I Played Roblox From 10 YEARS Ago…

Old Roblox games they hit pretty differently there was just something magical about playing the roblox 2014 egg hunt or the classic welcome to the town of robloxia I can’t tell you how many amazing childhood memories I had in those games specifically but if we play these games now well they’re kind of

Just a broken mess it it just doesn’t really feel the same like dude what what is even happening right now where am I S bro what is going on but what if I told you that we can actually experience these games once again and it look like

Nothing changed at all since those days from the UI to the physics to the explosions to the effects everything will be like how it was back then well today we are going to do that but before we do make sure you subscribe down below as 95% of you guys that watch this

Channel aren’t actually subscribed so this all started when a user over on Twitter decided to make a Roblox account literally just dedicated to replying to every single one of my posts with this now what is on here is an old Roblox clone that is so heavily detailed and

Looks so exact it’s quite insane now these tweets obviously engaged me and I wanted to know how I can experience the old charm of Roblox again so uh I did something I probably shouldn’t have done I I clicked his link and I went to his

Site and it was very real on his site it had all these different old Roblox emulators but there was one specific one that I’ve seen nobody talk about other than this video here I have no idea why this guy decided to make scbi toilet on

A 2010 version of Roblox but you know uh he did and he used something called naus and I’m going to be totally honest with you guys I’m just going to recommend you guys don’t download this on the off chance it could be a virus like I have

No idea if this is actually a virus or not but um you know I I I’m testing it for today’s video so I’m going to have to show you guys my full screen on this one so I have no idea what this is but uh as you can see I have it all

Downloaded it took me a while to get this figured out and uh there’s a lot of things on here and there’s a lot of different versions of Roblox here and uh as you can see there’s 2009 2010 2011 2006 a lot of different versions but we’re going to be playing on the

Current version we’re going to try out one of these games so I’m going to go to 2014 oh there is literally no 2014 okay we’ll do 2013 we we’ll just play protect the tell this was my favorite game as a kid welcome guys to Old Roblox you

Cannot get any more original Roblox in this game here so uh we have to go over this way to get to telmon and we have to go ahead and protect him from all of the different zombies that are about to start now I have no idea if this game

Like actually works but this in my opinion was one of the best Roblox games ever made I loved this game game so much as a kid and uh man it’s kind of bringing back some memories playing this game wait uh it looks like there’s some things missing oh oh where am I

Hello uh yeah looks like there’s a few things missing let’s go over here there’s like a shop here see if this works okay we got to hop up here oh come on come on okay got it quick teleport to telon okay yeah looks like there’s some stuff missing in this game I’m like

Stuck what is happening how do I how do I reset oh is bringing oh oh my God oh my God what am I doing I I think I got a virus okay uh I got all these Pages just launched up now uh yeah I’m I’m kind of stuck here I’m going hold my

Sword oh this is so loud you probably can hear it through my headphones yeah there’s no Escape R enter so yeah I’m kind of stuck here uh I think this game’s a little bit more buggy I was playing oh wait maybe I can kill myself like this wait wait wait watch this

Watch this this is a, IQ dream move here what is happening why is it going in a circle like that that’s kind of funny okay yeah this game’s broken let’s try try another one all right I just selected cart ride into an epic dock

Let’s do this okay I’m here we got to go find the Epic dock here we go this should be super easy it should not be a problem oh man we are doing it dude this is so interesting like to play because everything about this looks like like

Old Roblox like it’s the same physics the same like lighting and everything like I have not seen this version of Roblox and what feels to be so unbelievably long uh we need a little bit more speed I think so let’s go back and then we’re going to go okay here we

Go here we go we 100% got this oh dude how oh my god dude oh my God okay we’re going to have to go really far back then full force this like that and here we go this should be enough I would be shocked

Okay there we go we did it now we can go down okay now we can go slower much slower uh oh we’re going a little fast a little too fast we should be good now uh why why is it doing that oh the the physics of this game are kind of strange

Oh oh no oh no I got out H okay well let let’s go walk back oh what the heck that sounded like a nuclear warhead can you hear that on my headset I I have the game audio muted so like you could you could hear this through my headset what you’re listening

To okay thank you old Roblox oh my god dude I think I got this working better as you can see I made my Roblox character in it we’re playing a 2011 version of Roblox here we are skating around like there’s no tomorrow oh my goodness so yeah that that other

Game wasn’t working specifically because I was playing on a very very very old version of Roblox I think probably one of like the oldest versions like there is well it was like 2009 but like actually saved version yeah like this version had like settings and like everything it was a pretty uh well

Formatted version of Roblox but yeah as you can see uh we we were able to skate around and stuff and I even have my Avatar dude that’s crazy okay oh oh come on let’s do this why why wouldn’t it let me do that oh wait let me like go around

Real quick here we go dude what the heck bro come on oh oh my god oh oh oh my God I’m break dancing bro okay right now we are playing flood Escape let’s see how we do this where do we go to play this oh a new ground shell begin okay let’s

Do this all right this should be easy okay let’s go let’s go I’m going to carry watch this run to safety okay we got this oh my God have some intense music playing editor oh my God oh my goodness dude wait it’s actually so hard to do parkour wait I actually I’m dead

I’m I’m literally Dead come on oh my God new round has begun we got to kind of do this slow cuz like the parkour is way different to our current version of Roblox we got to slow and steady wins the race remember that guys slow and

Steady wins the race hop over that easy okay now we are all the way over here so we’re just going to no okay here we go we got another version right here uh oh okay HPP it over this this one will be easy I just want to win one match of

Flood Escape that’s literally all I want I have no idea if this is actually flood Escape like the very popular Roblox game there is today I do know oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God I fell I fell it’s kind of hard to talk and

Play okay okay we’re good we’re good hop here okay uh as I was saying I don’t know if this was made by the same developer who made the flood Escape we all know uh it could be but I’m not so sure um okay where am I going uh I think

I want to get in here dude you can’t get in there you literally can’t this is kind of sad cuz I’m lowy getting like some childhood flashbacks playing okay wait oh dead dang it bro what the heck there’s like one specific sound that’s actually like bringing back childood

Memories it’s like sa ball you hear that like the little marbles dude like I am like oh man this brings back so many memories all the lobbies you sit in just like play with these balls just like I love playing with balls like I love balls leave a comment down below if you

Love playing with balls okay here we go run to safety all right this is going to be this one’s easy one all right it’s just like bunny hot oh oh no no no no dude no like I don’t think you guys like understand how hard this is like cuz I’m

Doing this over video This is actually a challenge here I think we just go to the green button and we win that’s what it said at least oh wait no we have to hit the green button right oh my God all right here we go we got a new round

Right here if I fail this I fail it forever you guys see how the walking animation worked it was a very strange walking animation Back in the Day wait can we go in here yet okay no there’s something else we have to enable must be over here okay we got to like speedrun

This I I might not like be able to survive this one see this game was made for multiplayer cuz you’re supposed to ooh I’m playing with fire there this game was made for multiplayer cuz you’re supposed to like hit all of the buttons uh and you can’t really do that solo

Okay well I made it in here did I win guys chat did I win this oh no there’s a button I think oh no I did win chat I won oh wait okay there’s another one well at least I got through one level of

Uh oh God wait I went up the wrong one I went up the wrong one I went up the wrong one okay we got to go through here there’s no buttons it looks like so it looks like this is just a single button that we need and how do we get over

There okay we got to like do some Parkour get to there that was close o okay okay we’re almost there we’re almost there we’re almost there we got to like do like a little a wiggle around this and then okay we did it all right

Oh man this is the last level I think so let’s just go here go across this hit that and then no wait I’m I’m alive still I’m alive I’m alive I thought I died there down here op across this dude this is weird bro like I’m playing old

Roblox right now I don’t care what y’all say like this is the best version of Roblox right here you know we don’t have no game Pam or big games in this version of Roblox you know oh my god I think I’m going to we dang it all right I think

The only way I can truly end this video is in the most iconic Roblox game ever made and that is the iron Cafe oh man do you hear that oh we have an empty cup let me just fill this with a lean let’s get some lean from the iron Cafe oh yes

Uh let me get the the strongest tea on the menu please okay we we got our cup of lean it’s just invisible for whatever reason face I don’t know what that means uh reset okay what whatever we’re going we’re going to go up here and we’re just

Going to you know chill at the iron Cafe look at us that’s so cool look at me singing oh yeah this is me singing oh yeah yeah yeah but yeah no this is a really cool thing like I never thought I would get to experience Roblox like this

Again uh if you guys want to play it it’s called nocuous I think that’s what it’s called no novius um just letting you know uh I have no idea if this is a virus or not I will let you guys know instantaneously in the description if it

Is uh I would just advise Maybe don’t install this but it’s definitely the most unique Roblox old client there is I think it does a lot better job than clone troopers games specifically because it’s literally old Roblox it’s not on Roblox but um yeah I think I’m

Going to end today’s video here if you like today’s video make sure you subscribe down below but um anyways uh I’ll catch you guys in the next one bye guys

I Played Roblox From 10 YEARS Ago…

Today I play some of the oldest roblox games on an emulator that is super cool. this emulator brings back roblox to it’s physics, lighting and ui to a tee and brought back some childhood memories of mine playing roblox. This was such a cool roblox vid to make!

software is called novetus, but id be careful installing it. theres not much info on it. you have been warned!!

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