3 INSANE Piggy Build Mode Creations #3 (How to Build Them) [Skibidi Toilet]🐷🚽

Sponsored by super snail three insane build mode creations and how to build them let’s get started number one may surprise you this is the scvd toilet Factory so first you’re going to want to build yourself a giant toilet you can go ahead and make this as detailed as you

Want but I just went and made something very very quick and make sure to have a doorway like this a little hallway and of course the door itself and there is your basic toilet now place a patrol point on the inside of the door and then place a large touch trigger on the

Inside of the door as well clipping the door with these settings and then connect the touch trigger to the door now you’re gonna place that inside you’re gonna place a death block on the inside too and of course this is to make sure that players don’t go in and

Disrupt anything inside the factory now place a regular portal and You’re Gonna Go Far Away from the toilet in a seclude area and place down the portal here and make sure it’s covered up as well and you’re gonna Place yourself a large conveyor belt so far have you been doing

Stuff right this is what it should look like now you’re gonna place down a bunch of Trader NPCs just like this set each one to Trader mode and use this ID I actually made a separate Roblox account just for this dedicated character so use it please now you’re gonna Place Another

Patrol Point anywhere outside of the toilet Factory and then you’re gonna take a large touch trigger and scale it to be the inside of the hallway and of course make sure you use these settings place down a sound block and then give it these settings then you’re gonna

Connect that touch trigger to the sound block here’s a little bonus detail place down a Looper place down a bunch of lights near the door and then connect the Looper to all the lights and then the final step is connect the big touch trigger to the Looper when you hear the

Toilet flush and see the lights flash a Scooby-Doo toilet will spawn just make sure you stay away number two this is a real working canon before I show you the build I want to quickly thank my sponsor super snail just like with piggy build mode if you’re looking for a game with many

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Your Epic Journey for the Canon I used a giant cylinder some wedge blocks some circle blocks uh and I even made the hole at the very top using a monitor offset next we’re gonna place the fuse for the cannon which we’ll use this button then place a touch trigger on the

Very top and then give it these settings but I recommend you set this to be set to anyone that way piggy can use the cannon too place down a Teleport block give it these settings of course and then connect the button to the teleport block and then move it directly into the

Center right here now place down a sound block given these settings alongside this audio ID connect the button to the sound block and then go ahead and move it directly down here into the center now when you go test this out the cannon will spawn you directly on top of it

Surround the cannon with invisible blocks just like this and then you’re gonna place down a timer and make sure it is set to 2 seconds now you’re gonna go ahead and connect the touch trigger to the timer and then set the buttons cool down to 5 Seconds now you’re going

To place down a bunch of teleport blocks in a trajectory like pattern as if you’re being shot out of a cannon and uh just for fun at the very bottom here I set up a little Target make sure each teleport block is set to these settings then next to each teleport block you’re

Going to place down a touch trigger like so except for the very end and then of course you’re gonna set them to these settings now connect the touch trigger to the first teleport block and then connect that touch trigger to the next block and then connect the I you know

What I think you guys I think you guys get the idea now go ahead and move each touch trigger inside of each teleport block place down another sound block give it these settings alongside this audio ID and then go ahead and connect the timer to that sound block and then move it

Directly in uh oh we found a problem it’s shooting inside of the cannon instantly this is why it’s directly connected to the first teleport block let’s unlink that and instead let’s connect the timer to this first teleport block huh but wait why is there this stuttering in midair well we can fix

That by placing some invisible blocks underneath all of the teleport blocks way smoother here we go we oh no no no no no Power death block substitute in the previous build mode update when Mini 2 was talking about adding in the trader and PC He also mentioned another feature that he was planning on adding the power death block think of it as a death block but you could turn it on and off this

Would be amazing for giving hitboxes to certain bosses or any kind of build mode Creations you want such as a giant laser which we’re going to be building right now so you can go ahead and detail this however you want but just as an example I’m making this a little laser shoot off

Thing we’re gonna go ahead and indent it a little bit and there you go you got your basic little laser shooter next we’re gonna go ahead and build out our laser beam just like so and we’re gonna build our indention light and push it in slightly next place down a button change

The buttons press length to four and then place down a timer and make sure it’s set to one second now you’re gonna go ahead and connect the button to the timer and then connect the button to the indicator light now you’re going to connect the timer over to the laser and

Let’s go ahead and test this out make sure everything’s moved in here of course oh wait hold on we gotta add our sound effects so for the first sound block use these of course now connect the button to the first sound block and give these settings to the second sound

Block alongside this ID and then go ahead and connect the timer to the second sound block now when we go test this out we got a working laser but there’s one problem it doesn’t kill us all it does is push us into the ground that doesn’t do anything not at all we

Gotta fix that first we’re gonna go ahead and take a touch trigger and make it the same exact size as our laser then we’re gonna set it to the these settings and then we’re going to take a Teleport block and put it reasonably in an area

Nearby where people are going to get hit by the laser and we’re going to put a death block inside of the teleport block and give it these settings now you’re going to go ahead and place down an and gate you’re going to connect the touch

Trigger to the and gate the timer to the and gate and then finally connect the and gate itself directly over to the teleport block now you’re going to move this directly inside to give the laser its hitbox and now it’s a working laser want more quick and quality Roblox content subscribe

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