Before the video starts make sure to like comment subscribe let’s get into it Bradley is goated you speak another other languages a little bit of French toast say exactly you said again hey please Philly already claimed her away from him you look different in Indian some other things but Indian okay

Cool cool so do you like the Bollywood man said like Bollywood what’s your favorite film huh yeah yeah I always wonder because he knows Bollywood he knows Bollywood he’s going to take my birthday how do you cleaned already you ready Harry is dumb how many permanent teeth

Does a dog have you a 38 B 42. C 47 and then D 50. so c c 47 so they’ve got 23 on the top 24 at the bottom well I’ve only got 20 seconds left okay I really want your number it rang Chloe I really like you oh thanks honestly get

A good vibe for me I can get five from you too yeah like I’m I’m seriously going to text you when this is done now I’m talking a minute we leave this this girl fix of gas and I’m being dead zero and then you’ve got no Chloe I can’t let

You go I’ll be honest I can’t let you go on them take care guys though yeah oh yeah get the rest of the shoot man Bradley is something else you should be able to spell your name using uh alphabet another phonetic alphabet Alpha Echo Delta so the police

Force talk of course so spell your name using that Bryden Ryan Alpha David Leo Echo yellow you just you said David for D when it snowed I use David it’s going let’s go let’s go do you fancy anyone in this room right now yes who I said close your dirty stupid mouth

I said when I say close it up you zip it all right that’s not a lie oh yes it is alive chunks is Somalian accent my name is I was born in Somaliland in 1965. uh first of January do you cycle recycle cycle cycle bicycle uh uh

Mountain bike no I’m uh Uber driver Kenny violated her how old are you sorry I’m 23. I’m 23 cat oh yeah why is that cat Um younger younger yeah I only said she looked younger because I’m interested in her but realistically she looked 35. Harry is smooth do you when you look at me do you think you can take this wood just be honest because look at me like I’m a mad tool six foot tree God didn’t

Shorten me in any department so I need you to understand what I know you looked I saw you shake it really hard so if you have to open it and explode everywhere I want to try and transfer the Fizz from there you start to feel that yep okay

Oh open that one open the other one open the other one bro all right this photo is smart he’s mad this can’t be real what color is your is your mum why why my dad why okay let’s ask a big question are you black no number five hey let’s end this round

Wait a minute are you black yeah five yeah four yes if a photo taken with a phone held vertically is described as portrait what L is the corresponding word for an image taken horizontally landscape correct in pop music The Singles titled Dog Days Are Over and you’ve got the

Love are by the band called Florence and the what machine correct in Footwear what e that is derived from the name of a course grass native to Spain North Africa is a type of canvas shoe with a braided rope sole My Brother come on man what are you talking about incorrect is espadrille

Philly is outrageous [Laughter] I’m hitting spots inside your body that you didn’t even know you had Marcus came from nothing so darkest in YouTube what is Mr BEAST’s most viewed video it’s good correct let’s go I came from nothing else could do me a favor if you could just simply actually that’s too much

Meat for you but we can’t touch it until you finish are you trying to put me on a diet yeah you’re fine I’m so sorry I’m sorry you told me to say I did it purely because you told me to Nico versus darkest man and your head is massive grapefruit in

Disguise if you were a girl they wouldn’t have a hit your side this guy’s looking like an oak tea why can’t you get girls you act like you get panani but girls think that you’re cringeyer than a white boy saying well love you man chunks violated Philly what

Would I be doing if I wasn’t a YouTuber slash Entertainer you’ve got no GCSE so it would not be great we’ll be a Trader wow yeah that’s poor well that’s are you being serious at 17. what was my dream from growing up as a kid footballer but Columbia buddy

So how is that not my flipping answer bro because you said that well yes sir he said that flop Trunks and Philly’s beautiful friendship I think everyone needs a friendship like Trunks and Philly I think so too lat chunks is such a good friend he made me realize how my other friends were

Like it’s so deep here I I used to say that to him all the time when I pray I include chanting my prayer now mothers chunks has a beautiful voice and that’s the only reason I’m singing it down Wanna be next to you black and gold Philly forgot darkest’s name I think I forgot your first name again that’s absolutely okay your real name give it a go live in the two teachers okay yeah my heart she gave you the most typical Marley Muslim Muslim names it’s here no no um

The World War II and answer [Laughter] all right just quickly chill out what country was you born in me yeah saved my land

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