COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence 3 38 fl oz 100ml, Hydrating Serum

I’ve been seeing these snail mucin facial products all over my Tik Tok for you page so you know I had to be the next one to try it I got all these products from a brand called cosrx and I tell you guys I beat my Fe to take

Content like 7 hours ago I took a shower I got in the freaking pool and this makeup remover still got the rest of the makeup off definitely 100 out of 10 that is crazy next up I wanted to try their blemish control a with tweezers to pluck

These little balls out y’all this was so cool I’ve never seen skincare in ball form so you guys know I had to try this s so this is what they look like super Hydra super smooth I immediately felt like okay I like this product look at my

Skin and we did not even do much yet bottle said to put it anywhere where you feel like you have heavy amounts of blemish or dark spots and for me that’s been everywhere lately kept smelling everything because I was like what does snails smell like everything was scentless thank God this definitely was

A 10 out of 10 I love that far so good these products areah so far this is the one I was really anticipating snail m is 92% scent snail secretion what I’m imagining what the consistency would be like you know I had to just go ahead and

Graag it open this is the packaging that came in it had a Twist Off Top which was good it even had a seal on it guys look how slimy that is oh my gosh I had to smell this one too cuz I’m like what does this smell like again scentless

Which is great me get back into that though look at that good thing about this product is it was completely spreadable so all I needed was the little excess off the cap and look how nice it GL it onto my face this felt good immediately like I immediately felt

Like my skin was relieved so here’s me spreading it all over my face trying to make sure I cover every nook and cranny felt smooth it felt creamy it felt thick but not too thick I was in love immediately forget to spread your skincare down to your neck guys your

Skin is part of your facial care you can see how much I enjoyed this product because I was blending it like just for fun at this point it just felt better and better the more I blended it in basically every facial product feels good good while it’s wet so I kept

Blending just to see what it would feel like once it dry down and you guys look at my face oh my gosh it felt so freaking good look at everything is literally glistening like this is amazing the side profiles you guys could see another side profile

Mhm doesn’t my skin just look alive like literally this is about to be a part of my daily skincare I don’t care another side profile mhm mhm I’m going to rate the blemish control a smooth 10 out of 10 I did enjoy that a lot it was

Hydrating it was scentless I’m going to rate the makeup remover 1 th000 out of 10 easy because how did you discover makeup I put on 7 hours ago this is definitely getting replaced with my myel water I’m putting away the box and I didn’t even realize there was snail Muse

And Serum at the bottom how did I miss that I just went in with a pump on my face and oh my goodness this was gooy as well but so freaking hydrating everything was a 10 out of 10 new favorite products

COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence 3.38 fl.oz 100ml, Hydrating Serum for Face with Snail Secretion Filtrate for Dull Skin & Fine
Lines, Korean Skincare

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