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Hey it’s Jenna and Kate welcome back to my roblox videos and we’re playing murder mystery cheese and you’re the chinks my screen know I’m not a murderer I’m gonna share it run I found I found them okay so I’m gonna go buy a gun just close you to touch your shop just close

Shop okay now you can go back in your shop Hey okay so let’s just look at what’s in each box oh I’m just gonna get this purple crew the gum box number three Wait I got universe oh my gosh it’s so cool are you not universe that’s good yeah um I’m scared of Ted were mine the murder I’m trying to be sneaky yummy yummy sheriff oh I want the gun oh my gosh Ted I almost killed you dad’s going to eat the gun okay Ted did you get it I’m not some murder live this is yes you’ve nothing to tell me so that’s nice

Todd I would watch out because I’m gonna throw my sword get in a room get an army how do you throw a sword you hold II okay How much people are left don’t go I’m Jam coming down I don’t look suspicious do i okay I’ll tell you if anybody’s down yeah cam in the TV was there anybody down there now there’s dead bodies oh I’m sorry don’t come near me I’m throwing my sword

I found dead guys now we can kill each other okay no there’s more people I’m chasing I know but no no yes Tamaki Oh tad yes the sheriff dude le kick in a couple of minutes it’s cute shut it thank you I missed no I’m I’m like the

Katie Katie I’m chasing this girl and it’s taking forever I keep on missing I’m sorry Ted but I’m gonna murder him try to I don’t know sorry Ted I’m so sorry yes I heard of him you didn’t yeah cuz it ain’t get killed oh I lost something thank you everyone this is my fabulous yeah I’m gonna view up hey being this other guy we’re the

Only ones laughing and in court sad we’re not including patches unboxing camera What’s here what are you know like Josh keep looking my screen oh we can’t we can’t I can’t tell on the chest cuz then people will know it’s him yeah a bond key come here coming back into bathroom cuz I kind of panic I went into the bathroom whatever

There’s a lot of dead bodies oh yeah ah spectate him he looks so innocent he’s beside event in behind the door He’s Wow I found the murderer we’re past I’m tad store let me on the tower to please thank you yeah oh you somebody else Ted in somebody years to share it one get a try let’s just understand try to get a sir if I’m up enough money bro

Yeah you’re gonna get it get cheesy like me cheesy cheesy you got blue or maybe you got lute or you name use it but you never know oh no mine splatters just use bluem I’m innocent I think there’s doors the way out but I had no clue I’m literally stuck in there

Whenever my you can open doors in this game you know I don’t think that’s tad bomi bomi come back out Larry maybe does this looks miss Michelle buzzes the door this is where I spawned then close the door no don’t give away our hiding spot

No my hair is too big no the door is swung up in you know let’s go okay let’s go here wait tag if you have a gun or a sword get him can we see it remember we saw her with us she would have killed us

If I remember right it’s the red here guy now I’ve seen that I’m hiding back in here at gate look you get murdered attempt or Teddy died Ted let’s make the power of shower cow power of shower to make it for our I’m scared to go out now ready I’m gonna

Jump and then you jump to ready 3 2 1 go Boinga Boinga he’s gone flying only one person survived well not including America of course maybe the murder sheriff is feminism I’m innocent okay it can tell you’re lying already oh and I’m not my job guys my bridge your

Gates the murder my Shiva not even nerd yeah but that doesn’t mean I’m not it’s a good spot to hide well I’ll make sure I’ll be there a couple times oh my gosh that scared me so much thank you I found the murder it she has um yellow

Hair and green shirt I think I know you’re talking about just a gun in basement Ted wasn’t sure hey you wanna share it touch yes we ain’t gonna look at my inventory robust common hey Ted do you want something in my inventory isn’t I

Shot in fit Oh Oh Chad I have a gun for you I can trade with you okey Oh how do you that I have no idea hey touch inventory oh just accept it oh I’m gonna give you this one you don’t mean you

Said you had a gun to give oh I mean a some sort you look um thank you can I just notice he had like a plain sword oh just kidding Oh only on the murder one boom survived yeah this is this is somebody else’s share everything today dad

Say no if you’re a sheriff or murder you’re gonna say bro what if he wants to murder you later he’s saying absolutely nothing oh then he’s not one verse number two oh my gosh dad or either Montague I think Tesla murderer mm-hm show me you’re sorry Adithya that

Writer he’s the murderer you get murdered no I’m gonna follow tablet just slightly so I can catch his gun if the gun drop and you can pretend that you’re the runner hey how did that person get out their pets chasing someone in them gosh that’s a fake person I’m following

His sword throws oh I heard the murder gun I mean this is that blond-haired girl we should run yeah but I want to watch the battle you keep when I love to each other what we are now doing done so Forge if you said what are you wait

Nobody’s elastic anything done yeah not even if you’re an innocent we can tell us and if you’re the murderer you’ll have to kill the person has seen this pot No so if you’re the murderer you’re allowed to kill me yeah I’m assuming you’re there sherry hmm I have a subsection of

Jade’s it’s the girl with the purple hair not me it’s a distraction to bring her over tad I’m gonna spec to chubbs murder come here don’t you shut up oh I almost got murdered there – finally expect – actually I’ll expect it in Ted did you tell you Gigi you weren’t good

Sheriff they’re way better on them okay okay well how do you tag I have a suspect of Janet as she’s been mean you’re gonna lure chat over to death you’re not the murderer now as I heard the death kill I think that’s Janet oh no I know who it

Is I think it’s the gin are you the murderer because I have a big suspection it’s the white guy then he has blue arms he’s a murder help Jay are you the murderer yes Are you really no okay it’s the guy with white but he has a white body how do you know it’s him because he’s chasing me and I was just whenever I walked into the room he was standing beside a dead person oh yeah didn’t think it’s a blue shirt

Wow arms and murd oh it’s blue shirt in white arms I’m sorry no Kate look look on the screen if you find a ladder it’s gonna be kind of hard to get out Kate look look come back no I can’t he’s chasing me he’s not oh he was there’s a

Lot of people on this outside Kate come here in come in I think up here before you can’t inspect at you are you you I think I found the person isn’t that dude yep look look where most people are hiding there’s three people up there hit

This poor guys gonna find a way out mm-hmm I don’t even know how to get I think they got up some oh no I’m gonna back you because they jumped off you keep trying to claim that who’s what at her but she’s kind of dead no offense

But this guy doesn’t know her throw his sword if he knew they’d probably better look what I found look mmm any door oh I’m I have a great idea I’m gonna push these boxes out okay then maybe I can I don’t think I can actually just push the yeah

We survived uh actually no you and have survived I can’t so close leave your bowl ah I gotta tell you what I am why I’m uh sheriff okay I cannot believe you I am I found a great hiding spot Ted please don’t come easier to murder Oh yeah yeah more chance to meet him later he almost killed us Ted he almost killed us how was it closed off there’s a lot of people in this you should get killing you mean yeah and please love me please no you see I’m restocking the

Vents forever no you’re not the murder I heard the killings a me killing a dead Cat so I’m gonna go get it No keep I’m gonna be behind you right behind you’re not in front of you let’s find us our way out of here please um maybe this place is filled with me whether this place is only a maze bro found it just kidding

You come on follow me you want to be safer no no find a murderer since I kind of still begun some teeth you can’t get anywhere else for me what you’re suppose to continuing dig down where’s the murderer the murderer killed all those people and that was a lot of people I

Know with that guy said day I’m gonna see what this person wants to trade I’m gonna choose this map let’s see different or new or different we’re saying I don’t have much I know you won’t want any of my stuff but sorry let’s see oh don’t do Duncan Okay so Jude what are you I’m hiding come inside please come inside please oh hi Ted they’re right of you actually am you know after that and the runner and Ted even saw it tests on pads on a really good spot I’m in a really good spot to Kate and I

Can’t let you see these you should murder dad I just murdered the person who I killed the person who this year I’m gun and then song connie Seliger is something you like the Kim I’m gonna right now a high middle a sheriff I’m gonna murder you if you are I’m really

Scared of him We have a suspect ation I think I found the murderer yeah found the sword flying across the room I know who the murderer is he gets the blonde haired girl I know why that guy is following now cuz I’m the you know I’m gonna murder your gun

No no she’s gonna kill you I know she is No I’m gonna murder her did I get killed yes you did she was it sorry cuz she was standing me sent a dead body why I found the murder this dude he’s just I’m following the sheriff is this super cute look at my screen song don’t aspen it

Okay are you doing tonight oh oh I just got a genie guess what what did you give them my cheesy Karski has the best weapon in the world you like it it’s on my dad oh my gosh beautiful okay guys I got a big the office I guess let’s see what I mean Okay and I don’t trust you turn bye-bye I think I figure out who the murderers know I figure out who the sheriff oh oh No Hannah run from you okay I’m feeling you’re a man right Are you the murder no be honest if you are I know who is the chair who did it I think now we have a sub big sub Nick you don’t know yet you’re lucky right now but I got some guns in it you can’t I’m gonna carry you

To now I’m gonna shoot you then oh I’m so sorry again let me view honest of zizes okay so there’s this percent tad and teeth well keeping that Peter end We have 40 pages we hope you enjoyed those in an awesome day thanks for watching if you enjoyed this make your big thumbs up and calm down below if you don’t see mommy’s like this tap this box and see uh trio’s tap this button please guys Archer right here

In this video, we are playing Murder Mystery 2 on Roblox. There are 3 roles in Murder Mystery 2. Innocents: run and hide from the murderer, and use detective skills to expose the murderer. Sheriff: work with the innocents; the sheriff is the only one with a weapon who can take down the murderer. Murderer: eliminate everyone, and don’t get shot by the sheriff! Can we solve the mystery and survive each round?

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