How to Open the Wildlife Sanctuary in Hay Day (Tutorial)

Hey farmers what’s going on welcome back to another haitian video and this video is going to be all about the century i’m just going to be showing you guys how you can open this and what to do in the century so let’s get started now as you can see i’m currently on my

Baby farm level 42 and i still have not opened the sanctuary here and i’m just going to be doing this right in front of you guys this video is a requested videos was requested by some people on my channel because they were pretty confused and i decided to do it today so

Yeah let’s um do it so i’m just harvesting some cotton over here which i’m just gonna do right now and or i’m just gonna plant all the cotton over here okay so that’s it now before opening the sanctuary the first thing that you have to have

In your farm is your town so town unlocks at level 34 so you can see that if you’re level 34 are over level 34 you can have the sanctuary and if you’re not then nope so make sure you’re level 34 are more than level 34. the town is gonna cost you

About 39 000 gold coins and it’s gonna take three days so you’re just gonna have to repair you’re gonna have to wait for three days once you unlock your town and you repair it all you have to do is to tap on this train and it will lead you to your

Town so once you go to your town this is how your towns can look like and basically this is where the sanctuary is located now you will not immediately be able to open the sanctuary because you have to be on repetition level three so for example you guys can see over here

My reputation level is three and i just had to serve a couple of visitors because it only needs a little bit of the repetition points you can serve some people in grocery store or you can serve them in this amount now once you’ve opened the town you come inside your town

You’re on repetition level three then if you come over here to the right side of the town you can see a wooden board over here and you wonder what is this so once i tap on here it says sanctuary unlock nearby expansions now this is where most of the people get confused

Because they don’t really understand what to do and i’m not going to be getting when i first unlocked the sanctuary in my farm about three years ago i was um kind of confused too but somehow i figured it out so what it basically means is that you have

To open the piece of land right here that connects the sanctuary with your are basically that connects this wooden board area with your town so that means i’m gonna have to open this piece of land right here so you can see um expand your town i’m gonna need

11 map pieces 11 mallets and 11 marker sticks now map pieces could be a little bit of challenge especially if you’re a beginner because you can only get them from the town and as your town level is low you might not be able to get a lot of these so what

You can do you can ask um from your neighbors or if you have a main farm you know if you have any other high-level friend or anyone you can ask them for the map pieces in this way you can open your sanctuary faster so you can see 11 of each three tools

And then all you have to do is just to click right here and boom there we go now mr weaker is here and the next step we’re just going to read what it says so it says look the old wildlife sanctuary repair this platform and let’s

Work to make this a wonderful home for many animals now you can see the arrow signing down and all you have to do is to tap on this wooden platter it will say you to repair these sanctuary book stand it’s going to cost you 10 000 gold coins which i think is okay

It’s not that expensive and i’m just going to start repairing now this is where the most kind of challenging part comes because you have to wait so either you can spend 21 diamonds or you can wait for four hours it’s all your choice and you know what i’m just gonna be waiting

And i’ll see you guys in a minute after about four hours all right guys so after waiting for a long time finally my book stand has been repaired and what i’m gonna do now i’m just gonna unwrap it so on three two one here we go boom i’ve just opened

My new book stand and okay so wow all this line is still so well kept it looks perfect for a few animals in need all right that’s cool and so as you can see mr weaker said let’s check the old log book so the next step that you’re

Gonna do so you can tap on your book and this will randomly give you any animal now as you can see i’ve unlocked the gray hippo just for free so it says completed play sleeper house to get this animal now i remember on my main farm

The first animal that i got was the great elephant so it’s been a while all right the next thing you’ll have to do you have to purchase their house it’s gonna cost you almost nothing so i’m just gonna purchase it right here and the boom here comes that wooden

Crate that’s gonna have my new animals i’m pretty excited all right you guys you can make food for these sanctuary animals in your farm’s feed meal keep them happy and they’ll reward you with some xp and goodies all right that’s awesome town visitors enjoy looking at the animals so come by

And leave rewards for you when they see an animal they like okay um collect puzzle pieces to unlock the other animals get pieces from the derby boats and mystery boxes enjoy your little slice of wild life so that’s it look at this cute little boy it’s gray hippo and i’ve just got two

New decorations as well but you can put it out are it’s totally depend on you and i’m just gonna be putting these two decorations out now what these animals do technically nothing really special they just walk around and you can kind of feed them and then you can give them

Uh the wheat bundles uh that you can make in your farms female it’s gonna need 75 wheat and then you just have to feed them after you feed them they’re going to eat and they’re going to go to sleep when you wake them up you will get a little bit of xp

So right now i don’t have any uh weed bundles so let me just get some wheat bundles real quick all right so i’ve just got some food which i’m gonna feed my hippo so here he comes and he’s just gonna eat all of that so that’s really cute look he’s eating

He’s a slow eater i can see all right i’m just gonna wait for him to sleep and some of your townies can also come over here and they will leave you with some good stuff right here so basically this book shows you all the animals you have to unlock the

Game it’s going to take a long time don’t worry just take it slowly enjoy the game because if you’re a beginner there are already so many things to do so don’t rush enjoy haiti and just take your time so you can see we’ve got elephants hippos drops uh we have babies

We have zebras and then we have gorillas as well so there’s my cute fat boy sleeping and i’m just gonna wake him up and let’s see what do we get so we just got 25 xp definitely not a lot but i think it will work and look it’s dancing did you guys

See that how he was moving his back that was so funny i’m just gonna feeding in advance so that next time he can come and eat so pretty alone there are no other animals and i’m not sure i was gonna stay all alone in winters uh baby i wish i

Could transfer you to my main farm because i have a lot of animals there so yeah basically this is how you open the sanctuary in haiti first of all you have to unlock the town to come into the town you have to open this land right here

It’s going to cost you map pieces which you can get from other players and then you have to repair your book stain that’s going to cost you 10 000 coins and after repairing that just that’s it your sanctuary is unlocked and you will get a random animal and

After that you’ll have to collect puzzle pieces um which i’ve already made a video you guys can watch for more details there so yeah that’s pretty much how your sanctuary works now in my opinion sanctuary is one of the very good additions it was added back in 2017

And i remember when he was being added we all were so freaking excited we were so hyped we were literally speculating what could be coming some people are saying it’s going to be circus some people are saying it’s going to be an airplane place like so many uh

Guesses we made and then it was a sanctuary it was like a zoo and i was like wow that’s insane and i remember we used to get sneak peeks every day the first thing he was the next day sneak peek would be we’re gonna get giraffes and hippos and so on

And trust me those days were really really exciting but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any more questions related essentially um ask me in the comments thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos and i’ll see you guys soon bye

Hay Day – Wildlife Sanctuary Expansions Nearby (Guide)

Today’s video is a requested one and I am showing you how you can unlock the animals sanctuary in Hay Day.
Although it’s pretty basic yet confusing to some people. Animals Sanctuary is the home many cute animals in your town.

P.S. I had flu when I recorded this video so I apologize for any inconvenience. 🙁

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