Roblox Brookhaven 🏡 RP – Funny Meme Sketch: STINKY BUDDY

So funny huh jeez time to take a shower Huh Nope fine Bacon has hot water hello there where’s my pizza I’m not delivering pizza then why are you here my water is shut off can I use your bathroom mine is shut off too but I took water from a lake and I have a bathtub nice better than nothing come in what is that

Fastest rank boy yay bathtub I’m feeling good um you wanna use bathtub too not anymore okay Oh my God is this the hospital I need and I wash She overreacted this is comfy Something smells I didn’t fart ham whatever Sir we have a problem sir did you just hit me you must have been dreaming sir report someone used water from our Lake sir we got a lake oh it’s not a problem anyway we dumped chemicals in that Lake holy Bacon we’re getting late bye have a great time jeez I’m here why are you sitting on the ground let’s go What’s that smell what smell oh brother this guy stinks bacon you’re stinky did you take a bath It’s that bed someone from Hell took a dump here what’s that ungodly smell ing yep it’s that bad [Applause] Hi guys Oh let me out they seem excited quiet no talking in my class [Applause] no sleeping either Free fatality Who farted Did you fall that it must be Bella smells better get out No more Musk I got used to it you should go take a shower but I’m out of water hum Can we use your bathroom no Thank you Can we use your bathroom Please no no here take this money stay away foreign let’s go to the pool Are you sure This is good huh dude pooped in the pool I’m calling cops geez Why are you running back here boy She stopped following us We gotta do something with your smell I know it we can bathe in the lake the lake you took water from yes there was no one good idea I think we should go now Are we at the right place the lake is inside imma show you the way [Applause] Oh how did you we’re almost there see there’s no one The water you used yesterday was from this Lake yes I don’t think that’s a good idea something flew past me stop right there huh huh this is the restricted area how did you get in here oh on foot makes sense seriously this lake is full of chemicals it’s very dangerous

You must receive special treatments to what the dog doing it’s dangerous they can get back here Look I’m still fine why you look so scared told ya Someone helping right we need special treatment sir does he need special treatments too why so long oh Hey hey there you are You don’t smell anymore yay me everyone smells good now yeah boy maybe not everyone Why are they avoiding me You’re stinky did you poop in the pool I think I should run

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