Playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder Live W/ YOU GUYS!

W Now Now Oh S like A Sorry for the waiting everybody I was trying to see if if anyone else would come but let’s see if there’s got to be any someone else to come come on yeah so so sorry about the waiting everyone I was trying to see if I was hoping more people would show up but uh

But hello hello everyone this is gamer boss 40 speaking and today and and today today at the end of the year I I thought it be nice to place a Super Mario Brothers Wonder in case you guys haven’t done so already make sure you hit that

Subscribe button but I I guess we can get started all right here we go let me monitor this chat there we go it’s super mar it’s Super Mario Brother Wonder but still still not enough people who cares I guess we I guess we’ll get started all right all all

Right okay I guess we’ll do a new game and one player since it’s just me and I’m GNA hey you know who I’m going to play Mario is this such a nice cast of Characters Yoshi’s and napit won’t take damage but they also won’t transform with powerups that’s a shame I guess we can do it yeah yeah you know what we’re playing Mario we’re playing as Mario cuz why not it’s a me and the new voice of the new voice of Mario okay let’s

Start hopefully more people show up like I said oh welcome to the flower Kingdom it’s just a welcome to the flower Kingdom it’s just a short hop away from the Mushroom Kingdom okay upon receiving a invitation from Prince floran Mario and the others are traveling here for the first time cool hey there

Hi where’s the party uh I don’t know oh wait Luigi exciting we who said that oh hey we got the visitors Today there we go so many visitors today yeah you said that already you too oh Super Mario Brother’s Wonder This seems pretty innocent what is That who’s that oh wait what is Kam doing here aha uh-oh wait wait can’t Uh-oh what does Bower want oh no is he going to steal that flower oh no no the wonderf flower no [Applause] oh no oh looks like someone else Jo welcome to the stream uhoh oh no Bowser looks like it appears we’re going to have to stop this guy well what what

The oh forces are taking over I’ll I’ll save you I I Promise oh oh was Prince lauan was that Kink the Bowser how could he steal our wonderf flower and our flower Castle too I can’t believe he merged with our beautiful castle like that it it’s just so awful yeah I hear you kid oh oh someone someone joined girl named Corey AKA my cousin hi hi gamer boss what well hi and did you get the gift I mean not the

Gift did you get the game for Christmas well yes I sure did all right like I was saying yeah Bowser will make a terrible mess of our of our whole Kingdom if you don’t stop him somehow don’t worry uh we’ll save it we’ll destroy Bowser I’m pretty sure yeah let’s do This you’ll help us thank you hang on hang on a bit adjust my bic there go there we go actually yeah like yep we’ll do it I’d like to be your guide if you don’t mind let me just let me just what I already loving this game

Oh and Oh look The Yoshi Yoshis and and also nabit you too there just my mic that’s better I think it’s better oh world one Pipe Rock Plateau I think that’s called this this is this is looking cool okay welcome to the flower Kingdom I guess we can start we

Go this is this is looking cool onward and upward let’s go wait what’s this what the What Y wait um are these I’m just jumping around come on come on come On oh who Oh What a Beautiful Day oh yes it’s oh yeah sorry what’s this it it okay get back here wait wait we’re an elephant what does this do cool what so um I don’t know what you mean by that but okay well then well then what wait wait what’s this

Oh another one bye-bye come on come on all wa what’s this M refreshing oh so if we get water then refreshing you said that yeah yeah yeah we got the T coin where I I think we stun them all right let’s just keep doing this

Again oh wait um I don’t know what that did okay so s ifie collect those I’m guessing all right let’s Okay how do we get up there there we gock hey Hi another another mushroom all right oh God God keep getting the what the what wait is that a wonderf flower that must be the what what is happening what in the world no no come on come on come on come on better get these joints come on come

Here yes yes we did it yes wa who wa whoa no no no yes okay come on yes we did it we did it we hey yes we did it what’s that I I don’t oh wait we got Wonder a Wonder seed there we go we’re back to normal

Bye-bye wait what wait bye-bye what we did it and and hey we turn the house back to normal [Applause] hooray all right we did It oh yeah we did it I was too late yay we did it all right wonders seeds are going to be really useful on our adventure but why let’s get some more well whatever whatever you say kid yeah piranha plants on Parade here we Go all right let’s get started oh a cool BR plants but wait why is it walking though a fireflower oh oh we’re back to Normal okay Y no oh thankfully I Have byebye come on let’s see here go question block hey get out of here boy what what the what that wait it’s raining coins from out of the sky Okay wonder if you can get over there I’m sure I can wait this oh it it does lead to somewhere did it jump jump Jump Yay yo just keep sprinting Sprint Sprint bye-by so you get over there yes walking plants huh almost as weird as talking PL what another Fireflower No Okay let’s just keep I I almost died y you don’t belong here kid what the what’s Happening No oh oh Yeah yes he got him see a Jump oh dude that was close wonderful y we got W seed bye-bye you don’t see that every day don’t see what every day this run yay we did it yeah we got another one another another another W seed hooray we’re making Progress okay oh wait No he scram ski dlers don’t know what those what that what that is cool we complete it all Right’s de sandies what do these do cool all right let’s see here about standies okay that’s cool okay well I guess it’s time that we complete this I think it’s let’s do this level I guess here we go scram ski daders let’s do this what is hey don’t dare throw that at Me bye-bye oh wait what are these are these breakable they are breakable Okay Right all right let’s just let’s keep walking right Y no yes yes wait wait what does this do more breakable Pot come on yep yep yep Grand pound we need jump on These oh okay bye-bye another Elephant got fill our Trunk hey get over here kid that sound you you ain’t going to get away from me yay did it oh did did we did we get that coin though oh it it looks like you can you can do that enter through that hey no that was

Easy come on just jump all right we’re going to have to jump there we Go oh wait what we just crushed that guy and the Checkpoint oh no What there we go all right re Here oh that that’s unfortunate we we don’t have anything oh Well get back here hey what does this do nice work we bit the I’m literally a speed Runner get back here kid yay we got W Seed no an our Wonder seed wooo this is cool y y we cleared the course guess there we go guess it’s time to move on to the next one hopefully more people show Up uhoh oh isn’t this fun the flower Castle is me and I’m the flower Castle so much Wonder power we’ll see about that Bowser I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger and stronger soon everything will be mine not on my watch that’s no good Bowser I won’t stand for his an oh

Yeah okay let’s just keep doing this we got to get to him somehow yeah what’s that ah let’s use that propeller flower up ahead catch up and here we go We uhoh that’s a lot of chaos don’t worry we can do this right oh man oh yeah my dad’s a castle now nobody’s going to be able to stop him now that he’s all powerful this is getting worse and worse and look at the plant coil around that house over here over there

Hey I’ve got it let’s try using our Wonder seeds I bet that will fix this they’re really powerful okay well goodbye W seeds oh here we go Oh a Bad excuse me I was is everything right is everything okay all right I was so scared I thought I W on the spot but I’m glad I was here to keep this badge safe indeed oh yeah badges they have a lot of they have lots of different

Effects people who travel for the flower Kingdom like using them oh yeah um um Prince Florian if I could be so bold would you accept this gift from me like what could it be I’m sure someone as princely as you will know how to use it best

H me oh thank you I’ve I’ve always wanted to wear one of these I can use the power of this badge to help Everyone that brings a bloom to my heart Prince floran I’m happy that you’re pleased why thank you bad badges will take some trouble out of your travels all righty this Way raining ground okay when while in mid air press r or shake the controller to open your hat and Float slowly downward I’m okay press R in midair what is r Anyway we Go was that it that’s It oh cool oh cool this is open world There’s another one of those icky plants we’re going to need more W seeds so where do you think we should head first I don’t know if you want to have a look at the map just press L Okay let see here let’s let’s try let’s do bull rush coming through oh yeah look could go wrong here we go yep yep we’re equipping this oh Wait die die buol yeah we did it oh wait what is that snail doing that was easy Okay we up Ah wait that was breakable okay Y more coins you can’t go down that Pipe what uh what the heck Wow Jumping jump and get the and get y we did it yay we did It let’s just ground pound on this also this too y we got the fireflower all right wait what is that is that that from the from the wonderf Flower well that did something oh oh oh the wonderf flower I wonder what this does ah no wait what the heck jump thank you Get this what what wait what what The I wonder if we get a Wonder seed here oh what is this what’s this that Was that was wild [Applause] [Applause] Yay yay bull rush coming through we did it still need more though oh okay I think we do this one p old hurry hurry Dash and go hold Y and move the dash dash get the W seed Okay I’m temp I’m going to be an athlete yeah we did it got the W seek woo here we go this is quite medium what is Hippo Okay had to do That Bo bye-bye byebye Get back here come on no no we lost the power up thankfully I got a spare how come no how come no else is showing up that was I thought we were going to die at that point oh wait wait what where is this lead to Nowhere yay no no yep Yep okay let’s just jump there goes the hppo very bouncy that is satisfying just keep jump jump no oh I almost fell ah wait what the no That didn’t work I guess No yo a peaceful That was close yeah keep jumping jump we no no no no No y Yay W hooray we did it we did It how come no one’s joining here we go woohoo Hey hey to Super Mario World Music love that sound I do too you did it oh not a not a you’ve collected some Wonder seeds I’m sure we can do something with them let’s go where that coin where that Coy plant Is this rock fell here oh it’s terrible this rock fell here fell here because of because of that awful Bowser I smash it if I could but it’s just so huge I bet I can lift it with with my muscles because I’m a giga Shad if only had 10 flow coins they give

Us poplins and energy boost wait what oh who cares here you go such a good deal thank you now I’ve got some oomph in my Bloom oh wait what wait what I’ll break this rock in no time hey Rock stop blocking our path that was

Easy I broke the rock with that bloom of you gave me please go through oh oh someone said bini um I I think I think that’s what it is you’re a gigachad why thank you okay let’s see all right so that guy said silly rock well I guess I guess we can wait

Wait what is this what’s this Hello nice to meet you you can you can call me Professor conect well hello Professor connect come talk to me anytime you want to do anything with online play online play um we don’t have the membership plus it’s so expensive so if that’s said here is

Lesson in having fun having fun online sharing your adventure share your adventure with players from all over the world that’s it that’s the best you’ve got when you play online you can have fun with folks from anywhere there’s lots of little ways for players to help each other out of a tight

Spot seems like a great reason to turn on online mode um I don’t have the membership intent um no well guess guess we can do oh wait wait wait wait what is this hi thereare here at the poplin shop we sell everything and we accept flower coins as payment what should we

Get what wait I guess we can get a w seed cuz why not yep we got got 11 W seeds come back again subtime now let’s take on this coiled plant well I guess we can do it wiggle our race what could go wrong okay let’s do This ha I’m beating you child nothing will get in my Way go go go you got This oh no oh no no yes I’m going to beat this guy haha haha you suck wiggler nothing will get in my Way Come on uhoh oh no he’s he’s he’s catching he’s catching up to me yeah I won Oh yay and you lose regular how do you feel we did it we we got the first place I couldn’t believe it guess we need two more we did it we

Won a regular race a flower Kingdom specialty wow wig was once enough to give was nice enough to give us a auto super mushroom badge to celebrate your Victory it’s a really great badge it triggers the effects of a super mushroom when you start a course sounds sounds interesting

Want me to wear it sure hang on what was that badge over there yeah yeah yeah I I guess we can get that badge here we go no thank you uhoh we need 14 more oh no they even managed to take over the palace here there’s a special Tre there’s a

Special treasure kept there that’s known as a royal seed got to do something before to use it for some evil purpose oh no all right let’s see what’s up here we’ll Rush Express I’m up for a challenge I get um let’s just do this I got this oh no oh no no

W yes wait wait wait oh oh it was just a pipe uhoh w uhoh got to stay on this We wa No come on no no [Laughter] no We should have Ducked I’m just going to hit duck oh yeah we got nine viewers please keep me safe I don’t care about those hey hey hey you were supposed away from Me you know what I don’t I don’t even care at this point let’s just not do This when we do this the wall climb Jump okay badge challenge wall climb jump jump against the wall and then press spe to jump straight at once go for it you got it oh wait wait wait wait wait wait jump against the wall then jump again wait wait oh I I think I got it I

Think I got it against the wall then jump again you said that jump against the wall then jump again um I’m trying jump against the wall then jump again you shut up jump against the wall then jump again oh oh oh I think I got it I think I got

It I think I got it jump again jump against the wall then jump again you shut the heck up I’m trying to um wait wait wait wait wait I think I think I can mute these guys talking flower dialogue yeah voice off text on yeah I’ll do that um Yeah oh come on come on come on no come on come on come on come on Mart yes I think I got it Oh like like a speed Runner no hey hey he eat yes yes yes yes come on come on come on oh wait we did it deep breath I’m trying my best no no no no yes man my fingers are are are they’re probably getting sore No come on come on J oh um I got it yes my God that was pain that was pretty painful bye-bye my my my hands are my hands my Thum my my hands are are a bit sore I think never mind nicely done and we got the badge you just used as a

Gift you want me to wear it sure why Not what is what is this see the stars have you been keeping your eye on the ratings for each course coures with a higher rating a higher star rating can be really challenging but if you’re feeling confident go for it knock at Arena H Rock Rumble oh

Yeah yeah why yeah yeah yeah let’s just do that because why not defeat them and keep going let’s do this what go with I’m going With where are they why not take both wait what’s this here we go all right come on come on and up the pipe goom Buzz I mean me Pana plants I got this no W come on no oh no no I guess I’ll this guess Not we’re going to equip ourselves W yeah yeah yeah let’s just do that Oh byebye goom Buzz wait what did you say bye-bye yes yes we did it we did it All right come On all right yes all right wait what are I I just take take out No no that all that problem all right here the plan we’re going to wait till they feel like I have have a plan I’m going to wait until wait okay so so it Doesn’t all right which way is he going to go all right bye-bye so I guess that means we can go we can go Here Ow come on come and get me W No yeah yeah yeah I’ll just wear the auto super mushroom hopefully let’s let’s hope that helps Us and let’s Go this should be easy sneaky Sneaky I just e that I just that Goomba wow we need okay we’re going to make our way Across I know did Drill Bye-bye goodbye piranha Plant okay you wait wait No It looks like he’s going to go there no that was Easy Oh no oops I really should I really shouldn’t have done that let me turn on my light hang on guys that’s I think that’s better that’s better we’re going to exit the course let’s just exit this level yeah all right wa wait wait what is this

Guess looks like I guess we’ll have to we’ll have to enter this through this pipe and um we tried doing that oh Cool okay let’s let’s try this level the ropa Derby oh what what the heck I can take on these Enemies where the rest of the oh wait what is this wait wait what was just Shells I supposed to get on that oh oh that was Simple wait what is This Oh oh that was Close yep yay the checkpoint that that was easy ah on and Justy goodbye Oh where does this lead to I I didn’t I didn’t mean to do that serly some Coins what if we just car yeah yeah we’re going to we’re going to bring the shells over here ow don’t don’t you dare Escape me all right let’s just Yay wait wait wait what is this oh just some Coins oh the we got the wonderf flower wa [Applause] No this is wonderful no where where’s the young belov this a speed run through Force yes we already up [Applause] Two show me the rest of of those Things oh no no oh someone oh look looks like looks like someone joined the chat hello Noah well all we need to try again get the fireflower and get that wonderf flower Whoa whoa What nice try thanks all right what yo [Applause] Yay oh wait wait we have 14 W seeds I think that I I think I think that that means we can that means we can go defeat that from the that we can do that Palace I’m ready for the Challenge wait wait no said do you know how to make a friend room um I I don’t I don’t know if I do okay all right pipe Rock plate Palace Let’s Take Back The Palace and don’t forget you can press R if you want to change the badge we’re using okay it’s go

Time what hang hang on before we do that though I want to change back to to the talking flowers oh wa wait oh no I said I can tell you okay what is oh got bone Goomba yeah yeah what what the that came out of nowhere come on

Bye-bye another bone wait what is this how are we supposed to reach That oh you can’t we can’t do that Byebye wait hang on how are we supposed to get through that it doesn’t Matter That came out no hey hey hey there we go that literally came out of nowhere I was not expecting that you get eliminated oh wait what is this oh Ha nice try hey hey no no oh we did have a Checkpoint come on okay bring up Piz No no no no no That was easy oh was I was hoping for a power up what is this checkpoint oh boy I bet this is going to be a boss fot come on give me a I did it Yeah we got y we’re an elephant now and I bet this is going to be the boss oh we get oh we get to battle Bowser junor what you think you’re going to stop me he okay then I’ll play with you okay fair enough okay fair enough let’s let’s do

It this house is super mega loaded with dad’s Wonder power no way you’re going to beat me but it’s going to be fun to see you try never underestimate my power kid no [Applause] No we did it let’s go what the oh oh what on Earth I’m big wait oh cool I can make cool I can make the Earth shake I’m Mario Zilla what oh no I’m small I’m so little small but My yay I got him let’s go what is is that Mario number One yay looks like we we restored the palace And so Mario’s party reclaimed the power a royal seed safely in hand they set off in pursuit of Bowser who has somehow turned into a castle can they stop Bowser before he pulls up whatever he is planning of course S tle Isles are just ahead this beautiful palace is the heart of our flower Kingdom now let’s try to catch up with Bowser wow I’m sure that Bowser must be around here whoa is that no one can even get close as long as my collab Peron are here which means I can focus on Gathering up all the Wonder power once I’ve got enough to pull off a big wonder the world will be

Mine holy this is just awful isn’t isn’t there some way we can stop him hang on wait hang on everyone Nothing I a St No sorry about that guys I I had to get a I I I had to get a snack plus plus plus PL plus my my my my RO was was was was a bit dry but I’m okay all let’s see monitor chat okay no one no one was no one’s here

Okay no where were we oh what’s this so looks to take out take out one the clouds what where did that cloud piranha go what have you done I took it out no so much power all from just one Royal seed of course that’s our answer

Wo have a request that’s almost too much to ask of you will you please help me find more Royal seeds they’re among our most prized treasures and I believe we can use them to save the flower Kingdom the Royal seeds will get rid of the CLA swirling around

Bowser and if we get rid of all of them we’ll be able to reach him hooray thank you uh you’re welcome Prince floran well done let’s make our way up to Fluff Puff Peaks north of here there’s a royal seat at the palace way up at the top

Okay I I guess guess we’ll have to head north Angle angler popp’s house here we go yeah yeah let’s visit stop by for a visit Just Ah all the fish have been scared off be by that Bowser guy I can’t get any fishing done with him around oh this is awful we have to help of course we do don’t worry we’ll do everything we can to stop Bowser once he’s beaten I bet the fish will come

Back really you think that work really mean really you you you think that’ll work absolutely oh wait oh hang on to make a friend room you have to go to pause you have to go to pause you’ll see an online logo at the bottom right press it press it the you’ll you’ll see

A play then you’ll see a play with friends then you can create room H thanks thanks for the advice o that that that’s put the bloom back to into my day I know I I know what I can do to help take this wond seed I reeled it in a long time

Ago W wond seeds are so pretty and every world seeds have their own color all for You yeah we got W seedo I guess we’ll keep going I think we should do the the dolphin kick oh Yeah while underwater press r or shake the controller to release unleash a brief burst of speed spe okay go for it that’s cool that’s cool oh yes where you go there they are don’t don’t squish me get back here just almost there yay keep swimming Oh but no I’m stuck oh oh oh we were supposed to go for the pipe I see good for thanks good form yeah y a Wonder seed thank You nicely done and we got the badge you just used as a gift nice you do you want me to wear it sure okay guess that means we can do the second wait got two w seeds all right let’s see here what I I’m I think let’s see the Rober all right wait

Hang on wait wait where’s the Red yeah yeah we’re in the yeah we went we went into the pipe excuse me excuse you burn me missed me fire power hey go away Birds it’s okay it’s okay hey hey bad bird bad birdie no birdie wait just like a like oops no I wonder what sea water tastes

Like I wonder what sea water taste like bro see bro that’s nasty I’ve been tast is salty I wonder what SE ouch on yes here we got fire oh we can take on these Merchs hi CH chep he did he dead oh wait wait a mega don’t oh right wait what what’s what’s what’s what’s what’s right here what’s over Here I never seen something just like something like this better reveal something no oh oh little looks like water um absorbs my um absorbs the ground Pound oh oh Wonder fire Oh got looks like we need to collect this purple hor yeah we got yay wall jump wait wait what is This what the oh LIF me up Yeah spam just let’s just keep spamming r i mean I mean me jump jump jump yes we got the W seed wee What a what a fall hey buddy you’re all Soggy well I’m dry now so yeah technically I’m not Soggy all right I guess I guess we’ll make our way yay forse clear thank you YY we got we we got both the W seeds in that in that level nice my yikes that that was scary I usually stay away from Birds what about Free

Birds after all that I could I could use a break a little shopping might be nice I’ve heard that that’s a poplin shop here sells a helpful exclamation block badge I wonder what the heck that does I remember blah blah blah I I know all right let’s see

Here I I think let’s play leaping smack roll wonder what that’s going to be I guess we’ll try this shouldn’t be too hard hi how you doing doing good whoa whoa big one that’s a big fish uh oh it’s oh it’s under it’s under the sand

Um I I guess I guess we’ll distract him no I missed I missed oh yes get it yes what the what is that what is that cool Creature wait what is this who miss Me Whoa miss me okay well I I wonder what does this where does this lead to Smell that Sal here yeah smells refreshing doesn’t It that’s one no we just float here forever um aren’t you we just waito here forever wait wait wait wait um um aren’t you guys going to drown because I I have I have scuba diving gear if you need any you need a just make our way across jump on this

Lu yay we got the fireflower byebye TP wait wait wait where where where is this lead to come on thank you okay let’s see here where does this lead to this leads to somewhere oh oh wait so we can’t go back No that was cool get go away you purple Thingies thany you don’t I I I hate nature go away wa that is a big one good right all right makeig her way across yay another Checkpoint oh oh we got the wonderf flower I wonder what what does this does on give me the the flower where is the flower great we have no one there is no flow think because the one did not like me Why more coins All right just come on just jump on Here nope on come on come on come on no no that was close even though we didn’t make it to the top still good okay wow well looks like we CLE the levels right here blue bird Roast I roast better oh I’m going to roast you you bluebirds w oops I didn’t watch my step wait let’s try the parachute cap no wait wait wait wait wait oh No y yeah we’re gonna we’re going to wear the cap come On No I guess I’ll wait for for this guy oops Fall all right we’re going to wait for this birdie yes ow this place is dangerous I’ll just wait here not like I much Choice like let’s go Oh some point that thing at me wait what is the where is the red pip to please stop no what is thisit we got the bubble Flower no come on climb climb climb This is so Cool no Sprint no okay come on come on come on gameer boss you can do it jump jump jump jump jump yes what is that what is that gold Thingy oh it’s a wonderf Flower wo We yay we got the W seed Ah come on come on get get on get hello get on the platform get on the platform hello oh a pipe where does this lead to whoa don’t point that thing at me nope come on come on come on come On whoops wo yay we yay we cleared the Course hey oh let’s see here all right what do you have for sale let’s see I’m I we’re going to I’m going to get the Wonder SE here for for 100 flower coins and this exclamation mark block for 10 coins good deal do you want to try using a different badge yes

Please I’m curious what this does come back again sometime we’ll see okay well it appears we have eight wait no not eight we we have we have we have eight W seeds and we need five to unlock here take It okay so I I guess we can go let’s do this fluff Huff Peaks oh what about wait Bowser junor is still here he I’ve got this view all to myself not for Long that is big world two flu pup Peaks okay we’ve arrived we we’ve arrived at Fluff Puff Peaks there should be a Ro seated seed at the summit this is going to be a rough trip for me I get cold pretty easily don’t worry I can give you some

Hot chocolate in case you’re cold oh don’t forget that you can don’t forget you can Orient to your surroundings by pressing L and having a look at the map all right let’s go you you said it Florian let’s do this all right we’re g to do Fluff Puff peak’s cabin it should be Interesting it’s so cold here um I can I I I have a jacket for you it can it can make it can help you stay warm hello Prince I welcome you to Fluff Puff Peaks where climbers dare the heights of our tranquil Mountain the Summit is purpless

Especially if you yod up there there’s no back better there’s no better Echo but a Bowser Junior’s Scamp and a silly mask is up at the summit right now it’s not safe for anyone to go climbing anymore except for me I’ll give you a Wonder SE to help

Take back our beautiful mountain please pry please yes I accept thaton I won’t stand for this of course we help I B I bet Bowser Junior is behind his whole mess no doubt about it let’s climb to the summon and kick him off the mountain we’ll reclaim the

Royal seed up there too pretty Please yay a Wonder Seedo okay let’s up let’s head this way oh I’m oh challenge accepted oh Yeah what is That I’m just spitting Flowers Bye-bye Wow fire power what’s with all the ice blocks uh who who Who I’m going to jump all On yes every single one of them hey hey w who whoa Whoa wait did I kill that guy oh safe Right I almost got [Applause] GL Oops I didn’t mean to do That all right let’s try let’s try this Again what Ice All y Ouch give me something Useful break the Eyes all right hey hey don’t kick don’t kick don’t kick me whoa whoa that was useless not going to lie well oh no ouch I I got I got I got crushed I guess we’ll try Again Jump jump on all these Blocks there got be there got be something useful Here yeah Safe Here hey oh no no oh No back here Mushroom what’s with all the ice blocks too I in Here safe here well then oh no oh I guess we’re let’s try I guess we’re going to try Again no my mushroom what’s with all the ice blocks I don’t know you Decide just spe right I we wait wait wait did that that guy kick kopish wait wait did those guys H C shells also hello Buddy [Applause] why ohu um if you don’t mind please take these five oneup mushrooms gladly would I really appre apprciate your help Right oh wait what is this Puzzling search party find all the Wonder tokens hidden in the pla if you can’t find them on your own look with a friend oh Hi hang on Let so sorry that was Mom Tech Yep all right which wants the pipe what was I supposed to look for hang On good so I guess we keep doing This oh oh we just went to that Pip okay Oh okay oh did that okay so looks I guess that looks like look like that hole went led to Somewhere There’s got there’s got be some other all right oh no wait we already went through There oh hi what we went through yeah okay let let me back um let’s do wall J oh yeah CU why not and I’m getting a headache climb against jump against the wall then press B to jump straight Up You can’t resist the call of the wall no matter how oh Yes One Oh come on let me Jump No No No that was so close No yes made It come on ah no yes no no yes yes come on come on all right this way all right this way no come On come on hello get on the Wall on Why oh come On yes we can do we can do it yes yes okay all right this way yes good what no no darn It come on all right this way Yes Okay perfect yes now we just have to wait on my signal and go yes wait Wait No come on get get up all right this way yeah yeah yeah I know on jump no I I I I I miscalculated On need to wait for this block we need to wait for this wall to come go right stop no no we can do come on come on come on no No come on why this take take a bunch of hours I don’t know if we can do This All this Way no I’m saved No No come on Come on no no no no darn it why no what is it why let me check the chat oh all right I guess uh let’s not do this I guess let’s just do the Poke Peete pass why not ow just got to get these items no no ow I should

Oops I just made a Mistake it’s snowing yeah cuz it’s Winter all right it’s snowing yeah yeah yeah you said that swing yay we’re now we’re helping Mario now let see oh oh we can take we take those enemies Out yay let’s go I’m Inv another one ow where’ that come from get out of here Owl no come on Whoa that was a close one what The bye-bye hang on never wonder where snow comes from from yeah from the sky never wonder where SK comes from yeah oh wonderful No we take them all that my with my Shrine yay Climb up on Ouch on come yes perfect get it [Applause] woohoo Bye-bye yay wait what is this I think this is going be oh wait oh wait never mind so someone else joined let’s keep Going oh yeah oh yeah hey hey hey hey oh yeah oh Yeah wow we collected a bunch of Coins I guess let’s just play as Nabit let’s just play as Yoshi since since Yoshi can’t take damage plus plus Yoshi can flutter jump Okay can’t resist the call of the wall no matter how this is Easier No come onos no no no come on Yos G climb on the Wall no on why Ow finally finally no Ah let’s see see the chat Is well um I guess I guess this is where we end the stream today thank you guys so much for tuning in and I will see you on the next video bye everyone Down [Applause] Out down


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