Roblox BUT I Jumped Into QUICKSAND

So this is a place where you check and test quicksand I don’t know why this is one of my fears of falling into something and dying from falling into something so look I’m so sinking can I get out yeah okay get out now on the Sandman but

Wash myself off there we go okay so this is I think this is just a test of different materials let’s even slime over here okay we’ll test this material first let’s test some mud oh it takes me slowly so mud’s a bit more slow than the clay over there oh no I’m seeking

There you go turn off the ambience nice I’m sink head but it is slow very slow and painful help me guys you don’t get murdered if you go down surely oh my god oh it literally sinks you very slowly okay so it actually doesn’t murder you it’s quite nice she’s

Blinking how am I gonna get out of it says grab but I can’t ah Bacon’s gone he sunk all the way it’s literally gone that poor bacon you could grab people and drop them off I mean they are sort of lagging out let me grab this person oh can’t get out

It’s literally changing my outfit we’ve got to try a slime in a second the water actually does keep you good it keeps you clean nice and clean is that a gorilla someone’s climbing up there as well there’s an OB over there I’m gonna try that soon it’s like a screenshot just slowly

Disappearing oh my God it actually did it killed me it’s killing me I can’t get up oh my God it’s my worst fear I’m drowning it’s sad that is absolute evil let’s try the next one I’ve got a screenshot of that as well let’s go to the next one this is

Like this is tar that’s what dinosaurs died in right all right cool actually you coming in with me boy he’s like no if I’m drowning you’re dry I killed it it’s not just me I’ve Got Friends that die with me he’s like no okay let’s test the next

One so this is actually quick sad you’ve got a hold of me oh no please he’s trying to grab me I can’t grab him anymore wait okay not cool not cool what was gonna go up to so we’re gonna do normal quicksand won’t we hang on is it all

Switched oh no wrong side that’s why I was gonna say I haven’t done that side yet so that’s just a hole so which one just quick set I’ll see people just trying to suffocate people it’s this one now we’ve been in that one oh no I

Didn’t try and go on that one actually is he saving me do you try and save me let’s try just quicksand and see how quick it actually is not too quick I think the tar is the quickest don’t come in in you dummies I’ll save you don’t worry I see oh

You stand on my head stop me getting up I’m standing on this other guy as long as you keep moving side to side you can get back up all right I’ll go and clean myself so I can’t see nothing my screen’s gone dark got tar in my eyes

It’s not cleaning me I can’t grab him either reset character there we go now I’m back okay let me just try the quicksand properly that people grab me so how did you get out of this to jump in and moving normally quicksand you would never jump in here because you’ll

Just die it won’t it won’t help you in any way you die like straight away apparently it’d be fun if they actually made a ragdoll we could just throw people in that’d be quite funny okay let’s give the dry quicksander test that one cool this is really hard to get out oh

It’s the sand it calls me to sneeze he’s standing on my head oh you can’t even get up from this you literally can’t get up from when you start thinking if your head’s under this person here it was like whack-a-mole I pushed him down but one’s this one hang on this is

Wet quicksand that he just literally pushed me through the map I don’t understand what he’s doing all right let’s start over here because I can’t play over there when he keeps grabbing me so this is more how is this how’s that it’s like that’s not that bad you could just walk

Out that quite easily now I’m covered in grass and debris push me into here I don’t understand what he’s trying to do oh there’s a hidden book in here it’s not doing anything I’ll click on it what’s this Hidden book do then why is every hidden look in the wall so I think

I meant to be in there I don’t know if there’s another room it’s like this what is it it’s like a journal all right reset myself Ed so I’ve got grabbed and chucked in the wall it’s quite nice yeah we tried wet snow snow you’ll sink quite

Quick I’m dying I’ll die so quickly snow doesn’t kill you if you’re going slow see that’s untrue that was untrue it snapped my neck that’s seriously untrue that one so what’s the next one slurry What’s this guy keep doing oh I see this quick sand like events there oh this killed me very quickly nice so you don’t want to fall in this quicksand this quicksand really does keep I’ll give it a try soon this guy sort of just dumped me in it

There’s a Code it was zero zero nine one nine zero nine one nine what’s this guy doing I’m gonna have to rejoin because he’s gonna keep grabbing me any all right next game I’ve got to join a different game because he keeps picking me up there he goes now it’s

Time oh I didn’t even know you could actually turn off you could be grabbed or not I’ll just turn it off can you grab other people then okay you can’t all right I didn’t even know you could turn it off in the scenes oh well I

Could have played with him guys as well that one guy ruined it it kept picking me up don’t get wrong it was having fun and it was quite fun but I did want to actually test these because I want to see if I can get out of them you see I

Actually want to try them so this one’s slurry you can actually jump out of it you could sink quite quick you sink very quick oh God I’m so good I can’t even jump out of it um okay let’s go back down here he’s just relaxed in the mud Pole look at him He’s trying to get out oh my God I am evil so soup that’s oh soap I was supposed to said soup well it’s not working anymore is it oh God that’s well quick what was it I just jumped in what was this I can’t remember

What it was which one do you hate most yeah I dislike that one that one that one’s evil that one’s really quick what one was that go back down have a look yeah let’s let’s save for that one this is webbing well it’s not escape this one is it he’s saying he’s my

Brother I don’t think he is my brother don’t play Roblox what’s he talking about he plays Destiny in normal games trying to get out of this I’m trying to get out oh you can if you keep jumping you can get out of that one I was slamming that

Space bar faster than anything wet mud Foreign Okay you can’t get back up for this one they’re just watching me drown they’re able to just watched Me Drown and it is dead oh yes yes okay mud you cannot get back up from okay don’t jump in mud it’s good it’s good see this teach you life lessons slime now

Ah slime not too bad slime you can walk on what’s this Jello just jelly isn’t it what’s this jungle quick sand are they just changing their names and just making it up as they go along I believe they are lava Okay Okay lava lava hurts lava hurts

It’s an all-rounder it just hurts you okay I’ll test some of the other ones but I’m gonna do some of this I’m climbing it no I’m climbing out quick I’ve made it no I haven’t no I haven’t great it knocked me out okay we could

Test some more of these now so lava lava is quick and kills you quite fast but I bought honey that doesn’t look like honey does it does it look like honey it might look like honey actually yeah no you don’t sing too fast oh actually you can’t jump why is it so hard

To jump out Oh my God you can sink so quick they died before me yeah okay so what one we on to okay what was that we’ve done before wet concrete that’s why it was so quick You actually helped me out what’s this cracked mud see that ain’t too to be fair cracked mud you can walk on I’ve walked on cracked mud sand is really bad search for beaches you know beaches you could sit sort of see it this is very slow this one’s a lot faster

Okay get out look here we go enough space I spam of that space bar he stand in my head no I’m dead I’m dead look at this I’m just buried underneath they’ve never known we’re there what was that code that’s the code though hang on there’s definitely a code over there

Let’s go down here let’s have a look who is that up there hang on that’s Team Four is that Team Fortress 2 I’ll go through these other ones I’ve got people chasing me at the moment McDonald’s sign there Yeah I won we’ve got to make it all up here to ob2 that’s a lot harder there was a code underneath here I did see it you fall on this one you’re dead there’s a guide there laying No I’m not falling in the sand I’m safe I’m meant to be safe but I’m not safe he jumped on my head nice actually hold on I might be able to test one of these before they come and jump on me and kill me I tried that one cracked tomato tried bog

Yeah hang on a sec got this guy’s spamming stuff hold on where is he this guy here keeps saying try a game I don’t really want to have him keep spamming me constantly about to try a game this one this look listen I like talking to you

Guys but when you come along you ask me the same thing over and over again stop noob your mute okay I’ve got cap lock on as well I don’t mind some people like leave me a comments I try this game I’ll try it but when they come spam it in there it’s

Like he’s made the game and he wants me to join it I’m subscribed well thank you I’m gonna try and get out this book that’s what I’m trying to test about like the bug monster what’s this liquid okay that’s quick that’s quick what was that well I’m dead well I’m dead that

Just killed me straight away I can’t even get up from here damn bro so I couldn’t get out of that I need to test that again because I couldn’t actually get out it’s very impressive yes jungle mud I don’t think I did this hang on what one’s this this one

Didn’t actually test this I watched it trap save Elite well I’m not drowning dude it’s him it’s him it’s him he’s not getting up from that he was like jump jump let’s try some mods I’m sinking slowly I’ll sync it and now it’s turned to Mud he’s trying to drown me you can’t get me mate

Yeah yeah you want some You’ve got no charge you can’t even jump out of it can’t even jump have it okay hang on let me change my settings let me change it to this there we go now I’ve got the shift lock and I can do some of the jumps Elite

What what’s up with you you stood on my head like 25 times I don’t trust you mate then you carried me into it she’s grabbed her now let me put my grabbing on she’s carrying her away don’t worry I’ll save you trying to grab her she she done to him

She didn’t say here uh I thought it was him but it was a her my bad my bad I tried to drown him in it but it didn’t work let’s try and drown her someone else has got me as well oh I could turn around like this Try to hold me for long he couldn’t hold me yo what a dummy what’s this car dude we’re trying to grab each other I’m using him oh great she grabbed me hold on he’s gonna try and grab me now Look I’ve turned off grab Bye bye guys hey hey what are you gonna put me in here oh wow she drowns herself anime at the same time she’s a bad person I’m Gonna Save this person I saved him I’m trying to grab him but I can’t that everyone’s like crowding around me I can’t even do anything If Victor could grab me but nope no no no it’s over time pull into the couch there all right we can do this all together no he kicks me into the sand All right let me change the settings there we go and then reset character now I can go back there and do it add my settings so people can grab me and obviously they’re all going to grab me I want to get up there there must be some secrets

On private OBS you know this oh oh my face is stuck no climb climb climb it’s not let me out that’s it it’s over that’s actually really hard I might have to jump around the upper way why is quicksand so effective at killing people I like quicksand quicksand’s fun fun fun

Fun fun for everyone liking it got the old jumpy jump jump oh oh what’s this no that was close yes I did it that was the harder one hang on where’s his go-to just nowhere it leads to a tunnel to nowhere why is this I’m stuck in it now you made me stuck get out of the way bye he’s trying to climb up there it’s the worst thing you can do when you’re trying to climb He just fell what a noob Hi how are you I’m all right mate thanks for asking see us let’s see zero nine one six zero nine one six okay let’s go over here zero nine one six oh I’ve been joked I’ve been joked around let’s do the other OB must be a

Way to get to the top of there we’ll see people up there does this play me as well this will teleport you to another game are you sure you want to enter oh my God there’s a shooting game as well what I was doing quicksand now and shooting people who are these people

Are they players or NPCs what is going on here this is this is strange it’s all the people ah what the are these NPCs dude them NPCs are great they are really good I thought they were players they were so good wow that’s impressive foreign I’m bleeding out man

Oh my God I got killed instantly by that guy they are so good NPCs now that impressed me I’ve played loads of loads of Roblox games and there’s nothing hello how you doing my friend Hold on pay for that I’m sure I don’t want to speak that’s all right don’t worry about it don’t worry about it oh God they’re coming Just stay back stay back they’re coming down dude I thought these were players I literally thought these guys were players at first they are so clever watch out your heads above stay behind stay behind They’re coming down they’re coming down foreign oh my God they took us out they’re the most clever NPCs I’ve ever seen the whole time ever how could it be switched to this that was awesome this is absolutely awesome shooting bro yeah They absolutely wrecked us I can’t believe it that’s awesome anyway I’ve had enough of this hope you guys enjoy this see you later another fantastic day yes yes the guys that joined me earlier were just sort of annoying me all right that’s why that’s what I had to leave

And rejoin but they just joined me anyway I have my joins on I think so they can literally join me but yeah if you join me guys just talk to me I don’t mind talking taking pictures or anything like that that’s great but if you come along just shout about games not good

Yeah not good look this person’s following me again anyway see ya bye-bye bye have a good day tell me your username Foreign

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