Uh Zoe where are we well this place looks pretty cool though oh wait who’s that oh my gosh Zoe I think that’s Barry Oh Berry I think we’re berries spinner wait we’re in prison Oh I thought this was a playground yeah and I thought we were gonna be using custom Hearts sir I

Don’t like this wait I just realized so we checked the shop there is custom Hearts well technically these are just custom drinks but I think we can use them to help us out during this hobby so I’m gonna buy a gravity Cola I wonder

What that does yeah me too but I got it uh okay and then now I’ve access to jump boost now I can drink that said just go to this one over here are you serious serious Zoe come on you know what I need to get this too wait what

You’re spending Roblox too yeah I want it oh my gosh wait did you see the miners Zoe I think it did oh my God just get up here let’s go okay get this down here and whoa look how high I go Zilla I could just jump across this

Place like after this one yeah it’s like we’re flying wait and Zoey what’s this button right here press it oh they space platforms for us but I’m not sure we need that oh gosh you fell never mind that we we may need the platforms oh gosh but I’m not gonna

Lie so wait that was really easy yeah these are kind of overpowered yeah anyways let’s keep using these custom Hearts to go through this hobby uh so we oh it’s him is that very right oh we gotta get out of here minor why are you pointing at him like that oh

Wait he saw me wait how did the money just dodge him I’m hiding up here he’ll never get me right away Zoe how did you get oh wait wait you can just jump up there nope I don’t want him to get me wait what does this button do wait it’s

Connected to that door up there wait was it really that easy you sure what oh but the miners getting caught oh no well I think there’s a time to access our next heart so we oh what heart and I think this time we’re gonna buy the speed cola and this costs 100

Robux and this should make us pretty fast so then we could be fairy’s prison even easier and if you look at the bottom I can just click one and I am Wow Let’s see how fast you go look at this I am super fast well where you go

I don’t know I’m just walking around oh Zoe did you just smell that ew I smell someone in the bathroom I think someone just oh there’s a sticky toilet but anyways you want to hop down here this looks like a good idea wait there’s no hole down there and there’s a shovel

You had to dig wait is that what we need to do with your shirt of course we’re not gonna go into the boys bathroom right here I hope not wait I can look on the other side of the wall wait I just saw it for a second oh whatever I’m just

Gonna dig down let’s see where I could go and gosh this speed could be kind of annoying sometimes but whoa how far can we go hello Nico I’ve become the ruler of the candles wait so are you picking I’m kidding yo I’m pranking you oh my gosh stop doing that Four I know we can just jump it everywhere like crazy I guess these super Hearts do give us super power abilities yep we sure do yeah we can just speed past this I don’t think this is how we’re supposed to play Obby but you know this is just way too easy yeah

Anyways what’s up uh is the miner doing all this legit I think so well that’s pretty impressive how is he doing this faster than us so wait did you see that I heard something did The Miner just die to a wrecking ball oh no oh that’s a big Wrecking Ball oh my gosh

Look at the ball so he’s always we got to go into the crevices and that is a big lava Bowl wait did you just die you can’t kick me off oopsies sorry Toby oh my but I found the accident Zoe would just be cold he can just run to the very end instantly

Yeah so just wait for this ball to get through and then you should be able to do it I’m running I’m ready okay let’s go um what is this area wait is that Barry Oh gosh not bear oh my gosh this guy’s crazier you gotta get this week what do

We need wait but I I can get him I can get him oh gosh no I cannot get him Zoe I just died too uh oh and look my core is ran out so I need to drink them again and I can just go back to right here

Anyway what is that what is that oh gosh this is harder than I thought and then I’m gonna go over here and then now I just need to spin this okay now I could just go past him and then I could get through let’s go oh gosh but we’re gonna

Need to do some Parkour but I can just drink my jump boost oh never mind gosh you still have to jump oh I think it’s time to unlock our next upgrade Zoe oh what’s the next upgrade which is gonna be the jet pack a jet pack 250 Robux I guess these aren’t

Really Hearts but these are still pretty overpowered now I can just cook one and check this out so we could go up using q and x wait Zoe uh if it’s pretty much flying I think so this is overpowered okay and boom I don’t know if you want

To use the jetpack all the time because I could basically just fly everywhere and just beat this but that’s no fun yeah it’d be way too easy anyways wait why did they tell me to respond no respawn wait what oh wait click this oh gosh wait we’re fine

Uh Zoe what did that do oh well it looks like we can go up now wait what wait I was wondering why you were levitating oh and when did we go up we accessed a different room what is this place so there’s a cafeteria on this side and a

Security training area on this side wait what is this wait what oh another Speed Cola wow okay I think the jump boost may be sabotaging us I’m not gonna lie yeah I think so wait let me see what the jet pack is like in here

Yeah what that looks so much fun oh my gosh this is kind of overpowered I’m not gonna lie we can just fly around Zoe I think I’m just gonna fly all the way to the end or maybe should I do this legit I think it was

Fly to the end it looks like fun yeah true let me actually just do this jump legit yeah okay never mind jetpack is more fun let’s go Zoe where’d you go this place is huge the way I see you I’m above you with my jet pack Zoey I think you’re

Gonna make a little too high uh oh you think so yeah maybe just a little bit well now we can fly all the way over here and finally exit this place well I don’t know if this is the end do you think this is the end Zoe probably not but

Oh my gosh okay and then now I can disable the jet pack by going like this and let’s go wait is it weird I think this is the place where you talk to the prisoners oh let’s talk to One hello um hello wait sorry I just realized hello prisoner chair we are perfect

Oh wait why is one sauce because no one wants to talk to us so we I’m sorry it’s a sad truth but wait we can open the storage room and why is there another respawn button oh wait we can get this ladder over here and what does this do hmm ladder oh can

We just climb the vent without the ladder probably oh my gosh the gravity Cola yeah use the gravity coolers though but you don’t even need the ladder because we’re super powerful super duper powerful wait uh what is that fan over there I’m here okay look at this whoa wait

Whoa the wind is pushing us backwards but what if we just use a jet pack oh and this wind has nothing against us does the jet pack work I died oh my gosh looks like you die Nico I guess it’s harder to control oh my gosh okay

Whatever hmm what’s next I think we just gotta climb on these poles right stubby looks like it oh it says close the valves okay wait and we need to go right here and use these spitty things so we need to close this one right here that’s

One go over here and that’s two lastly just this one over here I can just get that we’re using the jet pack and that’s going on all of them oopsie Zoe did you get them uh almost I may have died what how did you die you

Oh it was an accident oh my gosh now all the valves are close we could just go all the way up here and we can just skip the parkour this is weird I love skipping the parkour yeah me too and I feel like I could get something

Else to make us even more overpowered even more overpowered and this time we’re gonna use the grapple gun oh I wonder what the grapple gun does this we could grapple onto any surface let me go like this but like that and now we can use this on this

Room whatever this is whoa I think we’re supposed to be running on the subway now I’m gonna get my grapple gun real quick and let’s just get out of here wait let me try this grapple gun Zoe have you tried it uh I sure haven’t I’m

Using my jet pack whoa look at this thing I can just attach the walls Zoey whoa I’m like defying the wind yeah this is cirica I am like Spider-Man oh so you’re just using a jet pack that’s a little overpowered but it’s fun oh and I

Feel the last one oh my gosh I actually could buy the jet pack and the grappling hook this is honestly really cool oh gosh I think I just broke the game wait you did uh well my character looks kind of broken uh oh you know what it’s fine

I’m waiting for you on the next level okay I’ll be there soon okay Zoe you’re finally back yeah it took a while now it’s time for the next oh gosh whoa oh I think we need to go through there Zoey here go up here and then go through there perfect so all the

Way up I think we’re about to the final ribs Zoe we’ll finally Escape uh yeah wait who is that all right all right but wait what if you have a Boss Bar though I think we have to defeat them and look there’s a gun right there the food Zooka wait let me drink

My speed boost real quick good job now get this guy going oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh I got pizza my face I have pizza on my face I’m drinking my jump boost and actually you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna buy the god blaster for 300

I wonder if he’s killing me right now and well it’s whatever I can respawn most likely now I can equip my gun blaster oh Nico you got me oh my that kills players too oh my Nico okay anyways I think we’re done right I think so we defeated the boss let’s go

Let’s go oh gosh oh gosh and wait I see The Last Exit Zoe let’s go finally we can exit Bear Race prison oh gosh wait Zoe it’s not over there’s lasers wait what wait yeah there’s lasers in this room oh no meaning you have to dodge all these

Lasers in order to escape but luckily I think we defeated Barry so I think we’re fine yeah we should be good let’s go oh gosh okay then now I could finally get out of here wait oh my gosh there’s still more to this place Zoe I’m just

Gonna wait for you right here oh hi uh okay I think over here we can just use our jet pack Zoe oh yeah that’s a good idea and it says we need to use the metal blocks to get across but we don’t need to yep because we have jet packs

And oh my gosh it’s the it’s Sofia uh Barry just died in fully to my blaster Zoe really oh that’s really overpowered uh are you using the Blaster no no a foodsuka what happens if I just go like this oh you oops we go guys I gotta go I can’t believe

You uh it’s okay you’ll be them soon anyways guys if you want to watch more nickel box Adventures they’re cooking on the screen if you enjoyed then please subscribe

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