroughly also you only have 2 minutes left that’s fine I’m at

The other estate I’m investigating right now and let’s see is there a melon back here a melon no melons what the heck is this I can hear you clicking a lot too what are you doing don’t worry about it sunny you’re spawning and despawning sleeping bags aren’t you no but where I

Don’t understand uh think about it sunny a cave that is a crack yeah there’s a lot of those all right well uh you only have a a minute and a half left so I suggest you use your cumulative IQ and combine it together to figure out my

Hiding spot your hiding spot is cheating that’s what you’re doing I’m just trying to see if there’s a little spot that counts as wait is this something where is this what is this this is an underpass not a cave that’s the other problem is you don’t even know what

Caves are it’s true but you don’t have to bring that up okay well it makes it very hard to figure out where you’re hiding okay let’s see maybe in this corner any sleeping bag no sleeping bags over here any sleeping bags no I don’t see them got the high beams on now don’t

Understand no sleeping bag in that corner melon Sunny you have 1 minute left you’re not even in a cave dude you’re so dumb there’s probably only two more places that can make maybe be considered caves they’re all the way up this mountain yo I found your car what

Are you talking about bro I don’t know what you’re talking about big man melon dropped a purple vehicle here and a sleeping bag uh yo wait what the car’s driving away wa what the heck’s going on bro it’s a spooky car Mel get back here what are you talking about bro I’m in

The sleeping bag cars don’t drive themselves no stay away I saw you no you didn’t you got to get in my vehicle no I’m trapped in here no that’s right and now I Commander this vehicle and zoom wait where’d he go oh he’s in there you’re so small what are you doing fine

You got me bro dang it that was so close dude I had 30 seconds left oh you clutched up Sunny I’ll give it to you but let’s head to the next round it’s because I was born in the Darkness y chill it’s time for me to spin that wheel please something epic something

Epic give him trash yo what is this what’d you get bro I’m just hungry you have to go to some of the grocery stores bro you’re done you got 2 minutes to hide good luck that’s lots of time let me just tell you all the locations I can

Hide there’s ice cream there’s grocery store there’s the diner there’s the restaurant there’s a lot of places actually guys I need to keep my wits about me this round I’ve got to be really ingenious with this so first things first I’m going to spawn a house

At plot 18 then I’m going to choose the house that serves up delicious treats this one right here we’ve got the bakery installed so this is a place I could definitely go and eat which is going to distract melon and cause him to waste a bunch of time check this out I go

Inside look at it there’s cakes oh it’s so good and delicious yo we got donuts donuts beautiful Donuts chocolates and bread and cookies this place is stack yo hold up let me go in the freezer section yeah we’ve got frozen Mill I’m trying to keep it as long as possible maybe my dad

Will come back now the question is where should I hide I think nowhere in here to be honest with you I think I’m going to spawn it in as a big distraction I’m going to color it yellow I’m going to lock the doors so melan has a waste time

Sleeping bagging into it I’m going to even park a car out here what looks like a food car any of these got like candy written on the side there we go work vehicle we’re trying to make it yellow can I write on this thing why can’t I

Change the color what the heck why even let me click this candy oh there we go perfect it’s the free candy car oh this side open it up let’s go this thing is beautiful all right now that I have secured my distraction let’s go hide somewhere with with lots of food and I

Know just the place the least suspecting location imaginable the school cafeteria just got to go in here make my way upstairs and hit up that Cafe let’s go now I need to change my outfit super quick let’s see here I’m going to become the lunch lady wait why

Did I get taller when I clicked on this hair what the heck I got to take my glasses off yes I’m looking good trying to match that face there we go I need a nice outfit perfect I am now the cafeteria lady melon will never expect

This sunny you got 30 seconds left buddy I’m in my hiding spot bro I’m ready F finally time to check out the grocery store where you dropped me off for milk now where are you oh bro you left the body you knew I’d come here yeah that

Was from the first round I won’t even cap oh well no cap I didn’t even see it all right well I don’t see you in this grocery store so let’s move on to the next place the movie theater you eating some pizza dude maybe let me check back here check all the

Boxes don’t see you in that box or that box no you’re not in the pizza oven that would have been a good a good place to hide I would never have checked the pizza oven yeah yeah yeah I don’t know what I just did I’m burning down the

Pizza shop I’m out of here third place to check the diner no anywhere but the diner melon please stop it’s too late for that Sunny you can’t beg your way out of this I’m going to find you and fores speed you get over here and give me a little

Smooch huh come on man yo yo chill you’re being sus you’re being sus give me a little kiss eh you’re being weird sunny I don’t like when you’re you’re being sus and weird all right then melon I just want to give you a little Z what the heck was that Sonny you just

Got weird that was me giving you a little smooch there bro I don’t even want to play hide-and-seek anymore yes that means I’m going to win I can’t lose so I’ll have to do what I have to do you have 3 minutes left so you better start doing the thing soon

All right I got to ask some questions first question Sunny are you closer to the diner or closer to the hospital I think I’m closer to the hospital really what food places are near the hospital probably my house that’s my biggest hint I’ll give you oh you kind of like what

Your house yeah the bakery bro bro spawned in a bakery and wait is it uh yeah it is a lot closer to the hospital okay you could be in here but it’s kind of sus that you pointed it out and you locked it you scum bag time to go and

Sleeping bagging I know I want to make you grind no how did you get in already cuz I’m the goat and a sleeping bagged in now where are you Sunny you in this freezer right here Sunny huh Sunny stay away from my Donuts where are you I’m

From Boston Sunny now I don’t know what I’m doing I’m doing this accent cuz I felt like it from Boston hey you want me to give you a little smooch again no get stop stop Sunny second question are you in this house I don’t even know what voices you’re making anymore and my

Answer is no no I’m not in the house I’m watching you on security cams blim me mate you’re not in the house oh blim me Cy all right he’s not even in the house that was all yo you could be in this candy truck yo why are there so many

Distractions Sunny why because I knew you’d fall for them anytime you see a shiny object you run towards it dude other places he could be hiding he could be potentially hiding in Star Cafe no not my coffee star Brooks that’s what it’s called I forgot for for a second

Not my Cofe cof get you your Cofe hey melon you have 1 minute left bro chill you’re either in the Brook Haven cafeteria or in starbooks coffee there’s no other places are you up here you up here lying down no you’re not even up there what are you doing bro I’m

Checking this out check wait you could also be at this food delivery place there’s food up here no there’s so many places you could be I know hungry really wasn’t that bad of a choice a look at that wiow melon upstairs I see you in the shelter Sunny

Are you in the cafeteria I don’t know what you mean by cafeteria in the Brook Haven School yes you have 10 seconds 9 8 where are you where even is the cafeteria 7 6 5 4 you counted too fast slow it down 3 2 1 bro where is this

Cafeteria you looked right at it bro yo I found the cafeteria I got 10 seconds left I found you Sunny this is you if it’s me why don’t you give me a little kiss oh get away from me hey melon you ran out of time Melon No stay away stay

Away Sunny you’re being really really really weird I’m beautiful I’m out of here oh leave me alone that’s it for this Brook Haven hide and seek bro that was so funny I can’t believe you couldn’t find me in this cool cafe dude you were so sus bro

Trying to smooch me you know what not sus smooching that like And subscribe button right now yo look at how I wiggle my butt on the ground what is wrong with you you’re so sus this episode make sure you guys click that next video quick before I destroy melon today sunny and I

Play a special alphabet lore hide and seek in Brook Haven we spin a wheel of alphabet lore characters and whichever letter that lands on our hiding spot must start with that also could we get 26 likes on this video for every character in the alphabet yo melon are

You ready to play Brook Haven hide and seek but we’re alphabet lore I’m ready to do this man spin that wheel all right bro do you want the first or the second spin dude give me that first SP give him trash give him with the x or the Z give

Me something good H let’s go I already have a spot for this and you’re never going to find me okay bro you got 2 minutes to hide and make sure your spot incorporates the letter H okay guys I got to run away and get out of Sunny’s

Line of vision but I’m going to wrap around and go to to the helicopter and now I can fly anywhere on the map because I’m in a helicopter and that starts with the letter H and you know where I’m going to hide guys right underneath the map underneath the

Fountain just got to do a little 180 vertically oh my God it looks so weird underneath Here and Now Sunny’s never going to find me all right Sunny I’m ready whenever you are okay let’s do this thing melon you’re going down I still got three questions so question

One are you in the hospital uh answer one yo bro chill you need to be in the hospital you’re sick no I’m not in the hospital you’re not okay okay okay question two guys listen me just crank this a little bit question two what’s that sound wait what sound I hear you

Bro you’re in a helicopter no I’m not I don’t know what you’re talking about you are wait a second wait a second question three are you underneath the map uh yeah I knew it I can hear you bro you’ve got that helicopter on blast guys I need to

Hide if I can get up here and jump off onto this block I’ll be safe and sunny will never be able to find me I just got to jump guys I need maximum speed I got to get under there quick before melon hides guys I need to disguise myself or

He’s going to see me I stick out like a sore thumb move it helicopter let’s go smallness and then I turn gray Sunny is never going to find me bro I’m actually so disguised okay guys I made it underneath melon I can smell you can you Sunny yes indeed where are you hiding

I’m hiding somewhere somewhere closer than you think bro I know you’re under this I just don’t know where which crack did you slide in yeah you’ll never know maybe up here oh God I can’t see anything my helicopter’s freaking out oh my Lord no what is this oh we’re good

Look at this dude look at the dude no I see you this is you on this you’re talking about you have nowhere to go melon I don’t know what you’re talking about yeah you sure about that no yeah no where am I what what let’s go I saw you you’re done bro you

Literally died I don’t know what you’re talking about you just saw a gray thing yeah dude I saw your shadow that was it it totally wasn’t Mel in Disguise as a gray blob all right fine you got me bro fair is fair it’s time for my turn to

Spin this wheel give me a goated Le please give me a or b please keep going no no anything but this so you’re so screwed are you kidding me there’s nowhere with the letter X okay guys I’m out of here somehow I have to figure out a hiding place that connects to the

Letter X any vehicles with the letter X extremely fast wait I have an idea this might be the only way to disguise the letter X I’m going to change every Brook Haven sign to just the letter X there we go and this sign the real X and for this

Last one I’m going to say totally not X perfect now all the signs are set up to distract melon I can go to my real hiding place and now I go to the graveyard I’m going to have XX eyes cuz I’m dead you get it I’ve been xed out

And now I jump down into the grave and I’m chilling okay melon I’m ready ready as I’ll ever be all right Sunny I’mma find you wait why does this billboard say letter X are you that dumb man dude there was nowhere else with anything X

Related so I had to create my own okay for my first question are you near the letter X sign I’m not near the letter X sign bro what x going give it to you don’t give it to you wait did you change multiple billboards with that one’s red over

There totally not X bro what for my second question which billboard are you closest to the real x what I didn’t even see that billboard yet I’m goated like that I got you running all over the map Every Which Way oh wait there’s a billboard that says the real X okay yep

That’s the one you better investigate that billboard dorly good luck I’m on to you Sunny I’m on to you I don’t even need my last question yeah nice golf cart nerd you can see me yeah of course I could see you I’m right next to you you behind here bro are you doing

Something SC me I’m always up to something sneaky for my last question are you closer to the fountain or like the outskirts of the map I’m closer to the Fountain bro could be looking at me through the school oh no guys he might find my car wait a second there’s a car

Up here bro is he in the hospital because people die in the hospital and it’s like XX wait he’s probably in the cemetery then no no you’ll be next does it always say let me Rip but he’s probably in this grave come on let’s move

Oh thanks you let me rip oh my God bro you’re so gross I just dropped a big fart on you bro whatever bro you’re dead and I’m alive so I win let’s go I think you deserve the letter P oh my God stop no no way no Z bro oh I just literally

Gave you a hint on accident when I said that I said Z bro oh my God Sunny you are a genius I’m going to make you watch this dude look at this hey buddy I got the zebra and you ain’t ever going to find me cuz I can literally hide

Anywhere now whatever dude you got 2 minutes good luck okay guys I have the perfect hiding spot you may be asking yourself how does this relate to the letter Z well if you take the XY and Z coordinates now that I’m on a higher elevation my Z level is probably about

20 studs so therefore if you take the yeah I’m this yeah I’m on a zebra all right Sunny I’m ready whenever you are okay first question right away are you actually chilling on the zebra yeah bro dog that’s unfair you could literally hide anywhere now yeah dude you

Shouldn’t have given me that hint whatever I’m a nice guy like that I want you to feel good for once and get a w you know what I’m going with a classic bro are you inside or outside I’m outside I won’t lie okay okay I like

This I like this next question is are you exposed to the sun right now I’m not actually you can’t move 2 feet then answer the question then move move somewhere else 2 feet I didn’t bro technically where I’m at I’m not exposed to the sun okay okay you’re near a tree

Or something melon I feel like I’ve looked so many places are you near or far from the center of town uh I won’t lie I’m quite a bit ways from the center yo you’re on the outskirts okay okay okay just got to Snoop him out look for

A zebra you can’t even hide bro the zebra’s huge yeah buddy really thinks he’s going to find me dude I’m in the most isolated place of the map yeah you think you’re so isolated you’re we only got like 30 seconds left dude you’re done you’re actually dusted yeah I’m DED

I’m so finished you literally are wait no charge I feel like I’m coming through Lord of the Rings down the mountain to slaughter those Orcs get over here melon not my zebra I’m gandal on the fourth day by the seventh light look to the east you shall not pass no found me in

My zebra these aren’t even zebras these are more like cows either way I still found you let’s go whatever bro let’s just go to the next round and for the final letter spin I want F give me f keep going you know what I’ll take c c

For c c for CD’s nuts oh my God bro just hide you got 2 minutes okay guys I have 2 minutes to hide and the thing is the letter c there’s so many locations I could go party in club Brooks I could get me some ice cream I could even go

Into the cinema and hide underneath the map that’d be lowkey kind of goated I ain’t going to lie but first things first I’m going to make it really late to confuse melon who’s going to think I’m inside of Club Brooks now and then I’m going to drop off my whip right here

At Club Brooks just to confuse him even more air support Acquired and dropped off and now guys I’m going to go into the cinema and glitch out outside of the map this was one of the first hiding places I ever used to win in hide and

Seek Brook Haven all you need is a little sleeping bag and a little boom bang Bing you’re out of the map just like that easy game let’s go okay melan good luck finding me this is going to be oh my God bro you literally parked right

Inside of Club Brooks this is probably a distraction but I’m still going to check it out I brought all the homies in the bus I don’t see you at Club Brooks all right for my first question Sunny are you inside or outside that’s an interesting question I’m going to have

To go with outside bro what do you mean by that what do you mean by what what do you mean by what I don’t have to give you any hints elaborate fine I’ll elaborate I look good I got me a nice bit of cookies cuz C is for cookies now

I get to eat these okay for my second question does your spot have anything to do with your ligh or you just wearing something that starts with C like your cookies no I mean I got the cookies and I’m eating the them up big but also my

Spot does start with the letter c bro I’m in club Brooks the fact that you didn’t even check thoroughly is so goated bro you’re not in club Brooks I literally checked everywhere you said it starts with the letter c yeah you know school bus if you park it near a club it

Becomes a cool bus my god dude I swear if you’re doing something like that I’m going to be mad what starts with C on the map Car Wash yo you’re right maybe the cinema maybe he’s being cheeky like that instead of movie theater yeah you know what else

Starts with the letter c besides the car wash and the cinema the cemetery oh my God bro no way you’re hiding there again bro whatever I’m checking in the cinema first I’m right next to the cinema all right do what you got to do bro you were

Really sused when I asked that inside or outside question what if you’re in the glitch spot huh what if bro what if just might be the goat yeah I just might be you right dude you’re never going to find me with that attitude I don’t understand I can’t find my sleeping bag

Right now dude you’re trash TR low key go put it in here oh what you’re actually not out here why would I hide out there dude it’s too obvious time I’m to reset my character now I got to check out the cemetery cuz I can’t let you fool me

Like that bro I’m dead come on that wheelchair kind of gas though wait what you can see my wheelchair you are in the cemetery what if I was in the emergeny room you said starts with the c where are you what else starts with C bro are you actually in club Brooks bro

I’m up in the club right now party hard you’re literally not here like how did you see me you had to be around here yo Sunny yo what’s good welcome to the cool bus bro what I checked this bus you weren’t in here before bro I was

Munching on my cookies what do you mean you’re literally cheating you literally moved okay I’ll come clean I was hiding outside the cinema but when I knew you were getting close I teleported to a house right by Club Brooks then popped in the school bus bro you’re such a

Cheater dude you’re a dirty cheat you literally do that every time time we play hide and seek so I thought I’d do one meme on you all right whatever bro just make sure the viewers like And subscribe This Is bedw War but a random wheel spinter will decide what weapons

We get to use for each fight if you’re new to our Channel Please Subscribe we’re trying to get 1,000 new subscribers on this video Let’s Go melon are you ready dude to spin the wheel of weapons bro I’m going to wreck you again dude you can’t stop the sunny boy I

Remember beating you whatever dude all right bro I got dibs I got dibs on first what you getting dude get the back yet get the bagot get the bagot I I want the lucky block oh no oh that’s pretty that’s goated that’s goated oh I’m actually going to wreck you my turn hook

Me up with something juicy oh yeah stuff keep going that’s the stuff right there juicy bro if I whack you with this Hammer though you’re dead melon you got your stupid sticky fireworks bro I’m going to dust you my guy yeah first you’ll have to catch me dude I’m going

To be quick out here I am not letting you hit me with those no shot no cap No Cap when you come to take my bed I’m going to smack you off the edge what are you going to do bro what are you going to do where are you yeah nice throw dude

Sorry I tried playing three oh look at that snipe Bro Look at that snipe and then I just go over here and I’m like yeah I’m good what’s happening dude what’s happening I’m chilling I’m chilling CH really quick no no bro I’m chilling I’m chilling I’m chilling oh

Bro what are you doing yeah that’s right that’s right use all your sticky fireworks oh no you ran right into that buddy now let me just take your bed I’ll slow walk up to it yeah yeah yeah slow walk up slow walk upada bing bada bing bada what boom bro you

Didn’t go flying I stuck you get wrecked yeah and you’re relying on the game not glitching you fool oh my God bro I know how to counter you I know how to counter you oh I see that throw nice try oh that was close though you can’t you can’t lie

That was not even remotely close dude neither was that I know how to counter you oh you got stuck how yes I countered you I’m countering you yeah bro yeah keep countering me it’s so slow I was hoping I could easily click and build here whatever no yes you’re dead you’re

Dead what I’m chilling I’m chilling you’re so annoying I’ll just stay here I need counter measures I need counter measures where are the emeralds give me these give me these give me these counter measures engaging emeralds bro I can’t let you spin those I’m sorry my

Guy let me go you I need these counter measures oh no there’s a ceiling oh I’m an idiot oh yep you’re dumbb Trish Trish a now I have your emys I don’t even need to spend these though dude you’re toxic bro what are you going to do what are

You going to do buddy Bo there you go again no and your bed’s mine wait hold on you’re filthy bro yeah what no wait I’m Invincible I think no and now I take your bed stay away from my hammer stay away from bro you know you want that hammer Hammer you know you

Want that hammer I’m Jing no you’re done bro easy wife bro those sticky fireworks are overpowered I told you I was going to wipe the floor with you dude melon you’re up first this is your spin give him that stupid baguette please give me a lucky block oh wait can

I Zuck you I’ll take it I’ll take the Zuck you can try to give me the Zuck but it ain’t happening dude it is not happening all right dude I want the rage blade oh oh yeah honestly that’s better than the stun grenade I’ll take it I

Have to kill you in two hits before you Zuck me who will win the Zuck or the blade the age-old question bro I got my rage blade Jenny and it’s time for me to dust you bro I got this I know exactly how to beat you dude yeah you think so

You feel like you’re going to be able to give me the Zuck don’t even don’t even count on it bro I run and I give you that glck luck dude come here oh that sounds so gross bro stay away dude stay away what the I’ll just take your bed

Then oh my God you have armor doesn’t matter do matter yeah it doesn’t matter okay I’m going to stay back here keep my distance from you you’re filthy you filthy animal break your bed look how low your bed is bro yeah you think I care two hits what oh my god dude mow

Down look how low my bed is I don’t want to hear that again I don’t want to hear those words from your mouth ever again bro my bed is safe and secured oh you’re done you actually made a huge mistake did I yeah you brought me one Emerald to

My beautiful base that’s okay I have two emeralds yes time to end you than G hey they call me the top goat oh God I got greedy I got greedy I got greedy chill chill chill chill chill chill I’m chilling I’m chilling I’m chilling I’m chilling I’m chilling I’m chill chilling

Bro bro I’m chilling no yes yes I got away from him break the bed break the bed yes oh melon you look so cute in that shop what’s going on buddy what’s going on buddy boy oh no oh no I need to back up I need to back up where you

Running oh you think you can escape me bro think you can actually Escape me yeah dude I can not for long though Keep Your Mark Zuck away from me oh you’re lucky bro use your blade dude cringe dude I can’t I got to get close to you

First and it’s dangerous out here I know what you’re trying to do what am I trying to do think I’m stupid yeah I actually do think you’re pretty dumb whatever bro at least I don’t have a melon on my head all day that would be sad dude it’s like extra armor okay now

I can come kill you bro I literally got a whole goated plan out what you upgrade your armor or something something stupid why would I do that where is this Blood I’m just going to come and smack you bro do it do it I dare you I triple dog dare

You okay okay where you running dude where you running bro really really it’s like that yeah be like that though I’m right here dude all right I can Pearl what you want this heat oh no don’t give me the Zuck oh no oh no where’s melon running wait

Chill chill chill chill chill yeah throw that throw that what do you did you make it no I died I feel bad dude I even want to kill you there I just want to play with my food a little bit bro I can kill

You in four hits so I just need one Zuck that’s all I need bring it bro bring it bro come on what do you want you know why why does it have no range why does this thing have no range I don’t get it I’ll let you figure out how to use it

I’ll let you figure out how to use it cuz something’s going wrong bro honestly to be fair I won’t do it I won’t do it wait I lost my vacuum wait chill chill chill chill chill I’m chilling I’m chilling with a sword in your Dome oh

God oh God all right can I fight you again what’s happening uh wait give me a second give me a second yeah you can fight me dude chill dude you can’t even Zuck me bro I’m literally letting you bro why don’t you fight me dude fight me

Dude what’s wrong what are you afraid of me you can’t even Zuck why can’t I Zuck you oh you’re dead you’re dead no put me down bro put me down hey how are you no you’re so cringe you’re so cringe oh my God you’re so predictable bro bro you’re

So done oh my God where’d you go bro I just want to give you one more here I’m going to kill you like this you’re so cringe dude oh my God easy I should have jumped into the void and then shot you out oh melon this time

I’m taking the first spin let’s go give me that sexy grenade launcher or that by the way that’s a huge Lu that’s not dude that’s that’s literally Norm how is that a huge one how is that huge explain it’s huge because I made the wheel and it’s

Huge oh my God bro you’re cringe it’s okay I’m going to win your turn um give me the grenade launcher yes please no give him the hammer oh come on bro I’ll still beat you melon nice Hammer dude are you ready you ready yeah yeah dude

I’m ready bro I got to slowly break this with a wooden pick though this is so slow you take your time you take your time please give me something good before he gets here I see you rushing so fast this is crazy okay it’s broken oh you’re done bro what

Did you get the same item I had last round starts with rage and ends in Blade oh my God bro you only get one block per Life one block per Life fine fine respect yo what are you up to dude you’re awfully quiet dude nice bed

Defense bro nice Pearl oh my God are you kidding me bro come on you will never get in my bed that much I promise you yeah Turtle well you want this oh my God you’re cringe you want this heat you’re so cringe you are so cringe you’re so

Dead dude bro you just had a hard counter to me what am I supposed to do oh bro this is going to be light work yo nice Hammer bro oh my God stay away dude no you’re so cringe I didn’t want to get sucked in I made a mistake oh my god

Well at least you’re dead come on let me charge yes yes yes no yes please please no no no no no you need to die you need to die come on D no no please bro you went flying oh God oh God come on yes no

It’s okay that I died wait six emeralds oh I got to make a play I got to make a play before he can break his next block no no no you don’t you really don’t though oh yeah there we go speed that up a we a little bit hey yo hey yo

Chill yes come on please die please die yes oh no you’re you’re stupid duck you’re stupid duck come on Duck get him in the black hole and kill him oh my God yes yes oh my God the duck it’s goated bro screw your stupid duck I literally freaked out

And through all my pearls melon this next round do you want the first or second spin give me the second one okay I’ll take the first one and it’s going to be a absolute Beauty you mean by a b oh my God yes the carrot launcher thank

You melon here you go I got the golden bow bro melon prepare for annihilation via vegetables bro I got so many of these done bro it doesn’t matter dog it’s a sniper fre sniper but I’m obviously more skilled dude my sniper explodes bro it’s finished bro nice one

Bro you hit yourself yeah that’s fine that’s fine I’m going to get you through these walls ow bro you’re going to die you’re literally going to die no no I’m too quick I’m absolutely too slick oh I killed myself bro you’re trash dude bro I got the kill look at the leader boards

I got the how does that count how does a self kill count as a dude that makes no sense yeah plus one kill for sunny bro I’m stat boosting bro you’re actually so bad oh yeah big snipe oh shoot I need ammo oh you ran out of bullets dude no I

Mean I just want to check my base out make sure it’s safe ow ow I actually think this carrot launcher is kind of trash I’m not going to lie you’re blaming the weapon and not the player dude what are you doing dude don’t hit the player hit the game you’re

Actually so afraid you’re actually so afraid oh my God bro push up dude you’re literally just hiding I have to stay near my ammo supplies yeah what you want dog what you need this thing uses ammo like crazy dude I have no choice yes oh my God oh my goodness the barrage The

Barrage how are you alive I’m out of ammo again this thing is ridiculous it eats Carrots the tables have turned the tables have turned nice bed bro nice bed whatever talking about nice bed no no oh nice one bro you just hit yourself so bad why am I like dizzy toted what’s

Going on bro you’re going to get dusted you’re getting dusted you’re getting dusted you’re low you’re low you’re literally low you’re literally low holy crap how are you alive what get away from me yes let’s go oh my God the carrot launcher is so hard to use

Honestly bro Close Quarters was not your matchup gg gg I’ll get you next time dude it all comes down to this round what do you want first or second item I’ll take first but I swear to God if I get the baguette I’m going to be so mad

Give him the helicopter stop yes yes no no bro please get the baguette that would be great sexy grenade launcher please no come on bagette no wait stun gun stun gun stun gun yes no yo get out of the sky dude come on Direct Hit yes no no way no what bro

What am I supposed to do that was amazing did it just shut down your entire Electronics on that Chopper bro it like booted me out and then like I went in the passenger seat oh that’s so good all right well I guess I’ll just take my time let me make my

Way over to you bro I don’t know how I’m supposed to win this you’re not that’s the whole point feels good bro grenade launcher is literally a cheat code yo you’re back in the sky come on I landed at a hit I did it I did it yeah you

Can’t even aim that thing I forgot I’m not even worried can’t aim oh thinks he’s going to get my bed defense huge mistake biggest mistake of his life oh I stunned myself no problem yo what yo what yo bro I’m V how did you get through it though what

The heck yeah you stay down there you stay down there oh my God Mel nice dropper no no it’s okay I have a bed and you don’t bro that’s fine oh God he’s building fast I’m out of blocks it’s okay though you left me something that I can use wait you’re not allowed

That’s cheating bro how you left it on my base what do you mean oh my God you’re so cringe I didn’t pick it up from your Jenny so I think it’s legit one one me in the air do I look stupid to you yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go

You want this heat bro you don’t want this smoke partner juking I’m juking I’m juking too I’m juking all the way to your base oh yeah I’m no bro you’re cringe you’re cringe you’re cringe bro I’m juking oh I’m juking so good bro I just Jed like

Crazy wow oh yes no no way no way God yeah break the defense for me no let’s go let’s go what I was playing with my food oh let’s go bro dude don’t play me son we don’t play no games GG congratulations on your first

Ever bedw war video win you did it bro are you kidding me I always win dude what do you want a trophy or something yeah in this video we’re playing slime Tycoon but there’s a Twist whoever loses has to spin a wheel of terrible outfit choices and whatever the wheel lands on

The loser has to buy and really quick can we hit 4,69 likes on this video cuz that’s a cool number melon you know the stakes are high this video whoever loses this Tycoon has to buy one of the dumbest outfits in the game bro I better

Not lose cuz I had to do this last time and I really don’t want to do it again bro don’t feel so bad you got a banana suit last time and this time you’re going to get something twice as stupid okay the game starts in five 4 three

Two one go okay game’s on how did you like jog so fast bro I went quick with it what can I say ooh these are some juicy slimes oh my gosh I’m making money so slowly I need to improve my rates yeah I know what I’m doing so lost Get

Wrecked bro we came into this with zero game knowledge you got come on come on come on me up one R boom bro I got slimes for days I got slimes think it is give me another slime yes I need to improve the rates improve the Harvest rates look at them when they

Juice melon juice me baby it looks so cute these little slime guys what does this mean merge I just merged my slimes yes I don’t know what it means either I just stepped on it cuz the big Arrow told me to step on it and I do whatever big

Arrows tell me to do yeah you are a sheep that’s fine I’ll be a sheep full of slimes and you’ll be nothing to me let’s go get it juicy baby another slime merge them yes I have a red slime dude I don’t even care bro I’m definitely

Beating you my next slime costs 150 oh my my goodness what okay we’re on the same we’re on the same page okay yeah yeah yeah yeah whatever you say whatever you say I don’t need to improve my rates I need my money for the slimes melon I

Have a question for you yes what do you think about the idea of spending Roo to get the auto colle no no no no no we’re not doing more Rob say we can both do it no Robo this entire competition you want to play legit yes dude what are you

Crazy are you losing your mind melon you don’t want to do any pay to win you heard me sunny well then you’re going to lag behind forever I’ve got 11 slimes let’s go wait you only have 11 slimes oh wait what you’re trying to save up for that thing that costs

825 uh maybe maybe is that even smart dude it’s genius that’s what it is I don’t know bro I’m pulling ahead though you got 300 coins but I have two extra slimes and I’m juicing these yeah you just wait you just wait buddy merge them

Yes all of the slime power is now mine what does merge even do I still don’t know what merge does it combines them what do you have only green slimes over there like a noob uh no I have brown slimes I have one red one blue and one

Green now oh man is actually pulling up I am pulling up with the function you got 500 coins dude spend it are you crazy no I got to save up I’ve gotten this far I have an idea I’ve got to test some theories of mine melon I hope you

Don’t mind if I try and steal your Slim bro you really think that’s going to work you really think that’s going to work hey I had to try it was worth trying it was worth trying I’m going back to my plot all right so close now I

Just had extra slimes waiting for me so now I have a big load of slimes you think 183 coins a lot bro bro I’m getting juicy with it I’m going to save up 975 and then I’m going to see who gets the last laugh you’re going to save

Up 975 okay buddy check this out easy how much money I’m making boom let’s go five extra sles merge oh that’s okay all right you think you’re pulling ahead now that you got 15 slimes sure pull dude I know I’m pulling ahead I have 69

Droplets on me though on do you think I care about that you think I care about that I know you do look at this guap I’m making he thinks he’s making guap bro I’m going to destroy you in a few seconds hey bucko okay bucko I’m literally going to catch up what’s your

Drop rate uh 16 per second 888 come on just a little more just a little bit more hurry up slimes come on yes I’m on the cusp of greatness I’m on the cusp of greatness 9 75 boom and merge oh yeah that’s hot that’s hot I got two red ones

What do you have I’m making big bills printing money still dude look at all of these slime choices so you get 2x bonus 27 slimes for purples wait can I merge these oh not yet what are you doing there scrub so close so close I’m coming

To visit you I’ll be able to make 10 a second consistently bro look at your pleb lineup you don’t even have two red slimes yeah stick around stick around for two more seconds stick around for two more seconds all right one Mississippi two six more seconds all

Right fine I’m going to count in terms of slime language one slippery slime two slippery slime three slippery slime let’s go oh yeah but what are those boys even doing boom baby let’s do it dude all right hold on let me just dance on you for a little bit of good luck and

I’m out of here you’re falling behind bro you know it you don’t even understand how much I just harvested bro okay guys I’ve been saving up so many droplets in cash cuz I want to buy another plus five slimes but here’s the thing this is a bit slow my production

And I want to see more beautiful slimes here in my factory so I’m going to go over here and I’m going to do plus 10 I think I can get away with this without melon noticing so I’m going to quickly buy that and look at these Beauties merge oh we

Got a purple slime let’s go and then we got to scoop all of these droplets deposit them and I’ve got to buy a bunch more individual slimes so my money goes away there we go yo melon dude look at my upgrades look at those bro how do you

Have 30 slimes that makes no sense ah I saved up my cash bro bro how do you only have 22 you nerd bro that’s such cap I was literally looking at your cash that makes no sense what are you talking about the purple one is crazy dude whatever dude whatever you’re up to

Something I got to upgrade my cauldron now actually though okay guys I’m almost certain Sunny cheated I think he bought the plus 10 slimes so you know what I’m going to rub it in and buy plus 75 slimes oh my God M what what how do you have 97 times

What do you mean dude that’s fake what do you mean that’s that’s cap that’s cap that’s not cap bro that’s literally what happened yeah okay let me come check it out let me come check it out let’s see this cap let’s see this cap you don’t

Have these legit bro what is this red one with a hat he’s kind of cute though what is this thing hold on scrolling Crimson 81 slime SL 6X bonus bro bro I I just Farm These legit dude like just like you did I just I just Farm same I

Just farmed these slimes from all the way here do you see how many slimes I have I just farmed them yeah bro wait sunny I want to show you something crazy ready yeah what’s that oh my God what did you do bro I never merge my slimes

Dude all right you keep those green boys I got to go back to my base my cauldron is harvesting holy crap that’s absolutely insane guys this is getting out of hand this is becoming a Pay to Win Fiesta uh I think I need to do this

Boom I will beat this melon I am not spinning the Avatar wheel no matter what dude boom what did you do what did you do wait why is it twice the size of mine I’m yoked oh it’s so small my factory it’s so small sorry melan I don’t

Actually have any slime balls my factory is so small we really going here so small so small so small dude 180 slimes versus what 172 I’m leaving you in the dir bro chill chill chill chill chill chill chill don’t want this outfit why does one slime cost so much right now

Actually you’re right dude what is it just a green one too yo that’s a ripoff bro how are we supposed to grind anymore we screwed ourselves I don’t know I think it’s a Pay to Win Factory actually though why did they make the green guy so pricey it’s almost like they’re

Forcing us to spend more roox you damn Roblox scum 183 slimes melon I can’t wait to have 200 slimes look at that rate though let’s go what is your rate what do youan mean you rate what are you doing dude not doing anything dude oh I need to upgrade my rate card you’re

Right boom boom bo b b b b b b b b b boom 100 per second let’s go wait you’re only getting 100 per second wait that’s not a lot I’m getting 400 per second what but do you even have enough to harvest that oh wait yeah you got two

Red boys no no no it’s chill it’s chill I just got to upgrade my rate but my rate is so low come on I need to catch up come on cauldron first to 200 slimes wins bro you’re literally 10 slimes ahead of me I can’t win yeah you can you

Have a higher rate card than me oh my God whatever dude you make more slime bro how are you upgrading your slime so quickly you only have 177 slimes bro you’re so annoying let’s go plus five slimes merge you’re done dude how are you making so much I don’t understand

How you’re making so little bro how are you making 500 a second well you told me you bro did you pay to win bro you really paid to win again again you’re so cringe what are you talking about instant sell that’s probably what you bought dude no I may have bought double

Coins oh my God you’re so cringe oh my god oh I’m the goat bro 200 slimes I win you literally just paid to win dude don’t be mad that my dad works at ROBLOX yep I’m the winner and you’re spinning the wheel so feels pretty good whatever

Man just let me spin this wheel and get out of here melon there’s eight terrible Avatar items on this wheel which one are you going to get bro what are these outfits I kind of want you to get the noob inflatable it just suits you or the

Watermelon T-Rex just spin the wheel man just spin it let’s go come on yes the noob inflatable no yo melon why’d you do that bro you’re literally a noob what the heck dude is this really what you wanted this is what you wanted for me look at him yo guys comment down

Below melon is a noob look at this guy yes you know what dude I’m out of here I’m out of here no you got to wear that for the rest of your Roblox life bro don’t forget to like And subscribe this is bedw Wars but a random wheel spin

Will determine what weapons we get for each one versus one and we’re playing this like a pro sports playoffs so it’s first to four wins let’s go yo the first wheel spins starts now oh chill you’re about to push me off the edge all I know is that I want that knockback fish

That’s all I need to win it’s spinning to win what are you getting this is for you this is for you this is for you not my fish you’re so dusted are you kidding me congratulations you want a guitar bro what am I supposed to do with that oh

I’ll play you a tune while you kill me with whatever you get let’s see what am I getting first weapon come on okay that’ll work you know it’s winnable it’s winnable how are you feeling with that guitar there bud this is all I can do you can chuck knives at

Me and all I can do is play guitar this is the best One V one ever oh my God whatever I’m ready I’m going to still dust you and the One V one is on can I use my sword or am I literally just like running around like a headless chicken

Yeah you can always use your sword that’s why we have iron armor and an iron sword as backup okay okay hey there Sunny you are such a freaking bum I keep stopping hold on give me a second yeah you’re still learning the guitar I know

One Rift that’s all I’m going to like um beat you in this bed bedw Wars with a guitar I’ll beat you so bad all right whatever I don’t want to do this anymore okay bro that was so cringe anyways it’s about time you stopped and now I’m going

To hit you with these throwing knives this guitar is all I need all I need is infinite throwing knives oh boy coming at you oh 360 on him hear this tune this is the tune of death no it’s not I don’t like the tune of death keep the tune of

Death the tune of death I don’t like it oh my God you actually clutched that stay away throwing knives are trash no they’re not throwing knives are goated uhoh uhoh no hey there melon this is bedw Wars and that was the easiest One V one I’ve ever had thank you for

The free dub wheel spinner I didn’t even rhyme I don’t think one sentence in that rhymed that was poetry right there I want the second one this time I want to see what you get first my item is going to be please be beautiful oh and it is

Are you kidding me one wizard staff coming right up all right you know what I’ll take anything except the guitar it is your lucky day no way keep spinning keep spinning keep spinning oh yeah oh my God that’s like right on the line I’ll take it we’re going to answer the

Age-old question what would win a wizard or an RPG here have some of this oh no it’s going to hit me oh no oh no bro you can’t do anything you’re dusted no I can run sure you can run but you can’t hide yes I can I’m doing it right now it’s

Working I’m hiding perfectly Rocket Jump oh God no way dude how did you get me how low was your health I did so much damage to myself with the rocket launcher first spin is going to be for the melon boy no way you know what I’ll take it I’ll take

It that’s not bad enjoy the magic please give me something dope no way we’re doing a wizard 1 V one I guess so time to find out who the better wizard is eat my magic eat my wa yes yeah oh God no it’s zapping me I don’t like this I

Don’t like this I don’t like this I’m out of there yes zap zap zap sword swing come on come on come on come on come on come on gandal with his sword Gandalf with it let’s go let’s go dude you were on one Health you were actually one

Health if by one Health you meant 34 health no there’s no shot I at 34 Health man you got dusted please give him the knockback fish give him trash nasty drops oh did I call it bro come on me going to get uh throwing knives I’m

Feeling it no I don’t want those please no no come on dude hey that’s pretty nice this is like the worst matchup I don’t know what you’re talking about this seems like a pretty fair matchup dude it’s a salmon versus an RPG those things explode tanks this is a fish I

Don’t know it seems fair the 1 V one starts right now what and you get the first shot yeah why not oh no no no no no I actually have to avoid you like crazy though cuz you can hit me off the edge on this map so easily get out of that

Tree get out of that tree all right well that was I think about what everyone expected melon the score is 3 to one if you lose this next round it’s over so this is a big decision do you want the first or second spin Second Spin Second

Spin hasn’t done me dirty yet first spin’s mine let’s go what is it paint shotgun paint shotgun oh no oh no no no no no no yes finally my time is now give him garbage give him garbage are you kidding me your time is now bro hey

There bedw Wars I am the greatest in the game yes I am sunny boy who is better than this ugly red melon oh I can keep going too I got I got bars I got bars for this I am Sunny okayy one one starts now really dude all

Right that’s my dub I am a melon just killed Sunny pushed him off the edge melon I modified the wheel spinner took out all the items we’ve already had and added a jade Hammer you want the first or second spin just give me the first one I don’t even know anymore okay

It’s all for you give him trash yeah there’s no trash left I’m I’m okay with it I’m okay with it nice one and my spin will become I kind of want the paint shotgun it just seems strong oh come on man dude I’m so good I can see the

Future I can see the future you actually rigged this are you ready to get destroyed dude I do not like that you have that Jade Hammer but it’s fine I’m going to cap you with my paint gun bro that’s C up that’s cup no there’s no cup

Here there’s just your cringe dude and your L that you reive oh my God you literally did two damage but you pushed me all the way up here that’s all good that’s all good yeah I’m going to hide out up here this is fine I dare you I

Triple dog dare you okay I’m going to chill right here come get me yeah you’re going to get wrecked if you do that dude back up no that’s what I thought run oh quit quit the Gap quit the Gap run yeah no cap run No Cap run

What you got boy oh he’s juking he’s juking and driving me he’s juking and driving me get over here come on oh my God that’s oh my God how are you alive you didn’t even damage me I’m a tank how did you not fall off the edge dude I’m

Coming to take you out you’re finished you’re actually finished you don’t stand a chance bring oh my God you literally just you dunked me out of the air you dunked me out of the air you dunked me out of the air back where you going where you going where you going where

You going I’m going to dunk you down I’m going to dunk you down oh got to keep Running dude melon you’re so clapped at this game you got shredded bro bro you’re so lucky you had that thing look this is what I was trying to do nice one nice one you’re so salty you hit me with a wood sword after bro yo viewers thank you for watching this is

Toilet Tower Defense spin the wheel to choose your team we’re wagering exclusive spider crates so losing this challenge will be costly I must win this 5,000 likes on this video and melon will get cooked thank you goats I appreciate your help it’s only going to be a few

More days until turkey town is gone and the winter update is here oh my goodness Sunny does that mean what I think it means oh yes it does it means we need to say farewell to Turkey town with a spin the wheel Challenge and I’m pretty sure by

The time you guys see this video turkey town will already be replaced by something even more epic well Sunny without further Ado let’s do this melon your first spin is going what am I going to get what am I going to get camera helicopter that’s kind of cool you got

Summons camera helicopter bro I guess it’s all right kind of and equipped my turn come on give me something amazing I need my first spin to be clutch you know what Titan Cinema man it’s wait that’s not clutch that’s really bad Cinema man melon where’s my tight end Cinema man do

You have it uh I might have it sunny okay trade me back brother fine bro you can have the shinema man good luck ever placing this unit I know I know I probably won’t use it it’s too expensive and it’s only strong if you upgrade it

That’s the worst part bro why do I have three of them Bro you’ve been stealing all my stuff I don’t need your trash Sunny just spin me my wheel I will but I want to announce the Twist on this one we both get a pumpkin farmer actually

Let’s go equip that Bo and now for your Second Spin what are you going to get from the wheel of Wonder upgraded Titan speaker man you’re so lucky let’s freaking go bro do you think I could already beat turkey town with this squad no way dude plus I have another twist to

Share anyways yeah we that I tell you after I spin the wheel come on come on come on come on give me something good give me something good oh no large TV man why I he’s such poo you got scammers well melon there’s two more

Spins and what I want to tell you is the twist is that we have to use Autos skip the entire video are you kidding me bro this is going to be impossible well here’s your next spin no way you’re so lucky bro monster speaker man monster speaker man yo that’s super strong for

The beginning waves exactly you’re going to melt those toilets my turn to spin that wheel I need something good I need something good please please please yo that is very good but it’s also expensive UTC upgraded Titan cameraman that’s insane bro you might beat me now

Yep but I need a unit for the early game I need a unit for the end game and now melon before we go to the final spin we have to place our wager Oh wait we’re placing a wager all right I guess if I win you have to give me 20 spider crates

Fine bro then if I win you have to give me 30 spider crates nah I’ll give you turkey crates fine 50 Turkey crates not are you crazy bro I’ll give you 20 30 turkey crates whatever whatever your final spin’s going on give me something good give me something good yo Sinister cameraman

Sinister cameraman wait he’s actually hecka strong 16,000 damage per second bro I might be able to take down turkey town you are so lucky but not after this spin give me an insanely strong unit let’s go turkey speaker man I’ll take it it’s perfectly fitting considering we’re

Entering bring turkey Town equip and now melon I challenge you let’s go let’s do this thing Sunny start your engines and prepare to be defeated bro I ain’t losing you’re going to get crushed that’s what you think brother turning on Autos Skip and now I shall place my

Farms at the most optimal locations oh yes well so shall I Sunny Hing and I have hundred spare dollars you think you know what optimal positioning is do you oh but I do now Sunny you know nothing of the sort I know all of the sort bro

Autos skip is going to make this so tough yeah bro are you sure you want to Auto skip man only the first 10 waves then you can turn it off wait the first 10 waves bro if you can survive that you get to chill all right sounds like a Deo

Place down two more patches I’m going to take some damage here I need this skip to go through come on skip yes and now melt those toilets speaker man oh yeah hit him with the turkeys hit him with the turkeys same here bro that was a

Close one and pumpkin farmer I have all five pumpkin Farmers deployed and a monster speaker man stopping the little gremlins from damaging my base well aren’t you impressive oh I do think so sunny I do think so well I have placed all my patches I guess I’ll invest in

Some upgrades wait that’s a bad idea I need to start getting damage these units are zooming yeah bro same here I got to start investing in Dage big Dage I think I’m going to put some Dage right here same bro and I’m going to have to p a

Sinister cameraman as well right there but I’m broke oh no this looks so sketchy bro I guess these are assassin toilets that are really quick with it but still it’s scary yeah brother uh this is going to be very very sketchy I’m going to place another one here hit

It with an upgrade okay we’re doing lots of damage I’m just nervous about these units now got get the strongest um all right this Sinister cameraman better smelt everything I think I’m good I think I’m good and I’ll place this here same here actually I think I’m Bing

Chilling let me just upgrade my patches a bit bro that’s risky I’m a risky Man sunny you got to play risky if you want to get the the dton yes and now I’ll place an upgraded Titan speaker man in the front lines oh I’m way ahead of you

Brother way ahead of you yeah are you now Sunny are you I’m on wave 10 let’s go bro same here I’m disabling Autos skip yeah me too I want to have some time to assess the situation let’s see here what’s coming down the track that looks dangerous boss toilet with 7,000

Not too bad jetpack police toilet with 2,000 that’s sketchy cuz he’s so fast yeah bro I might have to turn on Autos skip again if I want to survive at all oh no melon the way W 10 units there’s a dualblade toilet with 47,000 yeah I know it’s very a very

Sketch but I need to clear out some of these first jetpack police toilet oh no it slep my strongest guy oh I am chilling bro my upgraded Titan cameraman is cleaning up bro I would have taken him out too are you kidding me he just

Did so much damage to Turkey town oh let me check turkey Town melon oh yeah full health bro it’s cuz he got slapped that was such bad timing I really do need to place a distraction in front of him I think I’ll Place Another Monster speaker

Man right there and now I’ll invest in the Farms I think I should be able to take everything out pretty sure my Titan cameraman’s level three he does crazy damage now and his AOE is huge bro dang it dude I don’t even have anything that strong I’m going to put a couple

Upgrades into my turkey speaker men down here get them both to level three I got a boss toilet giant glasses toilet 19,000 that shouldn’t be a problem 27,000 that might be a problem I’m going to hold on to this upgrade I am going to start upgrading my Farms I think my

Sinister cameraman will actually clutch up here and melt these toilets yeah that unit is pretty cool too he looks awesome he is awesome Sunny he definitely needs to focus on this dual blade toilet though that might be able to get through yeah and skipping waves is so scary

Right now hey Focus the Dual blader uh wait a second wait a second I need to upgrade I need to upgrade this guy okay okay we took everything out it’s time to invest yes invest in the patches give me all the Moola yeah I’ve been doing a

Little patch work myself I just need to save up 1,500 and I’ll have a maxed out patch wait really already bro I’m almost there $600 you are insane dang right I am bro I got to win this thing I want those spider crates cuz I might finally

Get the spider TV myself bro you know that’s never going to happen bro I need to be optimistic I have to believe believe in a falsehood of reality of the falsehood whatever bro I’m Escaping The Matrix I got my first pumpkin farmer to level five really I just got three level

Three ones I got four level threes and one level four but none maxed out very impressive melon I’m so proud of you thank you I wasn’t bragging I was just saying things well I on the other hand am bragging I’m going to make a lot of money by buying more upgrades on my

Patches bro this jetpack police totally just slept my boy I got to keep switching the targeting on my upgraded Titan cameraman that way he’s targeting the first units when I need him to and then the strongest when a wave just starts out fresh Easy Money Easy Money

Skip wave yeah I’m going to skip wave too don’t mind if I do I just wanted to make sure I watch this jetpack police toilet get annihilated yeah I’m a bit concerned right now I think I need to start investing in my upgraded Titan cameraman or I might lose oh no you

Better start doing that Sunny bro wave 15 is sketchy wave 15 is sketchy oh thanks for the heads up up I don’t mind I’ll tell you it’s sketch bro you might lose all right this toilets okay okay vacuum toilets a bit strong I think I’m good actually I’m

Pretty sure I’m fine this boss toilet 2.0 from wave 14 though is spooky how spooky is he Sunny 120,000 Health spooky that is definitely spooky dude but now he’s dead and I can upgrade my patches oh boy rocket toilet was zooming down the track bro there’s a lot of dual

Claws how much do this guy do 1,500 can he melt all those before he gets slept I don’t know it’s going to be close I need to save my money here I might have to skip a wave and invest in an upgrade it’s going to get close yeah I think I

Might have to actually do that if I want to survive wave 12 I’m going to hold off as long as possible though and then do it at the last second just got to take these dual claws out I Believe In You Sinister cameraman start freaking smelting them okay this seems seem to be

Going well oh no he just got slept he just got slept he might be getting infinitely slept that’s good that’s what I want to hear no I need to skip wave I need to skip wave this is not good this is not good upgrade 2K yes now melt them

Yeah okay that skip wave was needed that skip wave was necessary What wave are you on Wave 13 nice one melon nice so according to my calculations if I were to skip wave right about now I would lose out on about 20,000 damage but I’d also be upgraded my damage significantly

Oh it’s a tough one oh when it be a tough one Sunny it’ be a tough one I have 4,500 damage per second oh yeah I’ll be fine I’ll have 10 seconds of blasting this guy I’ll be chilling yeah I need to skip wave and upgrade this guy

For 2,000 melt those turet no he got slapped and pH I’m chilling time to make more money bro my guy actually got slapped oh and I skipped wave at the worst time I think I’m about to die sunny no way bro I’m going to dunk on

You this is easy bro it’s cuz you have that stupid upgraded Titan cameraman I don’t think he’s stupid bro I think he’s pretty handsome dang it bro are you kidding me right now multia jetp pack it’s only got 41,000 I’ll Place Another distraction monster speaker man don’t

Get slept Sinister boy oh that is a airplane toilet that is zooming down the track I don’t like seeing that okay I wrecked the multi claw I might be able to survive I’m worried about this airplane I think I’m going to press skip wave for the culture and then hit a big

Upgrade here now his AOE is massive and he does even more damage actually I’m Bing Ching for this wave I was nervous but I don’t know why I was oh no boss toilet 2.0 plus a buzzsaw mutant on Wave 18 melon things are getting crazy I’m

Sure they are Sunny it might be time to start building the Army what are you doing you’re assembling many units what are you what are you up to uh I’m just saying I might need to stop investing in the patches soon yeah my patches are not

All maxed out three of them are maxed one of them is is almost there and one of them is not even upgraded yeah bro I uh I don’t even have a single max out patch but you’re trash so I’m not surprised hey rocket toilet bit sketched

But I should be able to take him down mutant toilets nothing to worry about okay I think this wave is easy I think this is a safe wave for me to invest a little bit 750 invest in that yeah I think I’m going to invest in some more

Money as well you right buy that skip wave make some more money bro I need to save up 8,000 to get the AOE upgrade on the you TC that is a lot of Moola Sunny it sure is cuz I got to melt some dual claws in the front lines all the while

There’s a mutant with 130,000 Health still coming down the track all right rocket toilet please tell me yeah we got that rocket toilet in the bank actually don’t know if I can pull this off I might have to do this yeah I need to buy

This hello game oh no I don’t need to buy this what am I saying this is easy this is easy all right guys as soon as these mutant toilets turn the corner one should die and hopefully he’ll get enough money to upgrade before the next wave I’m earning me another

$250 per Wave It’s a worthy investment time it time it come on yes I did it wait did I not get it okay I did I did get it off that was close you know what I think I’ll put him right here slap an upgrade and I think it’s time to skip a

Wave oh no that’s a UFO toilet it is not time to skip a wave oh no he’s invisible please melt and do not go invisible again I swear if I get one shot on Wave 19 I’ll cry that would be hilarious no he went invisible he’s going for it he

He didn’t die he hit turkey town for 300 damage 300 damage Sunny that was so uncool bro he had 1,000 Health left he was one shot away ah he went invis at the worst time that is kind of spooky there that was toxic I love that parasite toilets just

Suck once they use their ability they just stand there and get damaged die you helicopter a parasite yeah kind of like this flamethrower guy he needs to get smelted needs to stop yes and get blasted man I think I need to skip wave yeah I need to invest in Money Three

Maxed out pumpkin farms I kind of think I should invest in money too one of my Farms is lacking on me right now I’m missing out on 350 a wave although I think I also need a lot more damage this turret can sleep my units get out of

Here with that mutant toilet 2.0 we should smelt yes the Sinister camera is actually so strong and it’s D What wave are you melon uh 16 I’m on 21 21 watch n 10 21 I can’t believe you’re so far ahead of me sunny I’m hanging in here

I’m tricking all these toilets oh no he slept the correct unit dang it at least I got my Titan in the background melting him I can’t afford to take even one more hit I will perish it’s time for me to deploy the Army uh I’m going to place

This guy right here and upgrade melt those dual claws oh he’s slept okay he got slept right away I’m actually not sure if I’m strong enough to kill this guy this is very concerning I think I need to place another unit oh boy I really hope I can

Take this airplane toilet down 41,000 H pizzles uh um that is very sketchy y I’m skipping wave I’m scared I’m scared I’m skipping wave I’m skipping wave Place him upgrade upgrade please take them out come on airplane oh that was close thank goodness I relied on my instincts to

Take him down okay this guy better die 27,000 Health die already thank you that was too sketchy yeah bro that airplane toilet got close Sunny let me tell you bro that was not an airplane toilet it was a flying flashlight rocket toilet and it almost killed me are you kidding

Me that boss toally just hit the ultimate double stun right when I upgraded my unit bro I am petrified right now I need this upgrade desperately 300 buckaroos and then he can help on the defense his AOE should reach this trap so I’ll have one more Titan doing damage in case of

Emergencies you’ll need that Sunny you will need that I believe you upgrade yes he can now hit this section of the track and lay waste to any toilets who dare yeah I’m going to need to skip wave again bro I this is getting very sketchy

Out here I got two units at the combined of 200,000 HP attacking my headquarter base yep I skipped wave as well I feel like you got to time the wave skip so that you can kill most of the new wave before they get to the end of the track

Yeah I’m going to skip wave right now and upgrade hopefully this is enough or I’m dead yep I hope the same thing he’s got 270,000 Health this boss toilet 3.0 he needs to die but he needs to die quickly like like right now would be good uh it’s all good sunny cuz I’m

Going to lose there’s no chance I can take out this buz saww mutant toilet are you kidding me boss toilet 3.0 is dead I got him and I’m dead dang it let’s go what wave did you lose on Wave 19 bro you are garbage bro I’m on Wave 23 shut

Up you know you could pay me those 20 crates and watch me pull a spider TV at least that’ll make you feel better all right just head to the lobby hold on I just want to kill this toilet okay now we’ll head to the lobby sweet sweet

Sweet victory give me those crates you watermelon head okay I just got to buy them chill and I say sweet sweet victory all right I have 20 crates bro hey before I trade you I want you to go ahead and look at this toilet see that

Pumpkin clogging it bro yeah if I don’t get a spider TV that’s going to be you okay relax dude just accept my trade give me those 10 20 crates here you go bro here are all the spider crates that you won’t get a spider TV with yes

Today’s different melon today I feel it I don’t know what you’re feeling sunny but it ain’t as spad a TV oh yeah watch this one buddy boy opening 10 it was just a warmup it was just a warmup it’s it’s going to be in the next batch I’ve

Only opened about a thousand of these at least and that’s not an exaggeration maybe 2,000 please please well Sunny you tried and I shall have to keep trying and trying and trying dang it guys can you try and press that like button to support our Channel this is toilet Tower Defense

Spin that wheel we’re spinning this mystery wheel to unlock five units to build our teams then we’re going to see who can survive the longest versus Turkey town and the loser has to pay the winner 30,000 gems let’s get goed today I’m getting my revenge melon I wager you

20,000 no no no no 30,000 gems bro 30,000 gems let’s do it this thing Sunny this is going to be the freest gems of my life yeah we’ll see about that bro cuz we’re going to spin that wheel your first unit is going to be please be

Trash come on be goated be goated how are you this lucky you got the turkey speaker man yo turkey speaker man that’s not too bad wait the large turkey speaker man right that’s the guy no regular turkey speaker man don’t be capping dang it my spin is going to land

On please be good please be good please please be good stop stop or keep going actually upgraded tit end speaker man I’ll take that dang it bro that’s actually a good unit you got a Mythic right off the bat I know and guess what was next to it corrupted cameraman and

Chef TV man all of them were amazing dang it bro I need that give me the chef give me the chef hold on Titan upgraded speaker man equipped bro I better get that Chef come on let me cook and your next unit is Monster speaker Man monster

Speaker man yo why am I getting all the speaker man bro you’re building a squadron I’m spinning let’s see what my second unit’s going to be come on come on come on no way Godly upgraded Titan TV men bro no chance what are the odds yeah technically it’s the cinema man but

We’ll we’ll just pretend he’s The Godly TV man yep why what did you say what happened I’m so confused don’t worry about it it was a typo on the wheel melon this isn’t even good it’s $3,000 how am I going to afford it well bro I I

Swear if you get like a money maker I’m going to be very upset yeah well your third unit is not a money maker it is Titan TV man bro I’m actually getting scammed out here the normal Titans are really not good especially the TV one actually it’s decent bro trust me bro it

Does up to 4,500 damage in an AOE I’m pretty sure the turkey speaker man and the other guy do the same amount and they’re way cheaper they do half the amount there what about the monster they both do like half the amount yeah but they’re so much cheaper anyways time for

Me to spin my next Tower is going to be absolutely awesome upgraded Titan cameraman BR how are you getting all the mythics and godlies melon if I keep this up I’m going to be super dead I won’t be able to afford anything wait actually yeah keep getting these expensive units

Sunny next spin is yours melon and the wheel is off come on come on be trash be trash give him camera woman you got tvom now BR you know what she’s not terrible could be worse could be worse yeah bro with that at least you could slow all

The toilets down I’d honestly rather have your team I don’t know Sunny like depending on your last two units you could actually beat turkey Town well I’m spinning that wheel and my fourth unit is keep going no it was like one pixel away from the pumpkin farmer let’s go

You know what I got what car speaker man bro that’s actually still good though isn’t it no it’s the uncommon green one that’s a pie piece of trash Oh I was thinking of the car cameraman I believe yeah the laser car cameraman bro get trash well melon your

Final spin is rolling and you are going to get you got to be kidding me what did I get what did I get upgraded tight end speaker man yo that’s actually pretty good Sunny if you don’t get a good unit here I’ll actually be stronger than you

Please give me a very medium level cheap unit spinning the wheel I need something decent I need something thing yes keep going dark speaker man I need a jetpack cameraman dang it bro it’s over for you even though you’ve got so many more mythics and even a Godly I’m pretty sure

My squad is better with just rares legendaries and a singular Mythic yeah way to rub it in bro I’ll be spamming my dark speaker man that’s the only unit worth using let’s do this only 30,000 gems are on the line all right I’ll see you in the town actually you won’t cuz

We’ll be in each of our own turkey towns oh yeah you’re right right I won’t see you in the town and I will see your gems in my bank account no chance bro I’m spawn in my dark speaker man and they are slapping bro their upgrade is so

Cheap okay I have a chance I actually have a chance bro my turkey speaker man is goated with the sauce he’s melting these small little toilets he’s such a powerful unit for the first game and I’m pretty sure he’s just way better than the monster speaker man yeah rub it in

Some more why don’t you uh I don’t really want to Sunny that’ be rude yeah it would be rude it’d be very rude the good news is with my dark speaker man’s at level two I might have a decent chance come on SLAP these toilets

Upgrade let’s go I can one shot all of the Wave 2 toilets no way bro with your dark speaker Man actually never mind there’s a large toilet there but I cleaned it up okay what’s the strategy do I upgrade these guys again I don’t think I have much Choice upgrading oh my

Goodness it’s an absolute machine gun once I get him to level three bro the turkey speaker man at level one does 2 50 damage a second in an AOE he’s actually busted oh yeah that’s that’s significantly better than my units very unfair well I’ll have to just keep doing

What I got to do DJ toilets are coming to end my life wave four here we go bro you already at wave four why are you skipping so much I’m not bro my units are just deleting them I’m waiting on this large toilet to make its way all

Around and then get melted by my turkey speaker man must be nice melon it must be nice to be you it is right now I won’t lie honey well I have three dark speaker man up to level three which means they do 250 damage every 0.6 seconds which I’m pretty sure one of

Your towers are stronger than that yep it probably is and now Sunny I’m saving up for my upgraded tight end speaker man lucky you melon I also have to save up for that unit I just have to hope I hold the lines here on Wave five I think I’ll

Be okay it’s going to be close though oh no that boss toilet’s going to get through easily this is bad this is very bad spider toilet wave more like they’re gonna die from my turkey speaker man on the spider toilet wave hilarious melon good one good one skip wave and put this

Here upgrade upgrade please do enough damage oh no I’m going to need more of this I am going to need more of this this is looking rough upgrade upgrade oh no oh no I’m trying my best not to let any toilets through but it’s getting really challenging I think I need to put

One more of these guys right about here and then hit these upgrades Sunny this is challenging yes this is challenging you don’t understand all I can do is Spam dark speaker bro I’m having such a good time I’m about to place my upgraded Titan speaker man bro come on kill it

Don’t do this to me one more hit yes I got himo upgraded Titan speaker man come on place you right here this is the best spot for you why can’t I place you I guess I’ll settle for right about here upgraded tited sperman deployed at wave

Four nice one wait wave four I’m on Wave seven and I’m struggling bro I’m taking my sweet time my turkey speaker man could probably solo the first 10 waves at level one that is so unfair that is actually so unfair I don’t even know if

I can beat wave seven yeah bro all I spent was $150 placed him down and then I just uh let all the waves get killed by him wait1 150 you didn’t even have to upgrade him nope didn’t have to upgrade him a single time what does the level

One do I told you 250 damage every 1 second in an AOE H what’s the radius M 12 that’s actually broken I had to upgrade my units three times costing me $250 plus2 $450 and I have six of them M bro you you suck dude that is so unfair you

Spent $150 I spent 2400 dang bro why don’t you just get better units next time that makes no sense that is so unfair it’s fine though after this wave I’m going to have enough and I’ll be able to purchase an upgraded Titan speaker man and all will be good

In the world I might have to upgrade some units because this boss toilet escaped with 12,500 HP which is kind of a bit spooky right large glasses toilet dead and $1,000 acquired okay I’m going to actually need to upgrade this guy to level two and I might even need to place

Another one right here I believe it’s a good spot for him hello place there we go and then it cost $11,000 to upgrade it excellent hopefully this is enough to take down this boss toilet but I’m getting really scared it might actually make it out alive oh it’s going to make

It out alive you’re getting scared do you have any idea what I am dealing with bro this boss toilet actually survived dang it I wasn’t even close to killing him wait on Wave five that boss toilet was 16,000 yeah dude I didn’t have enough single Target damage to destroy

Him you are trash let’s go it’s fine I’ll absorb the hit but I’ll make money in the long run this jetpack police toilet needs to die oh no are you kidding me are you kidding me 250 Health skip way I can take care of this that is

So annoying oh yes yes give me the Moola let me upgrade my upgraded Titan speaker man to level two let’s go level two upgraded Titan speaker man skip wave I actually have to waste money on this please die are you kidding me he slept him wake up you doofus and slap yes

Thank you if he didn’t kill him I would have been so upset okay now I need to save up some money I need 1,000 bucks all right I’m just going to have to eat this boss toilet damage it’s going to hurtt my turkey town so much but I don’t

Have a choice dude if I manage to beat you with this build you are garbage bro you won’t beat me don’t worry I got a strategy but the boss toilet he’s going to hurt oh my goodness he did 250 damage to Turkey Town yeah I have a big problem

In front of me that is a dualblade toilet with 47,000 and I have no way of making money and I need $150 wait I could sell this and then I could upgrade this yes that was actually super smart wait was it I should have

Sold this guy H oh well now I got to wait it out melon I got to let this wave cook same here but this jetpack police toilet oh it’s only got 14,000 we’re chilling B chilling I’m not Bing chilling this giant glasses toilet has 9,000 Health left and there is

Absolutely no way I can kill that I believe in your shy I I don’t believe in myself I have another issue cuz this dual blade is going to also survive bro this is so unfair I’m going to lose here I have to skip waves I really hope this

Jet pack police toilet dies just in case I’m going to place a TV woman right here to slow him down okay okay we’re chilling we’re chilling now this is so unfair they’re all going to get through are you really about to die Sunny no I’m

Not about to die it’s just I have to figure out how to take out 7,500 Health but I have nothing that does damage how do I do this so you’re about to die there there’s a puzzle for me to solve melon I’m not about to die I

Can I can solve this one I need to sell these units which sucks and I need to place more units here it’s just all about solving the riddle hopefully this does it sounds like you’re about to die Sunny no no I actually did it I’m actually doing it yo I’m going to take

No damage here okay I got to skip wave that’s 14,000 I need to get this upgrade on my upgraded Titan speaker man very desperately if I want to take out these giant glasses toilet oh dude I got this I destroyed that dual blade the only

Thing is I had to sell three of my best units and now there’s an army of dual claws on the way this is bad this is very bad yeah bro I desperately need this upgrade come on 2,000 oh you’re right bro I see the Dual blade inbound

Uh um yeah wave 12 is really bad news I’m not going to cap like this is super bad bro they just slept no no no they slept him at the worst time they slept him at the worst time no no no no now not now first first Target the first

Okay we took him out we took him out let’s go let’s go we’re taking out wave 10 yeah wait until you get to the next one bro come on do some damage don’t get slept no he got slept Titan you need to wake up oh this is bad this is very bad

Okay we’re we’re doing decent deeps decent deeps all right we did the best we could and now we see if we survive yeah I don’t know about this one skip wave I guess melon this is extremely extremely concerning what it could be so hard about the next wave Sunny a lot

Well I’m about to find out w i spending all of my money on this hopefully it pays off it probably won’t this is the final line of defense and I’m getting instantly put to sleep by these dual claws you nasty oh wait the final line of defense it actually worked

Except for this vacuum toilet that is impossible to kill there’s no way you destroy this thing it has 53,000 Health bro I think I would wreck 50,000 HP right now no way how how my upgraded Titan speaker man’s at level three and he does 2,300 damage every. 6 seconds

Yeah but that’s all you have plus I have my turkey speaker man ready to gobble the smaller units oh no this thing’s going to kill me for sure I got to sell everything oh yeah you’re right this vacuum toilet is a little bit concerning but come on TV woman slow them down slow

Them down down bro this sucks like what do I do do I do I try oh this is bad oh yeah that vacuum toilet’s dead bro I clutched that vacuum toilet get the deeps okay that’s all I can get sell sell skip buy it no no I said buy it

Upgrade it and please hold the line sleep something sleep some no I’m dead you actually died yep I died turkey town is no more I couldn’t do it the multic claw jetpack on Wave 13 killed me or 12 I don’t know which one and the vacuum

Toil is dead so you didn’t die to the vacuum toilet no the vacuum toilet was not the problem it’s the big toilet right behind it that multi claw guy oh I killed him what what wave you on I’m at wave 13 yeah there should be a multi

Claw guy with like 50 something thousand oh you’re right he’s here 70,000 he’s the next wave I got to take him out I got to take him out if you kill that unit you beat me fair and square oh no oh no I need another one of these guys

Upgraded Titan speaker man come on take him down I need money I need money badly badly I need to skip wave come on take this giant glass’s toilet down you’re a Badman and upgrade yes with this it should be enough to take him out come on Multi claw jetpack toilet it’s dead are

You serious bro I had to do so much damage to my economy just to try and defeat the earlier waves and he’s dead sunny and I’m about to take out this boss toilet 2.0 but I’m going to see how far I can make it on Turkey town with

Autos skip enabled yeah not very far is my guess I’m going to assume extremely far with my talent and skill oh I’m going to die in this wave that is so many muted toilets and a rocket toilet yeah good luck with that this is no buo

I don’t like this uh yeah this boss trailer 2.0 is definitely going to kill me well melon I’m buying the gems my robu are melted oh yeah I completely forgot 3,000 more gems let’s go bro are you going to be okay it sounds like you’re allergic to winning nah bro I’m

So happy right now you’re going to make a melon smile oh melon my game my game is lagging my game is lagging oh no you owe me 30,000 gems bro I’m about to die anyways sorry my game lagged out no no no no not lagged this sunny you give me

Money you give me my money you give me my money rocket toilet come on take it oh that rocket toilet’s going to yep I’m dead sunny sunny where are you uh new phone who this bro give me my jams dang it bro a deal is a deal I can’t believe

I lost dude it was so unfair okay bro 30,000 jams dude I feel really bad for you like genuinely I feel really bad y I’m not doing the trade I don’t want your trash it’s okay bro it’s okay I got you dude I got you yeah okay then I got

You too no give me my 30,000 gems then keep your garbage out of my sight fine this is so unfair I’m going to be so broke 30,000 gems guys I have 63,000 gems now all from winning these challenges now I’ve got a challenge for you it’s pressing that subscribe Buton

Do it now today in toilet Tower Defense we’re spinning a wheel of mystery that contains every unit in the game we each get five spins to build our team then it’s a one versus one on abysmal mode who will survive longer sunny or Melon comment your predictions right now and

Subscribe to get goed yo bro everyone’s been loving our spin the wheel toilet Tower Defense challenges so it’s time to run it back let’s do this thing sunny and to start off I’m spinning the wheel first if you insist here comes the speaker man the ultimate basic unit are you kidding me

No way you got the corrupted cameraman this wheel is broken how do you always get mythics hold on a second I thought I got the speaker man but let’s go no I was trolling you I was saying I wanted the wheel to do that I don’t even have

The corrupted cameraman you gave it back to me he’s all mine tell you what melon I’ll trade him to you if I spin the spider TV cuz I’m pretty sure you’re holding on to that no no no bro just just give me the units if you get a unit

That I have that you don’t have I’ll give it to you you are a salty boy here you go see guys this is what collaboration kindness looks like don’t say I don’t do nice things for you yes give me Him what why and now I spin that wheel give me something good give me something good oh maybe I’ll get the corrupted cameraman no no no what did you get Sunny camera woman yeah get wrecked camera woman the most basic garbage unit in the game are you

Kidding me and sunny before you spin this next wheel I’m just going to go over here purchase some candy and try to get the corrupted cameraman bro there is no way way you pull this right now that would be so cheeky 6,000 Robux and here

We go yep give me 30 of these crates please that gives me a 3% chance it’s not looking very good but I will try yeah I’ll buy some crates as well that way I’ll get a second one and rub it in your melon face okay open 10 dang it 10

Dang it and 10 dang it bro I didn’t even get a legendary let me show you how this is done open 10 aw no mythics in there that’s crazy bro I should get a Mythic every time aw only one Epic that’s garbage last opening wish me luck no way

I didn’t even get him oh whatever Sunny just spin the wheel for me oh I’m way ahead of you bro your next unit is camera spider that’s actually really goated camera spider let’s go that’s a solid starting unit my second tower is going to be please please please be good

Be good be good keep going one more dude I got TV woman but I almost got the corrupted cameraman let’s go tvom actually is okay wait I’m doing the woman only Squad bro first I got camera woman now I got tvom the wheel’s spinning for you melon your third unit

Of the day what are you going to get come on give me some good give me some good bro you are broken you just got upgraded Titan cameraman how let’s freaking go that’s the best unit in the game you are so broken you keep getting so lucky with the wheel spins I deserve

Something good here please please Santa Claus I deserve it yes jetpack Speer man dang it bro that’s such a good unit to start the game yep low key I think I won come on spin the wheel give me something good give me something good here this wheel spinning melon in your next unit

Bro you are so lucky glitched cameraman wait a second sunny I might actually be abysmal mode with this squad there’s no way you need a money-making unit if you’re going to have this strong enough Rich enough wealthy enough economy you’re right give me the patches please nah bro I’m spinning the patches right

Here Spin to Win until I got a patch a patch of juicy goodness bro there’s no way surveillance camera woman my whole Squad is all of the women units they’re actually decent but I mean I could use something better let’s not cap about it didn’t you get the jetpack cameraman

Yeah I did but I mean their other three units are are kind of mid will Sunny give me my fin wheel spin it’s currently spinning and it’s going to give you L po poo bro you got TV woman as well dang it sunny that’s actually a trash unit for

Me hey you could slow stuff down with its AOE you know I’m not placing this unit right whatever bro my last unit’s going to be please be good please keep going no way I actually got him corrupted cameraman you’re going down dang it sunny this will actually be a

Great fight but I think I got this dub head meet me in the patches sunny and this is why I never traded you the unit oh he’s all for me goodbye melon I’ll see you in game melon the games have begun yes the first wave is spawning in

Yes I know sunny and I shall use my camera spider to begin with I just need to skip a wave and I shall try the surveillance camera woman cuz I am determined to test every single unit I have camera spider’s been placed turn Autos skip off and now I’ll Farm some

Money can she one shot these yes she can bust out that Gunner pop pop pop yo this isn’t actually too bad she’s kind of crazy with it yeah bro my camera spiders going off as well although when I think about it it cost $500 to get this unit

To level two and that’s the price of a level one corrupted that’s way stronger you should probably upgrade her then Sunny that sounds like the optimal Play Hold on let me just check their HP 115 even if I pay for this upgrade she can’t on-shot these units so I’m going to lose

This wave I’ve got to skip oh no what’s going on Sunny I have $10 short of the purchase price that I need you idiot Sunny yes let’s go take some damage n I’m going to kill one of these toilets wait I don’t even have to skip wave baby

And purchase this jetpack speaker man bro my camera spider is going off right now would soloed the first two waves like they were nothing oh no this guy only attacks every 2 seconds I need this upgrade I need $150 right away oh oh no oh no some toilets are getting through

This is not good bro I need my glitched cameram man I need to place them down as soon as possible I need to get paid here oh this is news I am taking a lot of damage upgrade yes he can attack way faster we needed that and then Target

The strongest unit powerful are these spider toilets 520 I’m pretty sure my camera spiders got this bro I’m going to take a lot of damage if I sell this unit I can buy a second jetpack speaker man I need to to do it I needed to do it okay

Halloween Town has lost 60 health and it’s about to get pulverized by a lot of toilets but wait I can do something about this the camera woman she’s not totally and utterly useless check this out are you sure she’s to not totally and utterly useless Sunny yeah bro it

Costs 80 Buckaroo skis and she’s going to save me a ton of health she’s going to oneshot these weakened toilets for me bro there’s no way you actually found a use for that trash unit come on shoot him again yes shoot the next one yes line them up and then Target the

Last oh no I messed up well Sunny I’m deploying my glitched cameraman and I currently at wave number four well I’m happy for you I’m going to let these toilets destroy Halloween Town see if I care see if I okay I care bro I have less than half Health already I have 200

Hp bro you are pathetic are you kidding me these spiders made it through this isn’t good this is not good and I’ll set my glitched cameraman to Target the strongest okay skip wave and um can I tank these I I have a pretty bad feeling I can’t are you really already going to

Die wait no I can tank this the spiders only do 40 damage so there we go 120 oh God these toilets are flying upgrade yes that was close that was way too close and then these should do 20 each wait are these spiders actually going to make

It through there’s no way there’s no way they’re making it through melon I have 60 Health left I am in very big trouble that’s what we like to see Sunny what wave are you on right now only on Wave five and there are some dual claw toilets approaching I’ve got some

Assassin toilets approaching me at the moment yeah this looks scuffed the only thing is my Jetpack speaker man can do a lot of damage before it gets close enough do I dare skip wave if it sends out an airplane toilet I’ll be dead bro this glitched cameraman’s actually

Clutching up for the squad I’m going to hit him with an upgrade now he does 1,000 damage every second bro I don’t think I’m ever going to get 500 bucks for my corrupted cameraman I really need him too I don’t get it bro how are you tanking these waves uh it’s pretty easy

When you got a camera spider with a glitched cameraman are you trying to tell me I threw the game by buying a surveillance camera woman yeah you probably did sunny as long as I kill this boss toilet I’ll be happy oh yeah we got this guy destroyed dead to right

Skip wave oh no I’m $4 off of an upgrade and I really needed it oh my boys the Dual claw slept my guy but he’s going to onot them now let’s see I have enough damage to one shot shot most of these units oh wait I don’t I can’t oneshot

Any of them bro my camera spider is tickling this boss toilet are you going to take damage finally uh no my glitched cameraman should be able to take this boss toilet down come on come on one more hit maybe oh dang it bro it might

Actually get away oh this is going to be clo oh no it’s dead it’s for sure dead right come on come on please please yes it’s dead melon how much does the glitch cameraman cost to buy five 500 Sunny wait how did you save up 500 that’s the

Same price as the corrupted cameraman um it was pretty easy dude I just placed my camera spider and then once he gave me 500 bucks I placed the glitch cameraman down it was that easy that easy Sunny bro well at least this wave is going down and I’ll have 500 bucks once it’s

Dead so I’m going to press skip wave and now I could do it the corrupted cameraman buy it let’s go I lowkey forgot you had that you might actually beat me yeah actually no that is 2,000 damage every second that that’s pretty good he does 2,000 damage every second

At level one yep but its range is pretty small dude there’s no way that’s just like a way better glitched cameraman I mean at level one but then his upgrades get pricey the glitch cameraman has a cheaper upgrade tree uh it cost me $11,000 to get this guy to level three

Yeah bro my first upgrade is 500 then it’s either ,000 or 1,500 then it’s like 2,000 it gets pricey mine was 600 and then 1,000 yeah yeah that is like way more expensive yeah I mean just by 100 bucks for that first one we’ll see melon

I’ll inform you of My Success with this Mission shortly bro your guy at level one is stronger than my guy at level two and I really need to upgrade I I can’t afford anything I’m going to actually lose cry about it cry take down that

Dual CL okay that was way too close I’m actually clutched up though and the minigun toilet on Wave seven is approaching the death area time to schmelt him I’m upgrading my glitch cameraman to level three now does 3,000 damage a second and Skip wve get me some

Money bro I wish I rolled an economy unit maybe we should change the rules on this next time so we both get pumpkin patches bro the next upgrade cost this guy $6,000 yeah what’s your problem bro $6,000 are you kidding me yeah do you not understand I have units that will

Cost $7,000 and then 10,000 there’s no way I’m going to max out a cameraman bro I’m so done I’m so done for I need to somehow find a way to get an upgraded Titan cameraman deployed actually think it’s better that I get another jetpack speaker man and then upgrade him put him

Right here and 150 Buck of ruskis there we go take down these take down these boys come on there we go another upgrade that looks good now I’m only going to save up for corrupted cameramen or do I put a TV woman here so she can slow

Everything down ooh that’s not a bad plan slap that get me that money yes oh wait that was it I only got paid like 50 bucks for that unit bro I need more cash than that yeah dude I need to save up for 1,500 What wave are you on I am on

Wave nine okay bro you’re one wave ahead of me I’ve got to take out this jetpack police toilet wait I got ahead of you somehow yeah bro you’re actually like I think might actually beat me in this challenge I know it’s shocking yes let’s go nothing surprises me melon especially

When it comes to beating you oh no this jet pack pleas police toilet’s going to make it through are you kidding me you’re too weak and feeble I just have to tank that hit I have no choice how much damage does your town have on it

It’s it it’s going to do quite a bit of damage to me I’m not going to cap I wonder if you’re going to die in one shot what do you mean I have full health that’s a jetpack police toilet bro bro if that one shots my building I’m going

To cry did it it’s it’s making its way there it’s actually so sad if he didn’t sleep my unit he would have been crushed how much damage is this guy going to do and he does okay 150 damage it means I can take another hit yeah bro my Halloween Town

Is way weaker than you I only have 60 Health pretty much anything will kill me yeah you can’t let a single unit through bro all right now I going to start by upgrading this cameraman I need another upgrade oh no I need two more upgrades

For him to get the huge AOE bro I need $33,000 I think cuz it’s 1,000 for this upgrade and I’m pretty sure the next one is another 2,000 this is bad news as long as everything in this wave doesn’t sleep anything I should be okay oh no

Explosive flying toilet on wave 10 melon he’s going to melt my units and by that I mean put them all to sleep look at him he’s coming in for the KO that’s kind of what we want to see Sunny that’s kind of what we want to see no we really don’t

Want to see that well I kind of want to see that it’s okay my units all woke up just in time to murder these toilets oh bro wave 10 is going to be light work I’m tempted to skip the wave I’m trying to figure out the best place for my

Upgraded tight end cameraman I feel like it’s right about here maybe here maybe just remember to place them so you have units in front as decoys otherwise he’s going to get slept a lot oh that’s actually a great Point Sunny I’ll Place him right behind my glitched cameram man

No problem bro sometimes I actually want to help you out cuz I feel like your melon seeds are lacking and you need an extra brain cell uh okay well I got to place them right now come on do so and he got spped right away oh no oh no and

I’m upgrading my corrupted cameraman to level three I think I lost bro I think I legitimately just lost that is sad I’m so broke right now and so many toilets made it through are you kidding me I thought your glitch cameraman Strat was going to be strong oh I I didn’t know

Are you serious did you actually just lose uh I’m definitely going to lose now sell this guy survive one more wave melon you’ve got this bro I’m such an idiot I just no no no bro wave 11 is nuts there’s so many dual claws a mutant toilet and a boss

Toilet bro I sold everything and I didn’t even survive I’m actually going to die at wave 10 I’m terrible at this game oh yes admit it say it that I’m the goat no also melon I just realized if you also had a corrupted cameraman you would

Have survived yeah bro I would have been fine actually wait I might survive this wave no way no no way I’m actually surviving y wait that Minun toilet only did 50 damage wait you survived and you sold all your units to try and kill it

Okay no I would have died either way I had to make that cell but now I’m done because all I have is my glitched cameraman at level three I had to sell everything else that is sad he’s also in a terrible spot yeah and the next wave

Is really tanky bro I’m done for I’m actually done for well I decided to skip wave cuz this looks too easy for the real goat I I placed another glitch cameraman that’s pretty much my whole strategy now skip wave and place cameramen you got this melon believe in

Yourself I’m I’m I’m having a hard time believ in sunny right now this is definitely sketchy to say the least this explosive flying toilet has such bad timing bro look at him he’s going to explode sleep most of my units but there’s no other toilets here what an

Idiot oh no yeah this dualblade toilet’s going to make it through dang it bro hopefully just doesn’t kill my entire base I have to pray why don’t you skip wave so you can at least pretend you made it to wave 12 I’m at wave 12 right now Sunny I’d actually technically be on

Wave 13 because I just skipped wave again well I’m killing wave 12 it’s almost dead and I’m about to have a level four corrupted cameraman just need a little more money du blade toilet please don’t kill Halloween Town please don’t kill Halloween Town it killed Halloween Town are you kidding me let’s

Go that means I win and you’ve got to admit it say the word Sunny you are good goed fine only cuz you won Sunny you are goated melon melon bro he just hung up on me cuz he refused to admit it that’s it level four corrupted cameraman skip

Wave and it’s absolutely confirmed I win make sure you guys like And subscribe today in toilet Tower Defense we’re spinning a mystery wheel that contains every single unit in the game we each get five spins and whatever it lands on will build our teams then we battle one

Versus one on the pumpkin patches but the loser must pay 10,000 gems to the winner oh that’s a lot of Roo and can you help us get 10,000 likes on this video Let’s Get goed it’s time for a spin the wheel challenge melon but today’s wager is going to be a steep one

Yeah what’s that the loser has to buy the winner 10,000 gems yo what the heck that could possibly be a spider TV yeah pretty much will be hold on let me show you how that’s done buy 10 of these yep yep go over to units and spider TV bro

When when will that happen for me um never well Sunny let’s get into the challenge then I’ll go first it’s time to spin that wheel it’s going and your first unit of the day is are you kidding me are you kidding me what did I get Sunny you got the scientist cameraman

You actually got one of the only two money makers let’s go give me that let’s go that’s one of the best units in the game I’m spinning for my first unit please please I need something good oh oh that is good the ninja cameraman dude are you kidding me

How do you keep getting these units ninja cameram man that guy is crazy strong oh wait no he’s he’s decent he’s okay yeah he’s not as strong as a jetpack cameraman Sunny you probably got confused whatever the wheel spinning for your second unit come on come on give me

That upgraded Titan cameraman wait what are the chances of that you just got the ninja cameraman as well wait no way back to back I don’t even have the ninja cameraman oh really uh um oh dude you are trash no way no way where do you

Even get that from the wheel bro and he’s not on there right now no no way are you kidding me you can’t even summon it in so you got it done dang it bro I actually can’t believe you don’t have that unit bro you have pretty much

Everything in the game shut up sunny I don’t want to talk about it I’m spinning the wheel my second unit is it better be goated with the sauce come on come on come on Yo Titan cameraman I’ll take it bro no this isn’t good I need something

That does damage yeah I didn’t get the upgraded one it’s not UTC but it’s still pretty good the exclusive Titan cameraman the wheel spinning melon this is your third unit but really only your second all right come on come on what are the chances bro you got spider

TV wait but you have the spider TV do you want him do you want him back give him back Sunny what are you going to give me for it oh look at the spider TV guys I’ll give you the corrupted cameraman okay that’s a fair trade yes yes yes let’s

Go I accept your offer the only thing is I just made you so overpowered in this challenge yeah pretty much just guaranteed me my win TDY you idiot whatever bro the wheel’s spinning maybe I’ll get corrupted cameraman now please please are you stop stop stop what I

Actually just got it no you didn’t quit the cap quit the cap bro I have video evidence the odds of that happening are like 1 in 50 there is no way all right well that’s pretty good I gave you the spider thanks for the trade corrupted cameraman oh my goodness all right right

Melon your fourth unit is spinning now I hope it’s something poo bro keep going keep going don’t give him the jetp pack don’t give him the jetpack no way you got jetpack cameraman hey let’s go Sunny this is a guaranteed dton for me I’m spinning the wheel now we’ve gotten all

Good units bro no one’s gotten garbage yet oh no I spoke too soon large cameraman I guess he’s not complete trash he’s an epic tier so he’s he’s he’s at least kind of cool yeah you can do a little Sun son here we go you’re

Final spin of the day is going come on come on be garbage be garbage large speaker man bro what the heck at least it’s something though large speaker man I don’t even have the large speaker man dude wait what how do you not have that

I don’t have a lot of the tinier units but wait I can actually summon him in right now what is even the point bro quit the cap you’re not even going to build him yeah probably not but I got him anyways well time for me to been for

My fifth and final unit I hope it’s a money maker please pumpkins pumpkins are you kidding me oh switched I thought I was getting the corrupted cameraman twice but I got the Titan Cinema man no way now you got an AOE bro this is actually going to be so close I wonder

Who’s going to win yeah but melon my units cost so much money how am I supposed to upgrade them oh if only you had a scientist cameram man shut up just head over to graveyard already Sunny let’s change it up I challenge you in the pumpkin patch oh

The place where the corrupted cameraman was born let’s go okay guys the first thing I’m going to do is place down my scientist cameraman to get money and the first thing I’m doing is summoning a ninja cameraman cuz I can’t make money anyways and there we go and enable auto

Skip my guy is plunging these toilets melon he is plunging away slap slap slap slap then we’ll Place some more right here and now I’ve got four scientists to with Autos skip enabled just got to skip two more waves and then I’ll deploy the spider TV wow melon very impressive oh

No I’m already going to have units get past me are you kidding me they have 115 health and he only does 100 damage bro I’m in the same boat I got a lot of units that are passing me but I have no choice come on get a few Kos I need 200

Buckaroos oh that is a lot of damage bro I don’t I don’t know if I can even survive that but I have no choice I’ll place the spider TV right here and get some upgrades I need to Auto skip though how much damage am I going to take not

Enough that’s the correct answer bro I need to see you melt oh no oh no oh no oh that’s a good amount of damage but my spider TV is level two he should be able to clean house all right my ninja cameraman is plunging these toilets he

Does 150 damage oh no the spiders are going to get through I’m trying to save up for another unit guys I need to place one right here okay I already have 200 Health on my thing bro they did so much damage I’m going to disable auto skip

I’m getting scared I now have two ninja cameramen they’re going to take out most of these units for me but I still won’t have enough money for a stronger unit yet oh no boss toilet with 16,000 HP already Sunny uh how many waves did you skip quite a few and I just skipped

Another one you are insane bro and I’m kind of going to need this jetpack cameraman deploy him and upgrade make him Target the strongest yeah I’m only on Wave four I’m going to let my units do their job for a little bit take out these toilets in one hit let’s see if

The spider will die it won’t so I’ll hit an upgrade there we go I’m doing a lot of Auto skipping right now but I feel like it’s paying off well you at least have money maker so it makes sense for you to try that I just need this boy to

Plunge half of the spiders keep it going keep it going Target that boss toilet boys Target that boss toilet and I don’t want to skip wave yet I need to let the spiders go further down the track then I’ll press skip wave okay okay we’re doing great we’re doing great grade my

Spider TV yes yes skip wave and now I’m going to invest in my upgraders my money makers shall be invested in bro it’s so unfair that you have a spider TV yes put in work it’s actually broken bro he’s busted yeah you want to rub it in some

More yeah he’s busted whatever my plunger is going in I’m going to upgrade him one more time slap those toilets brother oh no there’s a bunch of large toilets giant glasses toilets and boss toilets I need to skip I literally need to skip uh uh yeah this looks bad boss

Toilet and dual claws I need to save up $500 for corrupted cameraman it’s the only chance wave come on make me some money need 100 Buck kookis I need 1,000 pretty desperately uh I think I’m going to skip wave upgrade this now my Jetpack cameraman does 4,000 damage that’s

Pretty good that’s pretty good come on hurry up I need $50 come on put in work on those boss toilets I got a skip wave oh no this is going to get sketchy come on come on yes I think I’m going to take out this giant glasses toilet I can do

It I can do it I’m pretty nervous right now melon I don’t know about that hole I can do with Attitude it’s so close bro this is so close right now I can’t let a single unit through come on come on kill him kill him yes yes I’m doing it I

Think I’m actually going to survive yes yes and I’m going to buy a second corrupted cameraman power is going to be flowing through me oh no no oh no this is going to be close this is going to be close wait I think I got it I think I

Got it come on come on yes I clutched yeah good for you bro this is actually light work now Sunny What wave are you on I’m at wave 11 wait what I’m on Wave seven my Autos skip has been paying off that’s broken you also have the spider

TV which is so unfair because it can’t ever get slipped and it does crazy AOE exactly bro he’s putting in work whatever I’ll skip a wave here nothing else I can do take out the minigun slap them to the next Dimension all right how’s our ninja cameraman in the front

Line he’s plunging away nicely and spider TV level five baby this is a waste of money if I upgrade it ah I don’t even think I’ll bother probably sell him soon yeah I need to stop the auto skip for sure I need to save up to

$1,000 that’s what I need oh no that jetpack police toilet has a lot of health and he’s putting me to sleep what a jerk wake up buddy oh we got him pish POS nice try bud skip wave why not yeah same here bro actually Auto skip dude

The fact that you can Auto skip is clearly a cheat code I’m pretty busted Sunny I’m not going to lie you are a cheeser I am crazy that’s what I am well I am $42 away from a level three corrupt cameraman I need this oh no this is

Really bad timing flying buzs saww toilets this is not the time for that need this guy to try to get the first upgrade I need this upgrade there we go level three no come on boys I need you to do damage here big damage okay yes yes that was huge skip wave question

Mark why not actually that’s a bad idea that is a lot of Boss toilets out here all got two dualblade toilets with 50,000 HP each but I’m taking them down and invest that into the money makers okay I think they’re far enough down the track skip wave and you know what

Upgrade this guy to increase his damage and attack radius just a touch my Jetpack cameraman’s actually really clutch honestly maybe more clutch than the spider TV yeah cuz it’s it does like 10,000 damage yeah and it’s so cheap bro and it’s got a huge radius bro yeah you

Want to rub it in some more yeah I do actually he’s pretty nutty well I’m going to place this unit right here cuz he’s also pretty nutty I’m going to get this corrupted cameraman up to level two and then I’m saving up 2,000 buckaroos yes put in work put in work you sexy

Jetpack cameram Man whoa chill bro these are just toilet units I’m just saying dude he’s doing a a lot of good work right now yeah well you want to hear about good work I’m on wave 11 finally I’m on Wave 14 I’ve slowed down the auto skipping oh wait I actually thought you

Were on Wave 20 or something like that nah bro I only have two units down right now imagine if we beat the game that would be insane bro I feel like I might be able to with this setup no chance dude no chance you don’t know me son you

Don’t know me son quit the cap bro quit the cap okay let’s see what is the okay there’s oh airplane toilet I should be able to take that down though though uh this doesn’t look too concerning on this wave maybe I get another one of these guys just put work on that airplane

Toilet please okay last corrupted cameraman for real now I need to save up 2,000 buckaroos yeah this feels pretty good time to sell this guy in the front line off he’s pretty much doing nothing bro my money makers are making money oh I’m an idiot he was good cuz he was

Going to make those exploding toilets ruin themselves you fool sunny I guess I’ll put him back wasted some money GG I could probably skip a wave here we’re cruising at wave 17 yeah I’m so happy for you I’m on wave 12 and I’m still going slow and steady yo this

Boss toilet is going to be melted all right that buzs saww toilet’s a little concerning but I should be able to take him out and the rest of this wave looks pretty easy pretty easy indeed yes so yeah I’m going to invest in some more money makers and I’m going to skip the

Wave because it’s too easy for my corrupted cameraman I mean 81 1,000 health is a lot though I’m not going to cap H flying buz saw toilets that’s not good why did I skip wave the timing on these is going to be super bad all right multi claw jetpack toilet just sleep no

You slept the wrong guy no are you going to lose from that okay Target the first bro okay there we go no we’re good we’re good we’re good now just Farm These mutant toilets oh yeah this was easy these flying buz saws were trash upgrade

Okay that is huge he now has 40 attack radius I need to get all these guys up to level it’s really important which means skip the wave indeed and now I’ll save up to get my spider TV an upgrade maybe I could afford another Money Maker

Oh yeah I’m going to definitely need to invest some more money into my defenses oh guys look at this it’s beautiful this is all free money none of these toilets stand a chance and they can’t even put me to sleep it’s just money everywhere all right this guy

Needs to Target the strongest and I feel like that’s more of an important upgrade than my spider TV right now I need 4K pretty desperately come on hopefully these toilets can give me enough money not I’m going to have to skip wave I have no choice but I think they’ll give

Me enough this is perfect this is perfect yes guaranteed dubert now on this wave maxed out jetpack cameraman bro you’re actually overpowered I am going off but he got slipped oh no yes come on just take some damage Melon No no I think my boys will still

Take him out cuz he’s got so much strange how did he get slept again what the heck it’s okay it’s okay we survived we survived that was a close one though man I am deleting these toilets wave 18 bro all right well I’m going to skip

Wave I’m on 15 I will catch up to you melon we’ll see about that UFO toilet’s a little scary oh I’m going to have almost enough money for this upgrade everything else looks pretty easy though as long as I get rid of this UFO toilet I’ll be fine okay kill this airplane and

I’ll have enough money for the upgrade yes perfect two move my corrupted cameraman are now level four good for you Sunny good for you it is good for me you’re right I think I can actually invest this wave I’m not too concerned with it oh what the heck you full toilet

Just slept everybody it’s okay it’s okay take him out you need to Target the first okay okay he got him he got him that was scary and skip the wave payday I’m up to wave 16 come on hopefully I can invest before the end of this wave

Grade upgrade upgrade yes I got the upgrade off come on I need more money I need faster jeda I need to invest in some spider TVs for sure bro that’s so unfair I’ve kind of been relying on my Jetpack cameraman I’m not even going to cap I guess yeah for single Target

Damage he’s going to melt these bosses yeah 296,000 damage on a claw toilet this is concerning What wave are you wave 19 yes please tell me you lose it’s okay I think I’ll take him out I am praying on your downfall right now what is wrong

With you Sunny bro I need you to die so I know what I need to beat so that I can win the game no no no I don’t like that mentality shy it’s not very nice you think I want to pay you 10,000 gems yes

I do think you want to pay me that amount of money cuz you’re a great friend no I don’t want that I’m collecting from you bro skip wave oh no dude you got to Target the first you got to Target the first you got to kill these mutants oh no this claw toilet

Might make it through why is he so fast I need to skip I need to skip and upgrade upgrade take down that claw toilet no don’t get slapped take him down Okay so this wave comes with a boss toilet mutant toilet and a flying rocket launcher toilet that is a bit of trouble

Come on I think I should be able to take him down this is scary though this is scary oh this is close hny this is way closer than I wanted it to be 50,000 Health wave 19 can you do it come on take him out take him out no bro what

Are you doing okay he killed him he killed him that was so glitchy a I thought you were done for I thought I was done for too bro the guy had like 1,000 Health left and my spider TV left he was alive for a bit and then he

Disappeared all right this is going to pay me a lot of money when I kill these bosses yes come on be enough money for the upgrade dang it I need 50 Buck arusi skip wave and upgrade let’s go that’s huge I have three corrupted cameramen

Upgraded now I need to save up 6,000 to max out my spider TV well you don’t have to melon you could also lose no I think I want to Max him out Sunny must be nice having AOE it is nice actually it kind of melts the waves I on the other hand

Have single Target Dam damage exclusively cuz there’s no chance he’ll be able to afford the tight end Cinema man his upgrades are so pricey I got to make sure this wave is an Easy Wave maybe I could actually invest in money makers rocket toilet another rocket toilet Phantom okay never mind never

Mind no chance I can make that investment all right kill this UFO please please tell me the spider TV takes out this Phantom I’m a little scared for this wave oh no I think I need to skip actually come on I just need $1,300 this Phantom toilet has $400

100,000 HP oh no oh no oh this is awesome look at the free money over here skip wave and soon I’ll have another upgrade come on oh wait I’m actually chilling I’m chilling bro this Phantom toilet’s dead bro I’m on Wave 19 this is where you said things got dicey I need

Another spider TV for sure just need $50 and I could get this level four upgrade place this guy right about here and upgrade two spider TVs down kill the minig Gunner are you kidding me he got away he got away with 5,000 and get me paid upgrade they’re

All level four good for you Sunny it really does feel good thanks for recognizing it time for this claw toilet to perish slap slap yes flamethrower toilet will be destroyed bro that claw toilet gave you a hard time that was easy bro it was scary all right you just

Don’t understand you’re right I don’t bro I’m on Wave 20 this is light work well I’m on Wave 23 Sunny this is the most intense spin the wheel we’ve ever had it is bro and I have no clue how deep we can get in the game our units

Are actually goated bro are you relying on your corrupted cameraman yeah that’s pretty much all I can purchase that’s pretty smart SNY I’m getting them all to level four I’m not going past level four okay let’s see please don’t sleep my boy can I invest on this wave two boss

Toilets four boss toilets UFO two UFOs think I should still be able to best though I’m skipping wave cuz this is too slow get these dual blades into my Army already I should be good here I’m going to go and invest in my scientist $5,000 for the final upgrade not too shabby

Just got to delete these units get a quick payday and then I’ll have another level four corrupted cameraman maxed out scientist cameraman let’s go I kind of want to max out my ninja cameraman just cuz I feel bad for him oh no Phantom toilet that that’s bad news yeah bro

That Phantom toilet was scary but I managed to take him out because I’m the goat yeah yeah yeah whatever that’s another maxed out unit let’s go this is a sketchy wave giant dualblade toilet 400,000 HP rocket and many helicopter parasite toilets with 100,000 HP oh bro

This Phantom toilet gave you a hard time that was light work that wave was easy bro freest money oh no wait actually I think I can still melt this wave it might actually still be an investment wave I want you to Target the first brother and let’s get another corrupted

Unit right there and start the upgrades okay yeah this wave is actually still light work this wave is light work this means I can invest in another scientist cameraman and another scientist cameraman maxed out okay so the only thing to worry about on Wave 22 is this

Flamethrower toilet I hope my guys start shooting at him eliminate these vacums really fast and then fire at will destroy this flamethrower all right I’ve got another Phantom toilet with 460,000 HP and some parasite toilets actually this wave is light work my dude I’m going to melt

This wave yeah just like I’m melting this flamethrower bro what wave are you on I’m at wave 25 I’m on Wave 23 and it’s super chill right now oh this wave looks like free money oh no explosive flying toilet please don’t Target my little dude okay we need to Target this

Guy uh one of them got through wait this actually sketchy wait wait wait this is actually sketchy hold on hold on a second upgrade I need to upgrade I’m getting scared I’m getting sced out here I think I’m going to kill it before it even gets to us yeah that was free money

I actually overreacted I should not have done that I could have made an extra $1,000 this Wave by maxing out my scientist cameraman but instead I upgraded my spider TV that’s all right bro you got more damage now yes I’m not cheering for you though I want to see

You lose got to be very careful with how I manage my money okay two UFO toilets we need to melt them before they go invisible come on oh this is easy bro this is a free wave skip it let’s get the next one coming bro four airplane

Toilets with 100,000 HP that’s a little sketch yeah maybe I shouldn’t skip waves in case it sends out super Speedy units okay hopefully we can melt hopefully we can melt these I do have AOE so it shouldn’t be a problem and that’s another level four corrupted cameraman

Online oh yeah this is a lightwe wave I’m going to upgrade my scientist cameraman and I’m going to purchase another corrupted cameraman bro I’m almost at maxed out money-making potential I’m so proud of you it must be nice having income I only make money if I kill toilets wait what the heck why

Does this turret spider have 200,000 HP That’s So Random oh I have a bad feeling about wave 27 I feel like some crazy units are going to come out yeah I’m in the middle of wave 24 and these helicopter parasite toilets are a little concerning cuz they’re so fast and

There’s so many yeah bro I dealt with them easily you should have no problem oh yeah dude they’re all dead I’m sorry for freaking out bro what the heck is this wave it’s just a bunch of glasses toilets and the giant dualblade toilet is dead so I’m going to skip wave all

Right wave 25 let’s do this wave 27 is the weirdest wave bro it just goes on forever with glasses toilets it’s just free money guess so okay this looks like a bad wave bro oh octo rocket launcher toilet and vacuum toilets okay this this wave is this this wave is scary this

This wave is actually scary okay the one I’m on is scary too cuz there’s a phantom toilet with a lot of health and then three helicopter toilets at the same time with a lot of Health yeah I need to max out my second spider TV and

I’m lagging oh no for sure uh hello oh no my internet melon um I think we’ve got this though Say It Ain’t So okay I think I’m still going to melt this wave this is good this is good everything focus on these octo rocket launcher toilets we need to take them down melon

Melon I lagged out can you hear me there’s no way you lagged out I’m trying to rejoin now I’m in an intermission thing I don’t know what’s going on with my game bro what have you done okay I need to leave game and I need to relog

Please pleas work bro did you really lose by lagging out are you serious right now Sunny dude dude hold on where’s the rejoin button there’s probably no rejoin button because you were alone no no there’s still a rejoin maybe I need to rejoin from the private

Server hold on please please tell me my game is still there I don’t want to go down like this is this really how you owe me 10,000 gems let’s go are you kidding me you’re going to make me pay yeah I’m going to make you pay are you

Kidding me going to the patch it’s not letting me rejoin let’s go the dubert is mine and I’m still alive at wave 28 pretty pretty easily actually bro I was crushing the waves and maxed out my money maker Sunny just to flex on you wow really cool bro really cool of you I

Hope you’re proud of yourself what did you do did you unplug my internet I didn’t do anything Sunny you’re just trash admit it you kicked out the internet cable I didn’t why would I need to I was going to win either way nah you were afraid you were afraid of my

Corrupted cameraman no I wasn’t sunny you were scared of my spider TVs bro just get to the lobby if you want me to pay you all right hold on let me finish this just to secure my dubbert and I’m heading to the lobby Sunny dub has been acquired all right here’s the trade

Request a Deal’s a deal I just can’t believe you’re going to win by cheesing it I did cheese it it’s not my fault you lagged out all right as agreed 10 gems no 10,000 don’t you back out of this deal Sunny wait what I thought it was 10

Gems no give me 10,000 gems sunny I thought it was 10 dude give me 10,000 gems that was the deal yo guys comment down below did you hear 10 Gems or 10,000 gems bro give me my gems all right fine we’ll compromise here here here here you can have this just give me

I don’t even see your trade menu brother I can’t see what you’re doing relax bro and this here you go trade big man melon so so look to be fair I lagged out so I’m going to give you 50 spider crates is that fair oh my goodness 50 spider

Crates I won’t say no Sunny well actually I think this is 30 but this is what I’m giving you too bad you know what that’s fine a Deal’s a deal and I swear if you open a spider TV with this I’m going to unplug your internet

Forever well let’s see open 10 and I didn’t even get a camera spider Sunny wait that means you’re charging up your good luck and you’re going to get the home theater system and open 10 more and I I got one camera spider or two this

Time well guys I guess all you can do now is like And subscribe and the final 10 crates and I got nothing sunny today sunny and I play toilet Tower Defense on abysmal mode but we spin a wheel which decides what units we can use sunny and

I are going to compete against each other to see who can make it farther and if I win I get Sunny’s corrupted cameraman but if he wins he gets my spider TV I really don’t want to lose my spider TV this is going to going to be the ultimate toilet Tower Defense random

Unit challenge brother are you ready to spin the wheel let’s do this thing sunny I want my first spin as you can see every unit in the game is on this wheel your first unit is going to be W it’s so beautiful come on give me something good

Wait what the heck that’s actually super strong Tien cameraman yo let’s go the upgraded one no the normal one did you hear me say upgraded dang it dude I don’t even know if I have the Titan cameraman if you don’t you just have to go to the shop and buy him he’s 199

Robux all right I’m buying him right now and I’m spinning the wheel for my first unit please be good no way are you kidding that’s not cool yo what did you get the camera woman no I landed on spider TV oh well Sunny we can actually

Make it work hold on trade with me really quick wait you’re going to actually give me this unit you know we’re One V oneing right oh nah never mind that’s that’s the only unit in the entire game that I don’t have are you kidding that was the most rare spin

That’s it I’m buying crates there’s still a chance melon there’s still a chance there’s still a chance Sunny I’ll let you open up a few crates but if you don’t get them then you’re just going to have to have an empty slot you’re right for that no cap come

On I’ve spent like 200,000 Roo for this come on how unlucky am I you know what what’s another 10 ,000 Robux and while I open crates I’m spinning the wheel for your second unit come on give me something good you got the speaker man the most

Basic dang it bro are you serious he’s trash man might even be worse than the camera woman yeah at least it’s more rare than the camera woman I guess but I mean he’s still caught garbage yeah you know it’s not hot garbage though buying another 100 spider TV crates do you guys

Have any any idea how many times I’ve done this this is a 10% chance please work oh wait I think I only bought 50 crates still it’s 5% and I’ve done this so many times where’s the lucky spot where’s the lucky spot right here on toilet City HQ I actually rolled the

Spider TV just give me it from this crate please please please you’ll never acquire it sunny at this rate you’re right I’m going to go broke long before I ever find one of these guys come on so unfair so rude bro I’m buying three actually I’m buying six actually I’m

Buying nine and I’m going to Slow Roll these one at a time melon we’re going to be here all day think about how satisfying it’s going to be if I open it up did you get it sunny did you get it I know I’m still opening crates that’s a camera spider

Can’t believe I actually rolled the spider TV but now I don’t have it trash bro you should probably try and get it one day maybe I’m trying don’t you see that dang it speaker spider again last crate speaker spider you know what I’m just going to spin the wheel my second

Unit is please please be good bro I was one off of the Sinister cameraman but I got dancing speaker woman dude you know what it could be worse than that yeah my first unit is a blank well sunny it’s time for my third unit so spin that

Wheel I’m on it bro wheel spinning your third Squad member is going to be large cameraman yo that’s not too bad right Lar large cameraman where is that believe that’s an epic yes it is large cameraman let’s see its stats oh it’s it’s pretty terrible yeah well now I’m

Spinning the wheel watch me get spider TV again come on yo stop stop jetpack speaker man let’s go yo that’s actually a good character I need to get one that’s good as well jetpack speaker man I think I’m going to destroy you and then you have to pay me the spider TV if

You lose no bro I did not agree to that yeah but if I lose I’ll give you the corrupted cameraman you know what we’ve got a deal your next unit is spinning and it’s going to be bro you got the Titan Cinema man wait are you serious

The upgraded Titan Cinema man no there there’s only one only the Titan Cinema man dude that’s awesome if I can actually get this unit down I’ll win well I’m spinning the wheel let me see what my fourth unit is yo stop stop oh I almost got a money

Unit but I got another jet Packer the jetpack cameraman wait are you serious yeah bro I got the jetpack Squad bro you actually have a solid lineup and we only have one spin left M give me something good give me something good it’s rolling and your last unit is are you kidding me

Bro you’re so lucky Titan speaker man let’s go wait a second oh no Sunny you still have my upgraded Titan speaker man yo melon I said Titan not upgraded oh wait I don’t even think I have the normal Titan but he is in the shop so

All I’ve got to do is grind him out are you serious bro you’re actually coming over here and spending some coins yes uh all I’ve got to do is pop one of these luck boosts and use some of these coins get lucky come on please please I need

Him I need him come on legendary yes I got him wow melon I’m so proud of you but I’ll be even more proud of my last unit please be goated give him trash give him trash Oh oh yes upgraded Titan cameraman no way bro our teams are

Actually insane dude I think I’m going to lose there he is the upgraded Titan cameraman the only problem is none of us have any money makers so it’s going to be hard to survive well sunny it’s game on Whoever has the biggest brain will likely win yep I’m heading to the

Patches same here sunny and let the games begin Autos skip enabled yeah I’m going to need to Auto skip as well I need to save up for a strong unit actually I’m not going to be able to do that straight up I’m not going to be able to have

Enough cash cuz you’re too broke bro you too broke I actually don’t have a choice I got to save up for this tight end speaker man that is what a Brokey would say this actually scuffed I might just lose instantly are you that poor how much your units cost what’s the cheapest

Bro I could realistically afford a large cameraman but he’s trash can’t even hold you over for a few waves man I guess I have no choice I got to experiment here take the risk oh wait good luck melon actually stopping the first waves I probably should have placed him to stop

These guys but you know what it’s too late now oh that’s a lot of little toilets getting through and I have no choice I have to skip wave dang it guys I messed up a little bit yeah I’ve messed up too bro I don’t know how long I’m going to survive these little

Toilets are going to get through yeah let some little toilets through how much damage are they going to do oh my goodness they are going to do some work that was a mistake guys I think the best option right now is actually to upgrade him to reduce the cool down let’s go

Slap these toilets we got to clear the way and hopefully we’ll be strong enough to defeat each of these spiders come on please take out these toilets come on I know you can do it just a few more and you can get an upgrade yes upgrade just

Target the strongest this is not good melon these units are getting through right now I let one normal toilet make it through so that’s going to do a little bit of damage even if I skip the wave I don’t have enough money to pay

For this guy yes yes I could win I could actually do it yeah in the cringiest way possible this is is awful can I tank these hits 340 I’m going to risk it I’m going to risk it please don’t lose yes I tanked the hits I still have 240 Health

Oh my goodness oh my goodness these spider toilets are going to kill me I’ve got to tank more hits this is so sad maybe I can take them out come on it’s going to be close it’s going to be close oh no one spider toilet made it through

Bro this challenge is way harder than I expected bro if I only put him back a little bit he would have been able to finish the job dang it that’s it I’m going to place a guy over here as well I want to buy more units but but I need

Faster attack speed and I think I have to do this upgrade cuz I need to One-Shot the spiders coming from this side okay melon I’m doing a lot better now I’m on Wave four and I think I’m going to beat this with no damage oh no

Sunny I am going to struggle in the long run because I can’t afford my stronger units my units are not cheap either bro but they’re a little more affordable okay let’s mix things up I’m going to get a jetpack cameraman now and let’s put them right about here come on kill

As many of these as you can I need the money I need to skip an upgrade there’s no choice yo first upgrade on him is only 200 buckus let’s go boost that AOE bro I’m barely surviving these waves oh no and this wave has assassin toilets

This is not good bro I can’t wait to see your perspective and watch you lose oh no oh no no oh no the dual claws are coming wave five melon good luck to you oh yeah the dual claws are coming but it’s okay I survived wave four without a

Damage same here bro my Halloween Town is at 200 health though I’ve lost half of my health bro this boss turet already has 16,000 HP yeah it’s kind of broken that is busted dude and they’re going to sleep my jet Packer great wake up buddy do some damage oh we’re chilling we’re

Chilling I need 500 bucks I need these guys to take out one of these dual claws time to start slapping this boss toilet I think we have enough damage here it’s going to be kind of close and Skip wave we’re I’m going to have to skip wave as

Well oh no yeah this boss toilet needs to die I need to get paid really badly okay I’m chilling but I’m debating what I should buy I think I need this upgrade guys and Titan speaker man please do something oh no I placed him very poorly

It’s okay melon why don’t you just sell him oh no oh melon that spider TV is going to be all mine this is not good dude this boss toilet is for sure going to make it through you don’t have enough damage bro I don’t want to lose my

Spider TV maybe you can win him back in a future challenge maybe maybe I can actually take the this boss toilet down please please oh no there’s no chance there’s no chance I can take him out dang it I’m going to have to tank this hit can you though do you have enough

Health I have 300 HP so I should be able to take it I need to save up 500 Buck arusi for this upgrade come on oh we’re good bro this is light work upgrade my Jetpack cameraman to level three look at his AOE and his attack speed reduction

Let’s go bro your squad is so much stronger than mine I’m going to die soon yep that sounds about right hey melon to make it fair I’ll put a dancing speaker woman in next dang it bro my units are actually trash yeah the dancing speaker woman might make me lose though it’s a

Pretty bad unit to place right about now I need to skip wave I just need money I need money and get and I need some upgrades desperately what’s your squad look like I have two large cameraman level two and one Titan speaker man oh yeah that doesn’t sound too good and I’m

Going to Li I’m dead I’m I’m going to die here you’re out of the game for real bro there’s no way there’s no way I can stop this and I need to sell this guy believe in yourself melon believe in yourself and I need to place this guy

Here oh no I straight up I’m going to lose that’s okay I put a dancing speaker woman in so I wasted my money no way this guy made it through with 50 health I need to place a speaker man and pray he takes him down this guy does 20 damage are you kidding

Me yes oh I could taste the victory no no no no no no I can stop him I can stop him another speaker man I had to I had to sell him okay I actually stopped that unit there’s no way oh bro I’m dead this wave I’m so dead

Yo the minigun toilet on Wave seven means business but I got that dancing speaker woman and she is wiggling this jetpack police toilet is going to kill me wait you’re on a jetpack police toilet What wave are you on I’m at wave eight bro dude you’re going crazy I am

Now dead very soon very very soon I just got to wave eight there’s a lot of these little toilets so I’m going to upgrade this guy to level three so his attack speed increases sell sell place no let me place let me Place dang it upgrade and Y the jetpack please toilet now

Killed me you’re out of the game dang it why I lost at wave eight yeah so if I beat this jetpack policeman I win pretty much bro come on do some damage wake up buddy boy oh I should be good slap him yo he’s dead bro I obliterated him well

Sunny you beat me congratulations hold on let me rub it in I want to beat the entire wave eight oh bro this is going to be easy all this left is a minigun toilet maybe I’ll rub it in by saving up 1,500 and summoning an upgraded Titan

Wouldn’t that be awesome yeah good for you Sunny good for you oh yeah wave Eight’s dead bro that was too easy bro so melon shall I meet you in the lobby and take that spider off your hands fine a Deal’s a deal let’s go melon oh

Melon dude I don’t want to talk about it and just trade me trade dang it bro I’m going to lose my spider TV what is this I can’t trade you bro I’m literally trading you right now dude it’s glitched cancel that window trade did you get the trade request what

Is going on yes I did sunny it’s l oh the game was lagging a lot I think that’s why hold on hold on close the window and trade bro it says you’re already trading stop capping give me your TV I’m trying to trade melon finally no I’m going to lose by spider

TV don’t worry melon I’ll make it worth it here have a corrupted cameraman oh we’re doing a little swap S give me that dang it the spider TV is all mine I’ll miss you spider TV hey melon it’s been a pleasure doing business with you and now I have a completed inventory every

Single unit in the game is now all mine don’t worry Sunny I’ll win that spider TV back if it’s the last thing I do and the last thing you guys should do today is press that like And subscribe button to get goated today sunny and I play the

Spin the wheel challenge but there’s a Twist we get a guaranteed money maker a guaranteed Mythic or Godly and a guaranteed Christmas Tower then we’re going to face off and see you can make it farther in the North Pole comment down below who you think’s going to win

It’s time for the ultimate spin the wheel mystery challenge in toilet tower defense let’s do this thing Sunny do you you want to go first or yeah I’ll spin the wheel first let’s do it the rules of this contest are a little different though melon the first spin is to decide

What type of money makers we unlock oh all right sounds like a plan and my money maker please keep spinning keep going no I got the scientist cameraman you got the worst one bro maybe it’s not the pumpkins might be weaker nah bro pumpkins are second best

But the best is the brand new Mythic present man well let’s see if you get it spin in the wheel for you now come on give me that present man give me that present man well melon it looks like this is going to be balanced you got scientist cameraman dang it guess I’ll

Equip the scientist I really wanted that present man but don’t worry melon there’s still a chance you get it because the second phase of this ultimate spin the wheel challenge is actually a CR opening we get to open one Santa crate yes that means there’s a 9%

Chance I could open him but I’m going to do it first let’s go ah I got the reindeer the most common one oh wait no that’s better than the elf open ah I got the rain deer as well what the heck we have the exact same Squad bro that is

Cringe you want to reroll we each open one more crate uh yeah we could do that all right deal deal deal dang it I got the reindeer again bro I got the elf camera you have to swap you have to use her she’s she you know she’s more rare right

Yeah but but is it better or worse I think it’s probably worse n it’s way better dude way better way cheaper much more effective for the beginning of the game sure whatever helps you sleep at night because now we’re moving on to the final and most important spin wait we

Only get one more spin yeah bro this is the ultimate contest and the last spin includes every Mythic unit plus the godlies yo wait you need to get a good Mythic unit here or you’re done do you want to go first or second give me that

First spin the first wheel spin is going to reward you with what no way you got my favorite you got the chef TV man yo let’s go he could for sure solo all of the North Pole Chef TV man equipped my turn to spin come on Tian present man

That would be awesome he’s like the cooler Chef wait what the heck what the heck I got Santa TV man wait is it isn’t he trash bro wait you got another Money Maker all I could do is make money and spawn in reindeers now bro you got too

Much money and not enough DPS whatever we’ll see who survives longer I’m entering the North Pole and I’m starting my challenge same here bro yeah you think it’s so funny do you bro that was literally the worst unit you could have gotten I was thinking that to

Myself if only I had gotten a better one out of my crate and let’s deploy some scientist here we go Uno do treso yeah so cool whatever at least I get paid more quickly than you yeah but you can’t even use that money dude can’t even use

It yeah we’ll see who gets the last laugh though I will elf camera woman deployed she’s so powerful for the beginning of the game yeah yeah yeah I just need this wave skip to hurry it up here we go one more of these boys and

One more of these puppies wait can I get more dang it I reached my money-making troop limit already the elf camera woman already has two shoulder pads and can probably solo all the way up to wave seven okay place this unit down I can’t afford to take any damage come on

Reindeer speaker man clean up these toilets and now with the spare time I will focus solely on upgrading the money yes upgrading the money it’s a great idea money money money you should totally do that and don’t take crazy amounts of damage that would really suck

For you bro I’m not taking any damage I’ve got this elf camera woman yeah you’ve got this elf camera woman you’re totally not going to get destroyed by these toilets and lose early bro I’m chilling bro this elf camera woman does how much damage let me just check oh she

Doesn’t actually do that much I know that’s why I feel like I have a good chance here do you know yes I just need to get to $500 oh these assassin toilets no oh oh one got through one got through that’s music to my ears all right upgrade that

Finish him down and I’m going to turn off this Auto Skip it’s scaring me yeah I don’t have Auto skip on anymore I had to cow and turn that off it was too risky and now it’s time Sunny for the chef to be deployed Chef TV man that’s

So unfair you got an actual Mythic that does damage all I get to do is make infinite money yeah bro it is over for you or is it just getting started cuz what if I have 15 max level reindeer what if they’re as strong as the DJ

Station dude I don’t think so I don’t think so yeah you’re probably right dang it okay I can Auto skip a couple more waves should be fine get paid oh the frost toilets do freeze your units I have found this out Frost toilet has a

Lot of H pizzles yeah yeah yeah but so does my reindeer Army down that Frost toilet Chef yes the upgrades the upgrades are flowing now melon you don’t stand a chance uh it’s got 2750 I’m going to need to hit an upgrade here hopefully that’s enough to take

Down this Frost toilet come on I got to get to $800 before I get to the next wave skip okay yeah we’re chilling we’re being chilling let’s turn on that Autos Skip and $800 upgrade is about to be acquired let’s go Autos skip bro this minigun toilet it just lagged so hard

And avoided so much damage damage beautiful melon that’s a beautiful thing to hear about bro my reindeer are unstoppable right now I’m going to hit that auto skip up oh yeah buying some more money why not why not Farm it all oh no that’s a minigun toilet with a lot

Of Health I think I got him though oh I got him sh smelted I got him dead to rights let’s go all right here we go skip another wave and now I’ve got to be careful I’ve skipped quite a few waves now I’m on wave 11 and I have three Santa TV men

Upgraded to level four bro I got to make sure my chef just absolutely annihilates these dual claws I need this $11,000 upgrade I bet you do I do yes I just said that yeah I bet you do yeah I I know I’m literally saying that yeah you

Probably do need upgrades bro what is happening it’s glitching so hard cuz you’re a noob I’m the only real goat out here cuz I got Rudolph the red noos speaker man it is so glitchy it is so glitchy right now what is happening I need one more place it skip the wave all

Right chef TV Man level three yes they’ve all been upgraded they are all level two now what should I invest in more money perhaps not much else I can do oh wait these toilets are starting to get through this is bad oh this is very

Bad oh no I need money I need upgrades oh that’s good two of them are level three now melon my reindeer speaker are starting to pick up crazy amounts of damage yeah well I’m chilling as well but are you being chill uh I wouldn’t say Bing chill but I’m chill chill What

Wave are you wave 10 wave 10 you’re you’re so pathetic I’m on 14 whatever dude you’re going to lose before me no chance you might have the chef but you don’t have the heart it is true my wallet isn’t as big as yours Sunny yeah wallet money heart soul all the same

Thing really yeah that’s a pretty sad way of looking at life yeah a peon like you would say that all right time to buy more money that’s a level five Santa things are doing pretty good for me melon pretty good that’s another level five Santa coming right up just got to

Cook one of these Frost toilets there we go and you know what I’ll skip a wave and acquire more upgrades oh it’s good to be rich very good yes I’m sure Sunny it is kind of sucky right now to be poor because I can’t Autos skip I miss Autos

Skipping bro what wave 16 this dual claw had 60,000 health and I melted it like it didn’t exist good for you Sunny thanks I’m I’m glad you appreciate that it’s good for me thank you D I miss that Mythic Money Maker he’s so powerful yeah you’re right it’s pretty pretty good I

Mean I I wouldn’t want him bro you’re going to lose in the late game it’s literally impossible for you to win yeah if it even goes to the late game you’re probably going to get melted nah bro nah actually that’s a lot of mutant toilets with quite a decent amount of HP plus

When I Max all my reindeers bro it’s 5,000 DPS in a pretty large AOE it’s actually a little bit concerning okay now the mune toilets are done my chef is too busted and soon I’ll get him to level four you do that bro I’m hit a

Wave SK oh maybe I don’t want a wave skip though I don’t know nah I could wave skip this is light work I might hit a wave skip cuz I’m just feeling feisty actually I don’t need to I’ll have enough money to upgrade my chef soon dude these units are getting smelted

100,000 Health on this mutant toilet goodbye yes yes no way you just smelted him like that oh I did like butter bro like butter 20500 Chef TV Man level four and I’ll place a distraction elf camera woman bro she’s the best distraction in the game I’m kind of worried about these

Frost toilets cuz they can freeze my reindeer speakers for so long except I’m freezing them to death first skip wave get paid Big Money in the Bank let’s go now I just got to max out a few more of these reindeers dude what’s your setup looking like I have one level four Chef

TV man my setup is comprised of seven reindeers dang dude yep they do a lot of AOE they work nicely in unison how strong are they in max level 5,000 damage second all right so you’re going to lose in the late game you’ll lose in the late game yeah I wouldn’t count on

That I am counting on that actually matter of fact I’m going to finish upgrading my money makers now that way I can buy and sell reindeer speaker at command yes I too shall invest in my scientists scientists don’t make me laugh shut up bro now let’s see there’s

A lot of dual claws on this side I feel like I could skip this and be fine but I could wait it out make some Marsh money yes and then acquire another upgrade I just Autos skipped three waves I might have gone a little too far are you dead

I don’t know let me see what’s coming at me I got a level seven Santa TV man so I feel pretty good bro what wave are you on 20 all right I’m at wave 15 bro you are a sad sad little wander melon chill bro new rule you have to Auto skip what

How can you just add a new rule I’m joking although that would be a pretty good rule I’d probably lose bro I’m on Wave 20 already bro that is way worse for me your money makers are so much stronger yeah but I’m on Wave 20 the

Units are way stronger yeah but I got to get to wave 20 oh true you’d still have to beat me let’s turn on some Auto skip these waves are too easy yeah you want to do it I’ll skip a wave if you skip a wave bro I already skipped a wave uh

Okay and I’m upgrading my chef TV man to level five wow very impressive stuff there melon but of course it but of course I am currently debating if I should buy more money or maybe increase my damage output I think it might be time to increase my

Money I hope I don’t regret that how much money are you making now Sunny uh let’s see 3,00 4, 4,200 no 4,400 really dude I’m only making 1,200 a wave you are a Brokey what are my guys attacking right now there’s nothing on the cack and they’re all attacking that was

Really concerning dude this game is so cursed sometimes whatever it was they melted it all right Chef it’s time for you to be a chef and Chef them make them into a pizza let them cook it’s very important that you do not get sleed so I’m going to place another elf camera

Woman right there I’ll surround you with four of them yes defend the chef with your life I’ve got I got four units just surrounding my Chef that’s your strategy to distract them what happens when an exploding toilet shows up uh I have a distraction on the outskirts so that doesn’t happen okay I respect it oh bro my reindeer speaker men are actually still cooking everything it’s time to invest in some

More money here we go here we go yeah I’m going to invest in money and upgrades why not I’m just putting Autos skip on for a bit this is too easy Autos skip enabled I got to easy is Right Sunny I’ll place this here Max it out

Out place this here Max it out that way I’m making money at all areas of the world the late game the early game everything cooks and it’ll give me an early warning system in case the toilets are way too strong there we go another maxed out reindeer ah yes this is good

Melon this is very good bro it’s so laggy I don’t understand oh no the explosive toilet you were right I wasn’t prepared mistakes have been made oh no oh no I might lose I might lose I’m at troop limit take these Buzz saws down take these Buzz saws down got to place

This unit right here if I want to be logical that was very very concerning yep you’re telling me bro I can only upgrade my existing units right now I’m going to make sure they’re all maxed out cuz I have tons of money but I need to

Turn Autos skip off this is getting out of hand okay I survive that hopefully that doesn’t happen again and I’ll Skip One More sell this cameraman and I can only buy one more reindeer this is the end of the road for me bro my chef needs

An upgrade he’s struggling to hold up I need to get him to max level yeah I’m I’m kind of done all I can do is sell he just got I might lose I might lose he just got slept and there’s so many units coming in yes I’m also on Wave 28 you

Were making fun of my reindeer bro I don’t have enough money bro my reindeer and the front lines are cooking them and there’s just two uh I think I actually should survive survive this I don’t know if I need any upgrades I think I’m going

To sell this one off and put it here okay I’m definitely going to need to place a chef back here and upgrade invest a lot in that Chef there we go stop the vacuum toilet then kill the mutant toilets okay yeah we’re chilling we’re alive we’re alive you’re alive bro

I could keep Autos skipping I’m on Wave 29 bro I don’t understand you weren’t meant to understand this you don’t even have to worry about your economy you make too much money well at this stage I have to worry about the unit limit which I’ve already reached and there’s nothing

Else I can do but sell off my money makers which I don’t want to do you want more money is that why I mean yeah that way in case I need to buy and sell and buy and sell I’ll have lots of funding that makes actually a lot of sense cuz

These toilets are starting to get very tanky like these UFO toilets with 260,000 bro I need to max out a chef so badly can you just die did you take any damage yet no Santa’s Workshop is still very very healthy dang it I might hit a little Auto skip here though getting a

Little boring yeah I’m on Wave 30 bro I’m cleaning up these UFOs at the moment yo I think I’m going to spend $5,000 and max out one of my scientist cameramen now I’m making some money but at what cost uh the cost of money yeah so 5,000

That could have gone into more damage and now you might lose nah I won’t lose but this UFO toilet does pose a little bit of a threat so crazy how much damage just two of these reindeers are dishing out they soften up the toilets and then

They enter the death track all right UFO toilet inbound take him out boys all right yeah yeah we got that UFO toilet he is not a problem that’s cute guess I can Max up my money makers for fun why not and skip that wave not yes why not plus 6,000 per wave

And that will pay itself off in well I guess nine more waves that was kind of a waste of money but there’s nothing else I can do everything is maxed out bro I just got Auto skip on I’m being chilling I ain’t going to lose dude I’m not even

Worried yeah bro cuz the levels don’t even get hard until like wave 32 which is precisely the level I’m at yeah sure whatever you say bucko max out my first chef there we go what wave are you I’ve just Auto skipped like three waves in a

Row yeah what wave I’m at wave 25 25 bro you’re so far behind Autos skip until you catch up then I’ll be impressed bro I ain’t turning Auto skip off I’ve got this I don’t know why I feel like I’ve got this I’m probably going to lose to be honest but I’ve got

This that’s the sign of determination definitely not hubris I’m turning my auto skip off I’m scared I’m scared that’s what I thought you coward no that’s it I’ll Auto skip again there we go wave 27 I skipped as well and this laser UFO toilet needs to stop going

Invisible okay we got him he’s dead no I need more DPS I need more DPS Chef oh 8,500 guess I need to skip wave then yes yes two maxed out chefs what can’t I accomplish with two maxed out chefs do you have 12 maxed out reindeers no I

Don’t Sunny well then not much I guess I’m actually annihilating these waves I could actually maybe keep Autos skip on I’m not going to cap same so I’m going to skip another one same bro I’m almost at wave 30 wave 29 oh holy smokes wave 34 sent out five explosive toilets at

Once actually n actually n but I survived it I tanked the hits and now I got to take out these multic claw jet pack toilets placing down a third Chef oh I’m at my troop limit actually yes finally let’s sell this Chef here and place a chef right about here upgrade

Upgrade upgrade these dblade toilets must go down dude there is no way you beat me there is a chance Sunny I’m almost at wave 30 I’m on 34 about to be wave 35 I have two little turret toilets left you know what I’ll skip it this is

Too easy yeah I’m turning on some Auto skip bro this is just too much of light work yes I Concur and I might even max out another Money Maker because why not yes I’m going to sell these two troops off guys and move them up a little bit

Cuz they’re wasting their aoe’s there we go come on kill some of these Giants I want to max out my money makers I just need to max out one more now and money shall be maximum very convenient not quite as convenient as my new and improved setup I am absolutely

Devastating these toilets I kind of want to sell off my money makers though I could really use three more damage units UPG this guy get the shoulder pads on him make him a better distraction oh I’m going to sell something here come on wake up sell it’s only one more unit but

I I think it’s necessary all right three maxed out chefs all right this is the killing Lane we must defeat the infected tit end speaker man that is a lot of health and he runs real fast but I think he’s running really quickly into his death yep Max down money makers let’s go

Wow melon I’m so proud of you I don’t know if that was the move there’s uh quite a few toilets coming at me and I am now doing what I’m going to refer to as the hit and run strategy where I’m going to be summoning a reindeer speaker

Man maxing it without letting it do damage selling it and replacing it somewhere else right after like this all right let’s hit a little Auto skip we’re chilling we Bing Ching I got to sell my guy off back here Place Another Chef right here yeah this looks pretty good

Two of these Dual Flying buzs saww toilets they look like they are getting crushed although this guy is going way too fast but we got him he sto to stun a unit big mistake now he should perish bro just four chefs are clutching dude I’m annihilating these waves on Autos

Skip I’m at wave 36 Sunny bro 36 I’m on 36 I just finished it wait are you serious I caught up to you how how can this happen to me let’s go I’m going to beat you Sunny you are so lucky whatever just get these upgrades we’ll take out

The right hand flank and then we’ll adjust backwards we got to lay waste to these boss toilets is this really hard for you dude four of my chefs are crushing this yeah it must be nice it’s all about the long game Sunny the long game I can’t believe you survived now

I’m doomed these toilets are starting to have so much health I can’t possibly kill them yes I’ve got five chefs maxed now Autos skip is on Wave 38 Sunny 39 I hope you’re proud of yourself I am quite proud of myself sunny I thought I was

Going to lose but look at this I’ve made the comeback don’t get too ahead of yourself I am melting these enemies right now oh yeah boss toilet 3.0 and wave 37 I got you although that is a lot of Health it’s kind of spooky sell that

Guy off he’s kind of a poopy distraction same here just sold those place this one Max it out just to be safe and ra time to skip a wave head over to wave 38 get ready to sell this guy off place it back over here bro my strategy is so crazy I

Might have to turn off auto skin in a moment here I’m going to disable it it’s getting a little spooky What wave are you wave 42 dude you actually destroyed me let’s go but I’m working harder than you are you really sunny yeah I got to

Buy and sell units all the time bro I’ve got myself a mini corrupted cameraman that’s pretty much what the elf camera woman is oh boy wave 38 goes crazy with the Dual rocket laser toilets 38 bro what are you talking about let me guess I don’t even remember that wave I had a

Feeling you’d say something like that oh I need to sell one of my units off let me sell this guy right here place a guy right about here and upgrade oh these toilets are starting to have some health bro small scientist toilet but we wrecked him all right here come the duel

Rocket lasers and they are getting shed bro I’m facing off jetpack mutant toilets toxic mutant toilets but they all get cooked yo the chef is actually busted yeah I know you you got a good Mythic I got a money-making Mythic it’s not very helpful unless I had a stronger

Unit I’m just going to keep Autos skip on bro I’m going to see how far I can get well I’m just going to try and survive to wave 40 yeah let’s go with that this is I’ll sell this guy and then I should probably keep those distractions up there they definitely

Don’t hurt to have my units hurt to have let me tell you maybe even Max them out okay I hope these additional troops do the damage that I need and they wake up and stop sleeping on the job thank you didn’t move you guys here to do nothing

I got to move them back and one more maxed out chef let’s go let’s get these distractions maxed out as well I’m so happy for you melon my money is getting drained right now oh no this looks bad actually this looks kind of bad Buzz

Some mutant toilets oh no no we got this never mind this was this is light work it’s a little concerning oh no he sniped one of my chefs that’s the only thing I’m scared about is my Chef’s getting put to sleep but I’m Autos skipping I’m

On oh I’m turning this off I’ll skip to wave 48 and then I’m turning it off that is a lot of units coming down wait they got wrecked what the heck well melon I’m just going to turn Autos skip on cuz I definitely cannot win the game and you

Are currently cheesing everything bro I’m at wave 48 right now I’m Autos skipping to wave 50 I wonder if I can do it sunny I have officially Autos skipped everything in the next 10 seconds yes I’ve Autos skipped everything I’m at wave 50 I’m Happ happy for you I have 15

Troops placed I’m at the unit limit I have no more money makers now I just hope for the best oh wait I need to sell these money makers off effective immediately sell sell sell sell it Place more chefs cuz it’s getting a little scary Max this Chef out Max this other

Chef out I accept my imminent Doom dang it can I beat it can I beat it it’s getting close Sunny a lot of my chefs just got put to sleep you got this bro I think because I auto skipped everything I doomed myself yeah I mean you have AOE it might

Help uh it is going to be close it is going to be very very close the main thing is just making sure your units don’t sleep yeah it’s too late for that they a lot of them got put to sleep then yeah you’re probably Dead come on take

Out all these Frost toilets there’s a chance actually I think I can do this I think I might be able to do this and I think if I wasn’t Autos skipping there was a small chance I could have beat this as well just reindeer okay we melted all the frost toilets that means

All my toilets are going to wake up don’t let these claw toilets put us to sleep take them out chefs yes we did it okay okay this is so close this is so close I think we’re going to win I think we’re going to win good luck melon we’ve

Got a scientist toilet and then a massive buzs saww oven but they’re getting wrecked Santa’s Workshop Was Defeated dang it I’ll see you in the lobby wait I’ve got this this guy’s only got three million health I’m GNA secure the dton did you do it did you win I’m

About to Sunny I’m targeting the final boss Mel him 1 and A2 million HP already less than 1 million he’s about to die and he’s dead I win congratulations melon you won the ultimate spin the wheel challenge for Christmas do you want to know what your prize is what’s

My prize Sunny trade me I’ll cough up the best unit in the game thank thanks for playing are you kidding me today sunny and I are going to try and take down toilet Tower Defense on nightmare mode we spin a wheel which decides our units and on top of that we only spin

The wheel twice meaning each person only gets up to two units however we called up some toilet Tower Defense Pros to help us with this challenge melan it’s time for toilet Tower Defense and we’re spinning a wheel of every unit in the game but today we’ve got to help we’re

Playing with four people Draculas are you ready so ready yeah yeah let’s buy some toilets woo well without further Ado it’s time to spin that wheel but uh who wants the first spin me me me me me please please Dracula your first toilet’s spinning now and you’re unlocking the dancing speaker woman yes

I love dancing oh my gosh that’s going to be so cool yeah but do you even have this unit no I basically have almost nothing all right trade me I’ll sort it out y thank you so much I’m going to give you absolutely nothing wait not

Even a camera woman okay I’ll give you a camera woman hey that’s a deal hold on I’m going to equip it dancing camera woman equip oh this is going to be so cool all right fangs it’s your turn I hope you get a really strong unit oh

Yeah I’m ready spin that wheel shny let’s do this your unlock is Yo that’s awesome you got the monster speaker man ooh yeah monsters like us Dracula Monster speaker man equipped more like a monster fun speaker man am I right oh yeah just like the comics yeah

All right sunny it’s time for me to get my unit okay you want me to spin the wheel then yes please the wheel spinning come on come on give me something goated like maybe a pumpkin patch would actually be pretty good I got okay news for you you got the camera helicopter

Camera helicopter bro that’s so mid oh poor melon everybody point and laugh why why are we laughing what’s going on I don’t understand is this a good thing or a bad thing you’re trash melon I’m sending you back to the compost I don’t like you

Guys well my turn to spin the wheel I’m probably going to get an upgraded Titan wait keep going keep going oh it was so close to spider TV but I got the secret agent this this guy sucks but he does a lot of damage yeah honey at least you

Can take out the big bosses true I can onot just about anything in the game now that’s awesome I’m feeling left out I know I already did one but I want to do another one can I have another spin yeah we’re all going to get two units so

Let’s spin the wheel again your Second Spin is landing on bro that’s actually awesome camera spider oh I love spiders this is going to be so cool all right stand aside ladies and gentlemen and monsters it is my turn once again to spin that wheel Here Comes Your new unit bring it to

Me yo Titan speaker man let’s go where is it Titan do you have one no I do not have one okay let me sort you out let’s sort you out let’s sort you out thank shy no problemo take take it take it oh that’s friendship right there all right

Melon I’m spinning the wheel here’s your poo unit okay please actually be something good jetpack cameraman that thing is awesome let’s go wait maybe we could actually be nightmare mode it’s possible but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet I’m spinning for my last unit please tell me it’ll be good

Uh scientist cameraman I can make money okay now that we have all of our units I want to go to P Paradise you guys want to come with me yeah let’s go you actually picked a goated map dude this is the easiest one for nightmare modes and you guys also have our strongest

Units so we’re counting on you I’ve never used units this powerful before hopefully I can handle it may if he clicks nightmare mode we can handle it faster J this unit that Sunny gave me it cost ,000 it’s the most powerful unit I’ve ever sh I also don’t have enough

Money to drop anything and the only things I could spawn in make money they don’t even do damage well at least I got a camera helicopter back here spawning in some little baby cameramen look at that little guy just a little guy and he doesn’t know he’s walking towards his

Death hey who wants to skip this Wave by the way you can press that big button it’ll be pretty fun Sunny you’re crazy bro what if all the toilets gang up on us check this out dancing speaker woman b b b going crazy yo you’re crushing

Them yeah kick them in their face all right I got something down here have our first unit the monster speaker man is working we are actually going to destroy these toilets you guys have such good Towers I got some bad news though my cameramen are dying oh no bro they are

Trash upgrade it melon upgrade it quick I don’t have enough money you are broke I do I do I do I upgraded it uh we’re going to take a little bit of damage that’s okay oh no I’m panicking and I am buying more money cuz that’s the only

Thing I can do I put out a spider come on little buddy beat him up yo you guys are doing all the work out here melon pick it up you’re slacking BR what are you doing you’re literally just making money well that’s all I can do shanny’s

Going to try and answer the question how much cash does it take to clog a toilet cuz that’s all Sunny can do right now hey let me think about it if you have $11 bills that would be approximately uh 17 in squared and if I put that into

Cubic relations and stuff it down the toilet in flush it 14 times yeah I’m going to need about $272 wait who’s sleeping who the heck is sleeping sorry sorry sorry sorry when I start hearing math it’s bedtime for me that was too much I understand when I’m

Crunching the numbers it can be too much for some people Draculas has a medical condition it’s called having a low IQ shy wait no way melon suffers from the same problem he has four seeds for a brain what are you guys talking about yeah I don’t know if I like What’s

Happening Here melon why don’t you come over here and be my friend I think I don’t want than to be my friend anymore you can be my friend now yeah bro let’s go over here exactly we can just place our units over here and have like a

Grand old time Draculas I got bad news for you if you think we’re stinky you do know what melon uses as a deodorant right oh no what does melon use as a deodorant literal poo he uses compost fertilizer melon look at me in my face

Tell me I swear it’s not like that it’s it’s it’s I need nutrients or I’ll die you suck blood yeah well at least it doesn’t smell like poo yeah well I mean you know what you have a good point and I don’t know really what to say back to

That but just leave it to me look at that Sunny they’re getting along just perfect this is adorable Isn’t it nice Draculas what’s wrong with you melon you’re right I do drink blood and what color is blood uh red and what color are you uh red but I swear I’m vegetarian get over

Here me get out of there quick brother I’m going to drain you it’s melon juice not blood I’ll leave you alive for now Sunny Dracula is starting to really scare me yeah melon don’t worry about it we’re trying to play toilet Tower Defense Focus up don’t be a

Coward anyways guys our Tower’s over here we probably need to get some upgrades how soon can you get this camer spider to level two I’m trying as best as I can sunny I don’t make money like some people well that’s all I do is make money I can’t even buy damage whatever

I’m skipping waves hopefully this works out all right here we go I can upgrade my first Monster speaker to level two come on do your worst toilets prepare to skippity do die die yo you are shelting them down nice work yes the monster gives you the evil

Eye he focuses on you and you explode into a thousand little porcelain pieces also I have a th000 buckaroos guys come check this out over here I’m going to spawn my first secret agent ready all right Sunny let’s see it I am a magician now you see the boss toilet now you

Don’t yo he just disappeared in the thin air sunny I didn’t know you knew magic yeah I’ve got a few other tricks up my sleeve like look at this big boy over here oh the mutant toilet that’s a huge boss what are you going to do make it disappear Abracadabra alak Kazumi now

You see a toilet and now he’s in the sewer and I messed up I can only have one of these guys oh no oh no h sewer there we go gone wow yeah Sunny you’re going to have to do a lot of buying and selling yeah so I’m going need to make a

Lot more money I have two spiders down now and one of them is upgraded nice that’s a lot of bramage and I’m going to place down a jetpack cameraman he does a lot of heavy single damage I can’t float that high CH check this out ready yo actually you’re a little bit

Shorter sorry to burst your bubble fangs oh I got to work on that wait hold on my turn my turn how about me and let’s see oh no he’s way taller wa you guys have cool power ups though this is all I can do yeah bus my favorite move hit the FL

Yeah hit the floss yeah yeah yeah hit the plus call me the dentist call me the dentist okay guys I don’t want to um embarr anyone but I have enough money to put down the ultimate the master the ultra rare Titan speaker man can you can

You put him over here can you put him right here where I’m standing yeah yeah yeah that’s a good idea I reveal the greatest unit in all of Roblox there he is gaze upon Him wow he is pretty big and powerful but uh melon should we

Break the bad news uh I don’t want to break his heart Sunny okay we we won’t tell him that that’s only like the the seventh best unit we won’t tell him that it’s not even like in the top 10 Sunny how is that there’s people more powerful

Than this guy how wait how did you hear us I have actually vampire hearing I know everything you’re saying and I can hear melon breathe from 500 y away yeah he is pretty loud uh Sunny we got bad news we’re going to need your secret

Agent it’s okay I just need $25 $35 just I need to get paid okay we’re good Sunny we’re dead we’re going to die here we are going to to die here no no we are chilling chilling how did you have enough money what the heck I make that money I

Actually need to upgrade my money makers a bit if I’m going to keep this up bro this is not looking good there’s way too many small units making it through who’s Autos skipping that was me sorry guys I just thought I’d make things a little crazy thankss you might have just killed us

Upgrade your units quick and now we have no choice but to skip oh oh no no no things what happened last time we did this what happened last time we did this oh no shry it’s okay I think we can tank a couple hits I’m going to take out this

Airplane bro we might be able to take out this mutant don’t waste your secret agent on him I have to kill the airplane though that’s for sure come on come on and die oh no wait Sunny we’re about to die we’re about to die we need your secret agent immediately we need him

Immediately I’m trying I’m going to be out of money here can I place him oh we got him skip skip oh but we’re dead now we’re dead we’re dead I’m trying to sell no I was too slow cruel world it’s a cruel toilet stanky World fangs I may have a low IQ

But at least I don’t have a decaying brain sorry guys I just got really excited dang it we were doing so good although I don’t think we could have beaten nightmare mode anyways but fangs why you skip so many waves I’m sorry guys I I just got so excited and I was I

Was happy with these new units I wanted to see what they could do we all get you guys Deuces units again yeah yeah yeah we could run it back but dracul you see that board over there where it says 0.02% so I gave a bunch of those to

Fangs to help you guys out but he promised me we’d beat nightmare oh no give them back give them back ah man man oh come on it’s just fine I’ll give you your Mythic units and all your Godly you know rare ultra rare exclusive upgraded units

We’ll see I’ll be back oh than thanks don’t give him back just just run away just run away and we can keep him okay okay all right I’m going to pretend that I’m going to give him something I’m going to run what are you guys talking about ready 1 2 3 go

Go get back here run you’re never getting these back wait this doesn’t go anywhere oh no oh no

Sunny and Melon play SPIN THE WHEEL in ROBLOX… But this video is INSANELY long to showcase EVERY spin the wheel we have EVER DONE! DO YOU LIKE IT?

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