Letters+ 2.0: Meta

Everyone welcome back to letters plus a little pack all abouts curs letters and this world uses all three of the previous world’s gimmicks let’s go all right so we’re playing as a shovel over here and there are a lot of these pixels where I cannot touch cuz question mark

Is stopped so the walls aren’t stopped though and also the random letters they spell out shovel don’t they we also have access to pole shovel is pole maybe we also have love but we can’t stand on love because love is stop on the top h two suspicious I can almost spell

Shovel though also all is letter which means that okay so I’m playing as a shovel the shovel starts with the letter S so therefore this counts as the S and that applies for every object which stands for its first letter because all is letter so shovel is Win can I make that shovel

I guess I could but the love might be in the way I don’t think I need to move the love okay well I’ll just move everything in position and that should do it there you go shovel is win a little weird like it’s not forced

At all to pull it or anything like that but you know what sure you do to 140 I could you could do better anyway level two okay so oh first of all text is letter which means the all pieces of text also count as the letter T so with

S o and P sitting here we’re obviously making some variation of stop if water is stop as well and we need to get through this so the the bucket’s a oneway path and no matter what we’re going to lose to these boats we can’t get through the correct par so we need

To do something about it now if the skull the S I think this o stands for open yeah wait okay yeah so if I do that I die cuz the bucket’s defeat but if it’s open then the bucket will open up and destroy itself so I need s so for

Sure okay this should be easy right what we do is do do some variation of this so making skull is open we also have to have this which I believe is just skull is Skull and of course the whole statement is Skull is stop with the is

Standing for a t because as we said text is letter so all text countes with the letter t this should do it cuz when you do that skull is stop in other words it’s a solid object and nothing can get into the skull’s position then skull is

Grass just broken cuz skull is Skull so it can’t transform to a different object and there we go oyster’s Wi okay text crab is level he this okay so text crab is level that is an empty level by the way it’s nothing in there there’s no level we can access it’s just a object that we call level we want to get to that other side

Right want crab is plus there’s a crab on the left side level which we have no access access to and we need to get access to it grab is plus oh but that that didn’t seem great to be honest the fact that we turn those other crabs over

There into something that might not be needed can also do some weird thing there that honestly just feels like a big troll we like switch out that word into the word plus because I don’t think we’re going to access anything by pushing that upwards so we need to say text near plus

Is at no h maybe plus your text this crab or something well the problem with that is that it’s going to destroy the plus that I’m you currently controlling it’s not even allowed anyway cuz plus is plus well at least I can do text near plus as crab but that destroys

Text on the right side I don’t know if I can manipulate it okay so we can do that okay interesting I mean now that’s a crab if we could do crab’s text that’d be great but it seems like a lot of stuff just sacrificed the only way to

Fix that is to get some other text somehow to replace the ones I missed sort of a feeling I’m I I need to distinguish by using level somehow but I really don’t want to use level to be honest it feels like I get spaghetti quick cuz I I never remember what counts

As like the inner level versus the outer level because level has double meaning see Okay so we’ve turned the level into a crab which is LOL it’s because like the level is does not even look like it’s near text and yet that triggered that’s the risk of anything you do that

Messes with the level text it can mess with something in the global level and that will quit you out of the level that you’re playing the solution I have in mind doesn’t even use any um Cur letter mechanics which is actually very suspicious I could I could set up crab

Near Texas plus to more like to make a single plus there but I don’t think that’s relevant wait but I could also make plus as text well no I can’t because CRA well I could do crab near plus is text that’s interesting it allows us to push stuff in place without

Sacrificing which is great I think although it’s kind of on the wrong end of things I want to sacrifice well no actually I can do texting plus as crab so if I just make that statement a certain way with the crab at the very end it should work yeah that should be

Fine it set the statement like that notice that here the very least amount of stuff is sacrificed and the thing that is sacrifice I have other copies of so I just need to set up the freaking desynchronization of the other of the left side type thing okay seems like a good setup right

Here just kidding I messed it up okay there we go so if you look at the left side now we can see that the plus is next to the crab which of course used to be text because text your plus is crab now we need to wait what the um

I can’t transform the plus and the crab what uh looks like an impossible situation I can do crab is level and then level is textt this is going to suck if it globally turns level to something else Well turns level it’s going to globally turn level the text I do this

Right God I hate thinking about near so much when it comes to level stuff all right a really dissatisfying moment might await thanks spaghetti monster there those a text stacking you can do probably useless though well the only other idea is is level near crab is text

Um assuming that near is triggered by a crab being in the level wait but then oh God no it doesn’t work cuz then there’s nothing to turn the there’s no nor there would be no normal crabing level well what the hell this has got to be the

World one trick the world one trick is when where you can look at um look at the top row or bottom row but mainly the top row and if they spell something the oh oh uh yeah uh that that does spell a word that spells Telly that means well

Okay they they’ve done a troll on You by I don’t know if I should keep going crab alive here so you’re not going to notice anything here because when you do crab is text that turns them all out into somethingone else so you need to do that freaking damn it that’s almost

Unfair Bor on it cuz well at least we can meta that the that the world one trick was not used but wow anyway crab is Telly which means we can bring stuff between which obviously means it could bring the the plus between and that’s pretty much enough to solve the level

Yeah in fact I don’t even need to do um any text transformation nonsense we can just bring both plus and near okay now bring near unbelievable all right now we do Plus near crab is win and I just win on here there you go cuz I’m nearby the crab

Therefore I’m win kind of evil now um you can see there’s no level to go to anym and also shovel is you which is on the map so and I probably think level one is the place cuz it it has shovel in it so yeah okay got it well it’s still going

To be annoying to move all this stuff but okay so we no longer use win in this that’s why there’s two e in the level cuz we really are going to do Love’s pull okay so what we’re making by the way is level is shovel which requires a

Certain position of these heart objects which are love of course okay but we don’t need to do anything that special here do we it’s just level is shovel no text Shenanigans and now we have control there we go pretty sure level two could not been turned into

Anything now we have fraternal now I don’t think this I I have forgotten some things with this level pack since my 500 days ago plus playthrough of it but I don’t think I I could ever forget this level because I mean first of all the

Way level is stop as a base rule so I can’t get through that it’s also kind of cursed that the tile looks so much like level but but we can go here kind of low on Space um maybe we just have to get it stuck and then we do

Level as you so because level has double meaning you know it it will also move around the global level now I at first I thought this was um relevant in some way like you have to like cut off some of the text on screen but that is not that

Troll being played right now I mean it is it is a troll that I have used in my sus levels compilation but we’re not going to talk about that one okay so but the real trick of this level which it was so I did not see it at first it’s

That I find this awesome so we have tile is you and level Zoo being made like it’s it’s so good and now we have control of both these objects why exactly are two things in the way rud what do you mean the level’s still not solved you know what the joke is

Probably okay we sacrific just the tile object then then a piece of text and then algae is win and uh because cuz we’re playing as the wait what the must have been a piece of algae I was standing on or something that was a little weird cuz I definitely wasn’t

Standing on anything anyway so we beat that but but um oh by the way this level is in the way so we can’t do levels I can do levels bucket though no I still can’t cuz stuff is in the way how do I can H

Feels like I should have found a way to progress by now and and I can’t turn this bucket into a shovel but I need this bucket to be out of the way or this to not be a bucket pretty sure I can’t could not have turned this level into anything

Different there’s no level here I can turn this object though right level is text well I mean level is text was the most useful out of all of them what what the walls sure the walls okay weird but okay does this help though I meanless there’s

A level hidden on the wall That’s not helpful I don’t think there is yes okay no no no no we could do it maybe why do why was this so hard for me to think about just level this tile so now cuz it’s a tile it’s not solid and then

I can just go to level four this place is surprisingly empty all right what I don’t remember this level at all I think this is completely new so bat tille it that’s really good always wanted that to happen so of course to ignore the Le because battle

Advent look you just ignore the Le part of this just read it as bat is you and that’s great cuz it’s in between the you wouldn’t expect normally that to be a break in the sentence but I I love this idea it’s pretty much right out in the

Open here so the tiles in the way we want to get through those tiles probably oh sword oh so good this is so good poke all toads. jpg anyway so keep putting those in the wrong order so much for efficiency anyway I think the first step might be

Am I just bad at the video game maybe I just don’t have a fully fledged interpretation of things why those previous sentences didn’t work but there we go sword is it so now we have an it in here but it’s not a piece of text so its usefulness is very um

Questionable right now also not a fan of how the sink is being locked to the bottom right there is nothing I can use to even move the it around what what even wins this level oh oh we don’t need any of the bottom what the sure of

Course we have it is what in oh there we Go now time for spelling be done we also have a key that’s a nice Bey shout out we can open the read we need to get through that without an object coming in there how why we have an L is which is too suspicious can we

Make L is that was level and okay so now the levels an i cool not what we’re doing though so am I supposed to be like multiple characters at once standing on the same square so I’m like I’ll imagine like I’m both playing as the key and the B and

The I and then I go through it together so even though one of the ob one of the three of the stack will unlock the read I’ll still have two remaining and then after that I’ll destroy one more and then I just win cuz I yeah I think I

Just need three objects stacked myself it’s also weird that the K can be transformed also spell I so how do we control three objects at once you really does seem like like just do that then do B elsewhere okay so now I’m playing as three objects we’ve transformed the key

So we don’t need to care about the K now move all these at once and now I’m playing as B cuz if you look at there of course we’re playing as be e e which allows to control the B but we’re also controlling just the I eyes with the e

As y cuz this is abbreviation land and all of these colored single letters correspond with a with an object so the E stands for I all right so now there we go as I said there were three objects on the stack we got rid of two of them but

One of them survived so we can just win that now I feel like I should take care of the level Shenanigans which are too suspicious to ignore we can also move this entire thing to the right because I think we might be spelling I or

Something e ye e that that would give us two eyes or maybe I want two keys well we’re going to start this level the same the involvement is that when you have two eyes though we can move this entire structure to the right like that and now this is in position to say

Key yeah and now because we’ve also stacked um so here not only are we making key with key ke y but we’re also having one more cuz K stands for key so by doing this there are now two keys on the position what on the map did I miss

That entire thing getting unlocked by the way nice um but yes now if I can push this key I can get nice I can get to the end right now but we’re not going to do that cuz we have levels to do and new stuff still all right this level’s called nightmare

For a good reason I guess so baba baba baba baba all this stuff here the wall is stop as if that’s a meaningful thing to to do but H too suspicious to be able to push this entire thing to the right we have a text is open so if I do bird

Is shut or maybe I want bird is zo because like I can do bird is you and then maybe Baba is shut instead but can I make any more I don’t know if I could make more Babas if anything this is like a suspicious moment for baba

Ba why am I auto moving but like clearly that that does something bird is baba baba okay I don’t know what what’s something’s weird with that but regardless we’ve managed to get three Babas and now if we just do Bob shut should be easy we can even move the bobu

Arbitrarily at this point probably so I just I’ll just I’ll just stack them on top of each other then I do Bobby shut and now again I have three bobas stacked open up one open up the other there we go test battle Advanced let’s let’s also W the level on this

Screen 444 nice literal Perfection anyway I feel like I remember a curse thing you could do on the map yeah well I mean first there’s there’s still Level there’s a level here up shell his cup cup near lot like the word up is in the word cup that’s very

Clear oh I okay I I know that the trick now well I don’t know how you cup near lava is win so we need to push the cup to get push we need to say he you and then now I think we’re going to

We need to push these all the way to the wall walls okay so the sh goes to the very end so here all right see what I’m doing nice little cup is push so put it there and now we just break up his push there we go okay that is I

Believe God damn it not the only level in the Overworld there we go all too quiet so this is the one or this time empty is letter H I can’t win there why not the the flag is defeat for some reason very evil and we need the read to be win so

Read is move well that should be easy empty is letter so you just start with the letter e right first move here then move this into position and see that readed is move nice okay so also the ghosts are in the way so you need to like do it at a specific time

Like the Ghosts no no one more okay so now we need to break the re’s move statement which is fun because you need to do it there which is like very cool in how you have to get in the way yourself okay now now no no there we go there’s the timing okay

Cool all right bottom left is actually very much simplified and in a good way from the original letters plus which had an i for some reason and a moon here um but this this moment is fantastic right here the the secret level I will show it right now

It’s the it’s it it happens to have been used in a different level pack as well after this came out called word scramble no not that one not that way what just unlocks letters minus excuse me the so why isn’t this name version negative 1.0 then okay well that wasn’t the point of

What I was doing so look at this bat is level it’s it’s amazing the regular Bob is human main game never did that that is so awesome like the the levels at with letter on it we’re a part of main game Babas and this would have fit so

Naturally in there but this is the first time I think it has been done in any level pack at the original L plus releas and it’s so good it is so good and of course the bad is the level Something New it is a new level indeed yes it is

It’s uh if you’re not aware this level layout is this is by the same Creator this level is in every Pence and this level layout is used a lot it’s like a repeated theme of that that pack so doesn’t really count as something new it’s a remix of something older but it’s

Also new in the context of level pack anyway so we also have this for some reason the border is not really completely full I can push this nail through here for some reason what are we doing here the door needs to be EMP so also of course the the the trick is

Always that we do this stuff but then something about the things that we do like this fungi is Spen here prevents me from going back and okay so I could like do that but then I’m I’m on the outside and then I can’t push it further in so

Huh I mean of course the nail is letter thing is very suspicious and the fact we’re playing is the SN yes wait I wanted this to happen I always wanted this to happen this um the fact that we’re playing as a nail and there’s also snail in the level highly suspicious

That we are one letter off from a nail actually that makes me think why why don’t we just play as both character oh cuz we don’t have an is okay the snail could be the letter s though if we assume snail letter is what we’re going

For but how does snail’s letter help if that’s the only object in the level that’s a letter then we don’t have like the letter i anywhere else to assist also nail is snail wait ah wait a minute there’s still an issue there Jes hold on a second so I can’t

Can’t I just put pieces of text here then when I do this flag is Win okay now I go back here LOL oh I think I know okay I think I understand what it was going for there by the way it’s pretty close to what I

Did in the fact in the sense that we have two characters yes but we also have to move this up One all right really what I should have done was more like that okay so the the idea is we do snail as letter here and we have control of the snail because the snail is a letter because so imagine it’s letter S and now we have S snail is

You that’s very nice and now we can just push it all the way to there we go why in the world is there oh there we go literally there’s there’s pretty much no point to the break there is there the break in the wall I mean it’s like it’s

Really a pseudo puzzle that if you press right the flag is wind break okay but there we go it’s trying to show off that the snail has lost control there we go all right well we’ve we’ve done the meta part with the keys already

So we can just go in here and visit the end the last to the end I think there’s custom music for this one too this is Great um so I forgot what to do H so rocket is to be earned we we need we need object to be ended tree is then probably and Rocket is letter so the rocket can serve as a letter R Tree is stop which is annoying it’s in the way so tree is you somewhere Okay that fit most somewhere here um does that really needs to be on the bottom row that’ be bit pain but Rocket’s going to be the one that’s ending anyway so maybe it’s not that painful okay trying to hear the stealth remix of the letters plus track it’s based

On what maybe tree is rocket ah that would that would be better wouldn’t it okay do we have space to do that okay tree is rocket and then rocket is end which we need to perform by moving this all up so we have space to make it get it spit

Shut definitely a stealth remix most leave World 3’s music I think and there we go yes it was s of a bat I already did that by accident next time letters minus whatever that’s supposed to be also something is really suspicious about this map anyway let’s trying to

Get to the freaking five pip thing anyway bye

Letters+ 2.0: Meta. This world combines all previous worlds:

DOUBLE READING: lines of text with a linebreak in them (such as BABA which spans over two lines) can be read line-by-line.
ABBREVIATIONS: which are very cool and combine letters with a super-natural method of ‘stacking’ their effects with normal text.
HIEROGLYPHICS: “ALL IS LETTER” makes all objects also mean their textual initial (BAT could be made with [B]aba [A]rrow [T]rain)

The Letters+ Baba Is You pack introduced so many awesome new letter-based gimmicks and jokes and was a huge inspiration to two fan packs. Now a remaster of this levelpack is out with new music, new levels, and fixes to inconsistencies, and I am completely ready for it 🙂

0:00 technical difficulties (4-1)
1:15 never enough (4-2)
7:54 map meta 1
8:38 fraternal (4-dot)
11:11 that’s that (4-4)
12:41 spelling bee (4-5)
14:20 spelling bee transform
15:15 nightmare (4-6)
16:38 put the kettle on (4-A)
17:31 all too quiet (4-B)
18:38 getting to secret level
19:48 something new (4-dot2)
22:40 the last hurrah (end)

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