DMZ Deserved Better…

Welcome to alaz explore SEC welcome to alaz who’s ready for some DMZ do we got bronic here today Senor bronic and I thought we’d uh we do we sure do okay I’ve got a lot of money so we got to go buy three player something before we get

Pushed but I thought we would just pick up from where we last left off which was completing 200 hunts for our passive Mission I’m using the same build this last stream too although we died at the end of last stream so we’re here to regain guess where do we go do we go

Maybe the ran oil by station oh wow you do have a lot of money I sure do what’s up maxit how you doing N2 925 I don’t know why I called you n25 but 925 Justin Jim old 442 fun noodle what’s up also Harmony thank you for becoming a

Member I think Harmony became a a member just before the stream started so thank you Harmony welcome to the Wi clan m you love playing DMZ don’t we all don’t we all it’s sad what’s happening with the MZ I suppose all good things must come

To an end at some point however it won’t like I said in the past few streams DMZ is not just going to die overnight it’ll be a slow death eventually will painful death yeah exactly but there are plenty of people who have not finished their missions who

Are still having a blast playing the game it’s not a second longer to find a match every every day yeah exactly just every single every raid it’s it takes one second longer to get into oh is the D GTA 6 trailer is out now

Whoa I have to check that out oh do you want money for a two PL you didn’t even buy a two PL I don’t have the the Facilities I guess I can buy you to we’ll do that oh man I was so close then drop me some cash so I can get a medium bag oh yeah bro is spoiling [Applause] me I’ll just buy a bunch of points okay let’s go let’s get that anxious thank

You for the five gifteds thank you anxious my wook brother where to I suppose a haunt a haunt or death spawn I don’t know uh we got like 150 more hunts to do except oh look at this dude it’s a holy triangle of hunts it’s the Trinity of

Hunts that’s crazy that’s I think that’s where I was born dude yeah you’re born in Al sharim yeah but anxious thank you for the five gifteds thank you tremendously my wi brother and make sure if you got one of those five you’re thinking you’re thinking anxious

Tom with the 9 months onic we’ve had our DMZ baby nine months of me being a Nuance in the chat thanks thanks for great content excited for the future of your channel big well thank you Tom thank you and um I think it’s your turn to change the

Diaper my turn no no Tom’s turn oh okay yeah I was going to be like don’t wrote me into this although now that you mention it BR can you can you change my diaper uh again yeah I know I just changed it I had another accident it’s been 3

Minutes I know sorry I couldn’t hold it any longer you know what you know what I missed the part but that’s my problem it’s going to be your problem I’m here I don’t even want to Ask well that rocket just it dodged me it was scared of me there’s a plea too kind of buy right where the Hunt is kind of buy where the Hunt is OJ thank you for the seven months OJ says hello I just want to say thank you

Thank you for all the content you made me a better player in DMZ I can wipe platoon because of you thank you no thank you thank you OJ I’m happy to hear that not is awesome here Audrey thank you for becoming a member welcome I’m sorry w i I cannot

Read right now Andy not Audrey I don’t know how I saw Audrey but I did Andy thank you for becoming a member welcome to the Wi Clan welcome welcome what’s up Albertina hope you’re doing well Prospect with a 10 months you Prospect hope you and bronic both have

Fun today buddy 2 months until the Damascus badge oh baby I don’t think anyone has it yet well Pro I know Prospect is I think he’s one of the leaders yeah he’s one of the first so you could be the first to get Damascus you could be

Prospect okay I just got launched out come back I missed the part where that’s my problem I’m going to put some dirt in your eyes all right now you can go I guess I can’t sit on the back with you can I well we got 3 minutes just over 3

Minutes to get these dudes here we go this is where the fun begins I don’t have a sniper by the way I was planning on stealing someone else’s okay but I do have a shotgun which I’ve been enjoying yeah I’ve been enjoying it been using that a

Lot recently I only like the past two days or two streams rather more than uh more than before this is true this is true it’s kind of fun exponentially more than before cuz the shotgun I’m using is not like super overpowered it’s not a One Shot Tower

Tower Tower tower Tower they’re up there yeah that’s all you I’ll start pushing that I suppose see if he drops nice I won’t be able to finish from here that’s all right I hope it wasn’t a solo that would suck yeah although I do want that armor

He’s back up he jumped off in what direction the down going to the gas station does he have a vehicle there by any chance there’s another sniper another sniper where at we’re right there oh I think he may have seen me oh grenade ow yeah yeah yeah he

Absolutely saw me my car I might die here yep I took the wrong turn that was not good for me I need your vest how far was he he was in this building on my ping and window I am not in cover but you can snag my best

Yeah have to be Quick’s no way I can win this without a three pler I should have gone in the door I thought maybe I could sneak past but the door the door the door oh ah dude if I I can’t really like peek it you

Know just to the right my body you want it yeah might as well revive me too if he was smoking it no wow unbelievable there’s going to rush me I need to get the height mhm there he is you right cuz that was the window to your left yeah or the

Balcony and someone broke the window by you your oh unlucky he’s on the roof yeah is better the other guy pushed too yeah well that sucks what was that using the M I know we were bad start one do I not have a special build was

It I restart the stream delete this real quick yeah I’ll make a new one hey welcome back guys there it is and I want I will bring just a snipper that bring I’ll [Applause] bring it’s good enough I’ll bring a snipper to or maybe I won’t maybe I won’t no I

Will I will I will and we try again is I’m thanking for the doo thank you Islam yeah everyone think the GTA 6 trailer is out it’s coming in 2025 is it GTA 6 it’ll watch it later I’m afraid it has copyrighted music I never really got into

GTA perhaps this will this will be the game that gets me into it looks pretty I’m looking at it on my phone right now here we go that spawn or by station first ideally so I can get a replate we’re going to waste all your Mone today aren’t we going to burn all

Your cash I think the plan is to make it back we’re not going to die anymore after this that was just an exception you promise warmed up do you promise you’re the reason we died oh it’s your fault okay you know next time I’ll grab your vest and

Leave okay well there won’t be a next time to grab my vest we’ll see about that you going to join the other team kill me yeah yeah I should have fored a bon you know what I actually should have I should have and joined their squad and

Then finished the raid yeah yeah I feel like someone’s done that before definitely definitely but we’re getting hunted so that’ll make things exciting we should just always bring cash dude so we always get haunted yeah Jen thank you for becoming a m cont thank you Jetty no it doesn’t

Help welcome to the Wi Clan Jetty and then zacher thank you for the 10 the 10 eurs hello from Dand how do you say hello in in German do you remember do you know in what in German uh guten tag is that like how you doing kind of it’s not really hello but

Like yeah are good morgan good morning but thank you and anxious with another gifted thank you anxious did I mess that up no I [Applause] didn’t guten TIG good day okay good day almost hello oh just hello with an a hello oh I knew that I knew that yeah that’s easy

Do you want to go let’s go to the tow over there down did you get level two thread for a second I got the guy speaking stood ey but I didn’t see the level go up yeah I was like wait do I have a com Fest and I was like no I

Don’t oh you see him I see movement yeah I do well where was that at the tower that you marked oh see if I can get the finish here oh I got a hit marker is he Reviving okay probably looking at DES spawn why do you speak so good

German I don’t oh I hear footsteps that’s not good I’m so dead oh my goodness bronic what did you just say IED coming for you oh [ __ ] this hasn’t been the best start I was not expecting people to be up there I I could have jumped off then

He wasn’t paying attention and The Bouncing Betty hadn’t gone off I didn’t see one but then it went off later so maybe he was just putting it down as I was coming up I don’t know who who knows not even Bing tou I was just going

Up then I heard footsteps behind me I was like wait wait a second so uh yeah I I was on the ground I snipped you and then my my buddy finished you off yeah yeah is that your teammate on the uh High R wish I could hear

Him that’s not gotcha go well yeah yeah there was but then he got killed by someone else yeah uh no there there’s uh oh sorry he was he was snipping at me there’re just two of us how are you this just is just you do do you know them or are you just

A random dud all right man yeah yeah well let me ask you a quick question you know just to make you can join I’ll give you a question uh let’s see here see uh what is the lowest prime number oh math question Ultra one an enemy operator has taken your dog we’re

Tracking their location want you want to venture a guess hey yeah it’s good that’s correct yeah yeah [ __ ] way dude no [ __ ] way let’s [ __ ] go oh [ __ ] perfect timing all right i’ got you where was the snipe from uh it’s my guy was back here he was like

Right here I guess I’m just watching today they were nice but I really want to kill this guy in highrise though you me both oh yeah that [ __ ] right there oh all right we can’t peek at the same time R CW a little bit closer a little closer in

They oh both your homies are down is inreasing I know just one okay yeah he’s kind of bad at the game Sorry I’m new a he saw me first he saw me watch out watch out tell me when you’re going to be they don’t have they don’t have

Armor oh he got me he moved there’s I think there’s two yeah at least yeah there’s two I streaming the stream uh we could push back to here and get some [ __ ] ammo cuz I have eight shots left I actually watch no I like to play We to play very [ __ ] nice can

Like speed it up I can give you this little present right here got your name on it gracias sir let’s get your buddy back nah please do I want to play broke his plates on left getting hunted again wow I missed the that’s my that was the that was the

Other guy by the way not you it’s fine I take no offense I’m I’m just here to drop Lo from this guy nice this is like you know the game wacka yeah but with murder those moles are Immortal I’m going have to push eventually I feel there’s no helicopter around here is

There watch out for traps they did have traps tell them they had traps traps oh [ __ ] so either go up the stairs or do that technique where you jump oh he’s looking at me [ __ ] oh that was real he’s back up on the right front I’m going to jump off and

Follow you got this oh oh 42 rounds in a dream yikes yikes come on butthole you to go faster though up here there are a lot of stairs they can’t hear you from all right I’m going to take a take a little peek at them you have to go faster here

They can’t hear you but there’re a lot of stairs eventually they will hear you but right now they can’t and there’s a ton of stairs tell Meed in the your open uh 10 maybe maybe nine where’s your buddy [ __ ] all right you can hear them now so

They can hear you copy that now I see why you can’t talk my [ __ ] bad what up I don’t know you how you doing Empire I’ll catch you later have fun at work thanks for tuning in thank you all for all the likes we’re almost at 200 to throw some

Uh they’re running around I hope they didn’t buy plates Oh he sees me Good see me wow what a [ __ ] idiot they’re every yeah remember you have throwing knives too if you want to finish your down players I want I want him to shoot all right there oh oh oh they got plates again actually it’s too bad this [ __ ] yeah they all bought plates

Oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] I was trying to get on channel seven so I can snipe them oh lucky God damn it [ __ ] dude this guy can do now Bart thanks for being a good member thank you Bart welcome to the Wi Clan all my plates oh boy

How do you guys want to play this do you uh just send it you know what just cook however you want to all right all right it any helicopters around here no right there Bart thank you for the $50 too thank you Bart a huge $50 becoming a member and then the massive

Dono that is awesome thank you Bart there’s two at gas station [ __ ] haven’t that is a big one very kind of you Ian maybe maybe they left you know maybe they left oh yeah they definitely left they long gone safe for the revive or I’m just going to take a

Bullet right to the teeth right here watch for the GTA 6 trailer uh I don’t know if there’s copyright in it so I may not I will eventually just not on the stream one enemy operators have secured your squadmates tag we’re tracking their location on your T

Map they’re de still there grab my dog T yeah he just going to full send it up to Z here we go I applaud his courage oh he’s not he hasn’t reloaded oh okay he realized oh well well it was good playing with you you’re courageous my friend maybe in the next

Life all right sorry what did you say earlier about um not dying who me yeah oh I I didn’t see anything that wasn’t me was that onic I’m not sure who that is you don’t know who onig is doesn’t ring a bell did you hear that for GTA 6 I think

They’re going to try to make it where you pay on it like hourly basis I heard it’s so crazy I know I’d rather they just make the game more expensive well I think you could I think you’re like you can pay like 150 to get it full the full 150 otherwise you pay

By Otherwise be like five bucks an hour get out of here an hour I mean I don’t know for sure that’s just what I saw I heard that they were they they might charge based on a certain amount of time but an hour can you imagine five bucks 1 hour oh sorry you

Got to stop play like you’re in the middle of an intense battle sorry time’s up you got to go yeah it might it might not be true that’s just what I heard it was just a rumor I known very very little about GTA and GTA 6 but the thing

Is that they could get away with it right CU GTA GTA is just a huge franchise yeah or they could ruin their own franchise well the thing is people are going to buy like whatever they price it almost people are going to buy it like they could they could charge

$200 and I still think like they’d retain like 85% of the people who would have bought it for 70 like it’s just that big of a game Jenny thank you for the massive dodo thank you Jenny that is very kind of you as well I appreciate you that is a huge one thank

You Johnny that’s awesome Jenny and Bart dropping bombs right now look at them go $150 for a game heck na they could do it I wouldn’t be surprised because if you think about it for a lot of these games you get a lot of a lot of

Entertainment you know the way I’ve I’ve said this a few times on stream the way I determine whether or not a game is worth it for me is I compare it to movie tickets right if a movie ticket say is $10 and a game is $70 if I get seven

Movie tickets worth of entertainment from a game then I consider the game worth it but you know with the GTA GTA is going to be how long was GTA 5 out for like it released in like 2013 right so 10 years GTA 6 will probably follow a similar

Pattern people are going to spend a lot of time playing the game and so I do I genuinely do think GTA could get away with charging 150 bucks for the game should they that’s another matter but they could definitely get away with it movies are widely overpriced possibly possibly but my point still

Stands no don’t say stuff like that I me I I I don’t know I just think that not games are going to get more and more expensive there’s no denying that they will they already have been you know back back when I was a kid they were

What like $15 $20 for the PlayStation 2 then the PS3 came out that went up to $60 a station here now we’re at 70 although some games are you they cost $100 Jenny with five gifteds as well thank you Jenny again with the five gifteds that is awesome make sure you’re

Thinking J Jenny if you got one of those five one of the big fives make you think that GTA 6 will be $100 I wouldn’t be surprised I wouldn’t be enemy threat is in Theo GJ could get away with charging $150 but I I don’t

Think games will ever get to a per hour charge monthly charges are already halfway here with battle passes though right per hour I doubt it but I could see them doing something like that where you can either buy the game outright for like 200 100 bucks or something or pay a monthly subscription

Or something like that 30 bucks a month jeez Man scary times yeah fc25 should be 25 bucks honestly yeah I wouldn’t mind that okay I did not buy a ton of plats but I got to self-revive if you want to get the the plates the two plate armor here thank

You you know muted right yeah I just had to sneeze real quick that was one long sneeze no was one was it UAV Tower boy I don’t have a where’s that even from I’ve never seen a UAV Tower there okay challenge accepted I’m just in the UAV kind of chilling

Looks like you are too yeah I’m right next to you without a sniper again I have a sniper but it’s got an ugly scope oh that’s not a I’ll get up to the the top did the Bots turn on that Tower no unless they’ve changed it oh he’s going up the ladder wait

Where uh right here why I reload one oh the fire station yeah sorry how did he not take damage from the subax there yeah I got him put on your he had a three plate yeah Rive revive your location right he’s solo at least he was nice

About it if we don’t mind he said yeah you know that’s dead yeah take his stuff first what’s the all right I watch a videos [ __ ] that onic and bronic YouTube come on up dude where’s theay Pi it up oh my gosh on no way way how you doing

Dude oh man St I’m back in the battle we did take your best I could have never won that fight whatever I would have lost that fight so I ain’t mad I would lost there’s a two kick you ready to get some gear back I’m going to keep whoa whoa whoa you right

Shields I know the H man hey but I’m going keep you’re going to have to drop that you’re going to have to drop that if you’re going to be on our team well I’m it’s okay you can protect us a riot shield hey I’m was going to keep my

Mouth shut and play with the boys it’s your stream I’m just here no dude you can talk our objective is to all right cool I just got snipped did hardcore Southwest 225 Roger dodger wait a minute if you guys didn’t take my gun and it should be up here so

Yeah I didn’t touch your gun oh I had a gun yeah did I no I didn’t take it yeah Ryan thank you for the five thank you oh I think I hear him you got hostile reinforce in I don’t know exactly where but I I heard suppressed shot loation

Armor thank you Ryan for the five and harmless with the two months thank you harmless for the two months and make sure you’re all thinking right if you got one of those five he’s behind you he’s behind you yellow he’s behind you y who’s yellow yellow parach down

Parachuted down he s you have any plates five I have zero come up here then oh save me go it behind down you are taking effective fire I see one right here oh yeah I’m getting shot at Miss every shot I’m a pro he’s in there with my body right now how many

Though solo you get him no I didn’t okay well there’s for sure someone in this building if you want to help me h oh crap might get pushed here where are you upstairs or downstairs I’m upstairs they’re running around everywhere yeah I hear him me jump off oh he’s got stunned cover

You good yeah yeah I’m going to climb From Below okay they were in a room where the stairs careful they have traps on smoke grenade oh he’s got a I think I stuck him nice he’s down that’s so there definitely two people at least he’s Rive he’s getting revive M

Requesting a Rive he’s down nice all right I don’t know if there was a third I think that’s the skin that I saw put on plates from their bags hold on here I can revive him I got a med vest there’s no door okay well [Applause]

They’re G back they’re gone okay we got them just two well if you couldn’t find your guns they had some I’m good awesome well done I can buy more plates I would love that can I bar $3,000 will probably never pay back no okay what Four for what to modify my sniper yeah you can have money Dr thanks gamer your weapon recovery all right you really silenced America I did I suppressed it actions speak louder than words so operator is requesting near your location that’s my line of thinking no mun guess I could buy

One oh we got a car here you just run over someone down one I don’t know he might have hit a bot he just drove away didn’t he he did I think he ran over a bot is what happened you killed one of them I did

Get one oh he’s coming back around yeah yeah yeah he’s raling you going after him of course Ultra one you’ve got hostile reinforcements inced oh where’s he going what the he just dipped I thought he was going to take a right come back for the body all

Right ow oh I’m getting start from behind ooh 160 by the play Maybe noted right here enemy sniper 400 m away is he on one of the buildings no says you don’t like zombiie onic I I like traditional Call of Duty zombies like rout based I can’t say I was a fan

Of the new mode I’ll try it again at some point when season 1 launches maybe not right away but I’ll give it another chance you want to push I can keep snip the ow imag if they added a fourpoint v to war zone oh my goodness you see how many there

Were uh two I think at least more here I will try to sneak up if there’s a staircase oh forget they’re no they’re not inside the building they’re they’re on the roof no on the hill Oh not I’m sorry I’m [Applause] sorry tickled him broke him wait a second I think I hear

People we’re Bots yeah yeah I suppose it could be Bots it was Bots all right you still see him up there oh yeah yeah yeah is separated suggest you STI wonder if I should keep pushing I’m impatient you’re impatient you’re going to go you got hostile reinfor Ultra one activity has increased

In the area keep your eyes open broke him I’m pretty sure he sees me too yeah he sees me by now you have a car or are you just going to run there no I’ve got a car all right come pick me up let’s get

Him to the right I see him right here ohing I hear him maybe inside this might know what you think he’s in there I see he’s thr some I might go down yeah I’m down I could Sprint finish me nice he over he’s talking to someone Ultra one an operator is near your

Location and requ I K one there’s one more I couldn’t move at all I was trying to Sprint but I couldn’t do it on my body I’m not doing so hot today am I going for the res I can’t see the progress though did you leave the vest on the

Floor yeah yeah still there they’re fighting Bots still there at the building this building effective fire p on me on me yeah still there oh it’s a bot I see him sniper on the hill that the other dude was on yep taking broke one nice I’m pushing push push

Push our team yeah you do that oh my God I can’t do it oh he’s sniping okay I’m pretty much behind them I’m talkinging nice oh jeez that scared me dude they the hunt Bots one just came out of the smoke that was a player all right well unless they were a

Platoon I don’t think so not bad yeah this guy just dipped he gone nice they have any plates no not that one see this dude here oh this guy did nice I they had money so we can just buy some here revive pistol self revive here take some blitz

Dude got armor here you’re too kind you’re too kind well okay let’s get out the the hunt we haven’t gotten any hunts there’s one here we also go to oh scavenger let’s go to the scabby they killed a lot of dud killed a lot scavenger oh wait there two circles

Huh are there two bounties that’s a bounty indeed two of them though well you want to go behind us get the scavy get the advanced UAV and then we can go for the Bounty sure but you see there two circles it’s just two probably two team members I think it individually

Marks each player which means that they both got a lot of kills that’s exciting yeah you see that Bounty multiple have Mia in your way up North by the city we’re going to go there and a I’m down first we’re going to go this G here though ni we’re done

Europe I’m going to get a bomb drone too going to take everything to get these guys GTA 6 trailer Dr I know everyone’s telling me I haven’t really seen it Pi a little look oh we got a possibly a player truck it’s ayar hey how’s it going buddy let good

Bro it’s neyar ji BR over here myam kind of hey yo yo why’ you murder him that’s my [ __ ] gun oh my bad my bad my bad my bad dude we could have got Neymar Juni on our team we would have been Unstoppable we still we still can’t can’t we can you [Applause]

Please you want dude it’s Neymar I don’t think it actually is something tells me he’s an imposter my bad bro he he jumped out started shooting at us was your buddy speak to me Neymar please ask him to speak Portuguese if he can speak Portuguese then it’s Neymar

He’s not even speaking at all now though please respond we don’t got time for him we got a bounty to hunt it’s time to move boys Neymar no you want to drive so we can actually get there in one piece feel like it where are they uhoh they might be going for the

Extract no way would they there’s no way I I’m not going to wipe leave yeah you would think you would hope we should take a different car though because this thing is so easy to destroy do you have game neighbor no no don’t don’t don’t alert them maybe because they’re not

Necessarily leaving what if they don’t though what if they’re just hanging around the XOXO camping I’d like the element of surprise cuz these guys are probably pretty good but I want to I’m going to grab this enemy threat appears low in thisa we’re going to get

Them we’re going to try at the very least wait did you you kept going OD thank you for the 999 thank you odera uh you know what they might have a heavy Chopper you see that Chopper by the C behind me what the heck was that I thought you were

Going I know I was muted by accident but I just that crate okay you see the heavy dropper though there was one oh you needed plates we can make a quick pit stop at The Bu station here I need some more too in fact there’s there’s some more on the on

The hood of the car let’s just buy more cuz this is going to be a big fight oh I see that we just got raided but I have this ad tab that’s blocking the name of the person who raided me so I cannot see who it is someone tell me

It’s game Hawk game Hawk game Hawk thank you for the raid thank you Game Hawk welcome to all of game hawks’ viewers I hope you guys had a fun stream all right got some BLS there if you need more are you ready to rumble I am does anybody have a smoke or

No no yes I do I do I can drop you one here can you uh use the ammo crate here or can I I need you to I am d where that that works too we good we’re good close the ad Thing YouTube it’ll kind of

Block the chat I could move it out of the way technically but I don’t but it it’ll pop down this tab that says oh now would be a good time to insert an ad which I never do I have to break [Applause] this yeah they were not X filling they’re just hanging out

There we’re going to arrest them dude they have a warrant for the arrests I’m going to execute them they’re wanted Dead not alive enemy threat is in the AO all we can’t die here we have to take the Bounty home died one too many times we highrise or we could

Wind radiation is starting to push them so we could kind of intercept them jaxi thank you for the five gifteds what’s up jaxi thank you make sure thaning Jax if you got one of those five Jai is back at it again with the tremendous support cross the bridge right now in a car

Or I I never saw just looking at the map you want to get on highrise super quick see what we can see see actually right next to us right now yeah they’re very close uh that’s yeah they’re back over here it says now by the they swimming oh

Wait oh is that them in the heavy Cho yeah that’s them they’re Landing theying they’re not flying they’re Xing or at least they called that there an Exel there yeah shoot I see an ATV there a whole bunch of vehicles there we’re kind of spread out we have to be really fast I

Think somebody’s got to start shooting them or something broke one nice broke another down one outside down one outside beautiful got it Advanced UAV they jump out they jump out for hot Act One an enemy operator in your area has been engaging other SS ad you PR Conta down you are taking

Effective oh we can see through shoot shoot shoot I dropped though he’s going to get the finish on me I keep dying messing up street is just lagging like crazy I can’t no possible in that area get to an alternate extract Point darn it man I’m sucking

Jason thank you for the three Bs I [Applause] do jeez they want you dead I’m dead though I have no gas mask this is really tough look like I’m going to die from the G well this might revive me actually kind of me to full health if you could sneak

Back to the dead bodies maybe oh yeah that would have done like that I’m sorry I’m not doing well today oh should said bye to the guy he was so quiet I forgot he was there bye dude just back us out the freeway was ging me a headache though yeah just flicking like

Crazy no gas mask dude do you have a gas mask I did oh we try again you guys probably shouldn’t have pushed like that CU I had only down one he was probably getting the revive so I got I wasn’t even aware of it Jenny with another 10 gifteds thank you Jenny another

10 that’s very kind of you you’re going crazy today Jenny I really do appreciate it 10 gift is make sure you’re thanking Jenny once again if you got one of those 10 look at all those gifteds look at him all right enough warmup now it’s time it’s time to

Sway jaxi says Jenny is her she’s just her and Kobe with a 3 month hi onic hi Kobe you said that last match last match I’m pretty sure this is the first game right bronic we haven’t played yet have we sorry man I’m not defending you this

Time you died first all the time it’s your fault I’m sorry it’s me hi it’s me I’m the problem it’s me I’m just kidding no sec in andess the sooner I accept it the better is high so expect contact Brandon thank you for the two months thank you

Brandon let’s get this W I know right odera it’s time we’re we’re taking too many L’s right now way too many L’s he HT sure is exra Cash do we have a bu station up here oh it’s far je very far there a car we can take recy time oh stick

Around CBS thank you for the five gifteds as well you guys are going crazy today he being very humbling and generous thank you curbs thank you for the five gifteds let’s grab some ammo here let’s roll says yeah DMZ did deserve better I hope it returns to the next CoD and they

Stop forcing yearly releases I think I might be in the minority but I think Cod needs to do yearly releases in my opinion Cod is one of those games that can get still very quickly I don’t think it would survive if it were released by

Manually uh shoot should bought a s no s okay this car do you see it see bounc yeah just got my music popping right now you hear it is it The Sound of Silence yeah nice Ultra one operator is re we got a check that

Out the plea can you see it can we please check out the play I I think we should I’m pleading please I’m pleading to my case that we please check out the Playa I guess I don’t knowy is location missed every shot they had free yearly DLCs instead

Games maybe no I think it should be PID I see one I see one to the left a little bit just about Northeast uh to your left to your left left left left like straight ahead right here talk to us what happened here you getting shot at oh yeah yeah there

People on the the buildings behind us I thought they were there he is on the wall found him at that sniper supported yours you also muted I think that was good yeah yeah I was so another one here down him there’s a sentry gun too careful be bued

Finished finished him I did finish him on the balcony I hear a car now car coming over broke him down him nice the finish of put bount cont on your all right do we go to the original PL I think I am SN from TV yeah TV yeah broke him he’s

Moving he’s parachuting yeah all right let’s loot these guys take their cash their bags their plates their vest their self think you’re oh they’re sniping I don’t need to prove that I’m onic uh you’re not onic no I’m not what yeah the real onic is better I’m not the real

Onic I’m sorry guys I’ve been laging you this whole time coming he’s coming com 100 me 180 me out player though I already cracked him where broke the guy on TV station um uh vehicle is that a good ping excellent thing cuz oh I’m going to I’m

About to die maybe can I Sprint please game that’ be nice I think there’s someone on the roof with me or something I’m not sure but I got lit it’s group it’s group it’s a group get the Finish from the dude in the car yep I cannot climb that UAV Advanced UAV

Are you on the other side on me on me on me are you on the balcony where are you right next to you he’s down nice we could get pushed here in a second will as count on it is that you that snip no no no still

TV station let me get up here just so we’re not going to vehicle another vehicle oh my goodness crack the guy on TV that’s for sure Bots yeah okay oh on me on me on me same place same place yep yep I see him right there he’s dropping down I can’t land my

Snipes unfortunately saw you I’m getting stunned my players Bots who did that yeah jeez are people watching my stream I see him I see him need support is he above I got him nicely done oh God got some betties TV though and the guy who was shooting at me earlier I

Fin should have known when there were two stuns that was a player still old TV okay getting shot maybe Bots want to get the dude before he revives his friend you know uh Groot yeah yeah Groot disappeared oh he did that Playa up there my group disappeared before that guy shot man

Okay still TV station mhm oh I see this guy here coming you’re on your own for now what floor is he got him southest perfect what’s up huh not Bots you have plates I dropped you some do you not I thought you picked them up

And left some well I I picked I dropped them then I thought you got them and then you left so I thought you just left some I picked those back up thanks you’re welcome do you need a med vest or uh sure yeah a normal PL okay you’re on the roof

Yeah come on TV station we can push that there it is right behind you I just want to know that he’s still there this guy had plenty of points too oh what did you you want do you not have a sniper no I do I do I just I

Thought I grabbed that oh take it take it oh he’s still there no no he’s not oh yeah it’s fine I’ll take 133 yeah no problem I like I like uh saving up my snippers there I that’s what I thought but I don’t think

So oh silly me here you go you that too yeah you can dig this extra here I do want to push this one I just want know that he’s still there you know have to mhm a lot of PLS gas mask if you want that buster

Mine where is the uh gas Mase uh one of the bodies on the road I pinged it that’s strange there’s a cluster M there this body’s here uh this one had a better get the scoy doooo mask you want that instead okay oops do I not have a that’s

I should be getting the revive pistols if these guys have them I died from last game oh sniper sniper close close close yeah here like right here oh he threw Stone oh he flashed me he flashed me oh I’m pushing up fast so that that must explain the

Cluster he left or right yeah right thing I was a little suser a little bit sused out that there was a cluster there another one a Deployable Shield what is this rainbow reinforce in he’s G now well there’s another mcpr there oh yeah might stick with the M13 after

All well it’s this one you’re talking about which looks pretty I’ll take that one okay he disappeared scavenger here to in your area Maring their last this is crazy we just spawned in they may have already scavenged you think any of these guys were the dude from TV they just parachuted

Maybe have been that oh you don’t have a self revive do you I’m sure some of these body had it if not we can buy it from the the scavenger button oh I need a disguise don’t I I can’t you there yeah keep going muted no I was just reading the chat

Oh Where is the scav requ near location where’s that that’s in the city now so we have to go there next okay I found this guy I found thisy oh there is ultra one one the scavenger has been eliminated securing equipment in the area I got the the three plate I’m sorry

Not the three PL the UAV okay The Plea is gone so he would have backed out or maybe they’re a platoon I have to take care of that interesting you ready yeah are there any self revives anywhere oh right got a pistol oh revive pistol it was like in the middle of

Where the by station is essentially between the two highrises okay so above presumably but not necessarily it could have been below I just be sitting up on the highrise I saw a snipe going from the from probably highrise I didn’t see him shoot but I saw the projection of it the trajectory

Of it and one’s going up right now I see him up on the zip I’m not going to engage him though cont on his take it if you want I’m too late broke one up on highrise okay I’m distract from the other side if you want

That’s good I’ll try to be sneaky I wish I had a like a SMG or something that’s a backup oh he’s ping down why would he do that ah he’s one shot man I got a hit marker he’s really far now unfortun I was repelling one he’s

Parachuting all right he’s gone let me see if anyone else is up here one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming I think he was it suppose we can let him go although I hear more shots is that you no best spawn clear should I get the hunt yeah I think

So is War Zone 3 tomorrow I don’t think it’s tomorrow it’s Wednesday War Zone 3 is Wednesday I can’t believe you can break people in this game spr adise you stay together and then you can break people break people oh like break their armor yeah yeah I see the over there

Jeez what you like torturing them mik him sofa where’s he going to go hopefully closer to us oh is he taking a a pit stop he is multiple okay maybe I’ll save the Hunt is he leaving his buddy or did he get back in the car broke one it’s three they’re now driving

Away keep marking if you can going towards Ron oil there taking a left now so they’ll they’ll be coming towards you yeah they’re right next to you yeah you might want to come did they stop yeah I’m coming I got one good they still in the car or did they

Yeah I got got them all except for one wa you got them all he’s driving away I see I see maybe I can intercept him now oh he’s he’s coming back who is he oh I fell there’s another is down you are taking effective Ultra one aad is down you taking a

Platoon was a three your body still yeah he’s right on my [Applause] body I think it’s a whole different team maybe actually no he got me wow get the bass P what was it the M13 C I’ve not used that gun in a long time I know I’m sorry it’s my fault jeez

Man we are not doing well had a good start but I’m burning through my cash right now big time I said that was going to happen as soon as he brought 8K in the first game you ready yeah skill issue oh it’s absolutely a skill issue no deny you have shotgun that

Round or no no I do now though I do now anxious thank you for the $5 I think I missed that one uh but anxious says W chat onic the more you un alive the closer to my caliber you are are keep it going and you’ll be big baby oh baby oh

Baby but yeah I skipped so I couldn’t see how many kills we had gotten back to the shorty indeed that was a good effort first game let’s go I know right first game how’s your day not bad Kelly I wouldn’t mind X filling a few a few

Times here during the stream but not bad other than that the m3c is literally technically the best AR except horrible recoil and bullet velocity oh really H Jeremy says glad I found your channel I’m glad you found it too at last we could be together Chris says nobody makes onic bleed his

Own blood that’s because I don’t have any blood thoughts on a mission wipe this week I don’t think they’re going to do it but I hope they do they didn’t mention anything about one it would be nice if they were to it could also be a bad think cuz I

Know there are a lot of people who have been slowly progressing and they would maybe even quit DMC if like you know they make all this progress only to get wiped helicopter and a station and a hunt a little bit of everything there will be another team to

The right though okay be tough to fight without a sniper and without plates yes we both don’t have snipers so let’s go at the very least get armor oh there’s a guy going up already going up the control tower yeah okay there he is in the truck a station here [Applause]

Are you all still playing MW2 well War Zone 3 is not out yet is it should we just fly over to them you want oh right here on the roof loation Al oh man I ran out of Mouse yeah he was somebody s a friend request or an

Invite we got snipers now or a sniper you want it you take it I suppose not the best place to park the chopper oh high explosive wait that’s behind behind over there no kidding yeah yeah good night humza have a good night oh is that a player

Shoot trying I down went down trying to my what a meanie good man it’s Bots just H up with You he was on the balcony right off the roof yeah there’s also a team over here enemy okay like really close uh not that close 200 me away care I don’t know what this guy is is that you running yeah vehicle coming to us okay broke him got him nice barely sniped at

From another Bike I’ve got the break on this one you got out you got out yep he’s in here I imagine the other one probably had a South I’m going to chot from behind shoot smoke smoke smoke smoke he got me Po a bot didn’t know he did hold on another smoke for

You yeah I’m so dead I was trapped man I I don’t not know what’s going on has increased in the are keep your open ah for that looks so weird I hate high explosive yeah everyone’s here man I actually have to like know how to aim with high explosives Dude I can’t with this oh darn it I used all my smoke grenades unlucky well we are sucking let me tell you ring out of guns there goes my wallet unbelievable what’s going on today I don’t know AMR at least we’re not dying instantly despite the last

Game we’re making it far and then we’re dying cuz we had one stream what was it I titled at getting wrecked in DMZ where I was dying just instantly every fight I got into death I say switch up the map but Bic or bronic I don’t think I don’t know how

Bronic feels about the other Maps but I can’t stand them I’ve gotten really barded of Asik and and vondo you going to play GTA 6 in the future I’m sure I’ll try it maybe make a few videos I don’t know but I’ve never been crazy about GTA we’ll

See s thank you for the Dono she says definitely does not look like DMZ is dead step it up boys Focus up you’re both you both are on one not right now we are yeah it’s not that’s what I’ve been saying it’s not going to die instantly like a lot of people are

Overreacting saying it’s dead no one’s going to play it any anymore and that’s true eventually but not right away it’s not going to happen overnight obviously War Zone 3 hasn’t come out still that’s on Wednesday we’ll see what DMZ looks like after we’ll we’ll say next week we’ll

See what DMZ looks like next week I do expect a decent decline in the DMZ player base when War Zone 3 comes out not enough to say it’s dead I think a lot of people will still be bling it I hope a lot of people still play it resistance from local forces and

Watch the all right dude I have no gun you have to carry me I’m out of all my guns pretty much except for like some shotguns here take this I just couldn’t be bothered to bring oh thanks you’re welcome that’s so nice of you I think you’re muted by the way

Oh I am you’re right all right well by station would be ideal we can go behind us I suppose how much more money do you have dude so much I think like another 500 Grand but I’ve I went from a million to 500 so we’ve we emptied half of my wallet

Halfway there let’s go Ultra with a doo well then get on one I will try CID I will try thank you DMC isn’t dead but sweaty AF I expect it to get less sweaty when War Zone 3 comes out the only thing which I didn’t talk about in my stream when we

Were talking about the future of DMC I didn’t even think about it I’m going go down here we’re good uh What I didn’t consider is that because the game isn’t getting any more support that means they’re not going to be updating the anti-che which means it’s going to be easier to cheat which

Means they’re going to be a lot more hackers which could plag the game we’ll see what happens hopefully not but if cheating doesn’t become rampant then I think parachute see coming over here I think uh DMC will get a little bit more friendly with the release of War Zone 3 it’s my

Guess not as sweaty you good yeah you have any extra plates I can buy more you didn’t bring any money either Aome vehicle you just going after it yeah of course I’m just going to follow it you see eny I’m following it dude oh he got off he got off damage the he’s in my building right behind me I think oh my gosh I was trying to be cool execute him

And almost got me killed at least he didn’t die from Fall damage no advised an operator in your area needs medical but I did get a plate bu for you gosh so many Bots come on guys easy one dead Dr locations to speed up weapon recovery all right welcome back here’s a

Threo where’s the threo what the heck where’ I drop it there it is this guy’s body no it’s behind oh also can I my sniper back yeah got a weapon here go thank you do you need ammo no it’s okay I do actually see this gu any

Asking for yourself huh I have no I wasn’t I was asking for you so do I pick me up I can help you what happened here well he was uh going to do that dead drop mission for the submarine icons happen know where came the ninja

Then the ninja man came ninja man a ninja man where’s nin fight I oh no he was he looked like your buddy right there this guy the bushw are you saying that are youing that on killed you I bet he did pretty quickly by the way it didn’t take much time I was

Trying to execute you but it didn’t work did you hear me like what happened you piic me up we really got didn’t we did you notice that I was parachuting above you for like 30 minutes yeah I heard well I heard it I heard it yeah it was fun di from Fall damage

A yeah so I was doing I’ll help you guys whatever you want I was doing the Dead Drop and then over to the submarine and we can help you with that too we were just kind of regaining yeah which you need to do now just get cuz we kind of

Yeah that’s that’s the uh that’s the that’s how you pay for the plx yes the Plex exactly so yeah so I’m going to go but there’s only one uh Beacon up there so I was going to just grab it and let me see if I can grab one too

Maybe I think sometimes if you have teammates know it I’ll watch you guys do the mission is at the top here yeah it’s like right next to the bu station Ultra one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming I can buy you two plate though were you were you on a team by the way

No no I just doing a solo because this Mission takes forever drag two other people oh like you’re do now exactly I’m just kidding well I’ll help you guys out I mean I kind of blew my opportunity oh no you already helped us out very helpful yeah I usually get the try and

Get the medic V I’m always dying I can’t get it or if I’m playing with people I need to you know revive them quickly before I get killed like can about to yeah I usually have to rock the medic Fest cuz on this guy on over

Here dies a lot I do it’s true he’s always having to revive me better now but not today or at least not this rid where’s the submarine it’s it’s in heed Port it’s uh on yellow ping exactly so we can grab a car and go there if You’

Like yeah that’ be awesome over here you plates or anything or I said I’d buy you two plate there’s a d plate here’s some plates need any more by plent more in N seven here’s another nine at least I will still them operator is your

Requ do we check that out see if we can get your again whoa I don’t die the Bots that is how dude this gu hurt yeah they do Nikki thank you for the doo you’re the man otic but all this dying is for the pur thank you for being a good

Person thank you Nicki I appreciate the kind words but we’re dying I don’t think I’ve died yet today good one of you Gamers marked the uh flea yeah I can’t see it anymore it is right here I see players on the buildings you mark the there he is Oneish down another right there if you can get that finish tagged him finished nicely done just one more presumably at least unless it’s a platoon oh you see me oh yeah it’s a platoon it’s four down that guy beautiful I’ll start pushing there’s going to be another

There too be on the lookout I see I see him one be advised an operator in gu is not up yet I don’t think be advised operators will put a bounty on your the other guy should be down over here now see get up don’t tell me anic killed you too

Hello hey bro what’s up dude on I appreciate it I can barely hear you by the way right now all here let me give this to you very quick take this Yay your location yeah that wasy shoot hey how’s it going man what’s up so what happened here what happened here D let let’s talk about this uh I oh precision air strike precision air strike it’s not a oh my God no it’s like three or four teams

Here bro really yeah three or four teams who did that well it’s a good thing I have a UAV there he is the gas station unbelievable man I have another UAV here oh nice save that one I see him running away tagged him broke him missed him missed him he’s

Gone anyway so what happened there five of you guys another UAV here’s a comest bronic if you want that please we I’m the one on top of the roof when I saw when you down me I told the guys don’t shoot theic so wait is that why we won cuz

Your team wasn’t shooting cuz you told them not to yeah like oh no YouTuber on it and he was like really I got to try that oh my gosh that’s just too funny it was you the boss that recognized me first that’s funny boss killer are you you’re the one on the

Roof or yeah before before we do any of this I think I know what you’re going to do before we do this shouldn’t we make it a little bit a little more fair what do you mean you know like a I don’t know trivia trivia I

Mean oh no we we play together bro oh you play together so you don’t want to you don’t want to join that’s fair we that is respect that’s respect watch yeah we got yeah it’s okay he he is’s going to miss every single shot but uh

This guy onic here he left me for dead he joined a platoon and left just go back to the lobby so I respect I respect you a Lot ice sh did I break him I got the break sound effect yeah yeah yeah that here are you guys streaming right now yeah yeah you’re on stream right now dude hey Marcus I’m going to tell my son my son is the one that hook me up with this game Mar

Marcus open the stream on anik I’m dead right there that’s awesome oh my go feel good hey dude pick me up pick me you want to be picked up now do you what happen to what happened to respecting your teammates and staying as a teamer Joker I heard a joker yeah

Joker from Observatory go ahead goad B up oh okay we’ll pick you up in a second I down him I down him down that’s just too funny this is for Marcus so they’re actually streaming let me just make sure this is him that is just funny

Open you are what’s up oh my God where do you guys YouTube yeah YouTube sweet man I just down another GG boys yeah just 01c on YouTube going push these guys up here oh I need to grab an AR that’s what I need to do hold on shoo at

Me I’m just going to go kill these guys have fun though okay do you have a UAV yep I’m getting sniped um I do I do okay I do too I’m going to call mine and you can save yours all those Tri plat just disappear all those what the trip plates do you

Need some or no you mean the the vest a vest yeah okay well I got shot from behind we’re sandwich oh my go dude thank you guys this is oh it’s a heavy Chopper what for my son we got a heavy Chopper this guy what is going on down him

Where are you seeing those in the sky there’s a heavy Chopper let me ping it oh these guys left did they you think they’re the ones in the heavy Chopper maybe from the heavy Chopper that was from the heavy Chopper too or that might have been

Elsewhere right here oh I see I see a team on me actually yeah yeah four ping or oh yeah down them I can’t get the finish at the moment okay oh never mind he had that was are really good or it’s a yeah we got players in AI will put a

Contract on your head engage your discre he’s in the car now the Hummer Yeah I broke him is he coming towards me or just driving away way driving Down he wasn’t doing the animation for herself and kind of sucks he got out did he proba to heal up there he is back in just driving away found him oh okay I won’t be able to get the Finish either though well maybe he doesn’t have another

Self I’m not seeing them yeah they’re far I think it was like multiple teams I think he’s in the water maybe no he’s dead he’s dead he’s dead nice yeah hey what’s up dude you got what you have our shoes open or our streams one stream oh I’m

Going to get killed by the Bots Y what that snipe though that was pretty gnarly wasn’t it what’s he saying there was like that wasn’t Cho was it no no no no no boss oh boss come here over here boss what here you [Applause] go thank you very much you’re

Welcome I did see more shots in the city however we also need to help blue with his mission beinged eny Oh no you’re good dude I love you more he said he was watching an old stream oh yeah you going to stay here or for each other all

Right where’s this heavy Chopper I’m very ined in this the down they’re up in the tower yeah they’re no they’re up in the helicopter right now yeah look at that you got revived we’re level two Threat by the way and here they come here they come yeah here they come here they

Come this is insane take the H take the hmer take the hmer we’re going to okay let’s go oh no they’re actually not leaving they’re right there got snipers by Observatory like somewhere here I saw I’m off all right I’ll get on get get on all right go go you chasing

Him did just blow me up I don’t I know what’s going on right now Ultra one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming crazy great game though dude what is going on I don’t know where you getting sniped from I don’t see them anymore we’re just going to go for the rest super

Quick dude he was tell me to get on the LT so I got on and then he blew up the LT point I hear where the I see him down him I hear another car now player you don’t have a self revive oh that’s cool here he comes I missed the part but

That’s my problem found him where is it going yeah I’m coming never mind you got him yeah getting Jo hop out we’re getting Joker dude this is intense man what the heck it’s just nonstop is it the heavy Chopper or I don’t see it what you say the

Highrise okay oh we’re still getting hunted or is that the Bots actual to one wind are picking up in the AO adise you get to ex yeah they’re everywhere man they just keep coming oh yeah we got the hunt on us yeah all right let’s see red Tower great Tower a sorry there’s heavy Chopper I watch your YouTube oh thanks I see we need a chopper that’s the only way we get them where is one you see any got BS right uh it’s driving pretty slow too bad you can’t buy choppers that would have been nice yeah there’s no no

Way there’s really nowhere to get these dudes broke one nice well maybe down buy a turet oh I got snip choer oh my God the Cho is back yeah they sure are trying to Joker us pistol round broke one again down one are they thr moloto I think they are

Crazy we just have to shoot this thing down basically oh I have a bomb drone should I oh try yeah try here cover me just get in the building I am we can you mark the helicop I can’t see when I’m flying out there okay cool they might be flying away here I

Come here I come no way this works I’m still in this house I I think I broke his armor it works of am I not hit this dude I have another bomb if you want to try it out oh yeah tryy footage can try

It you want me to do it well you have to down them that might be the stream can look okay okay here I mean they’re just going to revive after well if we if you down and then I finish him it’ll be a little bit trickier I suppose

Yeah here he come Dr what happened I don’t know you you deploy it yeah I deployed it okay okay I’ll try down you have to down them although they are going away which could be ah no it’s just too fast they’re going to go to the gas station

Where where where I don’t know somewhere down here maybe here yeah yeah yeah try and parachute there if you can my bomb drone will not make it unfortunately on parachute I can get one yeah it’s kind of tough to land that too broke one nice I’m coming

Too I try to get in yeah that’s what I want to do I I’m tagging the pilot Pilot’s taged he doesn’t have any armoring ex oh what what the freak killed me what I you fell you fell that is insane I had it dude I genuinely had it the

Chopper blade somehow killed me no Kidd I would have killed them no problem thank goodness I fell at least dude the the pilot has no armor though neither of them do I really want to kill these guys I had it I would have gotten them no problem that’s it he’s going

Down oh my vest is there though and my guns what dude I lost all my gear that is actually insane that is some Next Level BS oh my goodness dude I was on it I was about to shoot moving here unbelievable that’s where I need to go way over

There yeah I was on the chopper and somehow the chopper killed me I’m going to drive over here I would have killed them you don’t have anything now might want to Lo those guys I don’t even know who to loot I’m going have to go all the way back there the vests are

Gone at least my body fell but we could use the amra maybe they they parked it dude they parked it at another gas station presumably know I’m going to get in okay oh there’s a car driving by I don’t know if that’s players no no a red car

It could have been players I don’t know oh they’re out of fuel yeah this must be them dude they’re right by me y y That’s them right there in sugest the airport maybe not I think it was a different look like a different skin I know they have a group and a guy

With red and black actually do about to use my UAV is my vest on the chopper at all or you think they picked it up know I don’t think I didn’t see it but I was I wasn’t looking either find a car is there an xfill somewhere they could be going to the

Xfill I got I think I got a near me marker ah Okay I’ll go to the chopper Ultra one enemy is modate near your location and appears to be no gear one that they’re all going to have plates now myag was on there reses is there a hunt we can do what if we find heavy Chopper fuel oh you have

Another vest oh I see shots I see shots Legend nice there shots over X filling Xing H that’s what I was afraid of at Al sharim uh I think so they went to buy it I think they’re at the xfill yeah at least I still have a three point I can work with

That yeah they we’re going to leave darn is there a hunt we can do there is guys want to do a hunt oh no we still have to go to HED port for um for blue we never did that yeah if you if you want to do

Have time to go over there and yeah we can do that super quick we got five minutes thir call I’m having a great time just doing this I can do that again we have to go back for Boss anyways me next time next game you Ninja chop me again let’s

Pick up boss and then then we can go to HED Port help blue with his mission I’m genuinely salty that the chopper killed me cuz that would have been perfect yeah I don’t believe it you’re going the wrong way by the way where am I going again I feed Port we

Can have to get another car refuel we have enough oh we don’t have enough for a don’t have enough for a personal the warlord Al pyro is make it dude we might not make it unfortunately we go to have feed so maybe we have to abandon that I’m going to go take this

Bike grab the hunt all right fin is going to be airport right yeah final will be most likely airport correct ISB at this time guy shot at me what what guy Grenada frag grab you got it AC also thank you all for 500 likes I get to thank you for that yet there’s

Final you stay together taking effective fire throwing grenade I can’t believe I lost everything though Zero to Hero to zero kind of huh great oh we got players guys there you go no no way I’m no way oh my God oh my God my Wow D I’m I keep over banding too you see this no I remember Bing like crazy one of our tags their location mared on your T how many are there three at least I killed one but they would have revived him by Now there shrikes there maybe come here oh [ __ ] he snip get 30 seconds push we got 23 seconds right here com oh there were four down he’s down at least you took some of them with you get the other guy get the other guy you got 5 Seconds 5

Seconds there’s 5 Seconds good game guys sorry no I don’t thank you guys tell marus I say Hi boss none of them made itone of them made oh none of them made it they all fell off did you hear that go personal oh [ __ ] that’s it you guys are staying

Behind no one made it how many opera kills you all right guys it was a pleasure meeting you seven have a good one more have a great night yeah you too take care GG’s guys GG’s dude the game ruined it for me cuz it took all my plates I didn’t have full

Plates despite having a three plate I didn’t have money I didn’t have my gun ah yeah the game was rubber banding you yeah I lost like 10 seconds doing that well at least I got my guns back from the insured weapon slots that makes one of us yeah

I’m so salty about the chopper and did you see what happened at all no let me rewind I can I can just pull it up I’ll do an instant replay you can just search for a match I guess yeah I’ll just do that I’m bringing no guns all right who’s ready for the

Instant replay all right watch My Stream all right right here look at this look how perfect this is I’m next to it I get on I’m on dead the chopper got me I would have killed them cuz these guys didn’t have plates and there were only

Two of them one guy wasn’t even paying attention killed him yeah I guess cuz I was at an angle I don’t know but still that’s what ruined the game cuz first of all those guys would have died like there’s no way I was losing that this dude didn’t have plates I

Would have killed him his Pilot didn’t have plates but his Pilot would be defenseless you’d have to kind of get out of the pilot seat no I didn’t get shot I didn’t get shot I um he he shoots me afterwards it’s 100% the chopper that K killed instantly there’s like no take damage

Right the icon to the right is him finishing me cuz he finishes me here right here right that’s why it says that he shot me but you can see it says the chopper got me I got killed by the chopper 300 damage or whatever from the chopper I pause

It yeah right here damage 300 one hit and then this guy just finished me that would have been sick I know we would have freaking dominated the lobby after that oh well but Eevee thank you thank you for a gifted thank you for the gifted Eevee

Anded with the $10 you have not won a single match with that skin change it # cursed operator oh but I’m stubborn you seec to I’m very stubborn stonic stonic I change this now I guess vehicle should start my thing all right by station if it wasn’t obvious enough yeah the Train the

Helicopters the cars it’s funny cuz ever since I was a kid I’ve never liked Vehicles like I remember you like race cars for a little bit right a little bit a little bit but I’m I’m say okay maybe a little bit older when I was like 12 or

13 like when I was doing the Call of Duty missions or the battlefield missions I hated it when I had to do like a tank Mission or a jet Mission or anything involving a vehicle I just could not wait for the mission to [Applause] end you just go to death spawn you know

What I’m going to grab actually a the sniper over here yeah good call and the gun the scar yeah guess both are guns you might need to help me though if they’re Bots cuz I don’t have anything oh okay there are Bots a lot of them okay

I’m coming and the high value Target oh that’s good we can buy even more PLS how does a shotgun do against tier three Bots yeah not very well keep crawling away if you can uh grenade oh that was a wanted Los Alo sario there was an active bounty on his head it’s yours

Now me check fire check [Applause] fire yeah it’s a big wallet bleed today we’re losing everything Jonathan says just finished cooking dinner and feeding my son and I after that I looked at my phone on the counter 10 fet away the dining table and my first site was of a dislike on the

Stream I didn’t do it what that is unacceptable dang unbelievable that’s actually really but yeah don’t forget to leave a like if you’re enjoying the stream a dislike if you’re not okay ready that’s f f you said I guess so we just driving there yeah why

Not I can think of a lot of reasons why Not name one we could die RG take cover another an RPG name another one you could die your location have fun did you give me a sec here oh gosh not again okay sorry somehow it smells even worse in the game hello you’re just like hello there’s a

Trap that’s a trap there’s a trap maybe that’ll make him come back possibly or they just think that the timer expired maybe you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming but they Demag me they wouldn’t tell them they armor or that it was a bot that’s right the bot triggered

It you see him the oh he’s on our building no first floor oh yeah next to your building was he going up the stairs you think he I don’t know he I saw one I saw one got him he had tempered vest oh I got shotgun on me dude it’s a

Rat where’ you got where’d you kill the dude outside careful he’s got the 725 I got I hear the footstep all right all right I’ll be quiet when to the wrong door well they know they fly now there he is that was the one that killed

Me why’d you smoke his oh you have this okay advised in operator in your area try grabbing my three plot at the very least oh he took his no he didn’t he can take his now nice I forget your plate up though I don’t have any PLS oh well there was

He try to throwing knife you trying to do something yeah I’m afraid the third might be Reviving I’m I’m oh well I got stuck on the freaking lad dude hey got stuck on the right enough chirping out of you damn dude today’s not our day well if you didn’t keep dying first

I mean dude I that one there was nothing I could have done I just happen to go into the wrong room while I was trying to Plate up little I could do well you ready to keep going I gu break the curse hopefully buddy thank you for the gift dude thank you

Buddy I’ve almost lost all my money this is insanity Team Rocket thank you for the four months the next match is yours that’s what people have been telling me this whole stream that sucks man time for isika I refuse I refuse thank you all for 700 likes now we’ve just hit

700 you guys we get everything in more back in this round I sure hope so and then ingi with a five months onik versus heli who will win not me we don’t even know where to begin with with the vehicles around you there is no hope with them near you do

Not drop the soap oh boy the poet has returned and then Josh with the four months spawn die spawn die spawn die story of my DMZ career that is true there is a lot of spawning and dying in DMZ happens to the best of us thank you Josh for the four

Months Onyx scared of vondal in Building 21 I mean can you blame me with all those Bots I have I don’t know man I have nightmares of those Bots I’ll wake up drenched and sweat and the only thing I can think of is the The Building 21 in Bondo boss

That just destroyed me in my dream is it true that they’re putting XO choppers on war zone I don’t know I heard something like that cited with the $5 # cursed operator but loving bronic sassiness well I have to break the curse I have to my sassiness I’m just uh I’m just saying

The truth or you being sassy was that you being sassy I’m a truth teller no no I’m a truth teller I I say the facts the facts are you keep dying first have we have we yet to see you and bronic try building the 21 together I

Think we did it once he doesn’t like it he he just likes it more than I do see the problem Building 21 for me is that my favorite part of this game is sniping so yeah yes all right death spawn yeah let’s do it I have only but a sniper just but a

Sniper Today’s death count five I don’t know about that it’s got to be Seven oh wow where was that from no idea oh I see the building over here the gray cylinder my God smoke smoke try I’m trying smoke I in front of you CH come back I’m going to challenge this guy I’m him watch out for ammo building too yeah

Ammo building’s on the roof all right I’m out do we fight ammo first ammo building you said yeah I saw him on the Roof oh and this building here what in the blazes all right I’m going to ammo building need to get more smokes careful of gray cylinder yep I

Have a three plate so weird flx but okay well I mean I can’t get one shot got to throw knif we’re going to be okay yeah he’s right above us you hear him he’s sending a friend request not my watch see him yeah will a on

Your I didn’t have too much does he have any gun he does have a gun yeah you can take a gun did I see someone oh y below our building below outside right here were you died roughly or you killed the guy well I’m certainly not picking you

Up now you want me to translate said that favorite YouTuber oh yeah there’s sniper yeah oh you saw him the out he’s got a three PL be advised I should bought more points I hear footsteps I see him green yep see running away or U the and I swear I heard footsteps though

Try Z yeah there’s someone talking by me what Z two people oh what was that there might be a guy in my building maybe in yours I don’t see anything did you know if there’s a trip wire in my building there could be does it sound like you maybe diffused it oh

Maybe yeah he’s right below me I hear him okay oh no you broke the glass I did yeah I got people in my building for sure though oh never mind hes deoy the bomb drone bomb drone one’s clb yeah oh in my building dang I lit him up confirm too

Many of those will put a bounty contract on your head his traps though B Drone got got him dude I love that one of most underrated guns for sure you good there yeah so far at least this thing just melts people this guy did not get picked up they’re gone okay

Cool you should have seen that man yeah I heard like I heard him I turned F at him just just finished him man yes I obliterated him obliterated him you won now I got a stealth vest for you I have a stealth vest okay for myself I have a

Large bag for you I have a large bag for myself okay you want to try that again oh parachute uh right here I have a secure bag for you no parachute parachute parachute no more joking around when their peeps bro I got a self revive as well getting as well where

From right here here all right I’m coming I’m coming give me a moment got one but I’m getting sniped at still okay Ultra one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming oh the trees are on the way one enemy is location I got sniped from somewhere maybe highrise maybe the tower

Buildings your team James Bond really wants to be on my team your team friend did he just like roast us okay he’s getting annoying now oh it’s behind dude maybe high-rise those are the guys that were sniping you maybe that’s where I got sniped yeah yeah two two from there yeah tagged

One you’re zero HP right now for me yeah they’re highrise for sure Yeah tagged one wow hit marker say High Velocity yes uh level up this Vector real quick put some attachments on how is that not a Down would you like a secure bag though um that’s okay oh I got sniped big time I don’t know if that was highrise again if it was good shot cuz I was moving Moving W these guys they probably have the Raptor scope if I had to guess here’s a secure bag I don’t think I want it all right I probably won’t use it either but oh here’s a self-revive have that you do wow am I getting these hit markers that’s

Annoying oh jeez he scar me just try out this gun all right let’s get let’s get these guys they still Beacon they were a second ago but not right now you think they left maybe get plates possibly there is a dude I killed next to us by the

Way right here yeah I was that’s where I thought they were going to be sniping from at first let me check if he got picked up some mysterious teammate now he’s left one your squad is scattered moved up here did they is this the last DMZ stream no we’ll be

Streaming it again tomorrow probably and then after that we might take a little break from DMZ because we got a bunch of new content a lot of War Zone 3 streams I might mostly stream War Zone 3 um at least this next week and then perhaps make make videos on other games

Cuz a lot of games are getting content and we may play some DMC in between that or I will just revisit it once I’ve made all the war zone content that I want to yeah the day before is another game I want to check out pubg is

Getting an update tarov Arena I think is coming out there’s a lot one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming we’ve got a hit on a heavily armored Target with a weapons case their last known position engage at your discretion guy from before yeah man if he hadn’t called

Me the bad names maybe maybe I would pick him up let me actually do this vehicle yeah these guys might still be sniping no kidding I think I heard a snipe yeah they’re still up there I see them okay oh they’re they’re going to see me in a second’s jump

Down I can’t help you right now I want to make sure that I’m clear here I’m good you see where he went yeah I’m on him operators will put a contract engage your discretion thank youer requ that there were for sure two dudes sniping at us right increased activity in the area stay

Sharp uh nothing much just uh killing people who were sniping at us oh I got sniped at yeah yeah how about you how are you doing how are you doing go on shoot again nice you know where it was from nope I’m guessing somewhere to the

Northwest cuz that’s oh I see a truck that’s probably we B though he’s not leaving uh no he pleaded and he was talking to his friend saying that they’re chasing me or chasing him well I’m not entirely sure where I got sniped from oh shots down at the gas

Station okay coming up real quick that’s probably where they are then oh sho got me I see him right this Building broke him nice is see at the top or yep yep he’s like peeking this door he’s going in and out a small one right there yeah right my marker he’s out he’s out he’s out oh yeah yeah and he there we go thanks guys you say thanks

Guys oh I never played good call one be advised an operator in your area needs medical Ultra one you’ve got hostile reinforcements incoming all right loc Speed ooh possibly just got sniped that’s you never gets old yeah they’re not leaving acity yeah I’m down I see a team oh all right far away try to L them over here oh they just revive right here by me the guy that you first killed yeah yeah going up the

Stairs you shooting at them Yeah I broke him you one killing operators will put a contract engage your discre medic start shooting at you by accident where’s that team that drove by RS other coms medic vest guess I don’t need the coms do I don’t mind the heavy Chopper

Fuel the other team I never got to see they’re just driving along this road over here okaying or we can grab the Hun one ual your inel confirms an enemy team aced High we’ve been tasked with securing it location are marked on your M I guess we could just take

This yeah if we had to like I said you will get everything back and more well the raid’s not quite over is the curse broken it’s possible not NE say we we lasted a long time in the other raids too but we just di the end or at some point oh that b

What are these guys doing sticking around there I guess haven’t moved all that much what are my thoughts on the GTA 6 trailer I’ve not really seen it yet but happy that it’s coming out I know a lot of people like GTA flip thank you for the raid thank

You flip welcome to all flip his viewers oh sniper up in the tower really I see him I’m getting off I can’t put this gun away time them up there okay they airri parachuted one did not broke the one up there down him nice down he goes that’s that’s we

Need time good work pay transfering now sh to yeah that’s where he kind of parachuted off too Bots are giving you away just after Him Ultra one a squ down you are taking eff is that really close to you or yeah yeah he’s on the building what Building this one I have a medic vest on me too got hostile reinforcements incoming which building you see him you see him I do yellow ping yeah yeah yellow ping like right here to be as accurate as possible that’s a bot no he was I know but he was right there

There he is yeah crap behind too he didn’t get res did he the guy that I Downed girl behind you I know you see anyone one thing you can do if you want you can cluster strike that guy and smoke and revive with your med vest I could but if you want Ultra one activity is increasing near your location stay alert wait thought the dude the Bots

Man enemy Kia welcome backk you that’s a bot right [Applause] good this guy could have gotten revived yeah he probably [Applause] did I see him he just got revived now the timing on that dude going get the finish this M13 is pretty bouncy oh to my left my

Left he’s Reviving no right next to him ni done Jes that was close this M3 is not very good got you got the other yeah nice we had a battle rage and revive pistols if you want those trying to see if this other gu is going to push us or not Mhm uh vehicle here moving buggy found him Nice Shot dude that was not the dude though the guy I was shooting at had a Gil suit what is that you see that what or is it just me your location requ body that’s like climbing the that was crazy

I didn’t see it a body was climbing these rocks that guy was a solo I feel bad it’s possible but when you’re driving I think it’s fair play solo or not it’s just it’s fun it’s a harder shot it’s good target practice Yeah you pull it off it looks cool

Garett asks so what is your opinion on people that use third party aim assists like Kronos Sun I think it’s very scummy and that they should not be using it anyone who cheats in games is is just a scumbag like full disrespect radiation ising through the

Ad the mean way in the meanest in the meanest way possible you’re I got sniped where from behind me West think it was close or far I heard the shot so close enough for me to hear it but I it was a snipe so it could be a little ways off

I see some shots down there oh see him he scared me no no but there shots a whole bunch of shots over there moving here might as well check it out I guess no way I was sniped from that far away though I swear I heard shot disappeared no I

Didn’t I can do that now do that yeah I mean we know the giveway suit dude still up so um the bodies are still there but I also don’t want to just Camp the bodies that is not fun you see anything not yet I do see a vehicle yeah but it’s still

Yeah all right I’m going to be a risky boy and climb this Tower again see if I can bait a shot be on the lookout for a snipe UAV UAV Tower was so far so good oh I see them they’re the boat the dudes that you were chasing yeah whatever happened to the

Dude on the multiple at least two platoon platoon they’re on like the the Shipwreck the Shipwreck okay I’m coming one your squad is separated suggest you stick together do they see you yeah they’re chasing me there are two in front of me actually who don’t have no

Idea that I’m like right behind them okay oh no they don’t know okay I’m quite a ways off so don’t expect too much support from me quite yet low your one pushing you here I can’t ping him but careful he’s just run side your building

He in my building uh sorry you were on a different one he was in this one here there two on me two right on me okay I’m coming I’m coming out of plates was that one there I’m out of PL I’m out plat run run run I got you

Covered you have smoke grenades that was a terrible throw that was awful that that hurt me more than it more than anything okay do you have any plays too by way yeah I’ve got some I think they called U you have a stealth yeah put on your stealth broke one

Here can’t finish oh break again you BLS broke them again yeah there you go I don’t actually have a ton oh I with that man oh left left left one so far away so I just ran out to go rush them again get the confirms so that’s three

Yeah unless they revived so I I had downed someone further back here I just saw someone dolphin diving be behind that cran or the cargo container I don’t know why I down the default skin I never got the Finish that’s the guy initially killed pistol you guys have plats for us

No I think there’s another dude dolphin diving over to pick him up got him nice you got default skin or Red Cloak Red Cloak you chasing him I killed him oh on me get him oh yeah I don’t this guy this guy wasn’t very good no you want to pick him up he

Pistol oh he does okay take these guys though byebye we we revived your teammate so we can pick you guys up thank d as soon as I had a one V one that guy I was like oh man take the best though in case it became a problem we can buy some plates

Oh I like how because that one dude was new two and minutes too by the way oh I just oh holy yeah let’s just go Absol is inbound at this time these guys despawned all right let’s go oh my gosh this view oh my goodness what I don’t want to look but I

Also can’t look away the Bulge dude oh my goodness Ultra one Dino we’re approaching the the LZ get it secure why does it smell so good too what are you doing down there what theill what are you doing there we get SED out yeah maybe do you need

Plates oh man I’ve only got three spare we might run into that team that we were fighting earlier this is true is that a oh they’re getting shot dude oh right in front of us yeah yeah yeah oh that’s that car is that’s a player car right yeah it is

It is it is you’re right it can’t be the people we just revived can it I doubt it but one of them does have a default skin I won’t say that much okay it might be how’ they get in front of us ult one enemy threat appears low in this area taged

Him I think it’s them [ __ ] are they trying to go to the complex maybe maybe we let them be for now okay I didn’t see a Red Cloak though that’s the only thing advised enemy attack oh Noy attack one acity has increased in the area keep

Your open all right here the ples if you want to come in come in here um only two unfortunately but better than zero yeah check for the bush you’re right my my special spot my hiding spot right there look at it dude that’s my home the bush down there yeah yeah I

Remember yeah so those guys went the complex curse broken it’s been done Wow we got an xville we actually did it it only took 3 hours no way has it been 3 hours it’s been 3 hours dude that’s that’s that’s not good I know I got nine kills and it appears I may not have been recording possibly I got eight

Kills yes I was not recording that oh well sucks to suck well that just means we can have some more fun does it I need to make some money back dude oh baby oh baby bu but how much long you stream for I don’t know I got a a little bit more me

Why are you tired no not oh he’s not I am kind of tired but I feel like my my gaming abilities aren’t tired right now even though we were sucking to I’m down to keep going till we die or something like that unless we just never die well

Unless we get yeah we we’ll go until we get 10 XEL streaks or we die deal s thank you for the doto took you long enough it sure did that was a great first round it was it was let me get some water all right Empire seconds that too B I wasn’t

Recording that one oh well thank you for 800 likes we just hit 800 thank you all and I had sushi yesterday and I’m kind of in sushi mode again or mood not mode mood I would not mind some sushi about your Rising abilities sponic yeah what about your Rising AB

Abilities he’s going to RIS up some water right now oh D you had sushi for dinner tonight nice door Dash no I went to a restaurant I don’t like door dashing Sushi like when it comes to Sushi I’d like to be at the actual establishment other food I’m okay with

Door Dash you know Pizza Burgers burritos past I also prefer to be at the establishment had some good pasta the other night too with some friends got Bon out it was homemade pasta very good oh that that was great dud you like that one yeah kind of want to go

Back you could go to night if you want course night too soon can you hear me um sorry yeah I don’t know we could someone watch The Hunger Games then I know we never ended up seeing it that one night we have time it just came out

Right yeah yeah we got time we’ll probably be out for at least another two months month and a halfy thre is low in the area Ultra one enemy dread is moderate new your location oh I should have brought my other sniper man almost almost set up oh

Well well well well well sucks to [Applause] suck why don’t you read my comments I’m sorry commun if I don’t read your comments it’s just cuz I don’t see them it’s not because I’m ignoring you on purpose or you’re banned but I saw it right

Now also saying onic in chat does get my attention because it highlights my name orange so my eyes are more attracted to that I have a stealth B not a coms oh you forgot to switch yeah what do you have stealth uh UAV Tower here Y and another helicopter

I see Shots by the ambulance Right hereat light him up light him up you see them yeah yeah right to right oh okay that’s well they’re pushing me oh maned killing operators will you as a bounty Target you just yeah somehow I don’t have a Ste or

Self whoa zooi Mama I’m about to die here dang did I just get run over dude I can’t believe I di from BS and I don’t have AA damn dude well there goes their gear I every time I equip this load out B how do I not have a self that game don’t

Know man I want why’ you get out I didn’t land on the building I fell down dang oh man I lost my shotgun lost my fic and stop using this load out but we were doing so well with this load out before that’s the thing last stream we were just frying

People with the outfit too so I wanted to keep using this for continuity sake and in case I were to make a video all right well I guess we’re going again all right now we will never die 10 10 XO streak yeah say 10 gifted to change the

Operator skin I refuse I refuse tonight I’m sticking with this skin I’m committed today I’m stubborn thank you Sida I got to keep using the skin for continuity sake oh Crim you just spoiled it for me what have you done not that I was necessarily

Going to watch it but I do have to remove your message 20 I’m stubborn too she says oh my goodness well okay here’s the problem Sida because now if I say no to that you’re going to up it to 30 and it’s going to be

Non-Stop and I don’t want to do that to you turn around turn around turn around turn around oh baby oh baby we got the good one too because they they basically have nowhere to go there’s no way they can run away they cannot Escape us There Is No Escape I see except we

Only have oh I brought no money this time we have to be very very surgical here well that was fast are you a solo Oh is he oh oh he’s gone I think he yeah yeah I was going to let him live did you at

Least have a vest no I was about to take that here’s this oh my gosh I’ll up it to 50 S no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no he says hold that for 100 we got this what is going on guys oh my gosh well

The thing is technically if I never change it then you can’t give the gift d right right so I guess I just won’t change the skin well H I don’t know that what other sounds to Make here uh-huh I like the S when you hit them do the Ender sound now the what the Ender sound the Ender the Ender or the Enderman yeah I don’t know how to do that oh actually do it flawlessly yeah just let me P my soundboard oh now sinus is threatening

Me it’s blackmail I’ll never gift again as long as you keep the skin guess what Sida unfortunately for you I cannot be blackmailed maybe she has something against black noir whoa that’s extortion that’s unacceptable sonida that is unacceptable enemy location does Marcus upload DMC anymore

Um I don’t know what his plans are right now but I do know we we played together last weekend so as of last weekend yes he does still play DMC but I don’t know what his plans are now that war zone 3 is coming out and DMZ is not really getting supported or

At least updated not there’s no way to know I’m joking NY news for me we should you know what before uh well I guess it’s too late I was going to say we should go to the the passenger TR to get ay Contra Sid says it’s a

Promise I’m sorry cida that’s a good answer that’s actually a good answer it’s a promise yeah not threatening you it’s a promise you know a threat it’s a threat but she’s promising that it’s like going to happen right there right there there it’s a guaranteed threat

Down oh of course he’s still on the car wait wait wait wait they’re going to come in just a second oh one more one more shot down him he fell nice you did it okay okay go go go go I can’t get the Finish though okay go go go okay they

Have to go back now yeah they do that’s well not necessarily because he could have a self is that one just there oh was a bot do you not have any BLS NOP well I don’t see him right now light him up okay even see him down one broke

One put cont on yourage at your he got out he’s right here um you’re basically going in a straight line he should be there got destroyed the oh it did okay I hopped out cuz I wanted the three point okay I’ll go find him okay good luck good luck

Sir just a ATV there though yeah I’m surprised you’re didn’t take that I see him oh you run him over or is he trying to but it’s not working out for me what gun is he he’s going to kill me he’s going to kill me a sad m is

Down no he didn’t he simply downed you nice nothing more nothing oh I hope he has a self yeah I did that because it was the battle Harden oh and I was afraid of to glitch I just want to take any chances so that other guy’s probably still alive though

Right I would assume so where did this body unfortunately the the dude that we killed here was the default skin so he kind of Blends in there he is his body’s still there were there four or three well there are three but that one guy down initially himself and

Say this I would assume so yeah large bag another ster sniper bomb drone chimera I’ll take that anyone on the train doesn’t look like it we did get the hunt oh yeah there’s a guy train oh there is yeah yeah blue here yeah yeah you’re right there he

Goes I’ll take the ATV although he is a solo man but is he the guy that there’s no way the guy that we killed is on the train originally the first D unless you took a car I decided to flank I said we just grab another hunt we have like another 150 to

Do car is about to die uh there are no other hes dudey in Theo oh know there are SK says please accept the beautiful word of sonida she offers inner peace and everlasting glory in the Kingdom of Queen I know but if I now now I’m also

In a position where if I change the skin then she gifts and as much as I appreciate that I don’t want to like force her to get 50 or whatever she said I’m not going to do that we’ve had plenty of gifteds today more than enough dud ICI Ed that on the soundboard

And haven’t been able to use it yet so tragic but it’s not working or no just no situation kind of why are we here just for the ATV yeah it’s tragic isn’t it I think in the time you clear that cave I could have probably found a car and then picked up the

Hunt okay not amused ow oh we also need to buy some PLS wait I might actually if I can parachute here there’s a chance oh who will get the first it’s super tight all right we’ll call it a tie I realize you’re going to switch

Cars uh me neither until you got in it he’s trying to destroy the car destroy the wheel oh were you oh wait wait wait wait yeah heck yeah I see him he’s up on the building what the building you know the building s what is

Broke I think it I right there down from behind I think oh really like an actual play oh crap well uh fantastic it’s from the building from my video yeah that building is that the building you’re talking about yes it is I thought it was from the other

Side where were you looking I’m looking right now where you’re looking yeah oh so it wasn’t behind so I thought you knew what the building is you scared me I almost started I started leaving they’re not pushing me here get plates no do you no oh is that three up there

Yep so I need to find a way to get to the buy station or can I be cheeky and revive you here I can hope they don’t see me there’s a b station here that we go to right thank you I don’t see them anymore they’re all

They oh yeah I at the wrong building we got money we can buy tons of fls and we’re being hunted oh boy an enemy team is tracking I also have a a a PL box droing some armor broke one broke another I know they confused I have a bomb drone too

Dropping ammo here so if I can okay cover me or not oh I can just push yeah are they getting sniped at by someone else they’re bomb bomb not yet cuz I think I want you to get super super close like just super oh he sees me I broke him people on

Building the building coming oh [ __ ] careful careful one one down okay I’m calling the bomb drone Dr have a claymore o I’m going to okay shoot the Claymore as soon as I blow up the bomb drone d no no just go go down one Dr Bomb Dr I down one too

With a throwing knife that’s crazy I’m coming up the lad no way that’s actually all dead nicely done it is how you doing dude that was sick thanks man GG’s guys GG GG’s you guys getting sniped from someone else all over the place all over the place okay it is

Me Port that’s where we came from oh yeah that’s where they are too I see them in that building here the window we were just there I know I know good job I know thanks man good fight is it just oh one of you guys left huh that a

M3c just pushing all right bye guys or was there a Bass P that I should have taken possibly is you yeah I shot the glass he’s running up there yeah he’s broken nicely done might jump out the window oh I heard glass break yeah he’s going he’s

Gone oh he just backed out he gone Rumble see you ready to rumble all right let’s go back to the other dudes oh level two threat let’s get back on the building which now you know hostile UAV so they’re coming from there I do you

Don’t but I do we try to get in the building real quick that’s what I’m saying we get up there I see him he’s already there he’s already there yep oh one close too I’m I’m pushing away pushing out back up maybe Stadium area or something oh gosh surrounded smoke smoke

Smoke smoke smoke smoke SM I don’t know where you are there you go there’s smoke for you [Applause] thanks on me me I don’t have the ability to cover you quite yet he’s broken he’s broken I got him I got him you got him like dead dead or just down I broke him

No I just broke him and I ran cuz he went to uh PL up okay we can kind of hold this down he’s pushing you see him niely done I killed him I killed him I killed him anyone else oh I that’s not a door that’s not a door oh I’m in I’m

In okay he’s dead right outside of our of our building so now there’s one behind this car here I’m going to get out of this building down to him he might have a self though mark it Mark it Mark it yellow it’s already marked yeah I got up I missed

Found him again though okay okay okay he backed out oh no way it was just those two we survived the hunt and nothing’s on UAV no there is my building yeah he was waiting for me oh yeah yeah I’m getting sniped somewhere else now someone else is sniping oh did he

Jump off yeah he did oh I hear him Space Cowboy nice all right I got sniped though from the north from the north I’m pretty sure I did at least Al I didn’t thought I had where was he uh right around here here actually exactly there yeah body hasn’t despawned

H what this guy killed down over here I never looted him either another bomb drone that’s nice mcpr a good one high velocity he’s gone oh that’s weird stick with this e could have sworn I was sniped out maybe not should I grab another hun yeah

Yeah t thank you for the $5 and if I gift without you changing it you’ll feel bad we’re in what’s known as a Mexican standoff we sure are we sure are H H well how about this I won’t change it and you won’t gift and we’ll call it a draw

Well there are no Hunts uh we could drive around we could complete other contracts for a mission or we can leave Squad of operators never mind think that decision has been made should we call in this Tower UAV Tower here no we also thank you for the

Doto we can resolve this t off with Taco Tuesday I would not mind a taco oh no she’s begun one gift it thank you for the gifted Sid uh oh what happened to the draw or I going to give them one at a time oh my goodness Sid you do not have

To don’t do it son one actual high winds are increasing a there is ano right next to us R yeah check that out is kind of s like Canan check that out little bit are you Canadian it’s a Boop time you realized oh now I’m hungry maybe is today Chipotle night h

No I don’t know I don’t mind CH hostile reinforcements incoming dude prob Ms all the way here here here play play yeah a car OD there I don’t even know if I have a mo by me oh I seen ATV too oh man I am

Not in a good position this could be the end for me my master they got out between the Bots and jeez man everyone showed up got UAV I might just pop this there you go stay alert am I getting shot at by no Bots there’s a guy up up here

Too I broke both of them dude buggy boys yeah oh I’ve been sniped uh the tower Tower oh then a bot killed me radio tower to the north I don’t believe it dude Tower next to me I think so dude the heavy Chopper what happened it’s a player

Controlled I don’t know we were about to leave and I guess the the DMZ God said no that will not be happening today I don’t know if he was actually on the tower he is he is he’s right on the tower there is that you shooting him

Yeah right on me no the right on me there’s a guy down Tower dude okay got the Finish will as where are you all the way up here jeez man keep up bro sorry I mean I defitely got in the tower right on me I’m coming I’m

Coming is Tower guy still dead unless somebody climbed up and revived him like instantly I was the dead man here I just killed him niely done UAV at time was that the dude that was right on you yeah it was glint I see one uh I saw glint right here or

Something that close it’s gone yeah like really close oh I see it again a little bit further away down him nice the heavy Chopper just chilling up there what the heck behind you behind you behind you yeah I heard that I heard a jump all of

A sudden ration is pushing into the what is going on I don’t know why did he jump there that’s my question and what are we going to do about the heavy chop it’s the same skin as before I think yeah think it might be the same

Team you think it’s the same team the heavy chopp the same yeah there’s another battle R where are they sinid with another gift thank you C you don’t have to do that though please I know I’ve said that already it’s actually kind of hurt already dude oh yeah we have a car here

That we can take other than the cargo truck that I came in better not leave it’s like the one time you won Explosive Rounds [Applause] right get to some cover to in case we get flanked here we can kind of Dodge Cas we get shot oh he’s [Applause]

Smoking wonder how low it is it might be leaving you think he’s just X filling or he’s going to try and repair it oh wait kind of turning still hitting it may he’s not he’s so close to the Border though he’s like coming towards us now dropping ammo am [Applause]

Here any helicopters probably not right yeah that would be nice if we got a helicopter there wa do we can chase a joker my in my Contraband yeah just go go to the lobby very quick get that no no can’t you get your cter guns from the shop no is that

A thing you can I think it’s just I’m pretty sure it’s just random guns wait can you I I’ve never I’ve never done it but I feel like I’ve seen the option before also they may scavenger nearby loation Frosty I guess we could go everyone or I think it’s random guns yeah people

Random guns I think they left to by the I can take the med vest in case we get into another fight all right um you kill the scer for an advanced yep I can find them yep yep yep I don’t see where Bros [Applause] at the roof I just checked

That Reaper thank you for the doo thank you Reaper yeah I don’t see this dude oh I’m not even getting dosed this thing just blew up oh he died to the gas he must have ration where am I from the US this oh he’s just moved okay should have stayed

There maybe he never would have been there never would have gone yeah that’s true Ultra one be advised the mercenary known as the scavenger has been reported in your area stay alert one be advised radi isbound at time okay off we go is that final all the way there

Jeez quite the drive ahead of us GTA 6 trailer out now I know I heard I haven’t properly watched it I was kind of briefly looking at it this is cheach LV now keep this secure for us who here was born in 2000 were the chosen ones bronic was he was born in

The 2000s I barely missed it 2000s let’s go location oh my gosh said Not Another gifted wait did you say 2000 or 2000s I wasn’t born in 2000 I read that wrong sorry in 2000 2025 for GTA 6 yeah you’re going to have to wait a

Bit a whole another year at least unless it’s coming like the end of 2025 in that case 2 years here thank you s though for another gift dude she putting the pressure on man she really is not being honest Sonic you’re doing real good today hey it may not have started off good

But I think we’re doing better now yeah not going to be honest but not going to be honest you’re trash will I make a video for GTA 6 maybe I was saying that I’ve never been like super into GTA I’ve never even owned one the only

Time I played GTA 5 was when I was at a friend’s house what are you doing I’m reading chat I’m reading chat hey that’s my job okay you’re right sorry your voice reminds me of Steve ranella from meat eater love it I don’t know who that is meat eater warlord Al Steve re

Want you might get demonetized if you play yeah that’s why I haven’t played it on stream I was afraid I’d get demonetized got snip smokes smokes smokes May Here Comes an LTV me me what the we’re so screwed stri I hope I do I do I

Do I killed one out you’re welcome thank me later no oh my goodness you just killed them all by kind of maybe [ __ ] on it on it oh hey dude is that it is that all of you guys on it bro is no way all right dude I’ll pick you up don’t kill

Us you better not kill us oh yeah yeah yeah dude you’re leg dude no way oh my god oh do you need your friend’s GPU get on quick dude get time here here’s a GPU for someone I don’t need that anymore oh [ __ ] um oh man it dude how you doing you streaming

I am you’re on stream right now oh my god dude quick say something say something to the world oh it’s B too no say something GG’s dang dude you just sh all three of them and I was hiding in a house that’s funny that was close but I almost died I

Was lucky if the other dude so the dude that we picked up or let extract if he had even just a one plate maybe a two plate I was dead Dam he had to get you had to have got a lot of kills there surely he did or me you nine oh

Did you get seven seven oh was expecting like 12 well to be fair at least two people backed out before I could get the the Finish true so that didn’t count so let’s call it 11 let’s call it 20 yeah let’s call it 24 new Ro record says who says

Me let’s bring in a shotgun all right so let’s just keep going until we die something good well yes but if we just stop dying somehow eventually I may call it yeah once we get a 10 XEL streak we’re at one 10 still that’s like a long if we’re

Staying to till the end hey man DMZ is dying you got to you got to pay some tribute to it you got to like yeah but you got to just say goodbyes not obviously not goodbye but you know what I mean like say say your thanks you know

Give your thanks to to DMZ and right and everything it’s all of its Glory I mean you can ask the the chat if they want you to stop soon can ask I mean do you guys want me to stop should we just end the stream we’re

Loading into a game right now I planned on I want to I wanted to have a good raid with this this load out Alo did we get another gifted from Sida I think we may have if we did thank you Sid I see a lot of

Nose oh my gosh Sado don’t gift don’t gift don’t do it oh my gosh she’s done another one at least she she’s drip feeding that way I don’t feel as bad and we got a raid from Marcus my man Marcus thank you Marcus welcome to all of marcus’ viewers

If you guys had a wonderful stream welcome welcome and also thank you all for 900 likes we’re almost at a th000 likes we’re very close to 1,000 legation thank you for the Dono no way GG GG’s bro hope you have a great stream thank you Marcus I appreciate it hope

You had a good one too have a great night Marcus is the new DMZ out yet is the new DMZ out there won’t be a new DMZ anytime soon there could be the the warding and the the little I guess announcement that they gave us did indicate that perhaps

They are working on another one of some sort maybe not DMC specifically but they said they’re going to use what they they learned to help create future projects Ultra one enemy threat appear low in this area take that as you will a station here the new MW3 gmz season 2 drops next

Wednesday not being honest it’s the best season ever unfortunately it’s just it’s just MW3 season 1 no DMC DMC is coming with a new GTA it’s a pre-order bonus going be a it’s going to be a feature of GTA yeah Rockstar took over DMZ DMZ is going to cost $5 an hour to

Play need to pay $5 every time info and you get your money back only if you XO dude that’d be crazy that would be actually kind of be a cool that’s kind of a cool idea I mean you you might be like kind of you’re walking in the realm of gambling maybe

But that would be quite the extraction shooter it wouldn’t be very accessible what if you like put in money to go in and out like you actually make money like you don’t get your money back you make money again there there you there could be some questions of morality here

But that would be an interesting game that would be so competitive I know you’d have to imagine the cheaters though imagine yeah you genuinely could it’d be like a casino where people just live there dude have we just created the next like of video games are we

Entrepreneurs I I think we just cracked the codee we did it we’re about to make the best extraction shooter you’ve ever seen cheers would be just they’d be everywhere true when you bring real money into it 100% but if you could somehow deter the cheaters or you have a good enough anti-cheat

The only problem is so many people when they die they’re just going to like they’re going to report the person oh he’s cheating I want my money back I died sniped at oh we are from the helicopter another helicopter this time it’s a a baby One I think it’s he no he’s just an excellent pilot oh my gosh it’s a battlefield player no he did crash it he did no no he absolutely crashed it yeah for a second it looked like he was taking a really sharp turn so I like whoa this guy knows how a

Pilot and thank you for another gifted I think another one see him at all I will in a second I will you UAV and they are who oh actually quite close to me found him dirty I’m flanking this dude over here the other one’s over here he’s pushing towards

You he’s like in the building next to me isn’t he finish my guy nice there’s other guys in this building as well I’ll go from the bottom oh jeez scared me jump out got him nice D the shotgun shot yep yep yep I don’t feel bad at

All why not cuz they shot us first from the helicopter oh right that is true that’s P that’s really good by the way I think it’s the current meta all guess I’ll try it out it’s just those two yeah they don’t leing know so maybe they just uh the helicopter left third

Hello there’s so many of us there’s so many of them he said is that so we got two more oh baby two more let them come platoon 5 minutes into the game it’s a premade still oh well we’re not where are we we about to around hey you’re

Cheating you’re allowed to do that how am I cheating you’re pleading no I heard a joker yeah yeah so now youing because I can see that you’re pleading it it shows me I know I know I think I saw you that I I can’t do anything about it Ming here you could do

Something about it I don’t know now you’re going to tell your teammates Where We Are Who says we have teammates your teammate did so there were another two are you sure I’m not sure but I hear a joker over here so you got hostile re right there you

Want to time this yep he’s moving he’s moving I missed [ __ ] missed okay 1 2 I can’t even see uh you think he’s a solom man do we go out of our way to get him enemy threat low your I feel like solos are like fine until they shoot at

Us or Joker us I’m just wondering if he is indeed a solo if we maybe just didn’t see his teammates cuz that happens to me a lot too well I’ll assume someone’s a solo let them live and then oh turns out they had I’ve been sniped I get I

Sniped oh yeah that was definitely SN it was to the north somewhere right now I see him you see the guy you’re pushing or the guy that sniped Meed by Bots he’s talking to his teammates he’s not solo all right we’ll take take his Joker for now it’s no isre near location stay

Alert I don’t regret this I got sniped uh right here that building but more like that area broken calling in a UAV with the UAV Tower Ultra one this is actual UAV is established orbit he’s up on that roof yeah he was I broke him and then he stopped

Peing he’s talking to his chat saying his chat his chat he’s a streamer I got him you got him all right Ric doing all the work what do you me I do you’re sniping at me loc areed on your is he angry yeah he said he’s going to go pick up he

Said I’m going to go pick you up right now huh that mean requ you out on a day he’s probably going to go uh revive uh the guy that I killed first okay what’ you say that’s the com’s vest by the way if you want that that’s a

Stealth oh okay from here it looks like it comes that’s the stealth vest by the way in case you want that hello yeah what’s up uh what were you saying all right kind of awkward there’s a guy right next to me what the heck I thought I heard footsteps sure

It’s on me oh I’m dead no I almost lost that dude I missed one of my shots on were you guys both using a shotgun yeah but I missed one of my shots and I don’t think he had the pump action one oh he’s gone

Okay I heard metal I was like what is that me disguise you that’s the problem man I miss with a shotgun that’s it if you didn’t have a two plate where he had a little bit better aim I was dead do you want to go after the weapons

Case or or do we rob them we still need to do a hunt though right that is also true so we can grab that I’m not even sure if son gifted another one but I’m going to thank her just in case thank you T for another gifted oh

TV you want to get it yeah I think soed UAV at time she did okay how many have she done now I see 1 2 3 four five five that I can see there may be more thank you [Applause] Sida I don’t even remember remember what

Happens if I equip the skin if I equip the skin do you stop or do you don’t do you gift again or if I change skins operators oh has it been six okay six did you finish the 100 contract Miss no we’re still working on that you look at

That oh so weapon case guys well I guess we won’t be robbing them well I guess in a way we will be yeah we still will be just it won’t it won’t end with them living or it won’t end with us living one of the two someone’s going to

Die i’ got a feeling it’s going to be you thanks I’m not going to be honest you’re on one today playe oh that’s the weapons kit maybe they’re killing them either the weapon case is defending their weapon case or they’re an agro team going around killing other players it’s one or the

Other is half click to your Northwest there they are on the LTV yeah good I see him driving around could be an aggro team sure I get broken you got on top or yep oh they’re trying to xill there’s an xill what the heck getting out another guy in this car here

Put a bount on your this is crazy right now did you just kill that dude someone shoo at me far away we’ got hostile reinforcements incoming to the left to the left to the left okay behind you behind you right behind you I know I

Was you get the to my left oh there’s another here you shoo what is going on we just think we just cooked so you said that you were getting out I didn’t really register it at first yeah so I just kind of caught in the open I was like

Well I barely Sur hello hello hello here’s a com’s vest let’s go had one there’s a comm’s vest C’s best come c c come and get me what’s so what’s going on you guys what the heck happened I don’t know were you all one team uh three three there was another team yeah

There was another team up here and who like were you guys just trying to extract the weapons case and they attacked you or you guys were attacking the dudes with the weapons case you guys did we had the weapons case we had the weapons case and you

Guys attacked us the last oh we came we came later you guys were already fighting oh we just got lucky oh yeah yeah you’re probably right uh I buddy all camping on our bodies no no no no um oh you have another guy alive okay here’s what we can do we can

Just leave and you can are you trying to extract is that what you’re trying to do or you trying to we can all extract together and get that achievement hey hey what’s the achievement the seven guys in a [ __ ] heli yeah if seven guys trct together there only two of us

So that would be six well a crowd anyways we can let your Guy picked you up though don’t you have another friend you have another friend right he’s across the map oh he’s across okay well then we’ll just pick you up yeah come on are you guys just going to X

Pick all them up right yeah I I bought an xfill right here um we can pick you guys up one at a time in xill or something yeah sure but then do you all need a weapons case revive his one dude we can’t you once they’re dead dead you cannot do

That well I’m down to be friends yeah yeah we are two but the problem is that there’re three of you guys they’re three of you guys so we can revive two of you come back Pi us up it’s all good dude is he actually going to come over

Or uh probably not probably not well then we can xill one at a time who bought the xfill I guess you come back wait wait they see the x Pi up no that’s a problemy [ __ ] Snake Eyes is standing in front of your teammate kind of needs to come

Back yeah cuz then you guys can’t go to the personal anymore I don’t know if he’ll trust you guys I well we can leave we’ll leave if you if you do you guys prefer do you guys want us to leave or do you guys want us to pick two out of

Three you guys up you can pick us up and then we’ll all extract we we’ll get with Mike now how are we going to decide which two oh well one just left so that easier here I changes everything just left M come back operators are tracking your location our teammate should come

Back uh do want us to escort you to xville or oh we got a tab behind us enemy tab is that is that our teamate is that our is that him uh is it a oh we got another LTV this is another team entirely all right guys defend the weapons

Case I or we’ll aggressively defend the weapons case we kill [ __ ] 17 that might be our teammate LTV who was the guy in the other car then if it’s like a Michael that’s our teammate yeah well I’ve got a reive pistol so oh I fell off fell off you and

LTV I got to run that [Applause] D we stop right here and get some bullets yeah there he is up on the hill he’s still that’s our two that’s our teammate that’s our are you sure yeah yeah that yeah that’s the LTV we had the other okay all right Mike come

Back come back that’s you Mike Mike Mike Mike right here [ __ ] right here Mike you’re good dude you’re good Mike stop you’re good be careful dude they might join his team and then maybe I I doubt it but just hear me now I don’t know but we had not necessarily convinced that that

Is Mike if he was on the other side of the map and then all the sun their two guards get my it’s a little sussy no bullets did we get another two gifteds from sonida I think we may have another two thank you s wait I need to ask again what happens if

I change operator it’s funny because it shows that what happens if I change operators it’s a different one does the gifting end or does that trigger the 50 gifteds or however many you said can you extract your uh Comey with the uh Koshi with the [ __ ] you can

But then you’d have to do it again we can we can make sure you’re safe at The X by I’m sorry when I say you’d have to do it again I mean you’d have to extract and Koshi as well yeah yeah yeah yeah that’s what I’m saying

Yeah we wouldn’t go to Koshi with you we can take you there no no other we could just go the X okay Power numbers should guys saying ends [Applause] okay contact also three likes away from a thousand if you want to help boost the channel and the algorithm I would appreciate it

Helps me out helps the channel grow are we getting snip we are all this could be a fight someone call us in called it in it’ll be here real quick than thank you for the gifted to R is just built different I don’t even have time to

Look you wish they kept six yeah me too I know I don’t like it but it’ll help these guys out all right boys stay safe out there G how’d you down me it’s a yeah we’re going to stay we have some people on highrise to take

Out I already I already have all that weap all right mancom oh you’re saying too yep okay I see Bouncing Betty up on the zip lines so these guys are camping up here I hear shots to my left what is that to my right it sounded left at

First is he stay with us yeah yeah which one’s leaving is it purple or okay hey and we’ve hit 1K likes thank you alled good Work how we going to do this oh I see yeah yeah platoon broken nice got to deplete their armor as much as we can right now operators watch out for those bouncing betties if you go up the zip are you going to go up are you going up or you

Taking the stairs I am considering going up the stairs but that could have a Bouncing Betty too right so it might not be wise but what button you press to do the your little trick it’s space you just jump off that’s what I do so if I if I

Go up here very quick I’m going to just use up bouncing buddies yeah not up here not up there okay no but they did see me shot of me not up here either did our teammate just go all the way up oh okay he didn’t okay so then that means the uh the

Staircase may not actually be blocked careful you want to come up on the other one it’s a platoon yeah I know you want want to just go up the stairs you want to just go up smoke it he said a broad side Che us up don’t go all the way

Don’t go all the way jump smoke yeah oh on your right on your right on your right yeah he has a broadside yeah maybe we don’t I’m getting shot from somewhere else or from that guy that dude he jumped off he jumped off oh they’re all jumping off oh broken broken

This guy get this guy okay I need to pull my sniper out though down him nice okay other guy team right there below us to the right side yeah they um some of them dropped off but I got a full kill on one we to keep the pressure on I don’t

Know where he would have fallen exactly yeah that’s the problem there’s someone in the boat he’s in the boat yeah nice shot oh please tell me me I’ll stay up here that was only two and you’re getting platoon calls I got him I got sniped at hey you’re sniping

At us from highrise don’t give me that on me on me on me is that more more uh west of me on the bridge yeah I saw can I get up here mark it right there you got me shoot I have a self which is not there

We go two of them so that would be the platoon oh I missed they still on the bridge or have they moved no no no they’re moving which direction I see there tagged one broke him he’s like over there let be careful there’s a thre Man team behind us too another thre man

Y all right we’re going to keep the pressure on these guys and we’ll go back for the three man you still see him or no oh no they were behind the police building dang oh do you need PL big dog yeah yeah okay I’m going to drop a

Armor box over here if you come over here are they running away still or thank you no they’re like next to me in the building like here somewhere down below so i’ oh I see him in the market building there I see him outside broken nice couldn’t finish or

Couldn’t hit him again you see him am I going the right direction or no no no no here oh he’s on the roof up here he on the roof no no blue got him I thought he was on the roof I don’t see him the roof fighting blue I assumed he

Was and I was wrong it’s possible that the other guy’s going to go revive the Right the dude that fell mhm the second guy left I think right away he got in the boat yeah he he was pretty upset really what’ he say he said some some gamer words at you

Or his teammates not me why how many was there I don’t know they were sniping us from highrise I don’t know what it said platoon so I presume four but we’ve gotten three only thing is like the last one no I’m saying we’ve gotten three as

In the the three of us combined so including your kill okay I call my advanc or save it that’s up to you he did say that there was another team of three once uh once I get confirmation on that I can call it don’t know want see the bag or

Body her chots it’s not me for one your is spread out oh you good yeah I’m good do you snipe no we going to check out hyrise again y wonder why they jumped they kind of they The Bouncing betties they seem like they were they had the shotguns

Yeah they were pretty well set up parachuting is what ruined it for them vehicle l oh it’s it’s that teammate of theirs that they claimed oh just a solo I mean what was his name Mike or something yeah I want to down him just to confirm that pistol

Right I broke him oh nice shot I disabled oh we can just parachute there it’s actually kind of a long parachute oh he’s sniping at me now Mike I think so yeah yeah right it was not Mike another coms vest self-revive Perfect Hey Big Dog what kind of vest do you

Have I got a comms and a medic do you want a stealth vest orle vehicle I’m good bro just pick that one oh [ __ ] there another team we Chason two yeah yeah yeah unfortunately they’re going to be way faster [ __ ] bro all right go go here we go

Yep oh my God what was that J what the heck happened there you know I thought the armored vehicle would be a little more armored like that’s not the first time you’ve done something like that though survive that I don’t know I just blew up instantly

EXA his car was flaw like it didn’t even have a scratch but you that’s happened to us before remember we can’t do that we can’t do that no more I was saying First FPS dude man thank you for the six months would you look at that six months came and went so

Fast congrats on the 100K and merch glad to be here for all of it thank you dude man and Sid with another gifted another gifted from sonid thank you final here at time and that dude was was he a solo like was what was the deal yeah that’s

Why I thought it was I thought it would have been more than one after that and there’s still H we completed hunt right yeah we did yes I think we did I mean if you want you can go grab the gra that if you want

Dude you don’t have a ton of time right here here that’s a solo you hopped out this is going to be confusing don’t down anyone okay or don’t don’t finish anyone sorry don’t finish anyone at final I feel like there might be some solos you’re waiting for Mike aren’t

You a little bit you know I want to see if this mic dud is real you see the guy who got out of the bike yeah I saw him he ran this way I’m also look looking for the Hummer to see if like where it parked right

Maybe like by a complex but I do not see it so maybe he’s still driving or blew up a vehicle here we go team or solo here we go team team team okay I feel sneez broken oh broke another broke another we we broke all three of them

Huh I think we may have yeah we got players here oh he’s just driving around they still driving no our teammate I don’t know where these guys went looks like they may have gotten out they’re are they on top yeah yeah yeah broke him he sniped not a plat are you kidding

Me one fell got the Finish broke one got me got me me only got 30 seconds if you’re going to sa you see my dead body to the right dude there’s no freaking way 20 seconds no don’t don’t just go there’s no way just go just go 10 seconds

Dude I might just die shoot darn it dude old hold on there’s still hope it’s slim oh not like that confirms the warlord it’s over I should have stayed on my fault oh well Ultra one radiation is ultra one you were about a survival streak run it again you’ve got this just it

On well dang how many operator kills you have just seven you six yeah at least big dog made it out that’s all that matters yeah he made it out t with another gifted thank you so again just to reiterate if I swap up operators the gifting ends [Applause] correct yes okay

Then we’ll do that so this guy don’t have to regain all right I’ll do one more one More okay I thought it was 100 gifted then or she just said that it would end otherwise she she would have Bamboozled me take don’t worry about it you don’t got to fix that it’s all good the content’s all free what’s the deal I don’t know what is the deal

We can quit any time we want we sure can how’s the stream going pretty good I’m a little bit tired it it was um it was an interesting one CU we had like good raids but we kept dying in fact we’ve only xalled what one time so we’ve had good raids but we’re

Dying at the end what’s up ghost how you doing Antonio you watch my videos every night before bed really enjoy the content I’m glad you do hopefully they’re entertaining oh did we EXO two times okay that’s good at least we made it out twice SK says as bro said earlier

Welcome to my personal TMC experience I XEL thanks to the kindness of real gamer Bros oh yeah we’re having fun we are having fun Long Live DMZ hello Amber how are you anxious says Vex chat has been trying to get onic to switch operators as this is curse and they said that they

Would stop gifting if he switched so he switched yes what’s up noad did you bring cash or no no I should have huh it’s okay I have only a sniper all right oh we’re just pushing these dudes huh I was just kind of following youat how do you obtain so many operators money

Unfortunately money money money money money they’re shooting where are they I see him he’s got the Joker down got a hit marker on him nice bu’s like Quick Revive yeah it’s possible Ultra one acity has increased in Thea keep your eyes he’s lagging a lot hostile UAV in the area me no the

Dude ronic is ready for action but not prepared that sums up my DMZ experience I’m always ready for it but sometimes I don’t have the correct gear for it like that thought I heard foot location I knew it dude I knew it is he oh my gosh he’s in the building

Relax chillax body Bots there he is yeah he was just hiding there am I getting shot from somewhere else oh you saw I did where yeah that window this one yeah right to the left there two left behind you footsteps really I yeah enemy operators are near your position

Oh bro that guy is being sneaky yeah [ __ ] I can hear someone talking when I said right to left I mean like what I mean is that he ran by the window from the right side to the left side no I know I was just looking to see if he was

Going the other way now ched was making fun of me uh moving out the gas station to your right I think I’m kind of getting bored I know yeah one be advised a squad of operators is near your location I oh I did not see him though did not

See oh did I run right by him no see okay I did yeah well all right I’m tired tonight it was wrong yeah tonight it was wrong it was just the day it was a cursed day yeah all right I am tired so I’m going to

Call there we have some guys to regain tomorrow are you going to play tomorrow too or tomorrow what time when do you get off work uh should be 5 Eastern Al so a little bit earlier hopefully yeah okay between five and six probably all right I can probably play tomorrow I guess

Cool if you’re starting that time I can start that I don’t want you to delay I don’t want you to delay because no it’s okay I don’t mind I just have to wake up earlier because tomorrow’s their last stream for like a little bit right obviously not

Forever but for a little bit for a little bit yeah it will be gota be a good one I don’t know I mean I’m going to play by year it also it depends how well also like war zone does but I think for the for the future of the channel it

Makes sense to give these new games and new updates to go so I’ll definitely try waron 3 or the new Warson update for a while and then got like tarov Arena pubg update what else I know I’m missing something else oh yeah the day before that’s going to be big

Um what else am I missing I know I’m missing other things there’s like a long list of things coming out all right let me also thank you all for almost 1,100 likes we’re one like boy and special thanks to Harmony anxious Tom OJ Andy Prospect Islam Jenny zacher anxious Bart Jenny Ryan harmless

Odera jaxi Jason Jenny or Jenny I said it already but thank you again Jenny Kobe Brandon curbs senida Nikki Eevee bunny team Team Rocket uh ingvi Josh noi Reaper blazion Nation FBS dude man and I believe that’s everyone so thank you all for for the gifteds the memberships the uh donations and months

Of support hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day and we’ll catch you all gers in the next stream have a good one love you bye

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