Roblox Brookhaven 🏡 RP – Funny Meme Sketch: M3GAN STEALS MY BESTIE

Foreign How what was that Weird who is here at this hour Geez you took forever you scared me why are you here you called me to come over like five minutes ago huh I was sleeping what sorry forgot to turn off my ringtone Mike yes hello okay wait a bit The delivery guy came I have to go home bye Bella is my house a zoo or what foreign [Applause] Where is bacon by now he should have come and Disturbed me as usual let’s go check on him yeah boy here I come a baby bacon who is that this is Megan he is my new friend I’ve never seen her before are you sure I don’t like her attitude Megan is a

Robot she has no attitude I got a bad feeling about this do you want to hang out not in this life you want some pizza nope it’s not the right time you stupid brat I’m sorry uh let me take it for you what the dog doing

No no no no I’m not still delicious you stupid can’t believe you’ve done this yeah what did you just say do you want to hang out no geez Kitty is that you Kitty wall your laugh sounds like hang on Kitty mama is coming to you my ears burned I haven’t done nothing yet is that annoying Bella Why do I keep sneezing I got a pizza here did you see Megan why would I I can’t find her anywhere relax maybe she’s just wondering in hell put that ice cream down What’s going on you are suspected of kidnapping Karen excuse me Karen went missing oh my God Megan is missing too why does that have to do with me why let me give you a hint foreign you have brain damage what no geez your hair was found at Karen’s place

That’s properly not my hair it’s blonde Why am I even here why are we still here should have brought my pizza just to suffer hey let me out what a pick-headed cat-headed what is happening out there what is that who are you that’s obviously Megan [Applause] Wake up Karen she won’t wake up soon what did you do to bacon let him go all right I got you homie oh my God this is the part where you run oh yeah Megan what are you doing you’ve got to accentuate the positives eliminate the negatives what does that mean you stupid

I challenge you challenge accepted Bring It On Let’s Go Try me You call that dance my eyes goodbye world Yeah Boy yay we won easy are you sure hey chill chill you can’t escape I planted a bomb here bomb where not good [Applause] where is the devil bruh come down there what do we do now we’re performing in exorcism demon be expelled In The Name Of The Lord Prepare to die Don’t do this stay away I can’t I’m your bestie Bella is my bestie oh fastest boy it’s the voice of Satan we lost I don’t think so you picked the wrong house fool you deserve that oh my God Megan is a dude hello young lady we’re still friends right oh hello

What in the is a guy wearing dress that’s inappropriate someone called the cops God damn it you jerk um did we forget something that’s why you should only have one bestie I am your bestie right yes you are what zero position

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