Embellishment Ideas & Bag Toppers Wax Seals Valentines 💘 Swaps Snail mail

Hello everyone ask and you shall receive so a lot of you had requested embellishments and I feel like Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to do that because so many swaps are done we’re always gifting exchanging classrooms mail whatever so some of these I have probably done previously in

Another video but I love to just refresh and revamp it so I used to be obsessed with doing bag Toppers with the doilies especially when doilies started kind of coming around in the craft world so I’m going to do one of those and I’m just kind of revamping it just a little bit

And this is also by the way just a clip so it’s actually not even on there that’s just an option and I’m going to add so you could also do if you don’t want to do a clip you could just do like a pretty bow for your swaps which always looks gorgeous

So I’ve seen some Christmas swaps and I was like oh my gosh I just kind of missed that and then here I’ve just made these fun little W and you guys I am going to Brave some wax seals while I’m filming today and that’s going to be a

New one but I wanted to show you how easy is because you don’t need like a wax seal stamp to do this and honestly I feel like the circles are better so I’m using those fun little glitter circles to make these little embellishments so that’s what I’m going to do so what I’m

Going to start with is oh my goodness I’m going to light this up here okay hopefully not catch any of my papers on fire so let me just put that up and I’m going to just kind of warm this up a little bit and this I’m a little worried about because I actually

Broke my other handle and I’m worried that it’s falling because it keeps falling so I’m just picking some random colors from my tumu haul that I had and I’m just kind of mixing them up so I’m just going to put that to the side for a

Second while that warms up and the Sun is just this weird winter angle right now okay so let me show you kind of what I do so for my doilies and I’ll link everything that I can find because one of my things is discontinued but I found

On Amazon so this is from in love the art shop and you can see that it has where’s my other little one this has two sizes which is one is this size did I leave it over there and one is this bitty size so basically I just take a

Doily it doesn’t have to be from here they make doilies all over the internet now but I like to just kind of fold mine in half okay so I’ll just start with that just like you know a little base and if you’re happy with that as a bag topper

Then that’s fine too so what I like to do is is take my Dy and this is like my cookie D so I want you guys to see this because so they make two different ones and this is the older version that I’m using and I’m using the little hearts so

You could obviously use any shape but let me just kind of show you so mine are about that much in width apart when I use it for my Clips so I usually do two of the big and one small so what I’ll do is two two of these and then I’ll do a

Small one so that’s going to be the backing so I do a small one big glitter and one big solid whatever you call it let me grab some tape because I like to tape this because the glitter so I’m going to start with my big background and my little heart and do it

Like that so I’m just going to kind of put it on easy just so there’s no struggle I call it the train but my husband calls it the bus okay and then I’m going to go ahead and pop that on and these are really easy they’re kind of like old hidden

Clips from a while back where me get my Clips you could use any size clip I have to personally dig one out so I’m just going to use these standard Wars I can’t believe I still have these I got these from Tuesday Morning years ago they’re just standard size Clips so then I’m

Going to go ahead and take this right here and just pop it on that last backing size so it looks like that and we’re just going to pop it on and it’s just a really simple tutorial to do this this is like the old way to do

Them so I’m just going to I’m not going to tape this like crazy obviously you guys can really seal this up but the idea is just to kind of show you guys what I’m doing here so that kind of holds it in place and this one

Will hold that bottom piece and then I’m just going to slap it on right here and then you have this really easy semi hidden clip right and then I’ve got this little bow and you do you don’t have to put it on you can but either way it looks pretty I’m

Just going to go ahead and add mine on cuz why not that’s what I did at the beginning and pop that on there so let me just take this off here and you see how boring and plain it looks so I’m just going to add this on

Here what is going on on oh okay my bag is being funky and then just pop that on here so you don’t really have to ruin your bag topper right it’s still there you can save it for later or you can recycle it and use it and I’m just going

To grab like a little ticket here you can make those or mine’s obviously purchased and stick it on there and if you want to even go a little extra like I did here is you can take some of your glitter Sparkles or whatever and just like add it on there on the

Edge and put it around this one is giving me a hard time maybe because I haven’t been here and don’t worry I didn’t forget my my wax I promise I won’t catch the thing on fire so you can add some glitter that kind of came out a little too heavy for

Me and that will draw really pretty too and then you can add your little ticket which I can’t quite do because it’s G to it’s wet but you know what it’s okay I just want you guys to see it so Tada there’s that one and they just come out

So pretty who doesn’t want that on their package right and if you have any other dyes and at first I was kind of like oh maybe I can do something like that but I didn’t really like the way it looked okay so let me show you this part here

Before I’m getting a little paranoid because of my desk so I’m going to take these little adhes IES that you know I showed in the video yesterday and I’ll these are on Amazon that’s where I get mine from so I’m going to take my 1in punch because they’re 1in circles and

Just cut it out and these have an adhesive so if you’re new here that’s what these do they’re just like you they’ll just stick on okay so do that now I don’t know how this is going to look filming this hard because I’ve I don’t really

Get too close on my desk but I’ll show you guys so okay this has like glitter and all sorts of things in it okay so what I’m going to do is shake that first and try to get some of the glitter out so here’s my wax

Melted oh my gosh I’m a lefty and this wants to pour this way I’m just going to pour it down and I don’t do it all the way and I love this because I feel like it makes a perfect circle so I kind of just drop it

In there and then I just push it down with my thumb that one did not do perfect but can you see that how it looks I have the craziest winter sun coming in my window so sorry so that’s how that is and I’ll try to do one more this is that pretty

Iridescent I think that’s too much of that well I’m kind of doing this other stuff my green isn’t know where did that bag go I don’t know where I put the other bag so I’m just going to use this one okay so I’ve done that and just for fun while we’re

Waiting let’s just kind of do one more of these but with the ribbon so I’m going to go ahead and Fold It Up put this on here and because I’m not using a clip I thought maybe something like that would be pretty and I got this diey on Amazon

Too I got a lot of them on on there but I actually do like the clip so let’s try another clip just kind of waiting around so again I have two of these cut out and a small one so I’m going to just kind of just go

Along and make some of these with you guys because these are extremely addicting and they come out so pretty and my glitter card stock usually I get it at um Hobby Lobby because I just I don’t know why I like their colors I do order it online

Sometimes but I just noticed that the Hobby Lobby one I don’t know it’s something about the texture of their paper I like the way it feels and it cuts really easy and Michaels does too put the little clip on just tape it down and again this will stick I don’t think

Anyone’s going to try and rip this open well I won’t anyway I’m just going to stick it on the back of that in here and you could do little dyes like my first video I think I had wrapped twine around this and do I took like a little heart

Like this so this is my heart punch I’m just cutting out some one of these and I have placed it like right over here like that okay so this should be dry I just want to show you how it looks so this one came out a little wonky I’m

Going to try and get the the other one but you’re more than welcome to like you know put it on here and you could have your pretty little bag topper here like that just to add you know something to it right just layer it up but I do like it just like

That and I do love the bow for some reason I love it with the heart so what I think I’m going to do is add the bow this jumbo siiz bow on my clip come on glue I just used you and I’m just going to glue it like

That much because the clip isn’t that big and it’s super chunky now so if you like that really chunky look this is your gal right here so you can see the difference but they both look nice oh my goodness the clouds just covered my sun but

Anyways uh let me put this on here so you can see what it looks like I’ve got that clip on there so this bag is open that’s why it’s giving me a hard time I don’t have it sealed or anything and I really like how that

Looks but this is a little too plain for me so I think personally I would add more bling to it just cuz the rest has so much Sparkle and this one doesn’t it feels more flat so I’m just going to add some glitter on here there that feels

More better to me okay now let’s get back to that last thingy I’m trying to find this piece oh here it is so this I thought was cute for like a tab so if you’re doing an album and you have like a little tab or something I thought this was really

Sweet so I’m just going to fold this this is the mini one the smaller version and I’m just going to fold that one in half and let’s do this okay here we go hold on first I need to make my thing my embellishment so let’s grab one of

These and grab a piece of paper with the little onein punch on it so we can just make our thing just going to cut it out here okay I’m going to stick my little embellishment on top I’m going to pour this with my I’m

Going to oh I didn’t mean to do that you guys it’s because I’m a lefty and this is not let me try that again I swear they do this a lot better okay that one’s good and this one is not good so what I’m going to do is take this really

Quick because I’m not ready so I’m just going to use this thing that I have real quick if you guys want to know how to do it that’s how you would do it if you you using a Stamper okay I’m going to blow this out cuz it’s getting a little too dangerous in

Here all right and let let’s just let that dry for a second but yeah these are just a couple really easy ways and then what I like to do with this is you see it doesn’t look pretty so even if it’s like a recipe swap I mean you don’t even

Have to have that on there but I just love the little extra thing or if you’re doing tiny little baggies for like the 2×3 I think this is a 2×3 size this will fit that one pretty perfect so let me get this out of the

Way oh my goodness you guys my desk is a freaking bomb I was like I need to upload more because I’ve been missing so here I go okay so I have to try to remember to link everything that I’m using so that you guys know what to

Get but these are come out so pretty don’t they so these are like three different kind of like versions and that so you can see how it looks and I’m just waiting for that to dry so I can show you what it looks like

And pop it on that small thing I have a cap here I don’t have my glitter okay my mission is going to be clean the dusk so anyway now this should be about dry and I just lift this up it could probably be on there another

Minute so if you’re new to wax seals this kind of looks like that but you see how easy it is but you see how easy it is to mess up too but look how pretty that one turned out I like the color I don’t like my circle necessarily cuz I’m

Messed up because my other um thing the thing’s on this side and I’m a lefty so I have to turn it around and it’s very awkward but I broke the handle to mine I don’t know how but I did all right so I’ve got this

And and then this here so you can just put that together so again you could just put on a little baggie or do something like that but you get the idea anyways these are just some fun little embellishments I wanted to do with you guys quickly and show you kind of how to

Do the wax seals and stuff and I just love that little touch with the stickers because I don’t know these come out cool but I really like I like both but I just think it’s a fun different way to use it you know what I mean and then I added glitter in that

One like I did in the video from yesterday so okay guys hope you enjoyed this thanks so much

Some fun embellishment and swap ideas just in time for Valentines or any day xo

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