DSP Call of Duty Modern Welfare 3 Charity Stream. Low Support and Tons of Minecrafting

I need that money I really really do I need that money I I really need that money really need that money I need that money I really really do I need that money really need that money really need that money really that money that money some of the Black Ops games Black

Ops 4 I thought was pretty good and blackout was pretty much the best Battle Royale they’ve ever done in my opinion Wasteland I’ll definitely use the sniper rifle for this one all right everyone welcome to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer a random night tonight I changed my loadouts so now I

Have a sniper load out and I have a assault rifle load out but both of them have the Karam bit I’m going to go with this new sniper rifle Loadout out and see how it goes engage and destroy the enemy this is definitely a map for that for sure

Oh what the they were behind us wow that was a great I take it back that spawn was even worse I was going to say that was a great spawn and then they actually gave me a significantly worse spawn right a pretty good oh I threw a gas grenade I forgot I

Had it hostiles launched a Cru missile of course now got oh there’s one he was running uh no not even close let get a better shot here I shot once I was going to shoot again instantly killed amazing game play even though I’m behind cover and everything just instantly dead what the

I just spawned how could there be someone out in the distance shooting me when I just spawned they don’t even give you a quarter of a second to figure out where you are you just get shot from milon miles away this is incredibly stupid watching your s holy

[ __ ] I’m standing there with the therms absolutely no reaction to the thms whatsoever instantly killed night man we had a pretty good Christmas here it was relaxing and fun what’s your luck how you doing oh that’s a bunch of balone I totally had that guy totally

Had him and it didn’t let me stab him I was in his faceu I’m doing my best I’m trying trying hard at least we’re winning UAV nothing you can do he already had the distance he turns and he easily gets a Kill by by basically just being

Lucky what the [ __ ] it wouldn’t let me attack he was right in front of me and it would not let me attack the dude completely stupid look at that what I just spawned and get shot immediately no chance to do anything uh-huh I killed one why was there

Another one standing next to him where did he even come from he wasn’t on my screen I murder one and get the kill confirmed and another one is there and kills me yes Derek I told you as much about your Christmas sweater that it was a good one

Guys do you think you would like to see this once a week just once a week as like a random night stream or do you feel like Call of Duty has already ran out you know what I’m saying like I’ll be honest war zone I think it sucks I

Was so bored playing war zone last week we quitt it out and just went to you know this this standard game mode uh what do you guys think about just having it once a week SC poto says yes this works as once per week just for variety

Right just for variety I I feel like if I played it too much it it really it gets boring but if I play it once a week for silliness I think it would worku I want SM SM good okay good good did it do it in time no yeah no yes it

Did wow they spawned me right in front of the guy who literally had just killed me moments before that’s [ __ ] genius we’re Al oh that was my teammate whoa they call that popcorn oh [ __ ] right there I don’t know how I died instantly made no sense whatsoever I filled him

With bullets and I just died to uh you know one bullet instantly by the way for those who did not see my react show from this weekend you’re going to want to watch it still can’t kill this guy he’s basically camping in that room back there and no

One can get to him you got to love it what what am I supposed to do to that he’s already camped back there no one can get to him they set it up the spawn so that he’s basically invincible and now he just gets kill streak after kill

Streak there’s nothing you can do about it I’m reloading I’m with you what the [ __ ] right he magic building [ __ ] wall you idiots all right guys well if you’re enjoying yourselves and if you enjoy having Modern Warfare in the rotation please support the stream as you can see there’s been absolutely zero

Contributions so far tonight so anything would be appreciated don’t really matter what it is uh whatever it would be would be very much appreciated tonight if you could thank you really you’re saying it wasn’t him it was a guy who actually had uh a guy who had 15 only 15 kills that

Guy looked like he had way more than 15 kills oh ow we’re taking Bravo securing Bravo friendly UAV online of course right he already knew I was there he totally already knew I was there and instantly killed me he he had no quals about knowing that I was around

That corner and just spray around it again so I guess they have UAV too right they must how else will the [ __ ] would he know where exactly where I am to get two quick kills like that Al SEC is compromised get it back securing objective Bravo enemy UAV

Active they spawn you can see cuz they’re running together they literally just spawn stepped out and get a cheap kill wow you guys are amazing players huh yeah it kind of sucks I think that this actually is one of we’re taking Bravo enem taking Alpha securing objective Charlie securing objective Bravo

Instantly killed can’t even move away from the grenade it already is blowing up dude this is [ __ ] so bad it’s such bad gameplay look I just spawn I spawn I take one step someone’s on the objective spraying bullets at me and instantly kills me [ __ ] trash man trash gamepl

Yeah basically this is this is a situation where exactly as I was explaining earlier the game just does not want to do well so it’s going to continue to spawn you in poor positions give them the advantage on firefights meant to to adjust to that basically you don’t

Dominate and it makes you want to either play harder or spin really stupid we’ve failed all right everybody I’m just while it’s matchmaking here I’m just going going to stand up and stretch my legs for a second again guys please support the stream tonight right now we have literally one contribution anything

Appreciated tonight whether it be a membership a super chat or a tip I take it back there’s two contributions there was one Super Chat and one tip ouch ouch okay I think I’ll do a sniper rifle for this one oh

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