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Mighty pups ready for Mighty action Riders sir that’s great pups cuz this rescue is going to be out of this world someone turned the lighthouse into a rocket ship and it’s headed for space and worse Captain turbet is stuck inside yikes we need to get it and Captain turbet back

Down safely Mighty Sky the lighthouse is rising quickly so I need you to use your Whirlwind power to turn it on its side and mighty Rubble I need you to use your super strength to make the mighty Jet’s tractor beam stronger we need to bring that flying building back down to the

Ground Mighty pups are on a Roll okay rder the lighthouse isn’t headed for space Anymore gotcha great job Mighty pups I don’t know how much longer I can hold It Suma Rocky I need you and your hover cars to meet us on the water Rocky Su it’s time to charge up I can see all the way down to the bottom there it is it’s headed that way Suma stop that Lighthouse we’re going to slam into that sea slug yeah Yes good as new a I feel fortunate to see you too Francois thanks for saving me and my home Paw Patrol rff Mighty pups ready for Mighty action Rider sir thanks for getting here so quickly pups it looks like there’s a new Badd in town we don’t know who it is

But we do know that he has superpowers wao whoever it is they’re super fast and super strong that’s why for this Mission I’ll need Mighty Rubble I need you to use your super strength to straighten those rails and mighty Rocky I need you to use your energy tools to put those

Tracks back together all right Mighty pups are on a roll what did that super Badd do to those rails nothing I can’t undo Haley daily on the scene and on your screen reporting Live From The Adventure Bay train track uh-oh that train is closer than we thought Rocky put those tracks together

As fast as you can Rubble let’s go War the engineer on it Stop the Train the traps are broken oh no I don’t think I can stop in time I’ve got This the tracks are fixed Let It Go Rubble thanks Mighty pups you saw it here first viewers the mighty pups have saved the Train my plan worked perfectly attention citizens of Adventure Bay inside this energy Dome of energy I can do whatever I want and no one can get in or out we need the Paw Patrol Pups the copycat is somewhere on top of the Dome it’s time to go into hover

Mode I don’t see him anywhere Ryder I bet he went inside there must be a hidden door somewhere I found another way in Ryder down near the water Suma Marshall it’s time to get charged Up I’m inside the Dome Rider and I’ve got eyes on the coffee c not for long I’m on his furry tail time to make my Grandest there he is and there’s the door let’s get charged up let’s wreck and roll [Applause] I can’t thank you enough for freeing us from that awful cofy cat whenever you’re trapped inside a giant Dome just Yelp for help I’ll finally have the powers I’ve always wanted I’ll be the superest super mayor

Ever hinger super no kitties com back horo the train carrying the rare white tigers back to their jungle home shall pass by Soon there they are kitties big kitty yippy oh kitties me have friends for you my kitty my kitty my kitty Mar hinger stop now to grab him with my neck me KY me kitty huh what happened ah a Gorge a tiger help help energy net Mighty Whirlwind power me first me W woo

Ah a flying tiger whenever your cat’s been kidnapped just meow for help if I could just get a piece of that meteor I’d get my super building powers back a meteor piece all right my super machine making powers are back ooh it’s just just as awesome as I

Remembered I’m going to use my teleporter Ray to snatch all of Adventure Bay where’ the lemonade stand go it’s going to its new home haral bille if you want Lemonade you’ll have to come to my town hi Alex ryer you won’t believe it Harold Humdinger is in a super huge gigantic robot and made the lemonade stand vanish uh-oh he said he’s taking

It to some place called Harold Ville Mayor Goodway let me guess giant robot trouble yes and it’s headed for Town Hall don’t worry everyone no robot is too big no pup is too small mayor haral home and not a pupp in sight what I’ll teleport those pups to the North Pole

Rubble time for this big bot to go down time to wreck and roll wo Wo a mighty thank you Mighty pups our pleasure Mayor Goodway whenever your town disappears just Yelp for Help Wall-E what in the weird wide wintry World cousin why did you not say we were having this standing still contest H I shall stand still longer than you no time for foolishness franois I’ve been freakishly Frozen freakishly Frozen I’m calling the PAW Patrol Marshall let’s head to the docks

To unfreeze captain turbet and Wally ready or not I’m coming in hot Sky you go after Harold and his freeze R Roger Rider at last the MTI PS let’s bring on the heat thanks a million Mighty Marshall no problem Ryder watch out for Harold’s freeze R Everest time to fight ice with ice let’s do this hey freezing people isn’t nice oh right time to abandon my nephew May mobile my meteor piece my superpowers

No thank you mighty pups for warming the town and our hearts no problem whenever you get a Big Chill just yel for help I don’t even like this C the ancient and mysterious golden statue of Lup what are those bigger statues franois ah those are L’s Guardians the Guardians would

Follow the orders of whoever held the golden statue of L how fascinating and sensationally Shiny a that’s no Jewel it’s a piece of the meteor that gave me super Powers are those statues moving did you just listen to me bring me that treasure chest of gold I can control them now I have a whole crew to take shiny stuff for me okay mighty pups we’re going to lure the ladybird out of the museum with the biggest shiniest statue she’s ever seen

And take back the golden Lop statue but we don’t have a bigger shinier statue we will and you’ll see when we fly up to the desert in the mighty jet now here’s the rest of the plan how hard is it to find one giant Jewel en crusted statue it’s so giant so

Shiny carry the statue back to my museum layer gotcha ladybird what you’re not a statue nope I’m a mighty pup and the golden statue of L is not yours Merrol you saved our precious Museum exhibit you’re welcome whenever your statues come alive just Yelp for help hey Marshall where are your new pup

House they’re twins Ridder Isn’t that cool I’m Ella I’m tuck and we’re looking for the ladybird the ladybird I’m the most super ddy this town has ever seen hi M Goodway a strange bird lady lifted our clean car into the sky and then she bumped into our beautiful

Bridge ladybird it looks like it’s going to fall down we’re on it m good way Mighty pups are on a roll to Mighty sky is here to save us Ryder Mayor Goodway and chetta are trapped inside ladyb bird’s nest we need to figure out a way in but all the mighty

Pups are busy I think I know a couple pups who can help us time to think big great job Mighty ya Rubble take tuck to help save me good way you got it Ryder these lasers are big trouble I’m going to go through Them Tu did it I’m going It W now that’s a super rescue thank you mighty pups thanks again Ryder and the mighty pups you saved me chickaletta and Adventure Bay from the bird lady no problem we couldn’t have done it without the mighty twins to celebrate the Belle’s 100th birthday chetta wants to show you her new trick

She’s leaving to wish everyone a Happy b day go chetta if it shines this what’s that now I’m here for that bird and her shiny hat with my CH now hand over that hat must call Rider what’s up Mir Goodway chick L whoa better take cover

Mar good away but don’t worry no chicken is too big no pup is too small oh no Here Come Those pasy pops Rubble clear path for chetta you got it no I’ve got this great job Rubble Chase get those people to move everyone get out of the way giant chicken coming Through okay Ella it’s time to lead her out of town it’s Pro time I don’t you up follow me thank you mighty pups for saving b day and thank you chetta for shrinking back down to hugable size you’re welcome here Goodway whenever you have a problem just ring for Help see patroller here we come now to sail this super ship away as soon as I find the start button make sure that Robo Rover stays locked below that stow away is stowed away now which one of these buttons shim be diers we’re underway any Lu finding the sea

Patroller not yet Ryder and now I’ve lost Marshall oh no let me try to reach him Ryder calling Marshall where are you are you there no answer maybe he can’t hear his pup tag oh this pup Tag’s perfect for my new Treasure Chest no ho Robo dog

Yes here’s the plan you hide behind that Barrel then I’ll go get St away from the bridge that’s when you sneak up there and take the Control spotted pup what are you doing water cannons water having a little trouble turning off my Cannon oh then I’ll do it it’s the sea patroller and now to get back on it holds on it’s Full Speed Ahead turn those cannons off huh well blow me down Sit wash Buckle

We’re taking back our ship Ryder am I happy to see you Paw Patrol ready for action ryer sir thanks for hurrying pups Fran Sis’s diving bell crashed into a ship and now he’s stuck so for this Mission I’ll need Sky let’s take to the sky and

Let’s dive in all right Paw Patrol is on the Roll Skye drop the hook hook claw great on three one 2 three great okay Sumo unhook it huh Ryder the diving bell accidentally put a hole in the ship a how am I going to get all this stuff to the recycling plant now Chase bring your launcher on the we

Rider Rocky bring your reuse it truck meet me on the beach let’s head up Zuma now Rocky upcycle this plastic into a pair of pontoons and a jumbo sized vacuum hose awesome your truck is giant Bo floaties it’s leaking trash right about there I see a Ryder R

Launcher I loaded up your launcher with balls of sealant to fix the hole in the ship the sealant expanded and sealed the hole Like Glue now Rocky fire up your vacuum and clean up the trash okay over top to bottom many mercies for my rescue anytime whenever you’re in deep sea trouble just

Yel for helping on the seers we and if we some we’ll share with the treasure goes where SE blows y Ryder thank goodness you’re here the kids are nowhere to be found we’ll find them this wind sock points exactly the way the wind blows and once we know the

Wind’s Direction Zuma can use the sailing skills to attack the missing kids time to set sail that way uh-oh we’ve run ground oh no it’s a sail everybody hang on to it Ty you hang on to me chick aretta uhoh how are we going to get down I don’t

Know Ryder I found their shipwreck and there’s the crew wa how’ they get up there and how will we get them down okay Julia you’re first we I know chickaletta I’m a little chicken too but it’s okay Ryder the wind is picked up and it makes the hoodoo teer

More you’re right Sky back off with the copter Zipline ready for a swashbuckling ride chicketta can’t wait and me Too Rider thank you for bringing everyone home home safely whenever your land pirates get lost on the sandy sea just for help are your famous fizzy pickles ready Grandpa this batch really is extra fizzy isn’t it let’s load them up wait there’s one more hey careful

With that jar if it gets shaken the Fizz in there could make it burst like a can of soda pop bye oh this is bumy H what’s that noise maybe I made them a little too fizzy help Mr Porter are you okay I’m fine but I’m afraid the van is stuck we’ve got

You chase we’re going to need your winch chase is on the case where’s Mr Porter’s van it went over the side and now it’s stuck on a Ledge R Win I’m down Ryder Sky lower your harness to lift Mr Porter out harness hold on uh Rider how do we get Mr supporter’s van back up H if only there was a way to pop that van back on the road this van just needs a little fizzy pickle power

Rocky are there any unopen jars left yep there is one left shake it then put it under the van jar is in place I’m coming back up knock knock who’s there pickle pickle who pick all your stuff up and run it’s going to blow everyone step back

R Mighty pups ready for Mighty action Rider sir thanks for hurrying pups it looks like mayor humer has somehow created a bunch of super clones of himself that’s a whole bunch of humdingers the Clones have carried off Katie’s Pet Parlor with Katie and Callie still inside Mighty Chase I need you to

Use your super speed to catch up to the Humdinger horde and stop them and mighty Rubble I need you to use your super strength to bring back the pet parlor Mighty pups are on a roll there’s a trail of pieces from the missing building Chase follow that trail

And catch up to them just watch me if you can stop re armare humdingers and put that pet parlor down that’s Ste oopsie let’s get out of here Katie are you okay we’re going to need more Mighty pup power Marshall we need you out by the gorge I’m ready for a red heart

Rescue I’m here Ryder Great Mighty pups it’s time to get charged up on it oh yeah PP power Marshall we need a charged up super jump to get Katie and C out of there on it Marshall I’ll get you out of here hold on tight thanks uh-oh Chase use your Sonic bark

To blast the pet parlor out catch it Rubble thanks for everything Ryder You’re welcome Hi Everest what’s going on Ryder Miss margerie and Maynard are trapped in the bookmobile and it’s rolling out of control Down Mountain View Road we’re on our way no bookmobile is too fast no pup is too small Chase get ahead of the bookmobile and clear the Road that was close hey Rider am might glad to see you pulling close then launch your grapple grapple Sky now move in sounds like someone’s making tea what’s going on we’re moving Miss Margery Buckle into the harness mayard we’ll save mayard in the books wo thanks Ryder

Oh no I’ll get some more help Rocky Rubble meet us up on Mountain View Road Rider there’s a train coming fast Sky use your hook to slow down the book mobile got it Autopilot hi Amer time to buckle up the brakes aren’t working I’m trying the emergency break huh that’s not good Rocky TR I need a ramp hey I bet those steel girds would work hurry the train is almost [Applause] here we did It Paw Patrol ready for for Action Rider sir thanks for hustling pups farmer L farmer Yumi and some tourists are on an out ofc control tour bus with a broken steering wheel oh my oh no so for this Mission I’ll need Rocky I need you to use your tools to

Reattach the steering wheel and Scott I need you to use your copter to airlift Rocky into the bus through the sunroof this puppy’s got to fly look it’s a PAW Patrol ready ready take me up Skye hang [Applause] On thanks Sky Ryder I’m in looks like a simple fix I just need to put the steering wheel back in place and screw it on no bad news Ryder the steering wheel is the bottom of the bay and I don’t see any brakes Ryder the tour bus is headed towards the

River uh Ryder the draw bridge is going up and we can’t stop Robo do bring the Paw patroller to the draw bridge as fast as you can are we going to block it nope we’re going to give it a piggyback [Applause] thanks Paw Patrol for saving us from the wildest tour we’ve ever taken you’re welcome whenever your tour bus takes a bad turn just Yelp for Help hey from Morel are you excited about your big morning I was until someone or something took away my rainbow potato and made a mess of my garden that’s terrible that fellow from the special vegetable book is supposed to be here any minute what’s wrong he’s

Early this is going to be a perfect potato day don’t worry we’ll take care of everything no potatoes too missing no puppies too small I’ve got this I’ll start looking for Clues this feels pretty solid Rebel now just fill in the hole Chase any luck yet actually check this out I found some animal tracks hm send out your drone to see if we can find out who they belong to and if that who took the potato rough drone follow that

Drone they’re having so much fun how are we going to get the potato let’s distract them use your launcher to send them some real bouncy balls R launcher it worked now everyone to the Farm ah another rainbow potato fan um sure you’re starting to draw a crowd of folks wanting to see your very special veggie so where is it already well uh to be honest with you it’s uh right here well well well well I hearby declare that farmer owl’s rainbow potato is one

Of the vegetable Wonders of the World yay wow amazing trouble on the zigzag Trail pups muletas run away with chickaletta and Mer goodways hanging from a Treeland we need to get the miror down so for this Mission I’ll need sky this puppy’s got to fly I’m also going to need chase

Chase is on the case Paw Patrol is on a roll sorry Ryder nothing yet wait oh it’s scar smile he found her but we better hurry okay Chase time for your net W nice view now let’s go get mulera and chickaletta Sky I’m heading up the trail

Now Ridder they’re on a rickety rope bridge and it doesn’t look very safe I have an idea come in tracker all Rider I’m all ears oos Ready to fly Tracker I’ll catch you gotcha oh CH letter you’re safe thanks tracker hey look what I have Ryder you did it whenever you have a problem there Justa for help back in the day whenever there was a full moon people got real careful about going outside cuz that’s when it

Could come creeping and a peeping and a prowling and a howling they call it the wild RAR puppy green means go to [Applause] Sleep W I’m really going fast I wish my friends could see me do this oh but I might scare them ew smells like skunk that’s the first time a skunk’s everever been scared of me hey wait don’t be scared wo I can really jump far being a we puppy is kind of Fun huh is someone there go away bear huh it’s just me Rocky the we pupp where puppy sounds like somebody had a pretty exciting dream but you sure put a scare in that bear and saved our marshmallows thanks huh I did well if you’re ever in trouble just how for help PAW

Patrol PAW Patrol ready for action Rider sir thanks for hurrying pups the turbet are trapped somewhere in the jungle oh they tried to call but their phone cut out that’s why we have to find them Sky I need you to use our goggles and copter to search for them from the

Air Captain turbet said beneath so they may need to be dug out of where they are Rubble I need you to use your ring Paw Patrol is on a roll Ryder I found something there’s a truck outside the temple great that’s got to be the turet we’re on her way sh escucha

Listen that’s the noise we heard on the phone it’s coming from inside the temple that noise does not sound good let’s find the turbet quick I think the turbet are on the other side of this wall but how do we get through it this

Part of the wall looks like a door I can use my shovel to pry it open oh is that really you Ryder yeah hold on we’re almost there yes we are saved that should do it all right everybody push yes we’re in we are saved so happy to see

You that’s the scary sound big hairy more like big noisy he fell in through the roof then he was smashing things all over let’s get you out before he wakes up we don’t want to startle him thanks Paw Patrol for a picture perfect Rescue you’re welcome whenever you’re trapped

In an ancient temple with a giant monkey just yel for help rer I’ve detected a new underwater volcano but the bad news is we are stuck inside the crer and it is going to blow here Goodway you need to get out of the ocean fast there’s an underwater

Volcano and it’s going to erupt chetta where are you I’ll get chetta I promise it’s too dangerous you have to head up now all right I’m counting on you captain turbet fris we’re here to get you out of that volcano it’s working we’re out Ryder we

Can move on our own now get your sub to safety a Zuma retract the claws uhoh I’m here chickaletta gotcha Marshall race yourself that Bell is get up wa got to act fast before the diving bell drops and hits the water ready sky this got to Fly Marshall I have a parachute grab the hook our dangerous downward drop has significantly Slowed whenever trouble rumbles just Yelp for help Paw Patrol ready for action Rider sir traveling Travis’s balloon sprung a leak and he’s landed somewhere in Antarctica Everest I need you to use your snow cat to search the ground for Travis and his balloon and Rocky I need you to use your tools to repair Travis’s balloon green means

Go Ryder I found Travis’s balloon great job everis we’ll follow you to it it’s his balloon all right but where’s Travis H see if you can find any clues nearby Ryder I found penguin tracks and Footprints Travis must have gone that way the footprints lead to that cave Travis must be

Inside Travis oh wellow I was going to get you out of my snow cat but I can’t drive any closer my ride’s too heavy rough glue there the patch is in place Ryder I found Travis in a cave but it’s too dangerous to get him

Out with my snow cat help is on the way Rubble we need you and your hoverboard to help rescue Travis Rubble on the double don’t worry penguin I’ll help you out follow me Travis are you okay grab off to my Bo and hang on got it great work

Pups good as new thanks Rocky sorry Travis but I had to use your map to patch the hole no worries I’ll just rely on my Keen Explorer instincts to find my way wherever I go that’s where I am thanks for everything Paw Patrol there’s big trouble barking bird

Pups animals are overrunning the castle and we have to get them under control before someone gets hurt like the Earl who’s hanging from a gargoyle oh my goodness so for this Mission I’ll need sky this puppy’s got to F and chase chase is on the case Mission paw is on a roll Paw

Patrol needle why thank you you’re welcome rough laser git that’s a good hippo now follow me Huh Chase Marshall’s coming your way with a couple of animal Pals Marshall over here to the trapo H that looks like all of them how did all these animals get loose in the castle anyway alas I believe that was sweetie’s doing she has the crown and I’m keeping it Buzz Face that way it looks like she’s sinking Zuma go check it out Ryder she’s going down in the we have to get her out fast Chase we need your inflatable landing pad in three 2 1 Now all right good job everyone you’ll never catch Me SE Patrol ready for action Captain Rider sir the sunken Sloop has been taken by Sid the pirate we need to catch up to that Sloop and return it to where it belongs oh why are we moving so slowly what’s going on Ryder we’ve been following the Sloop

But now things are really looking strange I believe the Sloop is actually pulling back the old sunken ship has a giant sea slug inside she was using the Sloop like a snail would use a shell the Sloop is the sea slug’s home Sid this is Rider you need to give back that Sloop

This pirate never gives up I found the Sloop it’s mine okay Rocky we’ll have to cut the cable then get your torch ready I’ll wait for your signal Chase we need the sea slug to stay still while the cable’s being cut there should be some squid jerky in your

Boat to calm her down oh yeah I found it W okay Rocky now the slug stopped Now Chase now lower your winch Rocky hook the winch to the Sloop winch secure haul it away Chase we’ll show Chase where the Sloop was sluggy will be happy there right here ryer thank you again for saving the Dy spot and sluggy hole you’re welcome sluggy and whenever you’re in trouble just for

Help I’ve got to get to Adventure Bay so traveling Travis can see a real fake monster and follow me back to Foggy Bottom [Applause] help I Mean what is this mysterious creature H Squatch H Squatch I better call the po Patrol Okay Marshall let’s rescue that hump Squatch it looks so scared that’s why you’ll have to be really gentle when you try and get it to climb down your ladder you got it Ryder ladder hang on make fur buddy I’ll help you down H it’s about time those pups got here I

Mean grunt grunt grunt now try to get it to turn around and slowly climb down the ladder that’s a lot of words in hump Squatch but I’ll try wow I can speak hump Squatch Ryder the H Squatch is fur is caught on a rock Come in Sky we need air support Roger that Rider don’t be scared Mr hump Squatch help is on the way wait a minute that’s not a creature it’s ow I mean a grunt May h Huh my fake monster plan didn’t work if only there was a real monster in Foggy

Bottom kitties was that you paw patol Yeehaw Sho sho I’m a scarecrow All Aboard cool costume nice awesome costume why thank you I mean uh yeah it’s a cool costume trick and tree Grandpa we got to call the PAW Patrol Rider a kid in a giant spider

Costume is taking all the treats we’re on it no spider is too big no pup is too small St that you you whoever you are inside that naughty spider costume uh-oh let’s get out of here kittens Next we’re stuck Rubble hustle over with your crane we need you to unstick a giant spider from a marshmallow web wa good thing that’s not a real spider or it’d be super creepy ooh a candy corn I must have it uh-oh my candy no oh thank you Ryder you and the pups

Worked yourselves to the Bone to save our Halloween party you’re welcome whenever you’re out of treats the trick is to yel for help Paw Patrol ready for action Rider sir thanks for hurrying pups Mr Porter’s pies got swept up in a whirlwind uhoh and now this pie clone is throwing pies

All over town Chase I need you to use your megaphone to clear people out of the pie clone’s path and Rocky I need you to use your tools to fix anything at broke and Marshall I need you to use your water cannons to clean up whatever

Got hit with pies Paw Patrol is on a roll squeaky clean like it Callie hey you have to go inside oh no what a mess Ryder the P clone messed up Katie shop and broke her sign we’re on her way Marshall help Rocky get on the roof a ladder CLA water cannon oops sorry Rocky there wasn’t any pie on me Ryder I can see the py clone from up here let’s go pups as long as that Cyclone has hot pies inside it’ll never stop spinning Skye Rubble I need your help let’s take to the pies Rubble on the

Double guys let’s Rubble up with your hook fly him over the pie clone and slowly lower him into it once you get inside knock all the pies out with your shovel Shovel woohoo bam home run get job dude yeah M squid jerky pie thanks for everything Paw Patrol and make my top hat taller it’s the greatest tallest hat ever May Humdinger stop all this immediately ha if you can have a statue of a chicken I can have a

Humdinger doozy carving of the world’s greatest mayor me I’m calling rider that’s a lot of stone carved out of that rock face rubble’s right that Hill isn’t stable ridiculous wait a minute why are my statue ears pointed like kitten ears never mind I’ll finish it myself

Never ask a kitten to do a mayor’s job I’ve got a bad feeling about this me too I’m calling for backup Marshall chase Zuma Rocky we need your help aha now your ears are perfect like mine fine done no no no oh no it’s headed straight for Adventure

Bay Sky I’m going to steer this runaway rock into the bay find me a path to the do Waterway street is clear wow [Applause] a hang on mayor dude I’ll bring you in all that work now no one will see it but Fish the golden Relic is gone everyone stand out and look for it Ryder Carlos over here I found some Paw Prints I’ve never seen anything like them wao it has really big paws The Relic is missing and some strange big po animal was here big paw must have taken

It we don’t know what the creature is but we do know that A Relic that that old should be in a museum and we have to bring it back Ryder I just saw something gold and shiny moving through the trees that sound it’s Mandy she’s in

Trouble oh no big paw got her Mandy I’ll help you The Relic it’s going to roll into the river Skye can you get it with your claw CLA everybody look at these markings on the golden Relic they look just like those mysterious paw prints so there was no big paw making the tracks The Relic did it with the monkey’s help thanks for bringing the pillar back safely Ryder no problem whenever you’re in trouble Justa for Help I don’t know about you kids but I am truly tuckered out wow Auntie mayor I’ve never seen a grown up hop like that what can I say I’ve still got some pop in my hop now who’s in the mood for some yummy grapes I am me too please

Wonderful now where did I leave my purse I could have sworn it was right over here I know I put my purse right here on this bench but now it’s nowhere to be seen my little bundle of feathery Joy was napping in the purse and now she’s gone we need the Paw

Patrol Chase use your heat vision goggles to look in those bush bushes rough visor I see something Cheta nope just a big old crow eating a grape hey it’s mayor had grapes in her purse and there’s another one and another one sky Mir Goodway had grapes

In her purse Can you spot any from up there I think I see something yep they are grapes all right a trail of grapes a trail this way I’m picking up a scent seagull the GS must have carried the purse here to the beach Scott can you see chetta we

Think she’s somewhere on the beach chetta is not on the beach she’s on the Water Zuma chiet is heading for a splash down and I need you to catch her in your Hovercraft Paw Patrol ready for action Rider sir we need to find Percy’s missing map and fix this broken hover sled or Santa won’t be able to make his Christmas deliveries where’s my map oh no so for this Mission I’ll need spy Chase spy chase is on the Christmas case

And Rockies green means go to the North Pole all right Paw Patrol is on our Christmas roll oh snow luck Rocky see if you can find out what’s wrong with that hovers sled I’m on it now it’s time to find that missing map Chase see if you can pick up its s

Okay I think I smell cinnamon that’s that’s probably from the cinnamon bun I was eating while looking at the map oh I bet the map smells like cinnamon too I smell it coming from that direction rough drone how’s the hover sled coming Rocky it’s a little tricky I’ve never seen

This Tech before but I’ll keep trying great Ryder I think I find part of the map on the Christmas tree this piece of the map has Adventure Bay on it if Santa doesn’t see it he won’t know he’s supposed to visit here well we’ll have

To take you to the North Pole fast but it looks like my hover sled’s grounded for good don’t worry we have another way to get you to the North Pole now Dasher now dancer Santa wait whoa what’s all this pery it’s a missing piece of the Christmas delivery map

Adventure Bay of course we wouldn’t want to leave out those nice folks thanks pery actually Ryder and the Paw Patrol are the ones to thank Santa it’s really him yeah totally what good pups Paw Patrol ready for action Rider sir thanks pups three birds in town have gone

Missing that’s why for this Mission I’ll need Sky I need you to use your copter to search the skies for Mna The Miner bird since she’s the only one who can fly let’s take to the sky all right Paw Patrol is on a roll Ryder I found the missing Birds they’re

Flying away huh all three Sky cuz chickens and ostriches can’t fly they can if there’re in a hot air balloon uh-oh after that Balloon Sky use your copter to try and push the balloon lower hold on Birdies falling allrich 12:00 high chase catch him with your net rough net great work Chase thanks but now chetta is up there all by herself Travis we have to get you up high enough to grab the balloon’s Rope Marshall get here as fast as you can with your fire truck I’m fired

Up I’m here Ryder great raise your ladder rough ladder okay Travis you know what to do oh most got it worry not fren passenger I traveling Travis will expertly parlot this balloon safely back to the lookout thank you Ridder and the Paw Patrol for saving our wayward pets when

Whenever your birds fly away just Yelp for Help barreling blizzard Blast coming this way take cover in the Tent oh no the Wolf Pop could get lost in the snow I need to help him don’t be scared it’ll be okay come on let’s find some shelter look a cave follow Me isn’t this cozy it’s the perfect place to wait out the storm uh-oh that’s not good aw don’t worry we’ll find a way out the snow is already icy that makes it harder to dig H I know grapple that’s better come on it’s fun why don’t you join

Me when there’s lots of work to do get a friend to help you through add a song it will feel long la la la this is going to take a while it’s the PAW Patrols keep digging little pup we’re going to get out of here you found us all Right Once we finish blowing up these balloons we’ll be all ready for the feast oh why who knocked down the food look Auntie mayor a flying turkey what time to call the PAW Patrol hi Mar good way Ryder chetta is very upset the bouncy turkey’s flown away flown away I see it and something

Else too it’s one of mar hinger kittens we’re on it no bouncy turkey is too high no pup is too small Ryder I’m closing in on the turkey awesome we’re right behind you Sky Rider I see a ring at the bottom of the bouncing turkey I can grab it with

My hook and bring it back to the ground great let’s save the kitten first then the bouncy tur Chase deploy your net net Ryder look don’t use your hook yet Skye there’s still more Kittens now to catch that floating turkey hook got it nice job Sky okay let’s go we don’t want to be late for Dinner Ryder uh I want to thank you for rescuing my kitties you’re welcome whenever you’re floating away in a giant turkey just yel for help mini Patrol a bad rainstorm is going to ruin our mural our mission is to keep it from getting wet mini Patrol is on a Roll okay stay in place and protect the miror the wh is flying away the mini Patrol stop oh no time to call the PAW Patrol I’m so glad you guys are here Marshall ladder Up we’re good Ryder I don’t think Callie can hold on much longer Chase fire your net net great catch Julia Julius let’s take our their umbrellas so they don’t get blown away again huh is that bush plucking at us it’s not the bushes it’s chetta good nice work guys Alex time to get

Everyone inside everyone’s safe but the rain is still going to wash away our mural you had a great idea to cover it up with a mini Patrol Alex I think it can still work our new is saved whenever the rain is going to spoil your picture perfect

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