electro epilogue 2023 (an end of year mix)

Wherefor N N [Applause] Oh A N W He Yeah [Applause] See M See For spe spee Spee A Yeah I something I could I know something I could your hand someone knows your Secret I know something I could I know something I could I know something I I know something I I know something I I I I I I don’t want to see something I I know something I can you I know something I can you I know something I

Feel for what it’s like to be body Coss the SE find the life never felt like I’m running out of time things through the prested finally so way SP what comes to Be Woo I’m not trying to run you can tell me when it’s safe I don’t know anyone the face must be something in my brain away I wake up and he Mama day tell me why I still don’t like to go out good night down down help me up all night up all

Night you already know I like to keep myself on my so that I know now I’m up all night up all night I don’t want to Go Gentle thing to say [Applause] H [Applause] [Applause] I I want be I’ll memorize every word you write I wanted to make you feel the way I do you B don’t you c p the things you care about you’re scared to say and so I help you do the things you [Applause] do but nothing last for heaven and

Somay soon you’ll sing your final song but they s that’s why you made me to curse the musing on so now I sing for you till I can I’ve been teaching myself to speak for and the music’s not enough I’m going to be just like you and never stop m

What is I made from you do you think I could be someone like [Applause] You Deep deep deep deep deep of You [Applause] A oh Oh hold hold De Oh A Oh He [Applause] Ro w don’t be close and don’t let go close don’t let Go A Turn on the light turn on the light turn the light turn the turn turn turn the light turn off the light back back up throw it up inow it up back up back Up it Up turn turn off the light turn off the Light If I send this void away Have I Lost the part of me when you wake your B name for the promise to come back cuz getting me to want more and hoping me to hurt more oh there must be something wrong with me and getting madej you more and holding madej more

One more tell something com For Oh I don’t want to be compared I don’t want to win this race I don’t know what I’m even running for there’s so much more to me that no one understands is it so hard to try and figure out but I’m not giving up I know there’s

Something for me to find a safe place in this world I’ll keep on trying hard persist no matter just how long it takes until I know that I am strong enough Something something Coming You I’m Hurting me something wrong with me cuz getting more and holding made you more someone something for a

introducing ELECTRO EPILOGUE !! an end of year mix series !!
a selection of my favorite songs from the past, present, and .. future ??

Wherefore – LUCKY STAR
android52 – STRONG
Spaces Laces – Disco Bloodbath
+ Kurogane Tama – Itadaki Babel feat. Kenmochi Hidefumi
Mord Fustang – Super Meat Freeze
Ninajirachi – Undo U (4×4 Mix)
VITICZ – Starstruck
Atura – Think About You
+ Wherefore – UP ALL NIGHT feat. Yuura.
jumango – twinkle
Porter Robinson – Humansongs feat. Po-uta
Gemi – In Luv
+ Tourist – Run
Snail’s House & Moe Shop – Fashionista
Wherefore – TEDDY BEAR
Favright – First Blood
Porter Robinson – Something Comforting
Life Sim – IDL
+ Wherefore – YELLOW BOW feat. Nila
+ Porter Robinson – Something Comforting
+ Wherefore – NO MATTER

~ Wherefore ~

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