🔴 LIVE – 40 BOMB HUNT on Vondel Rebirth Island (Warzone 3 Live Best Loadouts)

Just Like I got is it uh 27 or 24 that was close a 24 Got I didn’t order it online which I shut up but like I wanted one like ASAP so I went to Best Buy and just grabbed one so that’s what Happ 27 yeah they might be better my back what’s good what’s good what up what up Cho what

Up I me got that thing boy what was that two months not two months almost two month months later how you liking it man please tell me where to get my PC um I have no idea bro resurgence surv like I like built my PC so I don’t really I don’t really know

To be honest market for E Tech what’s good my boy what crazy that’s L [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] oh [ __ ] that you’re not dead where you going and shorty got the fatty I did no bro bullets enem some’s one shot holy [ __ ] [ __ ] out there oh out out out come out [ __ ] oh

[ __ ] come from this is [Applause] [ __ ] yeah we last ene some at it fing up I know I need oh a that’s crazy there three there three there three that’s crazy stop don’t die stop don’t die stop don’t die please don’t die my boy [ __ ] the [ __ ] yeah he’s a stream something

Johnny where the [ __ ] is lo I’m noty I’m not to get on the game anymore yeah it kind of be like that huh 30 seconds I don’t give a that’s the that just mean for 30 seconds I’m not killing nobody F you about that’s what you kind of you need like you need

Something to for to play be like that out I’m out I’m oh n I a got gun no no no no no no why did I get smokes I should have put on STS on no oh shot [ __ ] is closed good TJ morning my boy how’s your day how you

Feeling I didn’t mean to pick that up put if [ __ ] decoy in my pocket that’s dope got a y real quick UAV got holy [ __ ] enemies Areo he’s he’s yeah he [ __ ] Chas me bro kill this D he’s right in Fr F Fu f f f [ __ ] oh you taking youing

You [ __ ] you’re [ __ ] up bro you’re [ __ ] up bro I’m just joking bro love that Jim chest and shoulders last push day of the year yes sir I was supposed to go to the gym man I was like [ __ ] it I’m going throw up a stream bro

I was like I’mma throw up a stream man so we here with it so we here with it so we here with it sure H that like button man let’s get it man going to get a one millisecond monitor 240 HZ yeah 1 millisecond

Man I don’t feel like I even I my I think go up to 165 I don’t really need a 240 cuz my joint don’t go up that high but if you if you should if you’re join is capable then do that thing I play on 66 I do I

Do somebody that know 762 is meta I don’t know if it’s meta it’s good though it’s good it got the recoil is a lot better than the bot B I’ll say that oh [ __ ] my [ __ ] not even show little how do I put up a pole bro I got joint

Show support got my bday yo my boy Malik man happy birthday man salute salute salute salute hey man enjoy your day brother man enjoy your day I do play on 66 trench yes sir I sure do my character little op yo they said that’s my that’s my operator

Bro they said that’s my operator bro captain my son D call me Captain America I’m built like Captain America apparently yeah I got a spot NE I got a spot if you see me and you trying to see what’s up do a PC 240 HZ is just to refresh

Rate yeah pretty much so like my PC is not that like strong so like well it’s not strong enough to like run V Del on like 200 something Hertz so you feel me even like multiplayer I be like 160 170 you know what I’m saying so I can’t really see it like

That and uh yeah but I think they say the the the the the biggest differen is from like 60 to 60 to 120 60 to 120 Herz I a going to lie I you go from 60 frames to 120 is like crazy I’m not going to lie now when

You go back down to 60 it’s choppy as hell but I I think uh after that uh you can’t really see like that all right after this Jito I got you I got you repl stuff what’s good hand out Souls what’s good boy what’s going what’s going boy Hing out that

Sace he said you got the Mad Max chill that made me want to get some dreads bro I ain’t going to hold you bro kind of do made me want to get some dreads now resur [ __ ] on this one you can die as many times you want Max I a see shots in a minute I a going to lie word where where where stand fory they got the daging all yeah man feel me Jo just started uh about 12 minutes ago let’s go while oh Wally what up

Brenon what’s good Resurgence if you see me and you trying to see what’s up I feel like I got to land at a different spot I land at the same spot bro oh there you there you go talking that [ __ ] y they said [ __ ] me that nigga’s [ __ ] man [ __ ]

Bro get out of Here get ready you’re redeploy Punk guys teammates [Applause] bro his DMZ time is more than my [ __ ] time I don’t [ __ ] zombie en yig way ain’t no way I should do something like he was a stone cold killer n No Cap he was though get he really

Was gas ising in you got reinforcements inbound I what up I up mad ma got to get myself warmed up man I’m playing like ass how is that yo bro let me get my load out let me get my load out let me get my load out bro wow

Son point blank in his face and I still die bro it’s actually nuts the [ __ ] Claymore kind of [ __ ] me up right there man it took all my plat to just kind of chucked right now load drop headed your enem dropping the AO it let me bogus as hell I Ain going to

Lie see me and you trying to see what’s up I could have hacked it nobody worried about doing all that bro got me out here with a freaking one kill my boy that’s tough one kill poy out here you heard lob be kind of Dad sadm redeploying well

Done good kill marking the rest of that squad on your t M get hun Enemy enemy soldier incoming I shoty you ain’t kidding shot me from like two roofs over yo why am I getting [ __ ] stacked on like this bro oh my God Jesus Christ bro that is looking

Ass we are rur Ali earn this oh my God I just picked the wrong load out cuz this guy bro damn it I re some [ __ ] back on station good flows through me move to the safe Zone this match [ __ ] this [ __ ] pick the some certified [ __ ]

Man damn it man look at this guy yo about to die there’s no way you still eating up from over there no way no way you’re still eating bro [ __ ] not healthy bro enemies Areo the you got reinforc inbound you’re dead [ __ ] s active Station prices have been reduced in the street

Underneath e what’s good trick what good why is my friends list not working bro oh what the [ __ ] man to pick the worst load out yeah I was that was a sell right there that was a sell I ain’t going to lie I don’t know why I even got that my game locked

Also [ __ ] is going on bro okay he’s in there frosted bud I I don’t know what that is frosted bud is that like some type of like uh um what that [ __ ] called bro U moon rock type type joint What’s good tiger hope I had a good holiday that was pretty all right it’s pretty all right what about you man how you feeling I got a new robe I got a robe for Christmas I’m chilling though e man what’s good enem dtz what up [ __ ] man stacky bro [ __ ] just stacking

Bro kind of nasty right now I’m not even going to lie wsp swarm Striker probably the one broing fine afternoon I picked to play on huh the Rob is a need though standy like I never had like a use for it but hey man I could use it now now type

[ __ ] we use it now brother man you got a team full stacking up top one of the you know what I’m saying they running shotguns like come on like what am I playing right now actually Resurgence stay alive to keep in the fight some slids BO got the slids on deyy

Oh right up each other [ __ ] try to kill one they right up each other ass I Oh down here Ene of them long my on for probably like a good five like a good five man squadmate back on station good work you’re losing ground moving out [ __ ] you yo this what I’m talking about like how does that [ __ ] take away my place what the yo son should be selling me

Bro I am reborn again selling me bro [ __ ] shoot a claymore you shoot a claymore this [ __ ] blow up both ways like I’m just getting sold by explosives today bro [ __ ] man s his life effective fire on wish friendly load on and follow on objetive enemy

Destroy o this going to get me today bro it’s going to get me today bro go get me angry today bro I feel ity all on you stay alive so your squad can redeploy weting vulnerability in the enemy’s Network loc up St they offline yep your back good enloy

Confirmed we located the rest of them back on station good work [ __ ] asss bro on got gas moving ining there are 24 enemies kill them all God stupid moving here get to the safe Zone somebody over there bro movement Hile located a where is the lobby at gang like

Awesome enemy lock Network you missed your chance we’ve run out of time seure contract’s been pulled fire s is active bu Station prices are my oh [ __ ] oh son I’m chasing [ __ ] I don’t give [ __ ] oh [ __ ] enemy soldier incoming Resurgence is about to end Make It Count yeah you chasing but you

Ran over adjusting gas is cling in N just don’t die be advised you still have sades outside the safe Zone contact contact loated you got reinforc inbound kill marking the rest of that on your M get H them H they get them bugs are rest adise you load up now

Taking yeah what an interesting guy Kyrie what up n Supreme I play uh you got to like member up bro play like my members and [ __ ] call it like bro this thing mountain and [ __ ] thing [ __ ] Shaking you’re ground move it located oh no what head to the safe Zone what the [ __ ] why is he movement wagan sure not to Ratt it up in there what in there with a shotgun appreciate that bro he’s right here the door bro I ain’t got no PL hey hey CJ door

The there’s one to the right that [ __ ] crazy let’s go boy he Lo is good what up what up what up good dog he s be walking out there my John I ain’t going to lie man got the robe on you lay the pipe boy got the robe on Wild

Yo yo Chopper what’s frosted um I I’m me just Google it let me Google that let me Google that and this Cav y’all premium flower that has been coated in wax and THC isolate okay dipped in the wax and covered in thca sound busting bro I I uh I I uh bu

No more [ __ ] I kind I try to stay away from substances now you know what I mean what that mean but I bet uh like you got to have a membership bro you got to member up like you see people with the logo by the name like the the S that’s

Like who I play with like uh or my mod is in chat you see what I saying you see what I say you see what I saying who you say you got your old skin of the gay you see right y that’s actually jokes yeah you can join Court movement

So go to gym yeah not as not as hard as I was that’s what I got to work back on I got to work back uh getting on like my really like my consistency in there I still go I just haven’t been going got used to discipline hasn’t been there like

That I got to get back on that enemies are dropping into the the snipers down enem yes sir citizen what’s good man St playing solos bro get mad on a whole another level since you playing multi yeah yeah yeah I’mma still mix it in there they mix that joint in

There I really want to do is I want to place them over punch I should have play when when they released man last year have been Nic streaming that that’s a f game right there man get me angry though enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies

Kill confirmed located the rest of them I know you mad I I’m like dropping frames like you see my [ __ ] like 70 FPS like why my [ __ ] look like this I got snow on my hands enemy soldier incoming enemy destroy use your to hunt down the rest of them

On for like five hours uh back on really too feel too confident with this load I’m not going to hold you wow enem dropping into the AO damn bro the on your how you know how do you know bro that’s weird get your squad to the safe zone no one gets left

Behind hold y life he’ll be on some sus sus activity bro but I ain’t going to say nothing whatever say how to be knowing bro like you just know I’m here bro weird bro load headed your about all right ption was good en enemies are dropping into the the redeploying well

Done oh man oh man oh man moving It’s being weird back on station good work oh yeah and this [ __ ] is disgusting right now bro AB absolutely disgusting right now I’m just getting stacked on friendly station is ready oh this is so fun get ready you’re redeploying my load out look chop Hile located got gas moving

In be playing so scary bro look at them bro be advised you still have Squad meets outside the safe Zone M I’ll probably be on tomorrow though yet could use someid round like I’m about to just die bro enemy soldier incoming fire St yo yo I’m terrible CH my

Gosh Window ising watch we like how do I lose these fights though bro like that’s the yo bro I’m getting had right now bro absolutely had right now bro I am getting had brother you on again yeah I’m on let me I got to I got to uh refresh my uh my

Joint we’re getting a hat right now brother [ __ ] is crazy hopefully the same thing’s not happening to me bro man I don’t know man this joint kind of kind of sweaty right now brother Cru what up you said what I said I don’t know why it’s Saturday at 2m oh of

Course need new midsize Resurgence Maps low key the low key go raen what up multiplayer today uh I’m not sure bro to be honest I’m G be honest WP load out I got you I got you bro see people running 100 mag on there now on the Swarm yeah yeah that’s what

I’m seeing look like it’s fast bro 50 is kind of nothing to be honest I’m not going to lie run out super quick yeah I don’t know maybe I should just grind this and get right bro what you got to do all there is to it it’s also really it’s also really just

Like um what the lobbies bro you know what I’m saying like what you do if you getting full stack it’s not much you could really do yeah seeing people use the the uzi too like the WSB 9 N yeah I don’t know bro I don’t know what to use out

Here play is so good how it is Ali so blend the city cracked up yeah yeah yeah yeah I much rather like use other guns than like two [ __ ] two SMGs and like you know what I’m saying I only been using the striker the striker pretty goated it’s just not you

Just got to stay stay your distance a little bit Yeah I trying to tell you but if somebody run up on your ass close range is over with so swarm what’s I said swarm hey y what’s good what’s good what’s good over stand for deoy to the war zone rebirth waiting

Room think that [ __ ] come back hope you doing well okay y’all feel me y hope everything going good hope your holidays been good happy holidays do something I’m about push STS back your team can redeploy eliminate toing them back fter your team Le set a drop point for your sad

Soldier oh I done by hotels i l don’t be doing Farms no more I’m tired of dying all time yeah packed up I’m like no I’m had enough with some fire audio settings yet bro cuz a bro this how the game is Gang redeploy well done oh n why yall ring like

That he’s one shot down here bro sh enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies good work kill confirmed located the rest of them boy boy boy boy boy boy boy no [ __ ] he just died I don’t know what he was doing what the heck I’m about to push your Scouts

Back gas is moving the rest of that on your T go get hun Bounty targets identified weapons free enemo into the AO all right your squad’s in the safe Zone b b b bow primary objective complete all Targets eliminated the enemy is no longer tracking you you lost them this is crazy

And loated the you have a station yo the no what are you doing kill marking the rest of that on your M yeah to Y deoy St ready enem St they offine y i the company economy to balance out I don’t know nothing about that friendly Recon overhead UAV confed located the of

Them actually I should have pulled out that the the SMG I don’t know why I just did that we are returning you to the front earn this oh R enem Sho gas isbound you doing bro I really hope he doesn’t herself man reforce wow he does never

Mind allad members are in the safe Zone out a tired of running around chasing people bro the of them the rest of that on your t m get hunting enemies are dropping into the the enemy lock us out of network you missed your chance confirmed we located the of them fire active reduced

Audio it’s so bad hey y’all 762 MTZ I don’t like this [ __ ] mad Cory they all underneath tunnels and [ __ ] what they doing there look what they doing bro Resurgence window is ending watch your six enemy desty Downs over adjusting prices here you’re losing ground move it

Good kill marking the rest of that squ on your t m go get hun yo oh okay okay pal from that Squad hunt them down Resurgence has closed no more second chance Supply crat are restart you up no hold have money almost here yo that’s that’s them bro them that just killed

Me I see an enemy enemy soldier incoming be advised you still have Squad Mees outside the safe Zone remain Friendly Recon overhead UAV all enemy elimin that’s job well done what’s good chile yo T what’s good did I say what up what’s good what’s good what’s good down I ain’t going to lie I’m trying to get some kills yeah 762 bro you need a new AR use man MTZ 762

Bro Jo is absolutely like that move back right oh still see the AMR let see what’s up with that For Che your weapons Che your gear we’re holding for deployment enemies the Taking effective fire enem dropping into the AO they’re in the after Enemy incom sty you got get this wor $1999 shout out to my guy you going to get this word you you going get you going get you going to get this work coming through with the freaking minut Sal wow salute good look good looks good look good

Good try to see if I can drop another Banger for you hell no right here even know I just stopped L here though but ene don’t kill me bro gun yeah see like when I get over here bro I be feeling like my joint man lagging all type of nastiness it be feeling

Like occation scan the enemy surveiling the AO stay low or use the water for concealment enemy soldier incoming en ST Low enem located down Mark the rest of them I why is it doing that your squadmate back on station good work enemies are dropping into the area watch the one here here

Not to dude this DG is insane what the [ __ ] LG yeah cck oh my God gas what’s good Tang what up man go what’s good oh my gosh this team is tragic should have D to get your squ to the safe zone no everywhere myy oh what the [ __ ] bro teammate’s name

Is just F dude no way entering the visibility Willow from that the rest on your that was a good idea load head what are the odds enemies are dropping into the enemy destroyed use your T to hunt down the kill confirmed we located the rest of them come on you got reinforcements inbound

Marking the rest of that on your get hunting I see ammo ammo here telling you bro my joint feel like it’s I don’t know my game feel nasty though enem dropping the a loated the oh now this audio is so bad I’m taking yo come on son yall so [ __ ]

Garbage like yo get me so mad bro look how y’all own each other like that in garbage can bro damn they just took the [ __ ] I play a paddles I don’t redeploy be advised have go D with up man is he slabbing though n it is though you’re getting another chance Make It

Count garbage as hell bro oh I’m dead yo whatever bro said grab me grab Meade back on station go get after that’s disgusting bro only time they feel like confident in their abilities is they two on one bro crazy bruh whatever man Squad back on station good work fire

S is active by Station prices are adjusted that makes you feel better enemies are dropping into the the I am reor got reinforcements inbound whole team I’m landing in here too is about to end Make It Count look how they’re playing the game bro look how they’re

Playing the [ __ ] is your team it [ __ ] gas in you stacking still suck bro keep stacking love the skill I’m seeing bro I love it God bro until your redeploy less than 25 were still standing they hit us hard that time let’s regroup and get back up there y enemy Kia

Don’t lie bro I’m about to get rid of the four man bro look good K fresh what up bro conversion with the conversion K hits hard yeah it’s more like a SMG type of thing AR SMG hybrid I had like a one we had like I had like

One good game bro like one decent Lobby and then that should been pretty ass quad not it not 100% that’s why I usually like playing trios bro but like me personally I usually like playing trios but like there’s um I don’t know why they be doing that like

Just give you a just give you all a choice of playing like they had it in the in the other joint bro you could play whatever map you want Trio quad whatever you know what I’m saying I don’t know how to be doing that [ __ ]

Forcing you to play like I don’t want to play that big new [ __ ] SK we’re headed to the war zone get geared up stand by I’m always bad playlist A No Cap oh look at this braw [ __ ] bro chill chill that BBC boy in enem dropping the AO everybody landed over there on

Your a this gun is ter enemy destroy use your to hunt down the rest of them loated the of them Bounty right here oh my God about n coming through with the 23 months my day going so far my day is pretty all right it just started uh

Pretty much just uh came through and uh you know got on the game skip the gym and all that but uh yeah we here happy holidays man how you feeling man how you feeling hope everything going good good gas is moving enem dropping into the AO yeah it’s a whole team

Down yo my load out already only two of us pull up on stay alive your redeploy you got reinforcements inbound yeah I’m not about to sit here and get CED your squadmates redeploying well done your squad back from down relax buddy oh come on man you got reinforc inbound enemy dyun down

The be advised we’re picking up signals from enemy Uplink St in the area loc them and SEC their in they go what is this located the of taking fire the of on your get hunting I ain’t going to lie this four man is not going to do it bro not at Alla

Contact they’re here they’re here they’re here they’re here on the top here oh what that’s oh [ __ ] behind us behind us [ __ ] f [Applause] you’re ground move it friendly son I better not bro I about to say I get a little eater of a game [ __ ] you N I wasn’t showing your

Thing you can’t see my name yeah it wasn’t showing it enem ohh oh on your the on your he’s right my God my God Sticky Fingers man that what happened last night I got off bro you keept selling me bro you selling me son playing my heart

Out just to lose bro nah man n no no no no station selling my [ __ ] Dro $1.99 he’s up top what this game is fake wow bro it’s said fake Soldier yeah that [ __ ] [ __ ] great value Soldier bro playing like [ __ ] Sony what’s wrong with that [ __ ] [ __ ] great Val you [ __ ]

Bro like [ __ ] it I just got off on to sleep enem dropping into the AO only 10 left yo get ready Resurgence Windows about to close over oh controller gasing in yeah gang get your squad to the safe zone no one gets left behind eny to hunt down the of them

How I got doof though maning my what OD they patch this huh I said they patch Nerf this gun your in the top oh some [ __ ] picked the wrong fight way to get it done need straight Vell yeah 100% you need a p this is trash what what’s trash yeah that 100% control

Center prison that’s what I be saying they they they they messed up cuz they like it’s been too much um like it’s too much uh what’s it called like the [ __ ] is just too big bro yeah all it really is to be honest for think you just got to grind it bro

That’s all it is bro yeah it’s not that it’s not that I ain’t going lie the the other night I was on with my son Don dropping I well I could have got some 40s I was selling I did see one of those games y both Drop Like 32 Yeah it’s fun when it’s not it’s not sweaty as L bro it’s actually kind of fun well that that’s like any game huh what’s good musles what up check your gear and weapons we’ll be deploying shortly takpp the like that’s why like the Von be like

I don’t know why the [ __ ] be sweaty bro but like it’s like people stop queuing for a Shea and then they wait weird now why you keep saying that everybody be saying that been authed Resurgence survive to redeploy Fallen teammates kill to bring them back faster monkey enemies are dropping into the

The oh [ __ ] I’m the wrong spot oh did they show stats yet for this joint got it oh I’m super dead you got reinforc oh man located the of them enemy soldier incoming oh my gosh bro oh my God from that hunt them down what yo this [ __ ] weird brou interface changed

Interface you’re getting another chance Make It Count redeploy done sad back on station good work sadate found Intel on the location of the next gas spread get it to the designated Uplink station for decryption hurry oh need to heal no all Squad members are in the safe Zone okay located the rest of

Them here load out drop headed your way snip they ran away you on the load out one one marking the rest of that on your M get hunting adved moving in ability will be down the rest of them like what was he doing like what was the plan right there a shotgun game

Play what shotguns are good on there friendly Recon overhead that UAV online come come [ __ ] the rooftops bro this is disgusting off of me dude down another over [ __ ] shot it to my left get your Weir on feing like he just came feing for the full like we’re feing moving

St they all in here bro gas fire bro so what get ready redeploy LG yeah your made it to the safe Zone friendly station deployed of course multiple friendly station is ready multiple enem dropping into the AO I just died to some what what just happened bro [ __ ] is not real bro nasty

Te [ __ ] not real bro your back on station he still shooting ated up the it it’s here it’s not here it a lie it was a lie enemy soldier incoming window is ending watch your six he said a no one one them you not lying bro on me on

Me5 fire prices are back to normal you’re grounding yo how is he not dead though like I be using this [ __ ] yo he’s shotgunning it up where’s he at bro oh the head enemy as T medic love that oh myg has been DEA This Is the End

Game nice snakes nice Snak nice snakes bro done boy got down enemies are dropping the the I’m just dropped in here need necr shut your ass up [ __ ] I’m staging bro only way to win now that’s it bro keep on stagging gas is inbound wow got a one shot sniper by the way

Yoshi what’s good yo you got a sniper and a riot sh that’s the dirtiest combo told you relax what a combo there a team over here talking that Spanish on top trying to smoke y see where supp have restocked load up play my little position bro s i a moving no more

Mared gas is moving where you going buddy you got a fight he jumped enem right sh goty G enem Mr blixen Bon MP 40 gas the is your location I think I just died yep love it oh [ __ ] whole movement just got trolled only left whatever man only remain you were

Close the enemy took that one but we’ll get him back absolute boring match it yo Neo I’m all y’ bro I a lot GG’s man I getting some good [ __ ] man like more here than the shica oh 100% bro you have to be but uh I feel like on

This map you actually have to be like better you know what I’m saying so um to make up for the for for that I S your invite bro to make up for that you got a stack bro you have to be better at like angles and [ __ ] I do do prob Leticia

Good a what up K what’s good hey I like the poll thing man people liking the hitting the like button bro I like that I don’t got to say nothing all doing a p more often how you feel about that nine bro WP you said what I didn’t use it

I wish the the the the the the the no stock didn’t like like Zoom your gun out so far kind of sucks remember when no stock was like the best collapse stock anything yeah them boys th hella recoil on that joint so be up close and personal bro what you talking about bro

I’m close in personal only going to run around like a freaking like you want some drugs all right you going to run around like that and still Beam at at long range hell no standy blon MP 40 OT S9 OT S9 was goed yes Mac 10 MP5 always viable

Yeah Resurgence survive and your team can redeploy eliminate toing them back fter team braing rod from this game but making recovery brain Rod is crazy we doing it to you oh the PPS stage right how I forgot about in whole joint 71 rounds well I was Wilding oh [ __ ] bad boy inom

What no bro who back Back stand for redeployment enemy surveillance has on the area go get underwater to avoid their scans enem dropping into the The aoad redeploying Well Done enemy operat are tracking your location you got refor the rest of on your go get H are you kidding me station good enemies surveillance has left the

AO you’re clear [ __ ] is [ __ ] youry oh did I get both them oh [ __ ] there was that shotgun Colonel run no run run run no not down the step right here enemy brother yo that Bo just trying to Flame them up oh my God up with his mic like bro

Go crazy bro we are returning to the earn this yo fix your mic real quick bro wasn’t doing that at first no de oh my God what the [ __ ] bruh yo this game is pissing me off actually bro get a stupidest like I got load out marking the rest of that on

Your come on bro y know Canadian doll happy new your brother I got Brenton coming through man W Bron right there man I appreciate you my boy happy New Year happy holidays feel me I’m getting packed up right now but yeah down to you Soldier stay sharp your squad redeploying well done Lo enemo the aesty down the of no way this kid just [ __ ] no way yes way broken enemy destroyed your to hunt down the rest of them down marking the rest of them me gas running head to the safe Zone on my yeah where am I getting looked at enemies Areo the

I got one right here God [ __ ] he got me down got me [ __ ] down down hey I’m going fall down I’mma fall down oh we in two different spots BR talk my got Brenton do man everything straight I don’t know if I said that right I’m pretty sure I did but

Yeah some time all my lot snipers now are to the ear this shot kill me bro there is a way a time for you’re redeploying he Louise I see en contact contact where Jesus he landed up top why I cannot hear [ __ ] that guy’s mic is so isid really annoying

Over they’re running around up here station gas he’s hurt get to the safe Zone one below in here bro you said where he in here I don’t think he died yet stairwell somewhere I killed one enemy soldier incoming you’re so [ __ ] gay that’s Stu oh thank you bro unfortunately

Reinfor bro just in there he just in there waiting bro we got 20 G’s where are you missing shots what is this e um I know you’re ground it your redeploying well done be advised you still have sades outside thefe up oh you got to move you got to move

Shorty don’t stay up there got do the Das talking like that I’m actually so tight he’s not to enemies are dropping into the area watch the oo beam ski don’t know things just popped out of the ground left come here belove it I’m here beloved how in the like for

Real going I’m going no not you oh my God again I what’s good I just had position and I would have got they ass damn bruh my bad please someone look over me monitor I’m using the um no way you just sto that snatchy about to that hop in here like

That oh my gosh got him this where they was at this where they was at this where they was at y yo shoot bastard bro stay in the back of the ambulance bro they in the back of the ambulance bro resuscitating each other and [ __ ] bro yo no way

No way I just seen that bro that is insane wow son what oh yeah let me just hide in the me hide in the back of ambulance three deep Bro three deep Bro just nasty work right there man it’s nasty work that’s crazy CH play keyboard and mouse for the

Longest time but I want to switch to controller Buble jump tactical best for mechanics uh yeah um in terms of jump jumping uh proning and everything and still being able to like proning and jumping without uh and slide cancelling and stuff like that without um using paddles yeah

100% a that’s crazy bro I can’t believe that like you thought it was safe you thought it was safe you thought you about play to get your gun popped out the ambulance bro freaking EMT EMT team right there bro yo he Medics right there B for real things coming soon for

Enem over now youo to the war yeah see that that Lobby was pretty good though one like got stop dying to Randomness man startop cooking them but that interstella yeah that’s garbage that’s actually garbage actually stay alive to keep your in the fight Mark a drop point for your squad and lead them

In enemy soldier incoming actually y all Landing over there too my guns and stuff man I don’t land over there no more going to hold you hotels and then work my way over’s a coup you got reinforcements inbound like how do y’all be like there’s no way they got high alert

Already gra grocer czy M redeploying well done that boy eat bro let’s go selling bro Big C know I got to get the groceries man enemies are dropping the I got them Groceries On love the audio love the audio by the way easy back on station go get it I see an enemy believe they was in that a yeah some hoes man where you going bro whole team over here where you yo I’m I’m getting in the middle between two team the on your oh

Oh God oh my goodness n oh my gosh behind y behind y bro that’s why I don’t come over here unless I got my my [ __ ] bruh why youting back up Forlo I lovely are there was one more over here I 21 load bro yeah yeah Hy Bounty Hunter weach the enemy Network loc their Uplink station downlo their they lock us out rolling ID on the down that is dirty or I can buy one actually crazy e ball 96 my God Hunter

That is dirty careful be careful you right over there ene oh my they’re coming [ __ ] what the from hun them down don’t come here where the hell the whole team come from what the yo all the 21 Savage SKS same exact team that UAV for you guys bro all right your in the

All let’s go let’s go us I was low K oh they’re here they’re here they’re here [ __ ] I’m down again J down loated the of friendly R over here whatever in you can time running out I’m here don’t run for me I’m here UAV the enemy got who over here snatching

Bro yo my teammate is following me bro like bro it’s stuck to my hip right now like that man broke his leg snip freaking Don a kids with OP number one in their clan tag like what is that op number one about to grab a friendly overhead friendly Recon overhead Von

Delmore I don’t know bro like the last time I played I was [ __ ] with uh Von more just cuz more a sheer amount of people oh there’s a wow you’re in the top keep knocking them out head to [Applause] the you Gamers it’s a shame y’all got rotation

Though so it’s like y going to I’m out bro your back on station yo y’all suck come out loated friendly Recon over yeah gas gas eating your ass up huh scary bro 21 side right here ohash oh my God he’s so one ta noces oh they got me yeah left

There’s only one guy I was beaming him but um I didn’t kill him out the sky yo come out bro where you at bro all right two and then we can go by Yo they’re below you j y ain’t buying nothing you come out the hey buddy are you grabbing your gun over

Here you getting up getting up hey hey hey I believe that’s what they call captain Jays my feathered up captain Jays yo Ken what you know about that bro Captain J’s fishing chicken I never heard of that that must be a Detroit thing Crown Fried Chicken you I de with it yeah

Yeah I still don’t got the stats on her huh yeah some wings just threo me off got the feather on that joint I know you still ate that thing boy betters in all man no that’s crazy hi Sans hi e hi Eric you should have never let me find out your name

Bro it’s straight e now bro or Eric I like it I didn’t let you find out my name I told you I been up statey um no I haven’t my son TJ he was in the he was in the he in the he was in the chat early he from there though I

Never been there though I went like a little bit above Yonkers that’s the that’s the like furthest I’ve been I forgot the name of the spot but it was just a little bit above Yonkers got your wisdom tool taken out looking like Kanye right now what chipk you sound pretty good actually

Honest you don’t sound crazy stuffed his mouth with gauze no I don’t have any Gau in my mouth no so this is like I only had I only had the G in for about uh like two two or three extra hours after my uh after I got him

Out what you drinking uh inro and [ __ ] chear and’ll beo enip down will give you more more I don’t want to say kind of feels like the em2 and going crazy yeah only 30 bullets though yeah they had like a 45 I think everybody using it like using something else than the

Bad B though I love therey with it boy pipy Killer Boy Fried Chicken like forever I was living in w w what the hell is that I’m try it he said looking Rd sometimes yeah spawn operator big enem I’ve been sick for the past couple

Days I went to sleep and walk up like times last night and took like four showers cuz I kept waking up [ __ ] just soaked and sweat e that bro it maybe I the I don’t know what I have that’s insane come to hold this bomb drone bro he didn’t even die that’s

Theong enem dropping the AO back on station trying to get that kill yo oh [ __ ] off this pemy destroy to down the a bro got to is sprting sliding what man I’m taking enemy soldier incoming if that guy just didn’t shoot me bro I Lally would have won that

Man annoying man that [ __ ] was close gas is inbound ridiculous get your squad to the safe zone no one gets left behind a enemies are dropping the but and but how much is inhabitable though how much is unhabitable cuz like I feel like 80% Russ a massive waste of time

Your sad redeploy well done uh I would I would but I would be lying I would say it is OCC scan the enemy is cond the get compromised oh enemy soldier incoming enemy why bro I’ll be a good teammate bro yeah they looking at that I’m out be advised enemy surveillance is

Down they lost you not res nothing oh my [ __ ] I’m lagging bad I don’t know how I got that friendly Recon overhead UAV is station online what the heck freaking lagging bro good work good kill marking the rest of that on your freers man you got reinforcements

In s bro Make Some Noise bro yeah I know yeah only time you feel comfortable with your buddy up here on you I hit him once nice yeah give me your guns for now buddy yeah they are their cheeks underneath though I kidding here yeah I’m not lagging and I got my

Bull he’s a bullet he’s a bullet there was more down here I just lost composure enemy yeah that was faded actually that was super faded I got you what are you doing there Ain no way they just me in here like this I’m taking fire y eneo the AO so I’m not missing shots on this guy if you if you destroy this whole Squad bro you’re looking for that this your gun yeah your back on stage good get ready window to all I’m com you got reinfor one Sh oh my god there someone sling around up yo this y I am dying to four mother Yo four people from different angles like yo he’s on the right being by an enemy Squad evade and survive jeez sat there and took it yep just took

It took it just took it bro no no resistance bro no PA man sh up why he just jump what’s up man what he talking about been what is he talking about bro head up no nothing Cory what is he talking about Vaseline oh Vaseline man I’m getting shot at left east west

North south there’s nowhere is it off the York I’m rolling I’m smelling some good cooking upstairs and I need a bite yeah what’s with din bro you got to eat a smoothie bro get a nice smoothie bro Ving man vibing getting some dubs getting some

Kills fory in no Wild out here suck got F you [Applause] feel y are my I my mom say that one time that sh be so weakan enemy sold inom Dr me a can Ram seven um that’s cool I don’t really use it like that

Though I’m using a lot of the MTZ a lot too good ST stand deployment been good oh that’s why I’m like why my [ __ ] so I’m selling I have my graphics on high bro like why I joint chopping up like this why is doing all that Resurgence and your team can redeploy

Eliminate to bring them back faster your team leader dir bomb Mau the hottest in New York I ain’t going to lie bro I’m old bro I don’t be listening to that that stuff slow m a drone always You’re Not Meant To Hell yet got got a cluster M down here

Yo down the why are they both just on me son I see an I’m I’m pretty sure there was a closer team yeah kill him kill him kill him nah what y’all doing bro think just like yo what y’all doing gas the power of hell refor me the power what flow through hey

Yo oh my God please got you boy got you boy got you boy I’m out I cannot waste no time I’m really grinding forever said I love you I was lying oh white boy got s with f yeah bro he uh be with the the Bronx drill rappers and stuff

I got to put on the deep voice I got stack on like land on load here redeploy well done kill confirmed grenade the rest of them you got reinforcements inbound back ah turned on bad one side I love this eliminate all Bounty targets kill confirmed located the rest of them don’t load out

Huh we got shot from Rel garbage you’re not me the hell yet your back on station good work I’m scl do that fight you got reinforcements inbound moving here but they let me get it never mind I got they’re still there they’re still camping there yeah they’re still camping it

Crazy he jumped over inom yo they go they was just herey complete Target eliminated remaining operators from that Squad my gun get to the safe Zone your back on station good work good kill marking the rest of that squad on your T map get hunting yo who was staring at

Me oh my God I wish the self resident take so long bro the whole team same team stacking bro same team that I was about to load out bro move move move move Man why y’all playing like that bro why y’all playing like that did you not just see what happened no why y playing like that bro up with you bro that was nasty yeah I’mma play uh Crow I meant to say that I’m I’m going play the rank when it come out not this

[ __ ] but BR trying to get iridescent yeah okay get top50 to get top 250 with the hackers yeah know trying to grind play Cory on your team bro it be good that’s what I’m say if you know you know there a build bro I think the Raptor on like a 28 losing

Streak yep crazy joint like that they blew they blew a 190 lead against Boston and then Boston came Backle time and beat them what was it’s 2 and 29 bro how you on NBA team playing like that bro oh they probably tanking bro tanking for what the season just damn near

Started to get a to get a number one pick bro come on bro and they’re not even guaranteed a number one pick but they get the most chance no huh they get the most chance right no not really it’s a lottery pick so like it’s between the three worst

Teams I think and you got to whoever chooses like out of like some [ __ ] box get number one at least that’s how it works for NBA that’s crazy to yeah you’re the worst team you just get number one over standy to the war zone got dreads now these twist

Bro I can shake them now shake your dread shake your dread shake your drad go drill Resurgence shout out to the dogs in the fight Mark a drop point for your squad them in and the dirt down in the D yeah that’s nasty bro 229 is

Nuts just you just tight every game you lose 20 games 20 plus games in a row he just tight bro give up just lost all hope just oh they had tempered enemy got that [ __ ] from surprise [ __ ] good [ __ ] that’s funny how like once you get melee bro you literally can’t run away

From it like it’s like dude’s magnetic another make it I crack you’re back on station we get after it got gas moving in a damn I’m try to get IB again y they so garbage like I’m so yo every situation I lose a fight bro it just been [ __ ]

Your squad outside the safe Zone oh coming up be me I don’t see no com backy oh my God y that [ __ ] up on the other side on the other side team fing ohu me too no way yo now he jumped over he jumped over he jumped over he jumped over he’s right

Here he’s in there yeah I’m coming back how the [ __ ] he just hit me like that good [ __ ] bro what the heck did I just get myself into yeah cover me cover me I already had three down bro three down bro Oh they got our boys enem low or to undetected what he’s on the bottom he’s over here enemies detected location I’m a big head I just R pick him up I’m cover oh my God I’m I’m uh probably not no me go go save go save we go save you’re going

Save back on station good work a garbage man friendly Recon overhead enemy soldier incoming gas is moving yeah like I feel like everything is ch right now I’m not going to lie d right here right here right here guys for that load going cap Enemy by station deployed yo no

Way that one bullet hit him right there that’s insane what is that I hear bro they got to come over here so there’s a couple of them though yeah my brother y oh I wish I had my load out like guns are terrible [ __ ] trash can you doing stated

Enemies are dropping into the area watch the from down Y come on why I just need to reset bro my goodness I wasn’t even weak like that what’s good man it di put down when every single fight and I just died a shotgun in my back bro shotgun is

Crazy can’t make it up bro are back toal gas is in you think that dream’s actually op what the shotgun using got to hit two shots I mean yeah it’s not no Lockwood but it’s still it’s it’s it’s goed I’m actually fine with the two shots to be honest

Soon as they let him run away I st grenade I think I thought I se somebody flying in behind them yeah that’s what I thought has deact they all I’m fake type bro I just did all that work is to die to a shotgun bro just can’t make it

Up there’ll be no way that they they just be letting him get away like that bro yeah anytime I try to get get get him no cap No Cap Son oh no oh no SM [ __ ] probably still the play though like the stem be like selling me man like it work it work sometimes bro but like play alcatra I’m going play Alat TR bro I’mma do that bought this man back too crazy how we watching

This he don’t got the audio oh yeah yeah what I was waiting for bro let’s go purple what up sh I was kind of like understanding Von Del right there just a little bit I hate V I kind of like work my way from the mall

To the market and just like working that way I don’t know yeah think about to use smoke grenades bro yeah smokes are just better like the stem take too long to hit bro like I be I be going down and then that’s when he inject himself like bro not wrong Pur you’re not

Wrong BR send me an invite bro a bro ah I’m trying to get a banger bro ain’t going to happen with y’all boy yeah yeah bro you don’t got to be good bro all you got to do is just stack on top of each other bro H think the Rival garbage bro

Operate on I’m using is spawn bro everybody want to use my everybody like yo what what operator they got now you see a big black [ __ ] bro big black [ __ ] got a big black [ __ ] like yo who that now he chisled though bro that joint crazy check fire R bro it’s actually jacked

Out enopp the ah man off the yky I’m rolling incoming all stations green light we are deploying to the war zone resg off the York I’m rolling team you know while I need that respect seven years old but I move like a vet say seven here friendly station inbound location

Marked Papa your go [ __ ] getting mixy H locy station is available all right never mind look at these freaking try hards love it I just hit him sliding around ready or I can’t get the kill cuz this [ __ ] on his ah bro I’m tired of this

Bro didn’t even hear thaty y play so scary bro like yo stand redeploy ah w bro w s season two no I didn’t is it done I’m tired I was lowkey was like tired of waiting on like the weekly episodes I just stop watching it I sto at like episode three

I hear cluster M here bro just be smart man [ __ ] bum and I fin enemies are dropping into the your sadm redeploying well done one shot on me support in bro where did I just put that eny destroy down the Reb they got a cluster over there no I ran out of

Ammo bro he’s a bullet Y what the heck back on station work friendly load out drops on the waylo go get this loading bro coming back got got it back to the lobby got it oh snap another team bro friendly Recon overhead copy UAV is on station

Online gu over here too he’s trying to sh me actually hey buddy you got a whole team coming on you another one oh yeah you thought it was safe you got a whole team son yeah your redeployed from enemy Uplink stations in the area loc and they go

Nothing there two coming there watch this yeah nothing fast fredd bro you about to die you’re dead Okay get that building going in like I like that I like that oh yeah oh yeah smoke get out of here said I’m going to die I’m on his team enem

Land quad what’s close to me somewhere bro he dirty oh there some pizza boxes right here you said a pizza box nice little player I don’t like the whole new gas mask thing bro so dumb so I’m not on your team is what you said I’m not on your team huh huh huh

God gu to the right off the bathrooms he’s at the sign he’s peing he’s running the how bad guts this wasn’t enough manad I see an enemy H loated we got a runner we got a track stara Rica kill marking the rest of that on your t m hey station

Good one over here by you too D Costa Rican good job yeah you ain’t [ __ ] when you ain’t got your teammates up your ass huh garbage Station prices have been reduced damn someone C on trash that’s [ __ ] up them you probably killed him a few times that’s

Why all destroyed hell of a job gas station yeah Going oh [ __ ] don’t do I got hit by the cluster what we doing bro someone me get ready Resurgence window about to close oh I see nasty redeploy I wish I somebody that was actually good there’s two there and I wish I heard the audio on that like this full

On running up the stairs bro three r that is what I’m doing I spawned out the and died move move yo he had one second bro yo he be throwing the game bro he be throwing the game he be throwing BR he be throwing bro it said

Redeploying on my screen yeah I know yeah I know bro record I record bro yeah I know bro that’s crazy said yeah I know why you be throwing like that bro bro I’m getting shot from every angle in the world you throwing like that bro camping camping the little spot bro I thought

You were just going to go left so he could just respond that joint said redeploying bro literally said it on my screen bro I’m looking at the time about to quit playing Cod bro done playing this joint for Life bro it’s garbage yeah man I’m over bro the life

I’m done for Life bro thower never playing this again bro thower done you’re done for Life bro yeah I’m deleting all my apps say w on not for you bro I’m about to play a tney bro War are you no I think I’m just getting old

Man honestly GE up fast we’re about to get evil St are standy this game old bro it’s not it’s not for you no more man it’s for the youngsters the youngsters with the gun you know good man 10 yo I want three three milliseconds bro all effect controller what is that

Your team can redeploy I don’t know why you doing that I don’t know why Flex perk N I haven’t um Dam what is my perks I don’t even know the then I’m play Mar some clothes be advised an enemy Squad is in your location me already enem dropping [Applause]

Into n the mall just be having cash bro oh bro we get loaded bro you got reinforcements inbound from where the Bros the cash bro see that bag boy see that bag enemy enemy soldier incoming friendly R overhead I don’t know what he thought he was doing he was glitching it too like

He was going to win funny guy go get HT where to go where to go oh damn kill confirmed located the of them I oh right to me came right to me pal enemy destroy your he get right to me what a buffoon enemies gas the reload sprinting helps limit stick drift interesting

Made it to the safe Zone I see an enemy your sadm redeploying well done it should be they just ran upstairs confir located the rest of them enemy visual the enemy lost track of you good work down there operators from that sad hunt them down contact contact drop the of on your

Get are you serious right now like you got reinforcements inbound slim Reaper go down I deserve that he said he deserves that oh [ __ ] I be them I beating him out the sky he said bro I’m getting off bro what are you doing the power of Hell flows through me

The power of Hell PS through him see anybody right now my God one dropped off one dropped off enemy that’s sweet I hate compar sometimes you can’t change your action oh my God you have see me bro y’all are nasty oh my God gosh this Striker so good your back on

Station the rest of that on your get Striker so good conf located the of oh your there enemies in here I love that out of you thank you I think so sounds like it so smart don’t run bro gas ising they’re up here they’re up here they’re up here moving this way yo

Neas now please don’t die bro Jesus I don’t know why I don’t see your green name tag load out safe uh enemies are dropping into the area shoot me again I’ll end redeploy well done what oh one chasing heavy bro this team from freaking Market bruh Tak yo your sadm redeploying well

Done Resurgence window is ending watch you got them I got one of them there’s two more in there I think dead are back toal gas is moving all right reward get after good kill the rest of that on your M get hun an enemy s’s hunting you stay sharp my floor get

To the safe Zone bottom right he broken where’s Sammy at bro what are you doing bro like to our right s come on teamate he B thr at me bro you got reinfor no no way Hing that’s so unfortunate bro what the he what it those 40 for me bro [ __ ] keep being

Weird ohri complete allars eliminated I can still do it little okay why does he keep following me bro like this actually smoky in the water bro I taking watch out just unfortunate situations like God I see an enemy x3’s mic is nasty I didn’t hear him one shot up here man come

On up [ __ ] bro relax my hellborn parasite been 40 G was looking like a deer for you that’s the understatement where oh I think here right in right FR right here right here I’m running oh [ __ ] out you need to get moving enemy soldier incoming damn oh my God no

Way I shouldn’t have shot I shouldn’t have shot I shouldn’t have shot I am reborn again bring more shooting right here he likey looks like teammate stealing it oh it should have been more yo I can’t get a 40 for the life for me bro like it’s like always something happens bro dang

Bruh let’s go though that’s my guy rated Kated rated K coming through with the silver joint boy wow oh my god oh probably I just like the mall rotation into Mark better The Landing Mark Dy lie this Striker slapping bro Striker man the striker is himothy right now bro what yeah boy I was out skating on him bro

You got the noock on yes sir no stock slate long barrel High green and the 40 48 that joint got me moving ify I could up I could take off the Long Bar and put on some more I might do that bro some more speed yeah yeah put on the short barrel that’s

What but like I don’t know bro sometimes I be getting in gunfights where mid-range SMG up that just that’s you bro you go to you got to be aware bro got to be more aware my boy ene was trying to Ste that 30 bro yo

He was feing bro like yo get off me bro if I Ain died like a couple it was like I think I died twice or some BS bro without that I’m what 40 50 bro something crazy was about to drop bro yeah this is the build for the well

This the long Barrel you just take up the hand stop for the striker put the long barrel um MTZ MTZ is goed I’m not going to lie that Jo beaming bro it’s all right I but I want to try next game with this just the iron s crazy

BR for the the pce was crazy until they start hoing meur bu ass team they be the way they y that be one dude they be so scared to push bro guess they be thinking they’ be like four people like it’s really not bro it’s just me man just me n oh I’m

Super exactly why I don’t land here bro my boy moneyy mic up my boy redeploy one more over there your back on station good work good looks teammate I was about to rob it [ __ ] yo this game is insane how about say probably just R just R

Ene look at the look at the behind behind you behind you oh he big running look at the she of luck every time every time I’m running into a fight bro look at that yeah got to D set your ass down in the safe Zone got run to the store real quick straight

You straight Dam I was cooking so oh from that one outside Oh load that boy running my team yeah beam him out the scy Bro talking [ __ ] he one bullet bro got him Load that was one more of here vulnerability in the enemy Network loc their Uplink stations to secure their Intel before they go offline yep y teamate get you get you I yo bro I tell you I’m running fast with this bro yo it’s crazy see if I can Farm these boys over

Here disregard that Counter UAV Lefty star out probably dead you got reinforcements inbound now yall sorry confirmed we located the rest of bounty targets identified weapons free your squadmate back on station good work I’m going by me me [ __ ] is he up gas ising in enemy soldier incoming get to the safe Zone

Destroy your down the you look that I mean where did they okay that’s why I’m saying that didn’t make no sense get ready you’re redeploying for and uh man y having aough day over there taking I just dropped 30 Now offline we lost our chance at that Intel redeploying well done all Bounty

TS destroyed hell of a job fire active D friendly Rec over UAV guess that I’m smoking poing y I’m rolling I mean they going to have to jump in like 30 seconds marking the rest of that on your t m go get hun get ready Resurgence Windows about to

Close oh no I needed that fire over adjusting prices I’m bugging you’re ground moveing move to the safe Zone got do hold them bruh many thought he was remaining keep pushing another one on the roof you got reinforc y behind me look at look behind me e cover my back somebody down

There I’m taking fire y they both in here below me where the [ __ ] how was he not dead oh my God bro that’s disgusting man a man T what up yo they be yo yo yo yo yo we do let’s just stick together stick together some butt Buddies

Oh yeah he was just he was just watching me run around yeah I know met bro like’s to I got the booby trap set up Crazy gas station me nah damn bro got Emerald be doing good G be watching my boy claw salute see if you win this chat gasing where they at surely he goes around to the right right gas station got four remaining stay all right 32 boys 3v2 Got they probably right behind the they probably on that head yeah they looking right at him that’s crazy damn bro right there in that door going to [ __ ] unload the’s regroup and get back up there it’s a good try bro man was playing militant with it bro this a better we is action

For I don’t play that a latex I did a drill with a face mask my hand with the Ajax work for me or I’ll Al Simmons I’ll Leave need another juicer bro need another Joseph head to the war geared up and stand by just show the Turks literally but I’ll show it again if you need it the I watch I got hey I think I like the The Twist The Twist look on me is pretty

Cool so I think uh this look like similar to pretty much like almost dreads no thinking about it I’m thinking about it just per I don’t know my friend I don’t know shout out to my guy Vex I’m go while we in the pregame you know what I’m saying vexo oh

My Favorite Song D I wouldn’t say have a favorite have a song I don’t know bro what’s yours appreciate the five though ah now I don’t know if I got a favorite song though bro s99 what’s your favorite song favorite song might be many men off 50

Sent N I don’t know it’s it’s hard man we are returning you to the earn this I just know I just know the bu not going to go for nothing from the Lakers the Lakers don’t really got nothing you scar me redeploy done oh you’re dead bro I’m sorry somebody here

Ah I see an enemy A I didn’t reload my gun bro it didn’t tell me how to reload come on Dr down my [ __ ] bro I a land over here no more bro my lesson doing your thing bro got gas moving in enemy incoming confed and we located the of them where is beam getting smoke that bro

Chill you got reinforcements inbound all right your s’s in the safe Zone your sadm back on station good working come on oh I’ll be SI enem dropping into the AO I see an enemy yeah friendly load DRS on the way because I’m a good teammate I’m going to get you up Mr Beam

Ski Target area marked you cleared H vexo dropped $9.99 mine ain’t finna Li probably SP to death by gunana and Metro oh my God you playing real scared scared every time I get to get oh my you guys are so passionate bro check fire or i r h

Redeploying oh my yo this is the second time I pull up some trash bro the of that on your close one located the rest enemy Socom remember me buddy wow that was mad hectic sh to my guy coming through with the 10 probably space that by gun and Metro that’s interesting

Bro it’s interesting uh choice I see an enemy space that this let’s go slap broke him good [ __ ] hey over here right on us on us this is why I don’t use this gun bro life ping life Ping On yo what yo bro thank you thank

You he has no plates and I somehow don’t kill him with like five six shots like what the what is that get ready you’re redeploying it was stupid bro I need to all to die no BR talking about man your G redeploy done and they got you bro you wow that’s crazy bro

[ __ ] damn TTV Squad going out like that that’s crazy is station are adjusted only 25 remain damn bruh I’m good I’m good good BR my me on it yeah here yo where Go Make It Count just can’t oh my God D make it up yo Eden appreciate the sub bro what’s

Good getting another chance Make It Count pric are back to normal I see an gas ising in oh yeah suck me bro yo you guys are [ __ ] garbage bro like yo this [ __ ] just smoked me three dudes coming out for one person bro for one person bro who think I was a

Whole Squad man oh that’s risky I’m out en the end oh my God why have Supply are rest ad load God bro y they just Landing yo yo I’m getting tight losing F Bro the same guys bro one of the my man y’all a twitch Squad and can’t play separately that’s that’s hey man salute to y’all bro GG bro got the Spanish coms boy I assume so I assume Soo look at this [ __ ] yeah got inside after they killed me they don’t want to play

SM somebody the flex perk triggered explosive while sprinting I feel like I need high alert too much to like use anything else let’s go Spence I want to get another one with the striker and I’ll be good be having me tweaking sometimes do it crazy like Center on you so what

They’re in the air like people looking at you in the air yeah when they Landing in just have me TW I got off cuz of the pocket holding pretty bad man right d bad check your weapons check your gear we’re holding for deployment 20 years old but I move like a

Vet I’m open a window oh prep time’s over now you deoy to the War Z learn Spanish I Ain going lie they we going too crazy like damn I like team captain yeah my guy I haven’t talked to him since like a rebirth obviously he be doing his thing man he

Doing his thing out there manay alive to your squad in the fight a drop point for your and lead them in I’m about to go to your farm ene the a TR to oh why we going here want to I didn’t get land on me land on [ __ ] ass [ __ ]

Look he didn’t even try to shoot his gun bro the melee is is is too op bro too op I try to run away nope station standy teamed over like oh come on [ __ ] let’s go these guys are so bad bro te you got to chill

Bro back on station go get you got reinforcements inbound okay what enemies are dropping into the area the your sadm redeploying well done what was he even trying to attempt to do man run into a freaking wall your squadmate back on station good work enemy soldier incoming you’re losing ground moveing

Oh one up on you yeah he chasing up top you got reinforcements inbound this actually freaking AIDS bro redeploy oh what the [ __ ] back on the fourwheeler I’m taking fire enemies are dropping the oh no way Miss I can’t even move down kill sties out of here yo bro UAV

Hey I got a little beig sh ising bullets oh my [ __ ] God are you serious love getting sniped enemy soldier incoming D I’m oh [ __ ] [ __ ] you good the on your uh no about to hop up here me [ __ ] J one say something [ __ ] of oh my

God I don’t know I’m out though I’m not down all are in thefe zone don’t look like good I got a damn shuriken stop that high alert M bro ene the over copy UAV is on station friendly Recon overhead copy Advanced UAV is on station it shows you where he is show

Coming why did he kill you the rest on your huh I said I’ll be back I station have reduced enemies are dropping into the you over there oh my God on me [ __ ] stains like y so garbage bro on me gas he’s almost dead I didn’t realize he was at the end

Of the entire hallway oh sorry I should he not anymore on the rest of that on your get hunting [Applause] friendly here yeah he’s over here another one y that be saying some [ __ ] them down friendly overhead no I him with a shuriken supp en droing into the a I wonder if you guys are actually good that’s not good wow gas I’m always watchingg I need blades oh [ __ ] damn you about to die out [ __ ] [ __ ] BR I see there like three four actually on4

Right I that VI next time failure ain’t fatal it’s just an opportunity to do better hey bro I team that’s annoying o want another 30 bro that’s all I want favorite gun right now it might be the 762 bro I know about the Goa force on GameCube here got 762 right

Now the fourth um I’m going try to get a I’m trying to get a 30 and then I’ll like SL you invite last time you said that you like yo y’all need a you feel me and then I P like yo where purple at he got

Up I was only like a couple minutes later too like damn where you at where that skin from uh it’s a spawn bro spawn bro I like the Y like the yeah yeah my s o bro it’s from the last battle pass I believe spawn you fight like a

Demon together we can take down the forces of evil you fight like a demon you fight like a demon yeah oh spawn yeah I’m always watching Simba what’s good man Art Is War d boy enemy soldier incoming wait spawn is black I don’t even know who I I

Literally didn’t know who that was that I don’t watch that [ __ ] bro I don’t watch what I was more of a DC guy bro you know flash uh Team Titans you know Justice League [ __ ] you Team Titans boy static shock static shock garbage is crazy Warth Marvel’s way better we need a sta

Movie ke all like the live action man this doesn’t know who spawn is I know Luke Cage is Luke Cage I some Punisher some Frank Castle bro I don’t really know who SP either Frank Castle Marv Frank Castle boy a [ __ ] lit rank Bassel you at you got reinforcements inbound loated the

To is trash I think it was the uh what I forgot right here right here oh he doesn’t see you oh my God he’s pushing you he’s pushing you he’s pushing you I’m out oh he jumped off he jumped off you can come back you come I’m about to dead [Applause]

Ene that’s what I was saying they redeploying well done done some reason I thought the shotgun was better than it was I don’t know what’s happening bro actually in the mix you’re losing ground moveing y’all scaring me bro down low here friendly Recon overhead UAV My Level did he jump off bullet

Bro should never went out there man [ __ ] [ __ ] oh no you’re being tracked by an enemy Squad invade and survive enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies he’s coming up I think one up yo there two up top yeah I thought I ran bro oh oh my God friendly Ron overhead UAV be advised enemies deploy a b station

680 okay you got reinforcements inbound eny come on I would have died anyway I I’m about to turn off Rock sh I’m really about to do it where I thought they let this smoke what’s good bro there’s one just sitting on top of the roof bro we are returning you to the ear

This your back on station Dam bro what the L match oh yeah he still I hear you I hear you [ __ ] oh wow look at these guys look at these guys gas stacking is crazy this [ __ ] suck your made it to the safe zone Taking yeah just all of you come in the B I’m losing F man I’m losing it actually losing it that’s what I’m saying bro I’ll turn that [ __ ] off it be so helpful sometimes them I see an enemy like why would you do that teammate why

Oh I don’t use paddles or play claw none of that je Lise man load oh my God bro oh my God bro I’m getting stacked every fight bro holy fire pric are back to noral out gas remember me hloy good yo at top got to jump off

Work why they be Ching me bro every fight bro every single fight I just get [ __ ] stacked and watch there somebody up here [ __ ] this a [ __ ] this a n oh oh my no outside to our right kill us bro you going to kill us bro you going

To kill us bro come on bro gar yeah uhhuh stack me bro gasb [ __ ] idiot only 25 left keep up the good work bro what’s this guy doing over here all right though I mean our left up so welcome to my world I us to play

This [ __ ] every day and I just thought bro mental mental just disintegrates bro yo can someone buy stuff disintegrate bro like I just di of trash pants bro guys are not good bro I thought somebody good it’s like all right bro whatever but like damn y some [ __ ] man guys on top of

Stadium the enemy you’re clear for now watch I right [ __ ] the roof I’m on the Roof oh [ __ ] they’re on the roof man they are [ __ ] no garbage taking theyy up top you heard team up top they being dirty y you made it to the top 10 yo my

God yo if they Wen shooting at me I could easily go up and kill them bro like just Being one gun be holding you moving just one of the one below right by you by the van yeah oh you got you good the oh my God I’m over it Bro hey man at least you had 20 bro up it’s the one dude that was [ __ ] that killed the oh man just having so much fun guys yeah a lot of it having a having a blast BR might be met soon I I doubt it sh n nice tool

Though actually pie of with it they need to buff everything tell to buff everything EX for shot MC buff it real good that joint is garbage not even usable miss these guns BR ain’t good ain’t never going to Bez you said the what the MTC 5 MTZ 556 I mean you could try

It honestly you could try it you can try it I haven’t used it man but Jack not jacking it try it if you want brother oh Jack man I 762 that’s it all I’ve been using all day like a nerd regular drinks on there like a nerd definely this one this one

Definitely sweaty but I’mma let you know that right now well it’s not a good sign enem oo you’re just so good ah sometimes man sometimes sometimes yeah I wouldn’t do it I were you bro based off what I just used but game going be holding y’all be good most

Of the time be holding me though so off the yky I’m rolling I need a 40 bro that’s what I need I need a 40 bro 40 bro come on some obliques my obliques come on bro alive to your in fight 40 in arms on more bro look at it bro enemy soldier

Incoming my back how do yo how how does that happen bro this server is is ass bro look at this [ __ ] don’t even make sense like come on bro we hat when you when you like you feel me like you about to get away and then the servers like the bullets just

Catch up to you bro shut up bro shut up [ __ ] ene is down stay alive back he’s actually brained for that out for I guess your back on station the rest of that no you got reinforcements inbound go get your aveng oh yo it’s not it right now bro back on station good

Work gas ising in oh yo I’m dead enemies are dropping into the area watch the I see an enemy is awful in the Bro now the fact that I got the most skill is crazy bro thought y was in more litty bro what happened you get stack on like that

Yo I’m going wait my 20 seconds to get my load out bro where is rebirth I’m I got you bro I’m ask the dude’s Activision man I got you bro I’ll let you know H friendly load on the way Sumer time allegic I moving back oh there’s a guy yeah I ruined his

Day thought he was getting a free loading redeploy I think I’m somebody load bro the rest on your oh there’s two down there go get hunt got shot from across the way too though I can’t even grab it coming up the zip ah another one up that one down on

Meing ah trying to get my finish bro oh my gosh look how thirsty they are bro oh my ah I had I got a go one down I had got like a 30 I ain’t going to lie I could have got a 40 and that [ __ ] but I kept dying

But more similar to thisy Lord I was done for it bro y got a MCW enem oh somebody managed to take my [ __ ] kill wait damn [ __ ] I was going crazy I’m reset my game Bro [ __ ] this Dam I me I didn’t mean to pull y out I’m

Not even gonna lie yeah you did I just Rage Quit no I actually didn’t mean to pull you out I was gonna let y’all suffer in that [ __ ] Bro boy got me in the [ __ ] huh so what you resting the game for maybe uh sh be better not gonna be better

Bro yeah bro first game on with it Bo rebirth coming until next year allegedly it’s supposed to be summer um of 2024 uh what’s that [ __ ] called forun keeper supposed to come early I’m not sure when exactly but supposed to come a little bit earlier and uh yeah right now I’m getting [ __ ]

Twerked on I just know they better not have this rotation stuff bro and just better let me play rebirth the whole time low key I can rotation will be crazy like that like that like that’ll actually be like a riot bro like what are y’all doing bro there going to be

Rotation machine rebirth V [ __ ] yo all n all four I’m losing it bro I’m not playing not playing the game bro imagine yeah that’ll be crazy thing is that is something they would do bro cuz they know V and a shica island are not going to get played bro at all one of

The devs is probably watching stuff right now I just gave that [ __ ] an idea it’s gonna happen bro yeah we got to wait 15 minutes so we can play the map we want you know insane I’d uninstall until it’s fixed I’d uninstall until it’s fixed you would actually no I would

Cuz i’ be on rank play I couldn’t join you bro I don’t know why huh oh I couldn’t join you I think I got the bird flu I’m tired of selling packs I think I need a ver to you better in the morning a nobody

Trying to wake up at 7 in the morning play some war zone bro come on bro got me out here at the Cracker dwn man get them juicy lobbies bro n MTZ is absolute garbage uh wouldn’t recommend it at all told you I’m out here shooting the dummies in this

Cell shooting the dummies bro shooting the dummies in the still C when they first came out rebirth solos that was crazy Reger solos you see me having fun hey man it’s all relative bro I’m having a lot of fun man ice cream so good I cream so good

AR is just sellers bro all of them just be selling for let’s score this Georgia oh my God 42 to three I’m So yeah dick where enem the a Ravens Super Bowl byg lar Jack my boy crazy beat the playing against cookie mchy yeah bro I need to play against Billy go 69 bro what I need need a billy goard I son Joe Flo you be tight I would I mean if I was

A Resurgence stay alive and your in the fight a drop for your andad in I don’t know if I’m feeling that bro feeling what bro he got packed up too many times yeah try to self buddy you know what time it is over here you know what time it is

Buddy y over there oh it’s active over there boy yeah oh you know I’m here for the kill damn no mama is way this dude coming right out of there bro just blew me don’t die bro don’t die no you’re Noto damn bro damn I should have [ __ ] been just done myself oh

Man sticking out your G for the rler it’s so pretty it’s so popular n this gun is so good man I need another uh there’s another AR to use bro I feel like everything’s so butt bro yo Polo what another good joint bro sticking out your gach for the prestler for the

Bruin 60 round I a Joseph flacko bro Joseph yeah yeah check your gear and we’ll be deoy shortly that boy ain’t giving up man that boy old as ass boy time ready [ __ ] enemy soldier incoming what the [ __ ] Tom Brady he the oldest quarterback like that ever did it who Tom

Yeah to like be like 45 as a QB that’s crazy bro I you 45 you got a rookie coming in it’s like basically be your son like what the team Ching on that gas see you bro he movement selling bro come on some landing on them boy let’s go enem don’t run

Bro oh I’m super de [ __ ] where you at bro yo you yo yo [ __ ] you bro what did I do supposed to stack bro that’s what you’re supposed to do bro bro I got killed by two people you’re back on station go get after your squadmate back on station good

Work he supposed to stack man keep on stagging friendly guardan is I’m taking fire my dick [ __ ] I don’t know how I got I don’t know how I did that bro oh yeah I bet yo it’s a whole team chasing one guy oh my God I am one person y’all what the

Yo PKM T intercept are good too huh they Nerf it I am only one guy my God bro I got a lot of cash I got a lot of cash no I don’t actually yeah I do why it saying I got 82,000 you def don’t say

Zero incom oh you fixed it just now though who’s incoming another one br oh my God I’m dead yes yes brother yes yes yes another stack yes this [ __ ] is actually horrible right now bro hunt them down eliminated shoot me again run for that load out boy running running oh man oh

Man n ain’t no ggs they dead we here bro left to our left in here load yo vulnerability in the enem network loc up station SEC their before they go offline y advised an enemy is tracking your location sticking out your G for the Rler I think I want those guys that’s what I’ll do good kill they alerted on mhm yeah station now I’m trying to get my load I trying to get my tooo all man yeah oh team Here one yeah I got gas ising in got Interceptor bro no UAV bro [Applause] enemy soldier incoming okay I just can’t get my [ __ ] yeah you can’t get it yeah top yeah what’s up ohuh what is finishing your kill got to do with what just happened oh my God

Bro I got 12 kills what the heck what say a bot all right boom so we did a good we did a good job we got y out of there got you out of there man good job bro my limo my limbo what is this dirty

Setup yo yo bro the Swarm is too good please of course [ __ ] roll another team over there I feel like if has a fire R like that bro should there should be a lot more recoil on this [ __ ] I’m going be honest [ __ ] you [ __ ] get down by my

[ __ ] I mean don’t die yeah bro what he doing if there’s only one bro we Ching bro bro damn bro never mind bro team here oh my gosh yes sir yo what the [ __ ] bro y you [ __ ] garbage bro what you talking about bro you got two kills bro I got 12 bro

You’re garbage you’re garbage yeah get out of here you saying you’re dog bro man man has 12 two two kills bro good daring what up we up Jordan what up MPS in the near future you think so thr that lock wood on bro B Dey yeah

What you about to predict some sers you about predict me get off boy [ __ ] bum ass game just selling me bro your your gearing for deployment Bing enro the AO can I just get a game I could drop 40 in bro like when bro best long range weapon uh might be

The PKM bro ping out to redeploy teames but I like the 762 a lot thank you you know about that bro I ain’t going got I just got Commando lunged bro I’m actually losing it bro sh is [ __ ] garbage okay audio bad in war zone one and it’s

Still better than this you got reinforcement I a decent gun please I need about to die enemy sold incom I just heard these [ __ ] bro I heard on scen too I a li yeah that’s why I was moving like that bro look at you look at you look at you

Yo we’re sitting everything over here on me on me right here help look at me look at me BR what one more one moreing Gren out he’s coming in he’s coming in he’s coming in he’s one shot there’s no way you in the corner knock oh my God this is

Nice survival’s always a nice surprise you got reinforc inbound gaml bro time for vengance you’re redeploying no bro it’s elite bro Elite it’s game play friendly load out drops on the way your squadmate back on station good work enemies are dropping into the area watch the kill confirmed located the rest of them

Your sadm redeploying well done making me feel like I’m one of them ball players or something be friendly Recon overhead UAV g a l of Hustle enemator from that hunt them down oh goodness you got reinforcements inbound I need to get a freak bro I see where you going

Bro down marking the rest of them he’s enemy incoming gasb are you for real kill confirmed we located the rest of them the rest of on your your squadmates back on station good work we’ll your redeployment and we located the rest of themy done fire is Station prices are

Adjusted friendly Recon overhead that UAV online get ready Resurgence Windows about to close UAV Fu you got reinforcements inbound back toal gas ising in be advised you still have squadmates outside the safe Zone yo going the I lost full lost it onlo enemies did you down to you Soldier stay sharp you got

Reinfor Hasa is the AME there’s one coming up the ladder behind you too y stacking crazy crack him up a little bit all four of them dirty for that they crazy flank on you boy I’m in the air I just see this [ __ ] step stepping boy funny was maneuvering and I’m dead love

It star out there you’re ground move it they going to be nasty one requesting recon at this time so I just haven’t been talking bro just [ __ ] it’s literal just [ __ ] I’m just playing [ __ ] big chungus and his [ __ ] homies is over there sucking each other balls be advised Resurgence is noer

Active this is for AP es oh no I thought I was crazy bro up top they coming up uh below me enro cck your dead if you push me you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead I’m going for the full I don’t give

A [ __ ] I don’t give a behind you behind you behind you behind you oh my God we’re dead I don’t give a [ __ ] I’m going for that F bro I got two smokes grenade I got some ammo 25 the enemy took that one we’ll get them back

He said you’re dead if you push me bro you’re dead don’t care bro I was eating a whole pork chop during that game boy yeah like you only died so many times bro I just went silent after you feel me like it’s not no point even raging no more

Bro n but what I seen on top of Stadium bro nasty bro fighting a four stack and I’m getting freaking flanked by a four stack up the ladder like come on bro that was crazy they was running one up one up Beyond each other y

Y Ros is on the ladder right behind each other right behind each other bro somebody was watching with a freaking freaking lmg beam all for them one time bro that’s man go Gucci what up against unless you got one too low kid we need to start staging MP

Better it’s crazy out here bro it’s crazy man it’s crazy I ain’t going to say nothing I’m just here I’m just here to lose my mind get some high kill games for y’all you know what I’m saying enjoy cuz I’m going through it but to evil St we about to get Evil all

Right I guess gear up we about to get evil y’all want to man hey could be stacking out Farms bro big stack bro stack it up stack of Century I’m about to start meleeing too boy not shooting nothing melee yo E down for the STV and your team can redeploy eliminate

F when you go through it bro got us in the [ __ ] blender blender ringer I just had eight enemy in I had six I’m behind had six with [ __ ] 5,000 damage you going to die [ __ ] going to die I got one down right here right here one coming behind y I

Got get a blue badge yes sir I need to get some I need to get some better joint bro let get a better member uh logo bro W man uh can I get some [ __ ] help what theck no you don’t need help bro stop crying bro somebody said uh crack I

Don’t know where he is was I got one relax no I had to shoot him no I didn’t know if that was the I didn’t know if that was enemies are dropping the that was fully play in everything God bro yo where you be like

What are you doing bro like yo no finish that get behind what is he doing no he got up redeploy God bro all right bro we back bro we back come on come on come on come on you got reinforcements inbound know the only way to have fun bro gas is

Moving stagy so you get the load out bro oh one up here he’s chea you where you going oh there’s two all in the safe Zone your mom’s a it’s always as soon as I get around something boy [ __ ] trash cancel why you sucking me bro yeah I’m going just keep shooting oh no y whatever bro whatever whatever said sucking me drive bro your squadmate back on station good work I’m coming back for them eneo the

A weach the enem network loc their Uplink stations and downlo they lock us out [ __ ] down of them kill confirmed and we located the rest of them all remember me pal remember Me thought you was going to live doing all that running around me get boys out here enemy incoming what what oh [ __ ] no marking the rest of that on your was someone shoo go you got reinfor friendly Rec got some cash UAV Gas hey [ __ ] [ __ ] you fully go you a [ __ ] you a [ __ ] [ __ ] you a [ __ ] camping ass [ __ ] look my kill bro MERS are in the safe Zone every sing time [ __ ] I’m back on load y bro I can’t do [ __ ] hey bud enem I didn’t see him

Look was look I was in this like this literally [ __ ] like this station Now offline I’m to come back I came back shoo come here boy why you coming here one top one watch somebody shoot my toes is hilarious bro shoot my toes and do more damage than a torso shot oh

Lad probably laying down oh he’s dead too [ __ ] [ __ ] you I love stag enem the gas in get up stairs boy was he upstairs why you running [ __ ] [ __ ] Behind Enemy destroy he’s scary me get him get him get him mind oh they’re pissed they’re pissed they’re pissed good tight oh my God

Bro Dr where oh my God now you just turned on him b a part of his team I don’t Ro by bro on right they keep my God this thing is a beamer he’s so mad Resurgence has closed no more second chances I got money let me get some money bro

No God dang it te some dinkleberg buy me the freak fun yo bro like I thought this was a automatic y on me bro two to to these guys are terrible come on picked up a Interceptor bro I shot this [ __ ] like why is it not shooting bro why is it not shooting

Chat that was a fck it was a lot more fun we were stacking I more I die on someo [ __ ] why was this thing ripping like that 762 way I was H shot G what up whole lot of uh BS as usual bro you know how that go is freaking head

Shot lock in E bro lock in I need you to get the hill time bro got it I’m not running try to get a 30 I can’t get a 30 maybe I’m just garbage maybe that’s what it is huh I’m just garbage that’s all it is have dolphin eny what

Up enemies dropping into the area now you deoy to the war zone stagging at the mall bro let them cook Resurgence stay alive to keep your squad in the fight ah go bro set a drop point for your s enemies are dropping into the area watch

The being tracked by an enemy sad inade and survive yig close yeah you love proximity Chad I am reborn again I should being [ __ ] goofies right now located the rest of them get on the ground or go underwater to avoid detection enemy low enemies location he’s running should be

Fall your sadm back on station good work more oh wait wait right here bullet bullet bullet bullet gas is inbound yoad redeploying well done thought you had a child you boy got team by market bro just got loaded shot that crazy the mark yeah made it to the safe

Zone the of on your get hunting what yo enemo the AO station got the nerve to shoot my body like you’re not stacking like a [ __ ] [ __ ] bro got the nerve to do it your squadmate back on station good work where you get shot I’m taking Jr going bro boys is up top bro they shooting bodies

Good kill marking the rest of that on your t m get hunting what i d one in there bro I lost full down the rest of them conf front I’m you’re not meant for him I’ll take that yeah I’m I’m I think right here they’re going to come up right

Here I got look that from behind yeah I KN you’re good you’re good put down a motor strike that’s nasty oh they’re they’re all in here keep on stacking yes sir gasing in that’s a real mosquito drone right yeah I believe so all there two more

You it would have been smart if I get the pig I ain’t going to lie a y’all trash man taking no [ __ ] oh R out of ammo son oh that shotty [ __ ] man man ear this well I guess I’ll go then out y active station prices have been reduced enemies are dropping

The you got reinforcements inbound yeahhuh do the same play like they’re not like they’re so predictable resg is to end make ited there’s an enemy for you not rocking with it bro y dirty the rest of that on your M go get hun the enemy is noer tracking you lost them

Enem dropping into the AO all Squad members are in the safe Zone confir we oh my God please bro are 2 Enemies kill them all y’all are bad you’re you’re bad and I lag and he kills me all right that should be UPS obsess with me bro like

Jeez station good work be advised Resurgence is noer active this is for Keeps [ __ ] right here bro enemies are dropping the you go down there yeah I’m good [ __ ] the D was in there with with him I had to flare on my body though up here yeah you’re

Grounding they let you call it inside that is crazy yeah there wasn’t no audio on that Soo that was garbage [ __ ] you do stupid you what are you doing Ain no way they just perfectly n me bro of course where where you going bro silence there one more somewhere here

There he is oh I got one shot sniped on it be all right enem I’m right here you pushing bro enemy soon I go from myap what I he’s on the [ __ ] mall man I don’t know he’s going to press some from the

Mall get to the safe Zone one of Y A on me on me on me right here he jumped off bro went to the right oh like where bro come from where bro come from bro oh my God man fin losing it bro yo Shan what’s good bro you got gas moving in

N fatal it’s just an opportunity to do better yep oh hard how hard they be stacking bro and they [ __ ] shoot bodies it’s so cra crazy bro shoot body so hard bro I don’t play the slay Rod map now I haven’t done it you got to play quads

Uh uh Alfie got to play quads bro there a setup somebody was asking for it a she know she just met the Lord BR you get to pull up if you want to bro yo what up what’s good what’s good I play mods and members uh ble mods and members

Bro what play Resurgence it’s not true enemies all coming soon I’m taking not to it all my friend enemy soldier incoming Sten we are deploying to the war zone Resurgence survive to redeploy mod is a moderator said shy want to go Hotel bro there’s only two of us anyway so enemy the rest

Of I thought I heard another one there is another one he’s below oh eneo the a I’m oh one more one more yeah he’s Ching he’s Ching underneath though dangerous another one SL this it’s nasty bro it’s nasty one more they are tight that’s all you got to

Doation moving here I see an enemy oper from that sad hunt them down enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies eny there might be two here I see an enemy yes there is your squ made it to the safe Zone you’re the last one standing Soldier survive until your can

Redeploy I this dang load out already like you got reinforcements inbound yeah they got me that’s the way they got me stack City that’s what you got to do yo oh my God it’s the way they got me load head your chance Make It Count yo they on that

B yo I to throw a smoke grenade oh I got two from enemy up St the Lo and they cheoy ain’t no landing on that BR yeah right oh God bro three shots I’m dead enem what can you do stand forlo is that how y really

Can another one other one head up an enemy as a bount oh no down to you want me bad bad ene dropping the AO the rest of on get hun good kill go get hun Target down the rest of them my sweaty back that strong boy hit me once got there another one

[ __ ] one to the left right here he’s going to have to come out y he running of course he is come on bro enemy soldier incoming needid the enemy n it’s over hell with you kill confirmed and we located the I need some ammo yeah I got it he’s crack I see kated

On just chilling in Castle okay all right fire over adjusting prices you’re losing ground move it enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies from that shot by MTZ on the hill here [ __ ] like right here I see damn I didn’t even see this

Dude bruh I see an enemy yeah just yeah just get out of there get out of this is the end game hunting for me y I see anly rested load up you safe uh no still try to move here insurgence has closed no more Second Chances

You gas is inbound yeah that should do nothing though for L than 10 we’re still standing ah that time let’s regroup and get back up what do he have uh wsp n Pi get up off the ground sometimes it’s not good low key some homies appreciate though all right

Broy got to turn out here and Cali but it’s hella competitive though that’s I don’t know I am still looking though oh God definitely am still looking said what said I wish the Rival was good like for this yeah y haven’t already though man make sure y hit that like

Button only way I can do like a Cali joint is like remote you know but lowkey I would like to like start off like an office so I can actually know what I’m doing they said like remote job for the first joint warar stand enemy dropping into the

AO should be hella sweat Bots for no reason enemies are dropping into the the was my full time I mean I don’t really I don’t make that much off the joint to like you know what I’m saying I would still need like another source of

Income if I get to like if I grow my my uh if I grow my YouTube to like where I get like I want to see maybe like around 100 something 200,000 I’ll be good but still want to work you know and build that build that experience I feel

Like I’m at the at the point I took I took a it’s been like two years since I graduated you know what I’m saying so like if it’s not if this isn’t panning out for me like all the way then I’m going just like get some experience this is old

Too let’s go with mans bro I don’t know bro you going more bro where two oh boys and I also took I took like the the I’ve been super inconsistent I can’t expect to uh what can’t really complain about that do I play with people gif um that’s

What I’m saying so like people that are members bro I play with members and like moderators in the chat he’s actually ping me hey you good bro I play with my members and moderators bro so Rel you could put it that way if you drop the the five for the membership then you

Know ask if you had oh we have enough Supply SEC those loc got some cash got cash here that’s so crazy oh you in it purle I didn’t know that how you get in the government side don’t you need a um you need like a clearance no I’m not mistaken loated the

Of I know super hard to get that cyber security oh God still too gas is moving I know they don’t let people like um like say you would have to do like uh they say cyber security a even like a like a it’s not an entry level joint so

You still have to like put some years they even get in there I could be wrong all Squad members are in the safe Z oh where where that go Bro Team oh he’s in the oh yeah there you go if I get me one of those things I’ll Bey sold

Incoming friendly Recon overhead copy UAV is on station online advised UAV is exiting the AO located we got damn XP boost inbound location friendly Rec overhead Supply locations are re lost that contract turn my life into pieces enem dropping into the AO I see an enemy I have my [ __ ] oh that’s SMG

Out bro love seeing it man swarm to death bro swarm swarm swarm swarm swarm swarm like do something else G like holy I will not let a metal go on y’all see it bro just a mug I heard I heard it was like uh you got to apply to Joint then like

They they might sponsor you or whatever to get it but I got to see enemy Inc kill confirmed located the of them I don’t know what I don’t know what I would want to do like after like uh you got gas M start off with start off

With General [ __ ] and then like you do networking you could do freaking cyber you could do Cloud you know what I’m saying I would want to start the gig though to see like [Applause] all right your squad’s in the safe Zone you should have never child me

Bro down marking the rest of them need mid rounds this Jo is annoying I got super stacked on surprised I didn’t scream bro none of them have ARS actually kind of surprising I not s it enemies dropping into the AO it’s just lit over here moving this way away

Fromone this is my last resort oh they trying to get a B of there they about take the hel only 25 up get ready resur window to close I see an enemy all in here camping bro enemies I’m out gas rest of that squ on your T go get

Hun oh [ __ ] contacta outside the safe zoneid Target area marked you’re cleared I mean you knew it was air strike he just want to get the full like it’s all on you stay alive your thirsty no way got reinforcements inbounded noces he’s coming backy I can land on you uh

Maybe what he just smoked it out here me like oh come on teammate please [ __ ] yo just ene dropping into the AO bro just did Nathan yeah go to that bicycle there’s an enemy sadun for you yo hit the rest the just go for the rest before you

Die never seen a pack of more more hungry ass Hony kids bro I down one y somebody F got the full shot here friendly Recon overhead Cav I don’t know how I’m going to get up out of here play football real quick one just jump down

KN can’t shoot through that oh yeah I can down UAV we lost that cont lost that on [ __ ] the Supply boes locations are marked on youring enemy you got to get or oh yeah he’s up here where no one left behind good yeah not me hell yet I don’t

Know oh I do have one actually [ __ ] I just got stuck with a grenade soon as I come in here gasb that’s exactly why I did not want to go over there bro jeez and [ __ ] like that as as you see job all right honestly

Bro damn son I wish I wish I started like much earlier bro honestly like soon as I graduate I wish I I kind of took a little break yeah I want to take a little break relax I should have got straight I I should have went straight into it

Bro that way I’ll be at this point at this point right now I would have been good but I mean it’s a it’s a you can’t you can’t like I guess you can’t think like that bro cuz it’s like you know what I’m saying it’s like pretty much

Like I’m investing in my own business you know what I’m saying so hey now but it was like you feel me you want to try try your your your Ventures and all of that and like if you feel feel me you still young than y but right now I’m

Like damn I’m kind of like damn I wish I really you know like I wish I really like locked in and [ __ ] what’s good Ray what up man terce what’s good I want P I ain’t doing it bro I ain’t going to lie man I haven’t been like feeling that [ __ ] right

Now I’m just play play play play and just lose my mind bro invited you my friend these lobbies been terrible like we had one good joint matter of fact we had like three we had like three good ones bro and then what happened like three good ones and just ever since

Then like nothing like literally nastiness still playing crazy good Joe ra got to running sometime yeah we do I just I’m just like now getting on my walls on joint for real like the first time the first time I played huh Maybe maybe Mr be he just cracked the Cod before

Everyone what you talking about Mr Beast crack the Bro oh I mean I don’t know he be on his [ __ ] what what you talking about lunatic what up man I say you’re more successful than a lot of other people who tried it yeah 100% And he’s got his own Burger Spot

Too my thing is like I shouldn’t that’s where I kind of like kick myself cuz I’m like I shouldn’t have like stepped off the gas on soon as like war zone 2 mod Warfare 2 came out I shouldn’t have stepped off the gas but you I was

Like I just wasn’t feeling I’m not enjoying it but then again it’s like do you enjoy work you know what I’m saying like sometimes you’re not going to you’re not going to like it you feel me so I’m just like but whatever I’ll just get my my head right

And we doing a we doing a lot better recently I’ll say 100% I’m doing a lot better with the consistency and stuff I was taking like man I took like three months five months I was gone like I wasn’t playing show the graphics and how to make them Rich you talking

About all right v l how you feeling man hope everything going good or I kind of lost sight man but try to recapture that capture the capture the the the the passion the juice the flow jacobe do I play anything besides Cod I play OverWatch bro yeah I love you I play OverWatch

Um that’s pretty much at at this point right now that’s the only thing I play off stream you said what is it like crazy in the city right now crazy the new year and everything like that I mean you have to be tomorrow it’s not it’s not crazy right prep today or

Something yeah I was about to say for like a week oh all right all right everybody be raving about the New Yorkers really don’t like New York I don’t get it bro what is there but he he not he not from the city though so you feel me I’m not I’m not

From the city city like I’ve been in the city I just don’t live in the city but I still don’t [ __ ] with it either little kid me yeah that’s what I’m saying a lot of people live inowy to the war hased I mean I just never experienced it’s like something that

Y me personally I would I want to live more yeah like where e live I like I want to like live more uh in a suburban area you know what I’m saying or chill live more more suburb is you know I could drive actually drive my car but I

Have to stop and go every now is lit it’s a good mix of like your team redeploy bring back I don’t know where he at man it’s kind of like uh but that’s that’s if you like if you into that lifestyle bro you like being active outside taking a train

And all that you probably going to love it but oh me personally I do that how Do yes that’s stack bro good old stack good old stack attack redeploying well done en oh my God BR shut up shut up [ __ ] hi on your get bro just backed out with a freaking shotgun like got his load out course boy thought he was tough he shouldn’t have finished should have got

That Health up boy your sad back on station Rock with the finals I played it I mean it’s not really like I don’t know it’s not really that interesting to me I I guess I was trying to run around with SMG and all that I’m just running the M

Lmg players and [ __ ] but maybe I got to play the rank mode or something I don’t know big are nasty yeah 100% get RPG [ __ ] got 400 HP that’s hell them there bro about I got one down one is broken as well I don’t know why I just did that shoot again I

Loan did get load you can’t get l in my bur no this is not a purst your made it to the safe Zone I think they’re random who this got beat down bro I’m taking fire enemy incom stke must have thought I was chasing load headed your

Be not even about like beating Call of Duty it’s about like just playing something else bro I ain’t going to lie like it’s not even you play this [ __ ] so much bro I play it so much it’s like I fake don’t even want to like play it no more

Bro I play it like almost every day for like Years bro you want to enjoy something else mloy Mar the rest of that on your get him like that one out here e good unfortunate time I see an enemy right into his hands oh bro the mantle be selling man I ain’t

Going to cap it be like mantling like over something when I don’t wanted to hear e no oh he’s still here enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies one land up here in front of me in front of me Bo he’s taking off one Just Landing close

Bro like a freey your to hunt down the rest of them there’s another one here goed man what is that what a glocking Myers but that need literally just I don’t know bro insane I don’t know like across the street or something en on loated the of got gas moving in

Oh wow the time out the safe Zone that’s nasty BR that’s nasty out of him for real friendly Recon overhead UAV online and you got reinforcements inbound down I love they did that with the spawn protection bro I actually love that UAV yo what your squadmates redeploying well done one B

Me I’m out here saving lives bro burn [ __ ] burn you can shoot me oh he’s right here bro One Tap enem you got reinforc the rest of that on your T go get hun your this your back on station good [Applause] work over adjusting one land behind you gas

He’s TR finish too bro yeah I’m you got reinfor the roof [ __ ] you good somewh here you run already he might oh Resurgence has closed no more Second Chances oh I’m coming back redeploying well done Supply are rest ad load I’m going to go land safe enemies are dropping into Thea the

Bro where the [ __ ] is the audio bro by a different team bro yo all right what up got what up the game is no to get people attention to watch that’s what I’m saying though bro it’s not about like it’s never about like numbers all the time

Bro I’m talk talking about like for Pure enjoyment like I’m not talking about like oh I’m going to turn on the stream and get like super high numbers bro like talking about for someone like something that someone actually enjoys you know wow there got to be somebody near

Me yo bro you’re weird bro I’m not even going to lie bro I’m about to take y I’m about to take your your uh your mod in here bro this [ __ ] is weird bro oh I see an enemy that [ __ ] funny to you like what’s wrong with you bro taking oh you’re being

Weird for no reason like what’s up with you these two are I take the train bro [ __ ] up I’m figing off at this house close the door close the door [ __ ] wild gas is moving little flare for you big boy On the bridge get to the safe zone no way to get up Top I understand what you’re saying pick them up pick them up by behind behind you coming behind you they coming on this side okay got smoke he thought Act adise you head to the safe Zone you right here in the ambulance bro don’t fall there’s no way there’s

Nothing I could have did the zone is pulling over there usou and get back up there y lucky but all right Y Man done yeah off the wary bro damn on to go make some money bro GB y’all be safe man happy New Year we

Don’t I mean I’m be on tomorrow but yeah if you don’t have New Year boy seven more likes man seven more likes at that big 300 I’m about to be done myself man yall won that game CU I I have a life I don’t spend my whole life on this

Game look I need you when rank come out ready I played Apex I don’t like it though like I just personally can’t do it war zone is probably like the only Battle Royale I play it just because it’s Call of Duty bro and I’m a Call of

Duty fan you feel me it’s not Call of Duty I’m not playing Ain no type of br up to evil gear up fast we about to get evil I’m trying to get one game play bro like that’s actually sick Bro after I got that last three I’ve

Been trying to get a game play for so long bro this [ __ ] is nothing but sweat box bro like wow like I’m actually a pul bro the War Z sweatiness after sweatiness after sweatiness bro crazy Resurgence stay alive to keep your in the fight Resurgence smoke I’m rolling boring boring contact contact

Off me bro like Dam holy smoke enemy soldier incoming w the rest of them enem the yeah come here come Here down to you stay sharp enemy destroyed your to down your back on station good work I work out for you buddy thirsty [ __ ] gas is closing in moving here I see an enemy damn it you got reinfor I need some bread are in the safe

Zone they not having a buy station over there all right multiple on me bro hey hey get your what the one more one more on Me on the opposite side moving here will have to wait the the they’re both weak they’re both [ __ ] absolute I’m absolute Squad mates redeploying well

Done no s he’s one over here what you oh man [ __ ] is so fun bro locklo let get six kills die station out the lobby all type of foolishness [Applause] I was trying they on the over there yeah [ __ ] oh my God yeah I got one bro relax my hellborne parasite will heal

You no bro I’m I’m literally going to [ __ ] Leave behind you you’re ground move it I a got goam everywhere redeploy go good kill marking the rest of that on your M get hunting wonder the W soul in Friendly Recon overhead UAV come on man teamate you you going to let me dieing here watch for movement moving this [ __ ] ass

Bro oh my God man why does give you the play by play gang I just gave him the play bro like I literally told you what yo I know what up damn bro redeploy can’t believe it sometimes man I drop this one you got sniped from get ready Resurgence window to

Close ah fire SES done prices are back to normal gas is inbound bro come on man n why is lobbies like this bro like I’m literally getting frustrated bro good look s friendly Recon overhead UAV online Ando from hun them down your squadmate back on station good

Worked U be advised Resurgence is no longer active this is for keepes up stack what’s good bro got sweat that hard you only got 10 I’m I’m saying what the [ __ ] bro I’m gas is moving less than 25 we still standing the enemy took that one but we’ll get them back

Sh just toxic bro for we’ll be deoy rebirth yeah enemy soldier incoming this sweaty too though I I don’t know how I’m going enjoy myself though it’s over the skill base bro like it’s over it man they said they said the the Bobby cultic dude got fired well he

That was his last day CEO so maybe they going some D but God damn bro this [ __ ] is disgusting man get that 130 piece and then I’m [ __ ] standy put in a 20 something in there Bro [ __ ] it bro not even [ __ ] worth stressing over bro it’s

Not chilling I’ve been uh playing this man Resurgence this [ __ ] like raises my blood pressure like nothing else bro like toing back fter team I I don’t get I don’t get death mad playing any other game bro I don’t oh we still play right we still play enemies dropping into the I’m taking

Fire I see an enemy never never have to wait my game ain’t that Dusty what teamate audio be like loud as hell too bro the on your go get H Just sh bro I don’t care anymore Tak oh man is miserable son resing go get your revenge you got reinforcements

Inbound I play GTA though H not in some time Man your squadmate back on station I see good work are the best kids are the best in the world bro can’t Peak nothing to get shot your redeploying well done I you should fake me not about to make me get off bro cuz no way

I’ve been seen a lot of RP like shorts though I guess some [ __ ] is still this [ __ ] still busting load friendly load out drops on the way we lost that [ __ ] contract’s been pulled we lost that some [ __ ] don’t even push that bro strike friendly Recon overhead that UAV

Got one kill bro just so fun bro UAV ising fuel at this time enemies are dropping into the area watch the skies confirmed located the rest of them gas is moving enemy UAV in Thea get your s to the safe zone no one gets left behind yourm back on station I

See do my bad the rest of on your get hun oh please my [ __ ] Pleasey what is one more time chat I ain’t going to lie if I get another joint like that bro I’m going I’m going like like like it’s it’s it’s literally what am I playing bro and how much money am I playing for how much money am I actually playing

For like that [ __ ] just smoke me bro man how much money am I playing for the [ __ ] bro [Laughter] you think I yo nah son ah foreign uh foreign uh that’s saying that’s how it be bro let’s go e let’s go BR let’s go br that’ be stressful they be feeling bro

They be feing I’m like like you feel me like I understand if it’s a couple people in The Joint bro it be the whole Lobby a whole Lobby be full of nastiness bro like like I understand I understand you feel me like it’s a couple good players

But the whole team is like full of cracked out squads bro that’s the old Lobby bro just not even fun bro at that point this [ __ ] got to be ranked war on ranked bro war on ranked war on ranked God [ __ ] man I know I’m nice bro but damn bro

I know I’m nice but I don’t mean I got to hate myself every time I play bro you a that 11 just the pro league Wars on team y stick perform appreciate the sub bro Resurgence stay alive to keep your in the fight your team leader a drop point for your

Turn that [ __ ] off Marvin enemo the a turn that off Marin being tracked by an enemy inade and somehow I don’t see him he’s in the corner the Su circumstance it’s it’s amazing it’s aing we you to the earn this y’ be look at the circumstance he happened

To be in the corner as I run run by like that’s not that guy oh look look look glitch has returned about go to phones bro contact contact [ __ ] buing from yeah bro I’m safe though drop some on it you’ll be all right appreciate it all right your squad’s in the safe Zone

He in I don’t know where he at bro sneaky guy on my load out at this point enemy soldier incoming loated be another one here y what’s up weting vulnerability in the enemy’s Network loc their up SEC their int before they go offline y y can’t even see like y see what I’m

Going through Like I’m taking the enemy is no baby oh suck di I want to see that one now confirmed we located the rest of them enemies are dropping into the the no here what’ you did you fall and hit your head or oh [ __ ] no he want that I’m taking

Fire desty your to hun down the one below right outside you see the pink I’m dead like I legit can’t see over there like like I want to get the load out but I don’t of fact it be good you got a load out drop inbound enemy soldier

Incoming oh what the [ __ ] like yo this game pisses me yo bro I’m about to get off bro I’m actually about to do it I I just can’t br let me grab that eny Network it’s over I can’t see bro I can’t see bro I can’t See it’s the same team that keep coming up here bro the rest of that on your t m go get hun enemies are dropping into Thea watch the get off my I legit cannot see fire over adjusting prices gas is moving but [ __ ] cheating BR a no way no [ __ ]

Way I can’t get the bu station there’s guys behind us watch out we’re about to get [ __ ] picked off right C rest on garbage I don’t know where you going located the rest of if I Wast so much time bro like I would have been good I was just so much

Time give me give me give me me man get the [ __ ] I’m dead is the end ad load Resurgence hased friendly three time over here enemy soldier incoming get the [ __ ] out of here these [ __ ] got me again you got gas moving in What oh [ __ ] no made to the to what the [ __ ] what what that was a good one though that’s a [ __ ] that make you want all let me let me let me plug another come on bro you say got a smoke grenade I’ll be lit he said those are NPC low

Key what’s good in IND IND War how old am I 48 48y Old Goat oh [ __ ] still dropping Peters War hased bangers h who’s up Resurgence survive and your team can redeploy eliminate targets to bring them back F all right I see an enemy going I lose my mind yeah

Ene SL it bro I’m taking ah where sadm back on station good work Mortal Kombat you’re M trash kid enemy we located the rest of them I’m on the roof I’m not talking [ __ ] I’m answering you enemy soldier incoming you got reinforcements inbound he dead up your death will be a

Waste guys are so awesome guys are so awesome man you guys are so great at this game I would like y’all to know that yall are absolutely skilled man I’ve never seen anybody as skilled as those players I just played against gas enem the the I see an enemy the [ __ ] not

Spos no te that’s it you got Reinforce P whenever you want to lower your [ __ ] mic bro like God damn and now you’re dead Jesus Christ man talking so guys mic on 200 bro resurging go get your revenge I’m pulling us bro I’m going to another one bro Michel l as [ __ ] bro a LG bro LG

LG fact there’s a CH after this I don’t know that might be for real things coming soon enemies dropping into the AO all stations we are GRE to go stand by for deployment in the Resurgence survive to redeploy Fallen teammates kill to bring them back faster for

In got you in the back horing I’m like baby I know enemies I haven’t got a load out crate loated it’s so long bro oh what is he doing trying to finish the on your was locked in on that come back there one more enemy destroy use your to hunt down the rest

Of might them gas is closing in love the audio matter of fact he came from the other side I can’t see [ __ ] he was just there the whole time like how did I not see him bro go enemies are dropping into the area watch the get ready you’re

Redeploying f is entering the visibility will be low the [ __ ] yo what is going on bro no audio of that like bro like I feel like they should tell you like bro [ __ ] landing on you yo you feel me no Q bro time for you’re redeploying that’ be [ __ ]

I don’t know if a team is still in here cuz I died in here enemy soldier incoming Supply crates have been restocked load up God I can’t even separate them bro same dudes I just killed I was other team kill mark the rest of that on your T map the on your

T man this [ __ ] is ass bro I’m not even going to lie let’s go way standy ass as [ __ ] br you’re losing ground moveing down to you soier that’s what I thought your sadm redeploying well done stand yo they y some [ __ ] I Ain going to lie this [ __ ] is enemy soldier

Incoming two of them your on station good like I’m literally fighting the same team they so garbage like yo bro down marking the rest of them weing enemy destroyed use your t m to hunt down the rest of them enemies dropping the AO station garbage as hell bruh don’t make no

Sense taking effective fire de of course they have self of course of course they had Sr down two of them of course they get up they need to put trios on this [ __ ] man I actually really don’t want to play quads BR bro another CH make it ah fire back nor [Applause]

Gas enemies are dropping into the you up here how much move the [ __ ] out of my P of course there’s one in there’s one below eny resg hased no Second Chances taking should be one down he might have got up course he got up up top uh police enemy soldier incoming gas is

Moving taking effective what [ __ ] bro if you get me I’m safe bro how fact about I don’t oen full health full plates bro one frag grenade is all it took thought I heard people zipping up from down here full HP bro full HP full [ __ ] place less than 25 we still standing the

Enemy took that one but we’ll get them back why are y’all together three kills three kills bro why even play it bro sit there stack up with your buddies three kills what’s good Mike what up what was talking about LG LG LG LG LG no I said the last one was a

Shika we got the shik next that’s it I’m done so good at Call of Duty I love your streams y’all appreciate that man thank you thank you thank you appreciate the gas I haven’t played multiplayer today though I have one question God check your gear and weapons we’ll be [Applause] Deploy private matches no that I playing to B shica oh damn I ain’t going lie she probably I don’t know bro it depends on the lobbies man honestly like both maps are are straight when the lobbies are good they trash on there when the lobbies are

Trash I know you get a lot more kills though so that’s cool to keep your I yet to get a 40 on there though and I be getting like 30 Suns on she get up I don’t know bro enemies Areo the the I think mine’s like I think mine’s like 19 I think

A damn UAV UAV enemy movement Ed confirmed and we located the of them enem dropping the a what a shame reinfor how the [ __ ] you was the power of Hell flows through me right here teammate right here bro come on man appreciate the rest though yo what are the odds bro

Like what are the odds stand for redeployment gas inbound y get off my dick I see an enemy exactly you feed out just to die like Fe out just to die hello done like how is he appearing like in my [ __ ] peripheral as soon like you see the Titan

Like that [ __ ] is crazy both times I died to that guys same [ __ ] we are returning you to the front earn this Jesus Christ you got reinforcements inbounded oh my God I don’t have no drops man I don’t think you to do that around literally surrounding the load out bro

Like literally you L can’t do [ __ ] I cancel that oh it’s all on you stay alive so your squad can redeploy 25 left stay sharp out there oh there a matter of uh redeploying well done lot of throw was good as [ __ ] somebody from last game station I mean

It was but that [ __ ] still don’t matter like it’s like bro I have full health like how do you you know what I’m saying but whatever I mean that’s how it’s done theny gas ising in be advised enem deploy a station you Reinfor alive toing bro yo how is he not how did oh my God bro I’m about to lose full bro like none of them went yo the BBY is so BP is so garbage like if it’s not a she I’m getting off yeah I’m off bro GG son you this [ __ ]

Tomorrow all right chat y’all got to go home but y got to get the [ __ ] up out here man I’m about to get out here uh been uh semi fun semi not uh experience feel me y’ boys holl at me tomorrow New Year’s Eve stream you already know uh

Watch out for a game play later to well I’m about to edit it in a little bit I’mma drop it so yeah y boys all at me know stepy we out there

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