[EN] 2023 PMGC League | Survival Stage Day 3 | PUBG MOBILE Global Championship

A [Applause] yeah He 5 4 3 [Applause] 2 in the past 5 years we have witnessed the birth of countless excellent teams and players in all five major regions they are still remembered by us to this day at the same time we also remember our fans who loved us from the very

Beginning on the occasion of this fifth anniversary let’s turn back the clock to the starting point of pubg mobile Esports the southeast Asia region where all the stories began as the first world class event pubg mobile star challenge gathered professional players from all over the world with continuous

Development the 2019 pubg mobile Club open Global finals is undoubtedly the most exciting event 2019 ball split Global finals ladies gentlemen give yourself a round of applause among the countless ring Stars One shine particularly bright batron red aliens a team from Indonesia batron red aliens just got first place in the pmco

Southeast Asia fall Championship earning the chance to compete in the pmco global finals in Malaysia in the subsequent preim stage intense competition kicked off immediately and finally they advaned to the Grand finals in second place BTR demonstrated impeccable strength in the competition by the end BTR was leading

The lobby by a significant 106 point bringing the first ever championship title to the sca Region Ry M pubg mobile Esports always strives to develop and grow year after year that’s why we made sure to continue the support and build the sca region in 2020 the Improvement of the competitive schedule introduced the world league which later became the world Invitational we also launched the

Pubg mobile pro league where even more outstanding teams joined the competitive stage in the 2020 PMW BTR once again clinched the championship in the East this had given southeast Asia the title of the strongest region in the world they hoped to continue their legacy at the pubg mobile Global

Championship the Pinnacle of pubg mobile Esports however BTR was not able to repeat the performance from the previous year wi win a chicken dinner Nova xq with the rise of Team Nova countless brilliant moments were had but this also left many players with regret after BTR raid alien won the

Global championship in quo we thought C region was the best we thought nobody could beat C region except maybe maybe RQ atina maybe illuminate the murder maybe Mega conqueror but C region was the best at the time and we get to the league we heard of a team called Nova we

Thought maybe this team is not that good on the contrary they owned all the teams they were very good let’s move forward to the year 2021 with continuous efforts more teams and players joined the pro league for example Dix Xavier who placed third in the 2020 PMW east league also secured

Second place in the pmgc east league FaZe Clan also made their debut on the world Stage undoubtedly the year 2022 has brought the greatest changes to the Sea region vampire Esports emerged dominating 2022 PMW winning both the main and Afterparty tournaments while also setting records for most chicken dinners most eliminations and more they were not only facing competitors from the sca region

But from all over the world everyone was talking about vpe and wondering if they can maintain their performance at the global Championship or if it was just a stroke of good luck on the last day of the 2022 pmgc Grand finals VP won three chicken dinners alone moving from the

Bottom of the table to sixth place achieving the best result for the sca region they pulled off another miracle but sadly it was not enough to win at all in 2023 vpe continued their impressive performance they once again won everything at the 2023 PMW 23 pubg Mobile World Invitational Champions vampire Esport but don’t forget alter ego and Indonesian team showed a very strong performance by winning the Super League twice the sca Super League was an upgrade to the previous Championship which by many is considered to be the most competitive league in pubg Mobile they could potentially become the next legend of the sca

Reg please of course there are many more teams we haven’t mentioned but these teams will all take part in the 2023 pubg mobile Global Championship so what do you think who will be the ultimate winner in this year’s pmgc will they be from sea well there’s only one way to find

Out greetings pubg mobile players the long- awaited frost Festival is about to commence in the new version 2.9 we’ll be introducing battles filled with a frosty atmosphere snow Battle Is Coming to Town furthermore you’ll also get to experience updates to World of Wonder and class mode so let’s dive right into It in the frost Festival we’ll be bringing you a series of snow themed content including a new snowy Village themed area fun interactions with snow Pals and snow themed items for more gaming fun and excitement when miraculous December comes the frosty world will undergo some magical changes

Stay tuned for updates don’t miss out first let’s take a look at the new themed area snowy Village The Village covers a wide area of 280X 150 and has loads of supplies it’s located near stalber in Arendale iceborg in livik and gooka in vikendi in addition to the

Buildings on the ground the underground area of the lucky ice tower is also worth exploring make use of the two-story layout to experience a completely new battle experience sound the bell in the lucky Ice Tower and you can even summon rewards Additionally the village also has a snow rail which can

Help you quickly move around and gather supplies it allows you to navigate flexibly between different areas of the village and also swiftly relocate to ad vantageous positions during battles for your team to Counterattack more effectively of course you should always remain Vigilant to avoid becoming the target of an ambush what’s more The

Village also features a special two- seat vehicle the reindeer it’s also a great choice for transportation as it allows you to swiftly move all over the map for intense battles we’ve also prepared festive and practical battle equipment for you the snowball Blaster and Snowboard the snowball Blaster can

Be used in many ways and has loads of functionality when you aim it at the ground or a building it can create a snow pile cover for you when used on enemies you can temporarily transform them into Lively snow piles to restrict their movement when facing bodies of

Water you can use the snowball Blaster to freeze the surface so that you can walk on it it’s definitely a practical yet entertaining weapon after transforming into a lively snow pal you will be unable to use Firearms to do battle you’ll only be able to rely on basic actions such as walking running

Jumping and swimming to evade enemy Pursuit it takes some time before you can revert to your human form let’s build build a snowman together the snowboard will also bring you a whole new experience apart from helping you Glide and move on various surfaces it can also be used with the snowball

Blaster explore the many possibilities and use these two items to have all kinds of fun we’ve also designed various interactive mechanics such as searching for snow toddlers lucky ice and the snow Blast Zone when you encounter a lucky Snowman on the map don’t be in a rush to

Lead there are four lost Little Snowmen hidden near the lucky snowman search for the four hidden snow Toddlers and bring them back to the large snowman you’ll then receive a token of gratitude there are lots of Lucky ice scattered across the map shatter the ice to get the

Supplies inside try using a melee weapon to break the ice more easily furthermore you’ll find that snow has engulfed some red zones on the map and the falling snow will bring about many interesting effects players within a snow Blast Zone will be transformed into a lively snow

Pound if they’re hit by the snow if the snow lands on the ground a snow pile cover will be created in this world of Wonder update we’ll be introducing a brand new transformation skill gameplay and a catch me hide-and seek gameplay for you to enjoy the transformation skills to the fullest of

Course you can also use this skill to create more interesting Creations we’ve also added a snowy Village map template to celebrate the frost festival with creators additionally we’ve also made some updates and improvements to gameplay devices game parameter settings and the editor for more details please follow the official G Mobile Community

We’ll continue introducing the latest wow content to everyone as for classic Mode we’ve also made some improvements to Vehicles Firearms creation mode emotes settings and more first we’ve enhanced the designated marksman rifles some dmrs can be equipped with a full Auto mod to fire in full auto we’ve also improved the

Attributes and handling of some vehicles to enhance your Driving Experience we’ve also added a new garage mechanic from now on you can choose your dream ride during Max es meanwhile we’ve also added a custom sfx adjustment feature you can adjust the volume of some sound effects to whatever best suits you as for

Creation mode we’ll be introducing some quick view features for watching the victory dance and fireworks displays and the new Frozen Kingdom themed performance in order to provide players with more possibilities for Creative content furthermore we’ve expanded the emote backpack now you can equip more emotes before entering the Battleground

That’s a wrap for the main content in this new version in addition new content will be added to the popularity battle event Metro Royale and season rewards for more details follow our official pubg mobile Community snow Battle Is Coming to Town winner winner checking dinner in 2020 while the eyes of most

Pubg mobile viewers were focused on southeast Asia as well as other regions there was one region in particular that went under the radar the 2020 EMA League numerous teams from different regions were fighting for a spot in the 2020 pmgc among among them the teams from the

EU region were the most dazzling kenita power which had previously won third place in the 2020 pmwl West League managed to break through and eventually won sixth place in the 2020 pmgc class D Athletics from Turkey also successfully took eighth place for the entire EU

Region this was a great start and in the future the EU region would grow into an even stronger region the EU region seems to have endless potential they always have a number of astonishingly talented newcomers in the 2021 PMW in addition to the veteran team can a power taking

Second place the newly reorganized team in 2021 next Ria zenox in the smokes the solo by themselves surprisingly one third place the EU region seems to just have endless potential there’s always a number of astonishingly talented newcomers coming up through the ranks developing their skills and in 2021 at

The PMW you had some of the veterans there for sure Kina power taking second place an incredible performance coming through from them to get that second place but not only that you had the reorganized team uh for next rouer in 2021 uh who won pmpl turkey they came

First in their region and then were invited on the back of that to the PMW West to take third place so these new talents working as this new roster at the time a phenomenal Resurgence there and there is so much more left in the pipeline I’m sure for this region I’m

Really excited for what the future has and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got in the 202 pmgc teams from around the world gathered once again first of all worth mentioning is that among all the participating countries in the grand finals turkey had the most with three

Among them teams like s2g and next Ria finished fourth and sixth respectively this was a massive achievement the efforts of the EU region are constantly bearing fruit now they just needed an Opportunity foreign fore speech fore fore spee next let’s go directly to the 2022 pmgc at a time when everyone was focusing on whether Nova could win three consecutive championships a team that was not originally a favorite to win was about to become the focus on the stage SG

Performed consistently in the first two days of competition always maintaining a position at the top of the leaderboard and on the final day s2g changed its conservative tactical strategy and sought to gain more elimination points in the last few rounds and in the last round SG secured the championship with

15 elimination points champion of 2022 it is S2 they finally broke through and made history for the EU Region foree foree this year the EU region has continuously produced even more strong teams first of all G Gladiators won first place the 2023 pubg Mobile Pro League spring Regional championships and third place in the 2023 PMW veteran teams like next Ria and can power have been performing

Better and better this year and successfully qualified for the 2023 pmgc subsequently hot recent teams like mad Bulls B Esports major Pride mise Esports dorte among others from EU have also successfully gotten a spot in pmgc they all look forward to continuing the success of the EU region in

2023 there are many questions surrounding pmgc w2g successfully defend their Championship will another EU team lift the trophy could it even be a team unexpected to win at all let’s witness it together in Turkey I’m gold investigator join the investigator team and let’s protect the game’s fairness together 2023 popularity annual gal event tutorial hey there welcome to the 2023 popularity annual Gala we’ve introduced a brand new competition and upgraded rewards you will have to go through 10 rounds of 1v1 matches and compete to become the first

Ever pubg mobile popularity annual Gala Champion so let’s get right to it new competition ladder competition the popularity annual Gala event will be utilizing a new ladder promotion system players initial ladder grade will be determined by their Battle Points at the end of the first round ladders are

Divided into six grades Trip s dou s s a b and c with Trip s being the highest ladder promotion rules players are ranked based on the popularity they gain during the battle period for Rounds 1 to 9 the ladder results are settled at the end of every

Round’s battle apart from lad grade C each ladder has 100 spots with the top 20 promoted the middle 60 retained and the bottom 20 demoted if you’re trying to move up the ranks be sure to stay within your ladder’s retain threshold or higher before each round is settled

Additionally ladder grades can only be promoted or demoted by one grade at a time so your performance in the assignment round is crucial be sure not to miss it final showdown based on the rankings from the previous nine rounds round 10 will be the decisive Showdown to determine the

Final Rank and Ladder grade placement including the champion of the 2023 popularity annual Gala who will emerge as the ultimate winner new exclusive rewards at the end of round 10 rewards will be issued based on the players latter grade and final rank for outstanding players they will receive exclusive rewards that can showcase

Their Supreme honor both in and outside the game in-game rewards include the honor title honor name tag and honor Avatar frame which are sure to make you stand out moreover there are also physical trophies interviews custom made popularity gifts official social media promotion game exposure and other exclusive honorable rewards gain Global

Renown both in and outside the game what are you waiting for participate in the 2023 popularity annual Gala Now Are you ready welcome back ladies and gents to the 2023 pmgc survival stage which is going to be marking our last day here for this stage with me here on stage I’m going to be your host today in Malaysia B Arena Chuchu with me joining on the stage is

Going to be youu Alliance igl repper boy himself now your play style I know you’re feeling good don’t ask how he feels anymore okay your play style yesterday looks different from what you did in goup stage now did you change your strategy just so what you do long is actually change

It wasn’t much compared to the previous stage what they did was just solidify their strategy before and try to work things as uh try to perfect what can be perfected so far and play a bit more safer not really in a safe sense but they try to avoid being knocked down

Early so they being bit more aware and alert about the surroundings now um last time I interviewed you or your team that was adik L back then you mentioned during the group stage your communication was a bit unstable a bit shaky between the players where the

Matches are not perfect now I do want to know is that resolve and how did you guys reset from there interv for try F and so what they actually change um and try to make it better when it comes to their communication problem is not entirely

Resolved just yet but they try to take baby step at a time one step at a time trying to resolve one by one and try to untangle all the problems all challenges that they’re facing against and I asked him just now what was act who actually

Behind uh the scene that tried to push them to fix their problems usually coming out from the coach themselves now who was your biggest rival when it comes to yesterday’s group which was a green group you fighting against for yesterday’s matches and who do you think

Will affect you most today and who will be the biggest rival green INF so uh coming out from you allines the strongest uh Contender come out from Green group possibly was Matt Bulls because of how they can just pull up a lot of points within a map and how they

Can push themselves high up up there when it comes to today’s group it might be high chance influence Ral INF where they do have a bit of a contender when it comes to fighting when it comes to team fights they’re pretty strong themselves and when it comes to placement points and overall point

Ranking they might actually have a shot at getting back that number one spot but when they’re being forced to fight against uh INF if needed to in certain compounds they will try to give their best fight there is now how confident are you to get your last five slots we

Do know that there’s going to be only five slots to Turkey and uh out of 10 how much you rate for your confidence right now uh then inshallah so um they do have quite a confidence here today when it comes to the confidence level out of 10 you’ll

Give it a nine I did ask how to fulfill that 10% confidence how can you get a 10% confidence and what was that one point that are lacking right now is that it’s not really lacking that certain aspect it’s just um it’s not great to be overconfident as well that’s actually a

Great Insight coming up from players if you get overconfident you are prone to make mistakes even more thank you so much R for such an insightful interview I think we’re going to start off our last day of survival stage who make it to the top 16 to get into uh the last

Chance later on we’re going to toss it back to the Cs have fun for today see you guys in the next interview oh man we’re here for the last day of the survival stage and we got to hear from uh Alliance there and obviously their thoughts on the match

But I think we’re kind of thinking they’re relatively going to be safe or our attention is going to be down towards the bottom teams right now who have only of course their six matches played with their final six come up today to see how things might potentially shake up Al to Ego they’re

Going to be looking at this and watching with a beta breath hoping that they can hold on but we’ll see what’s going to happen today I’m your host Jason Captain Jord by maxb and colaris and honestly yesterday was tough malise getting a victory at the very end of the day to

Catapult themselves up the leaderboard for them it might have been just enough to get themselves through to the next stage maybe we will see I I’m worried for them as well Jason obviously you mentioned Alter Ego they’re extremely in the danger zone but I do also think

Malise might be as well I think that there’s a lot of teams below them that have extreme capability of jumping out of that bottom a and being able to overtake that 46 point mark that maliss has put themselves in the fact that they got a win at the end was a Lifeline here

But it might be absolutely down to the wire for them I don’t know if there going to be enough there’s so many teams that going to be racing up there maybe they’re going to be held by influence rage they just going to steal points of every other bottom team apparently but

At the bottom is going to be tough you got a lot of competition here and pretty much out of all the teams competing for one of those bottom spots to make in top 16 half of them are going to be completely uh sent back well completely they’re going to be completely

Eradicated after these matches uh it’s a bit dark but yeah so it’s it’s going to be tough competition here but one single win because it’s such a small Gap here Jason could be enough between you going home or making it into last chance I’m honestly get the feeling we’re going to

Have that bubble be a tie breaker between two teams and it’s going to come down dinners potentially or Replacements or obviously eliminations later on but we’ll get to that in just a few you guys at home who are watching all of our players are participating on the infinix

Gt10 pro official smartphone here at at pmgc and you guys can pick one up because it was born for professional Esports athletes like you at home and maybe we’ll see you next year at pmgc and of course while you’re on that love device make sure you check out Tik Tok

With the tag pmgc 2023 to find everything happening behind the scene hopefully some interviews maybe Choo Chu’s been running around throwing up some stuff for you guys to see and of course if you’re going to post about pmgc make sure you use the hashtag as

Well so we can see what you guys are up to and speaking of what we’re up to here it’s really breaking down what’s all happened yesterday what’s com today Group Green if you guys haven’t tuned in they are now done they have to sit back and watch the last two groups which

Honestly for group red is going to be very difficult considering as we said before Claris group yellow seems to have been the strongest Group by far yeah I mean you started things off right with it’s it’s a ridiculous notion to think about it but influence rage is still in

Third place after only one day’s worth of games that’s crazy 77 points to their name if you are a team like malise and um Alter Ego here in a position where you’ve got no more games to play You’re hoping hoping that group yellow can just continue to do what they did prior right

Which is sponge up huge points that are already above you and really give not much to those bottom teams so influence rage BTR even you know Alliance that we’ve just actually been speaking to technically if they continue to sponge up points that would be excellent for

Some of the these teams to try and survive I just don’t know whether that’s going to materialize here today look you just reach out to the analysts or the coaches of these two teams like you talk Alo reaching out to other teams like oh I heard that someone’s going to Hot Drop

You maybe you should go Dro in Zaki oh that that would be really good should definitely do that just try to mess up with their mental game but yeah it’s going to be down to as you said Jason maybe a tiebreaker also as we’re going to be now having group red and group

Yellow against one another but I’m looking especially here and I think Kashi might agree at D plus I want to see them qualify currently in 15th position with 35 points we know this team can do better so I’m hoping we can see D plus Kia at least advance in the

Last chance of this stage and what’s important to note as well only one team right now is officially out of this entire event it’s going to be Quest because Unfortunately they played all their matches and they’re in 21st place so there’s no chance for them but I

Still want to kind of poke at this even though I don’t think it’s going to happen like influence rage technically have the ability to be like you know what why don’t we just drop on BTR every single time because there is a world where they can prevent BTR from

Qualifying if they can force her to have these bad games oh BTR why why BTR Jason is that just I’m just looking at the list in the in the sense of like who potentially could be one of their biggest competitors to get one of those only five spots available in the last chance

Event I don’t know you’re going to get a few DMS we’ll see but uh yeah of course they could do that I think doing it on the first half of the day Jason might not be the best course of action but I think you if you do it later on down the

Line if you see for example I I’m looking at D+ Kia I’m looking at your nigma Galaxy maybe also as you said BTR procedure evos if they are lower on the rankings at the middle point of today it could be a good idea especially if they

Drop next to you or they have a very similar rotation path I think that’s something you really need to look towards to try and clear that for the last chance um for the last chance if you really want to make it that far so yeah it could be something interesting

For influence rage even teams at the top that are going to be looking comfortable after these first few matches but uh hard drops could be happening later on if if they really want to clean up some competition I mean I know it’s not likely clar but honestly I would love to

See it happen the drama around that the potential hate from from certain communities could be delicious to to to read up and uh and look at but either way we are obviously checking out you know BTR up against uh youo Alliance and obviously influence rage considering they have only played six matches and

Yet they are still number one against teams who have played 12 in eliminations is a true Testament to how strong this team from Brazil is I’m I was in two minds about all of these things that we take a look at in this pre-show because

All of these teams in my mind are safe you know what I mean so I’m thinking more about those teams that are vulnerable right now uh influence rage yeah you’re awesome BTR you’ve only had you know one day worth you’re on 52 points you’re awesome as well good stuff

For you you know you’re going to be going through like if there’s ever going to be like truly targed things Jason going into the Grand Final I think the last chance is a great spot to potentially do it because it is so lethal right there only five spots going

Forwards into that um so wait let me check so you’re saying bigger TR at 52 you think are safe uh yeah I mean as long as they as long as they have a little bit of a performance today unless they bow out in 16 Z all the time yeah

Yeah it’s not going to happen that’s fair that’s fair yeah well we can see Federal here is still the damage leader as well and he’s really been putting on a click for me laar as well for BTR thinking back to group yellow he was the standup player for uh for bigron

Obviously we saw oio yesterday that position on the shack just putting down damage I think he did about 1,200 in that match if I’m not mistaken really put in work here foru Alliance where they obviously had a previous mistake on the Aon Gil before against procedure

Yeah it’s cool was cool to see from Udu Alliance that they can wrap up these games as you said oo had a great performance in those two games though we do have to keep in mind that on those two wrangles where they got a second place and a chicken dinner back to back

They drop uh northeast side of the map right which is a very easy rotation those were in my opinion two games where they could very easily reach Podium every single time Jason so that’s good for right now when it comes to reaching top five in the last chance I want to

See a bit more presence of this team in the later stages in circles that don’t quite go their way if I can see that from you Alliance maybe at the start of the last I be a bit more hyped up but I think those are two games that we

Expected them to do well to some extent yeah I mean if you think about their entry point to circles on these Zs right they’re coming from the north side from two circles that were exactly the same and there was no contesting really against them in the first one yes there

Was because you know their approach was slightly different to that second one but they were able to convert on it really nicely if you do take away those two games they’re not in no man’s land they did get nine eliminations in the game thereafter as well as some placement points but their position

Definitely looks a lot less healthy but I I don’t expect Alliance to truly slip up here throughout the day yeah and I think our honestly our focuses we’ve been kind of talking about before the show is that should really be on these bottom teams right for instance one I’m

Looking at is nigma Galaxy maxman you kind of explained uh you know on air what the problems they were seeming to have was well getting up vehicles and getting people into the later stages without losing anyone and Galaxy realistically could be a team that falls out of top 16 cuz they’re only sitting

In 14th with 37 points I mean look at that last two games right Jason they got a second place with 12 eliminations a second place with three elims well they were down to solo players pretty quickly on that match but they were surviving a little bit more because they were

Finding cars they were able to survive as a squad a little bit longer in these matches so if they can do that not only on Miramar but also on a rangle as you can see on the map rotation we have three a day it is your most important

Battleground that is the map that nigma Galaxy need to improve the most because right now if they just have a bad start to the day they could already be in that bottom uh position of the leaderboard so you you really want to avoid it because you know you’re looking at teams like

NASA team kesso duckon in particular that I would expect to try and overtake them as quickly as they possibly can so uh nigma’s got to be very careful how they play the earlier stages of these games my focus Jason is on the americ n hyper inko these two teams that you know

Technically speaking you’ve got to start off on San quick quickly and fast and NH hyper is a team that could do they have a decent drop spot to do it uh with potential you know just to make that happen we’ve seen in the past someone like GK first and the rest of that

Roster look awesome on sanhok in the past so that would be a great start for their campaign if they could make something happen there again you know we’re looking at all these teams it’s you they should be fine for the most part even teams that are like sem 9

Currently in 17th Place 28 points to their name if they have a SL slly better time of it than yesterday they should be safe as well so we we’ll see you know I want to bounce back to your in hyper chat real quick because something I’ve been saying when I was covering pmpl

North America is that GK first just does not look like the GK first we saw in pmu with panda like back of the day right um I think one thing they’re really lacking and this is obviously no slight to Gan but like Gan for instance he has been

Performing well to see him be able to play like this in in this kind of skill level I think it’s been honestly amazing to see but if if you compare him to kindness to Ren obviously FS playing in the team at the moment there is a night

And day between how powerful the roster can be so it’s kind of unfortunate that not really feeling that full Squad I I think when uh GK first looked at his absolute peak in our region uh I feel like Panda was ahead of the meta in the

Region at the time uh and they were enabling gko first to look absolutely spectacular uh But as time went on Even in our region they slowly kind of dissipated a little bit in terms of power that was the rest of the meta catching up with them so to go over to

The Americas and try things out over there as well the Americas is no slouch either let’s be real especially when you include Brazil in that mix yeah yeah I was going to say North America maybe uh What You Do America it’s a little little bit different but but even then right I

I thought GK first would have dominated North America and he didn’t it was actually like his teammates were to be the one to do so so maybe a change in position for for him and his team but it’s it’s been rough for in hyper honesty this year I’d say Max and

Sometimes you’re going to be also rotating the role internally right maybe sometimes you could just just players the off angle player Etc but I think that when he was playing with panda back in the day or like T no tjb also back in Europe you have your very core roster

Which is all formed around that frager right and of course you’re going to be set up in a specific way which enables a specific play style for you when you start changing that roster you can’t get away with the same kind of plays you can’t play the exact same comfortable

Fragging role that you used to do so I think the big changes like that are going to maybe not hurt you sometimes it can be a positive change in that case it didn’t quite work out and when you have this roster change again in PMG GK first

Well he’s not first now he’s like what 1,700 and first now some number some weird number GK first was really good but it does change the whole dynamic of how you are used to playing the game so of course you just don’t have the same Communications the angles taken maybe

Are different also in the fight so he just doesn’t seem as comfortable as he used to be but we know he has that potential just needs to get back to that like Glory day kind of that’s the unfortunate part and I swe this isn’t the hyper show it’s just we have so much

Information on them from back in the day is he he wasn’t the frager for the team in PM America or in PM North America he was more I guess supporty it was kindness to be the real star of the team and alred GK first he has to go from

Being a little bit more supporty to potentially being the star for the team which is really hard to switch up especially when you’re asked to do so in an event of this caliber uh but maybe looking at some other teams like inko if we look at all the Brazilian teams and

The success they’ve had obiously Alpha 7 Loops influence rage inko has been a little bit underwhelming however I will say one thing n beta yesterday we saw that like on V whatever out of him it was great to see some life in the team but if they want to have a real chance

Right now they’ve got to show up today and I don’t know what they need to necessarily change or fix yeah I I would like to see maybe a little bit more uh I know this is a very specific thing for this team a little bit more zoning uh

From the entirey of Inca I think that they allow teams to get really close to their locations because they like to be a little bit split from time to times and makes themselves very vulnerable especially when you look on the western side of the river west of Y na poana

Always a little bit split which is good for scouting purposes but once you to see a team like NASA I think there were also teams like Duck sang getting relatively close I want to see a little bit of a quicker response to that regrouping to deal with those potential

Threats if we see that clearly they played pmgc last year they made it really far I think they can make it here again but it’s just you can’t really enable such strong fragging power like n as you stated if you’re split so I want to see a little bit quicker

Response here okay obviously there’s so much more we could chat about here but it is time to kick off our very first match here of our final day the survival stage is group red up against group yellow we’re going to kick things off I thr over to our casters of Jackie and blank

I’ve caught it I’ve caugh it it’s all right thanks Jason thanks for throwing that over as we’re in position blank for hopefully a day that continues on with the trend we’ve been seeing because every day feels more explosive it feels like the quality of games we’ve been

Getting has been really really good so I’m hoping that carries on now and what will be the last day of the survival stage here yeah we kind of been on that next hype coming into day three and it is is pretty pretty crazy the amount of differences and changes has been coming

Through obviously we’re trying to focus a lot more on those bottom side teams who are in danger right of not going through M Esports was a big win yesterday what an incredible win they had right at the end of the day but has it been enough that’s the question

Altero similarly in a struggle position just behind them 44 points to M’s 46 so we’ll see what they can do if they could remain in the lead here uh it’s it’s all very very stressful nigma Galaxy didn’t have the most amazing day yesterday stepped it up towards the end but their

Rotations coming off the rip were oo catastrophic it was a little bit stinky I will say that yeah bit smelly little bit stinky so hopefully there’s improvements there man cuz it would be would be a shame to see him kind of like limping through it again cuz yeah I I

Don’t know what it was it felt like they had an allergy to Vehicles yesterday only one between the four of them most of the time and a lot of kind of I don’t know silly silly moments of shenanigans really where it felt like they could have just stayed pretty sat where they

Were and been content and instead blank they were roaming so heavily they were just getting picked to Pieces but we’ll put a pin in that it’s a thought for another time we’ll see if they reflect changes today and we’ll see what we get here as we go into sanhok yeah straight

Off the go on this one into our day three where we’ll decide our bottom eight teams and the top 60 that be heading through to the last chance battling out for those top five spots obviously we’re already getting teams dropping down into the map D plus K up

Towards Paradise Resort they don’t have to contend themselves with a hot Drop it would seem in this position with Brute Force heading up towards that Northern side of the map in tap mock very much open now with altero no longer playing up towards position team quo takes up

Residence in Gladiator spot they get a lot of space over on that Northwest Island now alongside with playing campala they get to spread across the north side to BTR starting things off strong this is’s down towards that southern side fting a pick off over towards n hyper who consistently keep

Losing players at the start of the game this is not what you want to see here Jackie no very unlucky start for NH hyper for for BTR Shu being on the other foot this is a great opening story line for them in the sense where oh

Hello everyone’s on a move they might be taking a few shots here as IHC have caught w that you do Alliance Barling their way down through the sky but say for for BTR at least it’s the fact that if you can come out Flex the muscles a little bit

Early kind of put the pressure back on I think that b as well cuz we were saying on the desk you know there’s there’s chance that potentially some of our teams will want to Target them a little bit similar story with influence rage just because the sheer buffer of points they’ve already

Built this is an interesting one Jackie IHC spot the boys dropping in over towards Camp Bravo they’re not not content to just let them get away with this one dropping out so late ihd I was a bit worried about actually cuz M249 was in play but that bad boy need to

Reloaded but Alex starts things off strong and Z finally gets the clip back in that M249 sprays through that’s two down for youo Alliance remember you do Alliance were wanting to pick up some more numbers on the day we’re talking about how yesterday that two good good

Games came up the back of having a fairly decent position in the circle early on but IC taking no prisoners here over in Camp Bravo IC as well honestly they they had some really impressive moments I I think the individuals on this side for me is what

Was giving me a lot of stock I think there’s room for him to kind of spread those wings a little bit more today as well and prove more of that but that’s an unlucky first encounter because both of them are looking to try and continue to keep their parent placement

Relatively high up in terms of the upper echelons of the standing so securing any early helip will be the dream scenario inco as well clocked here by Duck San as they’ve been spotted on the rotate few bullets barreling towards them but that’s about it I think for inco they’re

A fairly crazy team let’s put it that way some of their rotates feel very dangerous and dedly but they’re able to get themselves into a fairly decent position here grab themselves a compound towards that central region of the map to so happy days for inko going forward

Team that definitely needs to put the burners on right now cuz 21 points that’s not going to cut it at the moment we’ll need to get a little bit further into this match Rook we were talking about how we were impressed about this team right they took some nice Central

Positions early on it seemed they were fairly decent at controlling those positions too so I think for ruk eorts this is a decent start to their game as well considering where they are just on the south side of Paris Resort where the Zone has pretty much sented itself up

Towards that Northeastern side so a lot of compound in play and it’s a nice actual Circle for sanhok to start the day off with cuz we’re not flitting between the Northwest Island the Southwest Island everyone’s fairly certain where this one’s going to end up and certainty is really kind of a hot

Commodity on these San hot games it feels like you know nothing has been able to be taken for granted really it’s all been a little bit explosive a little bit more uncharacteristic every time so hard to call a lot of the way these games are going to go especially today

Coming into it with the lobby shake up as well and how much extra pressure is going to be on these teams knowing that not only if you kind of left it up to the fate of the other teams with the points they’ve already aced but that any

Mistakes made over the course of the next six games that’s it no chopping no changing you are sealing your fate with these so this San HW needs to be a good stepping stone a good springboard for some of our squads that are looking to have a huge day of it I would imagine

Influence rage would want to be one of those teams definitely flying the flag high for Brazil they had some Barn burners when we saw them previously and that was because of the way they played very aggressive very in your face pubg mobile blank you know they were always

Playing for the elims even in games where they weren’t really looking towards the final Circle they were racking up the elimination points and today might not even need to be as aggressive as they were previously right you know you’ve got a good safety net to work with so maybe that calculated style

Of pubg could be coming out from them as well with influence rage having some of these bar birders you’re right because they were absolutely smoking some of these teams on the side of sanhok on that day one as well they came second place only shut down there by mad balls

And madballs had to make probably one of the best rotates and bit of gameplay we’ve seen from that team in a long long time there on sanhok to make that happen versus influence rage even then it did look a little bit dicey but for influence rage like he said spring B is

Sanhok it’s a great way to start off your day it is always a stressful one as well because you need to immediately get back on the bike as soon as you finish your sanhok because it can go horribly wrong A lot of times in our league formats we do have sanhok towards the

Middle side of the day but then hyper does by mang here from the sem 9 sem 9 taking the first few bullets they will lose a man he’ll expire for now clap back on the streets as well as Rook are rocking the boat the compound control working well for them you push

Up close you are going to get barged with bullets so they find a freebie on that one no real room to trade or even instigate a fight back into it as well so that’s basically just one elim given up for nothing yeah for for Rook e Sports again they’re a great team when

It comes to that defens of things and holding on to those Central compounds and I think you know what I will say that n got very very fortunate yesterday because some of their compound crashes looked quite messy but they were sort of getting away with it just because of

Their gun skill was fairly decent but rocking up to a compound like that you’re not going to find an easy access easy entry point especially with some of these teams coming in from group yellow who we know are absolute powerhouses so finessa sort of an unexpected approach

For them heading over towards rout just immediately decimated so they’re stuck over towards that Eastern side and barn for the time being we’ll have to start moving up and round luckily you do Alliance after their first engagement their first Fay into the match being hunted down by IHC only down to two

Players so not too much of a difficulty to be dealt with up in that top side of the region obviously NASA don’t know this but again a pretty wild rotate from Naya flying in towards D+ Kia at the moment we’ll see if they do spot them out and if a fight does

Ensue 79 on screens now as well the rotate here obvious see a man down with mang parang being finished off into that previous encounter we saw okay D+ getting stuck into the Fick of it here they’ve actually found the open back door onto Naya so not only do they have

To worry about the potential of being caught by Rook on the getaway but you know you’re being chased in as well and this has really fragmented them quite heavily there was already one player removed so now with the followup kn you’re down to just two they cannot at

All contest this they have to give it up for free so that one will be hard firsted onto and the elimination will be secured so they kind of Breeze out just looking to instead make a bit of space and distance between the squads that were starting to pen them in BTR here

Though they’ve got their ears open listening for the audio cues and it seems that they’ve caught withd of where sm9 are a few steps ahead towards the compound they might want to see if they can sneak up on this make a bit of a fight out of it blank yeah this is a

Cheeky 4V three coming in and remember it was BTR that took down manarang earlier on so this is a full-on hunt coming through the Silver Bullets have been loaded in and they’re looking to take down the werewolves of sem 9 off in the distance The Hunters on the prowl

Here so for BTR I’m pretty excited about this Prospect right you know they realize that they have to move forward but what better way to do it than to let 79 get a little bit further ahead then understand that they’re fight to push into the circle not only do they have

That buffer in front of them with 79 sort of been that guarding block but they also know that if they eventually want to they can make a really strong crash onto them Naya I will say they look a little bit lost there you know I even talked about earlier on saying it

Was a bit of a bold pushed to head underneath Paris Resort again sort of feels like what we saw from nigma Galaxy yesterday with some of these greedy rotations trying to hit Central sometimes it’s just not possible to go for whatsoever and you just have to play

It on the edge and I think for Naya that should have been a realization that came through a lot lot sooner influence rage over towards the center of the circle now just hovering around the side of D+ Kia but they’re set up in a very very

Strong spot and it looks like no one’s wanting to challenge them and you can sort of understand why mess around and find out probably not worth the risk at a time like this with it being such an important set of games today nades detonating in air as

The Clash for control of the Hill could be kicking off shortly IHC just on top of Naya as they’re in position two of the players down with their belly on the ground looking for the push over the rid sides meanwhile sem 9 of course this is

The side that we were waiting to get snuck up on by BTR it seems like they have instigated the fight finding a knock onto Kenny for free and sem 9 have bailed out going for the quick Get Away pulling up to the party though that’s what we’re seeing here influence rage

Get a chance in the Limelight a clash between the two teams as they go back and for first man falls as little boy takes a heavy hit we’ll at least trade onto it so you’re looking a raw 3v3 but the dbs’s are singing blank and the compound is looking a little bit iffy

Now nice place from T Cas so far some really good n usage feather all as well as L last remaining looking to push onto the building L comes in with the DBS from the side looks to maybe pick up his team teate Molotov out the window

Prevent the run out and there’s a nice shot there from Federal which will finish it up and at least influence rage get away from this fight with three players looked messy at the start but a really good comeback there nice bounce back coming through from influence rage being very elastic in their engagement

There good stuff indeed love to see it I’m also happy with the fact that team queso decided that they take the fight on that one Jackie you know I don’t think a lot of other teams would have the balls to do something like that and it started off fairly decent recently

But the amount of pressure the influence rage is able to put on on like a a switch it’s really difficult to deal with no there’s a a lot of key takeaways from that already we’re starting to see that some teams do have a lot of confidence coming into today which is

Nice CU you know we we were worried we were seeing it over the course of the past couple of days where some of our squads that we know individually have really good talent when it comes to kind of just going for those Dives using their gun skill playing very proactive

Very confident they weren’t sticking to that they kind of broken out of the mold they wanted to play a little bit more respectful a little bit more defensive when we’re seeing Dives like that it’s impressive and I was right there with you as well in the sense that it seemed

Like influence rage they were kind of overwhelmed on that one it was super messy blank but mop and Buffet action by the end of it they cleaned up and do hold on having three players still alive is all right as well you can build off the back of that and it’s still four

Elims and with their total Point score already that’s going to be pretty damn good for them sem 9 they’ve just been getting getting punched around the Battleground blank it doesn’t matter where they go where they try and find Safe Haven they just run into someone that wants to shoot them and it’s

Happened again yeah unfortunately with M9 is just really not a bad really bad situation for them I mean 0 dep is 90 ft deep at this point in time into the ground with inko taking him out there but BTR I think have just caused them so

Many issues from that get-go and I love teams that you know you find one off and then you just follow a team into the circle right cuz eventually you’re going to find a way in as long as you keep tabs on that team it’s very very nicely

Done from the Indonesian Squad so very much happy with the way BTR played that one out we do get another Circle shift and to be honest with these circles have been pretty hectic right all over the place we started over towards this western side moved a little bit further

Towards the east and now we’re heading Southeast again so in this situation you’re looking at n hyper to have a decent spot which it would be if they hadn’t have once again lost lost a player early to BTR it’s just this carelessness in the early game it seems

To be coming back to bite them a lot of times and with a big old set of teeth as well no nibbling big bites of what we’re seeing awful lot to get done into this one then FaZe seemed to be taking a couple of pot shots from Duck San as

Well Duan have actually looked a little bit more proactive similar kind of story for them they’ve been getting thrown through a few of the fights fighting is all that we’ve seen from youo Alliance even from the moment they tried to drop into the action they were losing players

And again here they will finally go down as they fall out of favor towards the end being finished off and in the fashion of feeding points the last place team as well giving over those two elens de L back on screens here they’ve also been roaming quite a bit looking to put

The pressure on where possible influence rage in the meantime seem to have found what is that and just wiped him off the face of the Earth blank they’re gone that was a very very Swift amount of eliminations going through over towards F that’s Mela down and out as well I

Wonder if that’s their last player but I think they do have one final squadmate out inside the blue currently trying to wander his way in but influence rage we’re having none of it and again this is what we sort of expected from that team out on that Western Edge just to

Hold and and play that edge play style guard some of these teams Gat keep them out in the outside and then pushing later on it’s a team that just loves eliminations they’re up to six already you know again that was one of their mainos on that day one which just

Picking up eliminations every single match was very hard to keep up with them in that right nice shots here from nigma Galaxy again we said that some of their rotations were catastrophic on that first day however they did bring things back somewhat in a fairly safe position

If they keep putting up these points right now they’re holding their own versus nigma Galaxy with cs on the outside taking down many of the members here from D plus Kia back and forth a fair bullets being thrown all over the shop with IHC on the Outer Edge even finding opportunity to

Punish towards NB Esports TK plus trying to back off somewhat here as well they’ve got a nice amount of match geometry at least with some of the Rocks providing cover from the fight down towards the hillside where amigara pushing from Duck and go out in the meantime as BTR have won the battle

There it seems like nades with a real big payoff as they blow them away and this is just so much utility that’s being drawn out from our teams as well constantly bullets firing overhead as you’re so closely grouped and you’re looking to at least contest basically

Trying to weather the storm on this one and survive with the amount of infighting we’re seeing from different teams third party alarm is ringing for DK as they see the opportunity to strike running away as quick as you can I don’t know if xan’s going to be able to make

Moves quicker enough to get out of it blank as they are hot on his tail yeah just about makes his way out of there FS looking to deal with Brute Force now who wants some more points on the game tries to get the quick flick off with the DBS

But flies around the corner Wing sprouting out the back of his back there looked really really good and it will be ydd to make himself into a little compound himself safe for a little while we get a Northeast shift on the circle does support IHC somewhat but influence

Rage still Gathering the the storm on that western side starting to push their way in getting shot at by three different teams yet they’re about in the circle now last second heal here coming in one that was diely needed fist boy he had to get the bandages on that Bloody fist as

He was quite low on the old Health but been able to reset himself and at least get back in the fight for now Rook are all around though but Rook are getting rocked again def Falls over as he’ll take a hit from now making their move down the hill as well in the

Vehicles bit of a split from them so they’ve got a nice setup to work with here F boy could backstab in the rear as well depending on how this encounter actually goes and there’s so many fights all occurring at the same time the fact 79 are even still in this Lobby is quite

Interesting they were just getting absolutely bullied they’re trapped up there just lurking towards where BTR are and they’re going to finish them off now Zone’s going to start to encroach further in as well so pressure starting to mount on all of our squads the few compounds that are up for grabs blank

You got a fight two for nail for there’s no freebs now influence rage leave the game but with seven eliminations feeling pretty happy about this one similarly BTR have been doing fairly decently in this match and you got to love the way they’ve been pushing in slowly taking

Out teams more of like this an assassination place now nigma Galaxy up to five eliminations now for themselves CPS and Co on the top side of things over towards that Western Edge Ed they still have to push in towards a lot of compounds I would say this is one of our

More heavily compound focused sandhawks even there’s only two in it with maybe a shed towards the center but this is big news for IHC on that north side we talked about how they wanted to pick themselves up some more points coming in towards day three here keep pumping it

Up rook finally Falls around me only one point found that was from what was a very Central position early on there Jackie oh right and this might expand quite quickly blang cuz the damage is not stopping constantly berating each other here with the bullets they’re going to

Be slowed down somewhat couple of knocks on either side the aggressive play though just Peaks up into it over the top of the hill absolutely assaults them cuts his way through him like a Handa blank and fragments the numbers the zones now coming in as well CPS has the

DPS pulled out he’s worried about the up close push but it’s the nades that are going to to secure the bag on this one if you can get it just over the back of the rocks with how low they are you’re going to go down to the Zone finishes

Off the first man and just leaves them in a world of pain coops has got nothing he can keep here yeah just pushing the points a little bit further I really like that grenade as well doesn’t go for the risky one that hits behind the rock there instead just tries to get the

Splash damage through to at least confirm the player that was attempting to be resed on the backside and it keeps CPS in a position where he has to keep healing as well so very nice play there from IHC up to 7 El minations themselves BTR in a similar story nigma Galaxy did

Get five eliminations on the map but I do believe this is probably going to be a seventh place for them on the game deep K goodness me inko tear him apart shred them with a claw meantime they slowly walk their way in but IHC is absolutely giving it this

Game IHC is just roaming fighting and absolutely bopping nine elims already great position as well in terms of where they’re situated scops finally goes down to the zone so he’s taken out a commission and we know that they’re removed leaving us with the final four

Squads that we have to fight it out here this is not going DBS inside of the trees straight Hunger Games level plays to be made as he wants to keep himself out of trouble for now pretend is a rock blank cuz they rotate in get involved with the fight where possible and aim

For the placement IHC from going from such a position where they were on a tear they’ve just losed so much here losing the grip on the game and going down just tons of info being gathered from this as well and BTR not realizing his position could be critical they’re

Just focusing on the raw fight versus inko yeah set up for this fight as well currently they’ Got High Ground they don’t want to let inko get too close they understand only three players they don’t have the most amount of Sidelines in the world and pre pod could be very

Much that hidden factor which is going to cause some steps up into satar will flush him out here as well he’s dodging and Diving even whilst he’s on his two legs there on the ground but that will leave BTR down to two players and pre pod might have just secured himself a

Bit more time this game maybe even get himself a second place and you were talking about it earlier as the lowest placing team right now Brute Force desperately need these points but then the VJ comes in we’ll take him out and it’s a big big test here for BTR now for

BTR how well can you perform as just a Duo it might be the flank that makes the difference though blank look at the setup oh he’s got himself in position but they’ve got their wits about them spotting him out with the eagle eyes and deny the surprise BTR go down in second

As the chicken dinner is claimed I love that from BTR though all things considered inko did a good job to get themselves some much needed points here on the day even though they failed at pretty much every single high five here I would say they’ve not failed in the

Game there that was really really well done and I think being able to spot out that player from gem force was very very important that late game because it could have been a very different story overwise but for BTR you love how much effort they’re putting into these games

Because even that situation you would see teams falter and just kind of squabble and run around towards that top side on the hill BTR realizes in this 2v4 realistically we need some sort of edge we’re going to need to send for downwards while satar holds on that

Northern Edge so I I really do like that play and that’s a team that’s playing for keeps right at the end of the day they’re playing to pick up as many points as possible into these matches and try and confirm themselves into a chicken dinner as opposed to just lying

Down and waiting for the game to win so very very game play we saw this match some crazy crashes but I think BTR was one of the only teams I saw in this game that had a throughout the entire thing and stuck to it and they played really well you know

IHC as well I feel like we have to kind of throw into the mix terms of to farm up so many eliminations in such a fantastic manner just taking fight after fight playing off each other quite nicely some nice moments of Madness inside of this one as well and I think

Actually for a San HW game in reality it felt like all of our teams here blank were actually trying to play for the win you know they were actually coming in pretty confidently whereas some of the sanw games we’ve seen in the past looked a little bit messy looked like they

Haven’t exactly had the best game plan for a few of our squads this was a great start I think it an opener puts us into a good position how’s the rest of the day going to go though only time will tell but I tell you where we’re going

Back over to the desk with Jason Kaplin I didn’t see it Jackie I caught it as you threw it back to us uh we can see inko pulled off a Fant a fantastic Victory when they needed to coming in at like bottom 20 of this one able to

Propel themselves forward to 16th Place now maxmen this team has been able to work really well under pressure here in our very first match of the day and potentially put themselves in a position now where they just need to get only a couple points every single match and

They’ll be safe to get into the last chance tournament yeah I I I said that yesterday they were playing a little bit too split here they playing so packed so pack as they had four players in one card that was maybe a little bit too closely packed but man from phase one

Circle right they are in Ruins before phase one even starts to close they already on the move on that pivot going for Central position on Phase 1 Phase 2 circles and especially the big brain play here Karis I know we had a big back and forth about that is to send east of

The compound of NH hyper and D plus K after the fight is resolved they’re like okay this is an open position let’s for send it there and then we can actually have a strong position to play later on in the match gatekeep teams like d plus

Kia and gun for the win because they don’t lose a single player this entire match inco it’s for me at least night and day compared to their first day of play in the survival stage yeah yeah for sure I mean it is the winning play right

To hit that compound when they do when there’s a little bit of Chaos in the lobby and making sure you can kind of under the cover of night be able to get there especially as you say when you’ve only got one vehicle which is my only criticism of that push the fact that

It’s only one vehicle um but yeah it’s I’m looking at my watch now Jason and it seems like it’s Brazil o clock once again for them to start dominating another tournament potentially because we’ve got yet another Brazilian team looking excellent here on this stage I mean of course with the kind of pedigree

And history of it’s not too surprising although they’ floundered a little bit in some of the prior stages uh but this was a great win for them uh greatly executed on something like sanhok which can be a little bit volatile I mean it was a very important win an important position out

Of three teams in particular Brute Force DEA Galaxy and obviously inco right because the other three teams in the top six were BTR who relatively safe IHC who are already relatively safe and influence rage who are going to be safe so for them to soak those points up when

They the people above them got knocked out early just makes it possible for moves like this think mgalaxy in 12 place you can see in go up to 16 D+ able to get themselves up to 14th Place Brute Force as well 19th Place this was a the

The moment to shine here for a lot of these teams the problem for some of them is you have to continue to shine here as we go into our stint our marathon of aring girls yeah I think Brute Force really um took advantage of the lethargic style of NH hyper in this game

Obviously n hyper lost one early on because they were pushed away from their drops by BTR so they were playing with a bit of a rag tag amount of supplies anyway so maybe they were a little bit more apprehensive about Crossing that road to the east side of that compound

To try and really secure the winning position themselves but Brute Force exploited that they came in zooming whilst then hyper wasn’t really willing to move whilst that’s going on and that benefits Brute Force especially since they also had one up in the fields in the middle of nowhere that was able to

Take one from BTR at the end so I mean that’s an extra little point on their shoulders as well it’s something that uh James actually said max while we’re watching that match is just how deadly and how much of a different mindset influence rage can play knowing they are

Safe because they have no pressure on them which means all the other teams out there need to be definitely aware of this team and maybe a little bit afraid of this team yeah everyone is just stressed out at the bottom like oh we got it qualified to survive to last

Chance and make it in they’re like these are scrims we’re very chill right now in we’re having a good time yes and then maybe they can have an impact in the lobby later on if they want but and even though they were not really maybe trying hard right they they still got seven

Eliminations they are I believe going to be first place at the end of the day I don’t think a lot of people are doubting that for influence rage they’re going to be chilling at the top but I I’m looking especially at the bottom teams because again that’s the big storyline for today

I don’t know what was happening for NASA in particular they’re going from bad position from bad position from Barn to then Southern Paradise Resort fighting D plus Kia losing two players going back to barn fighting IHC I want to see a little bit more structure for n because

It seems like they don’t have a clear game plan in mind which you’re going to need if you want to be able to deal with teams like inco because again that limit at the bottom is going to be very rough to overtake it’s going to be a rough to

Overtake we continue to see some shakeups happen as we head back into our second match of the day it’s going to be Aron with Jack and blink once again I was going to try and do like a little steering wheel bit and we could maybe make something about over taking

Blank but we’ll Workshop that we’ll do it for the next throw you know we’ll work on it it’s EAS you know how it is yeah just get the GoPro you in the front seat you know it’ll be ban mate we’ll uh we’ll have more cars than I’ve seen some teams use

Over these games yeah we’ll have at least five like this team right here it’s kind of worked out perfectly oh what a nightmare right well chaperon related banter aside for uh for driving cars around let’s get into what we’re working with here then the first of the the

Three backto back Aaron gals that we get into I’d hope that you know this is normally the portion where first game maybe there’s a hot Drop maybe there’s something crazy game two game three feels a little bit more calm first game of the day that was San HW blank already

Had a couple of surprises in it so who knows maybe the script for today has been ripped up a bit maybe we’re looking at some unknown quantities here in the A and gals yeah I mean to be fair for that last sanhok it really did feel like

Everyone was trying to pump as many numbers as possible we saw a lot of teams with a lot of minations there you can just tell how hungry some of these squads are to pick up those points and pick up those eliminations early and just give themselves a good chance to

Get towards that top 16 which is making it quite difficult for a lot of these other squads and I mean kale was talking about how you know for group Green they really hope that some of these squads at that top side would be vacuuming those points after that sanik just doesn’t

Feel that way feels like a lot of teams are really ABS against the tide here just swimming into it as fast as possible to attempt to get towards that top 16 which does leave teams like altero and Miz Esports feeling slightly queasy I would say at this point in time

Where they’re on this really kind of the cusp at the moment you know M Esports already dropped in from a seventh place all the way down towards an 11th now with uh 46 points nigma Galaxy slowly closing the Gap alter iGo in 13th Place 44 points and I think it’s likely by the

End of the day that’s going to be a 17th 18th Place team well here we go then let’s see let’s see how things start to shake up off the back of our first game of aronal playe path is locked in teams are diving out all about the coastline here blank it’s

Like booting up Day Z for the first time except it’s arle and his pubg oh we’re back in it yeah but this obviously this is a pretty horrendous little playe path for us down towards the Southside uh just crossing all the way and the mean teams got to make like this

Difficult decision of do we want to drop down towards snova do we want to try and make the long hole up towards yasn or get that quick and easy loot over in the military base already got inko versus IHC down towards that Southside and inko would be very displeased to lose another

Hot Drop here after just getting themselves a very big win right but IC is just doing phenomenally well in these early game engagements I mean they understand that if they want to get in towards that last chance they need to be aggressive here and I think a lot of

Teams are starting to realize this n round the side good pre-fire here coming through from Alex but he loses a lot of HP off the back of that one oh man pistol action okay Alex with a pistol prowess as he blows him away to pick up the first elim man I I thought

That nade was kind of the GG uh connection that was really nicely timed with the prade around the corner lot of HP damage blank but no actual elim mination found off the back of it inco they could really be on The Struggle Bus here if you lose out on this opener that

Would be so bad man and it’s just continuing IHC blank they’re the kings of the early fights today I mean to be fair for IHC if they just want to keep doing this getting more points on the board in the early game a consistent for limbs coming straight through and I mean

This is a dangerous decision for them to make right you know head down towards no NOA really give inko hell here were quick on the drop quick to pick up those weapons so there’s a lot more factors going into it then a bete could barely

Peak his head out for a second before he got razed down by the akm and again inko is just sent running this feels very reminiscent from what we saw from youo Alliance and IC leaving two stragglers to tell the tale they’ve done it again man okay IC

This is cool this is really nice to see him playing so aggressively as well cuz someone’s got to someone got to take those points and it seems like you know that mindset of playing a little bit more calm for a few of our teams is there whereas others they’ve gone the

Complete opposite direction really putting the pedal down to the metal and looking for those early fights IHC happy with two elims they can now play out the longevity of the game we’ll see what more they get done as we tune in for them throughout the course of this one

Overall though seems like other than that it’s been calm at least no one just throwing their lives away from no reason uh relatively clean other than the fact it does seem like we have at least suffered one elimination there on Brute Force as they’ve gone down a man early

Brute force of course going from last place up to standing somewhat off the back of finding a few elims in the last game blank you know getting a little bit of momentum for themselves because they hadn’t really had too much of a chance of it kind of felt like you know they

Were just sort of in the background for a few of the games we’ seen from them previously yeah for Brute Force they did pretty decently on that last match right and hyper similarly been able to get up that first elimination over towards them on mine just running them down which is

That flip-flop almost in the sense of NH hyper just constantly losing members in the early game able to finally get themselves a little bit of Retribution uh I would say it’s sort of mean right you picking on the squad that was 24th Place uh just to make yourself feel a

Little bit better off the back of that one uh but for Brute Force they’ll have to continue onwards I think that last game they to wreck themselves up some nice points especially pre pod surviving up until that third place last game uh so that works out works out well for them there

Jackie O we’re going to see more combat going on here waiting inside of the building team quo what have you got for us here DBS peaks in oh bullets coming all over the shop though he knew his days were numbered on that one had nowhere to go blank and gives up the

Ghost pretty damn quickly yeah I think for team qu so that AR is really really quite good out holding down as the first man available to really lock the gate on the stronghold right but there was a little bit too much men and Hyper where they were able to take a three-pronged

Attack against him I think that no matter what happened he wasn’t getting away with it even if he got one knock I doubt that it would have resulted in elimination so team queso just send away and it is sort of surprising that we do see such a quiet start to this game

Especially with basically one of the most horrendous playe passs we’ve seen so far all the way on this South Side makes things very difficult for lot of separate teams uh I mean we’re just looking at the map right now and it’s super super fragmented in terms of the

Teams across the board right you’ve got a couple of teams over on that western side but most have made their home towards the central side of the lobby at the moment we got de K NB Sports as well as Naya who have found themselves a position this time around not

Desperately searching for something this time around and I think for Naya yesterday what we saw from this team was just that ability to quickly take some of these teams team fights that were quite good on the third parties uh and I hope that continues today sanok is more

Of just a wishy-washy game for them and it can be that way for a few of our teams it feels like San hawk sometimes you do have to look at it for what it is kind of you know remove it from the rest of the results especially

With the back toback eron gals as The Benchmark doesn’t really sit the same so it’s always hard to gauge just how good a team’s looking off the back of that first game into this one though influence rage still on the Move rotating off after being a little bit

Wary about the position from n hyper but not looking to hunt overly aggressive just sticking on the rotate path and getting themselves into a better position here do wonder how well we’re going to see him play today man you know even until the last game you could see

That that willing to just go into fights is still there for them and with the sheer buildup of points they had you still got so many games to play you know this game included means that you’ve got five games left to accumulate points on top of the 84 they’ve already got as a

Buffer so influence rage might be looking for some chart Toppers the longer this goes on I think for them like the main the main caveat to influence rage at the moment is that you saw a hope that if you’re in group Green that they do really really well today

And they continue just showing teams what they’ve got what they have to offer just blazing through the LOB because they’re safe right there’s no way that they don’t make it the last chance at this point in time with the points that they’ve already accumulated but what

They can do is certainly make it easier for some of the teams that already are in that top 16 by just taking away many many points stealing them putting them into a little jar keeping them Out Of Reach from anyone else no one else has allowed the points they’re inside the point jar

Phze oo on the driveby passing like in the night or cars in the day on the field as influence rage will be spotted by Mela no overall combat to it though still just driving around and getting an overall assessed situation of where squads potentially are so just scouting Maneuvers here they basically lapped

Each other though and then hyper followed the trail that was left from influence race you’ve got those three squads all up towards one side the late rotate coming in from inko down towards prison as well Zone centers up and it looks pretty good for some of our squads

Here a lot of early Center that you’ve got to fight for FaZe in a pretty prime time position D+ similar story for them as well but everyone’s going to be bustling their way to get closer in now like atams being sucked together oh yeah I mean it’s going to get very hairy soon

We might see ourselves a bit of an explosion towards the end of it because we’re heading towards Pinki right now as our Central Point right we’ve got teams that might want to shift their position shift their way over towards potato Hill try and take control of some high ground

Get some scouting done early on but I would say so these teams on that Southeast side will have a bit of an advantage here been able to just pass through Pinki just slowly shove their way in get themselves a bit of an urban location to play around with maybe even

Head up towards some of those storm drains as well play off the back of them but again it’s it’s a difficult Circle and with the way the playe paths set themselves up a lot of teams are in this location to take pred within this so I think we’re likely to see some early

Fights going on here some teams might want to avoid it get themselves some consistent points on the game I think for Udo Alliance IHC BTR consistent points will be absolutely essential for them going forward they know that they’re in a strong position right now in terms of Point

Scoring you just got to keep rolling with it right that’s the big part man is even though they’ve already done so much and look pretty damn good into their previous games these five games you have left to play out all of them have to be successful even if you think you’re safe

It’s far better to keep it in your hands play smart play for those points over the course of things and always keep yourself in the upper echelons not giving it up to anyone else to decide your future for you with how much is riding on this to get out of the

Survival stage move into last chance and be that Stones throw away from potentially booking your tickets towards the live finals a lot on the line and something that’s definitely going to get everyone loud and excited roaring away with the course of the game little bit slower here in terms of the fights that

We’re seeing though eron gal playing out as you’d expect Freak no need for that discharging the gun desk pop in the game love to see it obiously 79 like last game we’re getting a little bit trounced there by BTR you are very close with once again

Seem to have a bit of a rivalry going on here or at least you know a Target on the back of 7 9’s back here been painted on by BTR earlier on today searching for him you can see here the circle although we’re in stage two is quite large still stage three we’re

Going to lock ourselves into one of these Urban locations cuz this still could head up towards rosok I think brute force would love for that to happen a strong position up here already but it is definitely Pinki it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a Pinki

Finish and this is going to be very very hectic for some of these teams FaZe like you saying earlier strong position great chance to get in they might head over towards church on that western side play off The High Ground there but BBA Galaxy

We know is a team that a lot of times in the past even a few years ago were playing Pinki quite consistently here they’re good at it oh man what is this watching this going down like just watching all three of the individual driving by one another for everyone to then finally bombard

Their way in oh it’s grotesque Forest though deforesting everyone as he chops through him coming at him like a human Hatchet there chopping down and just slaughtering with the shy from three teams in one compound to just one in a matter of seconds DK plus Staying Alive

On that one as Forest has put the fear into Nar they’re going to run away battle continues on though a bit of a Chase going down that was gross blank that was really quite disgusting and it was the fact that Naya D+ Kia all had

The same idea at the same time to crash that compound that team queso were holding obviously Forest comes away with one hell of a clutch over on that side but still not the result that D plus Kia were looking for only two eliminations found off the back of it it was xenox on

The outside to find themselves a little bit more inco out now after their unfortunate early engagement with IHC they went down to two players and now found by freak there with squash a bad feeling considering they’ve just hit themselves up towards 16th Place a safe

Position as it were at the end of the day but we’re not there yet still got a fair few more games to play before we fully decide who’s in our last chance Naya is j7 on the top side a veteran of the American Esports but see what he can get done

Right now just pot shots being exchanged from one another NB Esports are here as well ner are setting their focus towards them little bit timid little bit scared about what could be coming up from the bottom of the hill though as they know they’re basically dead center between

Two squads and have to try and play smart about this with even youo Alliance pulling up to the party and thinking maybe there’s a spare piece of cake maybe there’s a slice that they can steal and no one will notice SE with the early contact as well as xenox is forced

To fall further back fist Boys in position just waiting for this one to kick off and you can see they’re trying to instigate it mbes with a nade they’re going to push a little bit further up hope that the Aron that is clean enough to deal some damage little tag blank but

No frag yeah little tag and if it felt like it could have been a lot more but there a good throw there coming through from fist boy tries to get it over the top there towards him so heads hard towards that Northern Edge so teams that were trying to confirm themselves over

Over towards Pinki feeling a little bit rough about it in the meantime FaZe is able to pick themselves up the compounds up towards that Northern Edge and again we’ve seen this before we saw this yesterday FaZe were able to get themselves a fantastic compound but were’re unable to clean out the game

This is a big test for them they had a great day yesterday melow was looking absolutely phenomenal but the rest of the team needs to rise up around him rising up from the depths though it seems like that is what and Hyper are looking to try and do fighting their way

Through phase they pick up the opening knock little bit more to be done as xan as well assaults with the DPS starts to bite down onto phas forcing them to fall back towards the lower compounds the hillside control for the duo completely gone they’ve crumbled here whereas

Mormon and Mela at least are still alive in a compound a piece down to towards the road you’ve got protection here from that can kind of provide OverWatch at least looking towards the hill and try and deal chip damage onto the players first thing on the phase players

That are already knocked they’re going to get those for free though so just stealing the loot now with not too much of a response ph’s day is getting a lot harder here yeah I mean honestly I feel like the two players were phased out over on that Northern Edge they really

Looking quite SPAC and in terms of the fact that you know you get a circle like this heads up towards the northern side you you have one of the few good compounds in this area you can play out for the rest of the game you sort of

Understand that you need to hold on to that Ridge side right because life becomes very hard when a team can look down towards you but at the same time you could also just play safe right send all four players in towards that compound hold on the three story hold

Over towards the two stories but phze instead up to leave two players above and there was just no support coming through from the players in the compounds below you lose two off the back of it and again like I said you saw this yesterday in the meantime ster

Coming against MBE Sports this has been bre for a while here Jackie yeah they’ve been wanting to kick this fight off for so long and ner have been the one playing defensive instead now though they’re aggressing peering out through the smoke oh it’s like a horror game at

The minute Silent Hill level plays as they just keep peeking out and jump scaring everyone from MV Esports one by one securing the bag on those KN sem 9 as well thrown into the chaos as BTR show up and deliver that is grotesque you love to see it as well BTR are just

Making a name for themselves and also making a team like 79 absolutely hate them this is cruelty you do Alliance though are in the wings swinging round four eliminations for them oio after having such a fantastic day yesterday seems to be continuing the trend here of to three elimination clu hits the

Handbrake swings round stylish and we’ll just roll back down the hill whilst he gathers information the two Korean squads going up against one another but Forest he’s coming through on that big news but luckily it will be finished off there by bidy but not before he absolutely decimates at least two of

Them oh man they’re out shortlived Victory blank BTR would just waiting they were watching on that one Eagle eyed and then they stried shutting him down after they finished finished off D+ so done a good job for the rest of the lobby you got to love the fact that NAA

Tried to get in this compound twice and then immediately after they see the squad wi they come through oh finally it’s free at least xenox can get there mission accomplished U feels bad but you know at least he finally found the real estate that he was been trying to

Purchase for quite some time it became available Forest though able to pick up two eliminations off the back of that with the immediate Squad wipe coming in through not too shortly afterwards so honestly I think the team can be very pleased with him I mean Forest has been

Consistently such a strong player for DK um and honestly that will take them up to I think that’s 43 points now off the back of this game all basically just down to Forest really big clutches almost felt like he was going to go for a 1 V4 there as

Well at a minute with how a lot of these squads are playing it feels like that’s a possibility oh everyone’s really really trying to give it the big one today so clutch potential through the roof right now though it’s all about the aggression on the compound here B you

Might remember it was a little while ago when they got picked to Pieces since then they’ve just been looking to keep their noses clean here it’s aggravated as they’re getting pushed up on N hyper looking to try and crack down on FaZe they get a tag off at least but there’s

A third party on the scene as well as influence rage they smell the blood in the water blank they know there’s room to try and get stuck into this one see if they can steal away a few of the elims low HP oh this isn’t going to end

Too well you’ve taken so much damage but at least you finished off the players that were alive on face it’s not going to be very easy though for hyper influence re looking to get the fight going as well but this is up against IHC so they take on the Mongolian side and

It’s the shotguns that are delivering little boy tries to finish things off here only one player left on very low HP in it who is it none other than Alex instantly get shut down though kosi also takes a knock outside in the blue so influence rage sort of struggling just a

Little bit they were trying to keep things quiet but IHG came through stomping their feet making a hell of a lot of noise Udo Allon still swinging around this top side but BTR do not want to let them get any closer satar hitting through a ton of damage here alongside

With super boy just all of your left remaining they big player on the squad this looks like it should be on Target in fact immediately re knocking Lear but at least they got him up but Super Bo is in the back and will slam him with the

DBS and the M4 BTR seven eliminations only losing gemos off the back of that and they can continue into this match and super boy he’s already playing for info blank oh gets in behind the rock as well just as he takes a burst of damage from that M4 DBS in His Hands So

Close Range action could be happening meanwhile we hone in on what’s occurring in in front of us here compound crash again as they start swinging on Rook normally Rook have been good on the defense but it seems like at the minute it’s too much of a tall task one by one

We’re seeing Rook fall as they are eating those nades and I tell you what blank a grenade is not a well balanced breakfast mate it’s the coups anator once again coming through with the threepiece on the nade this is unbelievable stuff basically single-handedly taken down rout outside

Of their compound nma gics been playing out this game very consistently like I said before you know it’s a team that knows this area of the map very very well from playing it time and time again in the past coups finally starting to find his Groove here in the survival

Stage really raising the roof in terms of numbers over on nigma Galaxy up to nine eliminations on this map it is looking good for them and with the four players they still still have hold of the cleanup crws in it’s way better as well because for nigma Galaxy it feels like they’re

Actually playing pubg mobile now blank rather than some of the roaming and the rotating we were seeing before right where they were just leaving themselves out in the open or or kind of carelessly roaming into the fights they didn’t need to take now it’s a lot more definite

It’s a lot more set from the get-go they know what they want to do they execute off the back of that plan and they’re hitting their shots today that always helps yeah man you know they took out the CD they blew on it they gave it a

Quick rub with the old t-shirt slip that bad boy back in for day two and went for a full reset and it looks like it’s worked out really really well for them koops is looking like a whole new man coming into this much more akin to how

We’ve seen him playing in the past alongside with the rest of his Squad here everyone loves this compound and Pusher moves in to try and take down the final player xox goes for a pre-fire and I think Pusher understands now there’s a player within the building the DPS

Doesn’t strike out first but trying to go for the confusion tactics playing on either side this is not a semi detached only one Canó this one oh he wants to go for the Molly but it was a bait and swch goes back to the DBS and lands the

Uppercut this compound has changed hands more than a set of bowling shoes blank this is madness how many teams have wanted to own that compound and this time it’s Pusher that sets himself up it is insane dude you know team after team Roaming In hitting it with the air Fresh

N and then another team comes in takes it off their hand to it is a very deadly compound down there on the Southeast real cursed hours over in that side of the map over towards the Western Edge though you’ve got n hyper influence rage Enigma Galaxy all still going strong

Here Brute four still in the game too that’s over on the Eastern Edge they’re a team that defly needs to do well in this game but it’s n hyper a lot of the eyes are on currently 23rd Place with five eliminations found on this map this

Needs to be a big one for them they’ve lost a player in the process but chicken dinner almost certainly would be very much desired at this point in time you know it give them take a lot of the pressure off allowing them to play a little bit more loose in their coming

Games but I don’t know man with nigma Galaxy looking how strong they are here alongside with influence rage just down towards your south side and Hyper is a big task ahead of them here they really do tall order here blank such an aggressive game as well we’ve seen so many firefights so many

Crashes and this has actually been fantastic I was thinking maybe teams would play a little bit more respectful today be a bit more timid right instead it’s kind of gone the other way everyone’s just scrapping game in game out knowing that they need those elims and we’re seeing big elims look at the

Way nigma galaxy have been able to play this look at them now though taking bullets potentially here as they are looking to Edge a little bit further forward all four still alive some of the squads can’t say the same as they’re down to at least three across influence

Rage the rest of the remaining teams one of them being n hyper that here look to instigate the pickup versus influence rage they’re taking a ton of damage now you’re looking at about 5 HP between them as those nades are just barreling onto them they replying kind throwing

Some back over but I don’t know if that’s going to connect on Enigma just yet yeah I think nigma Galaxy could really let up there on the The nade Barrage but great n from kosi certainly does slow down team of nigma Galaxy and they just send it in here good shots but

Not quite enough just yet nigma Galaxy down to two but there are shots coming through from the side and coops will finish off the final player now it’s time for nigma Galaxy to get these two players back up in their feet before en hyper knew what hit them and can start

To move up towards that position on the map cops though holding behind the tree he is the Sentry here for the rest of the squad from the the galactic team themselves the galactic Rangers controlling the space at the minute and Hyper what can they do can they upset

The balance on this one edging a little bit further forward somewhat spread so at least a well-placed nade won’t be able to deal damage to the entire Squad just assessing the overall land getting a read onto this one didn’t read that Peak though as they get wide swung on by

The last man left standing for brute force in a position to punish actually he’s got the rest of the boys there I thought they were in a worst spot but Brute Force actually have a bit of a viable position on this one to try and

Make a play out of it in terms of the final Circle if you look at the head count for the squads not too bad taking the swing from the tree hitting their shots even assaulting enough to Pusher and being able to finish him off peppering bullets into the smoke spam

That goes up as well maybe there’s room from the The breee Brute Force could be forming a fist that could actually pack a pretty powerful punch on this game for brute force they’ be really loving these points I mean coming off third place with a couple eliminations into a first

On this map again removing that pressure from yourself early in the day is so so useful it’s something that you want to see happen for yourself brute for though ydd comes out spots some the play from nigma Galaxy but I think with the way the nigma Galaxy currently playing right

Now the kind of momentum that they’ve shifted into this game it’s likely them to be taking this chicken dinner away from both n hyper and Brute Force unless something absolutely miraculous happens they’re looking confident with the way they’re playing it at the minute figma what’s the call NAD starting to detonate quite close

Response in koi he gets slapped in the face sheans down to his back as well soen hyper slowly losing their last legs slowly falling into a position where they might not be able to clamor back up again and that would leave us with a head-to-head the two Duos of Brute Force

Enigma there’s the connection to finally finish them off since it seems like they will expire over the course of this one Lord the blank he’s had his crown knocked off his head that was a great pick up from ydd I think he understands exactly where G is currently playing

They had that play up towards that top side to prevent them from peeking over on the top and I think nigma Galaxy got a little bit too loose of it there Ralph and CPS though they do pick up Lord and now Ralph is going to be trying to hold

Down this angle and Hyper COI slowly edges his way down currently playing alongside with the Gilly suit keeping himself nice and protected camouflaged away which is not what you can say for nigma Galaxy have been loud and proud in this match qu oh oh eats the nade fishing

With dynamite is there able to get that one right on Target and this has instigated the final fight knowing that at worst it’s a guaranteed second place so they start to put the pressure on charging further forward CPS takes a heavy hit backs up nice throw on it good

Lift on the nade we’ll see if that one’s able to decimate because the bullets certainly are blank they’re losing their grip on this Brute Force looking like maybe they’ve got brains to back up the brawn Be Nice N though and they will finish off Ralph at least but he needs to hit

Those shots at least cops is there in the distance alongside with fre able to pick up ydd another elimination comes through for coups there now just pre- pod last remaining from the first game last remaining again here what can he do versus these two players from nigma

Galaxy swings on the top side but shut down by freak and nigma galaxy take themselves a massive chicken dinner with a huge amount of elimination points which again just relieves that pressure for this team yesterday is just a drop in the ocean for them it means nothing today is

Where they make their stand here Jackie it’s beautiful to see as well blank because it’s not about the bad things in life right it’s not about what goes wrong it’s about how you react and adapt going forward and that’s what they’ve shown us even with the rough games they

Had six of the 12 total not really being anything for them today it’s a whole different story lot better to see him smiling as well looking less deflated that was one of the other things and we saw him on the player cams yesterday blank didn’t really look that Lively

Today it feels like again the mindset has changed and the results are changing because of it yeah killer coops is back in there as well me this guy is such a great addition to the team I mean Ralph Lord fre been playing together for a very very long time now and I mean

They’ve had to make some significant adjustments from the past where like pretty much a lot of their points just came from placements they played the heel off over in sanhok but but they have really rallied around coups and you’re right it’s so nice to see them looking less def flated today much

Happier with themselves and I think that they’ve sort of locked in on the problems that we saw from yesterday and really cleaned it all up for nigma Galaxy this is the type of game that sort of sees you into last chance for n hyper and Brute Force though really

Quite bad time for both of them to start stepping up in this match uh to come up against nigma Galaxy who are looking so fresh into this one cuz you know that hyper and Brute Force are just desperate for points at this point in time they’re just trying to get

Something out of it at the very least it was a better game for him but in reality if you’re going to be able to get enough points you got to do it consistently time in time out and there’s only one man I know that’s consistent consistently goodlook it’s Jason Kaplan over on the

Desk I’m not going to lie I was very confused there if you’re actually going to say me or say someone else uh it’s you just keep toying with me but like they came out the good way this time I’m so happy to hear that Jackie and as blank was saying nigma Galaxy the

Performance they put on in this match pretty much just secure them a place since the last chance kicking off tomorrow a a really well played out match for nma Galaxy a ton of eliminations securing the victory as well they have to be very proud about this considering how they really went

About their first six matches yeah this is as you said right is going to be the game that qualifies them into the last chance and this fight in particular see on the replay I would say a big mistake from Rook going for that fight but it picks up more elimination for nigma and

Off the back of that right they are the only team that has to exit outside of Pinki which means no one’s going to stop that rotation you can make into that dip do we saw them play in the late game which is just the strongest position by

Far in that kind of circle and then you can just start blasting against your n hypers your Brute Force even the remaining player of Rook esport trying to cross in the field 26 points here an absolute Banger for them and and yeah they’re in the last chance they can

Start scrimming now yeah but this is so dangerous right clus cuz again brute force a team who needed to breach top 16 they get 15 points and Hyper get 10 points and you look at BTR influence Rook uh you do Alliance like these teams are already qualified through pretty

Much or most likely qualified through into the last chance these teams are starting to make some moves here in particular Brute Force yeah absolutely and considering the the move that Max was alluding to earlier with um it was Rook of course that crashed onto Enigma Galaxy and then later uh they identified

That they could have all transitioned probably towards the east side that could have given brute force a little bit more of a run for the money except as Max says Rook identifies that a little bit too late uh and makes the wrong choice to start things off so for

Brute Force that’s fortunate for them but they’ve moved themselves up to 14th Place here with that uh 15 points going their way so very important but as you mentioned earlier nigma Galaxy guaranteed now and then inko falling out of top 16 again they cannot just depend

On that one match they had prior they have to continue to perform here but they are tied up obviously losing the tiebreaker when it comes to placement points here up against FaZe but they still have a chance to continue through D+ though this is the team that’s really

Worried mean I know clar you’re a huge fan of this team they are getting ever so close to not having a chance obviously Max we saw Forest kind of clutching things up there but it really wasn’t a win at the end of the day for them how many crates wi that one one

House by the way I don’t know crashed it that was massive and he he did get a few eliminations for his troubles in that position but yeah Deep’s got to be a little bit careful when they split they making themselves very vulnerable on those kind of breaches though I do want

To highlight brute force a man from last place now up in the top 16 position that is a massive comeback from them not getting contested too heavily but they’re just going for very smooth rotational paths and just making sure to avoid all the early skirmishes they can

And just pick up some eliminations at the end in particular preot has been hitting sick shots these matches so man Rook going to make it in it seems and it seemed like maybe bruteforce the second African team might qualify into last chance that is a big surprise to me what

You saying Jason though about D+ I’m not so worried about them just yet but I am worried about duck s right like um okay which is another of the South Korean teams that I really like South Korea is kind of cool uh so I’m I’m hoping that

They’re able to step it up a little bit cuz really nothing is materialized for them at all even the second place that they got in their first day of gameplay was still only three eliminations you need to be getting more from something like where you’re able to capitalize off

Of like a Podium finish for example you can’t just go out with three oims and really not get anything happening the other games so yeah South Korea is not doing so hot here they they do have other representation that we’ve already seen do great throughout this tournament

But not too worried for D plus just yet you know who I am getting worried for though Alter Ego 13th Place 44 points third fruit Force 43 D 43 FaZe 38 inko 38 nbes 34 nazer 34 yeah I I don’t think they’re going to have a chance here unless somehow the

Top teams just start soaking up every every single point possible the the worry for mise becomes even more compounded by the fact that all of these L teams are doing well to start off the day right so them only what two points ahead of where altero was as well you

Yeah you great you had a win as well as 11 limbs at the end of your last game but it was a little bit too late potentially here considering how well these lower teams are doing no they’re done I’m going a bit early on the limb

Here but there’s only two matches in you still have four matches remaining teams at the bottom are looking really really hyper to get those eliminations reach the late game every single match I I think ult go out I think meliss going to be out by the end of the day so which

Opens up two extra slots for these botom teams which makes it even more competitive so these four next matches are going to be really really hard for these match for these teams to deal with because there’s going to be a lot of pressure on their shoulders I’m just

Hoping for that reverse maxmen curse where we start to see influence pick up like 30 eliminations every match or BTR doing so and none of the fin teams get anything but we are going to head to a short break in just a moment but not before I remind you guys about the Frost

Festival is currently now live within pubg mobile make sure you guys pick up your device and you guys download the new update so you can play with not only snowball mountains not only snowman but also snowboards everything cool related because things are well because it’s

Almost winter or it is winter I guess we technically say not to mention we have the popular annual happening in the 2023 one we have from the November 15th to December 19th people can play in 10 1 V1 to potentially earn themselves some exclusive rewards they can show off to

Their friends so make sure you guys check that out as well not to mention while you’re doing that thean collaboration is now live in pubg Mobile as well you can pick yourself up the emola or the z r model which cols I won’t have you do the shout out this

Time about it and how much horsepower and break power and torque it potentially has it has enough to run people over that’s all you need to know in pubg Mobile and it makes you look fly as well and beyond that last but not least you guys can pick up the new pmgc

Dance it’s the victory dance and it can show off and root for your favorite teams here participating in pmgc maybe it’s going to be D+ maybe they need your support as well they need to channel that spe bomb because they need to rise up in the rankings look to be a little

Bit more secure as the day goes on but we’ll head to that break we’ll come back with our second aill a third match overall in the day are you ready we are back in position for another explosive game here they’ve been delivering today blank they’ve been aggressive they’ve had so many fights I

Think the Carnage is not what I expected today but it’s cool to see so many teams playing with that confidence playing that level of lethality really yeah I mean it’s been super interesting watching all these teams just AB get down with it honestly I it’s been

Fantastic to watch a lot of these squads towards the bottom just play their hearts out really to try and get as far up the leaderboard as possible and I think that you know the guys on the Des were talking about this in the sense that look although some of these teams

Really did have a great run towards their end of the group Green yesterday I don’t think they’ve done enough especially with how quickly some of these teams towards the bottom of the lobby are rising and again it all comes down to that that idea of there’s a

There’s a ballpark to be met for these teams now right for for the teams towards the bottom malise and altero are just such a simple number to hit for them right 44 and 46 leap frogging that that’s what most teams are aiming for yes they’ll probably have to go a little

Bit further on towards the end of the day when we start to see some of these teams leap frog that and then set the new ball pack but for now they know that if they want to get in they just need to leap frog that as we were saying nigma

Galaxy off the back of that last game 72 points what a banger coming out from them up to 44 eliminations total this is extremely good extremely good man extremely exciting fun to watch I that’s kind of a lot of the buzzword Hardcore Parkour blank that’s what we’ve been seeing the

Whole day especially that compound crash that actually was kind of Hardcore Parkour that was a that was a weird one of consistantly just gunning for it but it’s fun it really is quite exciting considering the sort of games we’ve been getting uh survival stage has been delivering teams are playing with that

Level of confidence because they know what is riding on this what just around the corner if they can keep up these plays let’s see what we get out of this them we’re going back into aronal game two for aronal god it feels like it’s going quite quickly blank first aronal

Normally feels like it’ have a little bit more legs to it but that was a bit of a quick one du to the sheer amount of fighting we’ve been seeing let’s see what we get here yeah I mean so many teams just trying to get things done

Early in the game I mean IHC have been popping off in terms of the hot drops look like they’re going to go for something similar again over towards the western side of South GE surrounded by FaZe as well as ruk Sports likely to be some pop offs happening around that side

Of the map shortly FaZe were wanting to do a little bit more and again that last game afforded them an opportunity to go for something but just not quite able to make it happen once again with a bit of an awkward two two split they had going on where they just got completely

Overwhelmed by n Hyper’s push who ended up getting themselves a third place let’s remember that could have been somewhere that FaZe ended up the s are able to hang on to those four players so very unfortunate stuff for them still 38 points they’re right on the line now at

The moment those 16th Place at risk of dropping out towards that bottom eight um but hopefully they can rally come back into this one looking a little bit stronger little bit more buff they’ve had the proein this morning and they are ready to pull no punches DK Plus it’s been pretty fun

Watching some of the compound crashes they’ve been going for today as well they’ve been very very aggressive when it feels like they see an opportunity to command some respect to go in for a bit of a point swoop they will stick to it they’ had some Runnings with their

Brothers in arms as well in Duck San a few times today it is quite fun actually how with this mix of the two group you get a pretty good nationality clash in terms of you know a lot of our regions doubling up and kind of having a bit of

Of infighting which results in some cool story lines especially I’d say with the Brazilian region as well with how much we’ve seen them going for strength to strength over the course of pnbc so far uh it’s cool to see that there is still viable Runnings for uh for both of these

Teams with inco wanting to try and get a little bit more as well obviously a little bit lower down the standings at the minute compared to influence rage good solid amount of points away from that one but never easy to catch up just got to keep playing to the best of your

Abilities BTR bangers all day looking pretty good again even until the last game it felt like they were just so ready for the battle you know taking on multiple teams at once good decision making from BTR today yeah very good decision making I think I love some of the plays that

They’ve been coming out with uh they’ve been just consistently harassing some of the teams around them making some good plans I would say I think they’re one of the the more intelligent looking teams I would say in the lobby just in terms of their rotations how they play it out I

Think you see some of these other teams who are just absolutely blasting other squads out of the water with fire power alone but I think BTR although they’re not exactly known for just having the absolute Killer Instinct in them uh I do think that the moves that they’re making

The plays that they’re going for some of these rotates is just leading more and more to success for this squad uh and I think that can go a very very long way at the end of the day this game is Just a lot about the macro about those

Rotations about how you want to take a fight the splits that you go for later on the positions you end up and I think BT looks like a team that they’re handling that quite well indeed uh you talked about the regional clashes you know I think with the Clash is happening

As well there’s some comraderie as well it would be lovely to see four Brazilian teams through to pmgc I mean last year inko was able to make it in by the skin of their teeth with the last chance in fifth place um if if we see this

Continue again it might be likely we see another uh day where inko is able to just go with those Central positions in last chance pull themselves up a lot of points off the back of it they’ve done it before they could probably do it again and we have four Brazilian squads

Through to the pmgc which will be crazy it’ll be really exciting especially for the fans of the region as well you know it would definitely bring an awful lot of hype and give them a spectacle to behold seeing just how far some of these Brazilian rosters can go because they’re looking undeniably like

We have so much talent pound-for-pound there right now I can’t wait to see what they get up to the longer it goes on with so many other high Calibur squads from the region already waiting in the wings with Alpha 7 and Loops so lot of potential Firepower to come for now

Influence rage are thrown into a fight quick hand bre turn on that one to catch contact towards sem 9 are they going to want to bite on this potential bait fall in to what Depp wants here them over doesn’t seem like they really fancy their chances won’t be reeled in to the

Fishing rod on this one yeah kind of pulled away at this point in time influence rage realizes that they need to get a little bit further in here we’re getting a very easen shift on the circle most teams really barreling themselves in towards this Eastern side and cramming themselves as much as

Possible into a lot of the compounds in this area um which is fair enough you know this is a position you want to take early on you don’t want to head up too far over towards that western side and get cramped in because you know there’s

Going to be a lot of teams heading in from that west side where they’re going to be stuck on those outer edges so the further you can be in the more you can manipulate that center of the circle anyway influence rage do take a little bit of a knock here though is quickly

Brought back up to speed and they’re going to be picking up over towards heaven side of things really trying to take control of this High Ground early on nice to see see from influence rage a position that I’m assuming they’ll be able to hang on to for quite some time a

Little bit of a scout out perhaps holding over towards the outer edges of yzn fields just in case they have to move into there later but we’ll wait and see we can speculate all we want about that team sometimes they just make some crazy Maneuvers and it works

Out works out far more than it doesn’t honestly it feels like those wild Maneuvers or what kind of sets them apart a little bit and gives them a bit of that extra Edge to play with it’s one of the few times today where it feels like 79 kind of haven’t instantly been

Backhanded by someone from the opening drops as well and one of the few games interestingly enough where you know we haven’t really seen too much necessary aggression in the opening moments from IHC first two games of the day they were quick to the draw to look for initial

Pcks playing off the back of week and drops looking to try and contest here little bit smarter little bit slower you know you’re rotating slowly in through Pinki you going to have a bit of a back door potentially on some of the squads that are ahead of you Zone’s going to

Start to clamp on down as well so we’ll see just how badly this betrays some of our teams yeah CU I think that these circles can be a little bit iffy here and there especially with this one which once again heads out over towards the PO I

Think we saw this one on day one in fact where it was a mad balls victory at the end of things where we saw Gladiators over towards inside the water itself just playing on top of a rock but this is very much a difficult Circle to play

In you know with the amount of water that’s still in play just purely with the way that the coast lines up does really create a lack of land mass in which case you’re going to see a lot of teams fighting off early potentially teams heading back over towards lovka

Rather sooner than later so we’ll see what happens I mean brute force over towards this Northern side I think so far they’ve been having pretty good day you know up to 43 points I’d be happy to see Brute Force continue on that push towards some more of these points today

Because although they haven’t had these massive strikeout games so far theyve consistently getting themselves in towards at least that top three and they know more than anyone that they needed points at the start of the day being in 24th Place as we saw it it’s good that some of our squads

That were further down have actually really had that little bit of extra oomph today realize that if you’re so far down a pack you got to get things done quickly quickly being the key word here for you do Alliance oh they tried to close the distance looking for the

Attack but CPS the young gun looks to assault with the DBS and blows them away one after another ice cold in his veins Blank That’s a clean up that is fantastic stuff from Cops there he even tried to get the vehicle did if to try and clean up versus one of the players

There on nigma ganic see n that’s just a straight execution of cluck there honestly another fight BTR coming in versus nigma Galaxy didn’t expect this one I thought it all died down and once again cops has to hold the line oh boy oh boy no easy ones no calm

Moments here it seems as everyone is just swinging into the fight it’s like a metronome with how back and forth It’s been another connection across BTR with two players knocked looking to hold from the angles they’ve got MBE Sports a little bit further back as well they’ve

Been hearing all this and they want to line up the NAD that one was almost right on the money as Mondo dashes a follow up hoping that the second will be able to inflict the necessary damage wiping half HP off of him tries to go for the getaway but he’s connected onto

And they’re going to shut them down so BTR looking to make a quick Buck on the points instead give up everything on the secondary and gal yeah I mean for BTR they attempted to get back in towards that little Shack there like he said go for third party but I think that’s one

Of the one of the more questionable plays we’ve seen from BTR so far I think when you see this circle you realize it’s going to be a huge amount of teams in this area you can’t really afford to be going for those third parties you’ve sort of got to leave Sleeping Dogs let

Sleeping dogs lie in this situation uh so for BTR maybe it was a case of just trying to play a little bit bit more quietly on this south side but eventually they would have to push in anyway uh it’s a difficult decision to make it’s a very very difficult decision

To make but I don’t think that that was the right one in the moment or at least not the best execution of IT team queso zooming on past they lost big Milo earlier on which is always a big dent to the old morale you need big Milo man he could be

The Difference Maker at times and his name is fun to say as well n though here looking to something fun with the guns as they start to obliterate and clear out inside of the building buck shot after a buckshot they obliterate the Brazilian team in inco quite cleanly

There actually so Naya looking good to get some extra points blank cuz that is now their sixth elimination of the game this far I think as well this is plays into a big part of the storyline which is a case of inko can’t just rely on that big game on sandhawk to give

Themselves the points they need and that’s twice in a row they’ve gone down with very little points basically zero zero on this match definitely 38 points down to 18th Place now as more and more teams start to rise up above them nbe Sports only one point behind with the three eliminations they’ve currently

Found they’re looking for a little bit more over towards IHC as they zoom on past F Boy comes up against Yol a lot of damage taken but no knock there and that feels really bad tries to finish it up with a Molotov the little bit of spread

There will be good enough to get him back up on his feet and Zol immediately takes him down very nice plays big moves you got to maintain this you got to see what else could be done IHC collapsing down a hill and looking to attack the man on the getaway Mission

Barely getting out of there leaving some marks on the ground as he burns the rubber getting back onto the road and trying to find a pathway towards his teammate quick pit stop to grab him and that duo can now look to just clear the Gap make distance between themselves and

IHC and hopefully find somewhere to rest as you have just had to fight through Helen back on that one yeah for MB Esports down to just three players now three eliminations on the side of Mondo so far Duan off the distance pretty open to a bit of a spray there more crates on

The floor a little bit of a resupply perhaps here for MV Sports after there was just absolute Carnage in this location of the map it’s nice to see influence rage as well currently in their position on that Northern side you can see them there and almost a little

Bit of respect to the Mad Bulls because it’s the exact position that they took on their win from this map influence rage that respect coming through or potentially they just think it’s a good spot which it is now oh yeah now it’s uh just gone up in

Price even more like DJ khed the price has gone up and they’re going to be holding it all right then who dares to defy the current rulers of this city we will find out moves coming in the rotate start to adjust 79 could be in the path to potentially detect

That one and have a bit of a fight versus n hyper they’re also bypassing the one man that’s been lurking in the trees but it’s Brute Force previously coming hot off the back of a good game that look to assault somewhat couple bullets into the vehicles they’re going

To head straight on over towards ner and now you’re all on top of one another N Ready for the contact as well uhoh this is all going a little bit wrong now damage being done n starting to get the pickups and Hyper crumbling under the

Pressure FS not really in a spot to help his teammates and they know where he is blank easy Damage Done from the distance first thing onto the down players oh someone else comes into the mix they’re not giving up on this one there now nbe are here MB Sports coming hot and fast

And it’s j7 with the DBS once again to hold it down lock down the fort here drops a little bit of a bandage at him I think he meant to drop the molotov that should burn him out here’s a bit of bandies for the burns you’re about to

Take from this Molly will get the hit on it I’m not sure if he’ll take him down afterwards spec comes in from the side as well n is allowed to heal FS coming in with the nades looking to try and capitalize off the back of this one but

Immediately shut down sit down lad you’re not part of this fight what on Earth aaz there blessed with the bandage it was meant to be the grenade blank it was meant to be the molotov to burn him away came in slightly too late he survives

With a trickle of HP but that’s all he needed star though he’s got the power of maxman on his side with a bizon in his hands looking for the contact throws the molotov ignites the pathway in so at least it’s not an easy push through the

One choke point has to worry about both of these entryways Smokes on either side right now but you can see how paranoid star is he knows he’s going to be tested he’s going to need some star power if he wants to actually finish out this engagement between them and nbe sports

Feel bad for Naya in a way they keep getting themselves into these horrible conundrums when it comes to the constant crashes or them crashing onto compounds followed up very shortly by another team that look just drawing very thin for them at the moment but what a great play

From j7 into a bit of a whiff like like you said it felt like a a friendly unit on the other side have this bandage there you go oh quick let me heal you no no no no I meant Molotov my bad my bad the difference it could have made as

Well like it was a really smart heads up play dashing a Molotov onto him it’s just those micro adjustments oh in a game like pubg mobile makes all the difference a split second there can cost you your life and that’s one that’s going to haunt them all right see haven’t cleared the

Shack yet and Ralph is just sitting inside desperately trying to keep quiet off the back of this one here comes the clear now though and Ralph is looking the wrong way still keeping himself tucked in and they don’t know they have no idea about this they

Do oh they thought he might have seen him on the jump spot tries to go for it blank a sliver of Health oh that’s pitiful that’s such a shame that is very very sad indeed I mean Ralph he knew the jig was up and soon as the jump spot

Came through had to jump out only had the bizon in hand which just isn’t really good enough for you in that situation duck Sam over on the top side we’re observing this fight between Naya as well as MBE Sports and we may as well say n hyper as well who honestly that

Push from them I I’ll be frank with Jackie hated it it was it felt like you know you can crash onto that spot if you have a general idea where the players are if you have a general idea if you want to go further it maybe take the

Backside of the warehouse in that situation the only reason MV ESP Sports crashes onto this one so marvelously is because they see the massive engagement like we need to take advantage of that confusion if we want to have ourselves at least a little bit of a slice of the pie here in

Lovka you got to know the percentage of the risk you’re running and obviously the percentage play there for MBE was a little bit higher little bit more AI achievable of a goal especially when you get bandages thrown at your face it makes your life a little bit simpler for

Duck Sam they’ve been trying to keep their noses clean into this one they’ve had a few backstab opportunities and have farmed themselves for eliminations to this point so not too bad in terms of the eliminations but you’ve got to be thinking about the longevity of the game and wanting to double or potentially

Even triple this if you’re going to start to ACR enough points to lift yourself up from the depths of 21st place so a lot more that needs to be done for Duan IHC have been doing bits relatively consistently they’ve actually looked pretty damn good today in the way

That they’ve been playing and this kind of represents that as well confident enough to focus on the buddy system go for the two Duo setup so you can play the two two split and work off one another Alex wants to join the pack though goes for the quick drive in team

Knock onto IHC so this will just be a raw setup from the free pronged players as they are in position to defend themselves nades are raining in though and you can’t protect from those so much damage done onto demo he’s weak blank and Juni will knock him jun’s happy to

Pick up the points on this one I mean you talk about Duan uh the favorability of how they’re going to go into this game I really like the way they’ve done this cuz they leave Junie behind they know equally just as much as as much as anyone that they need points desperately

They’re currently in 21st place so leave juny behind they notice there’s a massive amount of commotion going on on this side of the map juny pick us up some points the three other players in zipan bie as well as Hoy are going to move forward into the proper and try and

Get themselves placements and eliminations on that side so it’s one of those game plans where it’s like we’re not likely to get ourselves a chicken dinner off the back of this but we can rack up some big elimination points and hopefully maybe we get ourselves like a

Second or a third place because it was duck zound to be able to take away second place in that last time we came exactly on this circle so it very much feels like deja vu just a little bit for a group red duck sand now still looking on this

One with DK plus over towards that Northern Edge Jackie take us some po shots over to W 79 oh it’s looking woring BL on some of these setups man and just how much land mass has been shaved off as well that’s rough talking of Shaving there’s the bullet

Delivering a close shave as that one will shut down another man Rook at least in a relatively comfortable position for the meantime something that cannot be said for sem 9 this is worst case on Tero just trapped behind the burn of cars in a position where you’re going to

Start taking damage but they want to deal some as well blue starts to push them in blank it should be where they expire yeah for 79 it was only a matter of time especially with this circle like cres in that Ridge side realistically we saw how Gladiators played it they had to

Push down towards the South if they wanted to make anything happen but with I NB Sports as well as the rest of the team all just chilling there in the meantime that is just such a difficult push this was an amazing little play coming through from Duan with juny over

Towards that southern side I thought he was basically lost in the source as soon as the circle came in but they kept hold of a boat they bed it back into the to the mix with the rest of the team so they had a game plan maybe I was wrong

In terms of the way they were playing this now looking for more and more eliminations and then maybe not looking for that chicken dinner but great little maneuver there coming through from Duck sand to keep all four players still in the game and MB Esports they’re going to

Make a Mad Dash in but it will be zipan to pick that one up but aaz keeps on moving he’s been so good at getting his head down and staying alive in positions where he should have gone out so so long ago so Kazi just how much longer can he

Survive for how much more annoying can he be Alex taking damage here exchange of nades a Kazi wanting to drop the smokes nades are rolling in on top of his head half HP left on him has one of his own to reply back towards duck San

Pretty good arc on it but not going to be enough to find a heavy hit look like it did tag onto Junior though and leave him relatively low there’s the repak onto Alex who thought he finally had a window of opportunity to make the dash instead he’s knocked IHC losing numbers

Now backstab onto this could mean everything though blank basically a 1v2 compound clear that’s got to happen breaks the door for the audio Q he’s tucked into the corner with a DBS you’re going to have a teammate to work off as well this is going to be so hard to

Clear and as he goes is running into the doorway he eats the buck shot and IHC are gone papy p holding down there but Zol got way further into that engagement that I thought he would have done again just the resilience coming through from IHC in these games just a terrifying

Prospect for a lot of these other squads because they look voracious rabid for points at the moment almost Unstoppable at sometimes but finally they’re put down and we’re back into Stage seven closing it up just a little bit with the two Korean squads over on that Eastern

Side playing on the edge of the coastal Arena influence rage towards that center edge right now they’ve not done too much but sort of have secured themselves one of the best positions in the lobby now Jackie man we’ve just seen so many plays from this position last time it was

Gladiators that had the blessing of giving the coastline a good run for the money but man these final fights are so Scrappy when we get circles like this it’s so uncomfortable you know it’s like the neighborhood of nastiness everyone has a compound everyone’s got buildings

To play off but you have to just try and pick your way through the teams it gets scrappier and scrappier as more and more squads are forced to fight one another if you expose yourself towards the coastal side as well you’re just going to take so much damage even here Rooker

Trying to test the waters of aggressing towards influence rage but you can see you get the first not sure but you’ve already taken a fair amount of damage and if you peek up you expose yourself there’ll be the opening in the windows where Coastline wise you’re exposed

You’re going to start getting shot at from other squads as well it’s all about the nades at the minute though as these bad boys are blowing away influence rage they are going to be raging about this there’s some great nades coming through here from Rook honestly keeping them in

Check bouncing off the windows so the flashbang bounces and explodes just outside the door just keeping this team Under Wraps just kovski as well as LW remaining and influence rage look like they had a really good shout into this game but Ruka sort of sent that one

Blowing out the water D+ Kia as well as Duan over on that Southern and Eastern Edge not really finding too much value from these positions so far that we saw yesterday A lot of these teams taking up these positions were just constantly peppering squads Through the Windows and

Out and realistically here with duck San only finding four eliminations and DK only with three it’s not been too valuable five of these teams so both of them will be looking for themselves a second or a third place or even hopefully at the end of it at

First it’s one of those games where it feels like it really could go either way honestly just depends on how well you play it here in a spot like this DK still holding on to the trump card that is their position but for how long are

You going to have the benefit of this this you’re going to be able to find the push out and with the Zone work in their favor you’ve got a little bit of a move up from queso as they start to Advanced itly somewhat papy’s looking for High

Ground so he can peek out and get a read on it duck Sam with a nade lineup wants to bank it off the window oh that could have been Picture Perfect actually has a Molotov to try again for the second Arc at least putting a little bit of

Pressure on and some free heating to boot but this isn’t going to spread far enough he is in real danger that I’m surprised he’s remained alive I mean his hair was burnt off just slightly on the four rounds how close that one got but duck sand absolutely obliterating DK right now blasting with

Bullets Galore DK got a little bit too close and those were the eliminations that I was looking for earlier on that’ll take duck San up to seven much needed points for them where it felt like it was going to be a very lackluster ending for this team finally

They show themselves juny up to four eliminations fantastic player on the squad there holding up close and personal next Circle will pop very shortly and it will force teams like Duck San to move further inwards duck San there being the squad to take away that potential power position pressure being applied back

Onto them though Rook been looking pretty mean on this one BL been doing a good job of defending the compound but still playing proactive still playing four picks they peek up on top of the Red Roof attacking down onto Duan and moving one man out of the lobby making

It a little bit harder for them now in the final fight giving a quick head count you’ve got influence Rage with two players alive quo same there with two up and Duan now with a triple threat look are the only ones that have a full Squad

Still in position and keep in mind they were the team that bullied influence rage to even be in the position there’re now in they cleaned house with the nades they were using and it still seems like there’s some utility for them to get the

Work done with bit of a n FR out from Hoy here from the roof hoping for more but not quite enough yeah realistically now with duon five nades pretty much equaling Roots here they want to be very careful with how they’re using them they to be super

Valuable in the approach luckily for ruk they have building after building to clamber up on top of so far default has been absolutely phenomenal for this squad another spray out over towards papy Potro Gets behind the wall for just a second n’s been sent over towards duck

Sand tries to cause damage as he makes his approach inward but a beautiful monoto once again stolen by default this guy is on an absolute tear this game Jackie this is madness default the destroy tryer right now as nade after nade he blows them away with the M4 he

Is absolutely slaughtering and his DBS is even armed as he will pop off with the Close Quarters engagement hawy replies back sick of the shenanigans that def has been running and leaves us in the final fight then Rook versus Duan that was an aggressive clamber there coming through from hawy could have been

Absolutely marvelous there is a res coming through but a lovely n from zipan will take down default now now we’re going a little bit further Eugene extremely low Duan desperately need these points in this game great Molly around the side they cannot handle the utility Jackie and ramy’s got to come

Out soon zipan is just taking him apart with these nades the shrap sticking out a rook and it will be duck San that swims to safety bobbles in with a nade and takes themselves a big chicken dinner on this map oh my duck San saying

An aass iio to the the chicken dinner as they will be happy to grab that one a big pickup lank a g where you know the moments of Madness we saw from them were really clean the fight they took towards the coastline to actually take away a

Power proposition from D+ the way they played it in the final fight versus Rook as well that’s huge especially when you add the cavat of how on fire default was looking man was actually playing a master class blank and they were able to at least stop him and go on to pick up

The chicken dinner so they deserve the win on that one big game rot just gets too big for the damn boot honestly at that end game they go really balls to the wall at the end there just taking shots and fights after fight and honestly let’s put it this way default

Did a ridiculous amount of work for that team really really well but I think they just took things a little bit too quickly at their end there allowed the real threat in Duck s to get close enough to deal with them regardless Rook racks themselves up a huge amount of

Eliminations but I think there was one crucial moment in that game for ducken in the sense that like you saw them tried to take that fight with Team queso hawy decides you know what I’m going to hang on to my utility I’m going to leave this for the late game and they’re

Really quiet with it from barring their big fight with DK they really held on to so much utility all for that ending moment and by God was that utility useful it really was it gave them the extra leg up that they needed to some of those encounters and it goes to show

Just how influential it is to have those names to play with and have a smart idea about how you want to use them someone that’s always smart though it’s maxman so let’s get back over to the desk as he’ll be making an appearance there alongside Karis and Jason

Kaplan I’ll take it I just jumped okay come on Max you’re a smart one you should how oh okay it okay what a cool game we had an yes uh no really well played here coming out from Duan and especially the double Molotov play coming out from zip

Cam to secure himself that win against the entirety over like come on like that’s just the best play of the tournament for me well executed yeah you’re apparently smart but that was smart the Z the N into the position I mean they have the middle of the circle anyway so

They were kind of just playing for that forcing Rook into a very uncomfortable position um but Rook regardless they were absolutely blasting default especially Spider-Man on top of those roofs shooting at everything doing a lot for his team here that might have secured them most spot man I was

Thinking more Punisher because I don’t think Spider-Man Actually shoots uh I think that’s kind of against he he doesn’t kill people but Punisher doesn’t really care about that Universe yeah okay all right all stuff uh obviously yeah fantastic job by default as we’ve been saying for I think a while now that

Easily the best player on the squad and definitely a star player in the region as well but we have to give some credit to team queso 10 points they were a team in desperate need of every single point they could possibly get so this helps them move up the leader boards just a

Bit here and nazer I mean what can we say about them that was that was a rough compound a whole with an hyper rocket up with NB Sports rocket up as well it was it was punishing the NB are just like oh you guys are struggling to breach how

About we just throw some meds over to you just literally throw get over the wall to them try and pick it up but yeah over a th000 damage here for default playing on those roofs and really roof is such a good advantage in his kind of

Positions right K where you can just get some easy abuse of the third person perspective get some extra information and making it especially very easy to hit those nades hit those Molotov on key spots to slow down rotations on players like from influence rage more specifically but man still I got to say

That that double Molly play of zipan was just insane Al altero 16th Place why I keep saying maexus malise got to be in 14 would probably love to be here 46 and 44 respectively this is I mean okay let’s let’s just kind of hint to this right now Pro uh Pro us Gladiators

There’s Technic world where they can be dropped out of top 16 yes so we were theorizing it whilst this game was going on and I mean even just before we got into this game we were kind of theorizing it as well right because all of these teams towards the bottom keep

Actually sponging up the points it’s not the influence rages the the btrs that are being able to get all these points on the board it’s all the teams below where we’re seeing procedure as well just being able to jump up time and time again I don’t know why I said it that

Way but I mean it’s ultimately very very scary here for presure there is a world and thus because Gladiators is only two points ahead of them technically them as well if enough teams do well where they don’t make it and I would not have said

That at the start of this yeah I I expect Alliance to overtake their position I expect that bruteforce has been able to get consistent placement points too I’m telling you from how we have been seeing the bottom of the leaderboards shifting these last few matches there’s a really big chance that

At least one of the two teams might go out the both of them could also but it’s man I did not expect gladi to maybe be in a tough spot because they looked so safe at the start of the day but really those bordom teams understood we need to

Bring our best game possible heading into today and there’s going to be some big upsets at the end of today I can already see it coming it’s so rough to be inko as well because that first match they had they were able to propel the still forward to 16 plays but they’

Fallen back down to 21st like this is this is tough you get one good game in but one’s not going to be enough to secure a spot here uh NZ are obviously with their eight eliminations they’re still in 17th Place they’re still holding on at the moment as they did

Move up in the leaderboards but I don’t really know what to say down towards the bottom it’s it’s really anyone’s game and I don’t think any of us can properly predict right now which teams will be knocked out and which teams will make it through two days is just very severe

Right like to the point where you are going to have these fluctuating results youve got to put your best foot forward almost straight away uh in the days that you have allocated to you so yeah it’s going to be volatile and it’s going to be close by the end of the day okay

We’ll evolve till we’ll see if it’s going to continue to happen here as we head into our final airing of the survival stage Jackie and blank take it away thanks Jason last erangal then uh hopefully this one should follow suits and be a bit of a bang they’ve all been

Somewhat unpredictable blank and very different flavors it was like we’ve kind of had like a a taste session of aronal games in survival STS today I say over than the last match has been very unpredictable uh do fair that last match was sort of unpredictable towards the

End the circle wasn’t considering we saw it yesterday it literally was just the same Circle two days in a row really odd um but back into it once again over towards our angle for the final time before I hit up our two last Miramar to decide everything coming through here

You can tell there’s a little bit of nerves coming through for some of these teams making their way towards that top side of the lobby a little bit difficult for a couple of these squads uh and I think that look realistically it is time to start pumping those points again fora

There’s been some extremely aggressive plays from this squad um it’s been working out somewhat I mean they’ve been getting points on board right now uh from 79 on the other hand 79 are really struggling uh and I think that all comes down to BTR completely battering them

Earlier on today uh and I think you know what maybe that’s even a targeted approach from BTR considering that 79 drops in very similar locations to them across the map getting rid of them would be fairly nice for BTR coming into towards that last chance Last Thing I’ll

Talk about Jackie before I shut up for a little while is uh Mal orts and Alter Ego okay Alter Ego 16th Place Mal Esports 14th I don’t think they they’re going to be making it through to the last chance on unfortunately unless things go horribly horribly wrong for a lot of these teams

Underneath it’s always the worrying part man you know it’s kind of it’s why we said how important it is to decide your own fate for yourself right get as many points as you physically can have as many good games as you physically can because the difference of having one bad

Game when you’re sat here today just watching the other two groups play against each other you know knowing oh we might lose out on a spot with a difference of 1 point five points something that could have been achievable it just kind of leaves your heart in your mouth you know it’s a

Gut-wrenching feeling never something you want to leave up to another team so it’s a shame but the thing is blank not everyone can make it competitive format here you know one of the brightest Sparks the biggest events of the year so much riding on this the chance to have

That title and that prize pull in your back pocket when all is said and done making it to the live final finals is a tall order and only the cream of the crop can make it there that’s why in these next three games if you’re going

To show up if you’re going to find those chicken dinners get some extra points Now’s the Time to do it last Aon gal for the day after this it’s Miramar Madness two final games and then we will know what the last results are which teams are going to make it out of survival

Stage into last chance and who will have their story at pmgc 2023 ended in the next few games let’s get into our last Aon gal then blank playing path on screen as the drops are coming in very very kind here pretty nice arc on this bad boy at least straight line in this

Case but we’ll be heading straight down from keski to faery Pier so one of the best playe paths I would say in the game for most teams right it gives you the ability to get to wherever you want to go on the map with it slightly leaning

Either towards the left or the right hand side um so I think for a lot of these teams quite pleasing of this one will give them a very very good chance in their last AR angle of the day I think we have to reiterate that point and really hammer it home because this

Is the last time to get I would say some of the most reliable points that you’ll find in pmgc survival stage Miramar gets a little bit hectic sometimes with the circles sometimes you get placed in absolutely unplayable terrain where your rotation no matter what you do is going

To be rough to play out and you need to have that gun skill behind you to pull it off um and there’s just not a lot of feeder teams left in pmgc anymore it’s a case of everyone is very very strong um so coming up against the team and trying

To just bash your way through brick wall after brick wall isn’t as possible anymore you know the sledgehammers just aren in play some sledgehammers definitely still are but most of them have been do most of them aren’t hitting hard enough to let you say just play with that level of

Aggression and here though it’s Alex that assaults from the rooftop AK play hits onto the first man and gets a knock they hop straight in the car and want to go and confirm this one they want to make sure that they convert this knock into some juicy juicy points as it’ll

Mean so much at a time like this the rest of phas have bailed out oh give him a second let him line it up oh dear man this is cruel doesn’t even waste the knife on him no I know man I mean for FaZe this is not great news

Whatsoever this is a fair few times in a row right now where they have just been losing players squadmates at the start of the game and I think for FaZe again as I said last reliable way to reach those points I don’t know if fa is going

To be able to make it right with teams underneath them looking like they’re very very much trying to push for that 16th position I know that you know you know those spots are open to overtake over M ebox and alter ego but the way that team ques has been playing the way

With MBE has been playing as well these two teams I feel like could really start to make a bit of a run out towards our last three matches of the day um and FaZe has just been making quite a few mistakes here Jackie which I’ve not been a massive fan

Of yeah fa have had some very unlucky Runnings on top of the misplays that we’ve seen from them which I think think of you know just kind of all congealed together to result in some more disappointing games for them today compared to having a little bit of excitement to it having some real

Firepower into the first six games we had seen yesterday not as clean nowhere near as nice for them influence rage have been maintaining the pace that we’ve seen though almost breaking over that 100 point cap at the minute and pushing themselves a little bit further up in terms of the overall standing for

That as well with the two teams that are above them that you’re not seeing right now that’s DX Avia with 100 points and then mad balls with 104 points just further ahead so clearing that and taking the guaranteed top spot for them does seem like it will just be a

Formality over the course of the next few games with how many points they already have so they’re going to be content BTR looking good as well few missplays into the last game in terms of outstaying their welcome potentially but definitely going from straight to strength and I think you know one of the

The bigger facelifts we’ve seen really has been nigma Galaxy blank especially from those first six games we had to where they are now feels like a whole different team and I was hoping they’d impress us because during regulation with the grp stage they had some big

Games they had some great form back to back on a few of the Days running and you know we just didn’t see that we didn’t see that at all over the first few games whereas now they actually look like a well oiled machine again they’re they’re looking like a far more drilled Squad

Yeah fifth place right now 74 points it looks great it looks really really good I’m I’m super pleased with how things have worked out for them um some of our I mean our Korean teams right now 49 to 48 very similar performance you know I don’t know if this is intentional or not

I don’t think it is but it’s sort of interesting to see these two teams go hand in hand again they’re Korean squads usually do take a while to adapt and perform very very well over long um format tournaments that’s where they tend to really blast out the most and

It’s where they sort of need to improve as we move further and further into this um tournament uh ruling of just quite quick formats quite little Sprints that we have going on in the survival stage and last chance even in the uh group stage of League stage as well where you

Just have three days to mark your position towards that top three to get the direct invite um but right now I do think they’re they’re great teams and duck Sandra showed us one of the best plays coming out from survival stage so far versus is Rook Esports on a 3v4 was

Such a welld designed play from them from the molotov to the nases to just the overwhelming Force where they locked them in they move forward at the right time as well um we’re starting to see these incredible moments start to pour through from the survival stage as teams

Really try and lock in their position towards the last chance it’s one of those exciting moments right because you kind of take the the best elements of everything not only do you have the land buff for some teams that thrive on the big stage in this environment where they know you

Know you we have to give it the extra 10% guys we’ve got to really be zoned in uh and try and find ourselves in a flow State you know the these are the stage games that matter these are the ones you look back on when you’re thinking about

Your career later on down the line in pubg Mobile and then you add in the fact as well you know that your chance of even continuing in the tournament and making it just the stones throw away from those live Finals results on how well you play over the course of these

Handful of games you’ve got to go even higher you’ve got to go even further give it that 25% and really have that big buff you know everyone needs to step up on a squad right now you can’t have that one star player definitely have to pass the Baton a little bit more

Liberally between all four of the members and some squads have taken that in their side some of them have really displayed that others not as much definitely struggling some of them you can see the pressure really has put a dampener on things but it’s cool to see at least the

Continuation the you do Alliance in a way it felt like they were a little bit slow to the burn weren’t quite really picking up the results we would have wanted quickly enough whereas the longer it’s gone on they’ve been able to maintain a bit of consistency in 11th

Place at the minute with 57 points not too bad at all you’re going to be happy with that at least and you’ve still got more room to breathe you could push yourself a bit further looking at the circle now where we’re centering up again sort of feels like

Reminiscent of our first angle of the day here we went over towards Pinki side fze playing the exact same spot as before but this time suffering on that knock and flush that came through earlier on in the game and they’ll be forced to play as a three man in this

Situation but we move further down towards that Southwest side not really centering up over towards Pinki at all so team queso get themselves a nice position on that southern Edge Rook get themselves to push into the circle too cuz I think that when you Encompass at

Least this bridge side gives you a lot of time to think about rotating across right now it’s only really Ducks s in that location but Rook knows that time is not on their side uh so they need to just move now unless they wanted to just wait the circle out until around about

Zone four and then push him when no one’s really looking this direction in the meantime it’s nma Galaxy coming against some of the Firepower of these other squads influence rage flying past them Federal knocked out of the vehicle but a great spray down over towards freak will knock

Him actually in the end did think that final bullet would go through but it does a lot of infighting going on as well it’s not just a oneoff scrap it’s a bit of commotion across the entire Battleground a fight for the forest here as duck down trying to stay alive

Meanwhile down inside the buildings you can see there is a bit of Close Quarters engagement going on and be struggling under the pressure here aaz tries to go for the quick get away on the top floor almost hit the bullet on the pre-fire towards the stairwell it’s the nade that

Decimates him though follow up throwning towards J fors as he’s going to go for the quick adjustment oh man this is a fight that’s going to leave no Victors blank with how many players have already been knocked for either side looking to get out of this one cleanly is not going

To be an easy task not at all MB Sports keep themselves and then no was clean it’s BTR really struggling here now trying to remain alive I mean for BTR currently in fourth place they’re fairly safe here but more points always good for them Sam 9 also towards this

Northeastern Edge really desperate for these points at this point in time 23 points total uh 23rd Place in the in the standings with 32 points overall BTR lucky to finish off the final players from be it’s a decent n but it bounces off wello IHC they’ve doing good today

In terms of knowing what fights they can fully commit to and when they need to clim it down a little bit this is one where it seems like confidence is at an alltime high as they try and close the gap CS Playing for Keeps go to the

Stutter step and look to try and hit the shots nice repak into Alex but not quick enough on the draw so CS the Young Gun goes down as he’s shut off by Alex and the rest of the team is just running they want to get out of here meanwhile

Nbe are still fighting inside of the building Shy’s Galore as all of the barrels are going off and everyone’s taking damage but it’s the side of BTR that are starting to crumble now looking like maybe they’ve let this one slip blank MBE could main gain control here

As they’ve actually got time to reset as well whereas you’re just facing you know one or two players that remains Alive Now for are and 79 of coming to join the party I mean for 79 this would be a lovely bit of Revenge over towards BTR who hurried them all game luckily btr’s

Able to get three players back upon their feet somehow someway but 79 is just lobbing in the molotov heating up the fire Lear goes down to the burning foot and he will be 90 dep now moving in with himself a nade in hand looks to toss it on towards that top side takes

Out Mondo potentially hits him for a very hard amount of damage but BTR backs things up Waits For the End Game another goes through but W find its Target night dep just expending utility here and mondo feels fairly safe not anymore oh throws a grenade right at his

Big toe and hopes that he will stand there and eat that bad boy Mondo there he goes it’s off the back of Tam as he’ll line that one up through the outside window and blow him away fight isn’t over though as you third partied and that means you’ve still got a clean

Up against BTR BTR looks down to a dynamic duo good with the nades for the opening on the engagement though as that one’s going to wipe down Depp instantly response back is so clinical it’s n city blank all of the elims are off the back of these explosives and we talked about

How you know it would be nice for 79 to get a little bit of Retribution geot even denies the point as well gets Ned out by his teammate Kenny looking for a little bit more mikal goes down and G is going crazy with it and a blind spray

Into the smoke there with the DBS will finally shut him down but sem 9 found that a lot more difficult than I think they expected it to be look at all the vultures in the other squads that were lurking as W BL just circling around the outside you do

Alliance just watching that one from a distance thinking all right when can we come in and pick up the pieces right our turn now yeah when do we get to swoop down but they’ve actually gone for the rotate round the back it seems like they’ve realized that NASA were actually

Setting up for this they go for the backstab onto NASA O Okay this could be sick blank you’ve got so many squads that are right on top of each other and 79 want to move as well they they want to actually just get stuck into the fight after getting that first knock so

Kenny plays for the info going for the quick roam up IHC still here still looking for a piece of the pie as well what on Earth is going on I mean this is a lot of hate coming through towards 79 and they’re doing a fairly decent job of

Holding these teams back at arms length but to be honest with you it’s kind of surprising we can even see it here the amount of teams that are actually towards that Central Arena of the map there so many on this Northeastern side all trying to hold each other out you do

Alian 79 HC ner as well as duck Sam in a difficult spot and what a horrid Circle here on our final angle I said it was reliable points I take it back I put it away in the back pack there because I have lied to you all I have lied to you

Terribly oh boy oh dear oh dear blank Sam n I’m surprised they’ve been able to survive through so many of these awkward encounters and keep the team in a good position you do Alliance though they’ve been playing a very slow methodic just lurking and looking for a high percentage opportunity before they dive

Into a compound or run the risk of even really going for a trap card play they thought they saw their opportunity inside of the forest instead they’ve kept their cards close to their chest and is still holding for this fight to be instigated from someone else let another Squad make the first mistake

Brute four seem to be ping as well as they’re going in versus Zen hyper and able to pick up a couple of pieces here and there IHC close in the forest going to be assaulted now as M close he looks for the peek out through the car Kenny

Supports from way back dep eting nades as well it’s getting a bit risky now blank this is when the other teams that are here in all the gunshots are going to be thinking about the third party potential M Alex has no clue where Tam was shooting from finally finds his

Number and IC hanging on at the moment versus 79 who have tried to get the bead on him M tries to move away in the vehicle some great team shots coming through won’t finish him off in the time being KY as well off in the distance and

It will now only be one final player of sem 9 to make it through so unlikely that Kenny will get much further Tam gets knocked out off in the distance they’re more creeping back towards Alex now oh spamming across Kenny he’s going to go down as the head shot will hit yhc

Surviving in their awkward encounter towards the forest meanwhile youo Alliance they’ve got a scrap they’ve got a clash up close in personal NASA trying to fight back IHC as well and Godless how is he alive black man’s on a sliver of HP it’s tiny a speck of dust there

For the health bar but he does back off and stays in the fight Alex brings demo in the vehicle he’s battered and bruised knocked as well but drops him out we’ll go for the res here and IHC continue onwards I mean you can say one thing about this team is that they are

Resilient right very much able to hold on in some of the most brutal of scenarios DK plus down towards the South Side just outside Lighthouse at the moment but definitely not in it they’ve crashed upon the Rocks here the light was not on when they came to Port

Obviously this circle is not a good one there is so little landmass to play in it no one’s going to be playing down towards the southeast Edge in snova Lighthouse a big old Focus point for Rook at the moment You’ got team ques holding over towards the western

Side compound and the gas station that sits just towards that north side which no team has sort of claimed just yet so many squads yeah it’s rough with just how close they are and if you can’t find your way through the opposition quickly it’s going to get so much harder

Zone shift is rough as well feels like Rook are the only ones that really come out on top of the coin flip and even then it’s still going to be awkward for him in terms of so much pressure that’s going to be applied onto them from the

Other squads that want to take away the map geometry they actually have here nades from Udo Alliance spelunking in Reverse up the hill looking to try and climb their way up star eats a big connection from the nade meanwhile IHC are going in clearing out they found the

South Korean Squad and they want to attack for control of the compound Juni and Co have nades pulled Godless similar mindset remember this man survived with barely any HP now he’s trying to kick off another fight but IHC do lose an opening man as Alex is dropped and

They’ve got good positions to peek from duang can keep on applying damage here Duan coming off the back of confidence of that last match and our angle holding on right now versus so many different teams all in the same area playing around yellows here over towards that

South Side zipan toses a nade over the top spot the players from NASA just sprinting around the sides Yol goes down and duck sand just looks like a different kind of beaste now this isn’t a duck this is an absolute Behemoth with how they’re playing o getting their wings clipped

Now though shot coming back in as Godless tries to stay alive for ihc’s hopes and dreams M9 as well even getting stuck into the mix with the last man the solo Doo dealing a bit of damage quick get away for Godless as he goes full James one blank takes the car into the

Water tumbles it in not a hover car over the time being will hit down towards the depth of the Mariana Trench there and there he’ll stay for quite some time you’d imagine Rook from the lighthouse such great visibility for this squad over towards a lot of different teams

And with the circle panning the way it does they just have a lot of protection going forward here you got DK underneath but but it is duck sand to be taking a lot of damage here will lose another in hawy he did so much good work for the

Team before and now they just have to send it over open ground into Rocky terrain they missed the jump into the water have to give it another go and hope they don’t get sprayed out as they tumble in it’s not quite good enough no shallow water blank they’ve beached

Themselves oh this is not what you want they’re trapped un just swing the wheel my brother that’s so rough but the second attempt to get into the water and even then you hit the shallow bank and eat bullets they’re gone absolutely wiped away look at the moves from Mel man

How’s he doing it so quickly start stepping left and right finally Falls to Rook this just feels like desperation from so many squads fair play to Mel man the the fact that he was getting in like that is crazy man this is absolutely outrageous at the minute okay Zone’s going to move

For so much more water though still to contend with you’re restricted in terms of the actual land MK you’re going to have to play with inco as well you’ve got the blessing of the fact you’re already inside of the big deep blue you’re set up in there to make it

Uncomfortable to actually have a full Squad wipe against you and have Bridge control to play with you still got a little bit of the lighthouse in the zone as well so there’s something to be said there for Rook Rook have been hitting their shots that’s always going to help

But this is looking so rough like these circles have been Unforgiven today yeah absolutely horrible honestly just disgusting to play around with it’s been very very difficult for so many squads pre pod over there from Brute Force doing his best to try and get his way

Into the circle but he’ll just be edging along the beach from pretending to be a crab at this rate CU that’s the best he can do hopefully has a hard shell on him as well because getting out from this situation is requiring him to weather a lot of bullets on the entrance inwards

Team quo strong spot still held by them towards a little bit of high ground with the rooftops available to them inco sort of blessed from their position where they came in from that Eastern side of snova swung in from the coastal Edge and it’s kept the bridge in for such a long

Time they basically haven’t had to do anything in this match which is very fortunate for them considering that they’ve got to jump up quite a few placements in this game if they want to set themselves up for a good chance to get in towards that top 16 at the end of

The day today this has been one of the most cruel games to other teams and one of the most fortunate teams to Winco just so many miraculous things inside of this game that have made it pan out the way it has you do a lion sharing the territory here they formed

An alliance it seems with D+ at least for now if you expose yourself if you make yourself visible I think that Alliance will very quickly start to crumble and you got to worry about the fact it’s some sort of reverse fire workk show blank they’re just throwing

The grenades down at them and they’re detonating right on their heads it will finish off you do Alliance first as they’re now out of the equation D+ stuck in the same spot as well only blessing is they’re starting to run out a NES blank yeah R just ripping away points

From these teams underneath they want to go as far as they can into this match that looked like it was fairly On Target mik so low HP and Pusher will find him off the back of that one the nade Hing down so low Mikel able to get those

Final couple of bullets in to do the rest of the job then bete over towards this side from inko Vitali still towards the bridge end of things actually and inco desper one to win this game regardless of what happens they will get somewhat of a decent placement point I

Would imagine here with squash Holding On the Bridge itself Brute Force though able to actually move themselves up towards that Northern side to start facing off against team queso which the circle most likely in this next one will push them further down towards that South Side so you’ve got to respect the

Plays coming through from Brute Force here able to get themselves in a position but they might just be able to do well in this game inko finally getting an opportunity to put the bridge control to good use as well as they famam shots onto the players lurking in the water and finally

Finish off D+ new Zone acquired though and even more land gets Stripped Away from our competitors here the Battleground getting smaller and smaller and with so many squads inhabiting it it’s not going to be easy you’re going to have to fight for that room to breathe fight for some sort of control

Of the map now here and inco they’re looking pretty confident with how they’ve been playing it haven’t overly been tested by Rook though because they’ve got the angles to keep themselves safe Rook still blessed in the sense that they can hold on to their High Ground position for a little bit

Longer and that might just be enough to get them into a spot to shut this one down they’ve had seven eliminations in the game so far they’re looking pretty damn mean with how they’re playing it and they’re going to want to take it all the way to the bank and secure the

Finish squash meanwhile looking for the lurker in Ramy playing under the bridge and the N is absolutely spot on that is beautiful yeah that’s banging there from squash there I think that just comes out from the fact that he has a little bit of an inkling of whether they be playing

Team KAS though it’s AR coming up against Brute Force again ARA on the case looking forward towards these teams papy pot trol last one left alive but it’s fatali to finish up the job over towards brute force and team queso should now be able to get all three

Players back up but no Vitali threads a couple of bullets with a mini14 and puts team kso to rest okay okay here we go this is what they’ve been waiting for inco the battle of the bridge has been going their way and even finding countless opportunities to third party

And first onto knocked players they are adding to that total tally of points they’ve also got the edge of shutting down one of the key players from Rook with that fantastic use of the nade blow him out of the server and leaving them down to a free team setup here just push

A default and Eugene up against the full Squad of inco blank and this High Ground that’s worked wonders for them won’t exist for too much longer for inco they got so much control now as well and faroo like you say coming down off from the lighthouse puts them in a very bad

Situation they’d have to get some clear knocks to start things off here versus inco One n left remaining here for raer and a Molotov but overall inco supplies are looking pretty healthy default though moves up makes it to the bridge going to try and snake his way through

Get some done off the back of this one if default can find at least a good nade over to one of these players but once again it’s squash with a killer grenade from the top side default dropped everything tried to keep himself minimalistic and hidden it doesn’t

Matter though cuz squash has got the x-ray vision in this game apparently squash more like swish as that’s the noise he’s making every time he throws out these nades countless free pointers blank it’s been so good from him I don’t know how he’s so calculated but the trigonometry from this man is perfection

Every time he lines up an age you know it is going to be an absolute Banger and that’s an impact frag player that he takes down with it as well default today has looked unbelievable his gun skills been through the roof his mechanics have been on point so the fact you take him

Out you remove that chance of a potential upset clutch from Rook massively you’ve left them down to just a Duo now blank chances of this one being an upset are slim to none inko are licking their lips at the idea of the chicken dinner now for squash basically done it

Single-handedly from this position underneath the bridge he has been so influential on this map inko with four players then bete wants a little bit of the money too sends a nade over the top here oh it’s close it looks scary the Tracer showing you it whizzing right on

By the bullets though are hitting Play Zone coming on in and with a tag that was already inflicted onto Eugene Zone was enough to finish him Pusher will be getting pushed away as he goes down giving up the chicken dinner to inco double chicken dinners on the day for

Inko we said that one wasn’t enough so they gave us two finko this is much needed points but sort of gifted as well to them here at the end of the day but again you’ve got to look at the way that squash played out that game and I think

That you can sort of give him the credit for just nailing each and every one of his nades that he sent through some great vision even I think the team looks a little bit confused with how on point his nades were there but it takes them through gets themselves a chicken dinner

The is is going to be so so massive for them in their long run well that is the thing as well especially you know over the course of the tournament BL we’ve seen just how much of a blessing it is if a team has got some fantastic grenadiers on their side if you’re

Hitting those big nades if you’re being able to come across for the double perfectly it just sets you so far apart from the other Squad so the fact that squash is able to land two blinders all off the skin of his own back perfect damage dealt on him you got to give him

Props for that n usage on screen as well a lot of roaming for Ino you can see with the miles traveled only really being bested there by the side of Brute Force but wow that’s a big game for him blank and honestly towards the end I’m

Kind of glad they just played smart they didn’t get stuck into the game until they absolutely Hader forcing the issue I mean started on Sova right was quite amusing because they must have rotated up towards the Eastern Bridge the circle was for like to themselves this is a

Horrid Circle let’s re rotate back here in the meantime we’re going to rotate on over back to the desk with Mr Jason Kaplan maxman on the CL that seem like hyper rotate right there to be honest blank but as we did see inko closing out the game yet again

Their second chicken dinner on the day and going into this match they were in 21st place where they’ve ended up after well that will be left to be determined when we get to our overalls but again a much needed game to make the feel so much safer to have a little bit of

Wiggle room if they have a Bad final two match yeah and the point gap at the bottom here Jason is so small one good game like that you can jump up significantly high and and be safe in top 16 so inko glad to see him get a win

Like that but Rook here man again we’ve seen so many good games from Rook able to reach the late game stage D4 has been doing fantastic ramy’s got some amazing nades especially from that spot because they they read the lobby so well right mad balls don’t play this location

They’re not in this Lobby we’re just going to force send it on Lighthouse and just survive into a Podium position and get a second place so man Rook really trying to reach now a Podium position at the end I’m loving it are you calling

Them an ALT here Max no no it’s no no not an Avenger level threat no it’s they’re good they’re good I like them it’s SC they’re good team K so as well though clarus obviously getting 12 points Brute Force getting another nine again teams who desperately need these

Points have been able to do so so consistently today yeah these teams at the bottom zooming up the leaderboard like aand are really fast uh here towards the top and I it’s it’s impressive to see I do think when we get to the overall leaderboards though um that the our theorized procedure and

Gladiators potentially being under threat I think by the end of the day I think they’ll be 15th and 16th that’s my prediction here as we take a look at it yeah it’s getting close you can see uh Ninth Place and 10th Place respectively for those two teams but two teams who

Unfortunately have to just watch from home and not have a chance in the last chance stage it’s going to be malise and Al H um they just got that WhatsApp message guys your playing is tomorrow morning at 2 a.m. you’re going back we knew they were going to slip

Right but that’s just again shown how competitive it is at the bottom of the rankings here and we can still see some big upsets like teams such as FaZe nbe sport sem 9 could also catch up got some decent olys for sem 9 because that Gap

Is so so small that anyone can really make it up there even South Korea here Andis have slipped a little bit that previous game so they could also lose two teams after this no that’ll be cool that’ll be cool okay it’s getting close though I mean if you’re obviously

Talking about procas in there in Gladiators you still have uh you do Alliance as well just right around the 60 point mark so they’re still not safe whatsoever but it is getting tough here for everyone and and obviously as we’re about to head into our mirror matches I

Got to remind you guys once again about the infinix gt10 pro official smartphone here at pmgc you guys can check it out it was born for professional Esports players and you guys can pick one up and dominate the lobbies not to mention you can head over to Tik Tok and check out

Things behind the scenes some uh clips and some videos being uploaded for you guys just make sure you look for the tag pmgc 2023 I’m really putting production on this few here I’m going to keep showning through these ones we have the frost Festival as well happening guys

Pick up the game download it and play in the new update oh he he catch up he’s keeping with me on this one and glide down a slope with a snowboard hide behind a snowball Mound the size of Max men’s head and potentially turn people into snowman it is big I mean Jackie

Said you were big brained the smartest one on the desk it’s a compound Jason that’s how big it’s huge it’s Pinky defend it on all sides yeah unbreachable oh man okay all right well beyond that we do have the popular annual gala happening for 2023 for November 15th to December 19th you guys

Can participate in 10 1V one matches and potentially earn yourself some exclusive rewards you can show up to your friends to your family to your teammates but also you still have other things to show off like the new Pagani the collaboration with pubg mode which hope

You guys have been able to pick up for yourselves the emola and z r models and you can show them off maybe not be able to get one in real life but at least you can get one in the game and then when you win your matches something I don’t

Do too often of you can show off your new victory dance as well while supporting your favorite pmgc teams we are going to head to a short break where we get things ready to go for what are you doing colar you dancing dancing yep I mean to be fair that’s probably what I

Would do in the club okay Max man let’s head to a break let’s get him off screen it’s going to be mirar come up next back to back we’ll see you in a few [Applause] A Are you ready we saw Face Clan there looking a little bit upset a little bit sad and honestly they should be their hopes of getting through to the last chance tournament are slowly Fallen by the wayside and to be fair even if they do qualify at the

Moment they still have a lot of work to put in just overnight to be able to get top five and potentially be one of our finalist teams in our grand finals kicking off over in December but G we are back we didn’t get to talk too much

About that last match but honestly inko kind of set themselves up for Success if we want to hop back to it before we hop into our game yeah I love especially the way they were playing nit down on the uh on the beach side and having three

Players over onto the the top of that bridge able to get himself multiple angles during that match and making sure that teams especially coming from the West like n hyper Brute Force Team kesso could not really have a chance to compete in that game so just having those two positions those two angles

Were really important and and it’s really weird though you can compare it to mads that they’ll all been consistent one win two bad games one win we just need to see more consistency to be safe here well you know what karisa Max we got to see your dance moves but it’s

Time to head over to our best dancers on the show of Jackie and blink to take us into our first marar I there’s not much real estate in terms of the screen space so I thought I’d go for something like this I hope that was enough Jason I hope that

Pleases you cuz I know the viewers at home probably hate but it doesn’t matter blank because the games are what they love and these games have been delivering they that last game wasan Circle was disgusting um it was just rude realistically at the end of the day but

It gave inco a great chance at a chicken dinner they don’t mess it up they don’t fluff it they understand that that was one of their best opportunities to grab themselves a big chicken dinner and squash takes fate into his own arms in that sense where he’s just lobing those

Nades across and getting some killer n shots from it so I think coming into this Miramar now as the lads on the desk exclaimed we do have malise and altero leaving us they confirmed not to be going maxman was quite cruel uh talking about flights been what up through I

Mean come on man they they only just lost dude come on give them a second give them a minute oh mate it’s painful theyve blank but it’s kind of the way it is man it’s a competitive format for a reason right it wouldn’t be the most prestigious event

Of the year uh if anyone was just making it through to the finals if anyone could walk in it’d be like a bouncer blank that doesn’t check ID instead just looks to see if he likes the color of the shirt you’re wearing it’s very silly it’s not a good system are those Nikes

Get out you’re not coming in it’s an unacceptable behavior from you but are you Max man come on in we got two different bouncers here we got to flip the coin to allow the max man into the club here but into the survival stage in the last chance club

We have 16 teams to be decided on just yet we have Esports who have honestly been doing fantastically well despite losing out on uh two angles now they still got themselves second place and both really playing very well off the back of some strong positions which we

Know they’re good at taking earlier on but penol match here of the entirety of the survival stage as we head in towards Miramar the Des the dusty deserts here in front of us and we’ll see once all that does who exactly will be in that bottom

Eight it’s going to be painful man it is going to be a rough State of Affairs for our teams that don’t make it through but some of them have to some of them got to get them elv into the upper echelons and Soldier forward into tomorrow and the

Preceding day where we’ll have that last chance those last few moments of Madness to decide which teams move on out of it so this is really where it is all do and die for a couple squads little bit of a shift little bit of potential still remaining in terms of some of the

Placements for these teams so acre an extra couple points here today can be a big one so we need some large L finishes for some of our squads further down the pack here on the backto back Miramar and I do wonder what sort of form we’re

Going to be seeing as well seems like fighting is going to be part of that as FaZe who really have been hit with the Unlucky stick blank you know they they look completely different to what we saw When They Came Out Swinging initially into last chance well survival stage

Rather they were looking a lot better the longer it’s gone on it’s just felt fragmented you know it feels like they really are always leaving themselves susceptible to these attacks and they give quo a free opening elim on this one you know for nothing really phase just

Drop far apart and a man gets spotted instantly yeah and I mean at this point in time where we are Hing these last two matches 20th 21st 22nd 23rd it looks terrifying and Hyper have just been really struggling to get any points on the board despite trying to live towards

Those end points of the game even on that last match of swimming in the water for an extended period of time even me Mela on that last game with a right good jiggle over towards on that top side trying to getting towards the water himself it’s just not happening for

These Squad so far for FaZe I do think that the days are numbered or at least the matches are numbered just two left to play now for themselves and already moving into this Miramar in the first couple of seconds with three players inco feeling much more secure now 12

Play 55 points Happy Days for them we do have that spread of teams towards the top differentiating themselves from everyone else with nigma Galaxy BTR IHC really doing well today to get themselves in youo Alliance really haven’t accumulated a lot of points on the day I don’t believe I think it was I

Think started the day around 59 if I’m not mistaken so it’s only really one point that they found the entirety of those four matches that have just gone by but still that first day was enough but we do have that question in mind cuz I think the guys on the desk were

Talking about at the start of the day in the sense that the two games that they did very well on games where the circle really did play into their favor inco’s on our screen at the moment squash as we said the right arm of God on this guy honestly Jackie yeah

Incredible n plays from him nigma Galaxy off in the distance another team that I’d honestly like to see go out with another bang here at the end of the day maybe get some more points towards the top side of the tables you’d hope so you’d hope so cuz

It’s definitely looked a lot better from them at least with getting more momentum into the games today you know it was really quite rough when we we saw them initially F like they were limping through a lot of their games or or just making Miss plays more so than anything

You know that was kind of the the big focal point that we were looking at is how many times they made a mistake stake that could have been avoided today it’s been a lot cleaner seems like the heads are screwed on more and they’ve been performing well especially on the aangal

So will that translate into the mirror Mars or will things be a little bit more wobbly around the knees we’ll see it is an interesting point you raise as well with youo Alliance as well because you’re right in the sense you know that they did win those games sure but like

You say there was a lot of setup in external factors in terms of the Zone the way some other teams played around it as well to kind of feed into the um outside of that in the raw head-to-heads in the Raw games from uh from the opening moments towards the

Finish it’s still not looked exactly picture perfect but hey I mean however you gain those points however it goes uh you’re just going to be happy you’re getting them so if they’re at least able to keep themselves afloat and stay out of the danger zone I think that’s all

They’re going to be thinking about right now I don’t think it’ll be as easy as that though when we get into the next two days definitely is going to be a harder task so uh you’re really going to want to make sure if there is any jit as

You get those out now and start to look towards the future ner as well man some of the crashes we’ve seen from today blank have been interesting because it feels like in terms of confidence in their own gun skill today and sort of you know sticking to a game plan from

The minute they decide it it’s a lot better but things working out for them or the absolute most miraculous collection of events occurring whenever they decide to crash onto a compound seem to be a given it feels like if they go in for something you go D+ turn up

And then everyone else just turns up with it and you have about six teams in a compound and everyone loses it’s been a weird kind of vibe they’ve been hit with today they’re being chased uphill here so n at least with the spread they’ve got you got the early warning of

Knowing that D+ are coming see you can back off you can peace out you do Alliance at close by as well yeah over towards south side of Los leonus at the moment I mean a lot of teams kind of spreading out towards that south side of chuma as well where you do

Have those Rocky out crops you can kind of play in here for the time being nma Galaxy off of the distance though are taking shots over towards Naya and they’re sending some backwards and again you’re right this team does keep getting sandwiched between a lot of different

Squads and right now D+ Kia coming up behind them and with nigma Galaxy in front they sort of need to make a center the side whil they locate a bit of a better position to find themselves in nigma Galaxy picking themselves up bit of high ground potentially playing

Around this region around this Warehouse will work out for them in the future but realistically is that stage two they we were’re waiting for where it is a massive shrink on the circle defines a lot going forward for a lot of these teams as well so right now get as much

Loot on as possible as many nades as possible I think a lot of teams will be looking for that 5 five6 ammo as well because you know that in that late game when you do huddle up in towards one of those compounds you’re likely going to be expending bullets that you’re not

Getting back anytime soon having all the extra bells and whistles on thear does go a very long way and we’ve seen that as well especially proven true with the utility usage we’ve had today you know not too much defensive really the smokes haven’t been throwaways but there hasn’t been

Anything too crazy in terms of the defensive utility usage it’s been a lot more focused on the offensive the way that nades have been used today especially with been really clean for the squads that we have in the lobby at the minute for Last Chance survival

Stage even going to keep doing that cuz I’m already thinking towards where we’re ending up with this looking at the rotates coming in here though everyone starting to get themselves closer towards the Zone Rooker going to want a gun for dead center pretty early they’ve been doing a great job of finding

Themselves inside of the Zone setting up in a compound and playing defensive that’s where they are a level above their usual selves talking of being above here though it’s a bit more literal as freak and Cole are right on top of the hill and they’re looking down

Towards DK they spotted out D+ they know where they are and now they’re going to start to rock on down utility in the pockets for them as well so you’ve got NAD you could throw in if you want to deal the chip damage instead it’s just

Lord bursting off a few bullets on his own I think for DK here is a bit of a stressful experience cuz you have to leave right at some point you want to get out from these Foothills you want to head up towards Northern side you talked

About rook and it is really fortunate on the circle moving up towards this north side that Rook does get a fairly good entrance towards what could be a central position in the circle over towards this western side of Los leonus a lot of open ground but a lot of compounds soon to be

Playing in is just slightly Awkward on this south side where you’ve got to now clear a lot of that High Ground terrain which then slopes downwards just awkward valleys to cross through Enigma Galaxy realized they’ve got a very strong position to now hold out DK uh any team

They can really crunch down on the South Side will make their approach towards a circle later on much easier so I think for dig M Galaxy is it’s not a bad idea whatsoever to go for this play right now Ralph does take a bit of a shot here DK

No pushovers in their own rights but question is when does nigma Galaxy decide that long enough is long enough we’ll find out we’ll see how quickly they decide to move away from this one as movement is occurring on screens MB Esports starting to at least adjust somewhat team quo as

Well been looking a little bit more aggressive into the later games of today I think realizing that days are numbered if they don’t start to really pull the finger out play a little bit more aggressive into some of these encounters so they’ve been trying to F the elims a

Bit more going for slightly more risky Maneuvers inco have been on a bit of a tear as well and they’re sandwiched here at the minute down towards the roadside with a little bit of cover to work with each of them with a building to play off

Of so no easy lineups for the rest of the squads squads that are key though around here probably BTR and influence rage as they like to instigate a lot of these fights and with how many squads are in close proximity if they go in start kicking off a bit of a scrap

That’s when you’re going to see everyone else weighing up if they want to get involved into it or not and look how much damage has been done here to DK in terms of the confidence they’ve got to go for a wide rotate through the blues they don’t like their chances of driving

Through the actual map right now inco though take the fight from the players driving in more directly Vehicles Down The Gulch and straight into the face of nasar inco just peeking out through the back man backing them up as they’ll be able to hit that and shut down the squad

Blank they’re gone nice one last chance now the end of the day 19th Place at the moment 43 points very much in danger going forward but you can see see just how close the grouping is towards six teams to 12 place it’s 52 points to 55 just three points between those four

Placings there in the meantime Ino is getting ripped to pieces by their Brazilian Brethren on the other side of thing it’s influence rage who are looking to increase their points margin towards that top side started the day in third place we expected them to end the

Day in first place and not quite reached it just yet with teams above them still okay trying to reset and hope things blow over hope the attention on the next fight is somewhere else not directly on top of them as they need time to heal up

DK looking to go back and save the man that’s been separated as favian on the hillside towards MBE the rest of them have arrived this was their Mass migration they went on rotating the whole way outside going through the blue to give themselves a potential position

To play off of aaz he’s had a good day of it he’s had some big plays today will this be another one of them looking for the peacock here a bit of damage done so instantly opening with an altercation against DK DK is pretty important on this fight

Because they’re out of one frying pan into another with nigma Galaxy left behind them they want to push their way through MB Sports get out from these Foothills into a better position going forward DK currently de with nigma Galaxy as well keep taking shots towards

Them CPS down there with the rest of the team they swing on by but I wonder if nigma Galaxy realizes that MBE sports are also in this location or they’re just chasing onto where DK is currently playing either way it could be a very very bad engagement for all three of

These teams coming up shortly where no one comes out the winner DK realizes that they’ve sort of baited nigma Galaxy in so maybe it’s time to just rotate back again moving up towards that Northern Edge the old fateful mate see if it works out for them see if they’ll be able to set

Themselves up hunker down and make the play from the position TK as well being peppered with so many bullets that they are starting to lose their potential Edge into this fight especially when Brute Force found the opportunity to backstab onto it from the Sid so you really are struggling now here comes IHC

With a compound crash as well haven’t seen this for a few moments but it looks like they’ve wound themselves back up and want to let it rip going in for the swing towards the top floor pH Clan Holding On The Ground as well as they will hit with a shoty strike against the

First and leaves them slumped down on the deck Alex clearing the building oh it’s a late reaction but he does still find the flick at the top of the stairs and for FaZe that’s such a terrible Prospect for them going forward 42 points left for baiting there in 19th

Place Jackie IHC have been constantly chasing this team team down and I think they’ve singlehandedly ruined their chances to get towards that last chance now one last game for a big match but with the way FaZe has been playing today it just does not seem likely for RC on

The other hand been looking like one of our most aggressive squads today awesome to see from the Mongolian Squad here DK though still stuck on this Ridge side oal goes down to a nasty shot from nigma Galaxy it’s freak on that top side the rest the team just not with him

Lord’s even looking this way too as favian dashes his way across noo looking to hit these shots over to the side but it’s not to be and duck San similarly heading over towards where Rook is currently playing duck San were’re able to take them down on our second AR angle

Of the day but they are looking bruised here seriously wounded need to patch themselves up here and get back into the Fay quickly clamoring to reset whoever is able to adjust themselves back into a stance where you can fight first probably has the edge here def with the

Nade thinks that he’s got a good grasp of the situation tries to dash it in Damage Done blank but no actual tag that will take them down Zan’s ready for the response as well vade of his own they’re just throwing anything they can in through the windows at the minute trying

To keep the pressure on as much as possible and make it uncom for D+ default he’s been playing a Blinder of a day overall he’s been hitting so many shots and looking really crisp but here you’re up against the chance that if your teammates start falling you got to

Do it all on your lonesome and with how low they are that could be a very achievable possibility the longer it goes on for Rook BC on the backstab as well towards root side of things IHC though coming through over towards duck San juny goes down not the player you

Want to fall here considering the amount of work this L’s been able to do for the rest of the team immediately Panic smokes been displayed here zipan still up front with the DBS but he takes a nade here now just two players great shots through the window from hawy but is it enough

Jackie is it that’s a big question and right now the proof is in the punishment as the guns are dealing all the damage hoxy with a hefty right hook connects through the window juny Force back as well doors blown off looking uncomfortable sideline sweep for Al replied what is happening blank this is

Nonstop Warfare everyone is swinging into it on the real explosion on the vehicle from Duck sand but the blue pushing them in and IHC looks for an absolute spray down and with that duck sand gets obliterated torn full of holes from IHC we’re up to five eliminations

Duan able to weather the storm get themselves two points but it won’t see them too far ahead of a lot of these teams underneath them leaves them in a precarious situation going into our final match of the day our two Korean squads up to 54 and

55 Brute Force still going for a little bit longer as our team queso in 14th and 16th Place right on the line only 79 and nbe sports still currently going in the matchup to try and push over those limits but 40 points and 41 with the history both these teams have had see

What gets done here we know that M had a miracle run yesterday which didn’t quite pan out still got to give it your all though you’d hate to not give it 100% effort and then notice it was the difference of one or two points so even with how far the odds are stacked

Against them still trying to give it their absolute all and play the aame good show of respect at least for the competition overall with how this has been going so far BTR are tucked into position down here though maybe they’re next on the list for the onslaught of

Sem 9 as they’ve broken off into two squads the Duos on either side slowly clearing out the lower ground and pushing up towards the compound meanwhile IHC begin their rotate they’ve jumped in the vehicles and set their focus up towards where BTR are playing so this has changed from a raw

One-on-one team fight to a potential third party that can come in for a quick assist on the Vehicles influence rage a side that has surprised us so many times we haven’t seen too much of them into this game they’ve been playing smart they’ve been playing slow they know they

Are only a few points away from breaking that 100 cap and they don’t want to throw that chance away with one elim already in the back pocket they’re looking to just scare other teams utility used uphill to force back the contact and make them think twice about fighting versus influence right now

Absolutely keeping him hell back as far as possible at this point in time and influence rage like you say looking to break that 100 point cap here just one point away from it now looking to take that first place away from the Mad Bulls ended their spree at a 104 points

Not too far away for influence rage to pick up but almost feels like the pressure somewhat got to them today in terms of been able to get that many points no pressure in terms of getting to the last chance that’s already finished but being the number one Squad

Coming out from the survival stage that’s the real question still two games to do it in already won elimination closer to that boundary 79 over towards this Northeastern Edge another team that we need to keep talking about here a team that needs to push themselves further but their arch nemesis BTR over towards

The western side giving them the evils eyeing them up sizing them up three Point seeing if they’ll be committing to this man they just want those extra points blank want to put them in the back pocket and secure it IHC I mean it’s Godless that it’s been

Playing such a crazy style over the course of this day yeah the way we’ve seen him surviving really rough encounters with a sliver of health and still looking for more again here you can see kind of is the point man he’s the solo Doo has full confidence in

Himself to just keep peeking off the back of the chain M fence and putting bullets down range Here Comes 79 though again looking to compound crash in on this one DBS is ready nice bait on the N that is sick as Lear will blow them away blank massive amount of damage from both

Sides of these players on BTR two nades two successful knocks one outside trying to ra him up gets him back into position Lear on the edge here Scouting Around the side DBS won’t have to do the work too much here as night dep takes down super boy will finish him off here but

79 certainly struggling on this push versus BTR once again seeming sort of like their cryp tonight Lear last player remaining n and Hammer runs directly into one of sem NS that’s so rough for BTR with the way the opening moments went on that crash against sem 9 you

Were thinking they were probably going to be able to clean house on that one or at least survive quite heavy-handedly instead the reset is great from sem 9 there was no aggression you shut down the knock players so they were able to get back into the fight and clean house

Now they’re Suffering From Success IHC they were waiting to finish off BTR instead they’ll take sem 9 on they fancy their chances on this one Godless loves an engagement where possible and the nades are ready Kenny looking to line that one up had the pin pulled hoping

For the quick detonation but it goes straight by Godless he doesn’t hard commit though doesn’t want to push in and get taken down by a close range angle instead trying to play with a distance here and look for a peak that he feels favored in realizing that the

Blue is pushing out of this compound you got Z on the side as well Alex sorry who’s been able to hold down this position Smoke’s been dropped down preventing the push coming through from the rest of 79 he’s in a bad spot is Godless completely exposed and that’s

Down to Alex the oneman Army himself versus 79 the three players great flashbang over the top side tries to get a lot done with the DBS will quickly swing back into cover this is unbelievable able stuff coming through from Alex the fact he’s able to step up tall versity Squad Maneuvers the vehicle

Out the way look to go for the crash onto him won’t find it but you could see the thought process dear dear me Alex is just something else 79 finally put the Beast down you can’t contain him man you can’t control this guy so confident in the way

That he plays it now though we switch our attention to and that is a beautiful n CPS blowing away the first looking to finish them off with a quick follow up as well that one’s going to be on Target that is huge from CPS hitting all of the nades

Blank cops is just the Grim Reaper of the lobby on nigma Galaxy he just sends some disgusting nades of the top and he’s not stopping little boy’s got one of his own looking where to place it another nade will go for the airpop that looks pretty good on towards CPS but it

Is a quick flick over the top side there with the DBS man cops arm with a shotgun or NAD that’s all he needs it seems as he will be punishing okay quick detonate on the minivan so at least that can’t blow up and be used against you hard commit onto

The Reds now and try to reset the fight so at least the nas still have more to fight with here for nigma Galaxy okay 79 as well they’ve been so aggressive in just looking for these very aggro thir parties to swoop down and deal damage even here looking for a little bit more

You’ve Got High Ground at the minute to play with whilst the rest of the teams are just scrapping amongst one another and we’re losing a lot of players squads now starting to dwindle down as well so the longer this one goes on the more these these fights are going to look

Very Scrappy MV sports team queso 79 all looking good for a game here that will take them Above and Beyond in towards those top 16 teams 79 with eight eliminations one of the best matches we’ve seen from this Squad all survival stage so they need to take this just a

Little bit further you know cuz if they can secure themselves a chicken dinner with the eight eliminations maybe a few more you know that’s going to set themselves up very nicely around the 60 point mark which sets them on side with youo Alliance in Ninth Place influence rage finally put down two eliminations

Found couple of placement points but not above Maps just yet one more game to make that happen freak takes down Tam though as he quickly Peaks over the top side and nigma G just aren’t finished yet NB Sports gets ripped to pieces by this team torn apart like

Paper the claws have come out and they have been fed through the shredder blank leaving it down to just these four squads now so who’s going to be standing tall when the dust settles who can get that extra juicy chunk of points from the chicken dinner here on Miramar that

With the early damage firing off towards Lord Lord with a mini4 you can see he’s confident he wants to take this peak and try and hit a nice shot but after losing so much health he doesn’t want to go for it again slows down a little bit and

Won’t rep peek just yet has to play for the slow heal get smoked off by his teammates so at least he has some cover as well quick resupply here there is the death crates to some of the players coming through over towards M sports but it’s Brute Force flying up towards team

K so there’s nades coming out now papy pool sends in a blaster will explode two of the players from brute force and Neo’s only last player alive to try and fend off against his Squad but papy Potro puts him in the bin before anything more can happen 79 also take

This opportunity to send down the hill they lost a player on the sou on the Eastern side but they’re in towards a top three position this is good for them but they need to go further otherwise this last game still will mean a lot to them nigma

Galaxy how far screwed onto their heads right now they in a position where they can play this right play this smart they’ve had some moments of absolute Madness but they’ve got to do even more here peppering bullets onto the rotate from 79 79 that are still playing so

Crazy so ridiculous with some of the rotates we see from them some of the moves they’ve been making throughout this game even here where they’re in a final fight between three squads they’re still willing to be loud and audacious on their moves team quo they’re just holding they’re just defending all

They’ve had to do is throw nades on The Brute Force outside of that they’ve just been sitting pretty and waiting for the fight to come towards them the longer the Zone moves in as well the less space between them there will be for nigma they’re just sucking up

Points towards that top side not allowing anyone an easy breezy path towards that last chance Tam sends a grenade over Kenny gets out the vehicle just a little bit too early will fall die to that damage but nigma Galaxy what a game from them so far going up against influence

Rage T is one of the best squads in the lobby took a while for nigma Galaxy to come online but they certainly are now all systems firing activated at just the right time sam9 doing what they do best but unfortunately this time the crash isn’t going to work asz the speed wasn’t there

For them go down and they lose out saquo with have a triple threat still alive and kicking still in the fight oh he thought he had the edge on it blank with a Molotov set up on top of the roof instead they just absolutely blow to bits perfect placement on the nades we

Thought nigma Galaxy’s nades were sick apparently both of these teams can drop some big bombs at the minute yeah the dynamite coming through from Team queso so far seriously good stuff big Milo up front and personal keeping himself in the doorway here baring all entrances Sy nigma Galaxy molotovs Throne denying those

Sidelines whilst cops attempts to get his buddy back up on his feet but big Milo up front with the s12k unlikely the cops will get back in towards position but the blue is pushing in team quone now and the barrage of flame is in front of them they’ll have to push on through

Lords what a player arur instantly hits the deck what a timing from him oh this is rough man you were in a raw three on three but they hard committed to the res and left themselves exposed so now it’s up to the individuals Lord he’s got to

Have a huge clutch and it cannot happen qu though hold on they will defend the compound perfect placement of the nades and a much deserved chicken dinner in the final fight there as they overcome the odds and beat out nigma Galaxy to take that chicken dinner on

Miramar they did not melt under the hot sun the team K so what a game from them big S relief coming through from them as well cuz those points they’re able to ACW in that game are absolutely massive for them so team case will be very very

Pleased with how this one panned out at the end of the day papy Potro with an unbelievable nade that got sent through from that doorway towards Brute Force also on towards 79 who really needed those points too but niby Galaxy try to get get away with some funky moves at

The end there Jackie just doesn’t quite work out yeah I I don’t know man the idea of hard committing to the res in that spot where he was so far up and you knew there was multiple windows and all they were doing is throwing nades at you

It feels risky to waste coups as medic you know going for the res in that sort of situation I feel like especially with what he had on him he would have been more beneficial just playing the raw three on fre using a utility blank but hindsights 2020 at the end of the day

You know the information we have is different from uh when you’re in the moment of it in the thick of it trying to make those snap decisions so it is what it is nigma Galaxy playing a Blinder of a game but they lose out in

The end and qu so with a nice pickup I do Wonder as well with with them actually stealing some of the extra points away from nigma if that makes any difference in the standing blanks if that will change things up a little bit there with nigma not being able to

Hoover up all the points yeah absolutely and I think it will make things much easier for team quo going forward 79 have a bigger game to go for and our last one of the day but before that we’ve got to send you back on over to the desk to break all of this

Down and breaking down is what we’re going to do exactly that gentlemen as we had team queso the team who were the bubble in 16th Place getting a massive victory that honestly might have put them safe now or should have been able to put them safe 100% through into our

Last chance tournament kicking off tomorrow a great game by them great game by digma Galaxy as well in particular CPS man it was the CP show you get an mg3 just like anything is possible for this team he has a weapon like that I do have to Echo the point that Jackie did

Make at the end there is that it was a bit weird for him to force that res onto Ralph I think you leave Ralph knocked leave Ralph give you free information and try and have a bit of a wider three man split to get more control onto team

Keso but then you saw arter there on the low ground he was just making sure that the entirety of nigma could not leave the edge of the Blue Zone and they were just going to be suffocated behind that heel so good execution and all off the

Back of that rotation onto the best play playing this Lobby here col is Big Milo oh yeah loving it yeah he was he is colossal that’s for sure uh you know here with Team queso been able to do so well I think it’s about time

We’ve seen them be able to put up a performance like this they were doing well in terms of holding down this location right they were here for a little while and able to hold it off successfully again against Enigma Galaxy who did Flo a little bit I have to agree

With your guys sentiments and how they want to make that approach happen but when going up against nigma Galaxy and they’re able to put up this performance throughout the game look at that 1,69 look at him nice that’s my noise for that one I mean

15 points for 79 they were a team not really safe at all and they were team still trying to fight to get into top 16 that might have actually been enough to potentially push one of our or potentially two of our South Korean teams out of top 16 we going obviously

Find out in just a little bit of time here but things are getting very tough now as you take a look at our overall there we go D+ has moved out s has taken their position Duan in 15th just winning when it comes to the tiebreaker because

Of the chicken dinner they had but going to this last game I mean obviously with uh maliss out in 18th Place NB Esports has to pull off a cracker of a match if they want to be a to break through the top 16 look they sent it to us saying

You know break down this game or whatever if both South Korean South Korean teams go out I am going to break down okay Jason all right I’m just I’m going to put it that way all right that’s it I don’t want to say last chance yeah I I don’t think it’s going

To be possible though I think we’re going to see at least one of them I think procedure though is the team I’m focused on because they’re in 60 points in 13 place if D+ gets seven points on this match if S9 get six points if duck sank get six points preses could be

Knocked out the stars have to align right for all of to do well but it is possible yeah we alluded to it earlier on in the day that 60 points is by no means safe I mean look at Brute Force right they’ve been able to jump up to

Those kind of closer positions with them after starting off almost disastrously in day number one so it’s it’s possible whether or not it occurs though is kind of a long shot we’ll see we’ll see they will need to reach pretty much top five locations if they top five positions on

This next last game if they want to maybe overtake procedure evos but I don’t expect it to happen it will need to happen exactly as you said right will the the Stars need to align but man what a comeback from sem 9 though that match so many eliminations while getting third

Third partied by IHC while breaching on BTR they had amazing opening NAD sem 9 just brought it back from the brink of death this this match so they can make it happen it’s such a small Point Gap right so many teams can still compete and now what we need to see from some

Teams that are outside of the top 16 is not just trying to play Passive and play your own game game you need to get a ton of eliminations there you need to start fragging out popping off on the get-go otherwise it’s just not going to be

Enough to make in top 16 to reach the last chance so we need to see some big big performances here at the bottom and this goes into something we discussed while we were watching the first match when we were you know obviously all fair is that obviously depend on how many

Points you’re behind how many matches you have left determines how big you have to go and Claris you know we were talking about this in particular for for NB Sports you just have to go crazy you have to hunt for those eliminations you have to put the the Fate In your own

Hands it’s going to be really tough considering what we’ve seen so far but if they want to have any chance they’ve got to go for it yeah especially when their Podium finishes throughout the majority of these two days when they’ve been playing have been small limb games

As well right they’re able to sometimes get to the late game but they’re not getting the oims with it so they’ve got to go really big Jason well it’s time our final match here the survival stage before we get into our last chance tournament kicking off tomorrow we’re

Going to find out if some teams can hold on to the position or if we’ll see some teams push them out Claris hope he won’t be too sad at the end of this game let’s throw casters of Jackie blink to take it away setting up the big one then the

Last game The Last harah blank to decide where all of the chips are going to lie man and then tomorrow we know who we’re going to be seeing here in that last chance stage it’s good it’s so damn good how the game’s been going so far already

So I’m living for it but I’m excited for this one blank I mean it’s the fact that all these te towards the bottom side of the rankings have just absolutely worked their socks off to be here at the end of the day like what is this Jesus that guy

Is moving quick on the old on the old finger tapping there looks like we got a bit of a rehost coming through very quickly I’m assuming we’ll get back into the game as fast as possible but in the meantime let’s set the stage we’ve got currently couple of teams down towards

The bottom of the rankings we’ve got DK NB Sports FaZe NASA and hyper all attempting to make their way in and honestly it’s all doable right off the back of a big game you looking at 16 plays with M9 at 55 points for n hyper in 23rd place that is just 15 points

Away right a chicken dinner Five O limbs it’s all it takes so every single one of these teams it’s more than doable it’s not a fat chance it is very very likely that if one of these teams does extremely well they’ll make their way in towards that last chance it’s not a pipe

Dream for a lot of these guys this is going to be one of the most exciting final games we see 79 look happy after the back of that last match as a little bit of sweating I imagine going on for them but they just need to do okay in

This last miramor that’s what they’ve afforded themselves Jackie it’s true man you know you you’ve done enough to at least put yourself in a position where you don’t have to go above and beyond don’t have to win the absolute World in a game like this you

Just got to do the bare minimum keep yourself afloat and be happy confirming your spot and knowing you stay alive knowing you’re actually in the Runnings going into that last chance being into a position to close things out mixture of emotions here as well blank you know you

You can see from that human element of things the teams obvious the reality of the situation probably now starting to creep in knowing that you know no matter what their likelihood of really changing the outcome slim to non-existent for a good few of them some of the sides that

Know they’ve got a lot left to give still enjoying themselves looking happy here as well Duan oh that’s quite cute everyone getting involved for a nice wave it’s uh it’s tough it’s tough for a lot of these squads right at the end of the day and I mean for duck San in

Particular it’s not just it’s not just battling against a lot of these other teams they’re also battling directly against um their Korean teammates right and DK DK plus like the the guys that they’ve played within their own League stages for such a long time they probably have Intimate Relationships as

Well so I think for DK 54 points very doable to WS we getting I think for Karis he’s really hoping that we do see both Korean teams are able to make it towards that top 16 I think both deserve to probably go in as well DK’s had a big

Standout has as has duck s but at the end of the day this survival stage just hasn’t looked that amazing for both teams in terms of consistency however we have seen Great Moments out of both of these squads and it would be great to see them go through to the last chance

Give them that one last go of it remember we’ve all said before the Korean teams on adaption wise that’s where they shine so two more days that might just be what it takes man I I’d love to see it as well you know I think it would be really cool to see that

Potential because there’s so much talent in the region uh and I think the resilience that we’ve seen from from both of the squads as well that are still in the Runnings here it goes to show that they do have the talent for it and that you know in a position like

This where some of the sides looked a bit deflated look like they weren’t able to keep up with the pressure off they even losing one or two of their games over the course of the 12 that was enough to shift them off kilter and they weren’t delivering whereas both of these

Teams in D+ and duck San have kept a good strong mindset the whole way through and I think that mental is what’s been the Difference Maker for them understanding that it’s never truly over until it’s over but us setting the stage is about to conclude and we can

Instead move move into the game itself Miramar for one final time today for one last time in the survival stage at the end of this we’re going to know where the standings are who’s making it through who doesn’t make the cut and get removed from the tournament it’ll all be

Decided at the end of this one so strap in make sure you’ve got yourself some H2O because can imagine this game is going to take the wind out of you and you’re going to need to stay refreshed eyes peeled the entire time root for your own squads make sure that

You’re backing them all the way cuz they need all the support they can get in this last game where things get tense where things get a little bit serious for these squads FaZe trying to get themselves up towards a better position here but the day has not gone well for

Them constantly losing players at the start of things MBE Sports getting to a really good position on that last match Jackie DK standard game play but a little bit painful towards that late game NASA as we said before extremely extremely unlucky on most of their plays today in terms of the Crash Kings

Followed up by the rest of the players hitting onto him afterwards but it all comes down to this there’s only a couple of teams that’ll be able to work their way up in towards that top 16 which teams will get pushed out and which teams will work their way

In it’ll be all decided on the north side of the map up towards water treatment okay then this is what we’ve been given the plain path of Destiny for some of these teams let’s hope they can make the most out of it any commotion that you decide to go for here better be

Calculated if we see any early fights it could be the difference for a good few of these squads spanning out early on though as they spread themselves across the map and look to get the Looting element underway Brute Force are quite close by to MBE a Stones throw away but

Plenty of room and a magnitude of compounds with different ground loot in so you’re not going to be too worried about forcing the issue potential though if we see someone Gathering themselves good bit of fire power early on and catching whiff of Brute Force as they’re going from building to building that’s

Where a problem could arise you MB like you said close to brute force and it is the idea that right now MB are desperate for those points So eventually brute force is either going to have to make a southern rotate or a North rotate I expect them to head up

Towards laoba very easy rotation for them to go for here and try and take precent over some of The High Ground positions on the Northern side the map right so for NB Sports there is potential here to go for a little bit of a gatee maybe hold these players out but

Do you want to risk getting four eliminations or getting completely wiped out and be the end of your story there and then these are the sort of decisions that you have to make towards this final game if you’re in the danger zone right if you’re in the red have to take risks

Sometimes sometimes you got to give up those risks in favor of the future of your tournament life but it’s difficult it makes those decisions feel very very very horrible and something that might have been an easy and quick smart decision for you to make before becomes really sticky sticky decisions are never what

You want you prefer clean dry smooth decisions they normally are always the best ones right now though bit of movement going on as everyone starting to shuffle their way around and situate themselves in the battleground of Miramar trying to find a nice place to lay claim to bit of stalking going on as

Well as aaz has been following one of the main men from BTR keeping his eyes on him from a distance that’s super boy uh so we can get a read on this now he’ll spot the overall area they want to set themselves up in can pass the info

Back to the team being the point man he doesn’t want to be seen himself or stick himself into the fight just wants to understand what they’re up to and come this across so if there is an opportunity for a fight for for nbes once they’ve grouped up they can go for

It together at this point it’s a two-pronged attack two players staying back towards the hillside the other two being the ground troops going in on the lower levels lear’s in a great spot for this you’ve got cover You’ve Got High ground and a n to work with should be

Fairly clean for him but the molotov is something you couldn’t account for blank set a blaze and forc out a position he’s burning and all it’ll take is a few shots to finish him how is he still alive then I think he’s provided a lot

Of time for the rest of the squad yes they will be able to take him out but MBE starting to get a little bit surrounded here super boy sends a nade in won’t find too much damage off the back of it I think BTR might just think about leaving this one alone deciding

That it’s better off that they just take off with this one leave it out of this G Force off in the distance will take a couple of pot shots over towards Mondo but he’s back in the compound that’s one elimination closer to the top 16 for MBE

And a fairly decent spot over towards the western side nice position there from maaz influence rage move up towards n hyper it’s GK first with a N in hand the rest of the team not too close towards him little boy tries to throw one in GK first will leap away doesn’t

Want to risk another Nate coming his way but it’s inco actually taking down Federal there finding a nice pick up that’s one of the impact fraggers for influence rage as well he’s been playing some big pubg mobile over the past couple of days so shutting him down from what looks to

Be quite a substantial distance as well actually pretty damn nice squash is the one they send to go and secure the package by that I just mean the points on the elim which will be quite easy for him there in the final few moments make

Sure that one is 100% theirs and go back and join the rest of inco yeah it’s an incredible long shot actually as soon as I saw it cuz you’re talking 400 m Plus on that cuz started to be where the render distance just wasn’t coming in for the player from influence rage so

Really really nice shot indeed from that distance you’re looking at the Circle though and and you are just assuming the teams are going take the high grounds early risk coming off them in the late game to push off from the circles or risk taking them now and potentially

Having a very very strong spot coming in towards the later circles where you remain on the top side for a long time n hype has gone for that they realized that they have to go for a very risky play here early on and just take control of something that they know if the

Circle comes to him guarantees them at least 10 points right which isn’t enough but then they have to push it a bit further after that with the eliminations we will see exactly where that stage two ends up but you can already tell that a lot of teams are trying to posture

Themselves for strong position and it’s mainly the teams that are on that bottom side of the lobby that are going for it it’s the way you got to play it as well this lay into things little bit more aggressive little bit more quick to the decision making

Phase on the Move starting to get themselves back in the zone as they will cruise on by and start to slide on in to a bit of a a position to play around here and have some sort of cover to work with once they find a safe haven okay

You do Alliance as well on screens here just a single man from the squad as they are close by you’ve got a bit of a backup again fragmented into a 2 two split so they’ve got a good layer of the land in terms of how far ahead they are

And they see T coo going in ahead of them as well starting to pull up through graveyard so read on the overall area quick look at the Circle to see where teams are right now and just how much this will change when the Zone comes in

Pretty damn ideal for an awful lot of our squads here sizing themselves up dead center towards water treatment and being happy with that influence rage actually right in the middle there very nice for them they’re still looking for that first place spot they want to put their mark on it at the end

Of the day here Jackie and Hyper remain in a fairly decent position over towards that north side but doesn’t feel likely it’s going to end up there dropping that Circle over towards water treatment is one of the more cruler circles we can see here over on Miramar with the way

That everything dips down and long valleys to play around in this area too does make things very very difficult in the long run inco lost fair amount of Health over towards two of their players but I imagine they’ll get them back up speed very quickly my God Alex is a good shot on

IHC he’s been so crisp man oh they’re just sending it been giving it today and that seems to be what the entire team wants to do ah they might expose themselves a bit too much though on this cleave Round the Corner blank was a bit late man this is all starting to go

Wrong now in the way they’re playing it this is really bad news for MBE ifg can continue to press the issue here MBE sports that’s their run done oh holding on to this is only going to get harder IHC come swinging around the corner take heavy damage Godless was instantly

Knocked but they’ve reset from that position they’ve got the smokes down has found the back door he’s third parted on the SEC as well uhoh this is not what you want nbe and I don’t think they can really course correct IHC though now scrap versus them as they try and take

The fight back nigma Galaxy making a move up the side of the Hill as well blank this is Carnage MBE down to just two players and this might just be it for NBA at this point in time only one elimination FAL we might have just confirmed another one of those spots to

Be going home what a horrible sandwich to be between there for NBA IHC and nigma Galaxy two teams that have been on the up and up today Lord good tracking good tracing keeping the damage distribution going well W this wasn’t The Clash I expected to see into Mirad this early between

These two squads but it’s been a pretty influential one and how they’ve played it so far and at least you can still cut your losses right it’s not an overc commitment in the sense that it’s ruined both of their runs and they can’t just back off from it so Nick mcgalaxy now

Falling back as they Cascade down to at least somewhere a bit safer to play around finding a moment to breathe IHC as well relatively split up still on the hillside but not overc committing have somewhat slow this one down but DG sign are in the middle of it all and they’re

Quite fragmented as well Zone’s going to push you further on up blank this fight it could be an old wound that gets opened up again yeah I mean for I nigma gy both teams that are very safe and it’s just so unfortunate that two teams with realistically Nothing Left to Lose

On their side just Barrel their way into MBE and they get caught up between it I mean this is just a sad State of Affairs looking at MB Sports at the moment right now cuz you know that making that Tempo jump is going to be really difficult for

Them duck Sam I believe they took a shot backwards there but not before they were able to knock CPS down jun’s able to flush him as well so for duck sand they are accumulating points which is great news for their position currently in 15th Place behind Brute Force DK our

Other South Korean Squad moving in underneath towards water treatment trying to get in there early but defaults already in position osal doesn’t have the bead over towards him favian is knocked out and that is DK down to just three players luckily influence rages there with a damage but

DK in such a horrible spot now Jackie you are trapped between a rock and a hard place Smokes on either side to at least give them a little bit of a visual barrier some kind of line of sight break between them and the other teams but leaving this area doesn’t seem like it’s

A possibility they run for the riskiest of the Maneuvers jumping into the one vehicle barreling their way into a wall bullets because of it as well blank and they are being fed into the meat grinder this is turning into an avire quite quickly as nigma Galaxy are able to at

Least do a bit of damage before they go down DK trapped in position now as well influence rage sat on the perch looking at bombard nades down on to him oh this is so many of our top squads in a close position to one another DK at least are

Able to find the res on the forest DK 17th Place at the moment 54 points they get the first res off yes and that might just keep them alive what a risky maneuver from them you wonder how many nads influence rage and inko is willing to bet towards that position it’s one of

The worst places to go to as well is water treatment just the s that there’s so much High Ground that surrounds it you look down towards and I mean DK just cuts the losses early says that we believe it’s going to end towards water treatment let’s get a pick up there

Phase up to two eliminations again another team that’s on the chase right now they’ve had hurtful day after hurtful day finally get a little bit of Retribution for themselves but on the southwest side so much space towards the north with grou Force currently just lited alongside it

Feel as like 25% of the map has been given to them and with the Zone shift favoring them as well it’s a pretty good time to be on Brute Force at least in this game alone overall though still going to need to do some obscene things to frust yourself further up the

Standings default this time not as crisp as he has been his gun skills been through the roof today but just peppering bullets downhill on this one looks for the quick jump behind the steering wheel and wants to join the rest of his team further uphill rotating off and keeping both of those vehicles

In a position where they can play with them you’re somewhat surrounded as well in terms of the squads but The High Ground will be a bit of a blessing for you at least when it comes to contact early quo come driving on by and Pusher sees it oh influence rage as well

They’ve gone quiet for a few moments but give it an another opportunity to strike as the connections are there ner is as well third partying onto Rook whilst they take damage from inko okay blank scraps all across the place inko and influenc rage on either side of water

Treatment the Brazilian pinsa is in for DK and the teams that’s around this position like team K so Eugene gets cleaned up here by Naya so many teams here towards the bottom eight seem like they’re getting themselves into fairly decent position 79 look to make their rotate up towards the northern Edge and

It’s time that already instantly sees Naya but they’ll be able to hold them out now 79 in a dangerous position they’re right on the bubble right on the cusp with 55 points this would be a horrible time for them to go down 90 death guts up and

Close oh de with the damage hits the head has to fall further back and pop the meds so he can stay alive here Naya right now are causing problems and the nade will force you further back as well two of them to be precise thrown out to cause some issues shotgun level

Maneuvers being called for now as well as they close the gap turning long range into close mle what can you do quick flick had the read on the spec but can’t quite take him out of commission response back with the shy close blank it’s not enough though as stars dealing

The damage comes into orbit and both of those are meaty some Hefty elims to find if he can convert these and closed down on sem 99 yeah stars going absolutely super NOA at this point in time a crazy nade over the top of a sem 9 down to

Just one player now 55 points like we said right on the barrier Naya on the chase themselves up to three points a Dastardly and terrifying case of a fight there and sem 9 is out Jackie 55 points they would require DK not to get a single elimination and nay phase and MBE

Sports not to get any more themselves but in the me time it is pH taking it face to face with Duan the plot thickening the longer this one goes on the fight occurring before our very eyes could affect those standings quite a lot and Mela oh the

Mischief maker with a nade blows away juny DK for Duan Raa feeling the pleasure as this is really getting quite rough for him now you’re not in a position to do too much against FaZe feels like turning into a bit of a formality and these aren’t the only

Fights that are going on as well NASA still trying to push their way back into a playable space and they’ve got a fight two for nail for it doing a good job versus n hyper as they are at least able to cleave their way through the front

Men start to push into the Zone a little bit here restock on the utility as well but they’re eating the grenades blank this is not ideal quick response back that one bounces and won’t land on target smokes up at least try and deny this information Naya like you said

Fighting two for na here they’re down to three players but they’ve got seven eliminations they’re up to 50 points so far Jackie they’re close to that boundary and Hyper just down to two it’s GK steps out in the blue for a good amount of damage in the front side it’s

Xenox holding his own by himself but he’s so incredibly low GK first decides it’s not worth his time he’s going to move out of there bny from Duck San moves on forward final player alive towards a sh but he can’t get in towards the front side Naya desperately trying

To continue on their Journey but it’s jern holding them out enh but equally in a horrid situation and it looks like it might be the final curtain being drawn here for Naya Chan with the timing stres down and NASA one by one a finished off out of

The Runnings now as they are hard taken out of commission same be said for quo as they also expire on this one finally starting to whittle down the large list of teams then the story Line’s also developing with some of the plays that we’ve already seen here and Miramar has

Still got a lot more left to give team K so out but safe eighth place nay in 18th Place that will be their Journey finished a strong run towards the end but not strong enough some greedy and aggressive plays that just didn’t work out for Naya they displayed some incredible performances throughout

The entirety of their survival stage but they do not make it here FaZe on the other hand in a last Stroke Of Glory here seven elimination their own but they got all four players still up and running on this southwest Edge looking like they’re in a decent position they

Knew they didn’t have to go too far and it will be DK taking a knock as influence rage rip them to Pieces DK in 17th Place they need more points Jackie they can’t go down like this if this is where it ends it will be a mishing a day

That they try to come back in right now though the players are being finished off for good the geometry blocking the bullets and at least keeping one of them alive for a second but Forest is in positions as well the healing blank but his entire Squad is gone it’s all on him

The hatchet is pulled out from little boy so low and he will fall claim that one and shut him down 17th Place another team joins the rest in the bottom eight there duck Shan will have to go on as the South Korean representative they can make it further into this game if DK

Perhaps maybe had found that last elimination on towards influences rage’s last player there were two eliminations off the back of it and it might have been a very different story but that will be the end for DK BTR currently Central duck San in a cheeky Shack surrounded by so many teams that be

Pumping their way but it’s phze clan that interests me the most here Jackie on the South Side four players alive seven eliminations a lot more points to go well five in fact so it’s not even that much of a jump for phas clan at the moment if they want to head up towards

16th Place no it’s doable now it feel like it’s a lot more of an achievable Prospect like and it’s kind of the one team we’ve been hammering on all day saying phas didn’t look the same as they were yesterday at least at the minute they’re starting to play more like

Themselves finding elims a good bundle of them Close Quarters engagement here and for duck San It Goes Up in Smoke taken out by the molotov no more points to be earned for them a lot of points found there by fa up to 9 eliminations but hold the phone

A minute because DK I forgot that they’d got that one knock so as soon as soon as influence rage fell DK technically got counted in for that one elimination drawing up to 55 points which means they’re on the line 16th Place FaZe would have to go out very soon if DK

Wanted to remain in that 16th position but the game that currently FaZe is having it just feels unlikely that they’re going to stop any time soon but for DK there’s still a hope a hope but it’s in the hands of another team like you said this is Phase

That right now blank only being a fimble away from having enough points to actually break in and snatch away a spot it could be doable it could be achievable playing far better here on Miramar right now and with the other squads looking a bit timid FaZe playing confidently that might just be enough

They’re still gunning for those elims and spotting out brute force or at least two of the members up on a hillside they’ve got to read on what they want to do here trying to see if they overextend if they Peak for too long they want to

Take the top off just pad those stats even more but they’re keeping distance staying far back playing Squad based pubg right now rather than pushing in and forcing any issues cheeky Peaks here and there mine’s waiting for it but who’s going to hit the mark first that’s

The big question mark on this one difficulty is right is that right now fa is on the ridge side the circle moves even a little bit towards the north here they’re forced to run down the hill towards BTR and all of the other Sidelines fa have done so much this game

To try and secure their position towards 16th Place the question is whether they can make it happen here the next Circle will decide everything here for them will it give them more time to stake their claim into last chance peppering shots constantly brute forc not pulling any punches now inco though

They want to go full aggro jump shot through the back of the shack goes in for the quick cleave around the corner the burst connects as the head will be taken off aaz goes down to the DBS horrid Circle here for FaZe now they have to move down the hill towards the

Compound held by BTR left to have a hell of a push here they’re in towards top five currently sat at around about 52 points it’s not a lot of placement points I don’t think that they actually need here I think a fourth or a third would

Absolutely do it but pH they first need to make this Crossing or team needs to go out before them Mormons taking hit after hit and this is what it’s talking about getting off this Ridge side is going to be so incredibly difficult it’s not going to come

Easy you’re so exposed as you’re going for the push down you got brute force that will be taking pop shots and then BTR that are waiting to assault inco in the meantime still finding more opportunities to pad go STS there’s a contact connection though on The Brute Force sa C themselves another elim

They’re going for the risky maneuver blank they jump into the vehicle Damage Done onto one of them already as well so the bullets are wiing by they just going for the crush they’re going straight into the face of super boy ready with a shotgun as he blows away their hopes and

Streams on the taking down the first man and playing the holding strong looking to shut this one down if possible BTR broken bruised and cleaved on the getaway last one remaining here they’ve not cleaned up any of the eliminations on that bottom side they sort of needed

To confirm onto these points vores is down just Mela alive left remaining there’s a spray through from gemos and Mel’s done it that should be be it there for FaZe Mela comes in clutch again at the end of the day easy stuff with the DBS and DK despite everything will have

Been pushed out now what a game from FaZe right at the last minute here Jackie surviving by the Skin of Their Teeth blank it looked like it had all gone wrong takes when they needed to keep it clean but Mela with some momentous play huge clutch from him huge

Gun skill and composure in a situation that required there to be ice in his veins he kept a level head and hit some very important shots FaZe done enough now just looking for any extra any bonus on top of the game they played and we’re left with a final four to remember here

On the last game of the survival stage inco Udo Alliance brute force and phas onestly ly I think that at least three of these teams are so important to look at here inco with a great couple of chicken dinners a great stand out towards the end of the day to get

Themselves safe Brute Force who has been consistently in the top three today to drag themselves out of the depths where they started in 24th Place and phas with the miracle run right at the end of their tournament live to get into that last chance despite a lot of unfortunate

Start to their games losing players right off the bat pre pod takes down one of the players from Vitali and it would be a dream ending if FaZe is able to finish this game out with a chicken dinner certainly possible here Jackie with the game they’ve already played it would be the Cinderella

Storyline finish to what has been a fantastic not only past few minutes from FaZe but overall a Blinder of amiramar they’ve got nades to work with they’ve got a rough idea of where the Peak from you do Alliance is coming in from as well exchange of nades into the building

The shack getting shaken by the reverberation from these detonations now and they’re going to escade a bit further back set themselves up Mela playing on the stairs loot box control taken as well so that supply drop rearming them and giving them a little bit more to work with in terms of the

Stock they’ve got going forward squash has been playing a slow game he’s been waiting and lurking trying to third person his way into this They Se each other as he comes around the corner he quick Peaks up squash hits the shot and says no to Brute Force denying the first

Peak has to extend for the clean up and grabs that one in come the smokes from Faso looking to cross the road but it is a lovely game there from squash able to take out a player n goes through it’s a banger from Mela once again directly on

Target followed up with a Molotov unneeded here mind tries to deal with Vitali last player remaining here from the guys on inko but it’s FaZe it’s always been phase here towards the end of the game that we’ve been looking at flashbang blinded by the lights here is

Mela but he leaves a light show in his path as well with these nades been sent through like fireworks n after n to close the gap starting to get closer and closer good damage done there as well pre pod forced to play on the ankle now scared about

What could be going down as he’s waiting for the heel to come through at least resets his HP and sets himself up for the final fight one that’s going to be intense mind meanwhile goes for the wide swing looking for the info play that’s right get yourself down on the ground

Blank because they can’t afford to expose themselves like this you don’t want to be seen on any of the angles right now a mistake for FaZe this late into the game would be costly this is a chicken dinner that could be there the Brute Force FaZe realizes it eventually

Mine’s going to have to leave the warehouse doesn’t want to set himself up with a bit of C to play around with Vali or perhaps the dreams of Brute Force finishing this off with a chicken dinner but it’s FaZe looking to end this onzen gets taken down it’s all on Mela with

The DBS the absolute King from the side of FaZe who has done so much for the team even in a 1 V3 finds a first can he find the second bring this to an incredible finish zooms around the side the plane is half HP trying to go for the wide swing

Shooting in through the window he’s being chased now quick peek from mind on the Wayside looking to cleave round the corner and hit the shot onto him Mela does damage onto the down teammate takes him out of the equation wanted to go for the quick heal instead switches to the

Gun but the DBS fires out won’t quite land on target but he’ll still finish things as FaZe are able to close it down grab that one in the end and after a Cinderella story of a comeback Gra grabbed themselves more than enough points to break in to the last chance

Qualifier blank elated and excited because they’ve earned it themselves huge game from them Mela point at his teammate saiding I told you so I told you at the end of the day we saw Mela dancing on his first day of survival stage now we know why this guy is

Confident as anything to win out these games what an unreal game from him nine eliminations a th000 Damage Done a 1 V3 versus BTR a one V2 versus brute force and that is how you brute force your way in towards a top 16 what a game from

Mela this was an unreal story line his NAD again like fireworks celebrating their Victory getting into that top 16 one of the most unlikely teams to see do it as well it’s wild because we were singing that their praises we were really impressed with the level of lethality P

FaZe were pulling out consistently when we saw them previously today it was slow it wasn’t the same team the moments of greatness were few and far between but Mela showing up when it mattered most and the squad playing perfectly in this game plank had a really good set of how

They wanted to approach it the head on them today was fantastic and honestly props to them you know well deserved you can’t really fault that they have fought two for nail to make it through to the last chance and they’ve earned it absolutely earn it 100% let’s look at

How those overall rankings look back over on the desk well depending on what teams you’re a fan of it could be either good or it could be bad phase plan what a way to end things off here Max they were able to obviously take the chicken dinner Mela getting nine eliminations and FaZe

I mean they start off think strong with the chicken dinner and the end things are strong with the chicken dinner back to day one yeah I almost want to use the Reverb to talk about M right there like what an absolute bang of a game here on

His lone if you take his points alone I’m pretty sure he does qualify his team here for the survival stage but what an insane breach especially like BTR they had a good foothold in that position too and they just get completely destroyed by Mela here with the DBS I mean of

Course if you want to just shred team for DBS is like the weapon to do so but what an amazing transition and avoiding right Kar all the fight Just Happening all the Madness happening in water treatment because the moment you go there you’re going to die avoid the

Fight get the chicken the dinner get the 16 eliminations and make your way over in the survival stage I’m going to be real I’ve been a bit of a naysayer of phase but when the gauntlet was thrown down for them boy did they deliver 26 points in a game here when it was

Everything was up against them when you think about where they are in terms of placement where they are in terms of the overall rankings they had to have adrenaline pumping through their veins at every minute of this game and they thrived in it they thrived in it 1,071

Damage from Mela that’s an insane performance coming out from just him never mind the rest of the team 1,071 damage for 9s that means every single shot he took K pretty much resulted in elimination coming on through he was just absolutely on point from start to finish this match able to transition

Into the compound of PTR and now claiming their way up in the rankings able to make it up there but man the limit the cut off point and it will be duck un able to advance to the next stage I know who doesn’t coloris Sam n whoa whoa yeah a

Minute you know honestly looking at this too I mean Ultra ego finishing off in 22nd Place and Hyper 23rd U malise 21st it’s unfortunate to see these teams you know down here at the bottom but then again there’s got to be eight teams who don’t Advance forward the one thing I

Will say about FaZe though is yes you can thrive in the pressure but 11th Place finish isn’t going to get you into the grand finals they have to push even harder in pretty much the same amount of time coming up in the next two days of

Play here it’s going to be tough for a lot of these teams I mean even Gladiators if they want to be able to get to the Grand finals yet again this performance is not going to be what they need and it’s going to be so tough considering where things ended off they

Keep squeaking by by the skin of their teeth look at it in terms of placements they’re the lowest placements earning team out of the 16 that get to that last chance qualifier again Gladiators they were able to have a few pop off moments in their second day of games but it was

Close man it is close for this team that is always talking about becoming a world champion but right now I’m concerned they might not even be top 30 in the world which is quite a statement I suppose and it’s rough too right because you’re only going to have less than 24

Hours really of prep work for the surv for the last chance right now to prepare for this new Lobby a mix of like all the groups group red yellow and green all combined into one lobby of 16 teams that is going to be tough because it’s only

Top five you don’t have that much wiggle room you have have to have consistent points coming in every single match you cannot have any room for mistakes here otherwise top five is just not going to cut it for as you said Gladiators as an example we’ve got so many teams that can

Make it up there but I I think we have a few favorites in mind here but otherwise it’s going to be tough to predict which top five teams will advance well in the meantime we’re going to head down to the stage with a special interview from a

Certain player from this team I don’t know which way it is on your screen it’s going be Ventures coming in from FaZe Clan what a dramatic ending everybody biting their nails sweating their seats but we’re back on Life Stage I mean I’m still shaking of how things can change

Till the very very last minute joining in me on stage here right now is going to be coming up from Face Clan Ventures I mean I need to ask so many questions here from 19 Place 43 points in the last minute shoot up to 11 place with a

Double digit elimination plus a chicken dinner feels like you guys being possessed in the last map what when I mean what going through your minds for that last mirama map what was this the discussion what happened to you Guys oh uh for face can at first they feel a little bit disappointed but then nothing to lose so they they tell everyone in the teeth like five as much as you can that’s that’s that’s literally it I mean that was incredible play from Face Clan epic comeback as it

Is now I mean we definitely want to celebrate with you guys but the thing is we don’t have a break in between for our last chance stage now since we don’t have break in between what will be your preparation for tomorrow oh so there will be like have enough

Sleep and communication in in the team fix like everything like with which part that they have made the mistake for today now uh since you guys actually made it through the the last minute here right so um I need to know how’s how how

Are you going to how is like the the the the the preparation for you guys in the final or the last chance stage here what kind of mindset you’re going in for tomorrow so for them they said like no need time for Preparation because they already

Have like enough for the prepar and then they will do the best for tomorrow okay I wish them all the best but also since you mentioned about the first day it was pretty hot for you guys so I need to know what’s the most challenging moment

For you in this survival stage here now and what need fixing for tomorrow okay for the most challenging moment uh he said like babbe today because uh yesterday he quite did uh a little bit like nice one the performance is better than today so today is quite tough for

Them and then it said like um maybe there’s nothing to bear for tomorrow just do it I guess at this point for them okay since you fought all the all the groups right all the three groups you fought for the survival stage you faced them before now which team or more

Than one team for your preference that can actually be the most challenging or maybe stop you from getting that top five slot to Turkey so he think the most challenging him for him is up uh is the top one for for for this D influence rage yes can can I know why why in particular because of their performance they did the the best and top one so the

Thing is that one there’s going to be a new standard barall for this season yeah since we got quite a consistent steams up there but last but not least since you guys fought your way up with a mindblowing game just now any last word to all fans that support you all the way

Or even the fans that thought that you might not actually get in any last words for them so he said at the first he almost to fall asleep but at the end he can come back and then uh hope everyone that’s supporting them for the next two day and

He hope that he will get into the Grand Final uh vores you might be sleeping but I don’t think Mela is sleeping he’s sweating with the DBS just now what an incredible ending here I mean you guys have a lot to talk about for concers but

We’re going to wrap up for our survival stage tomorrow will be the last chance another battle with a temporary relief for the side of face clam but who will be the top five now that’s going to be a different story entirely back to castas it’s very right chuch Chu a sense

Of relief for now but things are only going to become more difficult tomorrow as we have weeded out our eight weakest teams but our MVP I think we could all agree with this to be honest default and this is actually a team I wanted to mention Rook the only team in top five

Without a chicken dinner and they were able to hold on to a top five position across the whole survival stage mhm I guess so I he was really good he had his really massive standout moments and a MVP in pmgc from Africa region that is the first that is the first time that’s

Ever happened so what an achievement for defa I me clearly one of the best players of the team and the region as a whole and I just hope he’s going to continue here Jason heading into the last chance because with these kind of performances we have seen from Rook now

Able to secure a top five position if they keep going like this they could technically reach the grand finals for Africa and that would be honestly amazing but that follows up with my question to uh to you both and to I guess col in particular the teams in top

Five influence rage mad Bulls Dix xaver n Galaxy and Rook are these in your opinion the five best teams we have in this Lobby o that is that’s a tough thing to call here I I do think that some of them definitely stand out right if you look at influence rage and I

Would say even considering what we’ve seen from Mad balls so far the these two teams I’d be extremely surprised if they do not take one of those top five spots or two of the top five spots I should say but from there looking at even just technically what FaZe just did right if

They’re able to pop off in just two games alone that then really puts them in the contest across those two days for that kind of position so yeah it’s up in the air it’s only 12 matches now like literally teams also that have been able

To do a little above a jump back towards the end like your team keso your phased d one of the most insane comebacks today could T the CLE reach a top five position and go to turkia for the grand finals so it’s tough to call I do Echo

What you’re say though Karis influence rage mad balls I expect them to be in top five but I think there’s two three positions up there that are going to be up for grab so it’s really hard to predict uh how it’s really going to go but it’s going to be tough competition

Tomorrow uh that’s for sure and that’s the thing so all all it takes is a couple of really great games or a couple of really bad games to decide if you make it to the Grand finals or not I’m looking towards procedure they can really bounce back Gladiators as well

Two teams that were almost being knocked out of our top 16 this this day today but again last thing for ruk they were one of the two teams in top 12 to not have a chicken dinner for them to hold fifth place I think is outstanding they

Do have obviously the possibility to do so the batron I’d say they’ve been a little bit quiet considering what we saw back in group yellow obviously what we saw on uh the previous day that they played they have a lot of pressure ahead of them as well and I don’t really know

Which team’s going to come out on top because as we know pressure builds diamonds it does and also to steal some verbage from Max I think the next two days are going to be extreme because looking at how when it comes to you got to scream it okay it’s going

To be extreme because to get in a 16 team lobby with the caliber of teams that we’ve got here it is it is very difficult and as you say for someone like BTR they were in a position in this last game where they had a great spot

But they did not look warm in that game they got eviscerated I’m looking at the lead boards right now of course we got influence rage that are we’re doing fantastic and keep in mind that for the grand finals we already have uh Loops we already have Alpha 7 influence rage I

Believe they’re going to qualify if inko keeps building a bit more momentum in these next few days of last chance we could have four Brazilian teams in the grand finals here which is an insane ratio Brazilian teams there’s a high chance they could get like at least one

Of the three trophies available there so I I’m telling you man Brazil there’s a high chance they could be the region to bring the trophy home this year so we’ll see how it’s going to going to go yeah and honestly that would be fantastic to see I think Brazil have been deserving

Of a trophy for quite a long time now but that’s still a little bit away that’s going to be over in December we can get to that point we do have to end off our show but not before remind you guys once again about the infinix gt10 pro official smartphone here at pmgc

2023 and while you’re on this device make sure you guys check out Tik Tok with the tag pmgc 2023 to find out everything happening behind the scenes especially now with the last chance stage kicking off tomorrow but gentlemen thank you again so much for joining me

Here on the desk but I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen tomorrow our 16 teams are fighting for five positions to get into the grand finals and to find out who’s going to do it or we going have to return once again for some more pubg mobile Action La N Nah La La La [Applause] Ni [Applause] A [Applause] Eyes Oh [Applause] [Applause] I He N

The 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship Survival Stage Day 3 is here! The first 3 weeks of the 2023 PMGC League might be over, but there is still a chance for the remaining 24 teams who will play in the Survival Stage. It is their time to start over and show they have what it takes to rise!

But first, these must stay in the top 16 teams to advance to Last Chance, where they can compete for the last 5 spots in the PMGC Grand Finals! The 2023 PUBG MOBILE Global Championship will be a battleground for the best PUBG MOBILE teams in the world to show who is THE ONE among them!

Stay tuned for a great show because the #PMGC2023 Survival Stage is here! Which teams have the best chance to advance to Last Chance? Tell us in the comments.


💰Total Prize Pool: $3,000,000

🗓️ PMGC League Schedule: 02 – 26 Nov
🗓️ PMGC League Survival Stage: 22 – 24 Nov
🗓️ PMGC Grand Finals: 8-9-10 Dec

🏆 Survival Stage D3 Teams 🏆

Bigetron Red Villains
Dplus KIA
FaZe Clan
iNCO Gaming
Influence Rage
Nigma Galaxy
NASR Esports
NB Esports
Team Queso
Yoodo Alliance

Daily Map Rotation
Match ⚔️1: Sanhok
Match ⚔️2: Erangel
Match ⚔️3: Erangel
Match ⚔️4: Erangel
Match ⚔️5: Miramar
Match ⚔️6: Miramar

📍League Stage Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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