Hello everyone we are crew and welcome to build it we’re taking it back old school block by block get your hammers ready are you ready the theme is roblox avatar well i see my avatar right here this should be simple i am making moist of course you are

Making more i too i’m making mwah i am making more you guys are also creative um i am creative because i don’t know where i’m going with this i’m just gonna start building so we’re gonna start with the white soles of the shoes they’re kind of uneven right now let’s delete that

And moving on with the blues this blue matches my shoes exactly we’re gonna get funny the highest shoes ever because making a simple roblox avatar just isn’t enough okay now we’re moving on to the legs we got our little blocky legs i mean so far it looks pretty good i’m not

Gonna lie i would totally bat toy of this wow we’re going for it yeah gold that’s how good my building is we got the shorts with white i think she might be taller than this map i wonder how far up we can build okay we got our shirts are you making

Them oh yeah i’m making her definitely a giant okay what are we looking at and then we gotta start with the bat belt a little yellow in the center for the buckle nice and then we’re going with black we’re going to use black and blue this actually looks pretty good how’s

Everyone else’s build amazing i may have dedicated myself to a too big of a beta yeah same mine looks great i think i can use the wrong color it’s fine let’s go for this white stripe and i’m also going to repeat same blue going up not bad

The legs are just very long which i’m okay with i got the longest legs in all of roblox history i’m gonna make the hoodie back here we’ll drag the hoodie down and so my build looks like i tried extra with three minutes on the clock i gotta make funny’s head i mean

This looks pretty pretty good i only have a torso guys you better start speeding it up i don’t even know if i know how to make a roblox head i’m stressed okay roblox head it’s just like uh like a oval not really i should have spent more time on this i

Was spending too much time on the back the squovel swivel i think that’s good let’s go with the hair um let’s not make it flash into the hoodie i’ll just use this blue we got two minutes left and this hair isn’t working come on hair do not betray us

Build faster draco build faster can i see anyone’s builds oh wait i can’t they deleted everything around us great okay the hair is not ooh the hair our hair isn’t voluminous enough i’m gonna get doc marks from this okay i mean it’s not that bad it could be better but i think overall

The look looks pretty great we’re just gonna put some like layers here i forgot funny’s arms great let’s put some bangs oh gosh there’s only a minute i mean not bad not bad okay it’s like too stressful guys come on there’s a minute a minute i need eyes i need eyes

Uh funny’s eyes will be right here where’s her mouth who cares we don’t she doesn’t need a mouth right now eyes very cute and for our arms we need our little bloxy like lego arms to stick what the heck this looks so weird okay arms arms we got our blocky arms

Not bad not bad kinda looks a little messed up but that’s fine and our little lego arms it’s not that bad wait if i want to make it look like my roblox avatar i could add them space buttons on let me see if i can make a circle really

Quickly with 45 seconds left space fun nice and a space fun over here pretty good you know what i like it and because funny loves robux i’m gonna see if i could quickly build some money down three seconds time it’s done i don’t have enough time for this

Big one why are you guys You do have various long legs funny yeah this is an art piece i appreciate the layering yeah oh lunar this is cute but you didn’t finish it either she’s crying oh you guys used half books oh [Laughter] wait i only used blocks rainbow okay roblox avatar

What do we think of electricity it’s a roblox avatar i thought you’re gonna make your avatar though yeah rainbow oh yeah oh that’s cool thank you to be here how dare you give yourself money i didn’t use um the circle blocks i didn’t know you could do

That i guess that’s what i have to do now next theme is penguin okay oh cute let me try making a circle this time oh there’s even effects see i didn’t pay attention to this part a penguin let’s go ahead and give it a cute shape so i expect a higher expectations

From everybody now yeah everyone we know how to build it um [Laughter] you’re making lunar laugh so hard she’ll fall over so for penguin feet i feel like oh these are so cute these are perfect hmm do i want big no i want little ones got some little yellow penguin feet

And then for the blocks oh this block’s not gonna work oh yes this this block makes the feet perfect done my little guy is gonna have some little wings on the side cause a penguin needs to swim i think oh wait that’s too spiky we’ll put two square blocks down that looks pretty

Good my little penguin needs some eyes now draco how do you make the cutest eyes of all time i am not telling you my secrets wow fine i think you can get my secrets yes he’s gatekeeping you’re gatekeeping draco you know what we do with gatekeepers what nothing nothing because they won’t let

Us in the case nothing our little penguin beak that is that is so cute oh and i also have the resize tool i don’t think i really need to resize any of this stuff yet to make this penguin a little more realistic it’s going to be sitting on an

Iceberg but not any type of iceberg a glowing iceberg and i don’t know why i said realistic because icebergs don’t glow i mean if the sun shines through maybe this still doesn’t look like an iceberg but i think i know how to do it so i’m just gonna randomly place

These square blocks around and hopefully at the end it looks like little ice chunks i’m gonna go ahead and change the color too and let’s get some different style blocks oh these giant ones yeah this looks great and lastly i’m gonna place these little sparkly blocks everywhere

It kind of looks like ice cubes and now it looks like our penguin is chilling in an ice cube jacuzzi oh man what did you just say draco nothing i didn’t overbuild again wow somebody nice has money somebody’s been playing roblox have you ever before funny you seem pretty no i never

Played this before yeah i’m just waiting i’m getting better okay so oh here’s mine this is an art piece it’s called on ice but it’s not a penguin but it’s an art piece these look like crows i mean it is artistic though this is mega penguin that doesn’t have a beak because

I spent too long trying to figure out how to make this shape um it could have been cool guys oh what could have been ice Yeah what are you talking about it’s club penguin you don’t remember club penguins Are you making fun of my penguins this is cute gold was too cute yeah it was too shocking oh my god [Laughter] build an angel this is gonna be hard easy no it’s gonna be tough are you sure rainbow i think so i want to be creative like

Draco and gold i’m going simple oh i want to use circles you thought i was creative thank you i’m gonna cry that’s gold it was very creative i didn’t even think i was gonna win hmm okay gold we got it you’re an amazing builder okay i’m gonna make the head super gigantic

Let’s try moving it oh yeah me too i’m gonna make my head super gigantic and just like rainbow i’m gonna make this an art piece so i can sell it are you guys copying me by making the head super cute and gigantic why would we copy you when clearly

Rainbow and i have the best ideas ever how do we make a halo there’s nothing not that’s a circle right yeah you can do that i’m going to make a square hello yeah because oh wait i can’t i can make a circle winner’s right nice the halo is off center but that’s okay

It is what it is and i’m not going to change it because i’m a little lazy we’re going to paint the halo in i changed my mind i don’t want to make it a circle because my little guy is already a circle let’s put some skin and then two little arms

Looks pretty good and then for the legs this is like a little angel doll who wouldn’t want to buy this for the mouth i’m gonna also make it a cylinder but we’re gonna paint it black hopefully resize it so it’s a lot smaller and looks like a mouth

And i’m gonna try placing it on the head that looks great for the eyes same thing resize a little smaller and place it on the head oh that looks good wow i would not forget this build ever our little angel doll is gonna need wings i think i’ll go with

Gray first and then i might like color it to be different colors so the wings look a little bit 3d i mean not bad that’s like a bunch of triangles our wings are complete they look uh very geometric so much so much style oh yeah and done the best

Angel oh no oh my gosh i need i don’t even know what i was making guys do we not have enough time it’s like 10 minutes stressing me like you could buy for 100 robots the money angel i like it is that a beard in front of me no gold that’s close oh

This looks like a monument i guess this is another artistic i was i was spending too much time on the angel’s dress look at that oh rainbow i feel like i feel like you don’t have enough time to finish your builds what is this this is

What a little bit more of a horrific type of angel i was just scared okay this one’s luna you did a good job this one’s pretty good job luna i know i know yeah i’m amazing it was i everyone look this is the cute little angelic bear but i didn’t have time to

Finish but they’re floating away didn’t have anything angelic about it take a screenshot of these kicker ah i’m gonna go fly away and have some self reflection on how to build faster okay bye You

KREW plays Roblox Build It! Who will win?
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