NEW SECRET in Barry's Prison Run Obby Roblox

Foreign Hello what are we doing today oh okay my friends let’s go have fun wow look I can see the ball okay let’s take it okay let’s go oh really nice let’s try again Super secret location Good my friends today is a great day yeah hey hello see how I do it Foreign And where is everyone do you want to play hide and seek sweaty strange Don’t Panic my friends and he has shared this portal um where am I I’m a curious chick I’m scared good let’s go jump Really nice I did it let’s go have a look wow I found a super secret weapon let’s take it no no no this is a very scary place oh no zombies everywhere need to leave this place faster my friends helped me to find their way out

For you my friends I am saved very good Oh come on man hmm where did I go I see a super scary room okay don’t panic foreign Faster my friends I have to find Barry Oh look I found the flashlight What is it let’s go this is a very scary place all right let’s get out of here Thank you oh great it almost worked [Applause] I’m super pretty Maybe I am going to you okay I will try to get him here oh good I see a secret way out who are you hello um what are you doing here okay I am leaving this place No no no this door is closed Wow I see a secret portal Okay I’ll have to jump It’s good to see you hello hello my friends yeah I will help you

Hello! I show you how i found a New barry secret in Roblox Obby

► All shown in the video is fan work, the video is editing and 3D modeling and Animation
Thank you for your attention

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