Hey Dan welcome back to another video with the kiss line Gamers I’m Bobby and I’m here with Masha Zoe and boss baby and we’re playing the game color block don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and let’s get into it oh let’s do the cloud mode all right the cloud mode it is

Yay okay the first color is science I found a block right here I’m going to share a block with you Bobby whoa three oh I guess that was a really tough one all right the color is brown I’m just going to share with you again Bobby

Don’t worry Zoe as long as you don’t push me up right next color light red does anyone see light red I can’t get one me and Zoe got one oh no Masha well I guess there’s only three of us left oh man sorry Masha maybe next time

The next color is lime green in my favorite color boss baby I’m gonna share with you but there were so many others well yours was the closest one to me next science I’m just noticing that these color blocks are changing every time yeah that’s why I was so confused

At first yeah lime green again what there’s only one lime green yeah and the timer is way faster than the beginning the game is getting serious now I’m definitely gonna win this round I’m the quickest no I think I’m gonna win this we should probably spread out more oh no

The white is far I don’t think I’m gonna make it I guess you’re not winning this boss baby whatever I’m gonna win next time it’s just you and me Zoey yeah I hope I can win hey so we will see about that and now the White’s too far yeah

Good job Zoe you won thanks you guys made this round should be interesting I wonder look it’s a ghost it’s Chase oh no I hate ghosts guys you weren’t even standing on the right color but I was thinking yeah me too another guests I guess it disappears when you stand on

The Block oh okay see you guys the color is green not dark green oh no the ghost relax boss baby you just said the ghost disappears when you stand on the Block oh right you can’t catch me wow the ghost just got me what’d it do to you it

Made me Frozen for like a second oh great now we have to watch out don’t get me ah man no it got me too that’s because we’re the only one left on the board all right I have to get serious now I really have to win we’ll just see

About that boss baby oh yeah we will see about that I hope the next color is black yeah and now I’m not gonna make it I’m not gonna make it oh yeah oh yeah good job boss baby um let’s do disappear mode I think some of the squares disappear oh

Everyone run the blank guys quick run to Black oh no better luck next time Masha and Zoe wow wow wow looks like it’s just me and you again boss baby it seems so I wonder who’s gonna win this round it might be me again I’ll take that as a challenge

You’re very lucky because that gray spot was right in front of you yeah that’s how they call me lucky boy Bobby B I’m already standing on the color oh whatever I don’t need luck I won the last round I didn’t have a look I want fair and square one yellow again come on

Boss baby and Bobby you can do it yeah hurry up so we can get back into the game just lose already boss baby so I can take this win never Bobby this might be a game that I’m actually better than you at all right we’ll just have to see

About that all right the color is brown perfect I’m on Brown already uh whatever color is next I hope it’s right next to me lime green okay perfect yes hey there Bobby what time boss baby there is one right there yeah I know It is wow this is really nice yeah but we can barely see the colors and dark green kind of looks like black yeah wait a minute thank you Jim so much for watching please make sure you like comment and subscribe and we’ll see you guys in our next video Don’t worry maybe next time Masha all right okay I’ll try better

Playing Color Block with Bobby, Masha, Zoey, and Boss Baby. To win this challenge, you must run and stand on the right color!

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