share experience Changing the suspension spare tire to solve Loud/strange noise in the car
In fact, the matter of the sound coming into the car From trying to find information, there may be many reasons, many factors.
such as from tires, suspension systems that may deteriorate, or materials used to assemble the interior of the car, etc.

Let me tell you a story about rubber.
I use NISSAN Almera ES 2017 (red label, exit center) for about 2 years. I want to change tires. Because I felt that the original tire that came with the car (185/65R15) felt that it was harsh. I ran and there was enough noise coming into the car. So I wanted a soft, quiet tire, trying to find information about tires, different brands, decided to choose the Michelin Primacy 4 (195/60R15), which is a different size from the original. And this tire is not produced the same size as the original that came with the car. but was a little worried that When put on, the car will be sluggish or not. It appears that it works normally, not sluggish, and notices that it saves more fuel. Notice from the distance running back to Phitsanulok, which is usually more than half a tank about 2 points, but after wearing Michelin Primacy 4 tires, there is a chance to go home again. Found that the oil has run out of less than half a tank, saving 3-4 marks approximately.
Softness and Silence : Personally, I think it’s soft, quiet, good (but not wow) with a slight disappointment. Because of the study of this tire Considered to be in the top level, or part of it may be our own car at Eco car, the internal sound system may not be as good as group B or C segment.

Road grip: It is considered good, confident driving style, quiet rubber tires, which may not be equivalent to the Sport group tires and when it rains, drive and feel confident.
Braking distance: I have to admit, the Michelin Primacy 4 is excellent on dry and wet roads, braking short, and doesn’t skid or wobble. As for the original rubber, this game is completely disheartening.

“Whispering or buzzing or whooping” , a loud noise

Less than 2 years after replacing the Michelin Primacy 4 tires, I started to have a strange noise coming into the car, a loud buzzing sound, or a buzzing noise or something like this.
Try to search information from the internet, found that there are many guru saying the same thing that it may be caused by the rubber. Tire tread or tire deterioration, chevron or ball bearing cracked.

So try to go to the center to check the symptoms. (I’m not sure how much the mileage needle is. It’s probably about 80,000 kilometers already.)
The center said that it may be caused by rubber. Because the ball bearing was checked and not broken, but found that the wishbone bushing had torn marks. So try to change to see if symptoms may disappear. (but this one goes to change the garage outside
of mono racing pinion bushings) by replacing both the bushings, pinion bushes, and ball joints which found it deteriorated After changing, I feel that the balance of the car is better than before. especially the sounds that were heard“Knock Knock” sound The sound from the impact when going down a hole or the road is not smooth, soft, but that doesn’t disappear is the sound.
“Whispering or buzzing or whoops”

Later, try to bring the car to the center again, telling the same symptoms as the sound of “whispering or buzzing” or “wheezing”. The inspection center did not find anything unusual. and said that it was probably caused by the rubber (thinking that he chose a soft, quiet tire, TOP, had not worn it for 2 years, why did it sound like this I secretly blame the rubber in my heart And in my mind I think that it will be a broken ball or not. But the center told me like this, I had to believe him) * I’ve read that some people say that maybe the ball bearing hasn’t broken yet. But the bearings are starting to have problems or are starting to crack and have this kind of noise. Therefore, sometimes it may not be able to check.

Finally managed to run. and keep listening to this sound At first, I thought that after running for a while, it would disappear, then 1000 will disappear, 2000 will be gone, then 3000 will be the same, haha.
Swap tires and switch. The symptoms were the same.

Until I checked the distance at the outside service around Robinson Ladkrabang and the shop informed that Shocks are worn out, can they be replaced?
So I took the opportunity to replace the shock absorber in case the car was softer. Previously, I was aiming to change the shock absorber as well. due to the changing period and from the hardness of the car Every time I take my mother to the doctor Mom complains all the time. Which used to find information about shock absorbers. An interesting shock is the Monroe OES brand, which has reviews from many people who have used it and say that it is really soft, but the shop has only TOKICO and KYB Excel-G products, so choose KYB Excel-G. which has heard I just came to know later that The original shock that was attached to the red label car was the TOKICO brand, so I asked the mechanic for more information. The car has a running condition and there is a loud noise in the car, about “whispering or buzzing or wooing”. The mechanic said that it was probably from the tire. because the shock absorber deteriorates Makes the tire feel like a chevron. Hmmm.. It’s probably true as Chang said because I’ve read and found this information. and asked more Changed the shocks and the noise As mentioned, will it be lost or not, the mechanic said that it is not lost, must change the tire to be lost, OK, so let’s try to change the shock first. I’ll be changing tires later.

After replacing the KYB excel-G shock absorbers, I felt that the car was softer, but it was still moderately hard. It was considered usable, but still did not answer the question in my mind that I wanted to be soft and quiet. But the voices mentioned above still exist. Which will be clearly loud when using the speed at 80-90, the more when accelerating from 90 to 80 will be louder not clear

Used KYB excel-G for about 2 months, decided to replace the shock absorber that was Monroe OES by buying it through Shopee, got it at a shop with the price I thought was OK, but was fussed about the model spec, so I called the shop and asked about the model of the car and the shock to buy. because I’m not sure if I can put them together because I saw the shop’s website Does not separate the shock model with the model of the car, which is including the Nissan march and the Nissan almera, which saw some stores indicate that it only uses the Nissan march, can not be used with the Nissan Almera model from which year or more, I can’t remember, which is 2017. But the store confirmed that it can be worn. In conclusion, ordered it, but decided to go to the store, which was right because it appeared that When the shop took off the KYB Excel-G shock absorber, the shop came to inform me that can’t put together because this model does not have ears Had to order another new model. The conclusion is that it is as you think, it cannot be worn. Plus waste more because the shock price is not the same

After getting the Monroe OES shock absorber, the first touch I drove out. Can feel the softness, sticky, good enough, considered much better But there are symptoms like a car swing When braking, there is a swipe But probably because the center has not yet been set up. But the same thing, the sound of “whispering or whirring or whirring” has not disappeared.

A week later, decided to replace the tires. The budget has already started to decrease. I try to search for information on many brands of tires. The options are
1. Michelin Primacy 4 (195/60R15), the same model that is about to change.
2. Dunlop Ensave EC300 (185/65R15) size is the same as the original car. because part of me thinks Part of the sound comes from the tire that is too wide (personal opinion).
3. Bridgestone Ecopia EP300
Look for information at the B-quik store near your home. Found that there is a brand of rubber. Not familiar with the name is Nexen N’Fera SU4.
I went to find out about this tire. It is considered an interesting tire. And with the promotional price of B-quik, it is cheaper than all 3 brands of tires that are intended.
Priced at only 1790 from the price of 2590 and looking at the review, it’s pretty good. Then try to measure the fortune and try to change each other with a limited budget.
Because the noise can’t be tolerated anymore because the mechanic used to say that the tire is a chevron If you change the tire, then the sound will disappear. Very excited, the date has changed I hope you don’t have to endure the noise.
“Whispering or buzzing or wooing” anymore.

After changing the tire to Nexen N’Fera SU4 finished. Hmm.. There are 2 moods.
1. Disappointed, the sound of “whispering or buzzing or woof” doesn’t go away, wants to cry, TT lost over 7 thousand baht, already using discounts on sticker prices and point AIS to reduce prices and wages.
2. Hope with softness and quietness at a good-very good level. If not counting the time when the sound is “wheezing or hooting or wooing”

On the Michelin Primacy 4 (195/60R15) tires are very loud in the 80-90 speed range.
As for Nexen N’Fera SU4 tires, the sound is very loud in the 60-70 range.
Maybe it’s because of the softness or not, I don’t know. made it very clear to hear until he caught a loud sound that coming from the rear wheel and should be loud on both sides because sometimes you will hear the sound switch back and forth

2 days later, today, 4/8/2564, called B-Quik, Luang Phaeng Branch, who had replaced the tire. to consult such symptoms which we said that we suspected the rear wheel bearing might be broken So bring the car in to check the rear wheel bearings to make sure On the date of changing the tire, we also forgot to tell the symptoms. The car makes a “whispering or buzzing” or “wheezing” sound when running to let the mechanic know from the beginning. because I thought that changing the tire and it would disappear As the technician from another place used to say

After getting up Hoi, the mechanic tried to turn the rear wheel one by one. The mechanic said that the ball bearing was probably broken on both sides because of the rotation time. trembling
If the hand tremors, as the mechanic said, it’s probably really broken. Because I’ve seen a clip once I’ve said the same thing that spins the wheel and then trembles, it’s possible that the car’s bearing may break.

When I took it off, yes, the bearing actually broke.
After replacing the new bearings on both rear wheels
I can tell you that I’m very happy. The sound is quiet. The howling has disappeared completely. (but it’s gone for many money, 555 means total No bearing cost, bearing price 750/side)
In conclusion, the root cause of the problem, the howling sound “whispering or buzzing” is from the rear wheel bearing.

And let me tell you that the Nexen N’Fera SU4 tires that have been replaced are soft and quiet, very good (but have to look at it for a long time)
It may be because of the Monroe OES shock absorber as well, making it very soft and sticky.
Very comfortable driving both straight and curves.

And just know after changing the tire that it is a sport tire, not a quiet rubber But it does well, both nun, quiet and sticky (in a personal sense).
And personally, I’m not a fast driver anyway. As for in high speed areas, will it be good to drive? I’ll tell you one more time (not more than 120).
because I have business to run on the Motor way line

Another thing that can be experienced is The car will come out. despite touching the accelerator lightly Like a person accelerating, it’s soft too.
Just use a little pressure on the accelerator. I felt that the car was going fast. I don’t know what caused this. It’s a feeling that I can feel.
Or is it because the Nexen N’Fera SU4 tires are lighter than the Michelin Primacy 4? (We don’t know the weights of these two brands).
which has the same size, 195/60R15
**Just found another website and thought it was a fuel-efficient tire. So I feel that the accelerator is soft to press. Gently, the car sped up**
Oh, there’s one more thing that is when braking, it’s soft. When braking, the front is rocking like the original, it stops softly.

and if anyone wants to try I can be like me.
Monroe EOS shock absorber + Nexen N’Fera SU4 tire, personally I think it’s very quiet – very good. good soundproofing Including the seam joints of the road is very well done.
There may be some tension if it encounters a deep, very rough hole, it is normal. Considered worth the price lost.

I forgot to mention that the Nexen N’Fera SU4 tire I was wearing was produced since The first week of January 64, the first place was skeptical about whether it was good or not. because the rubber has been produced for 7 months

change mood change change of mind Is that it works very well, usually everything is called cheap but good.
If anyone is interested, try to consider it as an option. Cheap but good (in the promotion price of B-Quik him).
*I’m not a bang for anyone. But sharing from actual use. I feel like it’s good. It’s good.

Thank you all for taking the time to read.
And hopefully it will be more or less useful for those who may encounter similar problems.

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