Roblox but you have LIMITED LIVES…

Guys what would you do if Roblox had limited deaths that would mean every time you oof you would have to completely restart your progress well only one way to find out limit to death difficulty chart I’ll be with chat honestly shouldn’t be a problem for me because I literally never die on Hobbies

Anyways all right guys right hey okay so I got I got two deaths remaining so I’m guessing as soon as I uh die which I won’t that’ll mean that I have one less okay anyway as I was saying if I die one more time does that mean I have to

Restart all the way from the beginning because if that’s the case I’m not gonna be happy okay what do we have to do here we just gotta ah okay what is this another stupid block that’s got an icon on it is it gonna fall which way do I go do I go

Left where do I go right let’s go right why not okay okay okay okay no I re no stop it who gave you permission to do that stop it okay hey I made it to uh it’s very easy no okay I would skip to the end if I

Could but this is just a warm-up okay this is literally a practice round oh would you look at that I’ve got three deaths remaining now so I guess every time I get to a new stage or difficulty I get extra lives so I mean not that I

Would need them as I said I’m never gonna die as long as I don’t look at the top again but okay bruh why are they treating me like I’m a car I’m not a vehicle please stop now this would be very hard if they were moving but

They’re not because this is very easy too easy almost what is this okay you could have warned me about that my man you can’t just throw me up there and expect you to know what’s going on what is it ah I gotta be very careful very careful

That is what I would say if I was a noob obviously I don’t have to be very careful that was close hey dive up to easy I can’t wait till I get up to at least hard because this is so easy I have that four deaths remaining now

Which is which is honestly too much because I don’t even think I’m gonna need one death just gotta jump up here how do I recover what do I do I am literally having to make out with this stupid Pole right now do I ah okay there

Was no way to recover from that now we got some green Doritos whoa okay that that one just decided to eat okay come on how long is this I just want to get to the hard part I just want to see what it would be like if it was actually hard

And if I could actually fall down you know like I would never fall down okay every time I start to brag no what what do I what do I do here ah I made it medium okay I’m a medium I’m a medium okay that kind of sucks I

Really want to get to the end of this insane and I think I can do it I mean how hard could it be she just fell why are people falling there’s so many people now everyone’s falling is it actually that hard okay I’m excited now let’s see what

Okay excuse me what was I meant to do there am I I thought this was a uh limited deaths not uh thank you test what am I meant to be doing right now okay I just gotta jump up like this and then can I just nope okay okay that

Actually looks kind of hard because it’s like it’s on an angle so ah here goes nothing I did it I’m literally the best okay okay okay okay now I just gotta do that again again hey that was easy I just climb up the ladder ah there we go hey

Okay genuinely how are people falling in this like not even bragging but this is easier than easy in my opinion I if I fell there that would have been embarrassing but no come on come on come on come on I did it I did it no okay at

Least I know if I had I’m gonna say death I would be okay well okay my man this is like we were destined to meet at Stage 38 my man who is this guy you’re getting really close uh what are we doing here we just I

Hey are you the real glitch yes are you the real Lucas that is the much more important question right now I don’t think he’s ever thought of that no come on my man what are you waiting for Let’s do let’s beat this let’s beat this just don’t die okay oh every time I

Speak about dying I almost die it’s just a gift I have I think okay my man come on this is meant to be skill based but they’ve made it lock based excuse me for Life surveying no I am not restarting this from the start no I

Can’t do that I cannot come on it’s because this girl’s here look her legs she’s using the stupid thick leg bundle stop it no don’t turn around stop it you know I’m gonna back up okay your thick legs are just blocking my vision so I don’t know where to jump that’s just

That that’s that’s why I died not because what do I do here what do I do help okay whatever that’s okay let’s go that’s that’s okay okay I made it I made it I’m okay I’m okay okay I did it I did it I am so good at this okay

Ah no are you kidding me right now what do you mean as soon as you jump you like Bonk your head on this thing what how’d you do that look this guy’s gonna what okay maybe I just suck am I meant to use that Uh Chef lock why did that take me so long to decide I don’t know okay I think this will be easier now yeah that’s way easier shift lock is literally cheating in Hobbies I don’t care if you disagree shift lock makes everything so you know what you’re correct shift lock

Does not make anything easier okay there we go here we go excuse me I only have one life left don’t look at me I’m embarrassed I can’t do this maybe I need the Clacks maybe that’s the trick show me how it’s done catnip oh that’s all okay that’s easy why didn’t I think

Of that wow wow what is your hair what do we do I’ve got zero remaining okay ah I don’t know about this one uh um let me just uh I’m just I’m just I’m just cleaning out my eyes just give me just give me a sec let me just

Would you look at that I’ve got five lives though that’s crazy what I deserve that why is this so much harder literally what what this is like the hardest part of the whole Obby and I’m only like halfway I got I just got it

Still do it I just gotta okay come on if I guys if I make this you have to go down no I forgot to get more lives out of lives you used all of your lives that have to start hard again you’re supporting oh what okay uh Roblox I’ll

Take the Robux option Roblox 59 Robux is this gonna be more expensive every time as I was saying if I could do this you guys gotta go under the video and completely smash that subscribe button okay it’s got a break in half from how hard you smash it okay wait I could hold

I had to I that I’m so flabbergasted I had to just go back to respect this for a moment you’re telling me I could have just walked on this okay you know what bye maybe it wasn’t hard maybe I’m just a noob but what do I what do I do here

Though I I don’t think that’s what you’re meant to do but I did it okay okay that was kind of easy listen I’m just gonna stop saying things are easy at this point that was hard that was so challenging so challenging this whole game so challenging see if I say it’s

Not easy I don’t don’t die that seems to be the trick in this game it can it’s it’s hearing it’s listening to me through uh voice chat I think I think that’s what’s going on right now okay we’re up to difficult now we are definitely not gonna die ever again not

Another shut up now what do I do do I okay you know I use my big brain here for a sec all three brain cells activate right now okay they’re activated so I just gotta go there there yeah okay that’s easy I knew that from the start I

Know you’re talking about ah and then ah and then e e okay I did not see that there this is so disrespectful are you kidding me right now why do you want me to die I can’t I can’t just like like go across Roblox is not that advanced yet you have got to

Be kidding me now I’m back at the start okay zero deaths remaining okay this is my last shot to actually get this do not I just walk up okay how much is the damage 59 Robux take it I deserve the punishment I got eight deaths remaining

Now it’s like they give me okay you know what I’m just gonna stop where do I go come on what do you want me to do it worked it worked okay don’t fall don’t fall don’t you dare fall is that a what they put a kill brick there that is so

Bad okay okay ah how did I do that how am I living okay you know what yeah that was probably the easiest stage I’ve ever done I am never doing stage 53 again never in my life ah I understand don’t understand why do I keep falling

What is the reason for this is there a scientific reason for me falling hey that’s just not fair I didn’t do that on purpose I clicked the button and the button didn’t do the clicking it’s not my fault if my keyboard isn’t doing his job that’s just that’s just how it

Goes okay now I got it ah yeah that’s what you got to do and then go go stop go he didn’t go I told her to go and he just didn’t go you know what I mean okay this is actually hard okay I think I

Need to use mold AKA shift lock for okay you know what bye I did it I did it I actually did it okay okay challenging excuse me you’re gonna call this challenging if this is challenging what was this what was this specific you know what whatever fine okay here it goes [Applause]

Off to a great start what am I meant to be doing that isn’t can I go in the middle no what am I excuse me can someone explain what is going on here show me how it’s done oh that was pretty easy why didn’t I

Fall okay I did it so easy okay what you want me to do that but but with it moving yeah I can do it I can definitely do that there we go I really gotta go slower what am I doing okay that was something that was that

Was definitely something okay uh now I gotta just gotta jump what am I gonna do there okay I can go in the edge okay okay okay good I can I can go on the edge and then not have to move I think that’s the only way to do it

Okay what do I do here what what am I what what am I meant to excuse me explain yourself magic sphere do I just I just do this just this just make out with the wall is that what you want me to do okay I guess I didn’t make out

With the wall enough but wait what do I have it away all right you stop you stopped that right now ah okay I understand that so it’s like a speed run kind of thing right so I just gotta ah I did it I did it so easy what do I do now

And then no no no no no no stop it I love Robux Robux loves me what do I do here well okay I made it I made it what do I do here he wants me to go ah okay I can do that ah there we go

Okay that’s like a trampoline but it but it actually works I know Roblox trampolines don’t work very well okay and then wait what’s that down there is that to get back up if I fall because I’m obvious yeah okay I’m gonna need that real quick please thank you Thank you as I was saying I would never fall so gotta be kidding me you know even the game feels bad for me look what it’s doing this isn’t even I don’t even know what’s going on at this point what do you bet that do it’s because I don’t

Have shift lock on that’s definitely it okay well that’s what it would be like if you had limited oofs

whatever you do, do not oof
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