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[Music] peter the spider spin is cool now check out what tracy and i are working on meet webster a super computer that can help tracy run things when we’re not here whoa can it help us solve crimes and save the day yep we just wear these comlinks and webster can send us alerts tracy let’s show them how it works i am webster please say your names into your comm links so i will remember you whoa gwen you go first okay go spider so cool guys who’s next spider-man oops one at a time please spider-man i’m spider-man too i know you’re both spider-man but it looks like webster is confused you’re right that’s a problem peter how about we call you spidey when and i already call you that all the time that works spidey now what name should i use maybe it can be the name of one of your powers yeah hmm i’ve got cloaking powers no sting oh and don’t forget that cool spider spin you just showed us yeah how about if we call you spider spin but that’s the name of my new move how about just i love it me too [Music] we’re three spider superheroes who make one amazing team go [Applause] [Music] booty ah peter have you seen bootsy i can’t find that kitty cat anywhere don’t worry emme i’ll go find that little fuzz ball if she doesn’t show up for dinner oh thanks peter search operation that’s a job for spidey [Music] [Music] [Applause] time to suit up and swing out [Music] oh no bootsy it’s not safe up there you can’t wall crawl like me just so move go webs go [Music] oh my spidey sense is tingling danger’s close by hey bootsy where’d you go now huh [Music] [Music] hang in there bootsy i’m coming [Music] gotcha ah you’re welcome now we better hurry home before aunt may notices were both gone [Music] hey peter i still can’t find bootsy hmm [Music] oh feeder boats he’s back and just in time for din din oh and it’s almost ready if you keep getting us into sticky situations aunt may’s gonna figure out i’m spidey [Music] oh but thanks for keeping me on my toes bootsy [Music] ah what a great day no villains in sight [Music] oh spidey hi there what’s wrong i’m here to help i parked my scooter after playing with my brother but now it’s lost i’ll swing around to see if i can find it what’s it look like it’s purple and it has a bell on it okay got it [Music] hmm excuse me have you seen a little purple scooter around here no okay thanks no sign of it it’s a mystery sorry little sis let’s go home no wait i know a friend who can help figure out where it went go spider oh she’s great at solving mysteries go spider do you copy i need your help it’s the case of missing scooter copy that i’ll be there before you know it and you’re sure this is the last place you had it hey guys i’ll help you solve this case we just need to look for clues ah check out these tire tracks made by three wheels just like the ones on a little kick scooter it’s a clue you’re right nice so if we follow the tracks we should find it good thinking look there’s another clip a bell it must have fallen off we could be getting close oh there it is and there it goes my scooter looks like we’ve both got rides to catch ghosty [Applause] here you go spidey next time be sure to use the kickstand so it doesn’t roll away thank you spidey and thanks to ghost spider always happy to help find a clue or two catch you later bye [Music] ah dark hawk slayer time to catch her by surprise before she springs another evil invention on the city oh that’s some security system [Music] hulk what are you doing here you think you’re the only superhero to hear about doc ock’s plan let’s move in before she strikes spidey i know you’re super strong big guy but we’re gonna have to be light on our feet to surprise doc ock okay i can tiptoe too great just follow my lease oh look the lasers [Applause] web trampolines are fun but we got work to do where’s doc ock no idea but she left a welcoming party for icky octobots good thing they’re in snooze mode oh good cuz i’m ready to smash stuff wait triggering the lasers will wake him up let me see if i can sneak over and turn the octobots off right behind you actually this job calls for some super stealthy spider moves so don’t move a muscle yeah okay easy hulk those lasers are super sensitive huh oh how kind of you to pay a surprise visit to my secret lair my octobots will keep you busy until i get back they’re very playful [Music] i didn’t know they could do that hey hulk a little help here yeah well some spidey told me not to move sorry i’m like a jerk use your big move right about now what’s it called again smash my octobots you may have stopped me this time spidey but i’ll invent even more brilliant inventions to help me take over the city and we’ll be ready for you hulk may not be light on his feet but he’s a huge help when you need a super hulk friend i’m okay sorry [Music] [Applause] i’m not gonna let you ruin this parade green goblin welcome to my block party spidey what do you think of my new tricks [Music] the real party poopers green goblin they’re supposed to be a parade for the city today hold on a web fluid that means i can’t shoot any more webs i need some help stopping green goblin better call in my trusty little spiderbot tracy come in tracy i need you to fetch me i’ll refill a web fluid they should be in the red box or maybe the blue one anyways so any luck [Music] which pumpkin shall we play with next nobody’s having fun except you gobby hey you made it tracy i knew i could count on you yeah party’s over dobby webby confetti amusing but useless yeah oops wrong web fluid tracy these are party favors i invented for miles birthday guess i gotta work with what i got let’s see what the next one does [Music] hey not funny i’m the prankster not you i guess we’re crashing dobby’s party tracy so how about we kick it up a notch hmm i forget what this little gizmo does [Music] ah don’t go yet the party’s just getting started what’s that tracy yep gobby’s the perfect parade float and now that it’s safe everyone can come out and enjoy the day [Music] [Music] whoever’s making all that noise is gonna wake up the whole neighborhood better check it out oh man it’s not here what are you looking for rhino none of your beeswax spidey you’re being a bad neighbor by waking everyone up i’ll make as much noise as i want until i find all the gold i stole rhino must have robbed the bank i’ve got to stop him but i’ll need some help if i want to do it quietly spit you copy i need a spidey friend to help me tire out a very noisy rhino you can count on me spidey looks like rhino could use a nap huh he seems super cranky who said that i’ll find you over here an invisible spider yeah we’re a team good yeah good we’ll need your special power if you want to put this guy to bed you need my rock no stick but there’s no way i can get close enough to reach him leave that to me time to go nighty night rhino that won’t stop me from finding that gold uh maybe not put a blast from my raffle [Music] [Music] [Music] jackpot here’s the stolen gold rhino hit let’s return it to the bank and call it a night using my ragno sting really tires me out hey even superheroes need to recharge and without all that noise now everyone can sleep [Music] sounds like an emergency and it’s coming from the space museum [Music] doc let me guess you stole that space crystal from the museum for another one of your evil plans oh you know me so well spidey and this is the star diamond it holds more power than a thousand suns this energy will make my tentacles stronger zapier can’t you do something nice for a change like i don’t know invent a cute robot i’m an evil scientific genius and you’re in my way whoa now chickens have lasers well i’ve got a plan to stop her it’s my super team go spider spin do you copy need a hand stopping that tentacle daddy spidey go spider just a spidey friend i need that and all the surprising webs you weave i’m here to help too spin thanks for dropping in we gotta snatch that star diamond back and shut down doc ock’s zapping power for good we’ll make sure doc ock looks the other way while you set a sticky trap time to spidey swing [Music] sorry dog road oh dead end two spiders oh time to zap you both thanks to my new accessory isn’t it pretty and shiny whoa now let’s have some fun don’t forget about me i want to zap you two annoying spiders more than ever two spiders too much then i guess three spiders will make you very happy [Music] looks like your plant backfired doc ock but how i was supposed to be unstoppable yeah but there isn’t a villain around that we can’t stop because together we’re an amazing spidey team [Music] [Music] way to go gwen we made it to the last level your turn miles i know you’re out there somewhere spidey team so listen up green goblin he must have hacked into all the video games in the city that villains always playing mean tricks i’m gonna paint the town orange with my pumpkin splats starting with your precious park i’ve got a whole bag of tricks just full of pumpkins try and stop me ugh what a green meanie we can’t let him turn our city into pumpkinville come on guys let’s suit up and swing out [Music] [Music] [Music] ghost spider spin [Applause] [Music] there he is on his glider on three one two three [Music] spidey team i’ve tricked you right into my trap now you’ll never stop me um did you really think it would be that easy to stop a whole team of spideys drat time to splat up the playground not today no that’s enough gabi hand over your bag of tricks not a chance okay we asked nicely no my goblin blinder way to go go spider your turn spin [Music] game over the spidey team wins again [Music] miss marvel zookeepers have rounded up dozens of escaped animals all over the park but they can’t catch the last three monkeys harry oh and slappy are causing lots of trouble you’d sure be a big help miss marble all righty here right next to you [Music] [Applause] whoa that superpower sure is handy ready to catch those mischievous monkeys [Music] i think we just found one where to go they’re ruining the playground [Music] i already washed my suit this morning i’m sorry but that was funny hey you were saying let’s round them up partner you go towards him while i sneak up behind [Music] watch out that truck’s out of control i’ll swing in to slow it down and i’ll keep it from crashing into anything [Applause] [Music] [Applause] these little monkeys are almost as hard to catch as super villains hmm but all this monkeying around has made our furry friends hungry let’s find out [Music] ah that should keep them busy till the keepers can round them up now that mission was bananas good one spidey hey spin it’s time for power practice already here you are so excited getting the jump on doing some power moves no big deal whoa so cool that your cloaking power makes you go invisible now let’s work on some moves using our web shooters practice makes a team perfect ready let’s spidey swing both of us swinging together gives us web extra long stretch yeah and the longer the web stretch the faster we go [Applause] swinging is great but we can also make lots of things with our web shooters am i right [Music] yikes that driver forgot to put on our parking brake without something to stop it it’ll crash this calls for what’s known as a web blob how’s that for putting the brakes on a problem no big deal hey hear that yeah sounds like trouble over there hang on that pup could fall in any second we’ve got to save him but he’s too far away to reach us a web and there’s nothing to swing from around the water what are you doing is that what i think it is paraglider wanna help that’s how we spin as a team let’s do this [Music] i’ve got your little guy there’s really no limit to what web shooters can do right all you need is teamwork and some imagination oh these superhero moves are making me hungry that reminds me i have one more new move i want to test out today i call it the snack attack [Music] hey there goes spidey and spin [Music] [Applause] i sure am glad i could show you around my city black panther when it’s a hot day like today i like to go to the amusement park with friends thank you spidey as king of wakanda i travel to see so many wonders of the world but i have never been to such a park my hot day three-step plan one cool breeze in the ferris wheel two enjoy a snow cone three make a splash on the water slide a corner of snow interesting and that water’s like dogs look inviting but wait huh what is it my height i’m hearing is picking up sounds of trouble over there a rhinoceros is charging the crowd oh boy that’s rhino his skin is tough as rhinoceros and he’s just as strong stealing and breaking stuff are the only things that make him happy we must stop him go webs go [Music] rhino right through out of my way [Music] better put on the brakes rhino never [Music] hang on we’ll save you i’ll steady the top with my webs you push the beams back at the bottom [Music] [Laughter] rhino really needs to cool off maybe he’d like a snow cone aha yes an icy treat for rhino good idea let’s catch him how did you learn rhino do not take what is not yours want some back here spidey he’s right behind me ready when you are [Music] [Applause] [Music] your ted thank you spidey you’re welcome relax rhino we’ll fish you out so not cool but these coins are snowing thanks black panther great work you too spidey [Music] [Music]

Our favorite web-slinger is great at working solo, but Spidey is about to discover that when he’s got some super-hero friends by his side, he can fight super villains and rescue anyone in trouble even better. Meet the good-guys and gals that help Spidey save the day!

Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends” tells the story of Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy, who together form Team Spidey and embark on heroic adventures to protect their community. Geared towards preschoolers and their families, the series models the importance of teamwork and helping others and highlights themes of friendship, cooperation and problem-solving.

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