How To Mix a Cheap Super Whitening Lotion (Totem lotion) #skinglow #skincare

Hello guys welcome back to my channel and if you’re new here kindly subscribe and don’t forget to hit on the notification bell so today we are going to talk about this lotion it’s called to them well to them is a is a lightening lotion very affordable and it’s everywhere almost in every

Beauty shop that you come across totem is a good lotion whereby it can give you that good good yellow skin yellow tone what you have to do you have to mix it very well you have to mix it very well tatum has a lotion it has a serum that oil you see a

Smaller bottle it has so actually it has a cream too yeah but as you know if you had uh if you have uh if it comes to oil it has the nacho and the one of carrot and for those lightening or bleaching the the carrot one is better for you

So the lotion is very very big and if you to mix it at least use the full bottle of serum yes mix in the serum avoid using tubes tubes are very good and nice you can get a good skin in just two weeks but you have to maintain

Using them remember they cause stretch marks uh they cause a lot of skin damages and you know skin damages are very very hard to treat so avoid use that’s the oil yeah it’s the totem oil some call it the serum yeah so we are going to get the lotion

By the way don’t don’t forget to mix glycerin whenever you you’re mixing your cream glycerin makes the skin soft you can have that soft skin when you mix glycerin in your lotion yeah so there we so today we are going to mix totem it’s serum and glycerin

My dear you can have a good good complexion and if if you have pimples that totem lotion is very very good for you yeah so we are going to get a polythene bag yeah because for me it’s the easiest it’s the easiest method that can help me mix very well my cream

Yeah i’ve used this lotion for almost now two weeks really yeah not really actually a month but my skin is looking very very good so that’s how they mix it very good very nice you know it doesn’t bring no cause it doesn’t cause pimples you don’t get any skin damage on your skin

You get that yellow yellow brown toned skin you know what i’m talking about you see that’s the original color of totem sorry we are going to mix the lotion so myself i don’t want to over bleach i don’t want over lighten but i was too dark and i decided to at least brighten

And totem was so good for me it’s so good for me i’m still using it yeah i’m not that too brown but i’m not dark as well yeah i have that yellow skin tone but which is a bit not so light how can i explain it like i brightened

Yes i brightened and it worked for me it really really worked for me so if you want to brighten a bit yeah use the same lotion if your skin is hard get the cream and mix in the serum uh don’t forget the glycerin yeah the glycerin the glycerin makes the

The any cream soft and i would recommend anyone if you’re mixing something called sunning skin or lighting or something don’t forget glycerin even if you’re dark even if you’re not lightening even if you’re on bleaching at least add some glycerin you know in your lotion you’re using yes so here is our cream

It’s already in a cavera you have to to tie the cavera and shake it very well yes so that the things mix yeah you tie the cavera very well and shake over like 30 minutes yeah then after you put back in the lotion or in any other tin

All in anything that is simple for you another thing about people who bleach yeah when you’re bleaching my dear make sure you use sunscreens if not avoid using creams during day use them at night so that the skin the sun that so that the skin doesn’t damage your skin

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